Hearing Examiner Subject Files, 1974-1987

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Seattle (Wash.). Office of Hearing Examiner
Hearing Examiner Subject Files
1974-1987 (inclusive)
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Records relating to the administrative hearings function of the Hearing Examiner.
Seattle Municipal Archives
Seattle Municipal Archives
Office of the City Clerk
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The Office of the Hearing Examiner is an independent office of the City that conducts administrative hearings, when authorized by the Seattle Municipal Code, to review the actions of various City departments. The office was created in 1973 and was part of the Municipal Courts until 1977 when it became an independent office. The Hearing Examiner is appointed by the City Council to serve an initial term of one year and subsequent terms of four years.

The Municipal Code grants the Hearing Examiner jurisdiction in more than 75 different types of matters. The majority of cases are appeals of decisions made by other City agencies, such as the Department of Planning and Development (Master Use Permits, SEPA determinations, Code Interpretations, Land Use and Noise Enforcement Citations and decisions on tenant relocation assistance); the Department of Finance (tax assessments); the Landmarks Preservation Board and Special Purpose District Commissions (decisions on certificates of approval for alterations); the Department of Executive Administration (licensing decisions); and the Department of Transportation (right-of-way use).

The Hearing Examiner has original jurisdiction and makes the initial decision in cases related to subdivision applications processed by the Department of Planning and Development; complaints of discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodation, or public contracts filed by the Office for Civil Rights and the City Attorney's Office; complaints for third party utility billing violations; petitions for review of floating home moorage fee increases; and others.

The Hearing Examiner's decision in a case is usually the City's final decision. However, the City Council has retained jurisdiction over certain land use actions, including Council Conditional Uses, rezone proposals, major institution master plans, planned unit developments, and landmark controls and incentives. For these cases, the Hearing Examiner holds a public hearing for the Council, gathers information to establish the record, and forwards the record and a detailed written recommendation to the Council for its use in making the decision.

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Correspondence, memoranda, rules, and policies related to the administrative hearings function of the Hearing Examiner. This series includes materials about the development of certain codes, especially the building and zoning codes, and the various appeals procedures.

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[Item and date], Subject Files, Record Series 3400-02 Box [number], Folder [number]. Seattle Municipal Archives.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Administrative Code 1977
1 2 Appeal Rules. City Council Rules on Environmental Appeals. 1978-1979
1 3 Appeal Rules. Governing Procedure in Administrative Appeals. 1978-1979
1 4 Appeal Rules. Superintendent of Buildings Rules. Repealed February 1979. 1976
1 5 Building Code. Section 104 (f). Application to Existing Buildings. 1979
1 6 Building Use Criteria for Public School Buildings. 1978-1981
1 7 City Light Residential Conservation Service Program. 1980-1982
1 8 Department of Construction and Land Use. 1981-1982
1 9 Employment Discrimination and Open Housing Proceedings. Rules. 1975-1977
1 10 Floating Homes Dispute Resolution Board. 1980-1981
1 11 Floating Homes. Houseboat Equity Ordinance. Proposed Jurisdiction. 1979-1983
1 12 Housing and Employment Discrimination 1974-1976
1 13 Housing and Employment Discrimination 1980-1982
1 14 Housing Code. Appeals of Certificates of Release. 1981
1 15 Landmarks Preservation Ordinance. 1975-1976
1 16 Land Use Policies. 1980-1982
1 17 Legislation Affecting Hearing Examiner. Correspondence. 1980-1983
1 18 License Code. Proposed General Provisions. 1975-1978
1 19 Local Improvement District Hearings. 1978-1981
1 20 Major Institutions Policy (Draft). 1982
1 21 Master Use Permits 1981
1 22 Neighborhood Plans. Queen Anne Goals and Policies. 1980
2 1 Noise Control. Hearing Examiner Jurisdiction. 1974-1976
2 2 SEPA. Policies and Procedures. Proposed. 1987
2 3 Solar Energy Devices Variances. 1979
2 4 Street Use Appeals. 1980
2 5 Taxicabs. Proposed Licensing Legislation. 1977
2 6 Zoning Miscellaneous. 1974-1975
2 7 Zoning Rules. Governing Land Use and Zoning Proceedings. Adopted 1977. 1974-1977
2 8 Zoning Rules. Governing Land Use and Zoning Proceedings. 1977
2 9 Zoning Rules. Governing Land Use and Zoning Proceedings. November 1978 Amendments. 1978
2 10 Zoning Rules. Governing Land Use and Zoning Proceedings. 1979 Amendments. 1978-1979

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