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Stegner, Wallace Earle
Wallace Earle Stegner photograph collection
Early 1900s-1980s (inclusive)
1379 items
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The Wallace Earle Stegner photograph collection contains portraits of Wallace Stegner, his wife Mary Page Stegner, and thier son Stuart Page Stegner (Page); various photographs from trips he took including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, Italy, the Orient, as well as photographs from one of his good friends, the writer Bernard DeVoto.
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Wallace Stegner (1903-1993) was born in Lake Mills, Iowa and lived in many parts of the American West and Canada during his lifetime. He received a BA from the University of Utah in 1930 and a Ph.D. in literature from the State University of Iowa in 1935. As a writer, editor, teacher, historian, speaker, and advocate for the environment he contributed much to the culture of the American West. His sensitivity to surroundings in his writings is also evident in the photographs he took of his many travels from all over the world.

The photographs in this collection include portraits of Wallace Stegner, his wife Mary Page Stegner, and thier son Stuart Page Stegner (Page); various photographs from trips he took including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, Italy, the Orient, as well as photographs from one of his good friends, the writer Bernard DeVoto.

Box 1 and 2 contain mostly black and white photographs, some color photographs; box 3 contains 35mm color slides, black and white negatives, unmounted 2 1/4x2 1/4 color transparencies; box 4 and 5 contain mounted 2 1/4x2 1/4 color slides.

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Processed by Lorraine Crouse and Kristi Pace in 2000.

