G. Ernest Untermann papers, 1893-1975

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Untermann, Gerhard Ernest, 1864-1956
G. Ernest Untermann papers
1893-1975 (inclusive)
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The G. Ernest Untermann papers (1893-1975) emphasize the scientific and public activities of Gerhard Ernest Untermann and his wife, Billie, both geologists and employees of the Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, Utah. Correspondence, reports, articles, news clippings, geological research, speeches, and other materials are included.
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Gerhard Ernest Untermann was born on 6 August 1898, while his parents were in Berlin, Germany, on a visit. Nine months later the family returned to the United States. G. Ernest Untermann's first visit to the Vernal area was in 1919 when he assisted his father, Ernest Untermann, make a mining survey for a Chicago firm. During this visit he met Billie Ruple, a native of Vernal, then thirteen-years-old (she was born 29 July 1906). They remained in contact through the years and were married in San Francisco on 14 August 1925.

G. Ernest Untermann and Billie Ruple graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. G. Ernest received an M.A. from the School of Geology and, later, an honorary doctorate. Billie earned an A.B. in geology in 1929 and an M.A. in 1934. She was curator of the Geology Museum at University of California, Berkeley, between 1931 and 1936.

In the 1940s the Untermanns joined the National Park Service and returned to Vernal to work at Dinosaur National Monument in 1943. G. Ernest spent four years as a ranger-geologist, mapping the monument geology. Billie worked on the mapping with G. Ernest and between 1946 and 1948 was put on the payroll as a ranger-naturalist.

The Utah Field House of Natural History was completed in 1946. G. Ernest Untermann, who had been a strong supporter of the project from the beginning, was hired as director-curator. Billie joined him there in 1948 as staff scientist. They spent the following twenty-one years promoting and caring for the Field House. When they formally retired in 1969, Billie was rehired and G. Ernest continued to devote hours to the Field House without pay until 1974. Billie was voted "Outstanding State Employee" in 1972 for her work at the museum.

Billie died 30 January 1973 and G. Ernest died 12 November 1975. Both were honorary, lifetime members of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists and members of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. G. Ernest Untermann was briefly written up in Who's Who in the West (12th Edition, 1970-71), and Billie appeared in Who's Who of American Women (2nd Edition, 1961-62).

As coauthors they published Geology of Dinosaur National Monument, 1969; Dinosaur Land and the Unique Uinta Country, 1972, and other geological studies. They also wrote, separately and jointly, innumerable articles for the local newspaper, the Vernal Express, and articles for professional journals.

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The G. Ernest Untermann papers (1893-1975) emphasize the scientific and public activities of Gerhard Ernest Untermann and his wife, Billie, both geologists and employees of the Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, Utah. Information regarding geological and paleontological contributions from Ernest Untermann Sr. are also included.

In the interest of chronology, the papers of Ernest Untermann Sr., comprise the first part of the collection. These two boxes include correspondence, reports, and clippings on the Washington Park Zoo, and published articles and scientific writings. Also included are biographical information and a brief autobiography.

The biographical information contained in the collection about G. Ernest and Billie Untermann has been placed in a section with their miscellaneous writings. These consist of articles written for the Utah State Parks employees newsletter, the Pow Wow; articles on their geological research; speeches and miscellaneous writings by G. Ernest; and maps.

A small section on Dinosaur National Monument contains brochures, publications, and maps about the monument area. There are also two geological guidebooks written by G. Ernest and Billie, as well as field naturalist reports written by Billie during the years the Untermanns worked for the United States Park Service.

The Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, Utah, was the setting for most of the Untermanns' professional life. The information on the Field House begins with its concept and follows through to the functioning of a successful museum. Reports, clippings, correspondence, and other writings about the growth of the Field House are contained in a large scrapbook kept by the Untermanns. Also included are correspondence and clippings about the Dulany Hunter Foundation and the controversy about the future of the Field House, which was brought on by conflicting opinions between Sam A. Dulany Hunter and G. Ernest Untermann.

General correspondence is arranged by subject, covering, first, letters concerned with the Field House and/or the Untermanns' roles there. This section has correspondence with Arthur G. Nord, the assistant regional forester, and the family of Earl Douglass, who discovered the dinosaur quarry. Letters from friends and visitors to the musuem expressing their appreciation to the Untermanns are filed chronologically. A bound volume of congratulatory letters given to G. Ernest and Billie on their retirement from the Field House is included.

The central portion of the collection is concerned with the controversy over the Upper Colorado River Basin Project and Echo Park Dam, to be built within the confines of Dinosaur National Monument. The Untermanns were in favor of the project and these papers include their geological reasonings as to why the dam should be constructed. Correspondence about the Upper Colorado River Basin is quite extensive. Writings, speeches, and resolutions favorable to the project, as well as papers about the federal hearings, round out the picture given by newsclippings, magazines, brochures, and other publications.

