Andrew Winberg photograph collection, approximately 1890-1967

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Winberg, Andrew
Andrew Winberg photograph collection
approximately 1890-1967 (inclusive)
.24 cubic feet (1 box, 1 oversize folder)
44 photographic prints ; various sizes
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Photographs representing family and important events and locations of a Norwegian American
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Andrew Winberg was born in 1885 to Norwegian parents and orphaned by age 6. He emigrated to the United States from Norway in 1903 on a ship owned by Jonas Haaland, who was a sailing captain. Jonas's daughter Josephine later became Winberg's wife. Winberg first lived in Warren, Minnesota, but joined Josephine in Aberdeen, Washington in 1907. They were married in 1910 and had two sons, Clarence Justice (b. 1911) and Andrew Jr. (b. 1917).

Winberg organized the Bakery and Confectionery Workers, Local 82, in 1911 and served as president from 1918-1927. In 1926, he was elected a freeholder to draft a new charter for the City of Aberdeen. He served as a member of the Aberdeen Board of Education from 1936-1944 and as a trustee of Gray's Harbor Junior College from 1936-1948. Also from 1936-1948, he was chairman of the Gray's Harbor County Democratic Central Committee. As an active member of the Democratic Party, he was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1940 and 1952, and was a candidate for Presidential Elector for Washington in 1956. He also served as State Legislator, 1942-1949; and as State Senator, 1951-1958. During his time as a senator, he served alongside Albert D. Rosellini, who later went on to become governor, and who Winberg worked with closely to secure legislation to bring the World's Fair to Washington. In 1955, he was appointed as a Commissioner of Century 21 World's Fair in Seattle.

Andrew Winberg died in 1965.

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Photographs of Andrew Winberg, including his family, colleagues, and important events and locations in his life.

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Processed by Hillary Pittenger and Marion Brown, 2009.

The photographs were relocated from the Andrew Winberg Papers, Accession No. 2699 in the repository, in 1993.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/1 1
Portrait of Jonas and Justine Haaland, Josephine Winberg's parents
H.R. Yedvik, Nordfjordeid. (photographer)
1 : carte de visite
Jonas Haaland died in 1906. Haaland as a last name is recorded elsewhere as Holland and Jonasen.
circa 1900
1/1 2
Painting of Jonas Haaland's schooner
Handwritten on verso: "Haabit (Ship) [Hope] Painting of sailing schooner owned by Andy [Winberg] Jr.'s mother's father, Jonas Haaland, How the Haaland family came to Aberdeen."
1/1 3
Andrew Winberg as a teen
Olaf Simonnæs, Børsen Kristiansund, N. (photographer)
1 : carte de visite
circa 1893
1/1 4
Andrew Winberg with brothers and sisters in Warren, Minnesota
Berget, Warren, Minnesota (photographer)
circa 1903
1/1 5
Members of Norwegian male choir including Andrew Winberg
The National Photo Co, Aberdeen, Washington (photographer)
Handwritten on frame verso: "The Norwegians singing freely at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition."
July 1909
1/1 6
Sam Winberg
C. Winberg (Photographer)
Handwritten on verso: "Sam Winberg younger brother of Andrew Winberg 'died young in Montana'"
1/2 7
Andrew and Josephine Winberg
Espedat and Antonious, Aberdeen, Washington (photographer)
circa 1910
1/2 8 circa 1912
1/2 9
Andrew, Josephine, and their child Clarence
circa 1915
1/2 10
Clarence Winberg as a child
circa 1915
1/2 11
Winberg family portrait
Photo Studio, Sixth and Ankeny, Portland Oregon (photographer)
Portrait includes: Andrew, brothers, wife, another woman, and four children.
1/2 12
Andrew Winberg in baker's uniform with three other men, Aberdeen, WA
Handwritten on verso: "Worked for Wm. Siese family's bakery." Winberg worked at the German Bakery starting in 1907, the proprietors were William Siese and Frank Binder, it closed in 1955.
1/2 13
Andrew Winberg as a young man
Portrait used later for his first candidate advertisement for councilman.
circa 1924
1/2 14
Children in Aberdeen
1/2 15
Clarence J. Winberg as a young man
Grady (photographer)
1/2 16
Andrew Winberg, Jr. at his graduation
Jack Powell, Pasadena, California (photographer)
Also pictured: Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Gilmor Brown, President of the Pasadena Playhouse.
1/2 17
Clarence Winberg with other Carnation Farms employees
Handwritten on verso: "Clarence was Assistant Pacific Coast Advertising Manager."

Aberdeen and MontesanoReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/3 18
Three men in front of Winberg home under construction, Aberdeen, WA
Research indicates Josephine and Andrew were married in this house.
circa 1910
1/3 19
Side view of Winberg home
circa 1910
1/3 20
View of side and front of Winberg home
circa 1910
1/3 21 circa 1910
1/4 22
Aberdeen's 41st birthday cake with bakers standing behind it
Aberdeen founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1890 The cake was made and donated by four bakeries, one of which, Gray's Harbor Bakery Co., was William Siese's bakery.
circa 1925
1/4 23a
Building in Aberdeen owned by Winberg, built in 1926
Image shows Sunset Hardware, Dewey's Stationary Shop, Boss's Yarn shop, and the Christian Science reading room.
1/4 23b
News clipping explaining the sale of the Winberg building
1/4 24
Building in Aberdeen owned by Winberg, built in 1933
1/4 25-26
View of Montesano
Stan Spiegle Photo (photographer)
May 1, 1943

Aberdeen Business and Political CareerReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/5 27
Aberdeen Board of Education
Handwritten on verso: "A. Winberg, President; R. Ingram, Vice President; Ray Colby, Secretary; C.J. Powell, Superintendent."
OS3 28
Washington House of Representatives
McKnight, Olympia, Washington
OS3 29
Washington House of Representatives
Foshaug Studio, Puyallup, Washington
Signatures on verso.
OS3 30
Washington State Senate
1/6 31 circa 1945
1/6 32
Andrew Winberg shaking hands with President Harry S. Truman
Jesse E. Ebert, Seattle, Washington (photographer)
circa 1950
1/6 33 undated
1/6 34
Senate Democratic Majority grouped around a table
AP Photo (photographer)
1/6 35 circa 1957
1/6 36
World's Fair Commission members standing behind Governor Albert D. Rosellini signing House Bill 720 for the world's fair to be held in Washington
Ray Olsen
Members of World's Fair Commission: Senators William C. Goodloe and Andrew Winberg; and Representatives Ray Olsen and Charles M. Stokes.
circa 1957
1/6 37
Men including Winberg standing behind Governor Albert D. Rosellini signing Senate Bill 44
List of men on verso. Andrew Winberg was a sponsor of the bill.
March 1, 1957
1/6 38 circa 1957
1/6 39 undated
1/7 40-41
Aberdeen Federal Savings and Loan Board of Directors including Winberg
1/7 42
Aberdeen Federal Savings and Loan Board of Directors
Dell Mulkey, Aberdeen, Washington
Board of Directors listed on verso.
Jan. 1963
1/8 43
Andrew Winberg accepting an award from the Aberdeen Central Labor Council commemorating 50 years of service to organized labor in Washington state
Dell Mulkey Photo, Aberdeen, Washington
The woman in the photograph may be Josephine Winberg.
circa 1961
1/8 44
Photograph of a painting of Andrew Winberg
circa 1967
1/8 45
Note written on Senator Winberg's letter head explaining photograph of painting that hangs in a retirement home in Eid, Norway, named for Winberg
circa 1967

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