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 1
Portraits of Wallace Stegner
Photograph number 1: Portrait of Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 2: Portrait of Wallace Stegner, Roland Wolfe, photographerPhotograph number 3: Portrait of Wallace Stegner from StanfordPhotograph number 4: Portrait of Wallace Stegner, Bachrach, photographerPhotograph number 5: Portrait of Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 6-10: Portraits of Wallace Stegner, Harry Redl, photographerPhotograph number 11: Portrait of Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 12: Identification photograph of Wallace Stegner
1 2
Portraits of Wallace Stegner
Photograph number 1-11: Portraits of Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 12: Portrait of Wallace Stegner, Hank Krazler, photographerPhotograph number 13-14: Portraits of Wallace Stegner, Ansel Adams, photographerPhotograph number 15: Portrait of Wallace Stegner with a not from Jay Beau, Seigneur from Peninsula Living, Burlingame
1 3
Portraits of Wallace Stegner
Photograph number 1: Portrait of Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 2-3: Portraits of Wallace Stegner, circa 1977 Margaretta K. Mitchell, photographer, proof sheets.Photograph number 4: Portrait of Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 5: Portrait of Wallace Stegner, 1975, signing American PlacesPhotograph number 6-7: Portraits of Wallace Stegner, proof sheets of 4x5 negativesPhotograph number 8: Portrait of Wallace Stegner, 1977Photograph number 9-10: Color portraits of Wallace Stegner
1 4
Honorary Degrees
Photograph number 1: Syd Angleman, Wallace Stegner, David King, Edward W. Clyde (Board of Regents), 1968Photograph number 2: Honorary degrees to Stegner and King at the University of Utah: Wallace Stegner, Sid Angleman, David King, 1968Photograph number 3: Honorary Fellow of College of Notre Dame, Belmont, California-Sister Catharine Julie Cunningham and Wallace Stegner, May 1980.Photograph number 4: Wallace Stegner, University of Wisconsin, 1986Photograph number 5: Wallace Stegner receiving honorary degree, unidentified
1 5
Photograph number 1: Mary Stegner (?)Photograph number 2: Christmas Card, Mary, Wally, and Page StegnerPhotograph number 3: Mary and Wallace Stegner (?)Photograph number 4-6: Unidentified
1 6
Group Photographs
Photograph number 1-2: Wallace Stegner with writing students, University of Utah, about 1945Photograph number 3: Oliver Lawrence, Jean Byers, Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 4: Eugene Burdick, Oliver Lawrence, Jean Byers, Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 5: Stanley Cain, Wallace Stegner, Frank Masland, in Virgin Islands, December 1966Photograph number 6: Virgin Islands, 1966Photograph number 7: Wallace Stegner and (?)Photograph number 8: Wallace Stegner with Dick and Judy Noyes, Colorado Springs, September 21, 1987Photograph number 9: Group on a river trip, copy
1 7
National Parks Advisory Board
Photograph number 1: National Parks Advisory Board
1 8
Photograph number 1: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 2: Al, Michael, Arlin, San Francisco, 1979Photograph number 3: D. RhinelanderPhotograph number 4: Malcolm Cowley and wife
1 9
Bernard DeVoto Photographs
Photograph number 1: Bernard DeVoto, 1940s publicity photoPhotograph number 2: Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 3: Florian B. DeVoto, father of Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 4: Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 5: Kent HaglerPhotograph number 6: Bernard DeVoto, second from left, top rowPhotograph number 7: Bernard DeVoto, approximately 1934Photograph number 8: Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 9: Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 10: Gordon King, 1929 or 1930Photograph number 11: Hans Zinnser at Harvard Medical School animal lab in the early 1930sPhotograph number 12: L.J. Henderson cottage in Morgan Center, Vermont where the DeVotos spent the summer of 1931Photograph number 13: Avis DeVoto, George Homans, Al Delacey at a picnic in Lake Memphremagog, Quebec, 1931Photograph number 14: DeVotos' home on Weston Road in Lincoln, Massachusetts where they lived from 1932-1936Photograph number 15: One Sunday evening in Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1935 or 1936, Avis DeVoto, Gordon DeVotoPhotograph number 16: Sinclair Lewis and Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 17: Harvey Allen, Bernard DeVoto in Coral GablesPhotograph number 18: Bernard DeVoto and Gordon, Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1932Photograph number 19: Victoria Lincoln and John Mason Brown at Bread Loaf in 1935Photograph number 20: Perry Miller (wearing glasses) and Kenneth Murdock visiting DeVotos at Walpole, New Hampshire, summer 1938