Newspaper clippings by and about the Untermanns and miscellaneous subjects are filed together in rough chronological order. Included are speech notes, speeches, and writings which are not identified. Publications on geology and paleontology not written by the Untermanns have been included in the collection.

The last and largest portion of the collection consists of notes, research, and writings by Billie Untermann, including field notes about Utah. This portion contains articles and condensations of articles by other authors.

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I:  Ernest Untermann Sr.Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Miscellaneous Materials
Box Folder
1 1
Biography, Autobiography
Autobiographical writings about boyhood in Germany. Two biographical sketches, one for eighty-fifth birthday article; obituary.
1 2
Newspaper Clipping
Biographical for ninetieth birthday.
1 3
Washington Park Zoo--Notes, Report
Director's notes on animal lifespan and director's report on the Zoo.
1 4
Washington Park Zoo Bulletins
1 5
Washington Park Zoo--Speeches
Milwaukee radio broadcasts.
1 6
Washington Park Zoo--Notes
Lists of animals in the zoo, care and feeding, gestation times. Lists of officers of the Zoological Society.
1 7
Washington Park Zoo--Newspaper Clippings
1 8
Letters between Ernest Untermann, Sr., and geologists and paleontologists about accuracy of his paintings to make them more factual. Letter from Wallace F. Bennett congratulating Ernest, Sr., on his ninetieth birthday. Letter to G. Ernest from Milwaukee County Historical Society accepting remaining papers of Ernest, Sr.
1944 October 14-1965 August 05
1 9
Four small oil paintings depicting prehistoric subjects.
1 10
Published Articles
Newspaper stories, 1939: "The Luck of Gus" and "The Wreck of the Adam M. Simpson" Written by Ernest, Sr., from his experiences as a sailor.
1 11
Newspaper Editorials
Daily editorials about foreign affairs, World War II.
1939 December-1940 April
1 12
Newspaper Editorials
Daily editorials about foreign affairs, World War II.
1940 April-July
1 13
Stories-Sailing and Sailors
Four stories: "The Luck of Gus," "The Wreck of the Adam Simpson," "The Winning of Ruth Northington," and "The Impact of Reality."
1 14
Two stories with factual basis: "When Bwana Nguvu Returns," and "A Debt to Oldeani."
1 15
"Art in the Natural History Museum."
1 16
Writings-Animal Classification
Six papers: "The March of Events in Animal Classification," "Less Guessing, Please," "Mixed Mammals," "You Can't Get Away From Changes," and two untitled papers.
1 17
"Conservation, Practical and Utopian."
1 18
Writings-Paintings, Art
"Landscape Painting and Geology," and "Art and Economics."
1 19
Research used for story, "The Ghosts of Granite Mountain."
1 20
Five papers: "Logic in Mathematics and Society," "The Riddle of Life in Modern Science," "The Need of Coordination," "Past and Future Absolutes," and "Words Without Meaning."
Scientific Writings
Box Folder
2 1
Notes for lectures and research for articles.
2 2
Three papers: "Fossils in a Zoo," "Restoration of Uinta Fossils," and "Causes of Extinction."
2 3
Geology, Continental Drift
Six papers: "History of the Uinta Mountain Uplift," "Jabberwocky in Geology," "Modern Problems of Geology," "Bailey Willis, Outlines of Geologic History," "Notes for an Analysis of the Theory of Drifting Continents," and "A Geological Comparison of South America with South Africa."
2 4
Earth and Changes
Chart: "How Old is the Earth?" Four papers: "What Climate, Past and Present, Did to Plants and Animals," "Travail of New Cosmogonies," "The Changing World of the Ice Age," and "How Continents, Oceans and Animals Changed."
2 5
Animal Classification
Six papers: "The March of Events in Animal Classification" (lecture before staff of Marquette University Medical College), "Less Guessing, Please," "Mixed Mammals," "You Can't Get Away from Changes," untitled on great apes, and untitled on classification.
2 6
Five papers: "Discipline Among Animals," "Experiences with Wild Animals," "Animal Intelligence and Personality," "Hidden Faults in Zoo Animals," and untitled on teaching natural history through use of zoos.
2 7
Animal Change and Coloration
Five papers: "The Unseen Billions," "Mimicry and Color Protection of Animals," untitled on why animals on different continents are so different, untitled on amphibian germ change experiments, and "Some Thoughts in Regard to Coloration of Animals," by G.A. Zeisler.
2 8
Reptiles, Birds, Mammals
Six papers: "World During the Age of Reptiles," "Predentates and Reptile Birds," "The Origin of Birds" (on Cuvier's classification of fossils), "Mammal Teeth and Descent," untitled on predentate reptiles, and outline of Revision of Pelycosaura of North America, by E. C. Case.
2 9
Fossil and Present Mammal Lists
Lists of scientific name classifications, with notes.
2 10
Fossil Mammal Lists
Lists of development of mammals by scientific and common name classification, with notes.
2 11
Mammal Distribution Lists
Lists, by common and scientific names and of locations of mammals on earth.
2 12
Bird Lists by Region
Lists by common and scientific names of locations of birds on earth, with notes.
2 13
Bird Classifications
Classification by scientific and common names, facts about various birds, notes.
2 14
Homo Sapiens
Two papers: "The History of Man," and "The Biologist Looks at Man," by Julian Huxley.
2 15
Genetics, Evolution
Three papers: "Problems of Eugenics in Modern Genetics," "The Issue in Modern Scientific Thinking," and "The Doctrine of Organic Evolution," by William Fay.
2 16
"About Plants," notes.

