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Hester, Wilhelm, 1872-1947
Wilhelm Hester photographs
circa 1893-1906 (inclusive)
1213 photographic prints : black and white ; various sizes
85 negatives : glass ; various sizes
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Photographs of the marine shipping industry on Puget Sound; of a visit to Alaska; and Seattle and Tacoma views
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
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Between 1893 and 1906 Wilhelm Hester documented both the maritime activities of the Puget Sound Region and of his time spent in Alaska during the gold rush of 1898. He left a remarkable collection of early photos of Nome, Alaska and the surrounding region and a valuable record for the history of ships and shipping in Washington state.

He was born in Germany in 1872, and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1893 with his brother Ernst. There he photographed the tall ships that sailed the Northwest coast loading lumber and grain for markets abroad. Operating from studios in Seattle and Tacoma, he established a commercially successful business by taking and selling photographs of ships from around the world and their crews at various Puget Sound ports, often offering them as souvenirs to the sailors themselves. Many of the photographs depict ships in the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, and Port Blakely, and reveal details of ships' decks, ship construction and rigging, interior views of masters' salons and cabins, the faces of the ships' captains and their families, and sailors from Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and France. In 1898, Hester joined the throngs of gold seekers heading to the Klondike. His mining claims at Anvil Creek and Snow Creek in Alaska - in addition to other business ventures - earned him a tidy profit, and he returned to the Puget Sound area in 1899 to resume his commercial photography career. Some of his Alaskan photographs show that he must have returned to the Nome, Alaska vicinity around 1900 to take additional documentary photographs of the region.

He retired from the photography business in about 1905 or 1906 to pursue real estate speculation, only occasionally taking photographs in subsequent years. In his retirement he lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. He died in Seattle in 1947.

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The collection documents the marine shipping industry on Puget Sound in Washington State, including sailing ships and steamboats, their crews, the loading of lumber onto vessels and maritime views of Puget Sound. Also included in the collection are: photographs from his brief visit to Alaska in 1898-1900 (includes views of Nome, Caribou, Ketchikan, Juneau, White Horse and Teller City); other miscellaneous subjects such as Seattle and Tacoma views, logging, Scenic Hot Springs Hotel, and the Hotel at Pleasant Beach (Bainbridge Island); San Francisco's China Town.

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BOXES 1-2: Alaska views (Nos. 2-210; Nos. 10000-10045)
BOX 3: Miscellaneous subjects including Seattle and Washington views (Nos. 10046-10164, 11084/85, 11128-11138, 11174)
BOX 4: Identified ships: Abyssinia - to Cleomene (Nos. 10163- 10298, 11098)
BOX 5: Identified ships: Col. deVille Bois Marevil to Gen. J.M. Wilson (Nos. 10301-10424)
BOX 6: Identified ships: George E. Starr to Oregon (Nos. 10430-10571)
BOX 7: Identified ships: Pass of Balmaha to Wynnstay (Nos. 10576-10707)
BOX 8: Unidentified crew, ship building,steamships, sailing vessels (Nos. 10749-10880)
BOX 9: Unidentified sailing vessels to small craft (Nos. 10881- 10914), Unnumbered photographs

