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Watson, Dwight Alvin
Dwight Watson films
circa 1928-1948 (inclusive)
27 reels ((7,305 feet)) : silent, color and black and white ; 8mm, 16mm
1 tape ((50 feet)) : sound ; 1/4 inch
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Films created by Dwight Watson of skiing and mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest
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Born in Seattle at the turn of the century, Dwight Watson was an amateur nature photographer, skier, and mountain climber. His passion for the outdoors originated with outings with his family when he was young. During this early period he attended Broadway High School and studied electrical engineering at the University of Washington. In the 1920s while employed at Puget Sound Power and Light Co., he developed his interest in mountaineering while visiting the companies Kapowsin and Electron power plants in the Puyallup River Valley. Its proximity to Mount Rainier National Park inspired him to go on the first of many long hikes around the park. He made his first ascent of Mt. Rainier on July 29, 1924. He also avidly explored many well known scenic spots in the Cascade Range, Olympic Peninsula, British Columbia and Oregon. His accomplishments included the first ski ascent of Glacier Peak in 1938 with Sigurd Hall and another early ski ascent of Eldorado Peak in the Cascades with Fred Beckey and Lloyd Anderson in 1940.

His alpine enthusiasm is reflected in his account of skiing in the Garibaldi area in 1943: "Some ski enthusiasts HAVE climbed in the park in spring for several days of WONDERFUL skiing--for skiing Paradise it IS but probably [will] be never popular when so much labor getting there is involved. The steep sloped runs from the Tusk would be thrilling to say the least while the views would be beyond comprehension!! And the glaciers near Garibaldi peak as well as south of Helm Lake-Helm Glacier as an example had splendid spring snow in mid-August for those die-hards who must ski every month in the year to keep in condition! Perhaps the popular advent of the helicopter after the war will solve the whole problem--or will it?"

His interest in mountaineering led him to become involved in The Mountaineers and also to author articles on backcountry skiing including a 1937 Mountaineer Annual article. In addition, he pursued his interest in amateur photography. Working mostly with 35 millimeter still photography and 8 and 16 mm moving pictures, he documented many of his cross country mountaineering and skiing trips. In the winter of 1936, he was invited by the Rainier National Park Company to take publicity pictures of the park for them. Along with his images, he included many lively annotations of his experiences in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. He associated with many well known mountaineers and photographers in the Pacific Northwest community including Hermann Ulrichs, Fred and Helmy Beckey, Otto Trott, Asahel Curtis, Ray Atkeson, and Lawrence D. Lindsley.

A very religious man, Dwight Watson became involved with the Hope Bible Fellowship of Seattle during the 1940s. He was staunchly opposed to the theory of evolution, and he taught Sunday school and led young people, especially YMCA and UPS messengers groups, in nature outings. Watson went on many such YMCA trips when he was a young man. He donated generously to several Christian missionaries and organizations. He compiled many boxes of clippings on skiing, hiking, and scientific phenomena. He also maintained correspondence with a wide variety of people in the scientific and religious fields. He later worked at Rainier Oven until he retired in 1962. He then lived and worked as a custodian for Hope Bible Fellowship in the Wallingford Fremont neighborhood. He also spent nine years at Harmony Gardens Care Center. Watson died of heart failure on Thursday, February 29, 1996.

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Films created by Dwight Watson of skiing and mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. His films include footage of important figures in the mountaineering community such as Otto Trott, Sigurd Hall, Fred and Helmy Beckey, and Lloyd Anderson.

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Titles of films are italicized when they are used as a title in the film. Unitalicized titles have been derived from notes on film cans, the film leaders, or as descriptions of film content.

