War Records Committee military personnel files, 1941-1956

Overview of the Collection

University of Idaho. War Records Committee
War Records Committee military personnel files
1941-1956 (inclusive)
9.5 cubic feet
Collection Number
UG 026
Case files containing clippings, letters, and photographs, of university students, alumni and staff serving in World War II and the Korean conflict; also committee correspondence and newsletter Letter from the Idaho Camps.
University of Idaho Library, Special Collections and Archives
Special Collections and Archives
University of Idaho Library
875 Perimeter Drive
MS 2350
Moscow, ID
Telephone: 2088850845
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Collection is open for research.

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Historical NoteReturn to Top

Prior to the formation of the War Records Committee in September 1943, information on former students, alumni, and staff serving in World War II accumulated in the office of the Dean of Men, the Publications Department, and the Alumni Office. O.A. Fitzgerald, director of publications was asked to head the War Records Committee, whose purpose was to maintain contact with military personnel formerly associated with the university, and to preserve data needed for writing a history of the university and the war. At the end of the war the committee disbanded and a separate War Records Division was established in the Alumni Office, and James Lyle assumed the responsibility for record keeping.

Content DescriptionReturn to Top

The papers of the War Records Committee span the years 1941 to 1956, with the bulk of the material covering the years 1941-1945.

The papers include all 15 issues of the publication "Letters from the Idaho Campus," a newsletter for and about military personnel, and some committee correspondence and memorandums. The bulk of the material consists of newspaper articles, letters, address cards, and photographs, all pertaining to men and women formerly connected with the university who were later serving in the military. There is also a small section devoted to civilian prisoners of war.

The Records of the Alumni Office (UG 25) contain 4x6 cards for MIAS, women in the military, and the Gold Stars.

Administrative InformationReturn to Top


The material in this archival group was originally in several alphabetical sections. Each individual had his or her own folder. Although folders were combined, the original order was kept. Each series is in alphabetical order, the only filing anomaly being that Mc and Mac are filed at the end of the M's. The women in series IIB are filed under maiden name. The individual folders for military men and women were followed by folders containing alphabetical lists of individuals and material on individuals for whom no folders were made. No attempt was made to integrate these items and they are in folders following the appropriate category.

The first series contains "Letter from the Idaho Campus" and committee memorandums. The remaining series contain address cards, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs of military personnel. The women's section includes Red Cross workers as well as military personnel.

The commendatory letters were those sent to Mr. Fitzgerald by servicemen telling him how much they appreciated the "Letter" as it kept them informed of the whereabouts of other Idaho students. Many similar letters can be found in the regular alphabetical folders.

The Gold Star section contains information on those who died during the war and the information on each person is more numerous than that in the other sections.

The final series includes those who fought in World War II and remained in the service as well as those whose military service began with the Korean War.

Acquisition Information

Materials were received from University of Idaho Library by Alumni Secretary James M. Lyle in January 1963.

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Series I: Committee Papers, 1941-1944Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
"A Letter From the Idaho Campus"
1 folder
1 2
Correspondence, Memorandums, etc.
1 folder

