Utah State University Campus Camera film collection, 1967-1971

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Utah State University
Utah State University Campus Camera film collection
1967-1971 (inclusive)
8 linear feet, (141 items in 8 banker boxes)
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The Campus Camera film collection contains 141 Super 8 mm film reels recorded by Campus Camera, a student group at Utah State University.
Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Special Collections & Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 4357978248
Fax: 4357972880
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This collection includes Super 8mm film recorded by Campus Camera, a student group at Utah State University. The films contain footage of various sporting events, campus events, newsreels, interviews, and skits, some of which contain colored film and accompanying sound. Also included is footage of buildings being constructed as well as general shots around the 1967-1971 Utah State University campus and city of Logan, Utah. The Campus Camera crew captured moments of administrative speeches, anti-pollution movements, anti-war movements, and other social issues. Many of these digital materials can be found in an online exhibit hosted by the Utah State University Libraries, Campus Camera Collection

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Campus Camera was originally put together in the fall of 1966, where trial showings were given after the weekly movie in the Union Building. Before its final name of Campus Camera, this student group, operating under the Public Relations Committee, went by USU Newsreel or Campus Newsreel. No previous experience was needed to join Campus Camera, as they frequently advertised for anyone to join that wanted to do camera work, film production, and scriptwriting. It is unclear how long this student group filmed for, as the last of the films in this collection date to 1971. Their reason for dissolvement is unknown.

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Initial Citation:Campus Camera film collection USU_P0700. Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:USU_P0700, USUSCA.

