Printing and Design Services Photographs collection, 1962-1995

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Printing and Design Services Photographs collection
1962-1995 (inclusive)
1 cubic feet
Collection Number
PG 138
University of Idaho Library, Special Collections and Archives
Special Collections and Archives
University of Idaho Library
875 Perimeter Drive
MS 2350
Moscow, ID
Telephone: 2088850845
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Photographs of university activities, students, faculty, administration. Also of events, rodeo, sports, parades, Mardi Gras and items used for promotion or publicity. Negatives color and bw, contact sheets, and 35mm slides.

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Photographer, "Title," date. Collection name, object ID. University of Idaho Library Special Collections and Archives, Moscow, ID.

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Materials transferred from Printing and Design in 1998 (UA 1998-03)

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Graduation 1987
1 items : close up of graduate and woman by Diana Armstrong, national award winning photo
1 2
President's annual report
19 items : photographs of children with horses or engaging in activities
1 3
25 items : Barbados; computers;
1 4
Cenntennial Logo
1 items : 35mm color sleeve
1 5
Campus Views
71 items : Photos and 35mm color negatives
1 6
President Zinser
11 items : Zinser with President Hartung
1 7
Fact Sheet 1989 color keys
16 items : campus scenes; viewbook image; fraternity
1 8
President's in 1989-1991 Report images
14 items : UI board members; BW photos
1 9
Campus Buildings
84 items : Admin Building; KIVA illustration; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Kibbe Dome Annex; campus barn; Hartung; School of Comm; Ag Science West; Ridenbaugh; Alumni Center; Physical Ed Bldg; Life Sciences; Food Sciences building; Art and Architecture South; Library; University Classroom Center; Memorial Gym; Brink Hall, Idaho Falls Center; Gibb Hall; green house; Bruce Kessler; John Fritz;
1 10
129 items : Cindy Corst; Debra Hurt; Mardi Gras float building; Madge Brown; Home Coming; Art and Architecture; Paul Blanton, retired; Library/UCC Plaza; elder hostel; Jennifer Rush; Theta Chi; piano bash; Delta Gamma; Joe Vandal; computer services; registration
1 11
Dance 1980s
15 items : American Festival Ballet; Mark Wagner, photographer; 35mm bw negatives & contact sheets
1 12
9 items : Jim Park; Don Crawford; Bacteriology; Roger Korus; Larry Gill, photographer
1 13
Library Sketches and Photos
23 items : Sketches by George Wray & Beth Case; Leo Ames, photographer
1 14
Paper & Toning Sample
5 items
1 15
BW Photos 1
81 items : Founders' Day cake; Camperdown Elms; Leo Ames, photographer; Fred Chapman; V. Spencer Paige; Hartung Theater; George Wray; Jeff Olson, photographer; Superbowl Party; Margie Crawford; Brian Thyssen; Tom Torgerson; Kristine Haakenson; Clint Bush, photographer; Robin Green, photographer; Robert Meshew; John Finney, student; Jon Miller; quarterback Doug Nussmeier; registration; Shelly Schultz; Al Wildey, photographer; David Lee-Painter; Andy Wyke; Rusty Greene; Theresa Baker; Joe Lukas; Richard Dorendort; Hally Hetrick; Alph Gamma Delta; Shahna Spercher; Special Olympics; AGO; Theta Chi;
1 16
BW Photos 2
33 items : Leo Ames; Elisabeth Zinser; KUID Studio; Dan O'Brien; Barb Rawling; Jeff Bodel; Joe Lukas, photographer; George Wray; Early Childhood Education; Samuel Smith; "Translations" play; Murdoc's Beer Garden; Dave Goodwin; John Leverett, Nancy Shireman; Kris Haff, photographer; business incubator dedication;