1 10
Bernard DeVoto Photographs/Bread Loaf
Photograph number 1: Bread Loaf 1935, top row: Gorham Munson, John Crowe Ransom, George Stevens, Ted Morrison, John Mason Brown; middle row: William Harris, Victor Lowe, Victoria Lincoln Lowe, Avis DeVoto, Julia Peterkin, Catherine Bowen, Bernard DeVoto, Helen Everitt; bottom row: Mrs. Gorham Munson, Isabel Wilder, Shirley Barker, Gladys Hasty Carroll, Kay MorrisonPhotograph number 2: Bread Loaf, Kay Morrison, Treman Cottage in backgroundPhotograph number 3: Bread Loaf, Fletcher Pratt, Edith Mirrielees, Kathleen Morrison, Avis DeVoto, Lovell ThompsonPhotograph number 4: Bread Loaf, Margaret Farrar, John Farrar, Alec LaingPhotograph number 5: Bread Loaf, 1938, Avis DeVoto and Robert FrostPhotograph number 6: Bread Loaf, Edith Mirrielees and Wyman ParkerPhotograph number 7: Bread Loaf in the 1930s, the DeVotosPhotograph number 8: Bread Loaf, with Mr. and Mrs. Mark SaxtonPhotograph number 9: Bread Loaf, 1938, top row: Raymond Everitt, Robeson Bailey, Herbert Agar, Herschel Brickell, Wallace Stegner, Fletcher Pratt; middle row: Gorham Munson, Bernard DeVoto, Theodore Morrison, Robert Frost, John Gassner; bottom row: Mary Stegner, Helen Everitt, Kay Morrison, Eleanor Chilton (Mrs. Herbert Agar)Photograph number 10: Bread Loaf, 1938, Archibald MacLeishPhotograph number 11: George Homans visiting DeVotos in Walpole, New Hampshire, 1938Photograph number 12: Bernard and Avis DeVoto in 1930sPhotograph number 13: Avis DeVoto, Mark and Gordon DeVoto, 1940Photograph number 14: Bread Loaf; Fletcher Pratt, Bernard DeVoto, William UpsonPhotograph number 15: Bread Loaf; A.B. Guthrie, Jr. and Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 16: "To Avis and Bernard Florian Augustine, Elmer Davis, February 10, 1942."Photograph number 17: Laurette Murdock, Kay Thompson (Mrs. Lovell), Bernard DeVoto, and Avis DeVotoPhotograph number 18: Meeting of Advisory Board, National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. October 26, 1951. Alfred Knopf is just behind Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 19: President Stearns of the University of Colorado and Bernard DeVotoPhotograph number 20: "A gathering of characters at Erickson's Saloon" Portland, Oregon, January 12, 1954, Bernard DeVoto and Stewart HolbrookPhotograph number 21: PlaquesPhotograph number 22: DeVotos home on Berkeley Street, where they moved in 1941Photograph number 23: 6 pages photo copy of correspondence regarding the captions of the photos in Fds 9-10 (pages 1-3 letters, pages 4-6 captions for The Uneasy Chair)
1 11
Bread Loaf, Middlebury College
Photograph number 1: Sign at Middlebury College, founded 1800, Bread Loaf Mountain CampusPhotograph number 2: Edith Mirrielees and (?)Photograph number 3: Edith MirrieleesPhotograph number 4-6: Edith Mirrielees and others
1 12
William Faulkner Estate
Photograph number 1: Faulkner Library-Study, portrait of William Faulkner painted by his motherPhotograph number 2: Faulkner Library-StudyPhotograph number 3: Faulkner BarnPhotograph number 4: Faulkner Stable and CorralPhotograph number 5: Faulkner Smoke HousePhotograph number 6: Faulkner Home, Rowan Oak, side view, Library-Study is on right, Writing-Study on leftPhotograph number 7: Faulkner writing desk and chair in Writing-StudyPhotograph number 8: 2 pages, photocopy of letter to Wallace Stegner dated July 17, 1968 includes a list of the William Faulkner photographs
1 13
Ernest Hemingway Memorial and Houses
