Historical Landmarks Petitions and Designations, 1955-1985

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Seattle (Wash.). City Clerk
Historical Landmarks Petitions and Designations
1955-1985 (inclusive)
0.8 cubic feet
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Seattle Municipal Archives
Seattle Municipal Archives
Office of the City Clerk
City of Seattle
PO Box 94728
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 2062337807
Fax: 2063869025
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The City Clerk maintains the City's legislative records, official filings, and the Seattle Municipal Archives; keeps the minutes of City Council meetings; and provides information services to City agencies and the public. Seattle's first City Charter allowed for a Clerk of the Common Council to be elected by the Council. In 1875 the position of City Clerk became elective and remained so until 1896 when the new Charter designated the Comptroller ex-officio City Clerk. The Comptroller served as City Clerk through 1992. A 1991 City Charter amendment transferred the Comptroller's function to the Department of Finance and the City Clerk's Office became a division of the Legislative Department effective in 1993.

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Petitions, correspondence, and designations of historical landmarks in Seattle. Landmarks are designated by the Landmarks Preservation Board.

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CF Project. A Comptroller or Clerk File (CF) can consist of correspondence, reports, petitions, contracts, agreements, etc. from elected officials, City departments, other government agencies, or the general public, which have been placed "on file" with the Office of the City Clerk (OCC). They are primarily permanent records, but also include routine material which is periodically purged. Beginning in 1987, certain archival records identified in the CF have been removed, arranged into records series, and incorporated into the ca_collections.idno of the Seattle Municipal Archives, a program of the OCC. A single accession number, 1987-048, was assigned to the transfer of the CF to the Archives. The initial transfer included records dating from 1895. These records remain in the CF series until approximately 15 years after they were filed with the OCC, at which point they are removed to the Archives. The transfer of CF records to the Archives is routine and regular. New accession numbers are not created when these transfers are made.

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[Item and date], Historical Landmarks Petitions and Designations, Record Series 1802-B7 Box [number], Folder [number]. Seattle Municipal Archives.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Bay Building 1213 1 st, Recommendation -- Denied 1974
1 1 Flatiron Building (Triangle Hotel), Recommendation -- of 1974
1 2 Saint Spiridon Cathedral 1976
1 2 Roberts Building in PSHD, Request to Include -- on file 1974
1 2 Cobb Building 1301-09 Fourth 1974
1 2 Saint Nicolas Cathedral 1976
1 2 Seattle Buddhist Church 1976
1 2 Trinity Parish Church 1976
1 2 Ballard Avenue Historical District, Recommendation for 1975
1 3 Ward House 1976
1 3 Fire Station Eighteen 1976
1 3 West Queen Anne Walls 1976
1 3 Fire Station Twenty Five 1976
1 3 Stimson: Greenhouse and Carriage House 1976
1 3 Ellsworth Story Houses 1976
1 3 Arboretum Aqueduct 1976
1 3 Fire Station Thirty Three 1976
1 3 Fire Station Twenty Three 1976
1 3 Chinese Community Bulletin Board 1976
1 4 Pioneer Square Historic District, Request to Expand 1973
1 4 Fire Station Three 1976
1 5 Society Candy Building 1975
1 6 Myron Ogden Residence 1978
1 6 Stewart House by Pike Place Market Historical Commission 1977
1 6 Columbia City Landmark District 1978
1 6 Pioneer Square Historic District, Request to Establish 1969
1 7 Broadway High School 1970
1 7 Holyoke Building 1978
1 7 Pioneer Square Historic District Ordinance, Mayor Recommendation 1970
1 7 Ballard Fire Station (number Eighteen) -- Photo 1972
2 1 Old Armory 1968
2 1 Municipal Arts Commission, Historic Buildings and Sites List 1968
2 1 Chief Sealth Statue, Location: Day of the Pioneers 1957
2 1 Messenger Prefontaine, Recondition Memorial 1955
2 1 West Seattle City Jail, West Seattle Chamber of Commerce 1967
2 2 Fire Station Twenty Two, Petition for 1966
2 2 Chief Sealth Statue, Teamsters Number Twenty Eight About Location and Installation 1957
2 2 Seattle Marine Drive, Municipal Arts Commission about Street Markers 1958
2 2 Vessels, Preservation of Historic 1963
2 2 Historic Trees at Ninth South and Main, Pioneer Association 1966
2 2 Colman Ferry Terminal Fountain, Municipal Arts Commission about Plaque 1966
2 3 Historic Seattle Structures, List by Municipal Arts Commission 1962
2 3 Anhalt Apartments, Request for 1979
2 3 Delamar Apartments 1976
2 4 Eagles Temple Building, Controls and Designation on 1961
2 4 Preservation of Historic Sites, Request for Law on 1961

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Subject Terms

  • Anhalt Apartments (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Ballard Avenue Landmark District (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Fire stations--Washington (State)--Seattle
  • Historic preservation--Washington (State)--Seattle
  • Pioneer Square-Skid Road Historic District (Seattle, Wash.)
  • Seattle Buddhist Church (Seattle, Wash.)
  • St. Spiridon's Cathedral (Seattle, Wash.)

Corporate Names

  • Seattle (Wash.). City Clerk
  • Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board

Geographical Names

  • Seattle (Wash.)