Washington State University Theatre and Dance Records, 1924-2011

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Washington State University. School of Music and Theatre Arts
Washington State University Theatre and Dance Records
1924-2011 (inclusive)
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Archives 387 (collection)
Programs and photographs from theatrical productions produced by Washington State University from the 1920s to 2010s. Also included are departmental papers, programs from regional theatre groups, and student theses.
Washington State University Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
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The Department of Speech of Washington State University, established in 1923, has produced numerous plays since 1925 as a function of that department. Maynard Lee Daggy headed the Speech Department from its inception in 1923 until 1946 and directed many of the earlier productions. Departmental theatrical finances, publicity, and publications were the responsibility of the University Theatre office located in Bryan Hall. In the early 1970s a new site for University Theatre productions and the Department of Speech was constructed and subsequently named Daggy Hall. Circa 1988-1989, theatre was moved from Speech and joined with the Department of Music to create the School of Music and Theatre Arts. In 2008, Theatre Arts and Dance were separated from Music, and in May of 2011 the Department of Theatre and Dance closed as a result of budget cuts.

In addition to regular theatre productions, special production units including Children's Theatre, Stage II Productions, Final Stage, The Black Ensemble, Pullman's New Summer Palace, and Stage One have existed. With the exception of Summer Palace, most of these appear to have been sporadic, and were occasionally short lived.

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The majority of the collection is programs, photographs, and other documents relating to theatrical productions produced by the State College of Washington (later Washington State University) theater programs, dating from the very first productions (1924) to the very last (2011). This collection is more or less supplemental to the previously existing collections (see Related Materials), but includes the only known photographs and programs of many of WSC’s earliest productions, and of many of the later supporting performance groups. A number of non-final theses and student papers are included, many of which detail aspects of WSU’s theater performances.

Series 1: Papers, Programs, and Photographs is divided into three subseries: Subseries 1.1 is WSU theatre programs, photographs, and documents; Subseries 1.2 consists of departmental papers and photographs, and programs from other performance programs, including the WSU Theatre-affiliated Summer Palace; Subseries 1.3 is student papers, primarily Masters Theses which lack documentation certifying them as accepted. Some may indeed be final copies, but they may also be drafts or unaccepted theses. The students in this subseries are only those for whom the Libraries did not already hold an official copy.

Series 2: Card-mounted photographs, 1949-1968 and compact discs, 2003-2011and consists of two format-based subseries: Subseries 2.1 is card-mounted photographs from WSU Office of University Publications and Printing; Subseries 2.2 is CDs of performance photographs.

Series 3: Scrapbooks, 1943-1972 consists of oversized scrapbooks.

Researchers should be aware that due to the format-based series structure of this collection, materials from a given production could potentially be found in all three series.

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The digital materials in this collection were copied over into the MASC’s non-public digital storage during processing for preservation purposes.

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[Item Description]

Washington State University Theatre and Dance Records, 1924-2011 (Archives 387)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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The collection is arranged in a number of series and subseries, the first level of which is based on format and item size.

Series 1 is broken into subject based subseries: Subseries 1.1 is ordered chronologically; Subseries 1.2 is organized alphabetically by subject; Subseries 1.3 is arranged alphabetically by student name.

Series 2 consists of two format-based subseries: Subseries 2.1 is maintained in their original numerical, and mostly chronological, order; Subseries 2.2 is also maintained in chronological order.

Acquisition Information

The papers of the WSU Theatre and Dance program were transferred to the Washington State University Libraries’ Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collection on June 29, 2018, by Gail Siegel of WSU Performing Arts, and retained as UA2018-09. The materials had been stored in an informal departmental library for decades prior.

Processing Note

The materials were processed by University Archivist Mark O’English in August to September, 2018. During processing, photographs and programs immediately identifiable as being from productions represented in materials already held in MASC (listed in “Related Materials” below) were placed in the appropriate folders in those collections. Materials which duplicated holdings in those other collections were discarded.

Separated Materials

The Theatre program’s working library of books was transferred to the WSU Libraries at the same time; those are now in the public stacks and are not part of MASC’s holdings.

Some materials were moved to Washington State University Publications 48: Visual and Performing and Literary Arts Committee (VPLAC) / Performing Arts

One professor’s collection of 1950-1952 Northwestern University programs was transferred to that school’s archives.