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This collection is arranged by size and numerical order.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 001: Two football games (USU vs. Memphis St. 28-14), homecoming parade 1967, three Basketball games, skiing at Beaver 1967
8 002: Footage of USU water research lab, Alumni Center, Psychology lab with rodent testing, MDTA Steno - Program, College of Business, Video Recording tools, copying, shredding, Union building, Val R. Christensen, high school kids 1967-1971
1 003: Interview with Dr. Wynne Thorne, Rockefeller Grant, construction of Veterinary Science and Bacteriology building, interview with Dr. Porter, glass blowing, Nov. 14-16, 1968
Has sound and color
1 004: Registration, basketball, wrestling, football, band performance at football game, Nov. 1, 1968 1968
1 005: USU vs. Weber basketball, the Hud, Women's week March 1-5, interview, Inter Collegiate Knights swearing-in oaths 1967-1971
1 006: Snow carnival, skiing, car meet/rally, student group advertising for Student Body Presidency, voting, ballroom dancing, snow broom hockey, Briar room "Misuse" (smoking in Briar room), Val R. Christensen interview, future plans for Briar room 1968
1 007: Camping and recreational gear at the Information Center, event fliers, Aggie bowling, University Center game room, rock climbing, football game with view of stadium seating, Engineering building 1967-1971
1 008: Old Main, student meeting 1967-1971
8 009: Children asking for signatures, parachute folding, skydiving, karate, interview with Coach Mills, football, band performance
Has Sound
1 010: Bookstore, women marching by Old Main, testing services. 1967-1971
1 011: On stage performance, Greek Bowl (competitions), display of George Orwell's 1984, paper doll contest February 5, 1969, the Tri Delta house, administrative meeting, ACUI conference in Fine Arts Center, speech in Sunburst Lounge, games and booths, Wallace speaks in Salt Lake City 1969 February
1 012: Movie room, rock climbing, English week, spots of sampus event, homecoming parade, skydiving at football game 1967-1971
1 013: Basketball USU vs USU JV's and speech by President Taggart, basketball with boxing gloves, construction of the Spectrum, basketball game vs. BYU, soccer, driving on Main Street, Campus Comedy 1967-1971
8 014: Footage of the library, card catalogues, old Hatch Room, engineering students doing stress tests, engineering week, other engineering demonstrations 1967-1971
1 015: Student Productions Presents a documentary - The Proposed Campus Police Merger 1967-1971
1 016: Shots of Logan Utah, scenery and businesses, littering and Recycling Center 1967-1971
1 017: Orchestral concert, sponsor, student parking problem, student government executive council
Has sound and color
1 018: The Airman of Note performance (USAF), art exhibit in the library, stage work at the Fine Arts Center, See America posters, Keep America Beautiful posters 1967-1971
1 019: Canak Country Club master plan, Dairy Science building, dairy products, maintenance shop, he War Wagon 1967-1971
2 020: Footage of campus buildings, basketball, someone climbing the wall of a lounge, skiing at Beaver, chair racing 1967-1971
8 021: Student government, Rick White student body president interview, vice President interview, Business vice president interview, other student government interviews, USU vs. California game broadcast
Has sound and color
2 022: Taggart's inauguration in 1969, Taggart's home life, aerial shot of campus and stadium construction, Industrial Education & Manufacturing building construction, Business building planning and artist drawing, assembly center planning - Buss Williams 1969
2 023: Newsreels, The Born Loser - a comedy 1967-1971
2 024: Miss USU contest, basketball, Logan-Cache Airport, the Business building 1967-1971
2 025: Anti-pollution booths in University Center, pollution debate, a tricycle rider skit, the UC and Old Main 1967-1971
2 026: Population panel April 17, 1970, Earth week April 17-24, 1970, Earth week debate/panel, tricycle skit footage, tricycle race 1970 April
2 027: Tricycle skit 1967-1971
2 028: The Wrecking Crew, show awards, coming attractions, the Taming of the Shrew 1967-1971
2 029: Placement interviews for Big Blue Bunder 1967-1971
2 030: Earl's apartment and table in University Center basement 1967-1971
2 031: Shots of UC basement, bookstore, parking lot, and other areas of UC building. 1967-1971
2 032: Shots of the food service cafeteria 1967-1971
2 033: The 71-72 JV vs. varsity basketball game 1967-1971
2 034: Born Loser parody in library 1967-1971
2 035: Shots of people playing football in the quad, tennis, April 3 Constitutional referendum vote, shot of a plane
Has sound
2 036: Shots of flag football and homecoming 1970 with some of the week's events 1970
2 037: Shots of Logan Savings & Loan, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Food King, Walgreens, Smiths, Blocks 1967-1971
2 038: Shots of University Center third floor, Terry Pan, coming events in University Center 1967-1971
2 039: The Aggiettes 1967 1967
3 040: African dancers performing, Pillow Concert - Two Comics & Guitars, dance floor 1968
3 041: Flea market 1967-1971
3 042: Shots of students walking and playing in the Quad, LDS recreation building, the field house, Education building, dance practice, arial shots of Old Main and campus, bookstore, Fine Arts Center 1967-1971
3 043: A car race, shots of area surrounding USU Campus 1967-1971
3 044: Football - CSU vs USU, 1/2 price sale, student life 1967-1971
3 045: Shots of Food King and surrounding area around USU campus. 1967-1971
3 046: Student Health services, "Forum of Retarded People"
*Reparative language statement*
3 047: Construction of new Chemistry building, shots around campus 1967-1971
3 048: Vietnam moratorium on quad, Vietnam protest banners, concert and speech in Sunburst Lounge 1967-1971
3 049: Shots of student life and of a person in the library 1967-1971
3 050: Shots of the Walnut room and of someone watching TV in the library 1967-1971
3 051: Shots of Union 76 service station, zero population growth 1967-1971
3 052: Basketball - USU vs. UTEP in fieldhouse, USU vs. UCLA, phone booth parody, meeting in Walnut room, Black Emphasis week 1971, (The Black Experience in America), the planting of plants, Pres. Taggart and friends
Has sound and color
3 053: Credits/Department names, walking to class, student elections, sunbathing, BYU sign, school is going to POT 1967-1971
3 054: Meeting in Juniper Lounge, men's bathroom, Hospital Zone, the Hi Rise cafeteria 1967-1971