1 17
BW 8x10 Prints
55 items : University medallions; Travis Gadsby, photographer; Deb Gilbertson, photographer; Gamma Phi Beta; Larry Gill, photographer; Mem Gym; Jerry Prout, photographer; Elaine Hendrickson; Stan Smith in Russia '91; President Gibb, Mayor Gary Scott; Theron Wages; Cris Wallace; Loren Orr, photographer; "Dumb Waiter" play; Richard Concannon; Dale Maxwell; Jon Nilsson; Tom Gisselberg; Darrel Rosti; Stephanie Worley, photographer; Bill Belknap; Keith Gilberston; Tim Dahlquist
1 18
Idaho Magazine Photos
62 items : Vandal sports trading cards; Gordon Woods; Frank Lockwood; Mark Birnikel; Gin Belt; Joe Dowding; Genara Lee; candid photos of students; Sandy Weier; Gage Comweau; Stephanie Campbell; Ryan Talbot; Rusty Tontz; Jason Brixey; Gerry Manford; Cam Cong; KUID Studio; volleyball; football; David Gover; J. Bart Raynick
1 19
Leo Ames Photos
26 items : 35mm color slides; bw negatives and contact sheets; bw photos; Law building; campus views
1 20
Leo Ames Tree Photos
16 items
1 21
Campus Life
66 items : Kelli Kast; Houston Hall; Jon Skinner; Brad Cuddy; Verale Jones; Signma Chi Serenade; Loren Orr, photographer; GDI; "Talking With" play; Colleen Kate; U-Hut; Scott Griffith; Liane Jutila; Mike Lyon; Margie Crawford; Debra Euguson; Steve Begans; Blue Bucket Inn; Gretchen Morgan; Terry Armstrong; Carl Reeb; Nickie Brassette; Angie Hasenoehrl; Mark Person; Valarie Tezak-Sec; President Gibb; Borah Tree Planting; Jeff Friel; Jason Munroe, photographer; Pikes; Jeff Kesling; Corey Johnson; Jeff Loveng; Brad Sharples; registration; Jeri Waide; Paul Diebels; Steve Shern; Doug Adams; Gordon Thomas; Mark Parker; Nick Valison; Trisha Ward; bonfire; Steve Smart; Michelle Barrett; Andrea Nolen; Timothy W. Ngo, photographer; Delta Chi; Sigma Chi; Derby Days; Shalem Loe; Danielle Scofield
1 22
Idaho Grad Photos
6 items : KUID Studio; Larry Volkening; Marla Schwartz; Anne S. Riley; NASA Institute Workshop
1 23
13 items : Dorm hall group photos; Upham; Willis Sweet; Carter; Borah Hall; French Hall; Forney Hall; Hays Hall; Lindley Hall; Houston Hall; Steel House; Targhee Hall; Neely Hall; McCoy Hall; Whitman Hall
1 24
Clubs and Organizations
20 items : Student Affairs Council; Collegiate 4-H; Agri Business Club; Mike Lyon, photographer; Cartographer Club; Student Management Unit; Forest Products Club; Society of American Foresters; Wildland Rec Management; Blue Key; Senate; Ad Club; KUOI; Clint Bush, photographer; Veterans Club; Psych Club; Argonaut; Comm Board; Silver Lance
1 25
17 items : Robert Spellman; Jason Munroe, photographer; Larenzo Nash; Riley Smith; Raymond Brown
1 26
17 items : Jim Medved; Damon Daniels; Chris Slater; Lee Allen; David Jackson; Marvin Washington; John Jake; Loren Orr, photographer; Tim Frates, photographer
1 27
28 items : volleyball; Susan Deskines; ping pong; tennis; Shane Ristan; rugby; Loren Orr, photographer; snow boarding; Ray Ayers; Kenny; Roger Cecil; Dave Cook; Rich Steckler; Triathalon; baseball; track; Jason Munroe, photographer; Dan O'Brien; Orde Ballantyne; Carya Choate Deeds
1 28
Greek Life
28 items : turtle derby; Alpha Phi; Delta Delta Delta; Anchor Splash; SAE; Pike; Sigma Nu Lil Sis Rush; Clint Bush, photographer; Sigma Nu; Theta Chi; Fiji; Mike Lyon, photographer; Delta Tau Delta mud slide; Steve Kincheke; Phi Delta Theta; Greek Week; Leonard Plaster; Lambda Chi; TKE; Jason Monroe, photographer; Kelly Brown; Tim Dahlquist, photographer
1 29
Arts & Community
15 items : Tim Dahlquist, photographer, Homecoming parade; Abbie Hoffman; Mardi Gras Beaux Arts Ball; Mike Lyon, photographer; Dance Theatre; Mike Behrens; Robert Morgan; Wynston Marsailis; Rondo; Stas Namin; Law students drill team; Mardi Gras parade
