Utah Federation of Women's Clubs photograph collection, 1930-1989

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Utah Federation of Women's Clubs
Utah Federation of Women's Clubs photograph collection
1930-1989 (inclusive)
308 photographs (164 photographs, 144 slides)
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The Utah Federation of Women's Clubs photograph collection contains photographs of activities, functions, and conventions from 1933 to 1987. The collection also contains slides used in a presentation in 1973.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
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This collection contains snapshots, mostly color and varying in quality from fair to poor, of Federation activities from 1933 to 1987, with the bulk in 1984 to 1987. They were arranged topically and chronologically within those general categories.

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Processed by Peter F. Schmid in 1991.

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Manuscript materials were transferred to the Utah Federation of Women's Clubs records (MS 0558).

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Portraits of Members
  • Photograph number 1: Unidentified
  • Photograph number 2: Mrs. W. Earl Marshall
  • Photograph number 3: Mrs. Walter H. Moss
  • Photograph number 4: Florence Valgardson, (Mrs. Paul E. Valgardson)
1 2
  • Photograph number 1: Breakfast at Bluebird, Logan, Utah April 28, 1933
  • Photograph number 2: Unidentified group circa 1940s
  • Photograph number 3: Convention 1958: Mrs. Boyd V. Sheets, Mrs. Everett DeLamare, Mrs. G. Barnett Dewey, Mrs. George F. Larken
  • Photograph number 4: Convention 1958: Mrs. E. F. Walters, Mrs. Gilbert O. Herrick, Mrs. Walter C. Ewing (President) and Mrs. R. W. Carter.
  • Photograph number 5: Mrs. J. L. Gibson, Mrs. Eldon Throckmorton, Mrs. L. D. Schroder, Mrs. Charles T. Worley
  • Photograph number 6: Mrs. Lon A. Logan (Fort Duchesne,), Mrs. Harold D. Kelly (Murry), Mrs. Ellis J. Wilcox (Midvale), Mrs. Bryan Bird (Midvale), Mrs. O. J. Kingston (Holladay).
  • Photograph number 7: G. F. WC Board Meeting 1958
  • Photograph number 8: Unidentified group
  • Photograph number 9: Membership Workshop Chicago 1977
  • Photograph number 10: Lyric Lore Club
1 3
  • Photograph number 1: Elementary School Raffle
  • Photograph number 2: Planting Tree at Orem Cemetery
1 4
  • Photograph number 1: Mrs. Eldon A. Eliason, UFWC Board Meeting and work shop Weber Club, Ogden, 17 July 1976.
  • Photograph number 2: Mrs. C. R. Lomax, Leadership Development
  • Photograph number 3: UFWC Pres. Mrs. Thomas G. Barker First official Board Meeting
  • Photograph number 4: Mrs. Ellie Ingebretsen Presents State Project Library
  • Photograph number 5: Mrs. M. Johnson Harmon Jr. Director
  • Photograph number 6-7: Eastern District Convention, 1979
1 5
  • Photograph number 1: Irene Mitchell, Corresponding Sec. Palma Jacobs, Historian and Emily Richardson, Past UFWC President
  • Photograph number 2: OFWC Past Presidents Elma Klitgaard and LaDean Long
  • Photograph number 3: Reception Honoring UFWC Officers: Jeri Winger, Gladys Goates, Hazel Parkinson, Mary Ann Peterson, Geneva Swartz, LaRaine Peterson
  • Photograph number 4: Hills of Home Repertory Singers Wes Bowman, Director, Bobbi Ammons, Accompanist
  • Photograph number 5: Tribute by Arletta Elton to UFCW Past State Presidents
  • Photograph number 6: "Space Shuttle" Awards Banquet
  • Photograph number 7: Natalie Orme and Rosamond Ballard
  • Photograph number 8: Fay Meyers
  • Photograph number 9: Katherine Brimhall, Florence Valgardson
  • Photograph number 10: Terry Chaney, Margaret Anderson
  • Photograph number 11: Visitors in their International Dress
  • Photograph number 12: International Delegates, International Visitors
  • Photograph number 13: GFWC 93rd Annual International Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Photograph number 14: Breaking molds at Las Vegas
  • Photograph number 15: Avenue of Flags Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Photograph number 16: Iras Trover, Past State Pres. Wyoming
  • Photograph number 17: Katherine Brimhall, Harriet Eliason
  • Photograph number 18: Volunteers Luncheon
1 6
  • Photograph number 1: Western States Regional Conference, Buena Park, California, October 1985
  • Photograph number Pat Boone: California, Paula Mendenhall: Nevada, Evelyn Casterline, Montana, Florence Valgardso: Utah, Michelle Cassamo: Alaska, Vilene Ringhand: Oregon, Martha E. Smith: Washington
  • Photograph number 2: Pres. Florence and Booster Paul Valgardson
  • Photograph number 3: Ruth Stevenson, GFWC Aide presenting Jeri Winger a pillow from the Utah Federation of Women's Clubs
  • Photograph number 4: Palma Jacobs, UFWC Historian, Florence Valgardson, UFWC President, Fay Meyers, UFWC Parliamentarian.