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Series 1: Papers, Photographs, and Programs, 1924-2002.Return to Top

Container(s) Description
Subseries 1.1: WSU Theatre & other campus performances, 1924-1991.
Box Folder
1 1
Miss Lulu Bett. Program, Photograph. April 1924.
1 2
The Country Cousin. Photograph. Dec. 1924.
1 3
Programs: Stuart Walker's Portmanteau Theatre; Everyman; A Full House; Mrs. Bumpstead-Leigh; The Intimate Strangers; Kempy (Moroni Olsen Players). 1924.
1 4
You and I (Moroni Olsen Players). Program. Jan. 1925.
1 5
The Successful Calamity. Photographs. May 1925.
1 6
The First Year. Program, photographs. Summer 1925.
1 7
The Rivals. Program, papers, photographs. Dec. 1925.
1 8
Programs: Icebound; One Acts: White Elephants, The Valiant. 1925.
1 9
The Goose Hangs High. Photographs. April 1926.
1 10
Three Wise Fools. Photograph. Oct. 1926.
1 11
Love in a Mist. Program, photograph. March 1928.
1 12
Programs: Expressing Willie; The Champion. 1928.
1 13
Loose Ankles. Photograph. Feb. 1929.
1 14
Programs: The Haunted House; The Patsy. 1929.
1 15
Coed and the Brute. Photograph. 1930.
1 16
A Full House. Photographs. March 1933.
1 17
Programs: Journey's End; Hold Everything; A Character Intrudes; The Dance of Life; The Love Expert. 1934.
1 18
Big Hearted Herbert. Program and photographs. Feb. 1935.
1 19
The Spider and the Fly. Program. June 1935.
1 20
Gammer Gurton's Needle. Photographs. July 1937.
1 21
Gratitude. Photograph. July 1937.
1 22
Little Prison. Photograph. July 1937.
1 23
Sows Ear. Photograph. July 1937.
1 24
Ten Room Cottage. Photograph. July 1937.
1 25
The Winner. Photograph. July 1937.
1 26
The Elopement. Photograph. Aug. 1937.
1 27
A Little Learning. Photograph. Aug. 1937.
1 28
On a Sunday. Photograph. July 1939.
1 29
The Hairy Ape. Photographs. March 1941.
1 30
Ladies in Retirement. Program, photograph. July 1942.
1 31
Star Bound. Photographs. May 1944.
1 32
Letters to Lucerne. Program. July 1944.
1 33
The Old Ladies. Photograph, program. July 1945.
1 34
Lecture Program Series on High-School Dramatics. July 1945.
1 35
Programs: Home of the Brave; A Reading Hour; Man and the Masses; Grace Newell Faculty Recital; One Acts: The Neighbors, The Wedding, For the Love of Allah, Hello Out There. 1948.
1 36
Programs: The International Inn; The Rivals (UW Touring Theatre); One Acts: The Same Old Thing, The Late Christopher Bean, The Pot Boiler.
1 37
Season playlists, programs: For the Love of Lou; Say No More. 1950.
1 38
Blackouts of '51. Program. May 1951.
1 39
Programs: The Telephone; The Medium; Sailing of the Nancy Belle; Down in the Valley; The Beautiful People; The Skin of Our Teeth; Figures of Fire. 1953.
1 40
Programs: International Festival Week; Philip Hanson Reading Recital; Taming of the Shrew (Readers Theater). 1954.
1 41
Season playlist, program: Electra. 1956.
1 42
Programs: One Acts: Could-Burst, The Powers That Be, Hot Lemonade, The Lord's Will, The Purple Door Knob, Hangs Over Thy Head, A Phoenix Too Frequent. 1957.
1 43
Programs: Man and Superman; One Acts: Minnie Field, Five Days, The Potboiler. 1958.
1 44
Programs: The Fifth Column; Punchinello. 1959.
1 45
Season playlist, program: Carousel. 1960.
1 46
Season playlist, programs: Pride and Prejudice (Readers Theater); Festival of Dance and Gymnastics; Dame Judith Anderson in Scenes from Macbeth, Tower Beyond Tragedy, Medea. 1961.
1 47
Season playlist, unidentified photographs, programs: The Curious Savage; Pygmalion (Readers Theater); Arsenic and Old Lace; The Princess and the Swineherd. 1962.
1 48
Readers Theater clipping, program: Under Milk Wood. 1963.
1 49
Programs: A Resounding Tinkle; The Weather-Man's Secret; The Rehearsal; The Women; Antigone. 1964.
1 50
Programs: Look Back in Anger; A Resounding Tinkle; Springtime for Henry; The American Dream; The Lesson; One Acts: Are Men Superior?, The Monkey's Paw, The Egotist, Hello Out There, Why Girls Stay Home, Masks of Angels; Of Mice and Men (National Collegiate Players). 1965.
1 51