II:  G. Ernest and Billie R. UntermannReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Biographical, Pow Wow
Box Folder
3 1
Brief biographical sketches, newspaper biographical notes, anecdotes about G. Ernest, rough transcript of taped interview with Billie about G. Ernest.
3 2
G. Ernest Untermann-Newspaper Obituaries
3 3
Billie R. Untermann-Funeral Oration, Obituary
3 4
Business cards, programs.
3 5
Utah State Personnel Division Records
The records concerning Billie R. Untermann include: "Notification of Personnel Action" forms and memoranda regarding Billie's work at the Field House.
3 6
Pow Wow
"News Information Sheets" filled out by G. Ernest and Billie about the Field House for the State Parks employees' newsletter.
1967 January 22-1972 January 30
3 7
Pow Wow
Utah State Parks and Recreation Commission newsletters--run incomplete.
1967 March 08-1969 May 08

III:  G. Ernest and Billie R. Untermann and OthersReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Writings, Speeches, and Maps
Box Folder
4 1
Manuscript--"Geologic Atlas of Utah"
4 2
Notes and Research Writings--"Geologic Atlas of Utah"
4 3
Notes--"Geologic Atlas of Utah"
4 4
Charts--"Geologic Atlas of Utah"
4 5
Bulletin--Utah Geological Survey
Papers to be used as part of a report to be published in the Bulletin.
4 6
Untermann, G. Ernest and Billie R., "Stratigraphic Column of the Uinta Mountains and Vicinity," Utah Field House of Natural History Paper No. 1, mimeographed (Vernal, Utah), 10 pages
4 7
Untermann, G. Ernest and Billie R., "The Uinta Mountains and Vicinity, A Field Guide to the Geology," Utah Field House of Natural History, Paper No. 1, mimeographed (Vernal, Utah), 10 pages
4 8
Untermann, G. Ernest and Billie R., The Uinta Mountains and Vicinity, A Field Guide to the Geology, Utah Geological and Mineral Survey, Reprint 43, (University of Utah), 12 pages
4 9
Untermann, G. Ernest and Billie R., "From Mancos to Mancos Across the Uintas (Vernal to Manila)," Sixteenth Annual Field Conference, 2 pages
4 10
Untermann, G. Ernest and Billie R., "Geology of the Eastern End of the Uinta Mountains, Utah-Colorado," 4 pages
4 11
G. Ernest Untermann--Natural History Speeches and Writings
Ten papers: "Ancestors," ca. March 1968; "Oils from Land and Sea," ca. August 1968; "Whiterocks 'Caveman' Discovered"; "Early American Mammals"; "Strange Mammals of Long Ago"; "Field House Nature Notes: Tortoises"; "Ancient Life"; "The Thundering Herd"; "Mountains"; and "Earthquakes."
4 12
G. Ernest Untermann -- Political Issues and Conservation
Seven papers: "Pity the Poor Politician," Vernal Express; "Take Your Pick," ca. 1956; "Black Sheep"; "Vernal Expressions"; "Where is the Shining Beacon?"; "What's in a Name?"; and "A Name for the Lake."
4 13
Articles and Clippings--Flouridation of Water Systems
4 14
Unterman, G. Ernest, "Science Museums of Utah" (typescript)
Tull, Patricia L., and Stites, Helena B., "Museums and Collections in Utah Open to the Public," Utah Historical Quarterly.
4 15
G. Ernest Untermann--Miscellaneous Subjects
Five papers: "Arnold Machinery Equipment Does the Job," "The Public Library," "Eastern Utah on the March," "The Great Diamond Hoax," and "Lost Mines."
4 16
G. Ernest Untermann -- Manuscript
Incomplete manuscript on Pat Lynch.
4 17
Geologic Maps of Utah
4 18
Geologic and Topographic Maps of California
4 19
Political and Geologic Maps of the Pacific Islands, Europe, Alaska, and Nevada
4 20
Histomap of Evolution