Series II: General Alphabetical File, 1941-1946Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Sub-Series A. Men in the Military
Box Folder
1 3
Aa - Ab
1 folder : Aas, Adolph; Abbey, Robert J.; Abbott, Marvin F.; Abbott, Orville L.; Abbott, Weston J.; Ablin, Dale H.; Abo, Isamu; Abrahamson, William A.
1 4
Ac - Ada
1 folder : Achord, Ernest C.; Acuff, Arthur C.; Acuff, Earl C.' Adami, Henry C.; Adams, Bob F.; Adams, Byron W.; Adams, Harold A.; Adams, Jack M.; Adams, Keith J.; Adams, Richard S.; Adams, Thomas R.; Adamson Jack H.
1 5
Ade - Ak
1 folder : Adelmann, C. Richard; Adkins, Cyril L.; Adkison, Norman B.; Adler, Edward S.; Adler, Lloyd; Aeschliman, Walter W. ; Ahrens, Richard G.; Aikele, Herman; Aitken, Joseph M.; Aitken, Allen E.; Aitken, Lynn A.; Aker, Harry T.; Akers, Dwight M.; Akers, Richard J.
1 6
Alb - Alld
1 folder : Alban, Paul H.; Albany, Edward J.; Albers, Ferris A.; Alcorn, William F.; Aldred, Merlin C.; Aldrich, Harl F.; Aldrich, Lynn; Alex, Thomas F.; Alexander, Merrill S.; Alldaffer, Robert C.
1 7
Alle - Andersen
1 folder : Alley, Jack R.; Alley, Ralph M.; Alm Theodore; Allgaier, Paul S.; Alperin, Norman; Alsager, Melvin; Alsager, Ray C.; Alterwein, Irving; Alvord, Donald C.; Ambrose, Grant; Amende, Robert E.; Ames, Robert E.; Andersen, Wilford H.
1 8
Anderson, A. - Anderson, H.
1 folder : Anderson, Armour A.; Anderson, Arval L.; Anderson, Byron G.; Anderson, Chace; Anderson, Chester J.; Anderson, Clifford G.; Anderson, Donald B.; Anderson, Don E.; Anderson, E. William; Anderson, Guy R.; Anderson, Gus C.; Anderson, Harold T.; Anderson, Harold V.
1 9
Anderson, J. - Andrew
1 folder : Anderson, James G.; Anderson, John H.; Anderson, Joel G.; Anderson, Marion L.; Anderson, Merlyn W.; Anderson, Milo E.; Anderson, Morris S.; Anderson, Rex W.; Anderson, Richard C.; Anderson, Robert; Anderson, Robert R.; Anderson, Warren J.; Andrew, Kenneth A.
1 10
Andrews - Ant
1 folder : Andrews, Del L.; Andrews, F. Whipple; Andrews, John E.; Andrews, Oral F.; Andrews, Oral T; Andrews, Robert M.; Angel, Wayne C.; Angell, Donald S.; Angell, John R.; Ankcorn, Charles M.; Anno, Roy R.; Anthony, George W.
1 11
Ap - Ar
1 folder : Appelman, Gustave B.; Archer, Frank ; Ard, Henry N.; Armour, James V.; Armstrong, Dick W.; Armstrong, Ervin C.; Armstrong, George R.; Armstrong, Walter R.; Arnason, Allan T.; Arneson, Lawrence; Arnett, Herbert J.; Arnett, Wilson P.; Arnold, Stanley D.; Arnold, Thomas A.; Arrington, Leonard; Arrington, Woodrow E.
1 12
As - Av
1 folder : Aschenbrener, Anton R.; Aschenbrenner, Rudolph C.; Ash, William H.; Asher, Allen H.; Atkins, Harold F.; Atkins, William T.; Atkinson, Charles L.; Atwood, Robert B.; Auger, John B.; Auger, Samuel B.; August, Frank A.; August, Louis V.; Ault, Clement H.; Aupperle, Donald K.; Aupperle, Robert N.; Austin, Robert D.; Austin, Van T.; Austin, Walter D.; Avery, Lowell J.
1 13
Bab - Bai
1 folder : Babcock, Roy E.; Babin, Eugene E.; Babin, James D.; Bachaud, Jean D.; Baer, John W.; Bafus, Raymond A.; Bailey, George H.; Bailey, Kenneth F.; Bailey, Robert G.; Bair, Albert; Baird, John C.; Baird, Laurence E.; Baird, Ronald W.
1 14
Baker - Bakes
1 folder : Baker, Ancil D.; Baker, Bert C.; Baker, Donald J.; Baker, Howard C.; Baker, Ira B.; Baker, Jack W.; Baker, Richard T.; Baker, Robert W.; Baker, William P.; Bakes, William H.
1 15
Bal - Barb
1 folder : Balch, Alford P.; Baldus, Donald F.; Baldwin, Kenneth C.; Baldwin, Louis E.; Bales, John F.; Balkow, Ernest C.; Ball, Alfred C.; Ball, Chester C.; Ball, Clifford M.; Balls, Vernon C.; Banks, John V.; Banning, Fred; Bapty, Harry; Barber, James W.; Barber, John L.; Barber, Kent; Barbour, Robert D.; Barbour, Victor H.
1 16
Barc - Barn
1 folder : Barclay, George E.; Barcus, John W.; Barker, Glenn R.; Barker, John M.; Barlow, Ray; Barnes, Charles R.; Barnes, Herbert D.; Barnes, Claude Richard; Barnes, Harold T.; Barnes, Lynn P.; Barnes, Merrill E.; Barnes, William P.; Barnett, Steele; Barney, Leland W.; Barnum, Richard S.
1 17
Baro - Bas
1 folder : Baroska, Robert L.; Barr, James E.; Barrett, Arthur C.; Barrett, William W.; Barroetabena, Joseph C.; Barton, Frank V.; Barton, Howard E.; Barton, Hubert H.; Barton, Sherwin M.; Baskett, Leslie D.; Baskett, Ronald S.; Bassett, Donald Gene
1 18
Bat - Bay
1 folder : Bateman, Vernon L.; Bateson, Harold; Bateson, John; Bath, Lawrence L.; Batt, John W.; Batzel, Roger E.; Bauer, John A.; Bauman, Ivor A.; Bauscher, Allen; Baxter, Elba Boyd; Baylon, Charles A.
1 19
Bea - Bec
1 folder : Beall, Ausman T.; Beall, J. Mac; Bean, Donald W.; Beard, J. Austin; Beardmore, Charles C.; Beaudry, Clayton J.; Bechard, Eugene E.; Becher, Theodore R.; Beck, Glenn H.; Beck, John L.; Beckwith, John A.
1 20
Bed - Bell, J.
1 folder : Bedwell, Stuart; Beebe, Eugene H.; Beeman, Addison C.; Beers, Francis D.; Beeson, Philip A.; Behrman, A.H.; Beier, Richard S.; Belknap, Byron B.; Belko, Stephen; Bell, George D.; Bell, J. Douglas
1 21
Bell, L. - Benn
1 folder : Bell, LaVern C.; Bell, Roy A.; Bell, Vinnie J.; Bellem, Clarence F.; Bellos, George F.; Bellwood, Sherman J.; Belsher, Gregory T.; Bender, Philip H.; Bender, Walter R.; Benedict, Donald D.; Bennett, George B.; Bennett, Grover Bryce; Bennett, Keith; Benny, Arthur L.
1 22
Beno - Berg
1 folder : Benoit, Albert G.; Benoit, Edward L.; Benscoter, Donald D.; Benson, Albert D.; Benson, Clifford C.; Benson, Woodrow; Bent, Paul C.; Bentley, Dean M.; Berg, Bruce H.; Berg, John J.; Berge, Arthur E.; Berge, Palmer K.; Bergen, Harold G.; Berger, Donald R.; Bergeson, Frederick W. (Bill)
1 23
Berk - Big
1 folder : Berkley, Kenneth H.; Berriochoa, Luis; Berry, Jack H.; Beus, Eldon C.; Bevington, Frank C.; Bevis, Paul; Bevis, Vincent P.; Bezold, Kenneth M.; Bickford, Richard F.; Biegert, Darrel; Biehl, Arthur T.; Biehl, Corwin C.; Biggs, Robert E.
1 24
Bik - Bit
1 folder : Biker, John B.; Billings, Harry C.; Bingham, Richard T.; Binning, Donald; Birch, Lowell E.; Birch, Wayne; Birchmeir, Donald J.; Bird, Roland E.; Bird, Ronald; Bishop, George A.; Bistline, Ray D.; Bistline, Stephen; Bithell, Walter C.
1 25
Bj - Blak
1 folder : Bjorklund, Edward M.; Bjorklund, Richard A.; Black, John N.; Black, Leslie L.; Black, Robert M.; Black, William P.; Blackburn, Donald E.; Blackburn, Howard D.; Blackhart, Charles W.; Blackman, John A.; Blackwell, Stuart; Blair, Arthur G.; Blair, Robert E.; Blaisdell, James P.; Blake, Wynne M.
1 26
Blan - Boi
1 folder : Blandford, Alfred L.; Blandford, Robert H.; Blanksma, Harold E.; Blodgett, Rex L.; Blomgren, Arthur C.; Bloor, Byron M.; Blume, Milton I.; Boberg, Edgar; Bodily, Edwin W.; Bodker, Wallace J.; Boekel, William A.; Boisen, John M.
1 27
Bol - Bon
1 folder : Bolick, Eri D.; Bolles, James F.; Bollinger, Robert E.; Bolton, Bill B.; Bond, Bill C.; Bonin, A.; Bonnett, John R.; Bonnett, Robert K.; Bonomi, Robert F.
1 28
Boo - Bou
1 folder : Booher, Harry P.; Booker, Edward C.; Booth, George E.; Booth, John M.; Borden, Charles C.; Bormann, Herbert F.; Borup, Don; Boswell, Ernest F.; Bothwell, James L.; Bottiggi, Charles W.; Bouch, William F.; Bouton, Herbert A.
1 29
Bow - Boy
1 folder : Bowlby, James W.; Bowlby, Wilson T.; Bowler, Aldrich E.; Bowler, Holden; Bowler, Ned W.; Bowler, Ralph E.; Bowman, Eugene E.; Bowman, Jack L.; Boy, Glenn L.; Boyd, Bruce A.; Boyd, Bufford C.; Boyd, Lester Clay; Boyd, Paul S.; Boyer, William H.; Boyington, Keithy t.
1 30
Brac - Bray
1 folder : Brackenbusch, Carl O.; Bradbury, John F.; Bradbury, Lawrence F.; Braddock, John E.; Braden, William G.; Braham, Wilbur; Brannon, Gordon H.; Brasch, Charles T.; Brashear, Joseph F.; Bratten, John L.; Brausen, Arthur H.; Bray, Donald T.
1 31
Bre - Bri
1 folder : Breckenridge, Robert N.; Bremer, George A.; Bremer, Robert C.; Brenn, Harry A.; Brennan, Michael J.; Brevick, Harold L.; Brewer, Robert F.; Brewer, Willis E.; Brewrink, James L.; Bridges, Cecil; Briggs, Lane C.; Briggs, Warren G.; Brink, Ivan E.; Brinkman, Emil F.; Briscoe, William S.
1 32
Broa - Brown, B.
1 folder : Broadhead, Floyd R.; Broadhead, Ray; Bronken, Karsten; Bronken, Paul; Brooks, Bruce L.; Brooks, Leonard D.; Brooks, William I.; Brosnan, John S.; Brossard, Louis F.; Brough, Frederick Lowell; Brower, Eugene W.; Brown, Avery; Brown, Boyd B.
1 33
Brown, C. - Brown R.
1 folder : Brown, Charles C.; Brown, Charles Gerald; Brown, Charles Gilbert; Brown, Charles O.; Brown, Clarence W.; Brown, Darwin; Brown, Edward C.; Brown, Elden H.; Brown, Fred C.; Brown, Gerald G.; Brown, John H.; Brown, Kinsley I.; Brown, Owen K.; Brown, Robert H.; Brown, Richard W.; Brown, Roy C.
1 34
Brown, S. - Bru
1 folder : Brown, Sidney C., Brown, Virgil D., Brown, Walter L.; Brown, William; Brown, William J.; Brown, William R.; Browne, Robert Wallace; Browning, Keith M.; Brummond, Vere P.; Bruns, Emory L.; Brunzell, Joseph A.; Brunzell, Otto L.
1 35
Buc - Bud
1 folder : Buchanan, Jesse E.; Buchanan, Thomas S.; Buck, Fred H.; Buck, Richard W.; Buckallew, Elbert J.; Buckingham, Donald D.; Budarf, Peter P.; Budge, Donald M.; Budge, Hamer H.; Budge, Walter L.; Budris, Edmund C.
1 36
Bue - Burc
1 folder : Bue, James M.; Bue, Neal S.; Bue, Norval K.; Buffat, Jack L.; Bulfinch, Gardner F.; Bulla, Edward W.; Bullock, Donald M.; Bullock, Earl R.; Bullock, John R.; Bunch, Robert P.; Bunnell, Arthur M.; Bunting, Louis E.; Burbank, Daniel M.; Burchell, Robert
1 37
Burg - Burn
1 folder : Burgett, Lawrence M.; Burggraf, Mark; Burggraf, Robert V.; Burghardt, Kenneth R.; Burke, Leonard P.; Burkett, Roy D.; Burkhalter, Dale F.; Burkhard, James R.; Burnett, Donald L.; Burnett, Hugh B.; Burns, Beverly O.; Burns, Gilbert N.; Burns, Robert A.; Burns, Willard R.
1 38
Burr - Bus
1 folder : Burr, Homer P.; Burr, Stewart; Burroughs, Isaac; Bursch, Ralph J.; Burt, Cleon L.; Burt, John I.; Burton, James A.; Burton, Willard C.; Burull, Marvin L.; Burull, Obert C.; Busby, Douglas R.; Busch, David J.; Bush, Ben E.; Bush, Marion D.; Buswell, Philip M.
1 39
But - By
1 folder : Butler, Glenn L.; Butler, John L.; Butler, K. Dwain; Buttcane, James W.; Butterfield, Samuel; Butts, Harvey L.; Byington, Henry D.; Byquist, Richard; Byrne, Maurice E.
1 40
1 folder : Cable, Dwight R.; Caccia, Italo J.; Cadwell, Joseph D.; Cady, Theodore S.; Cairns, Vernon T.; Calfee, Wirt Lee; Callahan, Burt F.; Callahan, Michael B.; Callahan, Patrick; Callan, Emmett; Callaway, George R.; Callaway, Stephen K.; Calnon, Mark B.
2 41
Came - Campbell, I.
1 folder : Cameron, Dudley B.; Cameron, Duncan A.; Campana, Richard J.; Campbell, Clayton J.; Campbell, Donald P.; Campbell, Douglas; Campbell, Duncan; Campbell, George B.; Campbell, George D.; Campbell, Ivan.
2 42
Campbell, L. - Cann
1 folder : Campbell, Lionel T.; Campbell, Raymond H.; Campbell, Robert B.; Campbell, Robert V.; Campbell, Tom; Campbell, William C.; Campbell, William S.; Canfield, Fred; Canning, James R.; Cannin, John J.; Cannon, Francis R.; Cannon, Frank C.; Cannon, Leland R.
2 43
Cant - Carl
1 folder : Cantamessa, Frederick W.; Caples, James W.; Caples, Van R.; Caporaso, Allessio P.; Carey, Joshua H.; Carlson, David C.; Carlson, Don H.; Carlson, Edward E.; Carlson, Hawley R.; Carlson, John Walfred; Carlson, Keith D.; Carlson, Lenus G.; Carlson, Paul J.
2 44
Carn - Cary
1 folder : Carnes, Donald P.; Carnes, Robert W.; Carpenter, Giles R.; Carpenter, Howard B.; Carpenter, John B.; Carpenter, Owen O.; Carpenter, Theodore C.; Carringer, Harold S.; Carroll, George M.; Carter, George W. (Bill); Carter, Glenn R.; Cartney, Thomas L.; Cary, Orville B.
2 45
Cas - Cham
1 folder : Cassidy, Lawrence J.; Castagneto, William J.; Castellaw, Donald W.; Catherman, Ivan E.; Cawley, Paul H.; Cenarussa, Pete T.; Chaffee, Elmer F.; Chaffin, Allen W.; Chamberlain, Clair C.; Chamberlain, Lawrence H.; Chamberlin, John L.; Chambers, William R.
2 46
Chan - Chas
1 folder : Chandler, Charles A.; Chandler, Earl F.; Chandler, Marion Clark; Chandler, Newell B.; Chandler, Ralph J.; Chaney, James W.; Chapman, Arthur S.; Chapman, Gerald E.; Chapman, Joseph L.; Charlesworth, George William; Chase, Arthur M.; Chase, Harry D.; Chase, William E.
2 47
Chat - Chri
1 folder : Chatterton, Robert W.; Cherrington, V.A.; Cherry, Nathan A.; Chervenell, John W.; Childs, Richard M.D.; Chisholm, William G.; Chivers,Thomas W.; Choate, Leo E.; Chrape, John C.; Christ, Jack M.; Christensen, James P.; Christenson, George; Christian, Murray W. (Jack); Christianson, A. Bert; Christianson, Clair C.
2 48
Chro - Clark, E.
1 folder : Chronic, Bill M.; Chronic, Byron H.; Chronic, Don; Chrystal, Francis H.; Cilento, Lawrence; Clack, James H.; Clapp, Earnest W.; Clark, Burton O.; Clark Curtiss M.; Clark, Dale M.; Clark, Don R.; Clark, Edward B. (Ted E.)
2 49
Clark, M. - Clo
1 folder : Clark, Mark B.; Clark, Robert L.; Clark, Robert M.; Clark, Vernon; Clarke, Alan Y.; Clarke, C. Worth; Clayton, Maurice; Cleaveland, Elbert C.; Clelen, Stewart L.; Clemmons, Darrel D.; Clements, Randolph; Clements, Reed; Clements, Robert E.; Cloniger, Russell T.; Clouser, John F.
2 50
Clu - Cole
1 folder : Clubb, Jack L.; Cluster, Eugene C.; Clutts, Daniel G.; Coates, George K.; Coburn, Warren W.; Cochran, Frank R.; Coffeen, Ray F.; Coffman, William R.; Coffy, Joseph W.; Cohen, Albert Allen; Cole, Weldon C.; Cole, William R.
2 51
Coll - Conk
1 folder : Collett, Gordon R.; Collings, Ward L.; Collier, Claire; Collier, Joe K.; Collins, Steve T.; Collingsworth, Gordon A.; Collister, Lovell J.; Combs, Deane L.; Condit, Harold L.; Cone, Elwood E.; Cone, William H.; Congdon, Nathaniel W.; Conklin, Gene
2 52
Conl - Coo
1 folder : Conley, Donald H.; Conley, Gilbert; Conley, Philip I.; Conrad, Russell F.; Cook, Charles F.; Cook, Daryl; Cook, George E.; Cook, John C.; Cook, Robert G.; Cooke, Archie M.; Cooke, G.H.; Cooper, Howard E.; Cooper, John W.
2 53
Cop - Coz
1 folder : Copeland, John C.; Copenhaver, Howard V.; Coppin, Elmer T.; Copple, Robert H.; Corbett, Ross H.; Corbett, William; Corless, Seth S.; Corneil, Philip L.; Cornelison, Alton B.; Cornell, George T.; Cornforth, Athel L.; Cosho, Louis H.; Coski, Donald D.; Costa, Harry R.; Cotton, Charles E.; Coughlan, Glenn; Cowin, George Ted; Cox, Lewis J.; Cozier, Robert V.
2 54
Crab- Craw
1 folder : Crabb, Theodore R.; Craig, Glenn E.; Cramer, Christian W.; Cramer, Warren C.; Cramer, John W.; Crandall, Calvin H.; Crandall, Wallace E.; Cravens, Clayton C.; Crawford, Blaine; Crawford, Frank R.; Crawford, James W.; Crawford, Walter A.
2 55
Cre - Crou
1 folder : Crea, Earl T.; Crea, Lewis A.; Cree, Robert V.; Creelman, Clifton Y.; Crites, John L.; Crombie, Richard J. (Ted); Cromwell, James O.; Croney, Tom J.; Crooks, C. Duane; Crooks, James E.; Crotzer, Harry L.; Crouch, Ralph W.
2 56
Crow - Cru
1 folder : Crow, James W.; Crowe, Alton D.; Crowe, Charles F.; Crowell, Kenneth E.; Crowley, Henry J.; Crowser, Kenneth E.; Crowther, Charles D.; Crowther, Raymond D.; Croy, Paul R.; Croy, Philip; Croy, Wyman W.; Cruikshank, Douglas B.; Crumb, Henry Edwin; Crummer, Robert; Cruse, Lenn B.; Crutcher, John W.
2 57
Cu - Cz
1 folder : Culbertson, Jack L.; Culp, Crozier C.; Culp, Clyde E.; Cummings, Robert; Cummins, Harry K.; Currie, Ray E.; Currier, Wilbur F.; Curtis, Floyd C.; Curtis, George V.; Curtis, John S.; Curtis, Leverett B.; Cushman, Jack W.; Czehatowski, Adam
2 58
Dag - Dal
1 folder : Daggett, Robert W.; Dahl, Arthur I.; Dahl, Edwin George; Dahlkey, Eugene G.; Dahlstrom, Frank Robert; Dahlstrom, Robert V.; Dahlstrom, Roy E.; Dahmen, Irvin C.; Dahmen, Jerome J.; Dailey, Richard D.; Dalberg, Donald A.; Dale, Winthrop G.; Dalley, Arthur F. (Dick); Dalley, Claude Wallace; Dalley, Joseph W.; Dalton, James C.; Daly, John H.
2 59
Dan - Davido
1 folder : Dana, John P.; Daniel, Louis V.; Daniels, Marion Keith; Daniels, Robert H.; Darling, Robert L.; Darnell, Richard J.; Darst, Edward J.; David, Dell R.; David, Franklin C.; David, Homer; David, Kirk J.; Davidoff, Daniel D.
2 60
Davids - Davis, F.
1 folder : Davidson, Arthur J.; Davidson, Eugene W.; Davidson, George M.; Davidson, Gordon F.; Davidson, James; Davidson, Marion J.; Davidson, William B.; Davies, Homer E.; Davis, Clair L.; Davis, Edward G.; Davis, Elmo W.; Davis, Fred J.
2 61
Davis, G. - Day
1 folder : Davis, George A.; Davis, Harold S.; Davis, James E.; Davis, Oliver T.; Davis, Raymond E.; Davis, Richard L.; Davis, Robert J.; Davis, William S.; Dawson, George C.; Dawson, Vernon R.; Day, Ernest E.; Day, Herbert A.
2 62
Dea - Dei
1 folder : Dean, George M.; Dean, Joseph Rodney; Dean, Leslie L. (Bill); Deane, Darrell D.; DeChambeau, Elgy O.; Decker, George W.; Decker, Ivan C.; Decker, John P.; Deerkop, Robert D.; Defenbach, James A.; DeGroat, Russel E.; Deist, Wesley
2 63
Dek - Des
1 folder : DeKlotz, James E.; DeKoff, Isaac; Delana, Elbert S.; DeLane, Clarence D.; DeLaney, Richard; DeLeon, Paul A.; Dell, Richard William; DeMars, Harold V.; DeMers, Raymond E.; Denney, Merle E.; Dennis, Harry A.; Deobald, William A.; Deshler, William O.; Desilet, Earl R.; DeSpain, Charles C.; Dess, James H.
2 64
Dev - Dim
1 folder : Devlin, Clarence W.; DeVries, Victor L.; Dewey, Lynn M.; DeWinter, G. Adrian; Dick, James; Dick, Kenneth A.; Dickson, Donald F.; Didriksen, Ralph G.; Dilley, Robert J.; Dillon, Francis H.; Dillon, John B. Floyd; Dillon, Marshall C.; Dimock, Donald E.
2 65
Din - Dod
1 folder : Dingle, William B.; Dingler, John B.; Dinnison, Arthur D.; Dinsley, Clarence W.; Dion, Joseph P.; DiPippo, Joseph; Dirks, Robert L.; Dittman, Clarence P.; Dixon, Virge J.; Doane, Emery D.; Dobler, Clifford I.; Dobler, G.H.; Dobler, Leonard A.; Dodd, John B.; Dodds, Archie Kenneth; Dodge, Robert G.
2 66
Doh - Dow
1 folder : Doherty, Robert A.; Doherty, Roger M.; Donaldson, Charles R.; Donart, James B.; Donnelly, William E. (Bill); Donovan, John P.; Doolittle, Jack V.; Dorman, Darrell H.; Dotzenko, Alexander S.; Douglas, Lawrence M.; Douglas, Louis L.; Doupe, Woodrow W.; Dowdy, Harold E.; Downing, Allen L.; Downing, Kenneth O.
2 67
Doy - Due
1 folder : Doyle, George G.; Doyle, Harold C.; Drager, Frederick; Dragoo, Roland Paul; Drake, Forest C.; Drake, Fred E.; Drenker, Egan W.; Drenker, George E.; Driscoll, Richard K.; Drury, Clifford M.; DuBois, Donald L.; Dudley, Joseph Wayne; Dudley, Robert E.; Duell, Garth A.
2 68
Duf - Dur
1 folder : Duffin, Lawrence H.; Duffy, Philip; Dugger, Walter E.; Duncan, Donald B.; Dunford, Sam B.; Dunkle, Ralph M.; Dunkin, John H.; Dunn, Alan Dale; Dunn, Ronald C.; Dunn, Stanley M.; DuPuis, Raoul M.; Durant, Xavier E.; Durdy, Jack C.; Durham, Harold A.; Durtschi, John R.
2 69
Dus - Dy
1 folder : DuSault, Philemon E.; Duthie, John E.; Duvall, Everett Wellman; DuVall, Robert L.; Dworshak, Henry I.; Dyrgall, Victor J.; Dwyer, Robert J.; Dyer, Kenneth R.; Dykman, Allen Dale
2 70
Ea - Ed
1 folder : Eachon, Robert G.; Eakin, Jack H.; Easterbrook, Paul W.; Eastman, William B.; Eberhard, Milton F.; Eddington, Elmer; Edelblute, Walter G.; Edmark, David A.; Edmark, Karl William; Edwards, Franklin B.; Edwards, Harold O.; Edwards, Herbert M.; Edwards, Lavern E.; Edwards, William Howard
2 71
Eg - Eld
1 folder : Eggart, Ronald E.; Eggart, Warren B.; Ehlers, Melvin H.; Eichelberger, Dean; Eimers, Charles W.; Eimers, Paul G.; Eimers, Richard; Einhouse, Robert B.; Eisinger, Carl G.; Elder, Dean M.; Elder, Gerald W.; Elder, John M.; Eldridge, Franklin E.
2 72
Elg - Ell
1 folder : Elgee, James F.; Ellege, Paul; Elliott, Dick; Elliott, Edward G.; Elliott, George R.; Elliott, Robert W.; Ellis, Douglas L.; Ellis, Ernest W.; Ellis, Irwin, D.; Ellis, John E.; Ellison, David; Ellsworth, James; Ellsworth, Preston B.; Ellsworth, Willard F.