BOXES 10-12: Miscellaneous subjects including Seattle and Washington views. (Nos. 10050, 10079-10128, 10147-10153, 10162, 11082-11083, 11172-11173)
BOX 13: Identified ships: Abyssinia to Austrasia (Nos. 10164- 10216)
BOX 14: Identified ships: Bailey Gatzert to British General (Nos. 10164-10216)
BOX 15: Identified ships: Burnside to Capitol City (Nos. 10256- 10268)
BOX 16: Identified ships: Chehalis to Dalgonar (Nos. 10279- 10319)
BOX 17: Identified ships: Daniel to Durbridge (Nos. 10320- 10354)
BOX 18: Identified ships: Durham to Frances Fisher (Nos. 10355-10409)
BOX 19: Identified ships: Garonne to Grenada (Nos. 10413- 10446)
BOX 20: Identified ships: H.K. Hall to J.W. Clise (Nos. 10448- 10484)
BOX 21: Identified ships: James Johnson to Manchester (Nos. 10485-10531)
BOX 22: Identified ships: Manette to Omega (Nos. 10532-10570)
BOX 23: Identified ships: Oregon to Pinmore (Nos. 10574-10601)
BOX 24: Identified ships: Port Elgin to Svithiod (Nos. 10605- 10655)
BOX 25: Identified ships: T.P. Emigh to Yola (Nos. 10657-10708)
BOXES 26-27: Unidentified crew (Nos. 10709-10750, 11168-11169)
BOX 28: Unidentified crew, deck views, interiors (Nos. 10751- 10797, 11170-11171)
BOX 29: Unidentified loading views, ship building, steamships (Nos. 10811-10833)
BOX 30: Unidentified sailing ships (Nos. 10863-10875)
BOXES 31-39: Paintings of ships (Nos. 10916-11081)
BOX 40: Ships: Adolf to Flattbek (11139-11151) (Later additions)
BOX 41: Ships: Forfashire to Yola (11152-11167) (Later additions)
BOX 42: Glass negatives - printed (Nos. 10048-11085)
BOX 43: Glass negatives - not printed (Nos. 11086-11121)
BOX 44: Glass negatives - not printed (Nos. 11122-11127)
BOX 45: Glass negatives - printed (Nos. 11128-11138)



2: Taku glacier
4: Salmon cannery, Taku Bay, Alaska.
6: Indians selling baskets at Santa Rita, Alaska.
7: Ft. Wrangell, Alaska.
8: Panorama of Juneau
9: Treadwell quartz ledge or "Glory Hole"
11: General view of Whitehorse Rapids, N.W.T. (Color tinted)
11a: Port Clarence's dogs.
12: "Skookum" wrecked on Nome beach. (2 copies)
13: Summit of White Pass and Yukon RR.
14: Nome beach at sunset?
15: Train station at Lake Bennett.
16: Ketchikan, Alaska.
18: Carrabue City (Caribou City)
19: Out prospecting. 1900. Two miners with packs. 2 copies
19a: Wreck of Colorado in Wrangel Narrows (2 copies)
21: Cloud effect on Lake Bennett
22: Street scene in Nome
22a: Juneau, Alaska. Street scene
23: Returning from Treadwell Mine to Juneau.
27: Horse down on 2nd Ave. Nome? (2 copies)
28: Street scene, Nome?, man with dogs
28a: Mail day in Nome.
29: Steadman Ave., Nome
29a: Same picture
30: Street in Whitehorse showing the Hotel Grand and White Horse Hotel
36: Clouds
38: Unidentified Alaskan landscape
50: Nome. Snake River?
56: Glacier Creek. Tents and mining activity
58: Herd of reindeer
67: Indian grave at Port Clarence
68-68a: Mining activities
70: Miners tents on creek
74: Eskimos in skin boat on Nome beach?
79: Looking up Snake River from Front Street, Nome. Sept. 15, 1900.
81: Eskimos with kayaks and fish on Snake River, Nome
82: Mouth of Snake River before the storm. Nome
85: The "Sequoia", high and dry on Nome beach.
86: Wrecks on sand spit, mouth of Snake River.
87: Wrecks on sand spit, mouth of Snake River. Sept. 14, 1900.
90: Beach at Nome covered with freight
92: The "Skookum" ashore at Nome. Sept. 12, 1900.
94: Nome cemetery.
97: Showing wreckage, mouth of Snake River.
99: "Skookum" (Wrecked on Nome beach
106: Nome showing Discovery Saloon
109: Anvil Creek. Sluicing operation (2 copies)
110: Teller City, Port Clarence. Location: K52 Box OS2
118: Sand spit after the storm. Sept. 14, 1900. (Nome)
119: Beach at Port Clarence Location: K52 Box OS2
122: Skookum wrecked on Nome beach
123: Grantley Harbor. Sept. 1, 1900.