Photograph number 1: "Windemere," the Hemingway Cottage, Wallon Lake, Michigan, south sidePhotograph number 2: "Windemere," the Hemingway Cottage, Wallon Lake, Michigan, north sidePhotograph number 3: The Ernest Hemingway house, Key West, Florida, entrancePhotograph number 4: Living room in the Ernest Hemingway house, Key West, FloridaPhotograph number 5: Pool house, Hemingway Estate, Key West, FloridaPhotograph number 6: Study in pool house, Hemingway Estate, Key West, FloridaPhotograph number 7: Ernest Hemingway house, Warm Springs, Idaho, looking north westPhotograph number 8: Ernest Hemingway house, Warm Springs, Idaho, rear viewPhotograph number 9: Ernest Hemingway memorial, Sun Valley, Idaho
1 14
Harriet Doerr and Clarence Edward Dutton
Photograph number 1: Harriet DoerrPhotograph number 2: Clarence Edward DuttonPhotograph number 3: 1 page photocopy of letter sent to Wallace Stegner from Will Blythe, February 22, 1988, regarding the Harriet Doerr photograph
1 15
Book Signing and other social events
Photograph number 1-2: Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 3-5: Mary and Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 6: Wallace Stegner and ?Photograph number 7: AdLain Stevemov, Wallace Stegner in backgroundPhotograph number 8-10: Unidentified signingPhotograph number 11-13: Unidentified color photos of eventsPhotograph number 14: Wallace Stegner at homePhotograph number 15-17: Unidentified color photos of eventsPhotograph number 18-21: Wallace Stegner signing booksPhotograph number 22: John Marveer, Wallace Stegner, Sunnyvale Mayor, Yvonne Jacobson, December 8, 1984Photograph number 23-24: William Stegner at homePhotograph number 25: Malcolm Cowley and Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 26: Malcolm and Miriam Cowley with Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 27-28: Wallace Stegner with unidentified personsPhotograph number 29: Evereh Cooley, Wallace Stegner, Roger Hanson
1 16
Illustrations From Books
Photograph number 1: Kanab Canyon, The Red Wall Limestone, drawing by Thomas Moran from Beyond the Hundreth MeridianPhotograph number 2: Cover for The Women on the WallPhotograph number 3: List of illustrations, Powell, dated July, 15, 1953
1 17
Eastend, Saskatchewan Photographs
Photograph number 1: Wallace Stegner House in EastendPhotograph number 2-6: Interior of Eastend HousePhotograph number 7: Denise Gebhardt's back (in plaid dress)Photograph number 8: Drawing of Eastend house by Denise GebhardtPhotograph number 9: Back to camera, Carol Labastard, me, Mary Millions (?), Jeannine Lebastard, Gail and Howard McConnell from Saskatoon (U of S)Photograph number 10: Anne Slade signingPhotograph number 11: Jeannine Lebastard's painting of the Wallace Stegner housePhotograph number 12: Display of Wallace Stegner booksPhotograph number 13: 2 pages photocopy, 1-Article about Eastend House from "Freelance," 2-letter to Wallace Stegner dated November 5, 1987 regarding the "Freelance" article
1 18
Empire Cottage and Empire Mine, Colorado
Photograph number 1-3: Exterior and grounds of Empire CottagePhotograph number 4-10: Interior of Empire CottagePhotograph number 11-16: Empire Mine
1 19
Montana, Big Timber
Photograph number 1: Indians on horsebackPhotograph number 2: Big Timber, MontanaPhotograph number 3-4: (Ranch)Photograph number 5: Yellowstone River and Crazey(?) Mountains, view from Big TimberPhotograph number 6: Big Timber, Montana, scenery along the Northern Pacific Railroad
1 20
Photograph number 1: Pike's Peak from the Mesa, 1895, W.H. Jackson, photographerPhotograph number 2: "All over broods a solemn silence"--sunset at O'Neill's Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona, copyright 1903 by Underwood and Underwood (stereograph)Photograph number 3: Ogden and Weber River, 1890, C.R. Savage, photographerPhotograph number 4: Postcard of San Francisco from Red Rock Hill, 1972 to Mary StegnerPhotograph number 5: Unidentified color photographPhotograph number 6: Big Falls, Snake River, Idaho, photograph by Hubert A. Lowman
1 21
Josh Billings, Petroleum v. Nasby and Mark Twain
Photograph number 1: Josh Billings, Nasby, Mark Twain
2 1
Horace and Elizabeth Tabor
Photograph number 1-3: Tabor headstonesPhotograph number 4: Tabor Home, Leadville, ColoradoPhotograph number 5: Baby Doe's (Elizabeth Tabor) cabin, Leadville, ColoradoPhotograph number 6: Letter to Wallace Stegner regarding the photographs in this folder, dated May 27, 1974
2 2
Fan Mail from Beth Burns