2 73
Elm - En
1 folder : Elmer, John T.; Elmore, Carroll M.; Elmore, Ernest F.; Elrod, George D.; Emerson, Charles E.; Emerson, Donald B.; Emerson, William S.; Emery, Elmer H.; Emery, Karl B.; Engberson, Ray D.; Engler, George N.; English, James C.; Engstrom, A.G.; Enking, Clemens Harrod; Ennis, Paul B.; Enquist, Harold A.
2 74
Ep - Er
1 folder : Epperson, Paul I.; Epperson, Paul L.; Erickson, Everett R.; Erickson, John D.; Erickson, Laune C.; Erickson, Linne F.; Erickson, Stanley W.; Erickson, William; Erlick, Abraham; Ernson, Lynn J.; Erramouspe, Albert
2 75
Es - Evans, F.
1 folder : Eskeldson, Ivan C.; Estep, Allen J.; Estes, James E.; Estes, Stanley R.; Estes, Virgil E.; Ettinger, Walter H.; Evans, Blaine F.; Evans, David L.; Evans, David W.; Evans, Frank B.
2 76
Evans, J. - Ey
1 folder : Evans, John C.; Evans, John P.; Evans, Milton L.; Evans, Thomas C.; Evans, Evan J.; Everingham, John; Ewart, George R.; Eyestone, Gerald D.; Eyestone, Robert D.
2 77
Fac - Farq
1 folder : Facer, Grant T.; Fagerstedt, John A.; Fagnan, Lyle J.; Fahrer, Charles E.; Fahrer, John E.; Fails, Herman Clark; Fallini, Joe T.; Farber, Jack R.; Farmer, Frederick P.; Farner, Kenneth L.; Farnsworth, Kenneth M.; Farquhar, John T.
2 78
Farr - Fay
1 folder : Farrell, Robert E.; Farris, Darrel; Farris, Stanley J.; Fasolino, Ernest; Faulkner, Harold C.; Faulkner, Willard R.; Favaro, Bernard J.; Favaro, Richard D.; Faylor, Lester Reid; Faylor, Milford M.
2 79
Fel - Fif
1 folder : Feld, Allen A.; Feldscher, Robert L.; Felten, William P.; Felton, Robert T.; Fentiman, Thomas H.; Ferebauer, John A.; Ferlic, James P.; Ferrell, Richard J.; Ferris, Robert J.; Fichtner, Roger S.; Field, Grant; Fife, Leland J.; Fife, LeVon S.
2 80
Fik - Fj
1 folder : Fikkan, Philip C.; Finch, Edward H.; Findley, Ralph F.; Finkelnburg, Oscar C.; Finlayson, Frank; Finley, John W.; Finnell, Charles A.; Fisher, Francis D.; Fisher, Harold L.; Fisher, James H.; Fisher, Robert A.; Fisher, Robert H.; Fitzpatrick, Duane D.; Fitzpatrick, John J.; Fjeldsted, Dewilton E.
2 81
Fl - Fol
1 folder : Flay, Roy B.; Fleming, Darwin L.; Fleming, Robert B.; Fletcher, Clarence Ray; Flieger, Earl E.; Flint, Weldon C.; Flock, Kester D.; Flomer, Robert E.; Flora, Charles Preston; Floyd, Lloyd I.; Fluke, Barnaby C.; Fogle, James G.; Folsom, Lewis L.
2 82
Fon - Fou
1 folder : Fong, George C.; Ford, Hammond P.; Fortin, Louis A.; Foss, LeRoy F.; Fossum, Lee M.; Foster, Allan D.; Foster, Byron W.; Foster, Gordon W.; Foster, Jack R.; Foster, James A.; Fourt, John E.; Fouts, Lane R.
2 83
Fow - Fred
1 folder : Fowler, Ray R.; Fowler, William S.; Fowles, J. Francis; Fowles, Jay R.; Fox, Jack J.; Fraley, Lyle; Frazier, Conrad O.; Frazier, George D.; Frazier, Lyle A; Frazier, Richard C.; Fredekind, Norman V.; (Van) Fredenberg, Merton D.; Frederic, John L.; Frederic, Gordon L.
2 84
Free - Fri
1 folder : Free, Wilbur A.; Freeburg, William A.; Freeman, David E.; Freeman, James H.; Freeman, James R.; Frei, Albert H.; Frei, Melvin J.; French, Archie W.; Frey, Robert E.; Friberg, Walter R.; Frick, George; Fritchman, Neil; Frizzelle, Merle E.
2 85
Fro - Fur
1 folder : Frost, Francis E.; Frost, Rodney W.; Fry, John L.; Fry, Martin L.; Fry, Wilfred W.; Fryar, Robert M.; Fuchs, John N.; Fuller, Frank B.; Fuller, Lewis W.; Fullwiler, Richard E.; Fulton, Lester R.; Funke, Robert W.; Furchner, Howard William; Furey, Sherman F.
3 86
Gab - Gag
1 folder : Gabby, Charles E.; Gaby, Lewis F.; Gaekel, John W.; Gaetano, Louis T.; Gaffney, John E.; Gaffney, William S.; Gage, Herbert E.; Gagon, Stanley E.
3 87
Gal - Gan
1 folder : Galbraith, Glenn F.; Galbraith, Marlin C.; Glabraith, Richard C.; Galbreaith, Robert B.; Gale, Cope R.; Gale, Fulton G. (Jr.); Gale, William P.; Galigher, Thomas W.; Gannon, Wendell C.; Gano, Jay M.
3 88
Garb - Garn
1 folder : Garber, Donald E.; Garber, John A.; Gardiol, Fred L.; Gardiol, Wayne; Gardner, Raymond C.; Gardner, Richard B.; Gardner, Richard G.; Gardner, Warren F.; Garner, Jay G.; Garner, Joseph P.
3 89
Garr - Gel
1 folder : Garrard, LaMar E.; Garrard, Verl G.; Garrard, Willis D.; Garrett, Hayden D.; Garrett, Robert B.; Garrett, Sidney G.; Gaskell, John L.; Gates, Earl D.; Gaylord, Kenneth W.; Gauss, Joseph H.; Gauss, William H.; Gee, Cleveland C.; Geer, John H.; Geisler, Blair; Gellein, Oscar S.
3 90
Geo - Gid
1 folder : George, Ferdinand; George, Leonard M.; Gerhard, Oliver W.; Geraghty, Wallace N.; Gerraughty, William M.; Getty, Mac (Ronald McCallie); Gibbs, Harold J.; Gibbs, Raphael S.; Gibler, James E.; Gibson, Gean W.; Gibson, George W.; Gibson, Homer; Gibson, Oris O.; Giddings, Lloyd
3 91
Gig - Giv
1 folder : Gigray, William; Gilb, Charles E.; Gilbert, Rufus S.; Giles, Joseph Gordon; Gill, Gerald J.; Gill, Thomas A.; Gillespie, Richard Conroy; Gillett, George R.; Gillette, Lawrence A.; Gillette, Robert W.; Gilliland, Marion E.; Girard, James W.; Givens, Raymond D.
3 92
Gl - Goe
1 folder : Gladhart, David F.; Glasby, Charles W.; Glasby, Robert V.; Glasgow, Denver C.; Glass, David C.; Glazebrook, Thomas B.; Glenn, Joe Berry; Glover, Blair H.; Gnaedinger, Ernest; Gnaedinger, William G.; Goble, Karl K.; Godtland, Ralph O.; Goenne, Frederick W.; Goetz, Charles G.; Goetz, Louis P.
3 93
Gof - Goo
1 folder : Goff, Abe McGregor; Goff, Vyrl D.; Gogenola, Joe J.; Goldblum, Rudolph; Gooby, Clifford M.; Goodell, F. Kent; Goodell, Phillip R.; Goodsell, Gordon H.; Goodwin, DeWayne L.
3 94
Gor - Gou
1 folder : Gordon, Bruce W.; Gordon, Goss E.; Gordon, Grant B.; Gordon, Joseph E.; Gordon, Richard E.; Gorecki, George A.; Gorino (Gorrono), Luis; Gorshe, William A.; Gorton, Richard K.; Gorton, William W.; Gould, Virgil A.
3 95
Grah - Gray
1 folder : Graham, William A.; Graifemberg, John N.; Granlund, Harold; Grannan, Joseph W.; Grannis, Gordon E.; Grannis, Stanley L.; Graser, Harry R.; Graves, James L.; Gray, Elmer Dee; Gray, Henry Holman; Gray, Jack B.; Gray, Joe O.; Gray, John O.; Gray, Winton S.; Graybill, Charles L.
3 96
Grea - Gree
1 folder : Greathouse, Cecil R.; Greaves, Harley; Greaves, Keith C.; Green, Clifford B.; Green, David Wayne; Green, Everett C.; Green, Leon G.; Green, Richard J.; Green, Robert W.; Greenberg, Herbert J.; Greene, George W.; Greene, Raymond T.; Greenfield, Samuel F.; Greening, Roland B.; Greer, Morris
3 97
Greg - Grif
1 folder : Gregory, Sydney Earl; Greif, Jack V.; Grey, Alan E.; Grey, Donald E.; Greib, Merland W.; Greiser, Edgar J.; Grieser, Walter J.; Grieve, John L.; Griffin, Conrad Frank; Griffin, Roy I.; Griffith, Glynn K.; Griffith, Keith; Griffiths, Edsel K.; Griffiths, Robert H.
3 98
Grim - Gru
1 folder : Grimmett, Earl S.; Grimmett, John O.; Gripton, Charles F.; Grkovich, Nicholas; Grobe, Lloyd A.; Grosch, William C.; Groseclose, B. Eugene (Gene); Groshong, Richard; Grosso, John J.; Groves, Richard E.; Grubb, Clarence A.; Grush, Roy E.
3 99
Gu - Gw
1 folder : Guernsey, Aleck W.; Guernsey, Justin G.D.; Guernsey, Roger L.; Guernsey, William G.; Gugnoni, Walter E.; Guitteau, Judson A.; Gullixson, Russ; Gunderson, John F.; Gunn, John W.; Gunther, Harlie W.; Guthrie, William Wayman; Gutzman, Wilson C.; Guy, James D.; Gwilliam, Franklin D.
3 100
Haa - Hag
1 folder : Haag, John G.; Habib, Philip C.; Hackney, George H.; Hackney, Joe G.; Haddock, Garth; Hadfield, Rex G.; Haegele, Rowland W.; Hagan, Alfred E.; Hagar, Theodore A.; Hagen, Arthur Chris; Hagbom, Robert O.
3 101
Hage - Hai
1 folder : Hagedorn, Chester L.; Hagedorn, Donald J.; Hagedorn, Gerald F.; Hager, Daniel; Hager, Reuben W.; Hagman, Frank A.; Hagman, James A.; Hague, Walter B.; Hahn, John E.; Hahn, Louis M.; Haight, Leavitt W.; Haise, Robert C.
3 102
Hale - Halv
1 folder : Hale, John M.; Hales, Max P.; Hall, Charles W.; Hall, Grant B.; Hall, Henry M.; Hall, John I.; Hall, Joseph Hershel; Hall, Oliver W.; Hall, Samuel P.; Hall, William J.; Hallam, Clyde M.; Halliday, Vaughn W.; Halversen, William G.
3 103
Ham - Hand
1 folder : Hamilton, F. Stanley (Ladd); Hamilton, Merle S.; Hamilton, Robert S.; Hamlett, Hugh; Hamm, Harley H.; Hamm, John E.; Hammerlund, John M.; Hammond, Leo L.; Hampf, Frederick E.; Hampton, James A.; Hampton, Robert R.; Hampton, Elvon W.; Hampton, Wayne W.; Hamson, Alvin R.; Hamson, Lyman V.; Handy, George H.
3 104
Hanf - Hansen, K.
1 folder : Hanford, Marius P. (June); Hanford, Roy E.; Hanford, Russell B.; Hanlon (Todd), Alfred G.; Hans, John L.; Hansberry, John H.; Hansen, Claude A.; Hansen, Don; Hansen, Duane A.; Hansen, Edward H.; Hansen, Henry Boyd; Hansen, Henry John; Hansen, Janis; Hansen, Kenneth E.
3 105
Hansen, L. - Hanso
1 folder : Hansen, Lester G.; Hansen, Murrel S.; Hansen, Ruel M.; Hansen, William D.; Hanson, Bruce O.; Hanson, Glen E.; Hanson, Harold M.; Hanson, Ivan A.; Hanson, John H.; Hanson, Kenneth O.
3 106
Hard - Harl
1 folder : Hardenburg, Henry B.; Hardin, Keith; Hardin, Ralph A.; Hardin, Rolland Bill; Harding, Elmer M.; Harding, Kenneth V.; Hardison, Felix M.; Hardwick, Mac T.; Harlan, Charles L.; Harlan, Manford Boyd; Harland, M.B.; Harland, Richard D.; Harle, Joe P.; Harlow, Francis J.
3 107
Harm - Harris, O.
1 folder : Harman, Carey C.; Harman, Everette Eugene; Harman, Earl W.; Haroldsen, Earl E.; Harper, Blaine B.; Harper, Edwin A.; Harper, Hugh A.; Harrington, Norman E.; Harris, Bud S.; Harris, Charles E.; Harris, Fred G.; Harris, Harold L.; Harris, Oliver W.
3 108
Harris, R. - Hart
1 folder : Harris, Robert W.; Harris, Sydney; Harris, Vernon L.; Harris, Walter M.; Harrison, Robert J.; Harrison, William C.; Harryman, Wayne E.; Hart, Clarence; Hart, Claude; Hart, Glen R.; Hart, Ruben O.
3 109
Hartl - Hat
1 folder : Hartley, Robert C.; Hartvigsen, Jack A.; Hartzler, Kenneth; Harvey, Donald G.; Harvey, George O.; Harvey, John F.; Harvey, Paul B.; Harward, Glenn T.; Hatch, Alden B.; Hatch, Ernest W.; Hatchett, Lawrence A.; Hatfield, Howard L.; Hathaway, Richard H.; Hatley, George B.; Hatley, Owen P.
3 110
Hau - Hayd
1 folder : Haug, Gordon W.; Haupt, Harold F.; Hawkins, Bill J.; Hawkins, James W.; Hawkins, T.P.; Hawkins, William S.; Hawley, John T.; Hawley, Norman D.; Haworth, Robert L.; Hayden, John F.
3 111
Haye - Hear
1 folder : Hayes, Bernard T.; Hayes, Earl E.; Haymond, Jack C.; Haynes, James W.; Haynes, Samuel Robert; Hays, John; Hays, Samuel D.; Hayward, John F.; Hazelbaker, Donald L.; Heal, Stephen Jacks; Heap, Morgan G.; Hearn, Philip J.; Hearn, Roderic W.
3 112
Heas - Hel
1 folder : Heasley, Arthur Monroe; Heath, Eugene H.; Heath, Harry W.; Heath, Norval K.; Heckathorn, John H.; Hecock, Ward E.; Hedges, William M.; Hegvold, Selmer L.; Heick, Chester LeRay; Heiges, Kenneth; Heikkila, Norman S.; Heinzerling, Jack M.; Helbling, Raymond J.; Helmer, Ted V.; Helmsworth, Frank W.
3 113
Hen - Hern
1 folder : Henderlider, Robert M.; Hendren, Robert L.; Henehen, Vincent; Hennis, Clifford E.; Henry, Robert T.; Henry, Walter B.; Hensley, Kenneth R.; Hepher, William S.; Heppler, Charles R.; Hepner, Leo D.D.; Herman, Robert A.; Herndon, John C.; Herndon, Joseph W.
3 114
Herr - Hig
1 folder : Herron, Eugene B.; Herron, John O.; Hersey, Ronald B.; Hersey, Wendell L.; Hess, Spencer W.; Heusser, Blaine R.; Hiaring, Philip C.; Hicks, Francis Hubert; Higgins, Frank M.; Higgins, Robert E.; Higginson, Leland C.; Higham, Edward J.
3 115
Hil - Hix
1 folder : Hill, Cecil W.; Hill, Dwight E.; Hill, Ira J.; Hill, Lyle F.; Hill, Russell G.; Hill, Warren H.; Hill, Wayne R.; Hilton, Otis N.; Hinchliff, Wendell R.; Hinkly, Francis R.; Hite, Thomas H.; Hitt, Wright; Hixon, Vernon M.
3 116
Hod - Hok
1 folder : Hodder, Richard L.; Hoelke, Roy Harry; Hoffmann, Harold H.; Hoffmann, William T.; Hoffmann, Robert; Hogaboam, George J.; Hogg, Robert A.; Hoggan, George Call; Hohnhorst, Thomas Q.; Hoidal, Clarence Raymond; Hoke, Lloyd Jack
2 117
Holb - Holm
1 folder : Holben, Damon Collins; Holbrook, Frank Coffin; Holden, Cyril Robert, Jr.; Holder, Don; Holland, Fred N.; Hollingsworth, Ralph Jerome; Holloway, Lyman D.; Holm, Donald G.; Holmes, Leslie Harold; Holmes, Myron Alexander; Holmes, Otho Eugene
3 118
Holt - Hop
1 folder : Holt, Everett Alfred; Holt, James Robert; Holt, Milton Warner; Holt, Robert Harlow; Homling, Roland E.; Honsinger, Roy T.; Hooper, William Dale; Hoops, William R.; Hoover, Eugene William; Hope, Arthur Carl; [Holdgrun, Henry A.]; Hopkins, Charles W.; Hopkins, Donald Lee; Hopkins, Vonley E.; Hoppe, Emil Robert
3 119
Hor - Hov
1 folder : Horn, Charles Henry; Horn, Fred; Hornbaker, Allison L.; Horney, Marcus E.; Horning, Charles; Horning, Theodore Roosevelt; Horowitz, Robert L.; Horton, George Richard; Hosoda, George S.; Houk, Will James; Houtchens, Max; Hove, Kermit; Hovorka, Wilton Skold
3 120
How - Hr
1 folder : Howard, Donald Ash; Howard, Emory M.; Howard, Forrest Hayden; Howard, Harry T.; Howard, John Parsons; Howard, Mark Rowe; Howard, Nelson Deloss; Howard, Potter Tylee; Howard, Rex Pomeroy; Howard, William Bailey; Howe, John Robert; Howell, William Howard; Howland, Charles Oliver; Hoyt, Devereux Gerrard; Hribar, Albert F.
3 121
Hud - Hug
1 folder : Hudelson, Burke; Hudson, Wayne D.; Huettig, Edgar Paul; Huettig, Otto Gerhard; Huff, Martin VanBuren; Huff, Oliver; Huggins, Harley Eugene; Hughes, Charles H.; Hughes, Charles L.; Hughes, David Robert; Hughes, Howard W.; Hughes, John Benjamin; Hughes, Ralph
3 122
Hul - Hum
1 folder : Hulet, Ray; Hull, John Alden; Hull, Leroy Del; Hull, Philip G.; Hume, Stanley Vernon; Humphrey, Ben K.; Humphrey, Charles B. (Jr.); Humphrey, Elmer Newton; Humphreys, Fred
3 123
Hung - Hunt
1 folder : Hungerford, Charles Roger; Hungerford, Kenneth; Hunt, Clare Edmund; Hunt, Lowell Clarence; Hunt, Mitchell W.; Hunt, Paul Samuel; Hunt, Ralph Hough; Hunt, Robert William; Hunt, Vincent; Hunt, William Boland; Hunt, William Donald
3 124
Hunte - Hus
1 folder : Hunter, Albert Edward; Hunter, Allen Jerome; Hunter, Glen Addison; Hunter, Harold Richard; Hunter, Kenneth M.; Hunter, Paul Emmett; Hunter, Rollin; Hunter, William A.; Hurd, Allen Dale; Hurford, Robert Arthur; Hurley, Edward E.; Hurst, Howard Allan; Hustead, Bill
3 125
Hut - Hy
1 folder : Hutchings, Samuel Cole; Hutchinson, James Ellis Jr.; Hutchison, James Richard; Hutchison, John Monroe; Hveem, Frank McCormack; Hyatt, Vernon R.; Hyde, Clifford; Hyde, Marshall; Hyder, Donald N.; Hyder, Norman W.; Hyke, Franklin Arthur; Hyke, Raymond John; Hyland, Billy Glenn; Hyland, Richard Alfred
3 126
Id - Io
1 folder : Iddings, Edward George; Iller, Werner Jacob; Ingebretsen, Vernon F.; Ingersoll, Walter Thomas; Ingle, Deryl David; Ingle, William Walter; Inman, Elbert Ellis; Ioset, George Emes
3 127
Ir - Iv
1 folder : Ireland, John R.; Isaman, Roy; Israel, William Loyd; Iverson, Eugene Charles; Iverson, Henry Sigurd; Iverson, Harold Robert
3 128
Jac - Jai
1 folder : Jackson, Frank Lee; Jackson, Richard Lewis; Jacky, Howard; Jacobs, Frank H.; Jacobs, Ray T.; Jacobsen, Kenneth P.; Jacobson, Alvin John; Jacobson, Ira; Jackson, Clair Merrill; Jacoby, Charles Edward Jr.,; Jacoby, Glenn James; Jacoby, Harry Joseph; Jagels, Norman H.; Jain, Walter L.
3 129
Jam - Jau
1 folder : James, Andrew Frank; James, Jack G.; James, Ralph Stephen; James, Vernon; James, Willis Edward; Janssen, Allen Sheeley; Janssen, Winfred Stewart; Jarlett, Oscar Joseph; Jasberg, Robert N.; Jasukonis, Albert Joseph; Jaussi, Ferdinand Gottfried
3 130
Jef - Jensen, M.
1 folder : Jefferson, George Frederick; Jeffery, Clarence Ray; Jelinek, Robert Mathew; Jenkins, Robert D.; Jenkins, Seth LeGrand; Jennings, James Perel; Jensen, Denmark C.; Jensen, Earl Christian; Jensen, Harold Kenneth; Jensen, Marcus L.
4 131
Jensen, N. - Johnsen
1 folder : Jensen, Nathan K.; Jensen, Ralph B.; Jensen, Robert E.; Jensen, Stanley James; Jensen, Robert Fred; Jensen, Theodore John; Jensen, Wendell C.; Jensen, J. Winston; Jeppesen, Stanley; Jeppesen, Sylvan A.; Jepson, Bruce Carl; Jess, Donald Albert; Jessup, Clifford Arthur; Jewell, Bill (William B.); Jockheck, John; Johannesen, Carl Andrew; Johannesen, Erling J.; Johannesen, Robert W.; Johnsen, Robert E.
4 132
Johnson, A. - Johnson, H.
1 folder : Johnson, Arthur B.; Johnson, Charles Melvin; Johnson, Clyde Leonard; Johnson, David Laurence; Johnson, Donald LeRoy; Johnson, Donald Lloyd; Johnson, Edward H.; Johnson, Edward Sverre; Johnson, Elmer A.; Johnson, Elmer Edward; Johnson, Elmer L.; Johnson, Floyd Ernest; Johnson, Fred Lewis; Johnson, Glenn William; Johnson, Henry Robert; Johnson, Herman Maurice; Johnson, Howard Elmore; Johnson, Howell C.
4 133
Johnson, J. - Johnson, W.
1 folder : Johnson, Jerome H.; Johnson, John Adolph; Johnson, Juan E.; Johnson, Keith H.; Johnson, Kenneth Eke; Johnson, Leo Raymond; Johnson, Lin H.; Johnson, Neil Hilbert; Johnson, Norman Stanley; Johnson, Philip Ellis; Johnson, Ralph Clifton; Johnson, Robert Lawrence; Johnson, Russell Ray; Johnson, Thorwald Anthony; Johnson, Walden W.; Johnson, Warren E.; Johnson, William L.
4 134
Johnston - Jones, J.
1 folder : Johnston, Arthur Elden; Johnston, Creston L.; Johnston, Donald S.; Johnston, Elmer Maurice; Johnston, George Kirk; Johnston, John Wesley; Johnston, Stedwell; Jonas, Henry Fred; Jones, Arthur W.; Jones, Carlyle Chester; Jones, Cecil Paul; Jones, Earnest W.; Jones, Eugene; Jones, Farrell Jedd; Jones, Howard Leonard; Jones, John Alan; Jones, John Elmer
4 135
Jones, P. - Jor
1 folder : Jones, Paul Edward; Jones, Robert Baldwin; Jones, Robert Damian; Jones, Sinclair; Jones, Thomas Daniels; Jones, William Borah; Jones, William James; Jones, Winston I.; Jordan, Amos A. Jr.; Jordan, Clark Harrison; Jordan, Dallas Francis; Jordan, Kenneth E.; Jordan, Robert Keith; Jordin, Donald Lee; Jordin, John C.; Jorgensen, William E.
4 136
Jos - Jur
1 folder : Joslyn, Gordon Everett; Joslyn, Ralph Mack; Joyce, Fuller M.; Judevine, Fred J.; Judy, Howard; Julian, Donald Eugene; Julian, John Franklin; Jullion, George Paul; Jump, Roy William; Juran, Henry; Jursek, Lark Dawn
4 137
Kaa - Kann
1 folder : Kaaen, LaVern Tillman; Kaczmarek, Ray; Kahn, Garson; Kail, Parris Emmett; Kalamarides, Pete; Kalbus, James W.; Kambitsch, Richard Loren; Kamelevicz, Anthony John; Kannegaard, Axel Peter
4 138
Kant - Kar
1 folder : Kantjas, John; Kantola, John W.; Kantola, Walter; Kapek, John Fisken; Kapek, Louis Hamilton; Kapel, Frank Joseph; Kara, Frank J.; Karably, Louis Stephen; Karchere, William; Karstad, Owen F.
4 139
Kas - Kei
1 folder : Kassens, Clarence Lee; Kaufman, Samuel (Jr.); Kearl, Bryant; Kearl, Delmar; Kearl, Spencer L.; Keck, Wendell M.; Keel, James Stanley, Jr.; Keene, Edward L.; Kehrer, Kenneth R.; Kehrer, Willard S.; Keiper, Edward Elmer; Keith, Donald Haven; Keith, Thomas Byron; Keithly, Clyde R.; Keithly, John C.
4 140
Kel - Kem
1 folder : Keller, Leslie; Kelley, Lawrence Charles; Kelley, Marvin Clarence; Kellogg, Leonard Burr; Kelly, Jack Alvin; Kelly, Richard James; Kelsey, Charles Edward; Kelso, Ronald Richard; Kemp, John Robert; Kemper, John Ray; Kempton, Merrill Alvin
4 141
Ken - Kerb
1 folder : Kendall, John Homer; Kendrick, David Donald; Kennedy, Bill; Kennedy, Donald Raymond; Kennedy, James Dudley; Kennedy, Pete Ralph; Kenworthy, Max Ronald; Kerby, Charles Donald; Kerby, Darrell C.
4 142
Kerc - Key
1 folder : Kercheval, Benjamin Berry; Kercheval, Robert Michael; Kerns, Richard P.; Kerns, Robert G.; Kerr, Charles; Kerr, Ralph Thompson; Kerr, Robert A.; Kerr, Robert Marion, Jr.; Kerr, William B.; Kershaw, Hyrum Watkins; Kerstetter, Glen Alfred; Kessinger, Rex O.; Keyes, Clement Peter
4 143
Kid - King, K.