1 30
20 items : Army ROTC; Loren Orr, photographer
1 31
Separation negatives
7 items
1 32
Kathy Bernard photos
83 items : Homecoming; V. Dale Blickenstaff, headshot; Idaho First National Bank; Chapman; Martin Institute; choir; Law Building; registration; SaRB President Gretchen Kelly; Forestry student; Camperdown Elm; Leo Ames, photographer; Shaun Carroll; "Our Town;" Jean Lund-Remaley; Tom Armitage; Hartung Theater; Library-UCC Plaza; Physical Education Building; Bill Schlemmer; Kristina Haakenson; Clint Bush, photographer; volleyball; Dr. Mary L. Good; Jerry Prout, photographer; parade; campus views; Ann Monger; Learning Resource Center; Mark Jones, photographer; Boruell Wimer; Mechanical Engineering; Irena Majchrowicz, "Polish Potato Person;" dance; Elisabeth Zinser; Nels Reese; Jody Marshal; Mike Lyon, photographer; Jeff Bodell; vending machine; Craig Codr; Tina Cantamessa; Timothy W. Ngo, photographer; Jake La Motta; bowling; Karen Scharbach; Jeanice Andrale; Scott Griffith; Loren Orr, photographer; marching band
1 33
A Growing Place
1 items : fundraising packet, 3 booklets in a box
1 34
Staff, Grads, Misc photos
100 items : Bob Bailey, alumni president; Homecoming; Netra McGrew; Tacoma; Roy Atwood, Life Sciences Addition; Memorial Gym; I-Tower; Spanish American War statue; Judy McPherson; Dan Mayer, photographer; Merrie Thomas; Eric Plo; Carol Terhaar, photographer; Valerie Tezak; Doak Bailey; Taco Johns; Laura Chase; Satellite SUB; Centenniel Breakfast; Kibbie Dome concourse; campus views; St. Augustine's; School of Music; Larry Branen; rodeo; Gerry Snyder, photographer; Elisabeth Zinser; time capsule; Silver and Gold Day; President Gibb; Alan Lifton; steady-cam; Dan Moyer, photographer; Academic Affairs; Deborah Druffel; graduation; John Fritz, photographer; Scott Caver; Nicole Lange; Larry Blodgett; Blair Baertsch; Ed Chavez; Patty Morgan
1 35
Architecture, Agriculture, Mines, Forestry photos
35 items : Crops; rapeseed; greenhouse; Meat Lab; Brice L. Kessler, photographer; Dick Naskali; Arboretum; "This Crested Hill"; Loren Orr, photographer; Prichard Gallery; Debbie Wilkins
1 36
General Campus
28 items : 35mm color negatives; bw and color prints; McConnell Hall; boiler installation; UCC/Library Plaza; Leo Ames, photographer; President Gibb, photographer; arboretum; Old Steps; Spanish American War Statue
1 37
Athletics Photographs
30 items : Football; Jason Shelt; Homecoming; rodeo; baketball; Mark Leslie; Benji Johnson; Todd hoiness; Coach Lark, WSU; Chris Schultz; Jeff Collins; track; Dave Wimer; John Fritz, photographer; Stacey Asplund; Dave Cook; Dan Martin; Steve Johnson; Bill Thomas, Jr.; Tim Dahlquist, photographer; Gred Ulrich; Tammi Lesh; volleyball; weight room; Robert Morasch; Bill Hickley; Ted Heggie; Gary McGonigle; Chrisman Hall; Scott Lorek
1 38
Music Band photos
14 items : Lou Rawls; Lionel Hampton; Dianne Reeves; Homecoming; Marching Band; Honors Convocation; Randy Hayes, photographer
1 39
Students Photographs
126 items : Kord Smith; Reed Payne; Palouse Empire Mall; Abdul Al-Hadlag; Alan Rose; Dave Martin; GDI skits; Neely Hall; Loren Orr, photographer; Beth Howard; parade; Joe Vandal; UI Bookstore; John Fritz, photographer; Admin Annex; Mardi Gras; Carol Terhaar; Merrie Thomas; Eric Flo; Nancy Jewett, IBM; Mikal Kyte; "Charlie Williams and the Elite Feet" Lady Vandals basketball; Vandaleers; Gene Gussenhoven; Sue Turrell; Mary Lou Nutsch; Anti-Contra Rally; Jeff Budell; Clint Bush, photographer; Stas Namin; KUOI; Kirk Laughlin; registration; Alicia Johann; "Caucasian