Photograph number 1: Road to a new life in the Far West 1960-1961Photograph number 2: "At the turn a battered liveoak"Photograph number 3: "The cottage was tucked back among the liveoaks at the head of a draw"Photograph number 4: EdenPhotograph number 5: View from the Piazza toward the bridgePhotograph number 6: The bridge, "Even on calm days it gave way alarmingly to a foot place on it"Photograph number 7: Letter to Wallace Stegner from Beth Burns explaining the photographs in this folder, dated May 2, 1974
2 3
Earl and Lyn North
Photograph number 1: Lyn and Earl, June 27, 1942Photograph number 2: Lyn, Earl, Pearl Koran, Glenn, June 27, 1942Photograph number 3: At New London, May 1942Photograph number 4: Letter to William and Mary Stegner from Earl North, dated December 29, 1943
2 4
Aramco-"Dammam Number.12 File"-Fire
Photograph number 1: About five minutes after start of fire, 1939Photograph number 2: About ten minutes after start of fire, Derrick starting to topple down windPhotograph number 3: Ten minutes after start of fire, Derrick is down
2 5
Picking up Fresh Water from Submarine Spring
Photograph number 1-4: Photos documenting the process of picking up fresh water from Submarine SpringPhotograph number 5: 4 pages photocopy, explainations of the photographs
2 6
Saudi Camp School-Al Kobar School
Photograph number 1: Saudi Camp School-Intermediate ClassPhotograph number 2: Saudi Camp School-Advanced ClassPhotograph number 3: Saudi Camp School BuildingPhotograph number 4-5: Saudi Camp School-Beginning Class in SessionPhotograph number 6: Al Khobar School-Primary ClassPhotograph number 7: Al Khobar School-Beginning ClassPhotograph number 8: Al Khobar School-Advanced ClassPhotograph number 9-10: Al Khobar School-Primary Class in SessionPhotograph number 11: Al Khobar School-All ClassesPhotograph number 12: Hijji Bin Jassim's Home-Al KhobarPhotograph number 13: Mejlis, Hijji's home where first school was opened.Photograph number 14: Al Khobar School BuildingPhotograph number 15: Al Khobar School-unidentified groupPhotograph number 16: Beginners ClassPhotograph number 17: Al Khobar School-unidentified group
2 7
Photograph number 1: A stop at the bar South West of Dammam CampPhotograph number 2: The party at camp East at Riyadh, l-r: Lloyd Hamilton, Fred Davies, Max ThornBerg, Floyd Meeker, Max Steineke took the photoPhotograph number 3: Petrified log in Nubian sandstone East at RyadhPhotograph number 4: Riyadh, l-r: Arab Guide, Floyd Meeker, Arab interpreter, Max ThornBerg, Lloyd Hamilton, Fred Davies, Arab GuidePhotograph number 5: North Mejlis to Badia Palace, l-r: Floyd Meeker, Fred Davies, Lloyd Hamilton, Max ThornBerg, Max SteinekePhotograph number 6: Tuwaig mountains near Hasiyan PassPhotograph number 7: Granite hills west at DuwadamiPhotograph number 8: Saudi Arab mining syndicate road between Joddah and Borka, edge of lava plateauPhotograph number 9: Slump beds in Jurassic near Hith s.w. at RiyadhPhotograph number 10: Dahl or cave in Jurassic at Hith near KhashmPhotograph number 11: Confact between Aruma formation and Nubian sandstone
2 8
Photograph number 1: Typical pearl diving dhow near Jubail, April 1935Photograph number 2: Khalil (right) with his crew mending field tents in the entrance to the Jubail campground, May 1934Photograph number 3: Looking from inner space toward the front (and only) door, workman carrying empty food bowels from one of the field camp to be loaded and carried back by airplane, about April 1934Photograph number 4: View from the top of our campground sleeping quarters, looking north across the town of Jubail, April 1934Photograph number 5: ARAMCO's or CASOC's first Electric Power House Switchboard, 2-3,000 watt Kohler, 32 volt generators were the supply, April 1934Photograph number 6: CASOC's first air filter (the two cans stuffed with glass wool) and forced ventilation system. Supplying air to the dark room of the photo lab, April 1934Photograph number 7: Washing contact prints in the "Photo Lab," Ebrahim left, Abdulaziz right, now a weather contractor to Aramco at Dhahran, probably taken in May 1934Photograph number 8: "Photo Lab" boys washing contact prints, probably taken in May 1934Photograph number 9: "Photo Lab" contact prints of aero obliques. Note the fly spray gun, most important thing in the place, probable taken in November of 1934Photograph number 10: Water Distillation, water stills are inside the shed, upper tanks are raw water, lower