124: Mining operations on creeks. Panorama
137: Nome waterfront
138: Group portrait of passengers on board steamer. ca. 1900
139: "President" being beached at Nome?
149: No. 11 Anvil, Mouth Niccala (Nicola?) Gulch. Mining operation (4 copies)
150: Prospector and mule
152: Prospectors and mule
154: Teller City. Man with camera in foreground
159: Chinese crew aboard ship
161: Selling water in front of the Bohemia in Nome
162: Alaska Native in rain gear with small catch of fish
163: Stormy day at Nome beach.
167: Nome beach
172: Embarking at Nome for the States.
173: Results of storm, Nome.
174: Nome showing mouth of river Snake before the storm.
181: Native fisherman in rainy day costume, Nome. 1900. (2 copies) (See 162)
184: Anvil Rock near Nome. 1900. (2 copies)
185-185a: Lapps milking reindeer.
186: Herd of reindeer
187: Group of Eskimos. Port Clarence. 1900.
188: Showing destruction of property by recent storm along Snake River, Nome. (2 copies)
189: Nome beach during storm
191: Group of Eskimos
201: Teller City, Port Clarence. Sept. 1900. Location: K52 Box OS2
209: Destructive breakers at Nome beach. 1900.
210: King Island Eskimos making a landing in their skin canoe on Nome beach. 1900.
10000: Lifting a horse onto a ship? Black dock workers?
10000a: Lifting a horse onto a ship? Black dock workers?
10000b: Lifting a horse onto a ship? Black dock workers?
10001: Group portrait of miners at work (2 copies)
10002: Two women at entrance to mine shaft
10003: Nome street scene
10004: Creek bed with tents
10005: Front Street, Nome showing muddy street
10006: Landscape with tents
10007: Unidentified mountain
10008: Juneau street scene
10009: Nome showing Hotel Golden Gate
10010: Nome barracks
10011: Nome from sand spit
10012: Nome beach and Snake River?
10013: Body of water with mountain range in distance
10014: Nome beach in storm
10015: Nome street scene
10016: Panorama of Nome beach after storm?
10017: Woman on mule in Nome?
10018: Mining operation with tents in background
10019: Mining operation with tents in background
10020: Unidentified town with tents by water
10021: Wreckage along the Snake River, Nome
10022: Native Alaskans with reindeer in background
10023: Men with boat. Teller City, Port Clarence
10024: Mountain with water and clouds
10025: Beach at Teller City, Port Clarence?
10026: Unidentified town. Possibly not Alaska.
10027: Unidentified island
10028: Midnight sun
10029: Midnight sun. June
10030: Unidentified landscape
10031: Beach wood along the beach at Nome (2 copies)
10032: Unidentified town. See 10020
10033: Water and birds. Fowl play
10034: Railroad construction
10035: Women and dogs by river or lake
10036: The midnight sun. June 21, 1900.
10037: Alaskan natives in canoes. See 10020 and 10032 (3 copies)
10038: Natives in skin boat unloading supplies
10039: Grantley Express Dog team pulling wagon
10040: Natives with skin boat
10041: Man on iceberg with boat in background
10042: Street scene with men and mules
10043: Nome beach. Midnight sun?
10044: Funeral procession across bridge
10045: Passengers on deck of steamer with husky


10046: Tacoma waterfront
10047: Tacoma docks
10048: Logging in Arlington
10049: Seattle waterfront
10050: Waterfront with horse and carriage. Possibly Seattle or Tacoma. (See also Oversize)
10051: Tacoma. U.S. Customs.
10052: Tacoma parade
10053: Tacoma parade
10054: Port Blakely
10055: Advertisement for W.F. Sheard Dealers in Fine Alaska Furs and Skins. Tacoma. (Buffalo head)
10056: Seattle waterfront. Pioneer Square vicinity.
10057: Seattle downtown and view of Olympic Mountains
10058/59: Seattle waterfront. 1880. (2 part panorama)
10060: Alaska Yukon Pacific Music Pavilion.