1 folder : Kidwell, Robert Vern; Kiilsgaard, Thor H.; Kiljanczyk, Charles John; Killian, C. L.; Kimberling, Marvin S.; Kimbrough, James Irvin; King, Bruce K.; King, Charles Douglas; King, Charles Patrick; King, Harold G.; King, James E.; King, John Robert; King, John Roger; King, Kenneth D.
4 144
King, M. - Kj
1 folder : King, Max Randall; King, Paul; Kinghorn, Kenneth; Kingsford, Leonard Ormond; Kinnaman, Dale H.; Kinnear, William F. Jr.; Kinney, Harrison Benjamin Jr.; Kinney, James Sallee; Kircher, James Raymond; Kircher, Robert J.; Kirkpatrick, Denny Joseph; Kirkpatrick, Harold Dwight; Kirkpatrick, Hugh Charles; Kissel, Caslen A.; Kjerulf, Daniel O.; Kjosness, Robert Wensel
4 145
Kla - Klu
1 folder : Klass, Herschel Vincent; Klahr, James Russell; Klein, Carl; Klein, Carlos George; Klein, George M.; Kliewer, Robert Harry; Klinger, Marion Vorpe; Klobucher, Harold Carl; Kloepfer, Dean; Klug, Walter Robert
4 146
Kn - Kof
1 folder : Knap, Anthony Joseph; Knepper, John Edward; Knipe, William Bernard Jr.; Knox, Charles Sinclair; Knox, Delbert Frederick; Knox, Robert Thomas; Knox, William Ward; Knudsen, Robert Sigurd; Koch, Christian B.; Koch, Karl Ernst; Koch, Henry Ferdinand; Koch, Richard Lewis; Kochel, Edward Wayne; Koelsch, Malone W.; Kofmehl, Kenneth Theodore
4 147
Kom - Kra
1 folder : Komosky, Edward Charles; Kondo, Fred Fumio; Konen, Orville Vincent; Konopka, Irving J.; Koontz, Clyde Edward; Koppes, Robert; Korman, Robert Henry; Korsch, Lester J.; Kosena, Albert E.; Kramer, Louis; Kramer, Richard Boyd; Kramer, William Shelby
4 148
Kri - Kuh
1 folder : Krier, Edward Lester; Krier, John Peter; Krier, Richard David; Kroesing, Lawrence Hermann; Kroll, Alvin Frederick; Kruse, Joe Gavin; Kuehner, Roy Clinton; Kuhns, Dwight Moody
4 149
Kun - Ky
1 folder : Kunz, Willard E.; Kunze, Coney B.; Kurdy, Frank; Kurdy, John Ronald; Kurdy, Thomas J.; Kuroda, Goro John; Kytonen, Al Eino
4 150
Lab - Lam
1 folder : Labine, Leonard Charles; Lacey, Ralph Whittington; Ladd, Arthur Folk; Lafferty, George Erlin; La Follette, Evan P.; La Follette, Warren J.; Lafrenz, John; Lafrenz, Melvin Doyle; Lafrenz, Stanley Lyof; Laidlaw, James A.; Laing, James Marshall; Laird, Maurice Clarke; Lake, Theodore Glenn; Lake, William Scott; Lambert, Richard Stewart; Lame, Charles Warren
4 151
Land - Lant
1 folder : Lande, Erling; Lang, Robert Scott; Lang, William Emil; Langdon, Owen Gordon; Lange, Vern Wallace; Langley, Gardner Richard; Langland, Kenneth Frederick; Langley, William James; Langlois, Arthur R.; Lannan, John Stuart; Lanphear, Lester Carlton; Lanter, Lorenzo John; Lantor, Irving
4 152
Larg - Latha
1 folder : Largilliere, Edgar Walter; Larkin, Norman James; Larsen, Albert; Larsen, Herbert W.; Larsen, James Berkeley; Larson, Archie Milton, Jr.; Larson, Carl H.; Larson, Delbert G.; Larson, Earl Richard; Larson, Embert Victor; Larson, Gordon Woodrow; Larson, Louis; La Rue, Frank E.; La Rue, Robert Dean; Lash, Robert Louis; Latham, Fred Jr.; Latham, Kenneth Harold
4 153
Lathe - Lay
1 folder : Lathen, Frank Warren; Lathen, Wesley Waldo; Latimore, Joseph H.; Lattig, Gerald James; Lattig, Robert Max; Lauer, Warren Wehr; Laughlin, Paul Eugene; Laurent, Thomas Henry; Lauritzen, Kenneth; Law, Beverly John; Lawrence, Dale Clingman; Lawrence, Everett C.; Lawrence, Wendell D.; Lawrenson, Raymond Earl; Lawson, Charles Lewis; Lawson, Robert Douglas; Lawyer, Archie Bert; Layos, George Jack
4 154
Lea - Lee
1 folder : Leavitt, Elton David; LeBaron, Marshall John; LeClaire, Frederick; LeClaire, James V.; Lee, Bruce Royal; Lee, Elmer A.; Lee, Francis W.; Lee, George E. Jr.; Lee, Judson Isaac; Lee, Orrin E.; Lee, Wayne A.; Lee, William Shields; Leeper, Robert; Leeright, Jay Robert
4 155
Leh - Lemo
1 folder : Lehrbas, Lloyd Allan; Leibowitz, Philip; Leishman, Jack Charles; Leishman, Reid Melvin; Lemon, Emmett Dean; Lemon, Kenneth Meade; LeMoyne, Harry F.; Le Moyne, John Russell; LeMoyne, MacPherson
4 156
Lemp - Lewis, J.
1 folder : Lemp, Bernard L.; Lemp, George Tucker; Leonard, Charles Eugene; Leonard, William D.; Leuschel, William Paul; Levering, Lewis Raymond; Levering, Richard M.; Levi, Wesley E.; Levin, Albert Samuel; Levin, Herbert Theodore; Lewis, Arthur St. Claire; Lewis, Glenn Charles; Lewis, Jack Walter; Lewis, James Madison; Lewis, James Vaughn
4 157
Lewis, M. - Lindsa
1 folder : Lewis, Max B.; Lewis, Reed Hunter; Lewis, William Dean; Lienk, Siegfried; Lieuallen, John Wesley, Jr.; Liljenquist, L. Blaine; Lind, Leon Paul; Lindberg, Fred Alex; Lindberg, Ralph E.; Linderman, Robert Daniel; Lindgren, John Rudolph; Lindquist, William Dexter; Lindsay, Elvin Lester; Lindsay, William C.
4 158
Lindse - Lit
1 folder : Lindsey, Robert Virgil; Lindstrom, Russell Godfrey; Lines, Rolfe Otto; Lingel, Lyle Easton; Lingenfelter, Richard Leslie; Link, Hubert J.; Linkhart, Luther J.; Linkhart, Richard Newton; Linkhart, Robert Crites; Linn, Edward Allen; Lister, Laurence E.; Littlefield, Clyde Eugene
4 159
Llo - Lou
1 folder : Lloyd, Merle Gerald; Lloyd, Edwin Sandford; Lloyd, John B.; Lomax, Bryan W.; Long, Chester H.; Long, Roy Edgar; Long, William Samuel; Longfellow, Henry W.; Lothrop, Robert; Lott, Darrell Roy; Lotzenhiser, Robert; Lough, Samuel Robert
4 160
Lov - Luca
1 folder : Love, Jack A.; Low, William Wayne; Lowe, Havelock Gerald; Lowe, Jarvis Estel; Lowery, Charles Lorance; Lowery, Robert Richard; Lucas, Albert Carl; Lucas, James R., Jr.; Lucas, Lee Ronald; Lucas, William Joseph
4 161
Luce - Lun
1 folder : Luce, Ralph Raymond; Lucenta, Louie Michael; Luke, Harvard; Lukens, Edgar Merlyn; Lukens, Frederick; Lukens, John Fritchle; Lund, Robert Edward; Lund, Shirley; Lundquist, Melvin Albert; Lundquist, Raynard Victor; Lundy, Maurice; Lunstrum, Carl Kenneth; Lunstrum, Richard Maurice; Luntey, Eugene; Luntey, Robert S.
4 162
Lut - Ly
1 folder : Lutz, Wayne Roy; Luukkonen, Bruno Oliver; Luvaas, Conrad Leon; Lyden, James B.; Lyells, Robert Jack; Lyle, Donald R.; Lyle, James McCampbell, Jr.; Lyle, Parker A.; Lyngstad, John Otto, Jr.; Lyon, Glade Marvin; Lyon, Melvin Milton; Lyon, William Adair; Lyons, George R.; Lyons, Hardy Clayton
4 163
Mac - Mall
1 folder : Mack, Quentin W.; Mackey, Lester M.; Mackey, Shirley Wayne; Mackey, Stephen Lyons; Madison, Joseph; Madsen, Lyman Winn; Madsen, Stanton; Madson, Francis; Maguire, James H.; Maguire, John T.; Mains, Keenan Bushnell; Malin, Bernard; Malin, Jacob; Mallery, John Douglas; Mallory, Roger G.; Mallory, Walter Alfred
4 164
Malm - Mann, J.
1 folder : Malmquist, Bertil E.; Malmstrom, Manring Virgil; Malsed, David E.; Malta, Joseph Francis; Mangum, John Robert; Mangum, William Farrell; Manion, Orville Gayle; Manion, Wayne H.; Manley, Arthur; Mann, Curtis Whaley; Mann, James
4 165
Mann, R. - Marsh
1 folder : Mann, Russell P.; Manning, James Gerald; Manning, John Craige; Manning, Robert LeRoy; Manson, Howard; Manwaring, Eugene B.; Marden, Mark Thomas; Marineau, Fred Joseph; Mark, Frederick A.; Marquard, Martin William; Marriott, Kenneth Dean; Marsh, Philip Andrew; Marshall, Charles; Marshall, David Stockman; Marshall, Kenneth Byrchum; Marshall, Marvin Malcom; Marshall, William D.
4 166
Marsi - Mas
1 folder : Marsing, Robert Lauren; Martin, Albert Vivian; Martin, Donald Roy; Martin, Durward I.; Martin, Gerald Hurley; Martin, Joel P.; Martin, Paris Townsend; Martin, Ronald Giles; Martinson, Lloyd Gaines; Maryott, Glenn A.; Mason, Howard W.; Mast, John; Mastin, Richard James
4 167
Math - Matth
1 folder : Mathes, Ellis; Mathews, Earl B.; Mathews, Harold Neal; Matson, George A.; Matsuda, Tak; Matsura, Setsuo J.; Matthews, Arthur R.; Matthews, Darrell H.; Matthews, Fred Winifred; Matthews, James Boyd; Matthews, Maurice J.; Matthews, Ralph Emerson; Matthews, Robert Arthur; Matthews, William Tipton
4 168
Mattm - Maye
1 folder : Mattmiller, John N.; Mattox, James Ewin; Mattson, Alton B.; Mattson, Jack; Matz, Carl; Maughan, John Lowell; Maul, David Chandler; Maule, Richard Albert; Maupin, Jere W.; Maurer, Fred D.; Maxwell, Robert Wesley; Maxwell, W. LeGrande; May, James; Maydole, Myron T.; Mayer, Glen Wayne; Mayes, William Dean
4 169
Mayn - Mee
1 folder : Maynard, Earl M.; Maynard, Wayne; Mays, Clifton C.; Mays, Henry W.; Mays, Onas L.; Mead, Robert Edwin; Meagher, Francis Arthur; Meagher, Leo Norbert; Mears, John Savier; Medford, Rulon L.; Meech, Frederick A.; Meech, Lawrence Rodney; Meehan, Robert Emmett; Meese, John Charles
4 170
Meff - Men
1 folder : Mefford, Nathan Fennell, Jr.; Meikle, Stephen M., Jr.; Meiners, John Martin; Mellus, Herbert Heath; Meltesen, Clarence Richard; Mendiola, Thomas John; Mercer, Elwyn Jarvis; Meneely, Erle N.; Meneely, Maurice Austin; Meneely, William Alfred; Mentzer, Leland P.
4 171
Merc - Mese
1 folder : Mercer, Thomas Woodrow; Merrill, Edward Harris; Merrill, Floyd Webb; Merrill, John Warren; Merrill, Keith Cardon Jr.; Merrill, Marion Theodore; Merrill, Reid Webb; Merrill, William Paul; Mervyn, William; Mesenbrink, Larue; Merserve, Carl Guy; Meserve, Robert Lloyd
4 172
Mess - Mile
1 folder : Messenger, Loren Eliot; Messerli, Kenneth Frederick; Meyer, Eugene, Jr.; Meyer, James Henry; Michael, Dale C.; Michels, Arthur Gordon; Michels, James Richard; Mietzner, Everett H.; Miklich, William John; Milar, Jean; Miles, Elton Wendell; Miles, Joseph R.; Milette, Fred L.
4 173
Miller, C. - Miller, J.
1 folder : Miller, Charles Irwin; Miller, David Robert; Miller, Dean Edgar; Miller, Fred Lewis; Miller, George Morey; Miller, Frederick Christian; Miller, James A.; Miller, James Henry; Miller, James Vonley; Miller, John H.; Miller, John Smith
4 174
Miller, K. - Milli
1 folder : Miller, Keith I.; Miller, Lee Francis; Miller, Lionel Percy; Miller, Ralph C.; Miller, Robert C.; Miller, Robert W.; Miller, Rupert Winston, Jr.; Miller, William A.; Miller, William R.; Milliken, Donald D.
4 175
Mills - Min
1 folder : Mills, Donald L.; Mills, James Neville; Mills, Joseph Edward; Mills, Maurice Emmett; Milner, John Gillette; Minas, Frank Anthony; Minata, George Akira; Minden, Carl; Miner, Ross Ralph; Minnis, John Junior
5 176
Mit - Miz
1 folder : Mitchell, George Curtis; Mitchell, Herbert V.; Mitchell, Jack E.; Mitchell, James Brantley; Mitchell, Ralph Stevens; Mitchell, Richard Morse; Mitchell, Robert Anderson; Mitchell, Robert C.; Mitchell, Walter Paul; Mix, Gale L.; Mizer, Billie Jack
5 177
Moa - Monr
1 folder : Moan, John Christ; Moats, William LeRoy; Moerder, James G.; Moggridge, John; Mohan, Joseph M.; Molberg, John Melvin; Moldenhauer, Robert T.; Molen, Dayle Hanna; Monks, Howard Irvin, Jr.; Monnett, Albert A., Jr.; Monnett, Wallace P.; Monroe, Pearle Arvel
5 178
Mont - Moore, L.
1 folder : Montague, Robert Martin; Montell, Joseph; Moon, Leo Claire; Moon, Paul; Moor, Isaac Lowery; Moore, Boyd Allen; Moore, Burton L.; Moore, George K.; Moore, James Albert; Moore, James S.; Moore, Leonard Thomas; Moore, Lynn L.
5 179
Moore, R. - Morl
1 folder : Moore, Richard; Moore, Roderick G.; Moore, Troy; Morgan, Dan; Morgan, Duane; Morgan, Ralph Alexander; Morin, Edward Peter, Jr.; Morken, Paul Gilbert; Morken, David Joseph; Morley, Maurice J.
5 180
Morr - Mors
1 folder : Morris, John Atkinson; Morrison, Cecil H.; Morrison, Floyd Glendon; Morrison, Robert Walter; Morrison, William; Morrow, James Birney; Morrow, Robert; Morrow, Robert O.; Morrow, William John; Morse, Ralph Carrol, Jr.
5 181
Mort - Moss
1 folder : Mortensen, Harry Robert; Mortensen, Joe; Mortensen, Orval Stanley; Mortimer, Preston Ricks; Morton, Howard; Morton, Warren Eugene; Morton, William Randall; Moser, Frank Lee; Moser, James F.; Moses, Harry Milford; Mosley, Lewis A.; Mosley, Otto A.; Mosman, Harry William; Moss, Robert B.
5 182
Moti - Muf
1 folder : Motichka, Roy Charles; Mottern, Benjamin Cleveland; Mouat, William Gavin; Mouchet, George Thomas; Mowery, Gene B.; Mowry, James B.; Mrachek, Joseph Walter; Mueller, Hans George; Mueller, Waldemar; Mueller, William Timberlake; Muffett, John Richard
5 183
Mull - Murp
1 folder : Muller, James Keith; Muller, Ray Xavier; Mullins, Robert Wilson; Munro, Forrest M.; Murdock, Clinton V.; Murdock, Quentin C.; Murphy, Bates Howard; Murphy, Frank William; Murphy, James William; Murphy, Leslie Carlton; Murphy, Robert K.; Murphy, William Edward
5 184
Murr - Mye
1 folder : Murray, Paul R.; Musgrove, Billy Fred; Musial, Walter; Myers, Eugene W.; Myers, Leo Gilbert; Myers, Lloyd; Myers, Ralph Dudley; Myers, Reginald Rodney
5 185
McA - McCon
1 folder : McAlister, Edgar; McArthur, Laurence Richard; McAuley, Charles Edwin; McBratney, Edward William; McBride, Thomas Andrew; McCabe, James V.; McCabe, Stephen J.; McCall, John Weemer; McCarroll, John Robert; McCarthy, Leslie Theodore; McClaran, Joe Wallace, Jr.; McClellan, Hollis Scott; McClure, James Albertus; McClure, Raymond Andrew; McCluskey, James; McCombs, Alan Dale; McConnel, Mervin Gilbert; McConnel, Roger H.
5 186
McCor - McEu
1 folder : McCord, Joel H.; McCormick, Chester Arthur; McCormack, John Leydon; McCoy, John Carver; McDaniel, Garth M.; McDevitt, Dan; McDonald, George Robert; McDonald, Robert B.; McDonald, Roger Wilson; McElroy, Carroll Bernard; McElroy, James Vernon; McElroy, Joseph Henry; McEuen, Melvin Estes
5 187
McFa - McGu
1 folder : McFadden, George Robert; McFadden, Joseph James; McFarland, James; McFarlane, William Nickolas; McGee, Hugh Thompson; McGill, Theodore Wallace; McGinness, Kenneth T.; McGlashan, Donald Warren; McGonagle, Laurence C.; McGraw, Allen Ray; McGregor, Kirk Means; McGuire, Francis Leroy; McGuire, Jack Goodwin; McGuire, Wayne J.
5 188
McIn - McLi
1 folder : McIntosh, Jay Duncan; McIntosh, Kenneth B.; McIntyre, William Adrian; McKahan, James H.; McKeever, Charles Lee; McKeever, Earle R., Jr.; McKinney, Harlow; McKinster, Raymond Erle; McLane, Angus; McLaughlin, Charles E.; McLaughlin, Jack Enloe; McLaughlin, Robert Francis; McLean, Wilbert R.; McLeod, Arthur Angus; McLerran, Sheridan F.; McLinn, Edward F.
5 189
McMa - McWi
1 folder : McMahon, John Albert; McManamin, John; McMillan, William Walter; McMurray, Roy C.; McNichols, Gerald F.; McNichols, Raymond C.; McNaughton, Finley Hugh; McPhillamey, Wallace F.; McQuade, Henry Ford; McQuade, Jack Francis; McQueen, Duane Smith; McQueen, Kent S.; McVey, John W.; McVey, Marvin Earl; McWilliams, Lawrence F.
5 190
Maca - MacK
1 folder : Macartney, Thomas W.; MacKinnon, Harold Robert; Maclear, William P.; MacPhail, William G.
5 191
Nai - Nee
1 folder : Nail, Kenneth Monroe; Nally, Vernon; Nally, Vincent A.; Nansel, Arlo Dale; Napoli, John; Nash, Robert B.; Neal, Robert E.; Neale, William F.; Nearing, Oral Stiles; Nedros, Neal; Neeley, Clark H.; Neely, George Stewart; Neely, John Franklin; Neely, Joseph
5 192
Nei - Nelson, M.
1 folder : Neill, Harold V.; Neill, Marshall; Nelson, Adrian Douglas; Nelson, Arthur Paul; Nelson, C. A.; Nelson, Dale B.; Nelson, Dale Wendell; Nelson, Darcy William; Nelson, David Reynold; Nelson, Donald Kenneth; Nelson, Ernest V.; Nelson, Jack Clark; Nelson, John Z.; Nelson, Max; Nelson, Michael Hopland (or Howland—not sure)
5 193
Nelson, N. - Nev
1 folder : Nelson, Neal Denman; Nelson, N. Talmage; Nelson, Otto A.; Nelson, Paul Norman; Nelson, Ralph Ware; Nelson, Richard Hedeen; Nelson, Rudolph Victor; Nelson, Spencer Ware; Nelson, Vernon Jerome; Nesbitt, Elmer K.; Ness, Elmer Olin; Neudeck, James Tootell; Neuman, Alfred P.; Neuman, Robert Sterling; Nevins, John J.
5 194
New - Nic
1 folder : Newberry, William Fred; Newby, Burns G.; Newell, Jack S.; Newey, Robert L.; Newlon, Robert Ross; Newman, Grover R.; Newman, Harry Edwin; Newton, Francis John; Nietzold, George Ernest; Nicholes, Bruce Oliver; Nichols, Fred Joyce; Nichols, Marshall Raymond; Nicholson, Jean C.; Nicodemus, Gerald Marcus
5 195
Nie - Nvo
1 folder : Nielsen, Merril; Nieman, Hudson Robert; Noble, Edward Lawrence; Noble, Willis Andrew; Noel, Henry McVeigh; Nogle, Glenn; Nord, Eamor Carroll; Norell, James Alden; Norman, John E.; Northrop, Cortland Jenner, Jr; Novacic, Tony
5 196
Nuc - Nys
1 folder : Nuckols, James D.; Nuffer, Myron Gerald; Nugent, Bunch Amos; Numbers, John Robert; Nunemaker, John C.; Nunnelley, James H.; Nutting, Jasper Lee; Nutting, Richard Curtice; Nutting, Willard; Nye, George Harold; Nye, Walter; Nystrom, Harold Rudolph
5 197
Oa - Oc
1 folder : Oaas, Torgus L.; Obendorf, Joseph Herman; Obendorf, Robert Otto; O'Brien, James Riley; O'Brien, Robert McC.; Ochsner, George H.; Ockert, Roy Anthony; O'Connor, Gerald Wayne; O'Connor, James Patrick; O'Conner, Robert D.; O'Conner, Walter W.
5 198
Od - Ol
1 folder : Odberg, Jim Ellis; O'Donnell, Wesley R.; Ogsbury, Earl G., Jr.; Ohms, Charles Henry; Oldson, Harold (Olie); Olivadoti, Peter Bruno Paul; Oliver, John Pike; Olmstead, Glenn; Olmstead, Ralph W.; Olson, Andrew Clarence, Jr.; Olson, Cecil Emil; Olson, Richard; Orland, Halsey Lewis; Olson, Walter Orville; Olson, William A.
5 199
Om - Ow
1 folder : O'Mara, John Joseph; O'Meara, Don J.; O'Meara, William; Orlob, William James; O'Rouark, Terence; Osborne, Nathan J.; Osborne, Robert; Osgood, F. Russell; Osgood, John Cleveland, Jr.; Oslund, George R.; Otness, Bernard Milton; Otness, Herman R.; Ott, Richard B.; Overbaugh, William; Owen, Richard Edwin; Owens, Charles H., Jr.
5 200
Pa - Pari
1 folder : Pabst, Herman Norman; Pace, David George; Pace, Robert Maurice; Page, Philip Roy; Pagel, Richard Frederick; Paine, Lee Alfred; Painter, Charles Ross; Painter, Robert Teed; Palmer, Jarvis Page; Palmer, Noble Eugene; Paquet, Joseph Freeman; Pardue, Lee James; Paris, Richard Harland ; Parish, Oliver Lewis
5 201
Park - Pass
1 folder : Park, Nelson Gray; Parker, Don McKee; Parker, Nelson; Parker, Robert Gail; Parkinson, Louis Davidson; Parks, Keith Walker; Parrish, Paul; Parsons, LaFayette Ross; Parsons, Harold C.; Pasborg, Francis Melvin; Passey, Mirl Jay; Passmore, Robert W.
5 202
Pat - Pau
1 folder : Patano, James Vincent; Patch, Ernest W.; Patch, Vernon; Paterson, Alexander C.; Patrick, Miles Dennis; Patterson, Jack Oliver; Patterson, Wade Alexander; Patterson, Willard Hale; Pattison, George F.; Patton, Leonard Harold; Patton, Robert Franklin; Paul, Reuben H.; Paulsen, Albert Willis; Paulsen, Donald
5 203
Pay - Pee
1 folder : Payne, Gene F.; Payne, John Charles; Payne, Cloyd Terry; Peacock, John J.; Peak, Jack Waldo; Peak, Martin; Pearce, Robert W.; Pearson, Eric G.; Pearson, Milo Walter; Pease, Gilbert C.; Peck, Charles Whitman; Peck, Roy V.; Peck, Raymond Holmes; Pederson, Gerald Edwin; Pederson, Marcus Emil; Peebles, John Joseph
5 204
Pef - Pep
1 folder : Pefley, Wallace B.; Pence, Albert L., Jr.; Pence, Jack Taylor; Pence, Peter Munson; Pence, Theodore R.; Pendrey, LeGrand A.; Penick, Water L., Jr.; Penwell, Guy Oscar; Penwell, Park Hugo; Pepper, I. R. (Karl)
5 205
Per - Petersen
1 folder : Perciful, Jack Thomas; Peret, John W.; Perkins, Kilby V.; Perkins, Paul Craig; Perry, James William; Petermann, Nelse Walter; Peters, Ralph Black; Petersen, Arthur John; Petersen, Don Andrew; Petersen, Floyd Richard; Petersen, Homer; Petersen, Lyle Leo; Petersen, William Arthur
5 206
Petrson, A. - Peterson, I.
1 folder : Peterson, Archie Elwood; Peterson, Aulis Allen; Peterson, Charles Marble; Peterson, Charlie Frederick; Peterson, Donald Frederick; Peterson, Doran A.; Peterson, Edward Aldridge; Peterson, Edwyn George; Peterson, Floyd Elwood; Peterson, Howard A.; Peterson, Ivan Erland
5 207
Peterson, J. - Petz
1 folder : Peterson, James T.; Peterson, J. Reed; Peterson, John Woodrow; Peterson, Joseph R.; Peterson, Lloyd; Peterson, Martin Francis; Peterson, Reed Lawrence; Peterson, Robert Noth; Peterson, Vaughn G.; Peterson, Wayne Ellsworth; Pettibone, Franklin T., Jr.; Pettijohn, William Clausen; Petty, Keith J.; Petzoldt, Paul Kiesow
