Eric Funk papers, 1970-2021

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Funk, Eric, 1949-
Eric Funk papers
1970-2021 (inclusive)
12.25 linear feet, (seven manuscript boxes, 12 oversized boxes, one oversized folder, and one media box)
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Eric Funk is an influential Montanan musician. This collection contains notated musical works created by Eric Funk. The collection also includes correspondence files, teaching materials, programs, press relating to Eric Funk and performances of his work, and both sound and video recordings of performances of his work.
Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
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Eric Funk is an influential Montanan music composer who was born in Deer Lodge Montana in 1949. He received a bachelor's degree in music from Portland State University and studied for a doctoral degree from the tri-university doctoral program (Portland State, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University). He studied composition with Tomas Svoboda, Sandor Veress, and Krzysztof Penderecki, and went on to teach at colleges in Oregon, Texas, and Montana. He spent 20 years (2002-2022) as an adjunct professor in the School of Music at Montana State University where he taught a total of 18,934 students.

Throughout his career, Funk wrote approximately 180 compositions. He was the director and conductor of the Helena Symphony Orchestra 1994-2002, the conductor of the Gallatin Chamber Orchestra from 1994-1999, and has won numerous awards including 13 ASCAP Standard Awards, 2001 Governor's Award for the Arts (Montana), 2007 President's Excellence in Teaching Award (MSU), 2009 Distinguished Service Award University Honors Program (MSU), 2011 Innovation in the Arts Award, 2013 James & Mary Ross Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching (MSU), and was the 2018 Provost Distinguished Lecturer (MSU). He received an Honorary Doctorate from Montana State University in December 2023.

In addition to teaching, composing, and directing, Eric Funk is also the Artistic Director and Host for Montana PBS's 11th & Grant with Eric Funk. The Emmy Award-winning series highlights Montanan musicians through in-depth interviews and studio performances. Eric Funk selects the performers from across the state, and from diverse genres, including jazz, classical, country, zydeco, and rock.

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The Eric Funk papers primarily consist of notated music. The music includes drafts, sketches, scores, and instrument parts for works produced by Eric Funk, as well as both sound and video recordings of performances. The collection also includes correspondence, teaching materials, programs, and press relating to Eric Funk and performances of his work.

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This collection is open for research.

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Many works in the collection include Op (opus) numbers. Works with assigned Op numbers have been grouped by Op number, items without Op numbers have been grouped by creation date below items with Op numbers, and items without dates or Op numbers are listed last, by title.

Op numbers were taken from the items within the collection, sometimes resulting in conflicting numbers. Some works are assigned two different Op numbers, and/or multiple works may have the same Op numbers, and numbers in the collection sometimes conflict with numbers recorded on online resources or databases. Often these inconsistencies came from multiple works being produced around the same time, or when the creator did not have an accurate list of works on hand. The archivist and Eric Funk decided to record the Op numbers on the item, regardless of inconsistencies, to illustrate some of the challenges of tracking artistic works. Likewise, some works may have multiple variations of titles. Some titles have been adjusted to improve discoverability, and others will have additional spellings or titles in the scope and content notes to improve discoverability.

Within the notated music series there are some folders that indicate they are empty, placeholder, folders. These represent folders that were labeled but empty at the time of donation and Funk indicated that he intend to donate these works at a later date. Until those items are donated, the archivist has chosen to retain those empty folders to serve as a reminder of additional works.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Eric Funk, 2022.

Processing Note

This collection was processed May-December 2023.

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Personal PapersReturn to Top