10061: Centennial Mill Company
10062: Pioneer Square
10063: Pioneer Square
10064: Unidentified Seattle school?
10065: Tulalip
10066: Madison Park
10067: Seattle parade?
10068: Upper Lilliwaup Falls
10069: Logging with horses
10070: Rainier Club
10071: Pleasant Beach bowling alley (Bainbridge)
10072: Port Blakely
10073: Seattle waterfront panorama
10074: Snoqualmie Falls
10075: Snoqualmie Falls
10076: Camping scene
10077: Farm probably Europe
10078: Farm probably Europe
10130: Group of women in front of house
10131: Log cabin with women
10132: Family group
10133: Carriage
10134: Man in uniform (German?)
10135: Unidentified house
10136: Tree
10137: Hall Bros. shipyard
10138: Unidentified dock
10139: Unidentified dock
10140: Unidentified fair with ferriswheel
10141: Unidentified farm (Europe?)
10142: Stream
10143: Stream
10144: Waterfall
10145a/b: Unidentified docks (2 part panorama)
10146: Collage of photos?
10154: Port Blakely
10155: Port Blakely
10156: Port Blakely
10157: Port Blakely
10158: Seattle waterfront
10159: Unidentified fair with ferriswheel
10160: Bellingham?
10161: Congressional Rivers and Harbors Commission. 1901. (Group portrait)
11084/85: Seattle looking towards Queen Anne from Pine? (Church on far right is Methodist Episcopal on Boren and Stewart) (2 part panorama)
11174: View of the waterfront, Seattle. 1880s.
11128-11138: San Francisco Chinatown


10079: Pioneer Square
10080: Pioneer Square
10081: Rainier Hotel
10082: Centennial Mill Company
10083: Port Blakely
10084: Seattle waterfront with unidentified ship
10085: Tacoma waterfront
10086: Port Blakely prior to 1907
10087: Port Blakely
10088-90: Stimson Timber Co. in Marysville
10091: Northern Pacific car
10092-93: Scenic Hot Springs Hotel
10094-95: Hotel at Pleasant Beach - dining room (Bainbridge)
10096: Hotel at Pleasant Beach - Billiard Room (Bainbridge)
10097-98: Hotel at Pleasant Beach - Lounge (Bainbridge)
10099-102: Bismarck Restaurant and Orchestra
10103: D.T. Denny's home (Belltown)
10104-105: St. Peter's Church, Tacoma
10106-106a: Horse and carriage outside of Seattle Transfer Co.
10107: Unidentified sawmill
10108: Logging crew
10109: Loggers. (2 copies) Location: K52 Box OS2
10110: Big fir at Mckay and Millett Camp, Cherry Valley, Wa.
10111: Logging with team of horses
10112: Felling
10113: Logging with oxen team
10114: Logging with team of horses
10115: Logging with oxen team
10116: Logging scene
10117: Port Gamble
10118: Mosher and McDonald Rwy. Location: K52 Box OS2
10119: Logging crew with team of oxen. Location: K52 Box OS2
10120: Grocery store - Unknown location
10121: Freighting bales of hay in small boats?
10122: Unidentified town on river
10123: Ship at dock
10124: Cabins on beach
10125: Celebration on hill overlooking Puget Sound?
10126: Hop pickers
10127: Athletic team
10128: Unidentified residence
10147: Great Northern?
10148: Logging scene
10149: Port Blakely
10150: Hall Brothers Shipyard, Port Blakely
10151: Seattle Steamship Co. offices
10152-153: Port Blakely. Location: K52 Box OS2
10162: Shipyard, Vashon?
11082: Boom cradle construction
11083: H.K. Hall at desk writing
11172: Not used
11173: Port Blakely. Ships at dock: Alice Cooke, Lyman D. Foster, Snow & Burgess, Madelaine. 1903.