5 208
Ph - Pie
1 folder : Phillips, George R.; Phillips, Robert Leslie; Phinney, Richard; Phipps, James Benjamin; Phoenix, Edmond Chilton; Pickell, Frederick C.; Pickett, Hal G.; Pickett, Floyd J.; Pickett, Vaun J.; Piedmont, William A.; Pierce, Arnold Leroy; Pierce, Horace Elburn; Pierson, Melvin Loren
5 209
Pin - Pla
1 folder : Pincock, Warren Kay; Pinkerton, Ralph Marshall; Pinnock, John Henry; Pinson, Carl Raymond; Piper, Frank C.; Piper, John McMillan; Pitcher, Carter Lee; Pitcher, Wayne Harold; Pitcher, Carter Lee; Pitts, Forrest Ralph; Pitts, Ralph William; Plastino, Charles Ross; Plastino, Felix; Platt, Kenneth B.; Plath, Bruce Bradford; Platts, Wylsie Richard
5 210
Poi - Pot
1 folder : Pointer, Robert; Poirier, Fielden, Jr.; Pomeroy, George; Ponack, Eli; Pond, Burritt Hollister; Porter, Emmet Benson; Porter, Horace M.; Porzel, Francis B.; Posterick, Richard Burke; Pothier, Oscar Edward; Potter, Donald Bradford; Potter, Elmer H.; Potts, Claude Henry; Potts, Edward; Potts, Howard; Potts, Robert N.
5 211
Pou - Pra
1 folder : Poulos, George Argis; Poulson, Paul Herman; Powell, James S.; Powell, John W.; Powell, Keith Ross; Powell, Marvin; Powell, Roland Milton; Powell, William Weaver, Jr.; Powers, Allan Edward; Powers, Harold; Prater, James Dean; Prather, Eugene Calahan; Prather, Watt E.; Pratt, Glenn William
5 212
Pre - Pri
1 folder : Presnell, Philip W.; Price, Dale Knight; Price, Edward John; Price, Gordon Joseph; Price, John Samuel; Price, Paul Edward; Price, Vaughan A.; Price, Walter J.; Price, William Lyle; Priest, Thomas Wesley Priest, Wilmer Glen; Prince, Harry Merwin; Prine, Dale
5 213
Pro - Pyr
1 folder : Probst, Patrick Wilson; Procter, Henry James; Provenzano, Sunday John; Purcell, Arthur Luke, Jr.; Pyper, Robert Herrington; Pyrah, Duane B.; Pyrah, Ralph E.
5 214
Quig - Quis
1 folder : Quigley, Clinton W.; Quinn, Fred DeLeon; Quist, Frederick Fenn
5 215
Raa - Ran
1 folder : Raab, Edwin; Racine, Louis Frank, Jr.; Ragland, Richard Stanley; Ralstin, Alvin E.; Ralstin, Keith Adrian; Ramsey, Jack; Randall, LaVerne; Randall, Russell Samuel; Randall, Warren Robert; Raney, Franklin C.; Ransom, James C. W.; Ranta, Soini Edwin; Ranton, Harold Edgar; Ranzinger, Gustav
5 216
Ras - Ray
1 folder : Rasmussen, Murlin Albert; Rathbun, Glenn Earl; Rathbun, Williard Glasco, Jr.; Rathke, Wilburt Robert; Ratliff, Robert; Ratliff, Donald Elias; Rauw, Irving Harold; Rawlings, John L.; Raymond, William McCann
5 217
Rea - Ree
1 folder : Read, Donald Lee; Read, Eugene Wesley; Reardon, Thomas Alvin; Reddekopp, Donald Earl; Reddekopp, Wayne Allen; Redford, George Eugene; Redford, Hugh; Redmond, Paul H.; Redmun, Alfred Eugene; Reed, Philip; Reed, Robert Brownlee; Reed, Wallace; Reed, William; Reed, Woody Lee; Reeves, John W.
5 218
Reg - Rei
1 folder : Reget, Harry Daniel; Reich, Royal Fred; Reicher, William Edward; Reid, Clarence Ralph; Reid, Francis Eugene; Reid, Harvey Killion; Reid, Ralph Roger; Reierson, Peter A.; Reilly, John Francis Patrick; Reilly, John J.; Reinhardt, Forrest Rex; Reinhardt, Howard Earl; Reis, Donald James; Reis, Frank Mark; Reiter, J. P.
5 219
Rem - Rey
1 folder : Remaklus, John Phil, Jr.; Renfrow, Herman Edward; Requist, Charles R.; Retherford, Robert W.; Revelli, Robert Joseph; Reynolds, Dale Lavern; Reynolds, Edward Burnett; Reynolds, Guy E.; Reynolds, Richard Allan, Jr.
5 220
Rho - Ric
1 folder : Rhodes, Jesse D.; Rhodes, Norman Hulette, Jr.; Rice, James Francis; Rice, Loren C.; Rich, George David; Rich, Samuel J.; Rich, Walker Junior; Richards, Horace, Jr.; Richardson, Gerald George; Richardson, Kay Winter; Richardson, William D.; Richardson, William H.; Richmond, Raymond Lee; Rickel, Iven Y., Jr.; Ricketts, Curtis T.; Ricks, Garth A.
6 221
Rid - Riu
1 folder : Riddell, Charles A.; Riddle, Charles L.; Ridgeway, Gerald; Riegel, Robert D.; Rieger, Bernard J.; Rieman, Clarence Henry; Riesbol, Herbert S.; Rigby, Ray Wendell; Rigdon, Melvin LeRoy; Riley, Donald Monroe; Riley, Edward Michael; Ringdahl, John Norman; Riordan, Ben Raphael; Riordan, Richard; Riordan, Stephen M.; Ritchey, Maurice S., Jr.; Ritchie, Roy W.; Ritzheimer, Earl; Riutcel, Lloyd Adelbert
6 222
Robb - Robertson, D.
1 folder : Robbins, Robert Edward; Robbins, Walter Clement; Roberts, Earl Clark; Roberts, Lester R.; Roberts, Ralph C.; Roberts, William Kenneth; Roberts, Wolffe W. (Bob); Robertson, Dale Foster; Robertson, Donald B.
6 223
Robertson, E. - Robinson, L.
1 folder : Robertson, Edward Irvin; Robertson, Ford D.; Robertson, James Howard; Robertson, Joe Bill; Robertson, Kenneth C.; Robins, Charles M.; Robinson, Alfred Bruce; Robinson, Errol Wayne; Robinson, Fay Childers; Robinson, Fred; Robinson, Joe Anthony, Jr.; Robinson, Leonard S.
6 224
Robinson, R. - Roi
1 folder : Robinson, Rickard Gordon; Robinson, Robert Maxfield; Robinson, Ronald Arthur; Robison, Clayne; Robson, Robert Morgan; Rodell, Herman; Rodgers, Charles A.; Rodkey, Grant V.; Roe, Willard A.; Rogers, Dale Freeman; Rohrer, Ira Allan, Jr.; Roise, Elmer Manford
6 225
Rol - Rose
1 folder : Rollefson, Ivan; Rolph, Roger Allen; Romig, Dr. Ronald Curtis; Root, Roy B., Jr.; Roper, Donald Ross; Roper, James Henry; Roper, John William; Rosa, Dwain Bruce; Rosa, John Marvin; Rosamond, James Robison; Rosen, Sam Dill; Rosenau, Gustave Delos; Rosenberry, Robert Gordon; Rosevear, Henry J.
6 226
Rosk - Rot
1 folder : Roskelley, Fenton Samuel; Roskelley, Richard James; Roskelley, Robert Warren; Ross, Elmer; Ross, Frank Elmer, Jr.; Ross, George T.; Ross, Gordon Edward; Ross, James Montgomery; Rossi, Herman Joseph, Jr.; Rosti, Earl Kenneth; Roth, Eugene William
6 227
Rou - Rud
1 folder : Rounds, Douglas Alva; Rowe, Cleo Fred; Rowe, Ross L.; Rowell, Lyle Marshall; Rowell, Ross E.; Rowen, Richard Fred; Rowen, Robert A.; Rowles, Donald Gridley; Roylance, Howard Bates; Rubisch, Kurt Otto; Ruckman, Charles M.; Ruderfer, Walter Alvin
6 228
Rue - Rus
1 folder : Rue, Evan Ray; Ruebke, John; Rugg, John Bailey; Ruiz, Fred; Rukgaber, Howard L.; Rullman, Dale Eldon; Rummel, Jon Richards; Runberg, John; Runser, Albert William; Rupp, John J.; Rush, Kirk; Rusher, Robert Howard; Russell, Athus DeLoss; Russell, George; Russell, George R.; Russell, Verne Henry
6 229
Rut - Ry
1 folder : Ruth, Monroe Leon; Rutledge, Richard Darrel; Ryan, Bernard; Ryan, Eugene John; Ryan, Harold Lyman; Ryan, John Paul; Ryan, Joseph Clement; Ryan, Michael Gerald; Ryan, Richard Francis; Ryan, Robert Martin
6 230
Saa - Sanb
1 folder : Saastad, Harold Leif; Sachs, Dean Morris; Sackett, Irvin LaVerne; Sahlberg, Robert Bruce; Sahlberg, William LeRoy; Salladay, Leonard Elmer; Salladay, Richard Luther; Salskov, Karl Andrew; Saltzman, Jerome; Samms, Virgil William; Samson, Merle Roger; Sanborn, Joseph Roscoe
6 231
Sand - Sann
1 folder : Sanders, Alfred J.; Sanders, Burton Laird; Sanders, Cedric; Sanders, Charles E.; Sanders, William B.; Sanderson, Herbert Stanley; Sandison, Gordon T.; Sandmeyer, John A.; Sanger, Frederic Miller; Sanner, Dale Raymon; Sanner, Galen W.
6 232
Sar - Scha
1 folder : Sarbacher, Cletus George; Sargent, Charles; Sargent, Melvin Don; Sargent, William B.; Sarles, Robert W.; Sarles, Richard; Sartwell, Paul P.; Satre, Wendell J.; Saunders, Horace George; Saunders, Mack L.; Sawyer, Charles Wesley; Schaill, William Emmett; Schatz, Fred Henry; Schaub, Frank Xavier; Schaufelberger, Donald S.
6 232
Sche - Schn
1 folder : Schenk, Boyd Frederick; Schenk, Wendell L.; Schierman, Albert Howard; Schild, Otto, Jr.; Schilke, Lester Steve; Schiller, J. Robert; Schimke, Lawrence Weldon; Schmidt, Burton W.; Schmidt, Ralph G.; Schmidt, Virgil Victor; Schmitt, David William; Schmitt, James J.; Schmitt, Robert M., Jr.; Schmittroth, Louis A., Jr.; Schmitz, Orville; Schnurr, Robert Renfrew
6 234
Scho - Schul
1 folder : Schock, Delbert Henry; Schodde, John Albert; Schoeffler, Franklin Anthony; Schoener, Clifford Van; Schofield, Ross R.; Schooler, Robert Wayne; Schreiner, John Chrysostom; Schroth, Norman H.; Schubert, Adam J., Jr.; Schubert, Donald Richard; Schuettenhelm, Charles L.; Schulman, Bernard; Schultz, Henry William; Schultze, Raymond Laverne
6 235
Schum - Scott, H.
1 folder : Schumacker, Andrew G.; Schumacher, Charles Peter; Schumacher, Walter; Schurman, Clayton James; Schutte, Jack E.; Schutte, William Henry; Schwalbe, Eli Frederick; Schwartz, Harry Hall; Schweizer, Leo Erwin; Schwendiman, Ray Julius; Scott, Charles Francis; Scott, Harvey A.; Scott, Howard Eugene
6 236
Scott, K. - Sen
1 folder : Scott, Kenneth William; Scott, Marvin M.; Scott, Orland Brebner; Scott, Richard Elmer; Scott, Russell T.; Scott, Theodore; Scott, William Leland; Seale, Robert Henry; Seatz, Lloyd Frank; Seatz, Owen Hyder; Seeds, Harold Karis; Seims, William George, Jr.; Sellers, Joseph Bernard; Selway, Jack Thomas; Senften, Eugene R.
6 237
Sep - Sey
1 folder : Sept, Alton E.; Sept, Clinton L.; Serafin, Fred Frank; Seubert, Herbert Anthony; Severin, Mirland Henry; Severine, Raynor Howard; Severn, Charles Allen; Severn, Frank Weldon; Severn, Harry Russell; Sewell, William Romaine; Seymour, Charles Frederick
6 238
Sha - Shel
1 folder : Shadel, Leigh Noel; Shaffer, John Henry; Shaffer, Lyman H.; Shaffer, Robert E.; Sharpe, Kenneth L.; Shaver, Ralph K.; Shaver, Richard Seymour; Shaw, Delbert McKean; Shawver, Chester L.; Shearer, Clarence John; Sheehan, John Daniel; Sheehan, Pat; Sheehy, Dennis E.; Sheldrew, John Arnold; Shelton, Stephen D.
6 239
Shep - Sho
1 folder : Shepherdson, James Arden Jr; Sherfey, Robert Gordon; Sherman, Eugene Proctor; Sherman, Frederick Buren; Sherman, Leslie Oliver; Shewnack, Robert C.; Shiell, Arlou Ernest; Shiely, Thomas Paul; Shipley, Gilbert Lowell; Shook, Donal Lee; Shook, Vernon Phray; Shore, Gordon I.; Shortridge, Spencer Reed
6 240
Shr - Sie
1 folder : Shreve, John Francis; Shreve, Joseph Milburn; Shull, William George; Shurtliff, Wesley Orr; Sickels, Thomas N.; Sidange, John R.; Siddoway, Denton R.; Siddoway, Grant; Siddoway, John Holley; Siebe, Fred Wilson; Sievers, Clement Henry
6 241
Sif - Sit
1 folder : Sifton, James Bruce; Sifton, Donald Burdett; Silene, Frank Biethan, Jr.; Silver, Lawrence; Silverberg, Savel Benhard; Simmons, Charles F.; Simons, Richard Grant; Simpson, Harrison Hudson; Simpson, Ward Alexander; Sinclair, Ervin Wayne, Jr.; Singer, Donald; Sinsel, Frank C. "Chick"; Sites, Donald Harold
6 242
Ska - Ski
1 folder : Skar, Ralph Gunnar; Skeels, Dell Roy; Skeels, Vernon Harold; Skiles, Charles S.; Skiles, David Oscar; Skiles, Gerald Willard; Skiles, Victor; Skina, Ansbert G.; Skina, Fred Arthur; Skinner, Albert Martin; Skinner, George E.; Skinner, Jack Howard; Skinner, William L.
6 243
Skj - Sma
1 folder : Skjersaa, Norman; Skoglund, Peter Johan; Skow, Lloyd Cedric; Slade, Richard Schermerhorn; Slade, Richard S.; Slayton, Thomas; Sletager, Ralph Martin; Slusher, Edward Cullom; Small, John Rodney; Smalley, George Ellefsen
6 244
Sme - Smith, De.
1 folder : Smedley, Jack Elwood; Smiley, Thomas James; Smith, Almon Ward; Smith, Carroll Lee; Smith, Courtland B.; Smith, Cecil B.; Smith, Charles Ernest; Smith, Charles Judson; Smith, Dalton W.; Smith, Darold; Smith, Darrell Arthur; Smith, Dean
6 245
Smith, Do. - Smith, G.
1 folder : Smith, Don Cary; Smith, Desmond Ray; Smith, Donald Edward; Smith, Dorsey Orrin; Smith, Douglas Richard; Smith, Dwight Raymond; Smith, Earl L.; Smith, Edward R.; Smith, Elmer Jay; Smith, Eugene Coleman; Smith, Franklin B., Jr.; Smith, Frank Blair; Smith, Franklin Edward; Smith, Gordon C.
6 246
Smith, H. - Smith, V.
1 folder : Smith, Harley B.; Smith, Howard Thomas; Smith, Jerald Vickers; Smith, Louis D.; Smith, Max Phillip; Smith, Richard; Smith, Robert B.; Smith, Robert E.; Smith, Robert James; Smith, Robert Wayne; Smith, Ronald O.; Smith, Roy Edward; Smith, Stuart Homer; Smith, T. Stacy; Smith, Theron Eldon; Smith, Thomas James, Jr.; Smith, Thomas Sidney; Smith, Verald A.; Smith, Victor Earl
6 247
Smith, W. - Sno
1 folder : Smith, Wallace Allen; Smith, Walter E.; Smith, William B.; Smith, William Morgan; Smith, Willis Merton; Smith, Winton Sylvester; Smolinski, Roscoe Charles; Smylie, George H.; Snead, Harry Everett; Sneddon, Thomas R.; Snodgrass, John H.; Snodgrass, Walter Howard; Snow, Edwin A.; Snow, Melvin Charles
6 248
Sny - Soe
1 folder : Snyder, Fred Roland; Snyder, Freeman Woodrow; Snyder, Houston Charles; Snyder, Joe Wendell; Snyder, Richard Lee; Snyder, Robert Francis; Snyder, Vernon Gerald; Sodorff, Richard Lockwood; Soeters, Harold John
6 249
Sol - Sou
1 folder : Soliday, Charles Frederick; Solinsky, Tom; Soltman, Donald Jack; Sommer, George Russell; Sommer, Gordon A.; Sommer, John W.; Songstad, Merle Pitman; Soniville, Elmer; Sorensen, Asael T.; Sorenson, Douglas; Sorenson, James Woodrow; Sorenson, Maurice Vere; Soule, Gailen B.; Southam, Chester Milton; Southam, Walter Lloyd; Southwick, Roy L.; Southworth, Donald Jay
6 250
Sow - Spe
1 folder : Sowder, James Ethelbert; Sowder, Kenneth; Sowder, Raymond; Spaeth, William John; Spalding, Carlton Thomas; Spalding, Arlin Robert; Spear, Clayton Verne; Spence, Robert Leslie; Spencer, Earl; Spencer, John R., Jr.; Spencer, Lawrence Horne; Spencer, Marshall Eugene; Spencer, Robert W.; Spencer, Winston Thomas; Sperazzo, Vincent James
6 251
Spi - Spr
1 folder : Spicuzza, Joseph Phillip; Spiker, Robert G.; Spillman, Lynn; Spinney, Carleton H.; Spofford, Thomas A.; Spohn, Robert Lawrence; Spooner, James Armon; Sprague, William Benjamin; Sproat, Robert Thomson; Sproat,William Tennell; Sproul, Jess S.
6 252
Sta - Stc
1 folder : Stalsberg, Roy Arnold; Stamm, John Frederick; Standley, Irvin Lloyd; Stanfield, Robert; Stanleis (?), S. J.; Stankis, Sylvester George; Stanley, Allen Daniel; Stanley, Henry Harold; Stanton, Edgar Williams III; Stanton, Richard Kenneth; Stark, George William; Stark, Robert; Staudacher, Gerald; Stauff, Clifton Byron; Stauff, Oscar; St. Clair, Gilbert Clency
6 253
Stea - Sten
1 folder : Stearns, Llewelyn B.; Steele, Fred Brunt; Steele, Leigh Dryden; Steele, Leslie Ray; Steger, Harman F.; Steile, John Theodore; Steinberg, Charles; Steiner, Homer Calvin; Steinheiser, Robert Varney; Steiniger, Erich W.; Stellmon, Earl H.; Steneck, Jack; Steneck, Attilio
6 254
Step - Stet
1 folder : Stephan, Robert Wellington; Stephens, Francis T.; Stephens, L. J.; Stephenson, Eldred C.; Stephenson, Melvin Joseph; Sterner, Lionel; Stettler, Ellis E.; Stettler, Norris Paul
6 255
Stev - Stew
1 folder : Stevens, Clarence Wilfred; Stevens, Courtney; Stevens, John Alonzo; Stevens, Roy R.; Stevens, Walter I.; Steward, John Tritt; Stewart, Burton L.; Stewart, Harold; Stewart, James Malcolm; Stewart, Lamar J.; Stewart, Robert Mason; Stewart, Thomas B.; Stewart, William Albert
6 256
Sti - Stoc
1 folder : Stichter, Harold Floyd; Still, Richard Ralph; Stillinger, John Robert; Stillinger, Otto Rudolph; Stillinger, Richard Conrad; Stilwell, Clarence E.; Stim, Alexander, Jr.; Stitt, James Albert; Stockslager, Edward H.
6 257
Stod - Stor
1 folder : Stoddard, Bruce W.; Stoddard, George Edward; Stoddard, Merle Douglas; Stoddard, Moreau E.; Stokes, Merl Wilford; Stokes, Wilton D.; Stone, Addison William; Stone, Allan C.; Stone, Bert; Stone, Marvin; Storey, Gerald; Storkman, August A., Jr.; Story, Wayne W.
6 258
Stou - Stra
1 folder : Stout, Elmer Allen; Stout, Robert Jethro; Stover, Allen Charles; Stover, John Arlen; Stowell, Harold B.; Strachan, Robert Ramsay; Stranahan, Clyde H.; Stranahan, Floyd Everett; Stratton, Byron Lynn; Strawn, Charles C.; Strawn, Loren G.; Strawn, Raymond Emory; Strawn, Robert
6 259
Stre - Sul
1 folder : Streator, Warren Sidney; Strickle, John Bryant; Stringer, John; Stroh, J. Donald; Strohbehn, Bernhard E.; Strom, Charles W.; Stromberg, Ovid Nels; Stuart, Robert W.; Stucki, Merrill Gottfried; Styffe, Hobart Hilbert; Sullivan, Elmo J. (Mike); Sult, Cecil R.; Sult, Francis Laurence; Sult, Harry Maurice
6 260
Sum - Sut
1 folder : Summerside, George William; Sundberg, Keith; Sundquist, Carl Leonard; Sutcliff, Robert Junior; Sutherland, Charles F.; Sutherland, William West; Suominen, Roy Armas; Sutton, Buhl; Sutton, Charles A.; Sutton, Franklin Paul; Sutton, Ladd; Sutton, Vernon Wayne
6 261
Swa - Swe
1 folder : Swager, Thomas T.; Swan, Arthur B., Jr.; Swan, Donald Chester; Swanson, Morris E.; Swanson, Robert E.; Swanstrum, Richard Palmer; Swarbrick, James Castles; Sweet, Ferris Irwin; Sweetwood, Charles W.
6 262
Swi - Sz
1 folder : Swingler, Richard T.; Swinney, Donald H.; Swisher, George William; Swisher, Robert Bryce; Sundeen, William Erhard; Syron, Ramey Otto; Szabo, William Frank
6 263
Tac - Taylor, E.
1 folder : Tacovsky, Emil; Taft, Elmer; Taggart, John Jay; Taggart, Vernon; Talboy, Dean Walter; Talbot, Lawrence Denis; Tauber, Richard Dale; Tautfest, Howard Eubank; Taylor, Alan Ian; Taylor, Dalton William; Taylor, Dan W.; Taylor, E. A.; Taylor, Eugene Emerson
6 264
Taylor, G. - Tays
1 folder : Taylor, George Howell; Taylor, Glen; Taylor, Jack Thornton; Taylor, John; Taylor, Morton Casady; Taylor, Paul Francis; Taylor, Robert Kent; Taylor, Roy C.; Taylor, Samuel Addison; Taylor, Sennett S.; Taylor, Stanley LeRoy; Taylor, Victor; Taylor, William E.; Taysom, Elvin D.
6 265
Tea - Ter
1 folder : Taylor, George Howell; Taylor, Glen; Taylor, Jack Thornton; Taylor, John; Taylor, Morton Casady; Taylor, Paul Francis; Taylor, Robert Kent; Taylor, Roy C.; Taylor, Samuel Addison; Taylor, Sennett S.; Taylor, Stanley LeRoy; Taylor, Victor; Taylor, William E.; Taysom, Elvin D.
7 266
Tew - Thomas, H.
1 folder : Tew, Earl; Tewhey, John S.; Thatcher, Alan Hal; Thaxton, Alfred; Theis, Charles Edward; Thiessen, George Roscoe; Thomas, Byron Kay; Thomas, Clifford George; Thomas, Charles Richard; Thomas, Charles William; Thomas, David James; Thomas, Edward D.; Thomas, Gerald Waylett; Thomas, Harold Eugene
7 267
Thomas, J. - Thompson, T.
1 folder : Thomas, John James; Thomas, Leo Alvon; Thomas, Richard Weyerts; Thomas, Vern Rowe; Thomas, Wm. Bond; Thome, Mark Wesley; Thome, Paul I., Jr.; Thompson, Anson Eugene; Thompson, Hubert Troy; Thompson, Keith Vernon; Thompson, Kenneth T.; Thompson, Reuben Carl; Thompson, Theodore Dewitt
7 268
Thompson, V. - Thompson, W.
1 folder : Thompson, Virgil Nelson; Thompson, Warren Cole; Thompson, Wayne Jay; Thompson, William D.; Thomson, George Wallace; Thomson, Harold Keith; Thomson, William Logan
7 269
Thor - Tif
1 folder : Thornber, Merrill Strickland; Thorne, Glen O.; Thornhill, Raymond Perle; Thorsen, Elmer Oluf; Thrapp, Hilton W.; Thune, Roman Carl; Thurston, Edwin K.; Thurston, Fred Folsom; Thurston, John N.; Thurston, Robert V.; Tierney, Richard A.; Tifft, Ward Richard
7 270
Tig - Tom
1 folder : Tigert, Allen H.; Tigert, Russell; Tiller, Charles F.; Tipton, Frank Weston; Tise, Herbert Neil; Titmus, James Leroy; Toccalini, Henry J.; Todd, John I.; Toevs, Alden Lewis; Toevs, Gordon R.; Tolman, Rex C.; Tolmie, Donald Warren, Jr.; Tolmie, John Gordon; Tomich, John Frank; Tomlinson, Edmund Eugene
7 271
Ton - Toy
1 folder : Tonning, Wayland; Toolson, Donald R.; Toomey, James Clayton; Toone, James Melvin, Jr.; Toone, Spencer William; Torgesen, Kingsley C.; Torgesen, Robert Calvin; Torgerson, James; Torgerson, Marvin George; Tovey, Farrel James; Tovey, Keith Daniels; Tovey, Ralph; Towles, James Gilliard; Towne, Robert J.; Townsend, Donald Clarence; Toyer, Wayne D.
7 272
Tra - Trui
1 folder : Tracy, Donald; Tracy, Jack H.; Tracy, Keith; Tripp, Harold Herbert; Tronowsky, Otto; Trude, William Charles, Jr.; Trout, Charles Ross; True, Robert Terrel; Trueblood, Floyd A.; Trueblood, Jesse Paul; Trueman, John W.; Truitt, Albert Ray