This series is comprised of the personal papers of Eric Funk. It includes personal and professional correspondence as well as awards and honors he acquired throughout his career. It also includes performance materials in the form of announcements, programs, descriptions of works that would be read at performances or printed in programs, and press clippings on his music, life, and career. Lastly, the series includes materials related to his teaching career in the form of instructional tools and writings, and student essays.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Chronological list of works
1 2
Complete Catalogue of Works
1 3
A Memoir of Eric Funk: Music Influences in a Global Environment, Peter Pomajevich
1 4
Portland State University Music Department
1 5
Portland State University Doctoral Programs Review Commettee
1 6
Applications and Reccomendations
1 7
Articles and Reccognition
1 8
Awards and Honors
1 9
Awards Correspondence
1 10
Global Music Awards
1 11
James and Mary Ross Provosts Award for Excellence
1 12
Provost's Distinguished Lecture Series
1 13
10th International New Music Festival
1 14
1 15
1 16-17
1 18
Email Correspondence
OS 1 1
Clippings Scrapbook [Red]
OS 1 2
Clippings Scrapbook [Brown]
OS 2 1
Programs and Clippings Scrapbook
OS 2 2
1 19
1 20
Performance Announcements and Programs
2 1
Pamelia Performances
2 2
Pamelia Reviews
OS 2 16
Pamalia Reviews
2 3
The Opera Journal on Pamelia
2 4
Carnegie Hall, Pamelia
OS 2 17
Carnegie Hall, Pamelia
2 5
Festival of Short Works
2 6
2 7
2 8
Letters from Amanda Aizpuriete
2 9
Continental Harmony Project and Amanda Aizpurite
2 10
Continental Harmony, Dreams of Montana Children
2 11
Dreams of Montana Children
2 12
Bass Fest
2 13
New Music USA
2 14
Recital Music: Catherine Lord, David Heyes, and Sarah Poole
2 15
Sanctuary Performance Announcement
2 16
Violin Alone, PBS
2 17
Program Notes for Symphony No. 4, Op 75, for Contralto and Orchestra, "This Eventide Seems Split"
2 18
Whiz-bang at Work
2 19
Montana: The Magazine of Western History
2 20
Sound Thinking: It's all Music, How Music Conects Everything, Third Edition
2 21
Paper 1: Imagination
2 22
Non-strict Serial Expressionism
2 23
Main Influential Events of American Pop Music
2 24
Headwaters Academy Creative Arts Curriculum Design
2 25
Western Globalization in the Era of Secularism, and Postmodernism, and Musical Theory
2 26
OS 2 3
Shadow Activated Volume Control
2 27
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
2 28
Letter of Intent, Bozeman Symphony
2 29
2 30
Behind the Vault Door
2 31
Music and Spirituality Inter-faith Council
2 32
To-do List
2 33
Notes and Musical Sketches, Symphony No. 9, Beethoven