  • Photograph number 5:Emily Richardson, Hazel Parkinson
  • Photograph number 6: Welcome to Brigham City to UFWC Members by city Councilman Beth Gurrister
  • Photograph number 7: District Presidents with "Shuttle Into Space" poster: Clyde Vance, Gladys Gaotes, President-elect, Hazel Gunderson, Mary Ann Peterson, Joan Stokes, Celia Geersten, Etta Diamanti, Caroline Nash, Jeri Winger, GFWC International President.
  • Photograph number 8-10: Madsen Memorial Chorus, Music Section of the Provo Women's Council
  • Photograph number 11: Utah Delegation: Marian Jacobson, Springville Pres. Aide; Ruth B. Stevenson, Ogden, Chief Aide; Florence Valgardson, Provo, UFWC President; Jeri Winger, GFWC International President; LeAnn Winger Healey, President Aide and Daughter; Adelyn Logan, GFWC Parliamentarian
  • Photograph number 12: Head Table GFWC 1984 Board Meeting, Adelyn Logan, Parliamentarian
  • Photograph number 13: Florence Valgardson "and it was only water"
  • Photograph number 14: Etta Diamanti and Canadian visitor
  • Photograph number 15: Special State Project Ongoing Perception Park 1985 Weber Canyon at the park with rangers
  • Photograph number 16: Unidentified function
1 7
  • Photograph number 1: Unidentified function
  • Photograph number 2: Mr. Valgardson presenting President Florence with a bouquet of red roses
  • Photograph number 3: Florence Valgardson, Gladys Goates, Ruby Roberts, Katherine Brimhall, Sharen Ward and Palma Jacobs
  • Photograph number 4: Candle Installation Ceremony, Florence Valgardson, President, Gladys Goates, President-elect, Ruby Roberts, 1st Vice President.
  • Photograph number 5-6: Unidentified Function
  • Photograph number 7: Kathy Brimhall at unidentified function
  • Photograph number 8: UFWC 1984 Fall Conference
  • Photograph number 9: Harriet Eliason presenting UFWC President, Florence Valgardson her President's Pin.
  • Photograph number 10: Jeri and her 1984-1986 Officers
  • Photograph number 11: Harriet Eliason, Jeri Winger and LeAnn Healey
  • Photograph number 12-13: Unidentified Function
  • Photograph number 14: UFWC Annual Fall Conference September 28, 1985 Provo Holiday Inn
  • Photograph number 15: Glen Shover, Chairman of Jaycees sponsored HOBY program; Jeff Schilling, President Salt Lake Jaycees; Richard Lux, Highland High School State Sinner HOBY program.
1 8
  • Photograph number 1: Florence Valgardson presenting Diane Asay with silver tray for her first place in the Still Life Art category in national competition.
  • Photograph number 2: LaRaine Peterson, Florence Valgardson, Palma Jacobs, Geneva Swartz, Fay Meyers, Gladys Goates, Ruby Roberts, Katherine Brimhall and Sharen Ward
  • Photograph number 3: Sharen Ward, Winner, "Clubwoman of the Year" being presented her silver bowl by Hazel Parkinson. Ann Pool chairwoman.
  • Photograph number 4: May 1984
  • Photograph number 5: Mrs. Ilene Cooper chosen as best dressed "Oldie by Goodie" Hollywood Star
  • Photograph number 6: Utah Banquet
  • Photograph number 7: Prayer Breakfast, Sharen Ward, Florence Valgardson, Gladys Goates
  • Photograph number 8: Florence Valgardson, Rev. Richard Lawson of the Presbyterian Church, Gladys Goates
  • Photograph number 9: Guest Speaker, Mr. Douglas Parsons, Vice-President of the First Security Bank
  • Photograph number 10: Sharen Ward accompanied by LaRaine Peterson
  • Photograph number 11: Convention Co-Chairpersons Sharen Ward, LaRaine Peterson
  • Photograph number 12: UFWC Mid-Winter Conference Hilton Hotel, Salt Lake City: Mrs. Judy Schiffman, First Lady's Personal Secretary, Mrs. Colleen Bangerter, Mrs. Florence Valgardson.
