Arthur H. Post Papers, 1920-1982

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Post, Arthur H. (Arthur Herman), 1899-1982
Arthur H. Post Papers
1920-1982 (inclusive)
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The Arthur H. Post Papers consist of letters, research notes and lecture materials, printed materials, memorabilia, and photographs pertaining primarily to his career work. Topics discussed include his selection of a Ph.D. program, his lectures through the Agriculture Extension Service, his own research.
Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Montana State University-Bozeman Library
Merrill G Burlingame Special Collections
P.O. Box 173320
Bozeman, MT
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Arthur H. Post was born March 24, 1899 in Dunsmuir, California and was raised on a farm in the Spokane Valley. He married Margaret Campbell in 1927. Post attended Washington State University and received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in 1922 and 1923 respectively. In 1924 he joined the faculty at Montana State College (Montana State University). Post taught courses in crop and soil sciences, and with the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station he gave lectures throughout the state of Montana geared towards soil and crop improvement. Post then served as head of the Plant and Soil Department from 1937 to 1962. While teaching at M.S.U., Post received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1948. In 1962, his research was nationally recognized when he was elected Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy. He retired from M.S.U. in 1964. In 1980, M.S.U. presented him with the Blue and Gold award in recognition of distinguished services, and in 1981, M.S.U. named the field research laboratory west of Bozeman "The Arthur H. Post Field Research Laboratory" in his honor. Post was also a member of a number of community organizations and national societies, among those were: Phi Kappa Phi, American Society of Agronomy, Alpha Gamma Rho, Bozeman Lodge 18, and Western Societies of Crop and Soil Science. Dr. Post died in Bozeman on January 11, 1982.

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The Arthur H. Post papers consist of letters, research notes and lecture materials, printed materials, memorabilia, and photographs pertaining primarily to his career work. Materials are arranged in 6 series according to document type. Correspondence refers to work and studies while at M.S.U., specifically his selection of a Ph.D. program, his lectures through the Agriculture Extension Service, and his own research. Incoming letters of a more personal nature can be found in Post's retirement scrapbook in the Memorabilia series. Biographical Materials pertain to Post's life from 1931-1982. Again, the focus of these materials is primarily on his professional life. Printed Materials refer to publications either created or collected by Post. Post's own course work from the University of Wisconsin and some of his teaching materials are found in Series 4, Course Work and Lecture Notes. Also within this series are Post's lectures prepared for the Extension Service. Memorabilia consists of items collected by Post of both a personal and professional nature. These documents indicate his civic and community involvement as well as his achievements in the fields of soil science and agronomy. The final series, Photographs, contains black and white photos of Post from 1921 to circa 1970. The retirement photo album corresponds with the retirement scrapbook in the Memorabilia series.

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Series 1 Correspondence, 1920-1982

Series 2 Biographical Materials, 1931-1982

Series 3 Printed Materials, 1925-1971

Series 4 Course Work and Lecture Materials, 1931-1964

Series 5 Memorabilia, 1921-circa 1982

Series 6 Photographs, circa 1921-circa 1970

Acquisition Information

Personal and professional papers created or collected by Dr. Arthur H. Post relating to the fields of agronomy, and crop and soil science, and to his career at Montana State University were donated to Special Collections by Arthur Post Jr. on January 17, 1995.

Processing Note

This collection was processed 2009 May 11

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Series 1:  Correspondence, 1920-1982Return to Top

Correspondence pertains primarily to Post's academic career. Incoming letters are arranged alphabetically according to sender and contain information regarding his selection of a Ph.D. program, his lectures given in connection with M.S.U.'s Agriculture Extension service and his own research. Outgoing letters often correspond with the incoming and are arranged chronologically. A scrapbook of letters given as a retirement gift from faculty and students can be found in the memorabilia series, Box 5, file 1.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Incoming Letters: Alpha Gamma Rho
1 2
American Crystal Sugar Company
1 3
American Society of Agronomy
1 4
Calcite Products Company
1 5
Canadian Dept. of Ag.--Lethbridge Experimental Station
1 6
Cornell University
1 7
1 8
Grand Hotel
1 9
Iowa State College
1 10
Michigan State College
1 11
Montana Ranch-Farm and Business Opportunities Multiple Listing Service
1 12
Montana State College--Extension Services
1 13
Montana State University--College of Ag., Dept. of Plant and Soil Science
1 14
Montana State University--Office of the Dean
1 15
Montana State University--Renne Inaugural Committee
1 16
McKee, Clyde
1 17
Ohio State University
1 18
Pennsylvania State College
1 19
Phi Beta Phi
1 20
Purdue University
1 21
Renne, R. and P.
1 22
Rutgers University
1 23
State College of Washington
1 24
State College of Washington--U.S. Naval Unit
1 25
True, Louis and Mae
1 26
University of Idaho
1 27
University of Illinois
1 28
University of Minnesota
1 29
University of Missouri
1 30
University of Montana--Agriculture Experiment Station
1 31
University of Wisconsin--College of Ag., E. Truog
1 32
University of Wisconsin--Regent and College of Agriculture
1 33
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture--Bureau of Plant Industry
1 34
U.S. Dept. of the Interior--Office of Indian Affairs
1 35
Veterans Administration
1 36
Winn, Lora E.
1 37
1 38
1 39
1 40
1 41
1 42

Series 2:  Biographical Materials, 1931-1982Return to Top

Newspaper clippings and M.S.U. documents pertaining to Post's life and academic career. Materials are arranged according to document type. Published works discussing Dr. Post are in files 43 and 44. Biographical information found in M.S.U. Plant and Soils Dept. papers are arranged in files 45 and 46.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 43
Newspaper clippings re: Post and Funeral Announcement
1 44
Newsletters/Publications re: Post
1 45
Appointment to Head of Agronomy Dept.
1 46
Arthur H. Post Field Research Lab Proposal