tanks (3) are distilled water, about April 1934Photograph number 11: Fairchild 71 under construction at the Kreider-Reisoner plant at Hagerstown, Maryland, December 1933Photograph number 12: Airplane nearly completed, December 1933Photograph number 13: Charlie Rocheville warms up the engine for the first time in Hagarstown in December of 1933Photograph number 14: Rocheville and Kerr ferried plane to north-beach Flushing (now site of LaGuardia Airport)--folded the wings and delivered it to Merritt Chapman and Scott. This picture shows airplane ready to be place on barge, then transferred to after-deck of the American Export Lines, S.S. Exochorda to be carried to Alexandria. Plane was off-loaded at Alexandria, flown to Cairo, Gaza, Bagdad, Basrah, and JubailPhotograph number 15: A landing in the desert near the town of Nta (west of Jubail) April 1934. Rocheville, Burchfill and Henry leaning on the tail-group at left. Henry and Burchfill crew of man and soldiers take advantage of the shad of the wings (right)Photograph number 16-17: Used airplane engine being loaded on a Ford V-8 pickup about June 1935, to be returned to Pratt and Whitney Company at Hartford, Connecticut (via Qatif and Bahrain) for major overhaul. As far as I know, this box, A-1, was the first box of any kind to be "exported" by CASOC.Photograph number 18: Group at Jubail H.Q.--from left: Rocheville, Kerr, Hoover, April 1934Photograph number 19: Group at Jubail H.Q.--from left: Henry, Burchfill, Miller, DreyfusPhotograph number 20: Dining Room at Jubail about February 1934--from left: Burleight, Mountain, Koch, Brown, Dreyfus, Steineke (note the electric fan) 32 voltsPhotograph number 21: Group at Jubail H.Q.--from left: Koch, Brown, Henry, April 1934Photograph number 22: Typical Pearl Diver off Jubail, April 1935Photograph number 23: Group in Ameer of Jubail Mejlis--from left: Koch, Gerow, Miller, Mountain, Steineke, March 1935Photograph number 24: Henry (center) and Hoover (left) preparing to leave Jubail with their field party on move down Jebel Dhahran to make the detailed geological survey of Dammam Dome
2 9
Photograph number 1: l-r: Tom Kooh, J.W. Hoover, Kerr, Bert Miller, Hugh Burchfill, S.B. Henry, Felix Dryfus, Charles Rocheville, Allen White, Art BrownPhotograph number 2: Beit Aramco (office building to left)Photograph number 3-4: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 5-6: Street scene-Old JeddahPhotograph number 7: Pilgrims coming ashore by dhow-JeddahPhotograph number 8: unidentifiedPhotograph number 9: Pilgrims boarding bus for MeccaPhotograph number 10: Haji Yusuf Zainal Alireza and Garry Owen--Haji Yusuf's garden, TaifPhotograph number 11: guardPhotograph number 12-14: Aerials, October 1954Photograph number 15: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Red Sea port of entry, 1954Photograph number 16: City of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1946
2 10
Photograph number 1: Group in mountainsPhotograph number 2: Group near pondPhotograph number 3: Historic San Antonio MissionPhotograph number 4: "Goin' to Town"Photograph number 5: House in IdahoPhotograph number 6: Monument, unidentifiedPhotograph number 7: Grassy field, treesPhotograph number 8: Harry McClintook(?)Photograph number 9-10: Evelyn and Elmer Shore, May 28, 1953Photograph number 11: Pleasantville, New York, Presbyterian Church, August 7, 1942Photograph number 12: Tom, midshipmanPhotograph number 13: Unidentified
2 11
Photograph number 1-11: Unidentified, negatives availablePhotograph number 12-17: LandscapesPhotograph number 18-20: DogsPhotograph number 21-24: Travel photographs, Stegner is in two of these photographsPhotograph number 25: LizardPhotograph number 26: CatPhotograph number 27: Street sign, Lawrence Forest RoadPhotograph number 28: Man with a large bookPhotograph number 29: House, unidentifiedPhotograph number 30: Christmas card
2 12
Photograph number 1-13: Duplicates, portraits of Wallace Stegner
2 13
Contact Prints from 35mm black and whitenegatives/Miscellaneous
Photograph number 265-312: EgyptPhotograph number 313-348: Europe/MiscellaneousPhotograph number 349-378: Europe/MiscellaneousPhotograph number 379-422: Asia/Miscellaneous
2 14
Photocopies of images in collection
2 15
Photocopies of images in collection, with correspondence and captions