Notated MusicReturn to Top

This series contains notated music produced by Eric Funk. There are vellum master scores, holographic (handwritten) scores, sketches, parts, and both printed and copied scores and parts. Each item in this series has a scope and contents note that indicates what kind of document it is (i.e. score or parts), and many also include notes about dedications or who commissioned the work.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
3 25
Nocturne for Piano
Vellum score and two copies. Written for and dedicated to Tomas Svoboda, my teacher and friend.
3 26
Nocturne for Piano, Op 5
Piano score.
5 1
Meditations, Op 6
Three scores, one notated and two bound. For guitar and string quartet.
5 2
Meditations, Op 6
OS 2 15
Canticum Sacrum, Op 7
Score. Harpsichord, piano, alto voice, percussion.
OS 3 1
Canticum Sacrum, Op 7
Score and piano and percussion parts.
OS 9 8
Abyss, Op 13
Multiple versions of a cappella score, including one on vellum without lyrics, and a notated version with lyrics.
OS 2 10
Scherzo for Winds
Score and parts. Dedicated to Norman N. Street.
OS 7 2
Two Preludes, Op 15
Vellum master and a notated copy.
OS 3 4
Images, Four Movements for Small Chamber Orchestra, Op 16
OS 3 5
Images, Op 16
Vellum score, parts, and sketches.
7 12
String Quartet No. 1, "Triste," String Quartet No. 2, "Shostakovich"
Holographic score, score copy and sketch of "Trieste, Op 25," and score and parts for "String Quartet, Op 61." "String Quartet, Op 61" written for and dedicated to the Moscow Quartet in memoriam, Shostakovich.
OS 2 13
Le Troisième Enfant ("Baroque Variations"), Op 45
Piano trio.
7 9
Baroque Variations
Vellum score for "Troisième Enfant, Variations: Baroque" for piano trio, and parts for "Baroque Variations Troisième Infant" for guitar, violin, and violincello. Another title variation is listed on Eric Funk's website: "Le Troisième Enfant ("Baroque Variations")."
4 13
Horn Concerto, Op 53
Sketches, holograph score, and copy of handwritten score.
5 7
French Horn Concerto, Op 53
Vellum Master.
5 8
Concerto, Op 53, "Horn"
Horn part, vellum horn part, violin part, and transposing score titled "Concerto for French Horn & Piano Trio."
OS 5 11
Concerto, Op 53, "Horn"
Score for violin, violincello and piano.
OS 8 5
Concerto, Op 55, "Cello"
Score. Hommage à Jacqueline DuPré. For Ilse Marie VanWyk-vick.
3 12
The Seasons, Op 56
Holograph works. "The Prologue," condensed score for baritone and chamber orchestra. "The Seasons, Op 56," score for soprano, alto, bass, piano (4 hands), two impressions, one of them missing the first 2 pages.
OS 2 8
The Seasons, Op 56
Vellum master score. SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and piano 4 hands.
OS 2 9
The Seasons, Op 56
Two scores, one for baritone voice and symphonic wind ensemble, and one for children's chorus and orchestra.
6 9
Slow Parade, Op 56
Holograph score. Ballet music for handicapped dancers and Slow Parade rough cue for choreography.
Pages had already been removed from the binding. The Archivist removed the spiral binding from the covers.
4 1
Oboe Concerto, Op 57
Vellum master score.
OS 3 9
Oboe Concerto, Op 57
Holograph score, notated.
OS 10 1
The Five String Quartets
Score for five string quartets: "Triste," String Quartet No. 2, "In Memoriam Shostakovich," String Quartet No. 3, "Homage to Alfred Schnittke," String Quartet No. 4, Op 59a, and String Quartet No. 5, Op 74, "Brandenburg."
6 19
String Quartets, String Quartet No. 3, "Hommage Schnittke"
7 11
Concerto for the Piano Alone, Op 59 [Brahms]
Holographic score and sketches, also a sketch of "Hradcany, 3rd symphony." Dedicated to Robert F Ball III, my dear friend.
6 20
String Quartets, String Quartet No. 4, Op 59a
3 13
Sequentia, Op 60
Parts for violincello, bass trombone, trombone, French horn, bassoon, b flat bass clarinet, and oboe d'amour.
3 14
Sequentia, Op 60
Score. Also includes poems and document about production. Nine canons on the poems of Paul Celan for contralto voice. For contralto and chamber ensemble. Signed and inscribed by Eric Funk for Jurgen.
3 24
String Quartet No 2, Op 61, String Quartet No 3, Vellum Masters