Chalk Circle"; Theatre; Hartung Theater; Robert Morgan; military; Library/UCC Plaza; JETS; autocad; Michael George; Farley Seminar; gymnastics; Life Sciences Addition; Morrill Hall; Leo Ames, photographer; campus view; Upham Hall; Jeff Lavoie; Education; Olesen Hall; Chris Chrisinger; Catie Grey; looms; computer; Bruce Pitman; Snow Hall; Carol Terhaar; Chad Cobbley; Sam Kodvah; "Working" musical; cheerleader; Stacy Burr; Juliana Nicholson; Alumni Art Show; Floyd Bowles, Faculty; Bryan Duffy, photographer; Mike Marler; dance; rugby; 4-H conference; Alan Rose, faculty; French Hall; Theophilis Tower post office boxes; Margie Crawford; Kristina Haakenson; Academic Suppport Services; Tim Dahlquist, photographer; Jennifer Park; Melanie Weston; Tanya Esischenko
1 40
Brochure and Magazine photos
35 items : Color & BW prints and negatives; Centenniel logo; "Idaho Reflections"; Library; UCC; Admin Building; Ryan Sawby; Angelo Vitale; Marc Klowden, faculty; Law Library; Harry Moore, photographer; polaroids
2 41
Silver & Gold Day
5 items : Silver & Gold Day- Zinser Tree Dedication; bw prints and 35mm negatives; Ernest W. Hartung
2 42
Graduate Catalog Photos
16 items : Forestry; Ray Miller; Lake Pend Oreille; campus view; Administration Building
2 43
Leo Ames Photos
21 items : sent back by Collegiate Licensing Company; Homecoming; Leo Ames, photographer; Mines Building; Education Building, Theophilis Tower; Art & Architecture North; Buchanan Engineering Lab; Library; Hartung Theater; Physical Education; Kiva; Turtle Derby; registration; Administration Building; Memorial Gym; Kibbie Dome rodeo; Gene Breeding; Juggling Club; Homecoming Parade; Brian Duffy, photographer; "Once Upon a Mattress" musical; Hartung Theatre; Rob Thomas; Mardi Gras
2 44
Centenniel Walk
3 items : 35mm color slide; illustration; 4x5 color transparency
2 45
UI Catalog Divider Photos
27 items : UI Catalog Divider Page Photos- Leo Ames; Marching Band; baskerball; Karen Scharbach; Volleyball; Stacey Asplund; Loren Orr, photographer; sports crowd; Shane Elliott; Tim Dahlquist; photographer; track; Bruce Harris; Bruce Pitman; French Hall; Margie Crawford; Kristina Haakenson; Clint Bush, photographer; Brad Cuddy, Tina Kagi; ASUI election; chataqua; Spokane Falls Brass Band; Elisabeth Zinser; Old Steps; surveying; skiing; John Fritz, photographer; Alpha Phi
2 46
University Related Photos
12 items : Leo Ames, photographer; John R. Taylor; James Baggett; Camperdown Elms; lamb; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Bruce Wylie; Seattle Mime Theatre
2 47
Architecture Model
3 items : Leo Ames, photographer; Nels Reese; Elisabeth Zinser
2 48
Magazine Photos
35 items : Law Building; Leonard Feather; Marching Band; Clint Bush, photographer; ASUI President Tina Kagi; ASUI VP Lynn Neaor; "This Crested Hill"; Eric Hewitt; Wallace Cafeteria; Henry Moore, photographer; Eva Jo Halvik; Doc Skinner; Michael Scott; contact sheets
2 49
Historic Negatives
36 items : Historic Negatives of UI Campus 1960s
2 50
9 items : Jason Monroe, photographer; Life Sciences' lawn; Lyle Longhurst; Tim W. Ngo, photographer; Memorial Gym gargoyles
2 51
1962 35mm Color Slides
11 items : Library; Agriculture Science; Mines; Education; Forestry; campus views; basketball; living groups; golf course; cheerleaders; marching band; Law Building; graduation; Homecoming; football; basketball; Ernest Hartung
1 52
1 items : Gary Johnston, faculty; Lance Haseriot

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Subject Terms

  • Aerial photographs
  • Education
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Photography of Team Sports