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
3 1
Nara, Sumo, Mikimoto, Kamakura, Kyoto
Photograph number 1-9: NaraPhotograph number 10-12: Nara?Photograph number 13: Between Kyoto and NaraPhotograph number 14: Near Sumo ArenaPhotograph number 15-16: SumoPhotograph number 17-19: MikimotoPhotograph number 20: Mikimoto Pearl FarmPhotograph number 21-24: KamakuraPhotograph number 25: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 26: Kyoto, Miyako Hotel, 1951Photograph number 27: Heian Shrine, KyotoPhotograph number 28: Imperial Palace, KyotoPhotograph number 29-40: Kyoto
3 2
Kyoto, Nikko, Ise, Tokyo, Manila sunsets
Photograph number 1-5: Kyoto?Photograph number 6-21: Nikko, 1951?Photograph number 22-23: IsePhotograph number 24-27: KyotoPhotograph number 28-30: Tokyo National MuseumPhotograph number 31: ManilaPhotograph number 32-39: Sunset at 20,000 feetPhotograph number 40: Manila
3 3
Manila, Darjeeling, Hyderbad, Agra
Photograph number 1-9: ManilaPhotograph number 10-14: Manila?Photograph number 15-16: DarjeelingPhotograph number 17: On way to DarjeelingPhotograph number 18-30: DarjeelingPhotograph number 31-37: HyderbadPhotograph number 38-39: AgraPhotograph number 40: Road to Golconda
3 4
Road to Golconda, Mogul Tombs, Osmania University, Egyptian Village, Egyptian Temples, Karnak, Dinkelsbuhl, Rothenburg, Goslar-Harz
Photograph number 1-2: Road to GolcondaPhotograph number 3: Mogul TombsPhotograph number 4: Osmania UniversityPhotograph number 5: Fatepur SikriPhotograph number 6-7: Nizam's Guest HousePhotograph number 8-17: Egyptian VillagePhotograph number 18: Valley of the KingsPhotograph number 19: Temple of KarnakPhotograph number 20-22: KarnakPhotograph number 23-24: Temple of Ramses IIIPhotograph number 25-26: Road to TombsPhotograph number 27-30: Dinkelsbuhl, GermanyPhotograph number 31-38: Rothenburg, GermanyPhotograph number 39: Rathaus/Goslar-Harz, GermanyPhotograph number 40: Goslar-Harz, Germany
3 5
Goslar-Harz, Saxony, Franker, New Mexico, Miscellaneous
Photograph number 1-2: Goslar-Harz, GermanyPhotograph number 3-5: SaxonyPhotograph number 6: FrankenPhotograph number 7-21: New Mexico(?)Photograph number 22-40: Somewhere in the Pacific, 1951
3 6
Photograph number 1-9: Somewhere in the Pacific, 1951Photograph number 10-18: Orient, 1951Photograph number 19-22: 1952Photograph number 23-40: 1953
3 7
Miscellaneous, France
Photograph number 1: 1953Photograph number 2-15: 1954Photograph number 16-37: 1954, EuropePhotograph number 38-40: France(?)
3 8
France, Miscellaneous/unidentified
Photograph number 1-14: France(?)Photograph number 15-26: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 27: Semiramis HotelPhotograph number 28-42: Unidentified
3 9
Miscellaneous Travel
Photograph number 1-92: Unidentified
3 10
Paris, Scottland, Oxford, Miscellaneous Travel
Photograph number 1-6: ParisPhotograph number 7-10: Scotland and OxfordPhotograph number 11-37: Unidentified
3 11
Miscellaneous Travel
Photograph number 1-34: Unidentified
3 12
Miscellaneous Travel
Photograph number 1-34: Unidentified
3 13
Garmisch, Gardone, Rodeo at Hallister Ranch
Photograph number 1-35: Garmisch and GardonePhotograph number 36-71: Rodeo at Hallister Ranch
3 14
Bangkok, Jaipur, Miscellaneous Travel
Photograph number 1-10: Unidentified/travelPhotograph number 11-25: BangkokPhotograph number 26-60: Jaipur
3 15
Egypt, Italy, Miscellaneous Travel
Photograph number 1-30: Unidentified/travelPhotograph number 31-57: Egypt(?)Photograph number 58-85: Italy(?)Photograph number 86-110: Unidentified/travel
3 16
Photograph number 1-12: Unidentified (contact prints available)Photograph number 13-20: Unidentified
3 17
Bernard DeVoto negatives
Photograph number This folder contains negatives from Fd 9 images n1:9:1, n1:9:2, n1:9:7, n1:9:8 in this collection