IV:  Dinosaur National MonumentReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
5 1
Guidebooks--Untermann, G. Ernest and Billie R.
A Popular Guide to the Geology of Dinosaur National Monument, (Utah-Colorado: Dinosaur Nature Association, Dinosaur National Monument, 1969), 126 pages. Guide to Dinosaur Land and the Unique Uinta Country (Vernal: Utah Field House of Natural History, 1972), 170 pages.
1969; 1972
5 2
Manuscript--"Popular Geology of Dinosaur National Monument"
5 3
Notes--"Popular Geology of Dinosaur National Monument"
5 4
Untermann, Billie R.--Ranger-Naturalist Reports
5 5
Bibliographies--Dinosaur National Monument and General Geology
5 6
Brochures and Pamphlets
Dinosaur National Monument (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office.) "The Uintah Basin--Its Attractions and Resources," Utah the Friendly State (Vernal, Utah: Vernal Chamber of Commerce.).
5 7
Lists, Drafts of Things to do around Dinosaur National Monument
5 8
Boating Activities
Pamphlets, information sheets about river-running on the Green and Yampa rivers through Dinosaur National Monument.
5 9
Lists and Descriptions of Dinosaurs Found at Dinosaur National Monument
5 10
"Fossils in the Carnegie Museum from the Uinta Basin, Utah" (lists by scientific name and geologic formation)
5 11
Utah Counties Magazine (articles about Dinosaur National Monument)
"Uintah County," 11 (April 1947):43. "Uintah County: Echo Park Dam," 4(June 1954): 32.
1947; 1954
5 12
Maps--Dinosaur National Monument, Road, Topographic, Geologic
5 13
Map--Ashley National Forest, Geologic Map
Mounted on cheesecloth.

V:  Utah Field House of Natural HistoryReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
6 1
History and Development
Papers explaining how the Field House came to be, copy of the authorization law, dedication ceremonies, justification for maintenance.
6 2
Budgets and Travel Expenses
Copies of budget requests, estimates, and monies spent on the museum--run incomplete.
6 3
Specimens, Collections, Acquisitions, and Contributions
Lists of exhibits and collections in the Field House, guides for museum acquisitions, list of contributions including cash values.
6 4
Field House Lecture Program
Promotional information, schedule.
6 5
Speeches and Writings about the Field House by Untermann
Eleven papers: "Tragedy at the Field House" (about birds flying into glass windows); untitled satire on the scientific language used in the Field House (speech for Vernal Lion's Club), 27 November 1946; "State Museum Wins Public Favor"; "The Utah Field House of Natural History: Its Purpose"; "State Museum Shows Increase in Visitors," 1953; "Face Lifting at Dinosaur Quarry"; "Personnel Change at the Field House"; "Geologic and Fossil Wealth Attract Schools and Scientists to Uinta Basin"; "Field House Gets Dinosaur Model"; "Rebirth of a dinosaur," ca. May 1967 in Vernal Express; and Dinosaur Discoveries," ca. October 1967 in Vernal Express.
6 6
Promotion and Souvenirs
Information card, Dinosaur Hunting License, "Song of the Dinosaurs," and Dinosaur Motor Lodge folder.
6 7
Newsclippings, Press Releases
Field House and paintings by Ernest Untermann, Sr., Deseret News Magazine.
6 8
Dee Hall Controversy
Papers by G. Ernest Untermann listing the problems Dee Hall (who as a boy worked in the Field House with the Untermanns) caused as the Museum director.
circa 1970
6 9
Dulany Hunter Foundation--Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Trustees. At this time structure of the foundation was determined.
6 10
Dulany Hunter Foundation--Agreements
Legal agreements--gift and disposition of Hunter collection to the State of Utah and the Field House, commission for Millard Fillmore Malin to sculpt dinosaur groups, and agreement of 1964 which settled controversy and removed most of the Hunter collection from the Field House.
1962; 1964
6 11
Letters between G. E. and B. R. Untermann and Captain Sam A. Dulany Hunter and his wife Mary. Cordial, before the Hunters left Virginia.
1961 October-1962 March
6 12
Letters between Untermanns and the Hunters. Cordial. Also some letters with regard to sculpting and casting quarters for M. F. Malin in Buehner Block Company.
1962 April-October
6 13
Letters between G. E. Untermann; Aldin O. Hayward, director of Utah State Parks and Recreation Commission; and Governor George D. Clyde about Sam A. Dulany Hunter and his security demands. Attitude less cordial.
1963 April-August
6 14
Letters between G. E. Untermann; A. O. Hayward; Harold P. Fabian, Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments; Vernal community leaders; and S. A. Dulany Hunter about stricter security at the Field House.
1963 September-November
6 15
Letters between G. E. Untermann, A. O. Hayward, and S. A. Dulany Hunter, including a lengthy description by Hunter of all his complaints against the Field House.
1963 December
6 16
Letters between G. E. Untermann, A. O. Hayward, and S. A. Dulany Hunter. Concern expressed about settling the Hunter controversy with legal assistance.
1964 January-March
6 17
Letters between G. E. Untermann, A. O. Hayward, M. F. Malin, and S. A. Dulany Hunter about Hunter press releases and legal squabbles and the dinosaur sculptures.
1964 April-July
6 18
Letters between G. E. Untermann, A. O. Hayward, S. A. Dulany Hunter, M. F. Malin, and others about placement of the one completed dinosaur grouping and final removal of the parts of the Hunter collection not legally awarded to the state.
1964 August-1965
6 19
Commentary on the Hunter Controversy
6 20
Newspaper Clippings
Dulany Hunter Foundation gift and controversy.
Scrapbook on Field House Development
>Newspaper Clippings, Letters, and Writings