Series 3:  Printed Materials, 1925-1971Return to Top

Published materials created or collected by Post have been arranged according to document type and then alphabetized. Materials collected by Post are in Box 1, files 48-51. Post's published research has been placed in Box 2.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 47
Alpha Gamma Rho Newsletters
1 48
Commencement Programs--Washington State University, 1972 & The University of Wisconsin
1 49
Newspaper clippings and Advertisements
1 50
Newspaper clippings and Advertisements
Post, A. H., "The Field Error Obtained in Sampling Plots for Nitrogen," B.S. Thesis, State College of Washington
Post, A. H., "Fertilizer Investigations in Montana in 1940" (Bozeman: M.S.C. Ag. Exp. Station)
Post, A. H., "Phosphorus and Iron Availability in Calcareous Soils as Measured by Chemical and Plant Culture Methods," Ph.D. Thesis, University of Wisconsin
Summaries of Doctoral Dissertations University of Wisconsin, 1947-1949, vol. 10, (Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press
Soil Science, vol. 63, no. 1 (Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins Company)
1947 January
Truog, E., et. al., "Soils: Nature and Management," (Madison: Soils Dept. University of Wisconsin)

Series 4:  Course Work and Lecture Notes, 1931-1964Return to Top

Course Work and Lecture Notes examining primarily crops and soils are arranged chronologically, with the exception of Post's university transcripts and his civic or non-academic speeches which have been placed in Box 4, file 2 and Box 4, file 9 respectively. The notebook titles are those given by Post and overwhelmingly refer to his Ph.D. work. His lectures prepared for the M.S.U. Agriculture Experiment Station are in Box 4, files 3-7 and are arranged chronologically.

Container(s) Description Dates
Notebook: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Notebook: Soils Research
Notebook: Plant Genetics, Soil Bacteriology & Physical Chemistry
Notebook: Plant Nutrition & Soil Science, and Plant Physiology
Notebook: Zoology Lab
Notebook: Climatology & Soil Classification
Notebook: Structure & Development of Flowering Plants
Notebook: Plant Physiology Experiments
Notebook: Soil Bacteriology--Lab Work
Notebook: Soil Analysis--Lecture & Lab Work
Notebook: Phosphate Availability--Research Project
Notebook: Soil Science & Plant Nutrition
Notebook: Experimental Methods
Notebook: Soil Genesis, Classification & Mapping
Notebook: Misc. Soil & Fertilizer Notes
4 1
Misc. Notes on Methods Analysis and on Phosphorus
4 2
University Transcripts
4 3
Agronomy Speeches
4 4
Agronomy Speeches
4 5
Agronomy Speeches
4 6
Agronomy Speeches
4 7
Agronomy Speeches
4 8
Lecture Notes re: Soil Conservation
4 9
Misc. Civic Organization Speeches

Series 5:  Memorabilia, 1921-1982Return to Top

Memorabilia collected by Post has been separated according to document type and then arranged according to document size. Paper items have been placed in files 1-4. Post's retirement scrapbook contains letters from faculty, staff and students with whom he worked during his academic career. It is detailed and comprehensive. Items relating to his wife, Margaret, have been placed in file 5. Post's yearbook and songbook collection from Washington State University are in Box 6.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
5 1
Certificates and Awards
5 2
Financial Records--Alpha Gamma Rho
5 3
Misc. Memorabilia, Party invitations, WWII Ration Books
5 4
Retirement Scrapbook
5 5
Margaret Post's Dance Cards
Scrapbook: "The Graduate's Happy Days"
Plaque: Service Recognition from The Flax Institute of the United States
Plaque: Contribution Recognition from Montana Plant Food Association
Plaque: Plant and Soil Science, M.S.U.
Box of Pins and Mementos: 50 year reunion pin, Mason's pin, Fraternities of Alpha Zeta and Alpha Gamma Rho, etc.
Washington State College Favorite Songs (New York: Hinds, Hayden & Eldredge, Inc.)
Chinook--Washington State College Yearbook
Chinook--Washington State College Yearbook
Chinook--Washington State College Yearbook

Series 6:  Photographs, circa 1921-circa 1970Return to Top

Photographs contains pictures, postcards, a slide, and a steel etching either created or collected by Post. Pictures have been separated according to document type and then arranged chronologically. All photographs are black and white. The titles given on file folders indicate subject matter of the photos and/or images. Post Retirement Party Photo Album was a gift and corresponds with the Retirement Scrapbook found in the series containing memorabilia.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
7 1
Photographs #1-3: Post at Washington State University
7 2
Photographs #4-7: Post and Friends at 16 Mile Canyon
7 3
Photographs #8-21: Eastern Vacation, Logan Earthquake and Head of Dept. photos
7 4
Photographs #22-29: Post at M.S.U.
1961-circa 1970
7 5
Photograph Album #30: Post's Retirement Party
7 6
Misc. #31-32: Research Slide & Raised Paper Image of Post
7 7
Pacific Northwest Postcards and Steel Etching of Rheims Cathedral #33-36

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  • Agricultural extension work--Montana
  • Agriculturists-Montana-Bozeman
  • Agronomy-Montana
  • Agronomy-Study and teaching (Higher)-Montana-Bozeman
  • Soil science-Montana
  • Soil science-Study and teaching (Higher)-Montana-Bozeman
  • Soil scientists-Montana-Bozeman

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  • Montana Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics
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