Programs: My Partner; Ten Nights in a Bar-Room; East Lynne; Ten Little Indians; The Miser (Olympic College Players); Joey; Daniel Boone; The Taming of the Shrew; The Dot and the Line & Winnie-the-Pooh (Readers Theater); One Acts: Before Breakfast, Fingerbowls and Araminta, Objections Overruled, The American Dream; Double Talk & Archy and Mehitable (Readers Theater); The Dramatic Silence; One Acts: Hot Lemonade, Mimsy were the Borogroves; One Acts: A Bedtime Story, The Bald Soprano, Crawling Arnold, The Last of my Solid Gold Watches, Sham; Lysistrata; Waiting for Godot; Outward Bound; Summer Palace season program / fan. 1966.
1 52
Summer Palace scrapbook of photographs, clippings, programs, and ephemera. 1966-1967.
1 53
Season playlist, programs: One acts: Weatherwise, The Zoo Story, Marriage Proposal; Marat/Sade; Any Wednesday; Night Must Fall; One acts: Holding a Husband, This Property is Condemned, Before we Were; An Experiment in Drama: The Sparrow, The Twilight of the Aardvark, An Oration Against Ice Boxes; Lovers and Madmen; One acts: The 9:00 Mail, To Soften Rocks, The Pointed Stick; The Count of Monte Cristo; The Octoroon; Davy Crockett; The Playboy of the Western World. 1967.
1 54
Three Penny Opera. Photographs. Jan. 1968.
1 55
Miss Julie. Photographs. April 1968.
1 56
Summer Palace scrapbook of photographs, clippings, programs, and ephemera. 1968.
1 57
Season playlist, Dramacard, clippings, and programs: The In-Between Key; Silverheels; Miss Julie; Many Moons; Lady Audley's Secret; Richard III; In White America; Hansel and Gretel; Llluuv; The Introduction; Portrait of a Madonna; The Ugly Duckling; Christmas Package. 1968.
1 58
Scrapbook of photographs, clippings and, programs. 1968-1969.
1 59
Programs: Family Christmas Package; One acts: Hughie, The Hungerers, The Sandbox; One acts: The Zoo Story, The Unexpurgated Memories of Bernard Mergendeiler, Crawling Arnold. 1969.
1 60
One acts: Conquest of Everett, Chamber Music, The Questioning of Nick. Photographs, program. Jan. 1970.
1 61
Season playlists, programs: Creative Dramatics Variety Show; Reynard the Fox; Brother, You're Next; student directing projects. 1970.
2 1
Summer Palace scrapbook of facility and backstage photographs. 1971 ca.
2 2
Season playlists, programs: The Enchanted Night; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; Franny and Zooey; student acting/directing projects. 1971.
2 3
Season playlist, programs, misc. photographs: Christmas Takes a Bough (Readers Theater); Christopher Sly; The White House (Readers Theater). 1972.
2 4
Programs, announcements: Breakfast of Champions (Readers Theater); What It Is (Black Readers Theater); Charley's Aunt, inc. review clipping; student acting/directing projects. 1973.
2 5
Programs, announcements: Longbeard the Wizard, The Dragon the Lived Under Manhattan (Readers Theater); Joie de Vivre - Sometimes (Readers Theater); Murder in the Cathedral (Readers Theater); Northwest Drama Conference; student acting/directing projects. 1974.
2 6
Season playlist, programs: Virtue's Reward, Spoon River Anthology (Readers Theater); Agamemnon (Readers Theater); Carl Sandburg Sings America (Readers Theater); God's Trombones; Story Theatre; Edgar Allan Poe His Stories and Poems; student acting/directing projects. 1975.
2 7
Programs: The Taming of the Shrew (Young Vic Company); Feiffer's People, White House (Readers Theater); The Ballad of Baby Doe; The Comedies of Neil Simon (Readers Theater); Dear Liar (Readers Theater); student acting/directing projects. 1976.
2 8
Programs: Radio Relived (Readers Theater); White Memoir (Eclectic Union Theatre); 6 Rms Riv Vu (Readers Theater); Seascape (Readers Theater); The Tingalary Bird; Born Yesterday; Out of the Flying Pan; Not I. 1977.
2 9
Man of La Mancha. Photographs. June 1978.
2 10
Summer Palace photographs. 1978.
2 11
Season playlist, programs: Trinity (Readers Theater); Medea a Noh Cycle (Readers Theater); Radio Relived (Readers Theater); Paper Flowers; Christmas program; Reel Theatre. 1978.
2 12
Programs: Pacific Northwest Poets; Robert Patrick; Developing the Self (Readers Theater); War of the Worlds (Readers Theater); Three Plays for Mother (Readers Theatre). 1980.
2 13
Summer Palace photographs. 1980.
2 14
Clipping: James and the Giant Peach. 1990.
2 15
Theatre awards ballot, poster: The Shadow of a Doubt. 1991.
