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Seattle Urban League
Seattle Urban League Photograph and Film Collection
1947-1979 (inclusive)
588 photographs, 34 negatives, 70 slides, 2 flyers, 2 posters, 7 graphics (4 boxes) ; Various sizes
1 open reel : audio recording
6 reels (1850 feet) : silent and sound, black and white and color ; 16mm
5 videocassettes ; VHS, U-Matic, open reel
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Images of League functions and events, annual meetings, public demonstrations, staff members, publicity shots, visiting guest speakers, and living conditions in the Central District. Also includes films and videotapes of League activities, including "Seattle Urban League Presents 1969: Report Seattle," National Urban League public service announcements, local and national educational programs
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The original films are not accessible due to preservation concerns. Viewing copies are available and arrangements can be made to view the film by contacting the Visual Materials Curator.

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These materials form part of the Seattle Urban League Records, which are described and indexed in A Guide to the Seattle Urban League Records .


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The Seattle Urban League is an interracial community social service agency which works to secure equal opportunities for African Americans, other minorities and disadvantaged persons. The Seattle chapter was established in 1929 and is affiliated with the National Urban League. Lewis Watts was Executive Secretary (later Executive Director) from 1950 until 1961. He was succeeded by Edwin T. Pratt who served until his death in 1969. Jerome Page next became Executive Director until 1979 after which, the President's office was combined with the Executive Director and Spruiell White assumed the post.

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Images of Seattle Urban League functions and events, annual meetings, public demonstrations, staff members, publicity shots, visiting guest speakers, and living conditions in the Central District. Also includes images of Edwin Pratt and other past executive directors of the Seattle Urban League.