Vellum masters. "String Quartet No 2," written for and dedicated to The Moscow Quartet, in memoriam Shostakovich, some pages have been connected. "String Quartet No 3," homage to Alfred Schnittke, dedicated to Robert F Ball III
OS 10 19
Concerto, Op 62, For Bassoon and Brass Choir
OS 1
Mandel'shtam, Vellum Master
Vellum Master score.
Box Folder
OS 6 5
Mandel'shtam, OP 63
Choral score for two freestanding movements. Russian texts by poet Osip Mandel-shtam. Also includes translations of Russian texts.
5 15
Choral score.
OS 9
Mandelshtam, Op 63
Score. A valediction to the twentieth century.
OS 4 4
Symphony No 1, "Emily", Vellum Master
Vellum master score. Three movements for [words missing] orchestra.
OS 4 5
Symphony No 1, "Emily"
Notated score.
OS 10 3
Symphony No. 2, "Montana"
Vellum Master score.
OS 10 4
Symphony II, "Montana"
Score. Commissioned by the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra 1992, for their 25th Anniversary Season Galla.
OS 10 18
Symphony No. 3 "Hradcany"
Vellum score.
OS 12 8
III Symphony, Op 65
Two scores.
7 2
Concerto, Op 70 ("Violin")
Score, solo violin part for second movement, and performance schedule. In memoriam Anton Webern.
OS 10 10
Concerto, Op 70 ("Violin")
Vellum master score and score copy. In memoriam Webern.
OS 5 3
Concerto, Op 71
Vellum master score and a printed score. for piano and orchestra.
OS 6 1
Wiepersdorf Bild, Op 74
Collection of works. Vellum score and printed score for "Ar rozu smarzu." Vellum sore, and copy for "Wiepersdorf Bild." Cover sheet for "Universe Solitude." Cover sheet for "Brandenburg Works, Op 74."
OS 10 2
String Quartets, String Quartet No. 5, Op 74, "Brandenburg"
OS 2 14
String Quartet No 5 ("Brandenburg")
For the Muir Quartet.
OS 10 16
Gongora, Op 74
Vellum score and parts. Five songs on poems by Luis De Gongora. Written for John Frohnmayer. Commissioned by Robert F. Ball III. Composed at Kunstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg, Germany.
OS 10 17
Gongora, Op 74
Score for baritone voice, flute, bassoon, trombone, and violoncello.
OS 5 2
Symphony No 4, Op 75
Vellum master score. For contralto and orchestra. Dedicated to Gretchen, commissioned by the Helena Symphony Society. "This Eventide Seems Split" poem by Amanda Aizpuriete, translated by Inguna Jansone.
OS 12 9
Symphony No. IV, Op 75
Score. Commissioned by the Helena Symphony Society. Dedicated to Gretchen. Poem "This Eventide Seems Split" by Amanda Aizpuriete, translated by Inguna Jansone.
OS 10 13
The Great Leviathans
Vellum piano score for "Prelude and Fugue, Op 76," vellum score for six violoncelli, and score for six double basses.
OS 10 14
The Great Leviathans, Op 76, Prelude & Fugue for Six Violoncelli
4 4
Symphony No V, Op. 77 ("Dante Ascending")
Score. Movements include: Voyage, Requiem, The Seven Arches, and Paradiso [canto x from the "Divine Comedy"].
OS 3 11
Symphony No V, Op. 77 ("Dante Ascending")
Vellum master score. For orchestra and tenor voice. For Bob on this 55th birthday.
OS 4 1
Symphony No V, "Dante Ascending," OP 77
4 5
Symphony No V, "Dante Ascending"
Score, and Dante's Paradiso in Italian and in English. For lyric tenor, four trombones, bass trombone, and tuba. Written for Casa Italiano New York University 1996. Dedicated to Dianne Freccero.
4 6
Canto X, Dante Cantos
Notated score titled "Dante Cantos" with "[Paradiso] X" in the top left corner. For Dianne Freccero.
OS 7 5
Anna Akhmatova, Op 78
Notated score. An opera in one act for contralto voice, ballet company and pit orchestra. Written for and dedicated to Judith Stabler, contralto. Libretto: Amanda Aizpuriete.
OS 7 6
Anna Akhmatova
Vellum score, partial copied score, and book of sketches. An opera in one act for contralto voice, ballet company, and orchestra [pit]. Written for and dedicated to Judith Stabler, contralto. Libretto: Amanda Aizpuriete.
OS 7 7
Anna Akhmatova
Score and program.
3 16
Revolution: from the Opera-ballet Anna Akhmatova, for the MSU Low Brass Ensemble
Score and parts.
OS 8 6
Double Concerto for Orchestra and Piano, Op 78
Score, part vellum, part copy, part holograph on paper.
4 15
Double Concerto for Orchestra and Piano, Op 79
4 12