  • Photograph number 13: Guest Speaker, Mrs. Colleen Bangerter
  • Photograph number 14: Terry Chaney presenting Mrs. Bangerter our UTAH Pin
  • Photograph number 15: Sharen Ward, Treasurer; LaRaine Peterson, Recording Secretary; Geneva Swartz, 2nd Vice President; Florence Valgardson, UFWC President; Irene Mitchell, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Ann Peterson, 1st Vice President; Fay Meyers, Parliamentarian; Gladys Goates, President-elect
  • Photograph number 16: Western Regional Dinner June 1985, Emily Richardson, Florence Valgardson, Ruth Stevenson, Etta Diamanti, Adelyn Logan
  • Photograph number 17: GFWC International Convention Houston, Texas. Florence Valgardson UFWC President, Utah Flag Bearer; Mary Kay Ernest of Wisconsin
  • Photograph number 18: Christmas card signed Jeri Winger
1 9
  • Photograph number 1: Florence Valgardson receives her Past President's Pin
  • Photograph number 2: Florence Valgardson presents pin and gavel to newly installed UFWC President Gladys Goates
  • Photograph number 3: "Silver Sage", Installation Luncheon
  • Photograph number 4: Gift to UFWC President from Utah members
  • Photograph number 5: Florence Valgardson presenting the Nursing Scholarship to Cody Moncur
  • Photograph number 6: State Officers, Sharen Ward, LaRaine Peterson, Fay Meyers, Florence Valgardson
  • Photograph number 7: Invitation to 1987 Convention in Wendover by "clowns" Carolyn Nash and Garnet Sorenson
  • Photograph number 8: Soloist Elizabeth Funk, Pianist ReNae Daines
1 10
  • Photograph number 1: "Silver Passport to Heaven" Prayer Breakfast, guest speaker, Albert C. Cooper.
  • Photograph number 2: UFWC President Florence Valgardson Presiding
  • Photograph number 3: Mrs. Konishi, Mrs. Andrus, Mrs. Smith, Miss Bennett and Mrs. Ballard
  • Photograph number 4: Silver bowl presented to Eleanor Bennett by Hazel Parkinson, Club Editor The Salt Lake Tribune
  • Photograph number 5: Quartet "Gentlemen Songsters"
  • Photograph number 6: "Silver and Snow" Awards Banquet, Clubwoman of the Year Award, Etta Diamanti, Chairman
  • Photograph number 7: Free Enterprise Awards by Sharon Andrus
  • Photograph number 8: Arletta Elton and Eleanor Bennett receiving "Safety" Awards from Florence Valgardson
  • Photograph number 9: Norma Madsen presenting Arts Awards
  • Photograph number 10: Polly Harrington presenting "Care" Awards
  • Photograph number 11: Gail McMullin, Rae Wilkinson
  • Photograph number 12: Hazel Gunderson extending an invitation to State Convention in Park City, May 1-3, 1986
  • Photograph number 13: Gina Larsen "Miss Utah"
  • Photograph number 14: Sherril Perry "Miss Summit County," "Silver Plated" Pre-Convention Banquet
  • Photograph number 15: Flutist, Gilliam Newcom
1 11
  • Photograph number 1: Mime, Pamela Finnegan
  • Photograph number 2: Jane Ann Hunter accompanied by Bobbie Ammons
  • Photograph number 3-7: "Las Vegas Night"
  • Photograph number 8: Sharon Andrus, Mistress of Ceremonies
  • Photograph number 9: Unidentified
  • Photograph number 10: Guest Speaker Mr. Ronald Frandsen, President Brigham City Rotary Club; Gladys Goates UFWC President-elect, Jeri Winger, GWFC International President.