Subseries 1.2: Departmental papers and photographs, and programs from other performing organizations, 1924-2001.
Box Folder
2 16
American College Theatre Festival XVI, Pullman, WA. Feb. 1984.
2 17
Attendance data, 1946-1953.
2 18
Bryan Hall Theater - Supervision and operation, 1955-1988.
2 19
The Commedians. Papers, photographs. 1969-1973.
2 20
Daggy Hall planning, 1967 ca.
2 21
Daggy Hall - Design Development Drawings, 1968 ca.
2 22
Photographs: portraits. Likely of Speech/Theatre majors. 1960s-1970s.
2 23
Photographs: students, class, and backstage. Undated.
3 1-2
Photographs: WSU productions. Unidentified and undated.
3 3
Playlists. 1928-1967.
3 4
Production budgets. 1984.
3 5
Programs: Community Concert Association. 1948-1951.
3 6
Programs: High School Summer Camp, 1935-1971.
3 7
Programs: Pullman Community Theatre. 1954-1979.
3 8
Programs: Pullman High School and other Whitman County K-12s. 1924-1971.
3 9-10
Programs: Regional performances. 1931-1991.
4 1
Programs: Touring opera, orchestra, music companies. 1963-1978.
4 2
Programs: University of Idaho. 1949-1990.
4 3
Programs: WSU Department of Music. 1924-1977.
4 4
Programs: WSU Pullman Artist Series / Lecture Artist Series. 1954-1979.
4 5-6
Summer Palace. Photographs. Unidentified and undated.
4 7
WSU Theatre Program Handbook, Undergrad. Ed. 2000-2001.
Subseries 1.3: Student Papers, 1960-2002.
Box Folder
4 8
Anderson, Lauren Kay. Aristophanes' Lysistrata. A Victorian adaptation based on the American Civil War. 1998.
4 9
Ashworth, Lillian. Medea, and it's place in history: a criticism. 1960.
5 1
Baker, Max. Developing a script. 1992.
5 2
Bowers, Dale. Diamond Studs: the Life of Jesse James. A musical comedy by Jim Wann and Bland Simpson. 1980.
5 3
Davis, Don C. Mixed Nuts and beyond: A consideration of student directed one-act evenings at W.S.U. 1991.
5 4
Davis, Don C. The Terrorists: A portable design. 1991.
5 5
Destefano, Scott C. Project notebook: Heaven Can Wait. 1982.
5 6
Drew, Susan. Historical perspective on the American minstrel era. 1992.
5 7
Ebert, Frederick T. Five nineteenth century illusions updated for modern stage effects. 1985.
5 8
Feathers, Marianne Straughan. Costuming Stop the World I Want to Get Off. 1974.
5 9
Fenton, Karen. A survey of speech and drama in accredited Idaho high schools 1966-1967. 1968 ca.
5 10
Fogelberg-Billette, Cheryl. Senior adult theatre. 1990.
5 11
Gallo, Colleen. Reflections of the human spirit: the analysis and production of Joanna M. Glass' Canadian Gothic. 1991.
5 12
Harrison, Susan B. The Miracle Worker: A director's journey. 1993.
5 13
Johnston, William J. The composition and history of Silverheels. 1968.
6 1
Lane, L.D. The use of a four-phase rehearsal method. Based upon Dr. Rollo May's description of the creative process. 1987.
6 2
Maxfield. T. Christopher. Theatre as an educational tool: seminars, workshop and production utilizing Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. 1994.
6 3
McClaskey, William. The singer-actor: a performer with two brains. 1985 ca.
6 4
Michener, Dee Wills. A Moon for the Misbegotten: criticism and production. 1970.
6 5
Nice, Brent Robert. Reflections of a civilization: American culture in Samuel Beckett's Endgame. 1991.
6 6
Quinley, Virginia. Project report: theatre workshop for high school teachers. 1982.
6 7
Richmond, Janet. Moonnot August: A new play produced in a premier performance. 1996.
6 8
Rohrbacher, Richard Willard. The In-Between Key, a play in three acts. 1968.
6 9
Ronning, Cassandra Jane. Costuming The Playboy of the Western World: the theory and practice. 1968.
6 10
Rosefeldt, Margaret Waltzer. Costuming Peter Pan: the theory and practice. 1974.
6 11
Sampson, David. Digital conversion and presentation of the 77 years of the Washington State University School of Theatre Arts performance archive (includes CDs). 2002.
7 1
Schwarz, Lyle Allen. Augustin Daly's Horizon: criticism and production. 1970.
7 2
Swan, John D. Peter Shaffer's The Private Ear and The Public Eye: production and evaluation. 1978.
7 3
Thelen, Lawrence. The Third Wave: from short story to music play; the process of adapting literature for the stage. 1993.
7 4
Trapp, Richard James. Bar Exercise: a play in three acts. 1972.