Double Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op 79, and Other Sketches
Sketch notebook includes sketch score of "Double Concerto for Piano and Orchestra," and sketch for "Bellante Cantata" (AB Cantata). Also includes instructions for performing "Valediction," Op 103, for creative performance artist with a pre-recorded/electronic tape.
6 18
Four Preludes for Strings, Op 82
Holographic score.
OS 9 12
Four Preludes for String Orchestra, Op 82
OS 5 7
Requiem, Op 84
Two score copies. Requiem Aeternam, Kyrie, Dise Ire, Lacrymosa, Pie Jesu, Lux Aeterna.
6 17
A Sacred Service
Four scores and one partial score. Also includes score for Beatitudes.
4 18
Concerto for Double Bass, French Horn, Timpani, and String Orchestra, Op. 85
Two scores. For double bass, French horn, timpani, and string orchestra.
OS 5 4
Concerto, Op 85 "Double Bass"
Score for Op 85a (for double bass and piano), two scores, parts, and condensed holograph score for Op 85 (for double bass, French horn, timpani, and string orchestra). Also included is "Concerto Op 85 "Love Song," Movement 2" for Violoncello, string orchestra, French horn, and timpani.
3 10
Rock City in Blues (Opening Sketch)
Holograph short score, for piano and orchestra, for Phil Abbey.
3 11
Concerto, Op 86, "Rock City in Blues"
Unlabeled scores missing the first page, unlabeled sketch, partial score for "Blues Plate Special - Blues and a Balad." Order of items uncertain.
OS 3 3
Threnody for the Victims of Terrorism, Op 87
In memory of all people from all nations who have lost their lives through the violent acts of those who do not seek to end oppression, but rather become the oppressor. Holograph score and printed score.
4 10
Symphony No 6, "Apocalypse-Phoenix Rising," Op 88
Transposing score. "Sure on this Shining Night" by James Agee. "A Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 1687" by John Dryden.
4 11
Symphony No. 6, Op 88, "Apocalypse"
Copy of score. Movements: I) Maestro - allegro - andante (Threnody to the victims of terrorism) II) Con moto III) Andante IV) Phoenix rising.
OS 12 6
From the Dreams of Montana Children, Op 90
Two scores, one is notated.
6 5
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra, Op 92
Photo copy of score. Written for and dedicated to Lawrence Gwozdz.
OS 12 7
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra, Op 92
Score. Written for and dedicated to Lawrence Gwozdz.
OS 10 9
Concerto for Flute and Chamber Orchestra, Op 93
OS 3 2
The Werner Concerto, Op 94
Sketches and partial score. A neo-baroque concerto for four violincelli and string orchestra. Written for and dedicated to Hélène Werner, Luc Werner, Mariel Werner, and Andre Werner.
3 7
Dance Suite for Double Bass and Piano, Op 95 and The Drums Must Never Stop
Two copies of the score for "Dance Suite for Double Bass and Piano," holograph score and printed score for "The Drums Must Never Stop" and possible score for "Portraits," 2005.
OS 12 12
Piano Concerto No 2, Op 96 "TRIAD"
OS 12 3
Two scores. For violin and double bass.
OS 11 2
Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra, OP 98
Score and violin part.
OS 8 8
Dance Concertare for Marimba and Orchestra, Op 101
OS 3 6
The Sojourner's Eye, Op 102
Score. For tenor voice and orchestra. Written for and dedicated to John Haek. Poems by John Haek.
OS 3 7
The Sojourner's Eye, Op 102
Piano reduction (piano score).
OS 3 8
The Sojourner's Eye, Op 102
Piano reduction for tenor voice and orchestra.
3 2
Symphony No 7, Op 105 "Time"
Narrator's texts, order in score and age of reader (poetry by John Haek), pages 16-18 missing.
OS 2 7
Symphony No 7, Op 105 "Time"
Score. For Gena, August 22nd, 2007. Happy Anniversary.
3 9
Symphony No 7, "Reconciliation"
Holograph sketch.
OS 12 4
Villancicos, Op 106
Score. For soprano and string quartet. Written for the Meritage String Quartet and Elizabeth Coy. Anonymous 15th and 16th century love poems.
OS 5 5
Dona Nobis Pacem, Op 107, Concerto for Timpani and String
Score. Written for and dedicated to Robert LedBetter.
OS 5 6
Timpani Concerto [Dona Nobis Pacem]
3 27
Vili: Concerto for the Violin Alone, Op 109
Holograph score, photo copy of score, and one printed score.
OS 6 3