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
4 1
Wallace Stegner
4 2
Events, Friends and Family
4 3
Portraits by Ansel Adams and ?
4 4
Portraits by Leo Holub
4 5
Group Portrait

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
5 1
Copies Used for Stegner Display on "Beyond the Hundredth Meridian"
5 2
Commencement 1979
5 3
From "Adventures with Trinket" Published in Women's Day 1950, pp. 50-51, 153-156
5 4
Major John Wesely Powell
5 5
Frank O'Conner
5 6
U.S. Genological Survey Reproduction Print, J.K. Hillers No. 770,445,475
5 7
Smithsonian Institution Reproduction Print "The Mirror Case" Major Powell and Yan-mo J.K. Hillers, 1873 or 1874
5 8
Smithsonian Institution Reproduction Print "Alema Harris Thompson and Steven V. Jones" JK. Hiller No. 1592
5 9
5 10
Correspondance Photos
5 11
5 12
Eastend Photos
5 13
3 Photos for Sashatchun? Folder
5 14
University of Utah Photos
5 15
Rockefeller Foundation Tour Photos
5 16
U.S. Geological Survey Reproduction Print - J.K. Hiller: No. 61
5 17
Colorado River
5 18
Dinosaur National Monument
5 19
River Rafting Scenery
5 20
Green River
5 21
Wallace Stegner House
6 1
Mary Stegner
6 2
Property on South Fork Lane in Los Altos Hills, CA
6 3
Wallace Stegner Portraits
6 4
Mary Page's Family
6 5
Wallace and Mary Stegner
6 6
6 7
MROSD Staff and Duvenecks
6 8
Recreation (early 20th century)
6 9
Mary Stegner Cards
6 10
Mary's Grandmother? 1908
6 11
6 12
7 1
Japan and Italy
7 2
Advisory Board Trips, Europe
7 3
Tasmania, California, Perrys and Stegners in Greece
7 4
1989, 1993
7 5
Green Foothills after opera "Angel of Repose"
7 6
Vacation Dec. 7, 1944-March 19, 1945 Santa Barbara, CA
7 7
San Juan County, UT
7 8
Wally and Mary Stegner
7 9
Mary Page Stegner
8 1
Stegner Family
8 2
Hilda and George
8 3
Wally Stegner (1)
8 4
Wally Stegner (2)
8 5
Stegner - Stanford
9 1
Stegner - Stanford
9 2
Wally Stegner
9 3
Wally Stegner (2)
9 4
Stegner - Canada/Utah
9 5
Stegner - Canada
10 1
Eastend, Canada - Stegner
10 2
Wallace Stegner - Memorial/Funeral Service
10 3
Los Altos Hills Home
10 4
Stegner Friends - Group Photos
10 5
Wallace Stegners's house in Palo Alto, California.
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Container(s) Description
2 1/4x2 1/4 color slides
Photograph number 1-8: Santineketan VilliagePhotograph number 9: Santineketan, interior templePhotograph number 10: Santineketan, templePhotograph number 11-13: SantineketanPhotograph number 14-27: Yosemite National ParkPhotograph number 28-47: Grand CanyonPhotograph number 48: Grand Canyon, NavajoPhotograph number 49-50: Wallace StegnerPhotograph number 51: Wallace and Mary StegnerPhotograph number 52-58: Mary StegnerPhotograph number 59: Mary and Page Stegner at homePhotograph number 60: Mary and Page Stegner in a carriagePhotograph number 61: Mary and Page StegnerPhotograph number 62: Mary and Page Stegner, backs toward cameraPhotograph number 63: Page StegnerPhotograph number 64-65: Page Stegner at homePhotograph number 66: Page Stegner on a boatPhotograph number 67: Page Stegner in a canoePhotograph number 68: Page StegnerPhotograph number 69-71: Page Stegner (?) fishingPhotograph number 72: Two boys, Page Stegner (?)Photograph number 73: Unidentified manPhotograph number 74-75: Three people, unidentifiedPhotograph number 76: Unidentified man in a snowy forestPhotograph number 77-83: Stegner home (?)Photograph number 84-87: Unidentified peoplePhotograph number 88-90: Greece (?) ancient temple ruinsPhotograph number 91: Greece (?) ancient cityPhotograph number 92-94: Greece (?) reconstructionPhotograph number 95: Greece (?) ancient cityPhotograph number 96-98: Greece (?) columnsPhotograph number 99: Greece (?) ancient building, Mary Stegner in foregroundPhotograph number 100: Greece (?) ancient temple ruins
2 1/4x2 1/4 color slides
Photograph number 1: Greece (?) ancient ruinsPhotograph number 2-6: Greece (?) columnsPhotograph number 7: Greece (?) ruins, out of focusPhotograph number 8-10: ChildrenPhotograph number 11-14: Greece (?)Photograph number 15-16: Greece (?) modern cityPhotograph number 17: Greece (?) landscapePhotograph number 18-19: LandscapePhotograph number 20-22: SeascapePhotograph number 23-24: Ancient chapelPhotograph number 25: Greece (?) animalsPhotograph number 26: Greece (?) horse, wagon, hill in backgroundPhotograph number 27: BuildingPhotograph number 28: Child near a column, over exposedPhotograph number 29: Train tracksPhotograph number 30: India (?)Photograph number 31: India (?) building on the waterPhotograph number 32: India/Asia (?) chapelPhotograph number 33: India/Asia (?)Photograph number 34-35: India(?) roadPhotograph number 36: Asia (?)Photograph number 37: Asia (?) roof topsPhotograph number 38: India (?) childrenPhotograph number 39-40: India (?) elephant, Page Stegner (?)Photograph number 41: India (?) palacePhotograph number 42-43: England (?) bridgePhotograph number 44: England (?) riverPhotograph number 45-46: England (?) castlePhotograph number 47: England (?) riverPhotograph number 48: ItalyPhotograph number 49: Landscape, forestPhotograph number 50-51: Landscape, river, mountainsPhotograph number 52-53: Landscape, river, rocksPhotograph number 54: Landscape, riverPhotograph number 55: RiverPhotograph number 56: River boatPhotograph number 57: Two guardsPhotograph number 58: Stegner home (?)Photograph number 59-66: American West, buffaloPhotograph number 67: American West, plainsPhotograph number 68-73: SeascapePhotograph number 74: DesertPhotograph number 75: Desert, animal skeletonPhotograph number 76: SeascapePhotograph number 77: Plaque "In memoriam, U.J. Wenner, Kate Wenner NoblePhotograph number 78: RockPhotograph number 79: Adobe dwellingPhotograph number 80: RailwayPhotograph number 81-82: Railroad workerPhotograph number 83: ShipPhotograph number 84-85: IslandsPhotograph number 86-89: RailwayPhotograph number 90-91: Railway, Southern Pacific trainPhotograph number 92-93: ForestPhotograph number 94-95: ParkPhotograph number 96: Covered bridgePhotograph number 97: ChurchPhotograph number 98-99: Unidentified building

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Subject Terms

  • Environment--United States
  • Pulitzer Prizes
  • Travel
  • Writing

Personal Names

  • Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909-1993

Corporate Names

  • Stanford University. English Dept.

Form or Genre Terms

  • Negatives
  • Photographic prints
  • Photographic prints--Color
  • Slides--Color