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Container(s) Description Dates
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VC297 1
  Northwest Mountain Skiing, B.C. (Before Chairlifts)
A mix of footage depicting early ski ascents of Mt. St. Helens (June 5, 1938), Glacier Peak (July 4, 1938), and Eldorado Peak (May 15, 1938). Still photographs inserted between the movie segments show other ski destinations, including the Goat Rocks, Mt. Adams, White Pass (near Glacier Peak), and Lyman Lake. A seaplane takes off from Seattle, followed by Ralph Eskenazi rowing a boat across Spirit Lake. Sigurd Hall, Ralph Eskenazi and John James ascend Mt. St. Helens, roped together and skiing near large crevasses. Watson digs himself out of a snow hole. Sigurd Hall climbs to the summit of Glacier Peak above clouds. Hall skis glaciers, and at high speed down snowfields.Two skiers, possibly Erick Larson and Andy Hennig, wake up from a bivouac, a scene taken from Watson's Mt. Rainier ski ascent film. Skiers, probably including Sigurd Hall, traverse the ridge between Sibley Pass and the Eldorado Glacier, around the south side of The Triad. Views of Forbidden Peak, Boston Basin, Cascade Pass, Mt. Johannesburg, Hidden Lake Peak and Snowking Mountain. A silent, black and white film clip, probably from the film The White Art (Die Weisse Kunst) by Arnold Fanck, made in 1927, is spliced onto the end of Watson's footage. Filmed near Zermatt, Switzerland, it shows what today would be called "big mountain skiing," with steep, exposed slopes, untracked snow, high speed turns, and air time. Contains scenes that can be found as stills in the book The Wonders of Ski-ing by Hannes Schneider and Arnold Fanck.
Original1 film reel (350 feet) : camera original, silent, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M01]
This film was part a program titled "Northwest Mountain Skiing B.C. (Before Chairlifts)" that Watson presented at the Seattle Public Library auditorium on November 14, 1962. Watson preceded it with a narrative about the history of ski mountaineering in the Northwest beginning in 1889.
VC298 2
 South Cascade Glacier
Ralph Eskenazi explores the head of the South Cascade Glacier on foot, July 24, 1939. Views of Dome Peak and the Chickamin Glacier, Spire Point, Sentinel Peak, Mt. Formidable and other peaks of the Ptarmigan Traverse.
Original1 film reel (150 feet) : camera original, silent, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
A few clips of this film appear in Item 6 Thrill of a Mountain Climb.
VC299 3
Mt. Baker ski traverse
Dwight Watson on the Mt. Baker traverse from Kulshan Cabin to Baker Lodge, with Andy Hennig and Erick Larson on May 13, 1939. Other skiers on Mt. Baker at other times. Skiing on Table Mountain and around the Mt. Baker ski area. Skiing on Ruth Mountain and around Hannegan Pass, probably in 1938 with Sigurd Hall. Views of Table Mountain and the Mt. Baker ski area in the summertime.
Original1 film reel (675 feet) : camera original, silent, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
VC300 4
 Skiing in the Olympic Mountains
An old automobile, loaded with skis, drives onto the M/V Ballard, a ferry on Puget Sound. Scenes on the ferry, near a lake on the Olympic Peninsula (probably Lake Crescent) and hiking toward the high country. Skiing above Olympic Hot Springs between Appleton Pass and High Divide. Views of Mt. Olympus and the Bailey Range.
Original1 film reel (150 feet) : camera original, silent, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
circa 1939
VC301 5
 Mt. Rainier Ski Attempt and the Up-Ski Experiment
Scenes of Mt. Rainier locations: Emmons Glacier, Spray Park, Willis Wall, Summerland. Skiing on the Cowlitz and Paradise Glaciers. Skiing on Emmons Glacier, probably during the June 28, 1939 ski ascent to 12,000 feet by Duke Watson, Andy Hennig and Erick Larson. The Up-Ski Experiment involves trick photography and a skier, Bert Mortenson, with a small propeller mounted on his back. Matt Broze accepts a tow up the hill.
Original1 film reel (400 feet) : camera original, silent, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
The first complete ski ascent of Mt. Rainier was made by Sigurd Hall, accompanied by Hennig, just four days after this trip.
circa 1939
VC302 6
  Thrills of a Mountain Climb
A climb of Mt. Baker by the Happy Fisher route on August 20, 1939, by Otto Trott, Andy Hennig, Sigurd Hall, Fred and Helmy Beckey, John James and Joe McGowan. Scenic views surround the men hiking in the Mt. Baker ski area and along the trail to Lake Ann. The climbers scramble up the Fisher Chimneys. Fred Beckey and Sigurd Hall strap on their crampons and Otto Trott demonstrates flat-footing on Winnie's Slide. The climbers negotiate crevasses on Hell's Highway and climb the summit pyramid where they unfurl an American flag.
Original1 film reel (500 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
A few clips from Item 2 South Cascade Glacier appear in this film. Jeff Thomas of the Mazama Archives reports that the Mt. Shuksan summit register also lists George Freed and Erick Larson on that date. In Challenge of the North Cascades, Fred Beckey wrote that he learned to use crampons on this climb.
VC303 7
A Ski Tour
A snow survey stake shows increasing snow depths. Black and white scenes of winter ski touring on a ridge. People including Otto Trott clown and do telemark and stem turns. Cornices and tracks on Table Mountain. The photographer's ski tips in motion, skimming through powder. Skiers make turns in slow motion and at actual speed. Skiers tour through Herman Saddle to Chain Lakes. Inserted here is a short unlabeled segment depicting possibly the west ridge of Forbidden Peak during the original April 1940 attempt by Lloyd Anderson, Fred Beckey and Dwight Watson. No climbers are shown, but the corniced ridge is shown as well as views of Eldorado Peak, Moraine Lake and the Klawatti Glacier area. Skiers chase each other and ski in powder snow at Austin Pass. View of an old cabin near Austin Pass.
Original1 film reel (200 feet) : camera original, silent, color, black and white ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M2]
circa 1939-1940
VC304 8
Puyallup Glacier, Mt. Rainier
A three-part film.First part: Hikers carry skis up steep snowless slopes, then climb toward snowline. A man and woman are shown, probably Otto Trott and Virginia Hill in June 9, 1940, based on notes in Watson's papers. Scenes of the Puyallup Glacier, Sunset Amphitheater and west side of Mt. Rainier. The skiers cross the Puyallup Glacier flats and descend near the glacier edge. People ski tour with crevasses in the background, snow worms on the surface of the snow, and late afternoon sun on the Tahoma Glacier. Second part: Scenes of Rainier's Summerland area in spring. Watson's scrapbook lists several trips to Summerland. This one probably is May 28, 1939. Walt Dyke skis in shorts on the Fryingpan Glacier. Scenes of the Emmons Glacier, K's Spire, and clouds swirling around Little Tahoma. Walt clowns with a cut-out of a Coca Cola girl. Third part: Scenes near Paradise, Mt. Rainier above the mists, winter scenes, ski running and touring to Camp Muir. The annual Silver Skis race, probably in 1942, with many racers falling. Views of Panorama Point and its face, the Tatoosh Range and Edith Creek basin. The racers make high speed turns on a rutted course. A group of people clown and paint a mountain cabin, possibly at Mt. Baker.
Original1 film reel (250 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M2]
circa 1939-1942
VC305 9
  Thrill of a Mountain Climb / Flapjack Lake / Reservoirs of Snow & Ice
Contains three titled segments.Title: Thrill of a Mountain Climb: Black and white scene of two men hiking through brush and crossing a stream. The men could possibly be Fred Beckey and Lloyd Anderson on their 1940 Forbidden Peak attempt. Title: Flapjack Lake: Scenes of Flapjack Lake and camp life. Views of the crags above, probably The Needles in the Olympic Mountains. Two men, probably Walt Dyke and Clint Kelley, ascend from camp and scramble on rock. Views of summit rocks and surrounding crags.Title: Reservoirs of Snow & Ice: Scenes of Mt. Rainier. Hikers approach the Nisqually Glacier and walk roped on the glacier near crevasses. Closeups of ice, flowing water and pools.
Original1 film reel (225 feet) : camera original, silent, color, black and white ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M2]
circa 1940-1941
VC306 10
A Ski Descent, Spray Park, Mt. Rainier
A three-part film.A party of three skiers tour through Knapsack Pass to Spray Park, with the northwest side of Mt. Rainier as a backdrop. Watson's scrapbook dates this trip May 6, 1940. Men carry skis through a forest, Mt. Hinman in the distance, expansive snowfields and a 360-degree panorama from the summit. Four men ski wide open slopes. Watson's scrapbook dates this trip May 5-6, 1944. His companions are Dave Lind, Charlie Cehrs, Dean Thompson and Gene Paxton.Scenes of the Dakobed Range, located south of Glacier Peak, in summer and fall. Acar carries skis and the Coca Cola girl cardboard cutout. Men carry skis in the woods. Views of the Buck Pass area in spring, showing Fortress, Buck and Tenpeak Mountains. The Coca Cola girl takes in the scenery. Watson's scrapbook dates this trip Memorial Day, 1941. His companions are Walt Dyke, Clint Kelley and Gage Chetwood. Skiers swing turns with Tenpeak Mountain and Glacier Peak in the background.
Original1 film reel (250 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M2]
May 1940, May 1941
VC307 11
Skiing on Mt. Adams, Chinook Pass
Skiers hike into Bird Creek Meadows, the east flank of Mt. Adams. A climber reaches the summit of Mt. Adams on crampons with ski poles but no skis. Scenes of the Coca Cola girl cardboard cutout on the slopes. Views of Mt. Rainier from the summit, the old summit cabin buried by crusted snow and The Castle and upper eastern ramparts of Mt. Adams. Skiing on the Mazama Glacier. Probably "Adams-Cosmic-Dyke" trip on June 22, 1941, listed in Watson's scrapbook. Winter scenes at Chinook Pass, rimed trees, Mt. Rainier in the distance, skiers in spring, peaks, slopes and cornices.
Original1 film reel (100 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M2]
circa 1941-1944