Like a Captive Lion, Op 110, and Other Works and Sketches
Three scores of "Like a Captive Lion," piano reduction of "Sojourner's Eye, Op 102," and Sketches for "On Borrowed Time," "I am the Last Man on Earth and I Cannot Remember My Name," and "Atticus Finch."
5 16
The Accompanist, Op 112
A vocalize for soprano and piano.
OS 6 6
The Accompanist, Op 112
OS 12 11
Your Beautiful Blue Eyes, Op 114
Two scores. An interlude for string orchestra. For Gena, in honor of your 61st birthday, November 27, 2009.
OS 11 5
Azusa, Concerto No. 3, for Piano and Orchestra, Op 116 [Theme and Variation]
Score. The soft singular song of the Rare Bird
6 3
The Men, Op 119
Piano reduction. A chamber opera in four acts.
OS 11 4
The Old Masters, Op 121
Signed score. Music for three string quartets. Commissioned by the Cassatt String Quartet. For my darling Gena on your 63rd birthday.
OS 12 2
Duobolique, Op 122
Score. Un petit suite for B flat trumpet, tenor trombone, and marimba. Commissioned by Alan Klaus.
OS 12 10
A Montana Winter, Op 125
Two scores. "Sleighride to a High, Snowy, Mountain Valley." For string orchestra and one percussionist. Commissioned by String Orchestra of the Rockies and Bozeman Senior High School.
OS 6 8
The Morton Canons, Op 126
Score. For baritone voice and chamber ensemble. Six songs on poems by Bruce Morton.
OS 5 1
Variations on a Theme by Jan Hanus, Op 127
Printed full score, photo copy of holographic score, for violin and string orchestra. Also included is an adaptation for solo violin and piano. Alternate title: Milujte své nepřátele.
OS 12 5
Double Concerto: Concerto for the Violin Alone, Concerto for the Orchestra Alone, Op 129
OS 5 9
Choral Concerto, Op 131
Three copies of choral score. Poetry by Murray Steinmar.
OS 11 7
Angella, Op 133
Score. For a violin and piano.
OS 2 4
Harriet Jacobs - A Tribute, Op 134
Score. For mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra. For Gena, my dearest darling. Text taken and adapted from the book "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl."
OS 2 5
Harriet Jacobs - A Tribute
Score. A two movement work for mezzo-soprano and wind ensemble.
4 14
On Borrowed Time, Op 138a
Score. For violin and string orchestra. Written and dedicated to Michael Certalic in commemoration of the new violin built especially for him. Autumn 2016
5 9
Trees, Op 139
Score. For solo voices, vocal quartet, and two pianos. Music for the Ballet. Text by Richard Powers.
3 8
Aria: for Unaccompanied Double Bass, Op 144
Double bass part.
3 20
The Golden Triangle, Op 153
Score for solo soprano and two double bass
3 19
Silver Falls, Op 154
Transposing score. A suite written for Silverton High School Band. The 10 waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park. Dedicated to my first grandson Oscar Marks. Suite No. 1 and Suite No. 2.
OS 2 11
Silver Falls, Op 154
Three transposing scores and a poster for "Beyond Time - a cycle of symphonies." A suite written for the Silverton High School, the 10 waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park. Dedicated to my grandson, Oscar Marks.
5 21-22
Montana, Op 157: An Album of Twelve Tone Paintings (1-2)
Five score printings. For intermediate and advanced piano students. Commissioned by the Billings Music Teachers Association.
OS 4 7
Jazz Suite for Piano, Op 163
Transposing score.
5 20
Jazz Charts
Holograph originals and some copies, some with corrections and notations. Collection of works, "Something," "11th and Grant (Tv. Theme Music)," "Flyswatter," "Raid," "Deet."
OS 10 7
Duo for Flute and Piano
Two Scores.
OS 9 9
Vellum score and vellum parts. Two movements for choir, chamber choir, piano, and percussion. To Thomas Svoboda, my dearest friend. Item order uncertain.
OS 10 6
Duo for Flute and Piano
Vellum score.
OS 6 2
Art Songs for Soprano Voice
Bound compilation of scores. "The Accompanist, Op 112," "What Ships Will Set Sail," "Lullaby [From the opera "Sanctuary"]," "Before My Hair Turns Grey," "Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night," "Four Songs on Poems by Sara Teasdale," "Is This Goodbye to Love," "We Both Believed this was a Solo," "Like a Captive Lion, Op 110a," "For I am as a Lark," " Universe-Solitude," "Villancicos, Op 106," " Like a Captive Lion, Op 110."