VI:  General CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 1
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters between G. E. and B. R. Untermann and many others about the Field House and the Untermanns' role there.
8 2
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters between G. E. and B. R. Untermann; Arthur L. Crawford, chairman of the Utah State Department of Publicity and Industrial Development; and others about the Field House development.
8 3
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters between G. E. Untermann; John E. Doerr, chief naturalist of National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior; J. LeRoy Kay, curator of Department of Vertebrate Paleontology, Carnegie Museum; and others regarding duplicate fossils being transferred from the Carnegie Museum to the Field House and controversy about such a move.
8 4
Utah Field House of Natural History
A variety of correspondence about the Field House and paleontology.
8 5
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters between G. E. and B. R. Untermann; Julian D. Sears, United States Geological Survey; Mrs. Dorothy H. Radbruch, U. S. Geological Survey; and Douglas M. Kinney, U. S. Geological Survey, in connection with geological maps and reports.
8 6
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters between G. E. and B. R. Untermann; Aldin O. Hayward; J. D. Sears; F. C. Koziol, director, Utah State Parks and Recreation Commission; and others on a variety of subjects.
8 7
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters between G. E. and B. R. Untermann, F. C. Koziol, and others. Most related to the Untermanns' retirements.
8 8
Utah Field House of Natural History
Letters from Charles Kelly on Untermanns' retirements.
8 9
Earl Douglass
Letters between G. E. Douglass (Earl's son), Pearl C. Douglass (Earl's wife), and the Untermanns about recognizing Earl Douglass for his discovery of the dinosaur quarry and about recognizing the value of the quarry. Also a copy of a clipping (G. E. Untermann, "Professor Earl Douglass and the Field House of Natural History," Vernal Express.).
8 10
Arthur G. Nord
Letters between G. E. Untermann, Arthur G. Nord (assistant regional forester, United States Department of Agriculture), and others about the Field House.
8 11
Arthur G. Nord
Letters between G. Ernest Untermann and A. G. Nord about the Field House.
8 12
Arthur G. Nord
Letters between G. E. Untermann, A. G. Nord, and others about progress and support of the Field House.
8 13
Arthur G. Nord
Letters circulated between G. E. Untermann and A. G. Nord to and from others about obtaining duplicate fossils, which were taken out of the Jensen Quarry, from the Carnegie Museum.
8 14
Arthur G. Nord
Letters circulated between G. E. Untermann and A. G. Nord to and from others about support for the Field House and the Upper Colorado River Basin Project. Also Nord's tribute to Ernest Untermann, Sr.
8 15
Arthur G. Nord
Letters circulated between G. E. Untermann and A. G. Nord to and from others. The varied subjects include the controversy over the securing of duplicate fossils by the Field House from the Carnegie Museum.
8 16
Arthur G. Nord
Correspondence continued about the Carnegie fossils.
8 17
Arthur G. Nord
Correspondence continued about the Carnegie fossils and other subjects.
8 18
Elda Nord
Letters to the Untermanns expressing appreciation for their sympathy upon the death of A. G. Nord.
8 19
Ernest Untermann, Sr.
Letters expressing condolences at the death of Ernest Untermann, Sr.
8 20
George F. Sternberg
Notice of his death from Fort Hays, Kansas State College, Hays Daily News.
8 21
United States Department of the Interior
Letters about geologic maps of Dinosaur National Monument.
8 22
United States Chamber of Commerce
Letters about elections for director of the Chamber.
8 23
Industry and Power
Letters from industries and power companies about the Untermanns' geologic work.
8 24
Variety of personal and professional letters.
8 25
Variety of personal and professional letters.
8 26
Survey letter about Utah recreation.
8 27
Incomplete Letters
Two second pages, one signed by Billie, the other by G. Ernest.
9 1-7
Letters of Appreciation
To the Untermanns for assistance and materials, including copies of their geologic guidebooks, sent in connection with the Field House.
9 8
Bound Volume of Congratulations
From friends and associates on the Untermanns' retirement.

