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Cooper Point Journal; Learning Resource Center
Student Publications Collection
1972-2022 (inclusive)
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This collection contains Evergreen student publications, including books, zines, and program material from 1972 to 2022.
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The first issue of the literary anthology Rainroots was published in 1974 by the Cooper Point Journal and the Information Center. The anthology included student artwork, photography, writing both prose and poetry. Rainroots seems to have fizzled out in 1977 due to lack of submissions. Similar Evergreen literary magazines, like "Frost is...," met the same fate.

The Cooper Point Journal was not the only entity publishing on campus. The Arts Resource Center produced multiple literary journals led by students such as "Tightrope" and "Trillium." Several student groups, such as the Evergreen Experimental Writing Community and the Evergreen Writers Guild, put out publications.

First Peoples Press was a campus editorial collective, possibly associated with the First Peoples Advising Services in the 1990s. It published at least five anthologies created by Evergreen students of color, although this collection only has three of those anthologies.

The literary magazine, Slightly West, was created to replace Rhetoric after it ceased publication. It was published by the Evergreen Jewish student group called Maarava and had its first publication in 1985. At some point before 2006, publication of Slightly West was taken over by the Student Activities Board (it is possible that this happened after Maarava stopped being a student organization on campus). Currently, Slightly West is a separate student organization that selects artwork, photography, and writing through a jury process and publishes the work once a year.

The publication Inkwell was published by the Writing Center from 2006 to 2018. It featured essays and writings about writing, often from peer tutors at the Center, but from the general Evergreen student population, as well. The publication discussed "the writing process, tutoring writing, types of writing specific to Evergreen, and the intersections of society and writing."

Programs have also been a source of student publications, both in book form and in zine form. Some of the following programs have publications that have been included in this collection: Art and Archive; Tacoma summer bridge program: Breathing Stories 2 Life; Picturing Plants; Intimate Nature: Communication Older Than Words; Democracy and Tyranny; Wildlife: Conservation and Writing; Grays Harbor program: Telling Our Stories: What Makes Communities Work; Gothic Constructions; Conceptualizing Place: Pacific Northwest Native Art and Geographies; Sense of Place; Engaging Cuba: Uncommon Approaches to the Common Good; Arts, Mindfulness, and Psychology: Racial Identity Through the Lifespan Zine Intro; The Mural Project; Immigrant Voices: Writing, Labor and Community Stories, as well as a student's Independent Learning Contract.

The history of zines at Evergreen, by their nature, is difficult to trace except to say that students have been making zines at and about Evergreen since at least the 1990s and certainly before.


The Cooper Point Journal Volume 3, No. 18 (February 27, 1975)

The Cooper Point Journal Volume 5, Issue 15 (February 24, 1977)

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A variety of different types of student publications at The Evergreen State College. These include student publications like literary magazines, program publications, and zines.

Student publications include: Bridges and Windows: People of Color Speak Out (1994); Dark Times: A Journal of Resistance (1991); debut (2019); Exposed wounds, Concealed weapons: The 1998 Students of Color Anthology (1998); Frost Is... (1972); heterophylla: Poetry, Prose and Play (2003); Inkwell (2006 – 2015); Man and Earth: a journal of Ecological Discovery by jonelle (1976); No Explanations, No Apologies: The 1995 Collective Anthology by Students of Color (1995); On Uneven Ground (2005); Print for Breathing (2008 – 2009); Rainroots (1974 – 1975); Rhetoric (1983); Rhetoric II Evergreen's Literary Magazine (1983); Rhetoric III (1983); Seed Pod (1977); Slightly West (1986 – 2010); Student's Guide to the Faculty (prototype version) (1986); Tales from the Steam Tunnels (1981); the desire to contain and the inevitability of rupture (2014); The Dr. Mangrove Institute (1989); The Evergreen Echo – Voices Unleashed (2014); The Evergreen State College: a sketchbook by Carol B. Hannum (2017); The Placeboland Periodic Review(1989); Tightrope: The Evergreen Arts Magazine (1981); Trillium (1981); untitled poetry book (undated); Vanishing Point: Literary Arts Magazine of Evergreen State College (2014 – 2017)

Student publication zines: Breaking the Binary: a zine by First Peoples Multicultural, Trans and Queer Support Services and RAD (undated); The Art of the Body: Creative Writing Anthology compiled by The Union of Students with Disabilities (undated); Seepage: Garden Party (2022)

Program publications include: A Guide to Holistic Healing: An Integration of Anatomy and Physiology, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Yoga, and Acupressure (2008); Art Against All Odds (2022); Breathing Stories 2 Life: The Voices of Tacoma's First Generation College Students (2012); Creative Non-Fiction Essays (2003); Evergreen ECHO: Voices of Resiliency The Power of Change Agents (2016); Intimate Nature: Communication Older Than Words (2003); Liberation Theology and Class Struggle in Latin America (1989); On the Edge of Extinction: Collected Essays (2014); Our Voices: Stories of Labor and Migration (2009); Telling Our Stories: Voices of Grays Harbour (2012); The Stained Glass or, Memoirs of Soils Departed (2013); Removing Barriers: Restoring Salmon Watersheds through Tribal Alliances (2012); The Greener Herbal (1998)

Program zines include: Engaging Cuba: Uncommon Approaches to the Common Good (2004); Exploring Race: Identity, Resistance, Resilience Zine (2016); Mural Project Zine (2022); Threads: archives of student voice at evergreen (2022)

Student zines include: Are you under the influence of Evergreen Mind Control? (undated); Atomic Memory (undated); Chair (2018); Fast Rock a zine by Gilead Jones (undated); Fumes by Sarah Hopp (undated); Incendiary Devices: Blackwashing Olympia (1991); liquid meat, vegan treats (1993); PESM Present Participatory Awesomenomics Tear It Down and Build It Up (2006 – 2007); Sauerkraut and Bacon Grease: Stories of Food and Farming in Thurston County (2012); Smeared with Pleasure (undated); Variable Nothing (undated)

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