Abyssinia (ship, crew, deck) See also oversize (10163-10165)
Adelaide (ship, crew) (10166-10167)
Adolf (crew) Oversize (11139)
Advance ( ship) (10168-10169)
Alice B. Leigh (ship, crew) See also oversize (10170-10174)
Allonby (ship, crew) See also oversize) (10175-10177)
Alster (ship, crew) (See also oversize (10178, 11140)
Alsterkamp (Capt.?, crew) Oversize (10179, 11141-42)
Alsternixe (ship) (10180-10182)
Alsterrufen (deck) Oversize (10183)
Alsterschwann (ship, crew) (10184-10185)
Alta (ship) (10186-10187, 110998)
Amaranth (ship) See also oversize (10188-10189, 11098)
Anacona (ship, crew) Oversize (10190-10192)
Ancyra (ship) Oversize (11143)
Andelana (crew) Oversize) (10193)
Anna (ship, deck) Oversize (10194-10195)
Antiope (ship) (10196)
Archibald Russell (ship) Oversize (10197)
Arctic Stream (ship, crew) (10198-10199)
Arracan (crew) (10200)
Asie (ship) (10201)
Askehall (Capt.) (10202)
Asterion (ship,crew) Oversize (10203)
Atalanta (creww) (10204)
Athenian (crew) (10205)
Athlon (ship) (10206-10209)
Australian (ship, crew) See also oversize (10210-10213, 11144)
Austrasia (ship, crew) See also oversize) (10214-10219, 11145)
Bailey (ship) (10220)
Bailey Gatzert (ship) Oversize (10221-10222)
Bainbridge (ship) Oversize (10223)
Balboa (ship) Oversize (10224)
Balmoral (cabin) Oversize (10225) Location: K52 Box OS2
Bayonne (ship, crew) See also oversize (10226-10228)
Beckenham (ship) Oversize (10229-10230)
Beechbank (crew, deck) Oversize (10231-10233)
Beira (ship) (10234)
Belford (ship, crew) Oversize (10235-10236)
Ben Daerg (ship, crew) See also oversize (10237-10238)
Bengairn (ship) (10239)
Benicia (crew, deck/crew) See also oversize (10240-10244)
Bermuda (deck/crew) Oversize (10245)
Bertha (crew) See also oversize (10246-10247)
Blairgowrie (crew) See also oversize (10248-10249)
Blakely See H.K. Hall
Blanche (ship) (10250)
Boadicea (deck, crew) See also oversize (10251, 11146)
Bota (ship) (10252)
British General (ship) Oversize (10253)
Brodeck Castle (crew) (10254)
Burnside (ship, crew) See also oversize (10255-10266)
Cambronne (ship) Oversize (10267)
Capital City (ship) oversize (10268-10269)
Carnarvon Bay (ship, crew) (10270-10272)
Castle Rock (ship) (10273)
Cavour (ship) (10274)
Cedarbank (ship) (10275)
Celtic Chief (crew) (10276-10278)
Chehalis (ship) Oversize (10279)
Chelmsford (crew) (10280)
Chinook (ship) (10281)
City of Florence (crew) oversize (10282)
City of Puebla (ship) oversize (10283)
City of Seattle (ship, interior) (10284-10285)
City of Tacoma (ship) Oversize (10286)
City of Topeka (ship) (10287)
Clan Buchanan (deck) (10288)
Clan Galbriath (crew) (10289)
Clan MacPherson (crew) Oversize (10290-10291)
Claverdon (ship) See also oversize (10292-10294)
Cleomene (ship, crew, deck, Capt.) See also oversize (10295-10300)
Colonel de Ville Bois Marevil (ship) (10301)
Columbia (ship, crew) oversize (10302-10303)
Comemaugh (ship) Oversize (10304)
Commerce (ship) Oversize (10305-10306)
Como (ship) oversize (10307)
Conte Gas (ship) Oversize (10308)
Conway (ship) Oversize (10309)
Conway Castle (crew) Oversize (10310)