VII:  Upper Colorado River Basin ProjectReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Upper Colorado River Basin Project and Echo Park Dam--Correspondence
These letters are evidence of efforts to get the Upper Colorado River Basin Project approved by Congress. The Project incorporated a series of dams on the Green and Colorado rivers to provide irrigation waters which would allow reclamation of then worthless lands. The controversy between the group favoring the dams for power and irrigation and those opposing the dams on ecological grounds centered on Echo Park Dam. This dam was to be built within the bounds of Dinosaur National Monument. G. Ernest Untermann corresponded frequently with John Geoffrey Will, secretary of the Upper Colorado River Basin Commission; George Dewey Clyde, Utah State Commissioner of Interstate Streams; and Frederick P. Champ, president of Cache Valley Banking Company. Many of Untermann's letters set forth the problem as he saw it from geological and paleontological views. Untermann, Will, Clyde, and Champ, all of whom favored the project, circulated letters and information among themselves and anyone else they thought might be persuaded to help their cause. There are letters to and from Utah's Senators Arthur B. Watkins and Wallace F. Bennett, and Representatives Reva Beck Bosone, William A. Dawson, and Walter Granger, all of whom backed the project. Letters were also written to LeRoy Johnson, representative, California; Ken Regan, representative, Texas; John P. Saylor, representative, Pennsylvania; and Hubert H. Humphrey, senator, Minnesota; who had voiced adverse opinions. John E. Doerr and Devereaux Butcher, both of the National Park Service, and Oscar L. Chapman, Secretary of the Interior, opposed the project on the grounds that it was an invasion of the National Monument and therefore a dangerous precedent. Correspondence to, from, and about the Sierra Club and other wilderness groups is less cordial than other letters. Although there are not many letters from these groups, the few in the collection and references to such groups give a clearer, if slanted, idea of this side of the issue. It was the view of the group working for Echo Park Dam that the Sierra Club and other wilderness clubs were seeking only to save the water of the Colorado River system for southern California, where many of them had their headquarters. Men in the United States Bureau of Reclamation--John R. Riter, E. O. Larson, and R. D. Goodrich--favored the project, as did Harold E. Thomas, a hydrologist with the U. S. Geological Survey, and Arthur L. Crawford of the Utah Geological Survey. Letters from these prominent individuals and groups, along with correspondence from Utah's clubs and general population, combined with the unfavorable correspondence, give an interesting view of behind-the-scenes work on both sides of the issue.
Speeches, Writings
Box Folder
11 1
Upper Colorado River Basin (UCRB) Commission
Reports and proposals on dividing the Colorado River water.
11 2
UCRB Commission
Meeting minutes, press releases, statements to Department of the Interior.
11 3
UCRB Compact
Agreement between Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming to share the waters of the Colorado River.
11 4
11 5
Federal Decisions
Increased area of Dinosaur National Monument, 1938; decision of Secretary of Interior Oscar L. Chapman not to authorize Echo Park Dam, 1950.
1938; 1950
11 6
Statements to Congress
Favoring Echo Park Dam (not Untermann).
circa 1954-1955
11 7
Statements to Congress
Opposing Echo Park Dam.
circa 1954-1955
11 8
Congressional Hearings
"Realism and the Dinosaur National Monument Controversy," various drafts for different sessions of the hearings.
1954 January-1955 March
11 9
Congressional Hearings
Statement of G. E. Untermann before Congress, May 1954. Includes, "Realism and the Dinosaur National Monument," letters and statements from river runners, and professors of anthropology, geology and mineralogy from University of Utah.
11 10
Congressional Hearings
Speeches, writings, and notes about the hearings, including a brief of the Untermann testimony.
11 11
Congressional Hearings
Satirical writings on Representatives John P. Saylor of Pennsylvania and Craig Hosmer of California, who opposed the project.
11 12
Speeches and Writings
Untermann on varied aspects of building Echo Park Dam and on the opposition to the project.
11 13
Speeches and Writings
Papers on the views of various groups both in favor of and opposed to Echo Park Dam.
11 14
Fact Sheets
Reports, facts written by G. E. Untermann.
11 15
Fact Sheets
Statistical, geological, and paleontological facts supporting Echo Park Dam.
11 16
Fact Reports
Statistical, geological, and paleontological reports supporting Echo Park Dam.
11 17
Position Papers
Favorable position papers by Utah groups and clubs.
11 18
Favorable resolutions of Utah groups.
11 19
Speeches and Writings (not Untermann)
Favorable papers by George D. Clyde, B. H. Stringham, E. O. Larson, John Geoffrey Will, and others.
11 20
Speeches and Writings
Favorable speeches by Frederick P. Champ.
1947; 1954
11 21
Unfavorable Reports on Echo Park Dam.
Mainly by conservation groups.
11 22
Speeches and Writings
Papers presenting unfavorable aspects of Echo Park Dam Project.
11 23
"Aqualante Kit"
Collection of fact sheets, note cards for speeches, suggestions for letters to congressmen, and other information for use by "water vigilantes" to convince others the Echo Park Dam and UCRB Project were necessary.
Box Folder
12 1
Press Releases Favorable to the Project
12 2
12 3
12 4
12 5
12 6
Magazine Articles
Most unfavorable to Echo Park Dam.
12 7
Magazine Articles
Articles by Bernard DeVoto unfavorable to Echo Park Dam, and articles written in rebuttal.
12 8
Congressional Record and National Materials
Congressional hearings favorable and unfavorable.
circa 1951-1954
12 9
UCRB Project and Central Utah Project Newsclippings
Publications, Brochures
Box Folder
13 1
National Parks Magazine
Articles unfavorable to Echo Park Dam from National Park Service point-of-view.
1950; 1954
13 2
The Utah Clubwoman (1951) and 1952 Official Program of the Geological Society of America, Rocky Mountain Section
Favorable to Echo Park Dam
1951; 1952
13 3
Sierra Club Bulletins
Articles unfavorable to Echo Park Dam project.
13 4
The Living Wilderness, Hetch-Hecthy--Once is Too Often
Unfavorable to Echo Park Dam.
1950; 1954
13 5
Colorado Conservation
Gives both opinions, side by side.
1952 March-April
13 6
UCRB Commission
Repayment plan bulletin, annual report.
13 7
Brochures and Pamphlets
Many printed by UCRB Commission. Favorable to Echo Park Dam.
13 8
By wilderness clubs, including the National Wildlife Federation, National Audubon Society, and the Sierra Club. Unfavorable to Echo Park Dam.
13 9
Brochures, Pamphlets, and Publications
Favorable to miscellaneous water and power projects.
13 10
Water and power project articles.
1948 June