Container(s) Description Dates
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VC308 12
Awakening of Spring
A variety of wildflowers including maple, apple and tulip tree blossoms, forsythia, scotch broom, magnolia, dogwood, cherry trees, crocus, willows, skunk cabbage, trillium, calipso, twin flowers, yellow lily, beargrass, fern buds, trifol arvense, gentian, stinko, white avalanche lily, penstemon, mimulus, arnica flower, bluebell, and elephant heads.
Original1 film reel (500 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
circa 1936-1941
VC309 13
Colorful Autumn
Scenes of Mt. Hood, Three Fingers, Whitehorse, Glacier Peak and the Monte Cristo Peaks. Views of alpine valleys and meadows, slide paths, colorful leaves, horses grazing in a field, trees along a river, deer, a hiker in a meadow, the Yakima Canyon, apple trees laden with fruit, and fallen leaves.
Original1 film reel (250 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
circa 1938-1941
VC310 14
  Mt. Rainier National Park
Scenes of Mt. Rainier from a distance, closer views from the Carbon Glacier area, a hiker in meadows, Tolmie Peak Lookout and Eunice Lake. A man wades in a pond, scrambles a peak, and eats watermelon with a woman. Various wildflowers in the meadows of Mt. Rainier. Scenes of Paradise Park including the Nisqually Valley and Paradise River. A man hikes on the Pinnacle Peak trail. A view of Mt. Adams from the Tatoosh Range, Muir Snowfield, still shots of paintings of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens from Paradise, Klapatche Park with snow, and sunset shots of Mt. Rainier.
Original1 film reel (250 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
circa 1938
Lovely Switzerland
Filmed in Switzerland. Includes still photographs. Swiss mountains in summer, alpine dwellings, sheep, lakes, meadow country, and paintings of alpine dwellings, peaks and climbers.
circa 1938
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VC311 15
Lovely Switzerland
Original1 film reel (50 feet) : print, silent, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
circa 1938
VC312 16
Lovely Switzerland soundtrack
1/4" open reel soundtrack for Lovely Switzerland
circa 1938
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VC313 17
  Awakening of Spring
Lowland flowers with closeups, sequences of petals opening, tulip fields, lily pads. Waterfront sunset scenes.
Original1 film reel (200 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
circa 1940-1941
VC314 18
  Mt. Baker Region / Pastoral Symphony
Contains two titled segments.Title: Mt. Baker Region: Winter scenes near the Mt. Baker ski area, skiers, Austin Pass, snowy trees, Mt. Shuksan, Mt. Baker and snow slopes.Title: Pastoral Symphony: Summer near the Mt. Baker ski area, views of Mt. Shuksan, hikers on snow at Austin Pass, sunbathers, and an organized outing group. Views of Mt. Baker from Baker Lake and The Sisters Range from the west.
Original1 film reel (250 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
circa 1940-1941
VC315 19
Photo Paradise / Glacier Peak Region / Lyman Lake Region / Lake Chelan
Scenes of Big Four Mountain, the Monte Cristo area, winter scenery, men carrying skis, White Pass south of Glacier Peak, Image Lake, and the Miners Ridge area. Climbing scenes and panoramas, possibly on Mt. Bruseth during the July 4, 1940 first ascent with Erick Larson mentioned in Watson's scrapbook. Views of the Cloudy Pass region, Lyman Lake region including a cabin, Lyman Glacier, Spider Meadows, Entiat Mountains, probably in the Cardinal Peak area, Lake Chelan and the boat Lady of the Lake.
Original1 film reel (425 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M2]
circa 1940-1941
VC316 20
  The Pacific Northwest, Charming and Beautiful Garibaldi Park
A trip to Garibaldi Park in British Columbia. Travel by boat up Howe Sound, by train up the Squamish River valley, and by horses to Black Tusk meadows. Scenes of the Garibaldi Lake area, glaciers and peaks, telephoto views of the Tantalus Range and high country views of the Castle Towers area, probably from the Black Tusk vicinity. Based on Watson's scrapbook, the date of this trip is August 14, 1943.
Original1 film reel (350 feet) : camera original, silent, color, also black and white ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
August 14, 1943