Corunna (crew) Oversize (10311)
County of Caithness (ship, deck) (10312-10313)
County of Linlithgow (ship/crew) Oversize (10314)
County of Roxburgh (ship) (10315)
Cressington (crew) (10316)
Crompton (crew) Oversize (10317)
Cuernset (ship) Oversize (10318)
Cyrene (?) (ship) (11174)
Dalgonar (ship) See also oversize (10319)
Daniel (crew) Oversize (10320)
Dauntless (ship) (10321)
David d'Ungers (crew, deck) (10322-10324)
Defiance (ship) (10325)
Diamond Head (ship) See also oversize (10326-10327)
Dimsdale (crew, deck) See also oversize (10328-10332)
Dix (ship) (10333-10335)
Don (crew) Oversize (10336)
Donna Francisca (ship, crew) See also Oversize (10337-10338)
Dove? (ship) Oversize (10339)
Drammen (crew) (10340)
Drehna (crew) Oversize (10341-10342)
Drumburton (ship) (10343)
Drumcliff (ship) Oversize (10344)
Drmmuir (ship) Oversize (10345)
Drumrock (crew) Oversize (10346)
Duchalburn (crew, deck) Oversize (11147-11148)
Duns Law (crew, deck) oversize (10347-10348)
Duquesne (crew) Oversize (10349-10350)
Durbridge (ship) See also oversize (10351-10354)
Durham (crew) See also oversize (10355-10356)
Earl of Dalhousi (crew) Oversize (10357)
Echo (ship) (10358-10359)
Ecuador (crew) Oversize (10360)
Edouard Detaille (crew) (10361-10362)
Elba (crew) Oversize (10363)
Elginshire (ship, crew, cabin, Capt.) Oversize (10364-10366, 11149)
Elihu Thompson (ship) Oversize (10367)
Emma (ship) (10368-10370)
Engelhorn (and Bracadale) (ship) (10371)
Ernest Reyer (crew) Oversize (10372)
Eudora (ship, deck) See also oversize (10373-10375, 11150)
Euphrates (crew) (10376)
Eurasia (crew) (10377-10378)
Eva Montgomery (deck) Oversize (10379)
Everest (ship) (10380)
Falkirk (ship) Oversize (10381)
Falls of Garry (ship) (10382)
Favorite (ship) (10383)
Ferdinand Fischer (ship, crew) (10384-10386)
Fingal (crew) Oversize (10387)
Florence K (ship) (10388)
Flottbek (ship, crew) See also oversize (10389-10398, 11151)
Flyer (ship) (10399-10401)
Forfarshire (ship) Oversize (10402, 11152)
Fortevidt (ship, crew, deck) See also oversize (10403-10408)
Frances Fisher (?) (crew) Oversize (10409)
Galena (crew) (10410)
Gardiner City (ship) (10411)
Garonne (ship/crew) See also oversize (10412-10416)
Garsdale (crew) See also oversize (10417-10418)
General de Sonis (ship) See also oversize (10419-10422)
General J.M. Wilson (ship) (10423-10424)
General Roberts (crew, deck) Oversize (10425-10426)
Geo. E. Billings (ship) Oversize (10427-10429)
George E. Starr (ship) (10430)
Gertrude (ship) (10431)
Glenaften (ship) Oversize (10432)
Glenalvan (crew) (10433)
Glenard (crew) (10434)
Glencova (ship) Oversize (10435)
Glenelvan (ship,deck) See also oversize (10436-10437)
Gleneocan ? (ship) (10438)
Glenericht (ship) Oversize (10439)
Glenesk (crew) Oversize (10440)
Glenholm (crew) (10441)
Glenroy ? (ship) Oversize (10442)
Glooscap ( crew) Oversize (10443)
Great Admiral (ship) (10443A)
Grenada (ship, cabin, deck) See also oversize (10444-10446)
H.K. Hall (ship, crew, deck, cabin) See also oversize (10447-10455)
Hartman (ship) (10456)
Henriette (ship, crew) See also oversize (10457-10458)
Hera (ship) Oversize (10459)