  • Photograph number 11: Unidentified
  • Photograph number 12: Linda Williams, Accompanist, Alice Raynes
  • Photograph number 13: "Miss Utah" Guest Speaker, Geneva Swartz, Fay Meyers, Mrs. Larsen (Gina's Mother), Florence Valgardson
  • Photograph number 14: Executive Meeting
  • Photograph number 15: Miss Bennett
  • Photograph number 16: "Sing-A-Long leader Geneva Swartz, 2nd Vice President
  • Photograph number 17: Violinist Jim Santy, Accompanist, Carol Santy
  • Photograph number 18: Tribute to Fern Erdanbrack Taggart (Past State President, 1944-1947 by Evelyn Lomax President, Past State President's Club
  • Photograph number 19: District President: Mary Minkevitch, Hazel Gunderson, Celia Geerston, Clyde Vance, Lilliam Westover, Etta Diamanti, Caroly Nash
  • Photograph number 20: Jeri Winger, GWFC International President
  • Photograph number 21: Gaye Littleton YWCA Executive Director and Ogden Councilwoman
  • Photograph number 22: Wartena Children: Kimmy, Jacob, Benjamin, and Melissa "Sterling Silver Volunteers"
  • Photograph number 23: Convention Chairman and Co-Chairman Hazel Gunderson, Genava Swartz
  • Photograph number 24: UFWC State President Florence Valgardson, GFWC International President Jeri Winger
  • Photograph number 25: Adelyn, Emily, Florence, Lela, Wendell Winger
  • Photograph number 26: Tribute to UFWC Past Presidents Hannah Oldroyd
  • Photograph number 27: CIP Award, Rosamond Ballard, Chairman
  • Photograph number 28: Mrs. Debbie Coury presenting State Award to Ann Pool, President Moan Women's Literary Club, for CIP Project
  • Photograph number 29: Membership/Volunteer Award Geneca Swartz
  • Photograph number 30: International Affairs Award Emily Richardson
  • Photograph number 31: UFWC Officers
  • Photograph number 32: UFWC Past Presidents
  • Photograph number 33: GFWC President Jeri Winger and UFWC President Florence Valgardson, Reception Line honoring UFWC Officers, GFWC Officers and Guests
1 12
  • Photograph number 1: Ruby Christensen, Margaret Hasebrook, Etta Diamanti
  • Photograph number 2: "Water and the National Forests, Intemountain Region"
  • Photograph number 3: ?, Mrs. Gast, Margaret Hasebrook, Mary Jane Harde
  • Photograph number 4: Margaret Arnold, Margaret Anderson, Etta Diamanti
  • Photograph number 5: Rhea Stucki, ?, Etta Diamanti, ?, Two unidentified from Philippines Women's Organization.
  • Photograph number 6: Mrs. Bill Bryant, Mrs. Norman W. Mills, Mrs. Thomas R. Houde, Mrs. Wm. S. Meyers.
  • Photograph number 7: Unidentified at unidentified convention
  • Photograph number 8: Mrs. E. D. Pearce, Mrs. Lee J. Diamanti, Miss Margaret Anderson, Mrs. Lon A. Logan, Mrs. John Lewis
Circa 1965
1 13
Slide Show Slides
  • Photograph number 1-144: Slides from an unidentified slide show
1 14
Salt Lake City District
  • Photograph number 1: Unidentified group of children at Christmas time
  • Photograph number 2: "A View of the Garden Room looking south to the waterfall and pool."
  • Photograph number 3: "A view of the Garden Room looking north to the beautiful new circulating fountain."
  • Photograph number 4: Memorial House in Memory Grove, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Photograph number 5: "View from the east, all set for dinner"
  • Photograph number 6: "Approach to Mountain Dell Terrace"
  • Photograph number 7: Bonfire pit, volleyball court, fountain, ball park and cooking grills
  • Photograph number 8: Women's Athenalum
  • Photograph number 9: Unidentified group
  • Photograph number 10: "Individual family picnic area, now covered in grass as above picture"
  • Photograph number 11: Fountain, lighted badminton court, beautiful mountain back drop for Mountain Dell Terrace.
  • Photograph number 12: Hard topping road into Washington Park and past Mountain Dell Terrace.
  • Photograph number 13: "Working on parking area at Mountain Dell Terrace"
  • Photograph number 14: "Horseshoe pits, Volleyball or Bad-Mminton court and ball park."
  • Photograph number 15: "Parking lot and one tee of golf course."
  • Photograph number 16: "Dinner at Dedication of Mountain Dell Terrace, August 10, 1967"
  • Photograph number 17: "Getting ready for the dedication of Mountain Dell Terrace."
  • Photograph number 18: "Dedicated to Salt Lake district, Utah Federation of Women's Clubs"
  • Photograph number 19: "Comfort Stations near completion"
  • Photograph number 20: "Comfort Station at beginning"
  • Photograph number 21-22: "Land being cleared for Mountain Dell Terrace Recreational Area"
  • Photograph number 23: "Our old fireplace in George Washington Memorial Park, now surrounded by the Golf Course"
  • Photograph number 24: Mayor J. Bracken Lee, Mrs. W. R. Carter, Commissioner Louis C. Holley. "Dedication, Mountain Dell Terrace"
  • Photograph number 25-26: Newspaper articles on the dedication of the Mountain Dell Terrace
1 15
Ogden Convention, 1972
1 16
Members and events
1 17
Holiday party
1 18
Group portrait, Life Magazine
1 19
Building interior
1 20
"Alcohol Friendly Foe", slide show
1 21
State convention, Filmore
1 22
Nominees for Clubwoman of the year

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Form or Genre Terms

  • Photographic prints--1933-1987
  • Photographic prints--Color--1933-1987
  • Slides--Color--1973