Edison Engle Papers, 1948-2006

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Engle, Ed 1950-
Edison Engle Papers
3 linear feet
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Collection 2613, MtBC, us (collection)
The Edison Engle Papers consists primarily of published and unpublished articles, stories, poems, and books.
Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Montana State University-Bozeman Library
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Edison (Ed) Engle was born in 1950 in Alexandria, Virginia. He attended Michigan State University and the University of Colorado where he was granted a B.A. in Biological Sciences. Engle’s occupations and interests include newspaper reporter, author, fire fighter, poet, hunter, outdoorsman, timber crew foreman, and avid angler. He has spent most of his life working outdoors in some capacity. Engle is the author of several books on fly fishing and the outdoors that include Fishing Small Flies, Flyfishing the Tailwaters, and Seasonal: A Life Outside. He is an accomplished speaker and dedicated conservationist.

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The Edison Engle Papers consists primarily of published and unpublished articles, stories, poems, and books. Additional materials include photographs, artwork, and correspondence with longtime friend John Gierach in Box 7; additional information on Gierach can be found in Collection 2612. An interview by Engle detailing his life as an angler can be found in the Montana State University Angling Oral History Project.

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Published and unpublished articles, stories, poems, books, photographs, artwork, and correspondence created or collected by Ed Engle to Montana State University May 2016.

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This collection was processed 2019 April 1