VIII:  Newspaper Clippings and Subject FilesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
14 1
G. Ernest and Billie Untermann
Newspaper articles by and about.
14 2
Britt, Keith, Sculptor
Newspaper clippings.
14 3
Nord, Arthur G.
Newspaper clippings.
14 4
Conservation, Reclamation
Newspaper clippings on water, power, and development projects.
14 5
Prehistoric Life
Newspaper clippings.
14 6
Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
14 7
Boy Scouts of America
Materials used for geology study.
14 8
Douglass, Earl
G. E. Untermann's recollections about Douglass, typed from taped interview.
14 9
Flannigan, Claire
Poetry, "Monarch of the Desert."
14 10
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Correspondence between Billie R. Untermann, Utah congressmen, and President Lyndon B. Johnson; reports and petitions about FDA's and the American Medical Association's intention to restrict sales of organic foods and food supplements.
1966; 1969
14 11
Primitive Man
Outline on development in western North America.
14 12
Speeches and Writings
Author not identified. Variety of subjects.
14 13
Speech Notes
Author not identified but assumed to be one of the Untermanns. Note cards on variety of subjects, mostly scientific.
14 14
Utah State Parks
Correspondence and notes on geology of Dead Horse Point, Goosenecks of the San Juan, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes.
1966; 1970
14 15
Utah Senate Bill No. 62
Creation of Utah State Park and Recreation Commission.
14 16
Utah Water and Power Board
State laws related to.
14 17
United States Department of the Interior
Regulations related to use of government vehicles.
14 18
Western Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments
Report on activities, attendance.