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The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Napoleon P. Dotson Era
6 : Black & white prints
Dodson/Watts Eras
3 : Black & white prints
Lewis Watts Era
54 : Black & white prints
Covers the Vocational Institute, Portraits of the Board of Directors, and some Annual Meetings.
Watts/Pratt Eras
21 : Black & white prints
7 : Contact sheets
Includes the Annual Meetings for 1958-1967 and the 38th Annual Meeting
Pratt Era
292 : Black & white prints
31 : Black & white negatives
52 : Contact sheets
4 : Color prints
6 : Color slides
24 : Documents, news clippings and correspondence
1 : Poster
Includes work with the KCTS television station, the Citizens Committee for Negro Adoption, Employment, Housing, staff, Typing Skills program, Summer Student Seminar and some Annual Meetings.
Jerome (Jerry) Page Era
82 : Black & white prints
4 : Contact sheets
64 : Color slides
2 : Posters
14 : Documents, news articles and correspondence
Covers the 39th Annual Meeting, a cosmetics safety course, and posters for Urban League events.
Ira Jones - George Washington Junior High School - Classroom Photos
5 : Black & white prints
Annual Urban League Award - Powell Samuel Barnett
2 : Black & white prints
Portrait of Two Women - Yard and Lawn Improvement
2 : Black & white prints
Mona Humphries - Vocational Institute - Opening Session - Garfield High School
1 : Black & white prints
Central Area School Council- CASC Election
14 : Black & white prints
Dorothy Hollingsworth - Classroom Photos
4 : Black & white prints
First Parents Workshop
2 : Black & white prints
Whitney Young and Others Speaking, Unidentified Meeting
2 : Black & white prints
Naval Recruiting - Group Shots
5 : Black & white prints
Includes John Gayton, Gary Gayton, Morris Brooks, Jr., Lt. John W. Reagan, Rear Admiral D. E. Barbey, Lieut. Comdr. F. W. Fisher, and unidentified men
Tenements and Families - Jackson St., 30th and 31st Avenues North, and Chinatown Areas
6 : Black & white prints
Includes shots of Jacques Chappell family (wife and sons Paul and Jacques Jr.) and Mrs.Philip Burton with daughter Linda
Improve Your Job Status - Meeting
4 : Black & white prints
Includes Mildred German, Morris Brooks, Jr.
WPA Negro Theater
5 : Black & white prints
Unidentified Men - Group Shots
5 : Black & white prints
Untitled Group Candid
1 : Black & white print
Container(s) Description Dates
People at Work
1 reel (400 feet) : silent, black and white ; 16mm
African Americans in various work situations--Women on telephones, men talking. Office setting. African American woman working, typing, on the fphone, filing. White man, black man sitting at desk working, talking. Sign: Seattle Chamber of Commerce. African American worman on telephone, at swtichboard, going through papers. African American man filing cards. White man, black man talking at desk. African American man playing records, working as a DJ, working as a mechanic. African American man at garage being interviewd by 2nd African American Man. African American women at a beauty salmon,one woman in curlers getting nails done, woman speaks to man at front desk of beauty parlor, two whilte men work at a machine.
This film was possibly part of the Urban League's On-The-Job Training Program.
OriginalReel 1
ca. 1966
Mayor James Braman Membership Appeal
1 reel (25 feet) : sound, color ; 16mm
James Braman, the Mayor of Seattle at his desk. He is a member of the Seattle Urban League and urges fellow citizens to join.
OriginalReel 2
Construction Workers
1 reel (25 feet) : sound, color ; 16mm
African American man in a hard hat speaks to camera, explaining that everyone's vote can make a difference. Two of the cities he mentions--Newark and Fayette--elected black mayors between 1969 and 1970. Captions: "Shake up the system", "register and vote", "Citizenship Education Department, National Urban League".
This reel contains two prints of the same content--they were printed as such, not spliced together.
OriginalReel 3
ca. 1970
White Wash
Doyle Dane Berbach Advertising Firm (Creator)
1 reel (100 feet) : sound, black and white ; 16mm
The face of an African American man with strong side lighting.A paint brush enters frame and slowly paints a thick layer of white paint over his features.A voiceover explains that the black man knows he doesn't need to be colored white anymore. With education and training, he can make it on his own power.
OriginalReel 4
ca. 1969
Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud
2 reels (100 feet) : sound, color ; 16mm
Shows a confident African American man and woman looking at each other and the camera. James Brown's song Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud plays. A voice over explains "pride is a do-it-yourself job" and reminds the viewer that the Urban League is ready to help.
OriginalReels 5 and 6
ca. 1970
Report: 1969 Seattle
1 reel (1,200 feet) : sound, black and white ; 16mm
Coverage of Seattle Urban League Work in 1969 and the presentation of the first Edwin T. Pratt Award.
This film first aired on Kiro-TV on May 24, 1970. It was part of the "Non-Dinner Annual Meeting"-- which was intended to be an affordable, educational alternative to the expensive annual dinner meetings.
OriginalReel 7
Just What the Doctor Didn't Order. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
1 videocassette (U-Matic) (Approximately 30 minutes) ; 3/4 inch
On a set, a woman brings in another woman dressed as a plucked chicken. The chicken instructs the woman on proper food handling and cooking techniques to avoid salmonella poisoning. The chicken escapes the kitchen when the woman leaves to buy a cooking thermometer.
The Chicken: KT; The Housewife: Michelle A. Tingling
OriginalVideo 1
Press Conference for Vernon E. Jordon
1 videocassette (U-Matic) ; 3/4 inch
Held at Langston Hughes Center. Major media plus college and high school representatives and community in attendance.
Vernon E. Jordon was the National Urban League President from 1971 to 1981.
OriginalVideo 2
Check it Out
1 open reel ; 1/2 inch
Information regarding nutrition labels. Scripted and produced by Rainier Beach High School students as part of the Urban League's Neighborhood Youth Consumer Education Project/Seattle Consumer Action Team.
If You're Gonna Do It
1 open reel (5 min.) ; 1/2 inch
Handle with Care
1 open reel (4 min., 55 sec.) ; 1/2 inch
Regarding the proper use and application of cosmetics. Scripted and produced by Garfield High School students as part of the Urban League's Neighborhood Youth Consumer Education Project/Seattle Consumer Action Team.
ca. 1970s

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