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Container(s) Description Dates
1/1 Poetry - Salida
1/2 Poetry - Untitled
1/3 Poetry
By various authors Riverrun 6, LOS a Quarterly review, The 9, The 10, The 11, The 12, and Riverrun 5.
1/4 Poetry
By various authors Nine Apples, Ordinary Poets, All Things are revealed by light, A miracle of cross-breeding, The Cold Spring journal, Colorado Daily October 27, 1972, and Longhouse.
1/5 Typed and handwritten poetry - Older Mature Poems 1972-1975
1/6 Typed poetry - Rejects and Doubles
1/7 Poetry 1977
1/8 Poetry 1976
1/9 Poetry - handwritten and typed
2/1 Draft: The Elements of Style
2/2 Draft: Rising Trout
2/3 Partial typed draft: Rising Trout chapter 1
2/4 Draft: Fly Fishing the Tailwaters
2/5 Draft chapters and correspondence: Fly Fishing the Tailwaters
2/6 Research notes and articles: Tailwater Tech-Regulated Rivers-Tailwaters
2/7 Typed drafts: Outdoor Column 1988-1994
2/8 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photo
Note from Ed’s mother containing items she found in fathers old desk including details of college expenses and clipping of newspaper articles written by Ed; studio photo of Ed’s parents.
2/9 Lists, pamphlet, correspondence, paper
Texas Fly Fishing Facts and Resources List; Pamphlet from Campaign Against Marijuana Planting State of California; Letter to parents with poetry publication; brief publication history and publication list; paper titled Letters in Support of a Co-Claim.
2/10 U.S. Forest Service work history forms
2/11 Draft, diagrams, logbook, and correspondence
Untitled story draft; Casting diagrams titled Downstream, Mending, Across and Down; pilot logbook dated September 8, 1948; letters written to New Yorker magazine proposing articles.
September 8, 1948
2/12 Typed story: The Hunter is the Prey
3/1 Splitting Bamboo - slides and photographs
Named individuals include Casimira Orlowski, Jeff Wagner, Don Schroeder, Dwight Lyons, George Maurer, Glenn Brackett, Homer Jennings, Jim Hidy, Joe Arguello, John Bradford, Mike Clark, Robert Gorman, Ted Knott, and Walt Carpenter.
3/2 Splitting Cane - interview transcripts
3/3 Spitting Cane - Memorabilia, Photographs, correspondence, and research note
3/4 Articles
Colorado Springs Sun, August 29, 1979 “Arkansas will only improve” and “State of a dying art”; Colorado Springs Sun, May 10, 1979 “Foothills Project precedent could effect city” and “Caddisfly Hatch a spring Spectacular”; Colorado Springs Sun, May 17, 1979 “You win some, you lose some”, “Energy and land can work together”, “If at first the fish won’t bite, try another tactic”; The Durango Herald, July 7, 1985 “Fishing the High Lakes”; Typed article titled Fishing Column June 24, 1988; and Photocopy of “History of the Engle Family”.
August 29, 1979, May 10, 1979, May 17, 1979, July 7, 1985, June 24, 1988
3/5 Boulder Daily Camera articles 1988-1995
3/6 Colorado Springs Sun clippings 1979
3/7 Colorado Sun columns 1979-1980
4/1 Newspaper clippings
4/2 Durango Herald columns
4/3 Colorado Springs Sun article clippings 1978
4/4 Colorado Springs Sun article clippings 1981-1982
4/5 Drafts, notes, maps, brochures
Draft writings titled Fire, research notes on California wildfires, maps, and camping brochures.
4/6 Correspondence, song sheet, case study
Correspondence, 1987-1997; Handwritten song sheet “Hot Dusty Roads; case study Wildland/Urban Interface Fire.
4/7 The Hill Country Rivers - typed drafts, final article, and related correspondence
4/8 Fishing the Texas Hill Country - notes, articles, clippings, and correspondence
4/9 Editor correspondence 1989-1992
4/10 Colorado AGS Guide School 2002-2006
4/11 Article drafts and correspondence 1982-1986
5/1 Correspondence and research notes: Seasonal
5/2 Authors proof: Seasonal
5/3 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Night Jars and related correspondence
5/4 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Mountain Running
5/5 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Glade Station
5/6 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Rough Canyon
5/7 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Monica
5/8 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter preface
5/9 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter The Tree Planters
5/10 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Timber Beast
5/11 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Old Growth
5/12 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Glorious Misery
5/13 Typed drafts: Seasonal Chapter Medicine
5/14 Chapter proofs: Seasonal
5/15 Photocopied articles
Fly-Fishing Mistakes That Guides See, Canyon Trout, The Excellent Art of Fishing Small Streams, Midges Made Easy, Belly-Boat Basics, Striking, Fishing Dry Flies, and Nymphing.
6/1 Notes and draft chapters: Lonesome Angler
6/2 Typed draft: Lonesome Angler
6/3 Typed story: National Defense
6/4 Typed story: Cutts
6/5 Typed story: Woooo-eee Baby
6/6 Typed drafts: An Army of Occupation
Letter and with notes on story from John Gierach
6/7 Typed drafts: Making Waves
6/8 Typed drafts: High Lakes Savvy
6/9 Typed paper: Troutist and Troutist Chapter Synopsis
6/10 Handwritten story: Eyes Only
6/11 Typed story: Humidity
6/12 Fishing Small Flies: Chapter Outline
6/13 Diagrams, Correspondence, and notes: Fishing Small Flies
6/14 Typed draft: First and The Main Channel
6/15 Typed and handwritten stories
untitled stories and story titled An Old Tale
6/16 Typed draft: Fundamentals of Casting
6/17 Typed drafts: Wood; Puma’s and Poodles; The Older Americans
6/18 Typed drafts: untitled stories
6/19 Miscellaneous research notes
7/1 Correspondence with John Gierach 1992-2006
7/2-3 Correspondence from John Gierach
7/4 Article and poetry
Article “Some letters are worth keeping” by John Gierach; poetry by John Gierach Signs of Life and The Neighborhood Stranger
7/5 John Gierach poetry
The Great Horned Owl, Migrations and Motel Thought in the 70’s
7/6 Drafts: untitled story
7/7 Typed manuscripts
How to buy flies; O’Toole’s Pool; Beaver Pond Trout; Aspen; Incantations of a Western Stand Hunter; John and I with attached letter from Gray’s Sporting Journal; The Great Lead Controversy; Why Catch and Release?; Untitled story; and Sample Column.
8/1 Articles
The National Angler, March 1982; Fishing World, October 1982; `Colorado Outdoor, Spring 1986; Colorado Outdoor, Summer 1986; Colorado Outdoor, Fall 1986
March 1982, October 1982, Spring 1986, Summer 1986, Fall 1986
8/2 Articles
Rocky Mountain Sportsman, January 1987; Colorado Outdoor, Winter 1986; Colorado Outdoor, Spring 1987; Colorado Outdoor, June 1987
January 1987, Winter 1986, Spring 1987, June 1987
8/3 Articles
Colorado Outdoor, August 1987; Scientific Anglers, Fall 1987; Trout, Autumn 1987; Durango Magazine, Summer 1988
August 1987, Fall 1987, Autumn 1987, Summer 1988
8/4 Articles
Sports Afield, September and January 1990 and May 1991; American Forests, October 1991; Flyfishing Quarterly, Fall 1991
September 1990, January 1990, May 1991, October 1991, Fall 1991
8/5 Articles
American Forests, January 1992; Sports Afield, February 1992; Game Journal, July 1992; Flyfishing Quarterly, Fall 1992; American Hunter, December 1992
January 1992, February 1992, July 1992, Fall 1992, December 1992
8/6 Articles
Fly Fishing for Trout, Spring 1993; Sports Afield, June 1993; Sports Afield, February 1994; Front Range, Summer 1995
Spring 1993, June 1993, February 1994, Summer 1995
8/7 Articles
Fly Fishing for Trout, Spring 1996; Fly Fisherman Japanese Edition, Spring 1997; Front Range, Summer 1997
Spring 1996, Spring 1997, Summer 1997
9/1 Calendars and story draft
Calendars: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000; draft: Untitled story
1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000
9 CD’s
Trout Lessons Photos; Trout Lessons Manuscript, digital photos, captions; Trout Lessons Final Copy Manuscript, digital photos, captions; Trout Lessons Chapter Photos
9 Microcassettes
Maurer - March 2001 and May 1996; Rosenlund and August 3, 2001 Camera; Wayne Maca; Gorman and Pat Dorsey; Apache Cults
March 2001, May 1996, August 3, 2001
9 3.5 inch hard disks
9 Fly Boxes
Small round case “Flies for book” and compartment case with individually labeled flies
Oversize Drawings
Drawings for Spilling Cane number D1-D12 and D14-D21, 3 unlabeled, 1 photo of drawings and letter dated Nov 15, 2002 speaking to use of drawings in book.

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