7 273
Truk - Turner, D.
1 folder : Trukositz, Stephen J.; Trzuskowski, Richard Alois; Tucker, Keith W.; Tucker, Reed C.; Tucker, Robert Clifton; Tuleck, Edward William; Tulley, Harlan N.; Tupker, Eugene Powers; Turner, Charles Stanley; Turner, Clifford Jack; Turner, Donald H.
7 274
Turner, G. - Twe
1 folder : Turner, George Thomas; Turner, Ray W.; Turner, Richard Charles; Turner, Theodore, Jr.; Turner, Ted W.; Turner, Thomas Samuel; Turrentine, Lloyd I.; Tuttle, Russell Lowell; Tyrrell, Hubert Leander; Tweedy, Seth Thomas
7 275
Ud - Ut
1 folder : Udell, Robert; Una, Arthur W.; Una, Robert John; Unander, Ralph LaVerl; Unbewust, Jack Stottard; Unternahrer, George H.; Upson, U. Layton (Larry); Uslar, Edward; Utley, Donald E., Jr.; Utter, Stephen, Jr.
7 276
Val - Vetq
1 folder : Valentine, Bernard Iliff; Van Camp, Richard; Vance, Edward Pershing; Vance, Robert Willard; Van Curen, Verlyn; Van de Steeg, John Palmer; Van Every, Leo Burt; Van Every, William; Van Sicklin, Roy; Vassar, Thomas Claude; Vaughan, Timothy M.; Vedder, Timothy Anthony; Vegelahn, Norbert Paul; Verran, Jack William; Vesser, Thad; Vetter, Milton Elmer
7 277
Vie - Vosh
1 folder : Vieira, Theodore Allenby; Villers, Ralph Warren; Vincent, Wilbur Dale; Vincent, Wilbur Ddwain; Voeller, Charles William; Vogt, Harry A.; Vondeharr, Robert Stephen; Von Ende, Carl; Vottero, Richard Romero; Voshell, Robert
7 278
Wac - Wai
1 folder : Wackerli, Dean Lowell; Waddell, Clyde Mace; Wade, Gerald G.; Wade, Ralph M.; Wadsley, E. Theodore; Wagner, Elmer Clement; Wagner, Theodore John; Wahl, Edward; Wahl, John Charles; Wahl, Joseph Douglas; Wahl, William Randolph; Waite, Keith V.
7 279
Wak - Walker, H.
1 folder : Wakeland, William Mason; Walch, Joseph Harvey; Walch, Ralph Oswald; Wald, George Joseph; Walden, Joseph Paul; Walker, Bruce C.; Walker, Charles Eugene; Walker, George T.; Walker, Harvie Ellis
7 280
Walker, L. - Wall
1 folder : Walker, Lester Carl, Jr.; Walker, Lowell R.; Walker, Patrick Henry; Walker, Reed L.; Walker, Robert H.; Walker, Samuel Branch; Walkley, Robert Beverly; Wall, William Penn; Wallace, Glen Beck; Waller, John Thomas; Wallis, Floyd C.; Wallis, Harry Randall
7 281
Walt - Ward
1 folder : Walter, Boyd Howard; Walter, Otis Leroy (Chip); Walter, William Carl; Walton, Jack Vance; Walton, Richard S.; Ward, Jack Warren; Ward, Paul C.; Ward, Perry Bruce; Ward, Russell Gilbert; Ward, Theron
7 282
Ware - Wat
1 folder : Ware, Eugene S.; Wark, Judson Woodring; Warner, Keith Laron; Warren, James W.; Wasem, Glenn Frederick; Washburn, Harvey Curtis; Washkuhn, Jack Walter; Waskiewicz, Stanley; Wassberg, John F.; Watson, Edward George; Watson, Hal A.; Watson, James MacDonald; Watson, John Malcolm
7 283
Wea - Wee
1 folder : Weagel, Robert Clayton; Weathers, Walter P.; Weaver, Sterling Wright; Webb, Byron Wesley; Webb, Orrin F.; Weber, Max; Webster, John Andrew; Webster, J. Weldon; Weddle, Arthur Jack; Wedin, Roy Mitchell; Weeks, Benjamin Ervin
7 284
Wei - Wel
1 folder : Weinberg, Melvin E.; Weinberg, Warren Evert; Weingarten, Irving; Weir, Harold G.; Weisgerber, Philip Otto; Weisgerber, Stephen; Weitz, Raymond; Welch, James C.; Welch, John Robert; Welch, William Lester; Welker, Herman Orville; Wellner, Charles A.; Wells, Thomas Earl
7 285
Wen - Wer
1 folder : Wenaas, Sigurd Bjorne; Wendle, C. C.; Wennstrom, Don; Werkowski, John William; Werner, Arthur Vincent; Werner, Ervin LaVerne; Werner, Frederick Victor; Werner, Paul Everett; Werry, James Nicholas; Werry, Russell Ted
7 286
Wesi - West
1 folder : Wesierski, Daniel R.; Wesler, Jerome Bernard; West, Franklin Ferguson; West, James E., Jr.; West, Wayne W.; Westberg, Raymond Eldridge; Westcott, Wilburn Rex; Westerdahl, Melvin Auctor; Westervelt, Donald W.; Westfall, Harrison Kenneth; Weston, Raymond A.; Westover, Richard Allan; Westover, Richard Melvin, Jr.; Westover, Reo Smith
7 287
Wet - Whe
1 folder : Wetter, Paul; Wetter, Ferdinand Fred; Wetter, Hans; Wetzel, Barton O.; Weyer, Michael John; Whalen, John Dexter; Wharton, Euril F., Jr.; Wheeler, James E.; Whetsler, Chester Franklin
7 288
White - Whitt
1 folder : White, Albert Hartman; White, Arthur Loyd; White, Dana; White, George Robert; White, Henry Arthur, Jr.; White, John R.; White, Stanley Allen; Whiteman, Harry Hughes; Whiteman, Robert William; Whitesel, Glen M.; Whiting, Richard Bates; Whitley, Ronald Keith; Whitmore, George Wallace; Whitney, Emil L.; Whittig, Lynn D.
7 289
Wic - Wilk
1 folder : Wick, Marvin S.; Wicks, Guy P.; Wickwire, Parker E.; Wight, Newell S.; Wigen, Donald Truman; Wilcox, Jack Chester; Wilde, Willard Dean; Wiley, Robert Franklin; Wilkinson, Ed; Wilkinson, George T. W.; Wilkinson, Woodrow Albert; Wilkison, Wallace B.
7 290
Willa - Williams, L.
1 folder : Willard, Rex Allen; Willes, Hyram Dale; Willett, Robert John; Willey, Glen G.; Williams, Billy Freeman; Williams, Donald Charles; Williams, Donald James; Williams, Edris; Williams, Jack G.; Williams, Jack Lloyd; Williams, Jerry Ralph; Williams, Lawrence Alan; Williams, Leonard E.; Williams, Lynn Harley
7 291
Williams, R. - Wilson, E.
1 folder : Williams, Reed Arnold; Williams, Richard D.; Williams, Robert A.; Williams, Robert Harlan; Williams, Robert Harry; Williams, Robert Starr; Williams, William H.; Williamson, Gordon L.; Williamson, Michael A.; Willott, George; Willows, James L.; Wilson, Alex H.; Wilson, Angus A.; Wilson, Arlin; Wilson, Arthur Verne; Wilson, David George; Wilson, Elmer Burton; Wilson, Elmer E.; Wilson, Eugene Bruce
7 292
Wilson, F. - Wilson, W.
1 folder : Wilson, Frederick Edgar; Wilson, Guy Carroll; Wilson, Harry Alfred; Wilson, Harry Ray; Wilson, Karl J.; Wilson, Noel A.; Wilson, Patrick James; Wilson, Ralf T.; Wilson, Robert J.; Wilson, Russell S.; Wilson, Thomas Israel; Wilson, Wayne
7 293
Wim - Wol
1 folder : Wimer, Glenn William, Jr.; Wimmer, Robert Ray; Winbaur, Hans H.; Winbigler, Thomas Duane; Wing, Jack Mitchel; Wingert, George Franklin, Jr.; Winkle, Leonard A.; Winnett, Virgil E.; Winograd, Abe Lee; Wise, Paul Henderson; Wiseman, Donald Miller; Wishart, Blaine; Witter, Donald Kenneth; Wolfe, Jack Stevens; Wolfe, John William; Wolff, Kenneth William
7 294
Wood - Woodw
1 folder : Wood, Arch Bertram; Wood, Everett Roberts; Wood, George; Wood, Joseph Gibson; Wood, Morton Alden; Wood, William Dean; Woodall, Johnnie Wallace, Jr.; Woodcock, Herbert J. McNeil; Woodhead, Richard Arthur; Woodhead, Robert Kenneth;Woodruff, Edward; Woodruff, J. R., Jr.; Woodruff, Seth; Woods, Ivan David; Woods, Jack E.; Woodward, Clifford W.; Woodward, Ira Richard; Woodworth, Horace J.
7 295
Wre - Wur
1 folder : Wren, George; Wren, Spencer E.; Wright, John Ward; Wright, Jonathan William; Wright, Loren Hugh; Wright, William Roscoe; Wulf, Warren Paul; Wunderlich, Herbert John; Wunderlich, Jack Arthur; Wurster, Clarence F., Jr.
7 296
Yah - Yor
1 folder : Yahraus, Fred A.; Yahraus, George R.; Yanik, Carl; Yearsley, Maurice Charles; Yenni, Wayne Kenneth; Yocom, Theodore William; Yoder, James Glen; Yorgesen, Russell S.; York, Raymond Sterling; York, Robert Aaron; York, Walter Read; York, William Leo
7 297
Young - Youngs
1 folder : Young, Floyd Frederick; Young, John R.; Youmans, Lynn LeRoy; Young, Harry Lloyd; Young, Howard J.; Young, Robert L.; Young, Vernon Louis; Youngs, Lyman G.
7 298
Za - Zu
1 folder : Zapell, Raymond Stanley; Zaring, Joe Leroy; Zenkevitch, Leonard Wood; Zielinski, Edward C.; Zimmerman, Glenn R.; Zimmerman, Richard L.; Zingale, Sam Joseph; Zobell, Rex Scholes; Zorb, Gordon Lester; Zorne, James H.; Zukel, John William
7 299
1 folder : Anderson, Morris John; Angell, Herbert Warren; Anderson, Floyd Edward; Alzola, Martin; Allard, Kenneth James; Alftine, David C.; Adams, Carlos; Adamson, Marvin Cecil
7 300
1 folder : Bailey, D. E.; Baird, William Andrew; Barclay, Michael, Jr.; Barnhill, Earl Donald; Bennett, Merrill W.; Bessler, William D.; Blackmer, Laurence M.; Blake, Robert Walton; Borup, Philip B.; Borup, Theron; Boyce, Reed Willis; Brighton, Stayner Frates; Brislain, Donald; Burke, Joseph William; Burr, Richard Douglas; Butler, Jack Herbert; Burnside, Walter
7 301
1 folder : Cagle, Howard Hughling; Carlson, Richard Merrill; Carver, Monroe D.; Chamberlin, Roy; Chamlee, Ralph David; Christian, Harvey S.; Christians, Jerome James; Christopher, Robert Louis; Clemens, John N.; Clovis, James E.; Coleman, John Milton; Coon, Robert C.; Croson, Thomas R.; Croyle, Robert L.
7 302
1 folder : Danielson, Harold Daniel; Davis, William A.; Dean, Gordon Edward; Deckard, Lyle Alexander; De Nunzio, Vincent; Dolan, William S.; Dewey, Harry; Dick, Donald Edward; Dietz, Herman Beattie; Doty, Harold George; Dredge, David Dale; Duffy, Hugh Joseph; Duffy, W. John
7 303
1 folder : Erickson, Robert Arthur; Edwards, Kenneth B.; Ellingson, Harold Victor; Ellis, Burton French; Ellis, Robert Dean; Engstrom, Louis Alfred; Evans, Evan
7 304
1 folder : Fish, Earl Stanley; Fox, Rex Raymond; Fleming, Leo Vincent; Forkner, LaVerne Elbridge; Falconer, Thomas; Fairchild, Jack Erwin; Fee, Max; Finlkea, Richard Malcolm; Forry, Maurice C.; Fritsch, Gordon Douglas; Fuller, Wayne Arnold; Fulton, David; Frizzie, Bernard
7 305
1 folder : Galloway, James William; Gardner, Douglas Lowell; Giese, Alfred Erwin; Gleason, Vilas Morris; Grant, Robert W.; Gray, William Porter, Jr.; Griffith, Russell Drummond; Grkovic, Duke; Goldsmith, Howard Fulton, Jr; Grover, Ernest T.
7 306
1 folder : Hartman, Warren E.; Harrington, Robert E.; Harrison, Dale; Haugse, Virgil Samuel; ;Haag, Elmer Ezra, Jr.; Hamilton, Harold Samuel; Hancock, Wayne Charles; Hankins, Clyde Tyson; Hansen, John Frend; Harford, Robert Elwin; Harman, Leonard F.; Hayes, William Jesse; Hegg, Carl Theodore; Henricksen, Harry Morris; Hicks, James Clenny; Hill, Donald Edward; Hodgin, J. L.; Hoff, Niles William; Hoffman, Edward Garey; Hokanson, Edward William; Holliday, Ivar McDonald; Holland, Fred N.; Hooper, Keith W.; Howard, Willis Delmar; Hughes, Leroy Jesse
7 307
1 folder : Illum, Vern DeVere; Inman, Clyde Richard
7 308
1 folder : Jordan, Guy Robert George; Johnson, Roy Albert; Johnson, Edward T.; Jones, Herman W.; James, Morrison Raymond; Jankowski, Edwin J.; Jensen, Donald Eugene; Johnson, Julian Rockwell; Johnson, Kenneth Mathews; Johnson, Marion Sydney; Jones, Stanley Ward; Jordon, Stanley Alexander; Jensen, J. Winston
7 309
1 folder : Kelly, John Lewis; Kyselka, Carl; King, Joseph Stephens; Killough, Donald T.; Kiley, Eugene F. T.; Kennell, Wilfrid C.; Kennemer, Robert Eugene; Kambitsch, Howard James; Keeler, Donald E.; Keyes, Francis Holmes; Kirksey, Samuel Franklin; Knight, Grover; Kohlidakis, Gus John; Kugler, John Christ
7 310
1 folder : Langley, Howard D.; Lamphere, Arthur V.; LaRue, Herbert H.; Land, Charles William; LeClaire, Harry W.; Leney, George Clinton; Leonard, James Joseph; Lowery, Richard Wayne; Lundstrom, Lennart E.; Lynk, Kenneth Dean; Leitner, Elton Raymond; Linton, Thomas Byron
7 311
1 folder : Miller, Jack Benjamin; Mackert, John Fred; Magnuson, Harry Frank; Makela, George Adolph; Mautz, Wilbur Julius; Middleton, Clifford E.; Mikami, Kinya; Moffatt, Thomas Spencer, Jr.; Moss, Keith Royce; Munson, Orville Oscar (Bill); Merrill, Maurice Webb; Murphy, Robert Curtis; Mihelich, Miro; Monson, Rodney J.; McCombs, Kenneth S.
7 312
1 folder : Nelson, Arthur Lee; Neill, Robert W.; Norton, Dale Franklin; Neustedter, Harold Casper; Neveaux, Hollis E.; Nelson, Pierce; Nelson, Albert W.; Neely, Milton D.; Nissen, Lawrence Louis; Nissen, Elmer
7 313
1 folder : Olm, Frederick Arno; Olsen, Wesley Charles; O'Leary, Kenneth Webster; Oakes, George Lee; Olsen, Wendell; Ohno, Roy
7 314
1 folder : Putnam, Robert; Pugh, Eugene V.; Pene, August Joseph; Poole, Allan Walter; Pimentel, Joseph Edwin; Procopio, Carmen Peter; Prewitt, Joseph Robert; Piger, Max Rudolph; Pieper, Charles; Piedmont, Joseph; Peverada, Anthony Joseph; Palmer, James Gordon; Powers, Ray Rufus
7 315
1 folder : Rossman, James Douglas; Robinson, Robert B.; Ridings, Donald Ellis; Richelson, Paul Newton; Redlingshafer, Thomas A.; Randall, Raymond Lewis; Radebaugh, Thomas Ross; Ramseyer, David Nelson; Randall, Frank Otis; Randall, Rickard Allan; Records, Clyde V.; Reed, Donald Franklin; Renfrow, Jerry Franklin, Jr.; Renner, Lionel Thomas; Remsburg, Selby, Irving; Reynolds, Gray Dickson; Rhodes, William C., Jr.; Rice, Kermit; Rice, Salem, Jr.; Riches, Clay Eugene; Rivett, Bruce L.; Roberts, Frederick F.; Robinson, Allen Dale; Rodgers, Raymond Burnett; Rodwell, Jack Sterling; Rowland, Charles A.; Rogers, Robert Clayton; Rose, Frederic D.; Rosell, Martin; Rubin, Frank; Risse, Walter M.; Russell, Edward Baldridge
7 316
1 folder : Sanborn, Ellis N.; Stark, Clarence Elmer; Schneider, Frederick Victor; Stauffer, Royce Darwin; Sparber, Lyle; Straight, Carl; Snook, Henry Waynefield; Salter, Lloyd Wellington; Saari, Kenneth Thomas; Sable, Clifford Francis; Saunders, James Allen; Scheetz, Raymond; Schretenthaler, Joseph H.; Schroeder, Wilbur; Schultze, Curtis Francis; Schuster, Charles H. F.; Seeliger, Glenn Alfred; Sewell, John Caleb; Sheehan, J. E.; Shufeldt, Donald Richard; Sinclair, Ernest Horace; Smith, Delmont; Smith, Charles Robert; Smith, Dale Calvin; Snoen, Boyd Herman; Snyder, Alfred Wilmer; Spaugy, Donald Herbert; Spaugy, Ralph Elmo Springer, Don; Staples, Winfred Wayne; Stephens, Warren William; Stratton, Robert Thomas; Strom, John Wolfgang; Studebaker, Billy Briggs
7 317
1 folder : Turner, Vernon C.; Titus, Joe Moore; Taylor, Victor N.; Takatori, Frank H.; Tarola, David Levi; Taylor, Charles John; Taylor, Preston Nielson; Taylor, Ray Nielson; Taylor, Richard H.; Taylor, William Gorden; Templin, Clarence Lester; Thomas, Donald Richard; Thomas, Elmo Benn; Thomas, Glen Snell; Thomas, Steuben L.; Thompson, Lloyd Elton; Thompson, Victor Milford; Thurlow, William Leonard; Titus, Wade A.; Toole, Wallace Hugh; Torbensen, Elden M.; Tronson, Lane; Tucker, Ernest; Tunison, Earl Hosford
7 318
U - V
1 folder : Unrecht, Albert James; Urquidi, John C.; Urich, Milton; Vallem, Gerald; Van, Stanley Jack; Vesser, John
7 319-320
2 folder : Witcher, Donald Horace; Woody, Howard Glenn; Williams, Joe Hadley; Wetmore, Richard Herbert; Warner, Frank A.; Walters, Vernon B.; Wachter, Robert Jack; Waisner, Glenn Charles; Walker, Boyd Chester; Wallace, Lionel Louis; Walsh, Stephen Kelly; Warrick, Howard C.; Weatherby, Xena; Weber, John Robert; Weigand, Jack Herman; Weimer, Harry; Werner, Nels E.; White, Russell; Whiting, Don; Whitley, Dean Richard; Whitney, Sam M.; Whittaker, Hugh Myron; Wickward, Paul A.; Wiegand, Allen W.; Wilker, Kenneth Gorden; Williams, Glenn L.; Williams, Meredith; Williams, Oliver Spencer; Williams, Shelby Elijah; Williams, William Wayne; Willmore, Bert Leroy; Wilson, George Green; Winter, Roland Howard; Woodruff, Lee; Wurst, Joseph John; Wyman, George H.
Sub-Series B. Women in the Millitary
Box Folder
8 321
Al - Ay
1 folder : Allard, Eleanor E.; Allen, Martha D.; Anderson, Grace E.; Andrasen, Venna; Aram, Narcie E.; Arms (Fry), Eleanora; Axtell, Eleanor G.; Aylor (Manion), Virginia C.
8 322
Ba - Bu
1 folder : Baer, Jean H.; Batt (Fisk), Emma; Bistline, Beverly B.; Blake, Elizabeth Ann; Bond, Helen M.; Booher, Shirley; Borg, Angel O.; Brossard, Gretta J.; Brown, Inez; Burke, Janet; Burris, Patricia
8 323
Ca - Cu
1 folder : Carleson, Choral L.; Christian, Kathleen E.; Church, Helen Jean; Coffin, Elizabeth; Coon, Edris M.; Coppock (Skenendore), Patricia; Craven (Minor), Dorothy; Crawford, Jean; Cuddy, Bess T.
8 324
Da - Ev
1 folder : Dale, Mary; Davis (Jones), Abigail; Deerkop, Ellen E.; Dittman, Helen; Dooley, Anita; Draper, Venice M.; Eggers, Velma M.; Ellsworth, Marjorie; Evans, Olwyn
8 325
Fa - Gr
1 folder : Farmer, Helen; Fisher, Viola; Flink, Marjorie E.; Frei (Bowman), Pauline; Frost, Kathryn A.; Gabby (Flynn), Elizabeth; Gamblin, Margaret; Gauss, Phyllis; Goenne, Elizabeth; Greiner, Elizabeth J.
8 326
Ha - Hei
1 folder : Hale, Dorothy M.; Hale, Elizabeth H.; Hall, Lois; Ham, Jean E.; Hamilton, Margaret I.; Harris, Katherine E.; Harvey, Mary Elizabeth; Hawley (Navran), Calypsa; Heath, Flora E.; Heien, Vivian A.
8 327
Hel - Hu
1 folder : Helmers, Eulaine; Henry, Ada F.; Hickman, Mary Catherine (Kay); Hilfiker, Joyce E.; Hilliard, Billie L.; Hoover, Mary E.; Hughes, Mary L.; Hughes (Church), Marjorie; Hunter, Jeanne E.
8 328
Je - Ke
1 folder : Jensen, Roxy E.; Johnson, Wilma L.; Johnston, Charlotte L.; Jones, Alice M.; Kalbfleisch (Archer), Beulah; Kelley, Beth E.; Kennedy (Ryan), Esther E.
8 329
La - Lin
1 folder : Laird, Lois M.; Lange, Bonnie M.; Larkin, Ramona E.; Larson, Bertha; Lee, Mary M.; Levy, Ariel Bernice; Lightfield, Ruth; Lindsay (Nelson), Helen; Linehan, Catherine T.
8 330
Lit - Ly
1 folder : Little, Anne E.; Long, Barbara; Long, Emma Jo; Lothrop, Helen N.; Lownsbury, Laura M.; Lyon, Irene O.
8 331
Ma - Mc
1 folder : Magette, Mary L.; Mays, Maxine; Merrill, Maxine; Moe, Kate E.; Moore, Mary E.; Morse, Mildred Berta; Mounce, Dorothy; McLain, Birdella; McComb, Marian; McDonald (Jackson), Virginia; McIntyre (Baldwin), June; McMahon, Molly; McMillin, Elsie
8 332
Na - Oc
1 folder : Nail, Erma H.; Neal, Yvonne; Naylor, Carol J.; O'Connor, Mona Kathleen
8 333
Pa - Pu
1 folder : Palmer, Patricia V.; Peavey, Angeline A. (Ann); Poll, Dorothy; Poulton, Elizabeth; Powell, Dorothy Lenore; Powell, Jessie M.; Pugh, Patricia M.
8 334
Ra - Ro
1 folder : Ratliff (Schaill), Delores M.; Rea, Carmelita B.; Read, Jean F.; Rice, Betty J.; Robertson (nee Berg) Marta; Ross, Betsy M.; Ross, Marjorie F.; Ross, Shirley C.; Rowe, Mildred
8 335
Sa - Sp
1 folder : Sage, Dorothy N.; Savidge, Nancy L.; Schaufelberger, Emilie B.; Schumacher, Rose E.; Scott, Mary Elizabeth; Shaver, Willeen; Shelton, Miriam Ruth; Sherman, Mary Lou; Spellerburg, June F.; Spence, Dorothy K.; Sprague, Elizabeth Ann
8 336
St - Sw
1 folder : Stember, Ruth C.; Stevens, Mildred E.; Stickney, Elizabeth; Stockslager, Marian E.; Stranahan, Cherryl C.; Strang, Margaret; Strom, Dorothy; Sutton, June; Swartz, Mary A.; Swenson, May E.
8 337
Th - Va
1 folder : Thomas, Erma Grace; Tibbs, Minnie M.; Tilford, Mary Elizabeth; Tolleth, Dorothy; Torgerson, Eva M.; Urness, Helen; Vance, Lucille; Varner, Dorothy
8 338
Wa - Wo
1 folder : Walker, Sarah V.; Wallace, Elizabeth J.; Ward, Mary; Wardell, Barbara J.; Way, Helen A.; Way, Helen J.; Wheatley, Ruth; Whiteman, Muriel; Wicks, Jo Betty; Williams, Erma F.; Wilson, Jean E.; Wilson (nee Hennessey) Mary Jane; Woody (Hanes), Rachael M.
8 339
Lists & unfiled
1 folder : Bartlett (Hillman), Verle; Case (nee Lewis), Charlotte; Bandelin, Betty; Gibson, Isabel; Cherry, Winifred S.; Cornell, Barbara Ann; Isaman, Dorothy; Fowler (nee Johnston); Marjory; Keeney, Ruth; Kershisnik, Frances; Lee, Flavia Ann; Macklin, Elizabeth Claire; Matson, Elsa; McDaniel, May; Mitchell, Jeanette; Mulroney, Muriel M.; Richwine, Lois A.; Ryan, Ruth; Shelton, Agnes Patricia; Stanton, Claudine M.; Marshall (nee Sutherland) Betty; Thurston, Mary H.; Tway, Margaret D.; Volkmer, Dorothea L.; White, Barbara Jean; White, Nancy V.; Burditt, Donna A.; Williams, Helen L.; Braxton (Barrett) Rachel S.
Sub-Series C. Civilian Prisoners of War
Box Folder
8 340
C - G
1 folder : Condit, Gomer H.; Cornelison, Bernice M.; Crowe, Frank W.; Goulding, Alonzo
8 341
H - K
1 folder : Harper, William Charles; Hoskins, John Richard (Jack); Kimes, Realto E.
8 342
1 folder : McCurry, Lauchlin Schance; McGee, Guy Clarke, Jr.; Tunnicliffe, John Edward
Sub-Series D. Commendatory Letters
Box Folder
8 343
81 items