Hesper (ship, crew) Oversize (10460-10462)
Holkar (deck) (10463)
Holywood (crew) (10464)
Hougomont (crew) (10465)
Howth (crew) See also oversize (10466-10468)
Ilala (crew) Oversize (10469)
Inland Flyer (ship) (10470-10473)
Inverie (ship) Oversize (10474)
Invermark (deck) (10475)
Iowa (ship) (10476-10479)
Italia (ship) Oversize (10480)
Iverna (ship, deck) Oversize (10481-10482, 11153)
Ivydent (ship) Oversize (10483)
J.W. Clise (ship) Oversize (10484)
James Johnson (ship) Oversize (10485)
Jupiter (ship) (10486)
Kate P. Troop (ship) Oversize (10487)
Kate Thomas (crew) (10488)
Kenilworth (ship) (10489)
Kildaton (crew) (10490-10491)
Kilmallie (deck) Oversize (10492)
King David (crew) Oversize (10493)
King George (ship) (10494)
La Fontaine (deck) oversize (10495)
Lady Isabella (crew) Oversize (10496, 11154)
Lake Leman (ship) oversize (10497)
L'amoriciere (ship, crew) (10498-10499)
Lancing (crew) Oversize (11155)
Largo Law (ship) Ovesize (10500)
Levernbank (ship, crew) See also oversize (10501-10503)
Lillebone (deck) oversize (10504)
Linlithgowshire (crew) (10505)
Lisbeth (ship, crew) See also oversize (10506-10513)
Liverpool (ship, crew) Oversize (10514, 11156)
Lodore (crew, crew/ship) Oversize (10515-10516)
Lord Elgin (crew) (10517)
Lord Ripon (crew) (10518)
Lord Wesseley (ship) oversize (10519)
Lucipaia (ship) Oversize (10520)
Luigi Ciampa (ship) (10521)
Lyderhorn (ship, crew) Oversize (10522-10523, 11159)
Lynton (ship, crew, cabin, deck) See also oversize (19524-10528, 11157-11158)
M.E. Watson (deck) Oversize (11160)
Makaweli (ship) oversize (10529-10530)
Manchester (ship) Oversize (10531)
Manette (ship) See also oversize (10532-10534)
Manning (interior) Oversize (10535)
Margretha (ship, crew) (10536-10537)
Marianne (ship) (10538)
May Flint (ship) (10539)
McDiarmid (ship) (10540)
Melanope (ship) Oversize (10541)
Metropolis (ship) (10542)
Mexico (ship) Oversize (10543)
Milverton (deck, crew) Oversize (10544-10545)
Minnesota (ship) See also oversize (10546)
Minnie A. Caine (ship) Oversize (10547)
Miss Seattle (ship) Oversize (10548)
Montgomeryshire (crew) (10549)
Mount Stuart (crew) (10550)
Mozambique (crew) Oversize (10551)
Multnomah (ship) (10552)
Muskoka (crew) See also oversize (10553-10554)
Nantes (deck) Oversize (10555)
Nelson (ship) (10556)
Ning Chow (ship) Oversize (10557)
Niobe (ship) Oversize (10558)
Nome City (ship) (10559)
Norma (crew) Oversize (10560)
North Pacific (10560A)
North Star see Alsterufen
Oceana (ship, crew) See also Oversize (10562-10563)
Oceano (ship) (10564)
Octavia (crew) Oversize (10565)
Olga (ship) See also oversize (10566)
Olivebank (crew) See also Oversize (10567-10568)
Omega (ship) Oversize (10569-10570)
Oregon (ship) (10571-10575)
Pass of Balmaha (ship, crew) See also oversize (10576-10578)
Pass of Brander (crew) Oversize (10579)
Pass of Killiecrankie (crew) Oversize (10580)
Pegasus (crew, ship) Oversize (10581, 11161)
Pengwern (ship, crew) (10582-10584)
Penrhyn Castle (crew) Oversize (10585-10586)
Penthesilea (crew) Oversize (10587-10589)
Pera (crew) See also oversize (10590-10592)