IX:  Scientific Publications (Not Untermann)Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Utah Geology or Utah Paleontology
Box Folder
15 1
Brigam Young University Geology Field Trip from Provo Canyon to Bryce and Zion National Parks, Utah, Guidebook (Provo, Utah: Brigam Young University Department of Geology), 32 pages
15 2
Bradley, W. H., Geology of Green River Formation and Associated Eocene Rocks in Southwestern Wyoming and Adjacent Parts of Colorado and Utah, Geological Survey Professional Paper, no. 496-A
15 3
Bulletin of the University of Utah Biological Series, The Great Basin, vol. 10, no. 7 (Salt Lake City, University of Utah), 191 pages
15 4
Conservation of Natural Resources in Utah, Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 25
15 5
Crawford, Arthur L., "Survey Activities of the Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey: A Report to the Advisory Board" (typescript)
1952 January 01-1954 June 30
15 6
Huddle, John W., and McCann,.Franklin T., Late Paleozoic Rocks Exposed in the Duchesne River Area, Duchesne County, Utah, Geological Survey, circular 16 (Washington, D.C.: United States Department of the Interior)
15 7
Hunt, Charles B., Cenezoic Geology of the Colorado Plateau, Geological Survey Professional Paper 279 (Washington, D.C.: United States Department of the Interior)
15 8
Quarterly Review, Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey 5
1971 February
15 9
Welsh, Stanley L., "A Key to the Mammals of Uintah County," Mimeographed
The material for this paper was taken from "Mammals of Utah," by Stephen D. Durrant.
1955 April
15 10
Utah Geology
Two photocopy pages of a manuscript.
Geology, Paleontology, and Other Scientific Subjects
Box Folder
16 1
American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Bulletin
16 2
American Geological Institute, Report 2. Earth for the Layman, Mark W. Pangborn, Jr.
16 3
Botany--Circular Summarizing Two New Publications
16 4
California Geology, Special San Fernando Earthquake Edition, California Division of Mines and Geology
1971 April 24-May
16 5
Fossil Man
Seven papers with articles on homo sapiens fossils.
16 6
"The Fun of Shell Collecting," Sunset, The Magazine of Western Living, pp. 57-60
1962 July
16 7
Geological Society of America, Bulletin
1941; 1948
16 8
"Geology of the John Day Country, Oregon," Margaret B. Steere, in Ore.-Bin, 16 (1954): 41-44. (Published by Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.)
16 9
Glass, Bryan P., A Key to the Skulls of North American Mammals (Minneapolis: Burgess Publishing Company)
16 10
Judson, Sheldon, and Barks, Ronald E., "Microstriations on Polished Pebbles," American Journal of Science 254 (1961): 371-81
16 11
"Life's Mysterious Clocks," Frank A. Brown, Jr., Saturday Evening Post, pp. 18-19, 43-44
1960 December 24-31
16 12
Mineral Information Service, (Published by California Division of Mines and Geology.)
1969 December 22; 1970 June 23
16 13
Prehistoric Animals
Publications on dinosaurs and fossil animals.
16 14
Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, Special Publication No. 3, Finding Ancient Shorelines (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
16 15
United States Geological Survey, Professional Papers
Mertie, Jr., J. B., Graphic and Mechanical Computations of Thickness of Strata and Distance to a Stratum, No. 129, 1922. Yen, Teng-Chien, Paleocene Fresh-Water Mollusks from Southern Montana, No. 214-C, 1948. Schumm, S. A., The Disparity Between Present Rates of Denudation and Orogeny, No. 454-H, 1963. Foster, Margaret D., Studies of Celadonite and Glauconite, No. 614-F, 1969.
16 16
United States Geological Survey, Circulars
Varnes, D. J., Geologic Mapping by means of Geographic Locator, No. 12, 1946. Rowland, John B., Features Shown on Topographic Maps, No. 368, 1955. Finley, Emmet A., The Definition of Known Geologic Structures of Producing Oil and Gas Fields, No. 419, 1963.
16 17
University of California, Berkely, Department of Geology and Geophysics Annual Report

X:  Field Notes by Billie R. UntermannReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Field Notes--Utah
Box Folder
17 1
Dinosaur National Monument--Geology
17 2
Uinta Basin--Geology and Plants
Two notebooks.
17 3
Uinta Basin--Geology
17 4
Uinta Basin--Minerology, Reptiles, Fish, and Mammals
Two notebooks.
17 5
Uinta Basin--Paleontology, Osteology
17 6
Uinta Basin--Paleontology
Single sheet notes.
17 7
Uinta Basin
Notebook, single sheet notes.
17 8
17 9
Yampa-Green River Area--Geologic History
17 10
Miscellaneous Field Notes
17 11
Miscellaneous Notes--Geology, Paleontology
Single sheets.
Reference Notes and Condensed Articles
Box Folder
18 1
Geological Contours
Sketches and figures.
18 2
18 3
Loose sheets.
18 4
Binomic Classifications
Typed sheets.
18 5
Invertebrate Paleontology
Typed and handwritten notes.
18 6
Geologic Scale
Compiled by Billie R. Untermann for use in seminar on paleontology.
18 7
Geologic Formations
Typed notes and condensations of articles by others.
18 8
Geologic Formations of Western America
Typed notes and condensations of articles by others.
18 9
Wilson, H. V., "The Recapitulation Theory or Biogenetic Law in Embryology"
18 10
Boyd, William C, "Critique of Methods of Classifying Mankind"
18 11
Black, Davidson; De Chardin, Teihard; Young, C. C; Pei, C. W., "Fossil Man in China," Geological Memoirs, Series A. No. 11
Typescript of general conclusions and summaries on article.
1933 May
18 12
Geology and Paleontology--"Uinta Mountains and Utah," "Colorado and Adjacent States," and "Other States"
Typed and handwritten reference notes and article condensations.
18 13
Geology and Paleontology--"Foreign Countries," "Structural Geology," and "Ingeous Formations"
Reference notes and article condensations.
18 14
Geology and Paleontology--"Sedimentary" and "Metamorphic" Formations
Reference notes and article condensations.
18 15
Geology and Paleontology--"Glaciation" and "Paleontology"
Reference notes and article condensations.

XI:  AddendumReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Artwork by E. Untermann Sr. and a Family Death Certificate
1893; 1896; 1942

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Dinosaurs
  • Geology--Utah
  • Paleontology--Utah

Personal Names

  • Untermann, Billie Ruple, 1906-1973 (contributor)
  • Untermann, Gerhard Ernest, 1898-1975--Archives

Corporate Names

  • Colorado River Basin Project (U.S.)
  • Utah Field House of Natural History

Geographical Names

  • Dinosaur National Monument (Colo. and Utah)
  • Echo Park Dam (Utah)