Series III. Gold Stars, 1941-1946Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 344
Ab - Al
1 folder : Abbott, Robert A.; Addy, Leon Carl; Aldecoa, Manuel J.
8 345
Al - Ar
1 folder : Allen, John Robert; Andersen, John Eugene; Annis, Amil Buford; Armstrong, Bernard F.
8 346
Bak - Bar
1 folder : Baker, Bradford Warren; Baker, Lorenzo Keel; Bales, Ross Cartee; Barton, Orville Vernon
8 347
Bau - Ben
1 folder : Baum, Vern; Beals, Donald S.; Bennett, Gene Young
8 348
Bar - Ber
1 folder : Barziloski (Berllus), Veto A.; Berrey, Vernon LaMar; Betts, Russell Alonson
8 349
Bez - Bov
1 folder : Bezold, Theodore John, Jr.; Borlen, Austin; Bovey, Franklyn Wesley
8 350
Bow - Boy
1 folder : Bower, Guy J.; Boyd, James A.; Boyes, George Perry
8 351
Bra - Bri
1 folder : Brasch, Ernest F.; Breon, Eugene E.; Bridwell, William Allen
8 352
Bro - Buh
1 folder : Brockie, John; Brown, Wallace C.; Buhler, Glen Leroy
8 353
Cai - Car
1 folder : Cairns, Charles Nelton; Call, Elwood Cecil; Carlson, Carl Woodrow; Carson, Fred
8 354
Chi - Cla
1 folder : Chiles, Richard Winter; Choules, Max Thompson; Clark, Donald M.; Clark, Timothy Covert
8 355
Con - Coo
1 folder : Cone, Paul Jones; Connealy, George Conrad; Cook, John Allen; Cooper, Wayne Bennett
8 356
Cox - Cut
1 folder : Cox, Kenneth Francis; Crane, Cecil L.; Cummings, George Hight; Cutler, Byard Morton
8 357
Dar - Dea
1 folder : Darrow, Denton Fleming; Davidson, Roy Corwin; Davis, Joseph Royal; Dean, George W.
8 358
Din - Dre
1 folder : Dinnison, Walter Leon; Dorsey, George H.; Dresher, James Jackson
8 359
Egg - Err
1 folder : Eggers, Earl Dean; Erickson, Edward Junior; Erickson, Glen H.; Erramouspe, John
8 360
Far - Fis
1 folder : Farrell, James David; Ferlic, Stanley Edward; Fischer, Richard Harry; Fisk, Harold Russell
8 361
Fit - For
1 folder : Fitzgerald, William Kenneth; Flynn, Norman Reid; Forbes, Lee, Jr.
8 362
Fox - Ful
1 folder : Fox, Donald Marion; Franklin, Rudy Raymond; Fulton, Frederick Gray, Jr.
8 363
Gal - Gel
1 folder : Galey, William Francis; Garrett, Walter K.; Garst, Ralph Ernest; Gellein, Harold E.
8 364
Gib - Gow
1 folder : Gibb, Glenn Marvin; Glahe, Eugene Romanchick; Goodman, William Lynnville; Gowen, Paul B.
8 365
Gra - Gus
1 folder : Gray, Roy B.; Greeley, Dale Newell; Gudmunsen, Dick D.; Gustafson, Evon Herbert
8 366
Hal - Han
1 folder : Hallett, Noel; Hammond, Kenneth Kay; Hanke, Gordon Edwin; Hanny, Austin H.
8 367
Harr - Harv
1 folder : Harris, Ronald Theodore; Hart, Alvin R.; Hartwell, Dallas B.; Harvey, Laurence D.
8 368
Hep - Hit
1 folder : Hepworth, Ralph H.; Hershey, William Robert; Hitzfield, Robert Nicholas
8 369
Hoi - Hom
1 folder : Hoidal, Ernest Ingvald;Holland, Joseph James, Jr.; Holt, Robert Barnes; Homling, Theodore Roger
8 370
Hoo - Hov
1 folder : Hoobing, Raymond Ellis; Hopper, Allen Jack; Hosoda, Max, Jr.; Hovey, William W.
8 371
Hue - Hyd
1 folder : Huefner, Otto; Humphreys, Herman Grant; Hyde, Reed Tilton
8 372
Jam - Jensen, J.
1 folder : James, Roland William; Jenkins, Eldon F.; Jenks, David Lester; Jensen, John Irvin
8 373
Jensen, N. - Jon
1 folder : Jensen, Norman Wesley; Jewell, James Carl; Johnson, John Arthur; Jones, Rollin T.
8 374
Kar - Kea
1 folder : Kara, Theodore Ernest; Kasler, Charles L.; Katsilometes, Thomas G.; Keatts, Robert Neill
8 375
Ken - Kin
1 folder : Kenworthy, Jay Gordon; Kersey, John Sam; King, Sherman Cameron
8 376
Kjo - Kru
1 folder : Kjosness, Gustav Donald; Koll, Joseph Francis, Jr.; Krummes, Robert M.
8 377
Lan - Lea
1 folder : Lansdon, William Henry; Larson, Herbert Vance; Leader, Kent Edwin
8 378
Lef - Loc
1 folder : LeFavour, Charles Jack; Lindgrem, William F.; Lipps, Milton Edward; Lockey, William Robert
8 379
Lon - Lou
1 folder : Long, Robert Gene; Longeteig, Wynne Mason; Lough, Clifford Roscoe
8 380
Lun - Lyo
1 folder : Lundblade, Arthur Wayne; Lynch, Brendan J.; Lyon, Alfred Jefferson
8 381
Mad - Mili
1 folder : Madarang, Servando Abed; Marshall, Raymond Cyril; Merrick, Charles William; Milich, Donald Joseph
8 382
Miller, A. - Miller, H.
1 folder : Miller, Alvah Joseph; Miller, Donald Sturman; Miller, Howard Russell
8 383
Miller, J. - Mit
1 folder : Miller, Jerrold Burke; Miller, Robert Frederick; Minden, John Richard; Mitchell, William Franklin
8 384
Mon - Mor
1 folder : Monroe, William Earle; Morrison, Howard Victor; Mortenson, John Melvin
8 385
Murd - Murp
1 folder : Murdock, Wayne Eldon; Murphy, Charles William, Jr.; Murphy, Robert K.
9 386
Mcc - Mcg
1 folder : McClure, William Robertson; McFarland, Burness C.; McGlocklin, Lyle George; McGough, Raymond Eugene; McGrath, Daniel Lincoln
9 386.5
Mck - Mcp
1 folder : McKinley, William Robert; McPherson, Clarence Edward
9 387
1 folder : Neilson, Tad Otto; Neilson, Thomas F.
9 388
Nel - Nyb
1 folder : Nelson, Norris N.; Nixon, James L.; Northby, Walter Latham; Nyberg, Carl Anderson
9 389
Ob - On
1 folder : Ober, Forest; O'Brien, William L.; Olson, Stanley Fielding; O'Neill, William J.
9 390
Pa - Pen
1 folder : Papesh, George W.; Peacock, Jule Randall; Pease, Stephen R. E.; Pennell, George Nelson
9 391
Pete - Peti
1 folder : Peterson, Albert Dean; Peterson, Bernard Miller; Peterson, Ned Otto; Petillo, Joseph John
9 392
Phi - Pol
1 folder : Phillips, James Austin; Phillips, Rex; Pohlman, John E.; Pollak, Dale Shrewsbury
9 393
Pra - Pri
1 folder : Pratt, Philip W., Jr.; Price, Gerald Montague; Price, Richard Coe
9 394
Rad - Rea
1 folder : Radford, George Gordon; Ragland, Clifford Lee; Ragland, Jack Winters; Read, William Woodgate
9 395
Rho - Roh
1 folder : Rhodes, Raleigh Hawthorne; Rice, Emery Leslie; Robertson, Cody George; Rohlman, Ray Chester
9 396
Rol - Rya
1 folder : Rolfe, Richard Raymond; Runyan, Louis Barnard; Ryan, Paul Edward
9 397
Saa - Sen
1 folder : Saastad, Harold; Schmitz, Henry, Jr.; Schoper, Gregory Clyde; Senften, Harold Gilgan
9 398
Sha - Sko
1 folder : Shangle, Lloyd; Sharp, John O'Connor; Shefloe, Allyn Carlyle; Skog, Albert Carl
9 399
Smi - Sor
1 folder : Smith, Lester Raymond; Smith, R. F. Donald; Sorensen, Gerald E.
9 400
Spe - Sto
1 folder : Spence, Paul E; Spencer, Ben O.; Stout, Glenn Arzo
9 401
Sum - Swa
1 folder : Summers, Lewis Stephen; Swann, Herschell Wallace
9 402
Tau - Thi
1 folder : Tautfest, Earl Wayne; Taylor, Duane Leroy, Jr.; Thiessen, Sidney Charles
9 403
Tho - Tie
1 folder : Thomas, Julian E. (Jack); Thompson, Charles C.; Thorsted, Grant Royal; Tierney, Michael Joseph
9 404
Tol - Tyr
1 folder : Tolford, Harry Clark; Torelle, Albert E., Jr.; Torgerson, Harold Oliver; Triplett, James M.; Tyrone, Gordon Louis
9 405
Ul - Ve
1 folder : Ulness, Walton Eugene; Van Aman, William N.; Vedder, Norbert Francis
9 406
Was - Wai
1 folder : Wadsworth, Herbert Alonzo; Wagner, Herman Edward; Wailes, Norman
9 407
Wal - Web
1 folder : Wallens, Nathan; Wardwell, Robert Bruce; Watanabe, Theodore H.; Webb, Kenneth
9 408
1 folder : White, Richard Garrigus; White, Robert Albert; White, Varian Kiefer
9 409
Whitel - Whitl
1 folder : Whiteley, Osburn Earl; Whitlock, George B.
9 410
Will - Wils
1 folder : Williams, Milton Morse; Williams, Myron Howard; Wilson, Charles Albert; Wilson, Delos
9 411
Win - Wok
1 folder : Winnar, Allan A.; Wishart, Harry Clarence, Jr.; Wokersien, James T.
9 412
Wood - Woods
1 folder : Wood, Warren C.; Woods, Robert Harry; Woods, Thomas Clarkson
9 413
Yos - Zac
1 folder : Yost, Albert William; Zachman, Eugene C.
9 414-415
Zah - Zam
2 folder : Zahora, William; Zamboni, Frederic Armond