Persian (ship) Oversize (10593)
Peter Oredale (ship) See also oversize (10694-10595)
Philadelphia )ship) Oversize (10596)
Philip F. Kelly (ship) (10597)
Philippine (ship) (10598-10599)
Pierre Loti (deck) Oversize (10600)
Pinmore (ship) Oversize (10601)
Placilla (ship) (10602)
Politkofsky (ship) (10603)
Port Caledonia (ship) (10604)
Port Elgin (crew) Oversize (10605-10606)
Port Jackson (ship) Oversize (10607)
Port Orchard (ship) (10608)
Portland (ship) (10609)
Potosi (ship) (10610)
Prince Robert (crew, ship) Oversize (10611, 11162)
Pruesson (ship) Oversize (10612)
Puritan (ship) (10613-10615)
Pyrenees (ship) (101616)
Pythomene (crew) Ovesize (10617-10618)
Queen Elizabeth (crew) Oversize (11163)
Ras Elba (ship) Oversize (10619)
Reuce (ship) Oversize (10620)
Robert Duncan (ship, crew) See also oversize (10621-10622)
Rosecrans (ship) Oversize (10623)
Royal Forth (ship) Oversize (10624)
S.P. Carleton (ship) Oversize (10625)
Saint Mungo (crew) See also oversize (10626-10627)
Samaritan (ship) (10628)
Sandhurst (crew) Oversize (10629)
Saxon - Greenock (crew) (10630)
Schiffbek (ship) Oversize (10631)
Schwarzenwald (crew, crew/ship) Oversize (10632-10633)
Scottish Glens (crew) (10634)
Scottish Lochs (crew) (10635)
Scottish Moors (ship) Oversize (10636)
Sea Lion (ship) (10637)
Senator (ship) Oversize (10638)
Sentinel (ship) (10639)
Shandon (ship, deck) See also oversize (10640-10641)
Sierra Cordova (crew) See also oversize (10642-10643)
Sierra Miranda (crew) (10644)
Sirene (ship, crew) Oversize (10645, 11164)
Sixtus (ship) Oversize (10646)
Snow & Burgess (ship) Oversize (10647)
Sokoto (crew) Oversize (10448)
Somali (ship) (10649)
Springbank (ship, crew) See also oversize (10650-10651)
Stronsa (crew) See also oversize (10652)
Svithiod (ship, crew) See also oversize (10653-10655)
T.P. Emigh (ship) See also oversize (10656-10658)
Tacoma (ship, crew) See also oversize
Tamar (ship, crew, deck) See also oversize (10661-10666)
Tarpenbek (crew) Oversize (10667-10668)
Teaser (wreck) (10669)
Thekla (ship, crew) See also oversize (10670-10671)
Thremopalye (ship) Oversize (10672)
Thirlmere (ship) (10673)
Thistlebank (crew) (10674-10675)
Tidalwave (ship) Oversize (10676)
Tinto Hill (ship) Oversize (11165)
Turgot (crew, deck) See also oversize (10677-10678)
Vashon (ship) (10679)
Ventura (crew, deck, cabin) See also oversize (10680-10682)
Victor? (ship) Oversize (10683)
Victoria (ship) (10684-10685)
Victorian (ship, crew) (10686-10687)
Ville Demulhouse (crew) (10688)
Visurgis (crew, deck) Oversize (10689-10690)
W.H. Thompson (ship) Oversize (10691)
W.J. Pirie (deck, ship) See also oversize (10692-10692a)
Walla Walla (ship) (10693)
Waterloo (ship, crew) See also oversize (10694-10695)
Wellington (crew) (10696)
West Lothian (ship, crew/deck) Oversize (10697-10698, 11166)
Whitlieburn (ship) (10699)
William F. Garms (ship) See also oversize (10700-10701)
William Nottingham (ship) See also oversize (10702-10703)
Winslow (crew) (10704)
Wolverine (crew) (10704)
Wynnstay (crew) (10707)
Yola (crew) Oversize (10708, 11167)

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