3 055: Basketball - USU vs. Ohio State, baseball field, soccer, parking lot skit, golf, kicking a football 1967-1971
3 056: Phonebooth skit, gas station skit 1967-1971
3 057: Leadership workshop recreation 1968 1967-1971
3 058: Administration building, Prejudiced Pickled Pinky 1967-1971
3 059: Movie posters and previews 1967-1971
4 060: Mickey mouse on library clock 1967-1971
4 061: Health Physical Education and Recreation building 1967-1971
4 062: Someone walking and playing around in the Juniper lounge. 1967-1971
4 063: Aggies vs. Highlander in football, damage to scoreboard 1967-1971
4 064: Cherry Orchard concert 1967-1971
4 065: Violin concert, shots of the country and of the city dump 1967-1971
4 066: Somone shooting a fake gun at a group of people talking
Has color
4 067: Halftime entertainment at USU vs CSU football game 1967-1971
4 068: Men's bathroom, nude women "Miss Aggieland 1968," student playing basketball with boys, Beeline, local service station, Military Science building 1968
4 069: Army ROTC on the quad, "Support the Kent State student Boycott Classes Strike", Kent State support, sunbathing, shots of the Hub, a speech/lecture, someone directing foot traffic on the quad, cafeteria skit, Prejudice Pickled Pinky 1967-1971
4 070: Santa Clause skit and visit to the library
Has sound
4 071: Shots of land and houses for sale around the valley 1967-1971
4 072: USU vs. CSU football, CSU live mascot
Has color
4 073: Film of USU Rodeo club 1967-1971
4 074: Film of University Center dance 1967-1971
4 075: Skydiver, shots of university farm, shots of Main Street 1967-1971
4 076: Earth parade, USU football
Has sound
4 077: A group meeting 1967-1971
4 078: Shots of buildings on campus 1967-1971
4 079: People rock climbing, alumni event, men talking in front of crowd 1967-1971
5 080: Chi Omega events 1967-1971
5 081: USU vs. University of Houston (ranked 12th) USU wins, Activity Center, elevator skit, Glen Yarborough singing poems and songs, George Mckelvy comedian
Has sound
5 082: Student parking speech
Has sound
5 083: Fashion show and a sing and dance show in Fine Arts Center, "Annual Submarine Races 1st DAM", Pres. Taggart and friends, meeting on second floor of University Center, a luncheon 1967-1971
5 084: Tricycle skit 1967-1971
5 085: The sponsors, a look at upcoming events at USU 1967-1971
5 086: Homecoming parade 1969 1967-1971
5 087: Chemistry building construction, USU's Born Loser 1967-1971
5 088: Information desk, University Center to library 1967-1971
5 089: People tubing down Old Main hill 1967-1971
5 090: People tubing down Old Main hill, Richards Hall building 1967-1971
5 091: Satirical signs for movie attractions 1967-1971
5 092: Library skit
Has sound
5 093: Smoking skit, on the quad 1967-1971
5 094: Dance in the Sky room 1967-1971
5 095: Homecoming talent show, Homecoming concert with John Denver and Helen Ready, Homecoming parade in the rain, Big Blue Blunder 1971-72, Bicycle impounding skit
Has sound
5 096: Shots of the Sky room, wagon wheel rivalry item with BYU 1967-1971
5 097: Community Action Theater, skiing 1967-1971
5 098: Shots of Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket, downtown Logan, Albertsons 1967-1971
5 099: A guy reading in the Juniper Lounge 1967-1971
6 100: Community Action Theater 1967-1971
6 101: U. of U. vs USU in Football 1967-1971
6 102: Shots of the downtown area of Logan, Taco Time, Food King 1967-1971
6 103: Walnut Room, cafeteria skit and film 1967-1971
6 104: Car driving up canyon, student parking sign, up canyon, in front of garbage, in front of bathroom, downtown Logan, Enter Only sign in front of cemetery, Richard's Menagerie sign, Lund Hall sign, Born Loser using phone in garbage can 1967-1971
6 105: Basketball in old field house 1967-1971
6 106: Arial shot of Old Main and campus, plant industry, bookstore, sunbathing, tubing, haircuts, Education Building, Romney Stadium, field house 1967-1971
6 107: Ampitheater, tubing down Old Main hill, campus events, dancing, Campus Camera 1967-1971
6 108: Business building, tour of campus, N.R.Z. building, U.S.B. building, H.P.O.R. building. 1967-1971
6 109: Garbage can skit, vending machines. 1967-1971
6 110: Concert and acting in the Fine Arts Center 1967-1971
6 111: Freshman elections 1970 1970
6 112: Basketball USU vs. Houston, concert. 1967-1971
6 113: Campus camera introductions 1967-1971
6 114: Natural Resources Week, Greek Week sign, Student Health Services closed, shots of campus and surrounding area 1967-1971
6 115: Interview with Buss Williams and students playing football 1967-1971
6 116: Student skit following them around campus 1967-1971
6 117: Halftime at Memphis State vs. Utah State football game 1967-1971
6 118: Homecoming game 1969 - Memphis vs USU 1969
6 119: Halftime USU vs. U. of U. football game 1967-1971
7 120: Shots of people making a movie 1967-1971
7 121: Speed limit skit, "This apartment is rated X" sign 1967-1971
7 122: ROTC marching 1967-1971
7 123: Shots in the library, speech in Fine Arts Center 1967-1971
7 124: Someone skiing 1967-1971
7 125: Homecoming parade, anti-war posters
Has sound
7 126: Fade ins and fade outs 1967
7 127: ASUSU Pops concert Oct. 15, 1969 in Fine Arts Center 1969 October 15
7 128: Someone on a tricycle and elevator, "They Shoot Pictures Don't They"
Has sound
7 129: Nude women, "Fresh Fleas Today" 1967-1971
7 130: Miss Aggieland 1968, "Eat Out often Rex!" 1968
7 131: Interview about a school in Puebla, Mexico, University AM. 1967-1971
7 132: College Bluebird, Family Life building, basketball in the Spectrum. 1970-1971
7 133: S and G signs 1967-1971
7 134: Interview with Kent Mitchell
Has sound
7 135: Student Parking sign above fire hydrant 1967-1971
7 136: Collecting newspapers 1967-1971
7 137: USU parking lot 1967-1971
7 138: Coming soon clips 1967-1971
7 139: Indian Emphasis week in Spring of 1971, dancing, student voting, Ralph Nader speaking in Fine Arts Center, Kent State moratorium a year after, elevator skit, Rodeo club
Has sound
8 140: Homecoming concert and parade, old lady skit at football game, movie ads, football at Air Force - USU vs. Air Force, band practice and performance, chess, bowling, skydiving 1967-1971
8 141: Dead end Sign, "Cinderella's Godmother is a Fairy", Buss Williams interview, "French Spoken Here", falling in a hole skit. 1967-1971

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  • Colleges and Universities
  • Student government
  • Student protesters
  • Utah State University--Students

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  • Logan (Utah)--Social life and customs.