Series IV: Post World War II, 1943-1956Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
9 416
Ab- At
1 folder : Abbott, Leslie; Ackaret, Robert L.; Ailor, Stewart (or Stuart); Albrethsen, Adrian Edysel; Aldana, Richard E.; Allee, Guy Louis; Allen, Roger Baker; Allison, Robert Quimby; Anderson, Arvon R.; Anderson, Duane; Arnett, Herbert J., Jr.; Ashmead, Arlin; Atwood, Richard Thomas
9 417
Ba - Be
1 folder : Bahr, Arnold J.; Baker, James Gilbert; Balderston, Lee Riley; Barker, Boyd C.; Barstow, Rex M.; Barstow, Robert Angus; Berry, Charles A.; Bassett, Gary Williams; Baum, Russell Oliver; Baxter, Gary G.; Bedford, Ernest D.; Beito, George Norman; Beitz, Willard J.; Benedict, Charles Ralph; Berg, William G.; Berry, Billy Emerson; Bergquist, Kenneth Glenn
9 418
Bi - Bl
1 folder : Bidwell, Morse L.; Black, John R.; Blandford, Robert Harry; Blewett, Aaron E.; Blewett, Rex; Blume, Theodore Francis
9 419
Bo - Br
1 folder : Bolton, William Edward; Bowles, Frank, Jr.; Bowmer, Glenn W.; Brackebusch, Arthur; Braddock, John E.; Bradly, Richard L.; Brady, Paul J.; Bretz, John C.; Briggs, Robert D.; Briggs, William George; Briskey, Alden R.; Brighton, Don H.; Brizee, Harry A.; Brookhart, Ray F.
9 420
Bu - By
1 folder : Bucklin, Tom; Budd, Beryl D.; Bulkley, Jimmie Dale; Bull, Dave; Bunnell, John Gerald (Jerry); Burnett, Loyd A.; Burt, Boyd F.; Butterfield, William Melvin; Byrne, Edwin J.; Byrnes, Peter Joseph
9 421
Ca - Cl
1 folder : Callahan, Charles E.; Campbell, Gene Irwin; Carley, Donald S.; Carpenter, Giles R.; Carman, Charles H.; Casebolt, Glenn L.; Casey, Gerlad (?); Caudle, Arlie E.; Cespedes, Sam; Chadwick, William; Chaney, Dale W.; Chase, Clinton; Chichester, Ben Willard; Christianson, Perry A.; Churchill, William Marvin; Churchill, Winston H.; Clark, Donald Lyman; Clayborne, John W.; Clyde, Robert E.
9 422
Cob - Cov
1 folder : Cobb, Robert Branson; Daigh, Lawrence R.; Code, F. William; Collins, Jean Charles; Colquhoun, Richard Guy; Cook, Frederick Thomson; Costello, Earl Evans; Cottrell, Harold Everett; Coval, Serge
9 423
Cr - Cu
1 folder : Crane, George R.; Crane, James O.; Crane, Lyman Nels; Crisp, Carl E.; Cross, Ralph; Cummings, Clyde E.; Cully, Frederick R.; Cunningham, J. David; Curd, Paul; Curtis, Albert B., Jr.; Curtis, Homer T.
9 424
Dah - Dav
1 folder : Dahle, Donald Gordon; Dailey, Gordon Hughes; Daiker, William J.; Dakin, William Edward; Darnall, Glenn, Jr.; Darnall, Richard J.; Davey, Richard Byrd; Davie, Willard; Davidson, George M.; Davidson, Tillmer Elmorise; Davis, Edward G.; Davis, Glendon Valley; Davis, Robert John
9 425
De - Du
1 folder : Dean, Walter R.; Dehlin, Ronald E.; DeLorme, Wilson W.; DeMent, Kenneth P.; Denning, Vaughn E.; Dickinson, William J.; Diehl, William J.; Dion, Joseph Pierre, Jr.; Dittman, Clarence Paul; Dodel, Richard L.; Doolittle, George; Doty, Ben E.; Downing, David Eugene; Drew, Cyrus J.; Drexler, Robert R.; Driskill, Roy D.; Duffy, Charles W., Jr.; Dunham, William Douglas; Dunlap, Donald G.; Duvall, Everett W.
9 426
El - Eng
1 folder : Eldridge, Hugh Wallace; Ellinger, Mike; Ellis, Donald Davis; Ellis, R. D.; Emmons, Joseph Newton; Engler, Carl H.; English, Robert Barnes; English, Sylvester Edward
9 427
En - Ex
1 folder : Ensign, Louis Plank; Evans, James Donald; Exworthy, William E., Jr.
9 428
Fa - Fu
1 folder : Faisont (?), Robin; Fairchild, Richard; (retained original order of above two in folder); Faulkner, John L.; Fellin, David Gene; Fiala, James Lon; Finch, Sherman James; Finlayson, Keith J.; Fisher, LeNoir John, Jr.; Fisher, Russell Frederick; Fishman, Jack; Flodberg, Wallace D.; Flora, Bruce; Flynn, Thomas F.; Fores, Richard Bennett; Fossum, Robert Ross; Fouch, Ralph Ellis; Friede, William Joseph; Frizzie, Bernard E.; Frost, Jolyon P.; Fulton, James; Funkhouser, William Howard
9 429
Ga - Gu
1 folder : Gano, Jay M.; Gasser, George L.; Gills, Kenneth M.; Gladish, Wendell Leonard; Goebel, Laurence Gayheart; Goff, Timothy Richardson; Gordon, Gerald B.; Grant, Donald Lee; Gray, William W.; Green, Calvin E.; Greenwood, William; Gregory, John Bernard, Jr.; Griffith, Stephen Murray; Gust, George William, Jr.
9 430
Hai - Hay
1 folder : Haines, James Lee; Hall, Charles Woodrow; Haller, David O.; Hamilton, Clarence James; Hanson, James A.; Hansen, William Dale; Harrigfeld, Chris L.; Harrington, John J.; Harrison, Donald F.; Harshbarger, Jake; Haugland, George Toralf; Hayes, Earl E.
9 431
Hea - Hof
1 folder : Headrick, Everett LaVerne; Hechtner, John H.; Hecomovich, Peter Anthony; Heiner, Howard E.; Herrington, William Franklin; Hill, Richard Frank; Hill, George Neal; Hoag, Jack D.; Hodgson, Myron J.; Hoffman, Aldon Mellroy
9 432
Hol - Hy
1 folder : Holder, Robert W.; Holmes, Costello Carpenter; Holmes, Otho E.; Holt, Henry Edward; Honsowetz, Russell Edward; Hooper, Roy S., Jr.; Horning, Earl V.; Howard, Ward Conrad; Hosada, Yoshimi; Howard, James C.; Howell, Gordon L.; Hoye, John Henry; Hughes, John Douglas; Humphreys, Kaye Fletcher; Hutchins, John S.; Hyde, Paul Eugene; Hyke, Franklin A.
9 433
Io - Ju
1 folder : Iorns, R. V.; Isaman, Harry F., Jr.; Jasper, John R.; Jensen, D. C.; Jenkins, Sam; Jeppson, Saylor C.; Jess, Donald A.; Jessup, Ronald B.; Jeo, Herbert; Johnson, Bert C.; Johannesen, Robert Warthen; Johnson, James B.; Johnson, Monte R.; Johnson, Uno Milton; Johnson, Von J.; Johnston, Richard A.; Johnson, Vernon R.; Johnston, James E.; Jones, Jack E.; Jones, Luther Lewis; Jordan, Harley A.; Juve, Henrik Dahl, Jr.
9 434
Ka - Ke
1 folder : Kayler, John C.; Keating, Charles Arthur; Keating, James F., Jr.; Keicher, Frank Dee; Kenney, Bruce W.; Kennedy, Donald R.; Kenworthy, Max R.; Kehrer, Kenneth; Kerby, Darrell C.; Kerby, William Edmund; Kertz, Jacob Donald
9 435
Ki - Ku
1 folder : Kiilsgaard, Carl Christian; Killian, Carl Louis; Kinard, Kenneth Harold; Kindsvater, Billy Dean; Kinney, Carl E.; Klages, James Karl (?); Klein, Eldon D.; Klehm, David S.; Knox, Douglas C.; Knox, Robert T.; Kopke, Fred; Korte, Erich; Kummer, William F.
9 436
La - Leh
1 folder : Lacy, Jack L.; LaFollette, Charles R.; LaGrone, James Rex; Lambert, Jim; Lame, Roland Clayton; Landers, James Homer; Langland, Kenneth F.; Langness, Lewis L.; Lau, Heber Grant; Lefferts, George L.; Lehrbas, Lloyd
9 437
Les - Ly
1 folder : Lesher, John M.; Last, William D.; LaVoie, Vincent John; Leach, Wayne Raymond; Lee, Oliver M.; Legman, Ralph L., Jr.; Leishman, Jack Charles; Leopold, George F.; Lesher, Tommy; Lewies, Harry Julius; Lindsay, Donald B.; Link, Clifford C.; Linnenkamp, John Raymond; Look, Durmond Kwock Ming; Lloyd, Russell D.; Lord, Charles J.; Lou, Heber G.; Lowe, Edmund Alvin; Luke, Charles W.; Lynch, Maurice B.
9 438
Ma - Me
1 folder : Maize, Robert N.; Mann, Curtis W.; Manson, Harold Spencer; Marler, Harold E.; Mason, William Hovey; Matzner, Frederick T.; Maxey, Stewart Sherman; Mead, Herbert M.; Meier, Herbert; Melgard, Robert; Mendenhall, Charles Dale; Merrill, Richard W.; Meserve, Carl G.; Metke, Harry Don
9 439
Mik - Mor
1 folder : Mickelwait, Claude Bayles; Millard, John H.; Miller, Harley Neivell; Miller, Ray A.; Miller, Robert G.; Miller, Roger O.; Mills, Stanley Raymond; Moffett, Russell G.; Monks, Howard Irwin, Jr.; Moon, Leo Claire; Moore, Robert N.; Morgan, Lewis D.; Morrison, Larry Wayne
9 440
Mos - My
1 folder : Moser, Robert Delmore; Mosher, John F.; Mosman, Ormand John; Moulton, Robert E.; Mueller, George William; Munson, Jasper P.; Murphy, David E.; Murphy, George F.; Myers, Reginald R.; Myers, Walter Ben
9 441
Mcb - Mcm
1 folder : McBride, Douglas L.; McBride, Thomas A.; McBride, Robertson Lee; McCabe, Don; McCall, Clarence Joseph; McCaslin, Robert Roy; McCormack, John L.; McCrea, William S.; McDaniel, Theodore, Jr.; McDonald, Burgess K.; McDevitt, Charles F.; McDonald, Donald R.; MacDonald, Robert O.; McDougall, Isaac E., Jr.; McGinty, Douglas R.; McKevitt, James Douglas; McKinley, Donald Robert; McLeod, Gordon Lee; McMaster, Galen M.; McQuillin, John Parker; McMullen, Terrence P.
10 442
Na - No
1 folder : Naab, Walter P.; Nagata, Sadao; Nagle, William P.; Neal, William Carroll; Neely, Malcolm D.; Newell, Earl Richard; Nicholson, Gilbert A.; Nichols, Samuel L.; Nickeson, Richard Edward; Nonini, Lewis Gordon; Norman, Carl D.; Norman, Sigvald Harold
10 443
Oh - Ow
1 folder : Ohs, Charles Arthur; Ordonez, Marcelo A.; O'Rouark, Terence; Orr, Kenneth Dew; Osborne, Harry H.; Overgaard, Wil; Owen, Glenn Byron; Owens, Charles H.
10 444
Pa - Ph
1 folder : Palmer, Noble Eugene; Paterson, John James; Pattis, George J.; Paulsen, Richard Baker; Penney, Frank; Pentzer, Frank A.; Perkins, Arthur Hewitt; Peterson, James Melford; Peters, Nyren L.; Phippen, Daniel Kirby
10 445
Pi - Qu
1 folder : Pickren, Howard J.; Piraino, Daniel; Plato, A. W. (Nick); Poller, Bernard; Porter, Harry Allison; Posterick, Richard Burke; Powell, David R.; Pratt, Clifford L.; Pritchard, John R.; Purcell, Donald Hemsley; Quachenbush, Justin L.
10 446
Ra - Ri
1 folder : Racette, H. J.; Rasmussen, John Oscar; Radford, Grant Nelson; Ratliff, Robert C.; Reed, Keith Raymon; Reilly, John Francis Patrick; Remp, Raymond H.; Renfrow, Lonny Lee; Rey, George; Rice, Arthur Riley; Richards, Arthur Winston; Riecken, Hugo William; Rigby, William F.; Ringe, L. D.; Ritter, Elvador E.; Risley, James D.
10 447
Rob - Ry
1 folder : Robb, Gladstone William; Robbins, Ronald W.; Roberts, Theron E.; Robertson, Kenneth C.; Robertson, Monte LeRoy; Rockwood, Jerry Rushton; Roise, Harold Sigward; Roller, Robert Otto; Rosenau, Theodore W.; Rosenthal, John Damon; Ross, T. R.; Rowland, Thomas E.; Rudolph, Vernard Lawrence; Ryset, Francis E., Jr.
10 448
Sa - Sh
1 folder : Sanford, Thomas R.; Sanford, William R.; Scarcello, Angelo B. (?); Schierman, Albert Howard; Schmid, William Joseph; Schnell, Philip H.; Schnurr, William Joseph; Schoenfeld, Walter E.; Senften, Leo Henry; Siegfriedt, Edgar Frederick; Sherfey, William Eugene; Shirck, Wayne H.; Shoun, Charles Walter; Shurtliff, Wesley
10 449
Sk - Sp
1 folder : Skoglund, P. J.; Sinsel, Frank C.; Smiley, Joseph Anthony; Smith, Arthur Louis; Smith, Gordon C.; Smith, Lyle; Smith, Robert Giese; Smith, Whitney J.; Smuin, Frank; Snow, Peter G.; Snyder, Marvin H.; Soderberg, Joe L.; Sonnichsen, R. W.; Sower, Warren Doyle; Space, John R.; Speropulos, Nickolas George; Spillman, Lynn
10 450
St - Sw
1 folder : Staley, William W., Jr.; Stanley, Wilfred Burnham; Stevens, Harold Dunkle; Stickney, Peter Fort; Stolaas, Howard L.; Stivers, Robert Theodore; Stoll, Dean C.; Stone, Raymond W.; Stout, Elmer A.; Strohbehn, Ben; Stroschein, Harold Ward; Sturman, Roland B.; Swan, Arthur B
10 451
Ta - Th
1 folder : Tanner, George Stanley; Tatko, Robert A.; Taynton, Roger N.; Therrell, Richard; Thomas, Damon H.; Theophilus, Don R.; Thomas, Eugene J.; Thompson, Willard L.; Thomson, Harvey William; Thornton, Neil
10 452
To - Tu
1 folder : Tonnar, Wiley B.; Tink, Eugene R.; Tracy, Orrin Ardeen; Trail, James Miller; Tuttle, Seth Lowell
10 453
Un - Wan
1 folder : Underdahl, Rudolph Conrad; Utter, Donald; Utter, Marvin; Varley, James Francis; Vincent, Wilbur D.; Voght, Alton L.; Waddel, Robert Charles; Walker, Leonard Ralph; Wade, Roger K.; Walker, Donald L.; Walkington, William G.; Wanamaker, Floyd E.
10 454
Wa - Wh
1 folder : Ward, Robert Richard; Ward, Walter E.; Warner, Victor E.; Weaver, Gerald G.; Welch, Billy D.; West, Bruce Milton; Wetter, Karl; Wheeler, Robert A.

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Korean War, 1950-1953
  • World War, 1939-1945

Corporate Names

  • University of Idaho--Alumni and alumnae
  • University of Idaho--Faculty
  • University of Idaho--Staff
  • University of Idaho--Students

Geographical Names

  • Moscow (Idaho)