Comptroller/Clerk File photographs, 1909-1993

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Comptroller/Clerk File photographs
1909-1993 (bulk)
2400+ digitized photographs
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Images relating to Comptroller/Clerk files (documents that have been filed with the City Clerk).
Seattle Municipal Archives
Seattle Municipal Archives
Office of the City Clerk
City of Seattle
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The City Clerk maintains the City's legislative records, official filings, and the Seattle Municipal Archives; keeps the minutes of City Council meetings; and provides information services to City agencies and the public. Seattle's first City Charter allowed for a Clerk of the Common Council to be elected by the Council. In 1875 the position of City Clerk became elective and remained so until 1896 when the new Charter designated the Comptroller ex-officio City Clerk. The Comptroller served as City Clerk through 1992. A 1991 City Charter amendment transferred the Comptroller's function to the Department of Finance and the City Clerk's Office became a division of the Legislative Department effective in 1993.

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Images relating to City of Seattle Comptroller/Clerk files. Petitions may be found in the Office of the City Clerk legislative indexes. Topics vary widely from petitions for claims, for easements, zoning changes, and requests for amendments to legislation. More than 2,400 images have been digitized and are available for download on our digital platform site. Related legislation is linked in the catalog record. Clerk files can also be searched at the link below.

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[Item and date], Comptroller/Clerk Files Photographs, Record Series 1802-0P. Box [number], Folder [number]. Seattle Municipal Archives.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
9 24 1802_0P_009_024: CF 116441 - 1 photo of Frey's Truck (blurry)
CF 116441
9 26 1802_0P_009_026: CF 244425 Photographs of signs and billboards submitted by Washington Roadside Council
Includes images not scanned.
9 27 1802_0P_009_027: CF 244425 Photographs of signs and billboards submitted by Washington Roadside Council
Majority of images not scanned.
9 28 1802_0P_009_028: [Photographs accompanying CF 154653- Petition and Claim Mrs. Mae Cowan re damage to property by slide - not scanned.]
CF 154653
9 29 1802_0P_009_029: [Photographs accompanying CF 258103 - Petition of property owners for rezoning of property between 48th S. and 50th S., South of Director St., in Tract 25, Dunlap's Plat of land on Lake Wash. - 2 of 13 images scanned ] 1967
9 30 1802_0P_009_030: [Photographs of 8 drawings for West Seattle Freeway presented as exhibits at design hearing on February 25, 1972 - none scanned - accompanying CF 272803 ]
CF 272803
9 31 1802_0P_009_031: [Photographs relating to Seattle University] 1984
10 1 1802_0P_010_001: [Photographs accompanying Report of Streets & Sewers Committee of the City Council re assessment of Parcel 11 (Corporation of the Catholic Archbishop of Seattle) under LID 6284. (Westlake Avenue North, et al., Sewer Project). CF 257944 ]
CF 257944 1 of 2 images scanned
10 2 1802_0P_010_002: [ Photographs accompanying Conditional Use Application of Department of Lighting for 7709-13 35th N.E. (for substation use). CF 256918 ]
CF 256918 Not scanned.
10 3 1802_0P_010_003: [ Photographs accompanying protest of property owners against LID 6326, improvement of 26 SW by paving. CF 259337 ]
CF 2593337 not listed in DB
10 4 1802_0P_010_004: [Photographs accompanying Communication of Earl M. Eba relating to transportation in Rainier Valley. Not scanned. CF 150819 ]
CF 150819
10 5 1802_0P_010_005: [Photographs used for Exhibits regarding LID 6284, assessment roll for improvement of Westlake North by sewers, presented before the Streets & Sewers Committee. CF 255754 ]
About 100 aerial photographs, not scanned.
11 1 1802_0P_011_001: [Slides accompanying Resumption of combined location and design hearing on the proposed West Seattle Freeway, 36th Avenues S.W. to Interstate 5; April 21, 1972, by Committee of the Whole, depicting interchanges, waterway clearances, drawings of proposed bridge, project costs and overall structure CF 272803 ]
32 slides not scanned. Includes copy of Item 101993, Admiral Way in 1916.
11 3 1802_0P_011_003: [Slides included in Exhibits submitted at the Public Hearing Before the Committee of the Whole on the Location and Design of the Rainier Avenue South Pedestrian Overpass at South Mt. Baker Boulevard, Held March 15, 1971; CF 270553 ]
CF 270553
11 5 1802_0P_011_005: [ Slides accompanying Petition of John D. Ehrlichman, Attorney, (for C.W. Meehan) for rezoning of Block 24, Commercial St. Steam Motor Addition and block 4, Georgetown River Front Addition CF 258097 ] 1967
11 8 1802_0P_011_008: [ Slides forming part of Exhibits regarding proposed route of Bay Freeway, Stage II (submitted at public hearing on June 23, 1967) CF 258504] 1967
11 9 1802_0P_011_009: [ Slides forming part of Exhibits submitted at the public hearing on the proposed Bay Freeway, held before the City Council Committee of the whole, April 17th and 18th, 1970, and subsequent related hearings on said matter CF 266643 ]
Approximately 60 slides, not scanned
11 12 1802_0P_011_012: [ Slides forming part of exhibits for Urban Renewal Plan-NDP Area #1 - North Central Business - Pike Plaza (see also Box 6) CF 263133 ]
11 color slides unscanned. See also images in Box 6 associated with same CF.
11 13 1802_0P_011_013: [Slides submitted with CF relating to 3rd Ave So LID DCD via GRAL ]
CF unkown. Unscanned.
11 15 1802_0P_011_015: [ Slides forming part of exhibit for Pike Plaza Redevelopment ]
Date estimated. CF not known. AbBout 40 slides unscanned.
11 17 1802_0P_011_017: [slides relating to CF on development on Queen Anne ]
CF not known. Approximately 20 slides not scanned.
11 19 1802_0P_011_019: [Slides relating to Clerk Storage Sites ]
CF unknown. Date estimated. About 30 slides unscanned.

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