Container(s) Description Dates
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VC317 21
  The Glory of Water, The Raging Torrent
Waterfalls of various sizes, rapids, pools, sculpted rock, spray and rainbows, rushing and falling water from above and below. Snoqualmie Falls near Snoqualmie Pass and Comet Falls in Mount Rainier National Park. Ends with two title cards: And thus merrily & unhurried and The return to the ocean fount.
Original1 film reel (150 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M4]
circa 1938-1941
VC317 22
  The Glory of Water, Seasons
A series of water scenes, mostly of water rushing through creeks and rivers. According to the list accompanying the film, includes scenes of "Oregon coast, Cape Kiwanda and Cannon Beach, Seagulls, vapors, Mountains and lakes, Lyman Lake, Flapjack Lake, Reservoirs of Snow & Ice, Mt. Baker winter snow storm, Mildred Lakes, Setens [sic] Pass cabin, Paradise cabin, Tatoosh range. Joy of Summer, Indian Henry's trail, Dr Beckey and friend. Tree woman carving, Glacier Peak mine, Old toll road, Naches road turnoff, Mt. Jefferson, Ray Atkeson, Ollalie trip, Colorful Nature, Colorful Autumn, Malachite-Copper Lakes, Sunsets, B&W copies of star pictures."
Original1 film reel (425 feet) : camera original, silent, color, black and white ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M4]
circa 1939-1941
VC317 23
  The Glory of Water I
Contains four titled segments.The Ocean: Ocean waves crashing on shore, children playing in the waves and sunsets over the water.The Storms of Winter: Trees blowing in the wind, snow storms, lightning, and rain. A measuring tape on a tree shows the snow becoming deeper, possibly located at Mt. Baker since this same footage in the film A Ski Tour takes place at Mt. Baker. People skiing and a cabin, possibly the cabin the Mountaineers rented at Mt. Baker until they built their own in 1958.Glory of the Snowflake: People skiing and trees covered in snow, some of it filmed in the Mt. Baker area with views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan.The Gentle Thaw: Icicles, streams and waterfalls, and views of Glacier Peak and Image Lake.
Original1 film reel (425 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M4]
circa 1940
VC317 24
  The Glory of Water II
A series of water footage, primarily scenes of water rushing through creeks and rivers flowing to the sea. Contains three titled segments.The Raging Torrent: Streams and waterfalls. Includes views of the Tatoosh Range at Mt. Rainier National Park and possibly the Paradise River.The Eternal Growing Stream: Rivers and people fishing. Probably the Stillaguamish River and possibly the Skykomish and Wenatchee Rivers. And Thus Merrily and Unhurried, The Return to the Ocean Fount: An amphibious aircraft takes off, possibly in Puget Sound, and water flows through a dam. Views of the Columbia River and Puget Sound.
Original1 film reel (400 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M4]
circa 1940-1941
VC317 25
  The Ocean
Waves breaking on rocks, seabirds, arches and sea stacks, sandy beaches, surf, and sandstone cliffs.
Original1 film reel (225 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M4]
circa 1940-1941