Series 2: Card-mounted photographs, 1949-1968 and compact discs, 2003-2011.Return to Top

Container(s) Description
Subseries 2.1: WSU Office of Publications and Printing card-mounted photographs, 1949-1968.
No. 02584b (1949) - no. 50094 (1964); no. 00079 (1964) - no. 03554 (1965).
No. 05927 (1967) - no. 09724 (1968); no. 00042 (1968) - no. 00287 (1968).
Subseries 2.2: CDs of production photographs, 2003-2011.
Box Folder
9 1
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. 2003.
9 2
Equus. 2003.
9 3
Six Degrees of Separation. 2004.
9 4
The Taming of the Shrew. 2004.
9 5
Crimes of the Heart. 2004.
9 6
Stage One. 2004.
9 7
Death and the King's Horsemen. 2005.
9 8
Last of the Formicans. 2005.
9 9
Romeo and Juliet. 2005.
9 10
Stage One. 2005.
9 11
Dragonwings. 2006.
9 12
The Elephant Man. 2006.
9 13
A Lie of the Mind. 2006.
9 14
Stage One. 2006.
9 15
The Golden Age. 2007.
9 16
The Miss Firecracker Content. 2007.
9 17
Titus Andronicus. 2007.
9 18
Stage One: Layover; Reunion; Pouring Rain; Duel. 2007.
9 19
Passion. 2008.
9 20
Sylvia. 2008.
9 21
The Exonerated. 2008.
9 22
The Exonerated (video). 2008.
9 23-24
Hedda Gabler. 2008.
9 25
Hedda Gabler (video). 2008.
9 26
Stage One. 2008.
9 27
Raised in Captivity. 2009.
9 28
The Heidi Chronicles. 2009.
9 29-30
Dracula. 2009.
9 31
The Glass Menagerie. 2010.
9 32-33
End Days. 2010.
9 34
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 2010.
9 35
Stage One. 2010.
9 36
Play it Again, Sam. 2011.
9 37
The Shape of Things. 2011.

Series 3: Scrapbooks, 1943-1972.Return to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
10 1
Photographs, programs, and clippings (brown-cover album). 1943-1949.
10 2
Clippings, photographs, ands programs (spiral bound album). Jan.-June, 1947.
10 3
Clippings, correspondence, programs, photographs (green cover album). Broken into five sections: Commedians, 1970-1971; Commedians, 1971-1972; Music tours, 1970-1971; Brass symposium, 1971; Women's conference, 1972.
11 1
Photographs, programs, and clippings. 1950-1959.
12 1
Photographs, programs, and clippings. 1960-1968. Includes some writings and photographs of Raymond Jones at back, 1943-1969.
13 1
Clippings, programs, and photographs. 1962-1967.

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Subject Terms

  • College and school drama, American -- Washington (State) -- Pullman -- Records and correspondence
  • Theater -- Washington (State) -- Pullman -- Records and correspondence

Corporate Names

  • State College of Washington. University Theatre -- Records and correspondence
  • Washington State University. Department of Theatre and Dance -- Records and correspondence
  • Washington State University. School of Music and Theatre Arts -- Records and correspondence
  • Washington State University. University Theatre -- Records and correspondence

Other Creators

  • Corporate Names
    • State College of Washington. University Theatre (creator)
    • Washington State University. Department of Theatre and Dance (creator)
    • Washington State University. University Theatre (creator)