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Container(s) Description Dates
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VC318 26
  Crags and Crevasses: Mountain Climbing in Glacier National Park
This commercially produced short Kodak Cinegraph film is subtitled "Mountain Climbing in Glacier National Park." A group of people climb a peak in the Rocky Mountains.The film has title cards throughout explaining the action. Climbers climb up Blackfoot Glacier. They negotiate crevasses, using long ice axes. Views of a crevasse and more scenes of climbers and ice formations. Tilted view of the climbers, roped together, climbing the glacier with mountains in the background. Closeup of the leader cutting steps up a crevasse wall, with his second close behind him. The leader uses his ice axe to surmount the crevasse, then belays his second up. The leader belays the second up a vertical rock pitch with peaks and valleys in the background. On the summit, they sign the register.
Original1 film reel (100 feet) : print, silent, tinted, black and white ; 16mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M1]
circa 1928
VC319 27
Experimental Titles, Seattle, Garibaldi Park
Begins with several title cards: Shall I be mute; To him shall bow; And knows no bounds; Amen. Scenes of ferry boats, a waterway, and a view of Seattle from Magnolia. More title cards: Preface; On the way; And all living things; The ocean; If they bring joy; And satisfy; We are grateful; Garibaldi Park; Water is symbolic of life and The gentle thaw.
Original1 film reel (30 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M5]
circa 1938-1941
VC320 28
Canadian Rockies, Mountaineers, Miklave
The Mountaineers annual outing in the Canadian Rockies. Views of mountains and valleys in Yoho National Park and of camp life. Mountaineers scramble on peaks.
Photographer: August Miklave ; Editor: Dwight Watson.
Original1 film reel (125 feet) : camera original, silent, color ; 8mm [Duplicating Master: 1049.M3]
Note from Watson accompanying film: "This 8mm film was made by a member, August Miklave (born circa 1902), and left with me for editing. Then he lost his life in strange accident at Twin Falls Park east of North Bend, WA. This was many years ago in Sept 8, 1957. . . -- Dwight Watson."

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