OS 5 12
For I am as a Lark
Score. Two movements for soprano and organ.
OS 5 13
For I am as a Lark
Vellum score.
OS 4 3
Parts on vellum and copies. There is also an announcement and descriptions of works.
OS 4 2
Lidice Symphony Orchestra
Vellum master score. For symphony orchestra or chamber orchestra.
7 4
A Glimpse
Vellum parts for flute and violin
OS 10 15
A Glimpse
Vellum score.
7 5
A Glimpse
7 6
A Glimpse
Recording sign, parts and a summary of the work.
OS 9 10
Vellum score and four paper scores. A short movement for solo woodwind, woodwinds, and brass.
3 4
God that Dwells Within My Heart
Holograph piano score with vocals, dedicated to Mr. Roy Pascoe.
6 14
Vellum score with drawings and poems.
OS 7 4
Two scores, one notated for French horn, one notated for tenor. For tenor voice, and chamber ensemble, and tape. An opera in one act.
7 8
Vellum score.
OS 9 7
Vellum score. Two movements for brass ensemble. Dedicated to Bill Stalnaker, February 10, 1977.
5 12
Holograph score. For two pianos and virtuoso. Dedicated to Tomas Svoboda, the only person I know who could and would play this. June 27, 1976.
OS 5 16
The Prophet
Vellum master score. For symphony orchestra.
5 4
The Prophet
Orchestral score reduction and parts. Also includes College of Arts and Architecture Research and Creativity Grant. Piece is for two trios.
OS 8 7
Dance Concertare
Vellum score with possible missing pages, bound copy of score, and an unpaginated, cutoff copy of score. For piano and string orchestra.
OS 12 13
Two Canons for Brass Quintet
Score and score duplicates for parts.
OS 9 13
Ballade & Dance
Holograph score and six copies of "Ballade," an unlabeled bassoon part, holograph score and copies of "Dance," and some sketches.
5 5
Five Dance Miniatures
Sketches and vellum score.
5 6
Five Dance Miniatures
Two score copies, one of which is notated.
OS 9 2
The Circle Within
Vellum master score and copy score.
OS 9 3
The Circle Within
Parts in paper and in vellum.
OS 9 4
The Circle Within, Concerto for Trumpet and Winds
C score.
6 6
The Circle Within
5 19
Vellum score, vellum parts, and paper parts.
OS 9 11
Les Frères
Holograph bound score (1983), partial score, noted score, and a score in three movements which are reinforced. Three movements for guitar, piano, and percussion. Dedicated to Bernadine Gilpin, my teacher and friend.
6 10
Music for Piano, Volume 1
Vellum score. Titles include: "Two Lullabies," "Romantic Impressions," "And in the Spring," "Of Silent Procession," "The Rose Bloomed New," "The Promise of Spring's Return," "Two Etudes," "Portrait of John, and "From Five Dance Miniatures: no. 4."
OS 9 6
Music for Piano, Volume 1
Bound partial "Music for Piano, Volume 1," and multiple piano scores and drafts. drafts are of "Concerto for One Piano Alone," "A New Old English Folksong," "For Lenka," "Nocturne for Piano," "Chelsea Rose," and "The Long and Winding Road" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Mr. E Funk).
OS 10 12
Romantic Impressions
Holograph Score and parts. Written for and dedicated to Cindy Marie Kullberg.
OS 7 1
Score. For brass choir.
6 7
Introit and Benediction
Holograph score and copy.
6 12
Sonata for Guitar and Piano
Vellum score and two copies.
3 5
"And in the Spring," Mixed Chorus and Piano
Chorus score
OS 5 14
And in the Spring
Score in vellum, holographic pencil score, and three printings.
7 1
Fanfare, Chorale, and Dance
OS 10 5
Fanfare, Chorale, and Dance
7 7
Holograph score, copy score, and parts. Antiphonal music for two bass quintets. Commissioned by Pacific First Federal Bank: Metropolitan Arts Commission for the Pioneer Courthouse Square Birthday Celebration on September 20th, 1985.
OS 8 1
Suite of Overture from the opera "Pamalia"
Two scores, one is notated. For orchestra.
OS 8 2
Piano Reduction. An opera in three acts.
6 1-2
Two partial scores, one bound score (without labeled parts) from 1985, bound partial score from 1988, and a notated book of sketches.
OS 8 3-4
Vellum master score and a copy of the piano reduction. An opera in three acts. Six state Centennial Commission.
5 18
The Troll Bridge
Parts. For brass quintet
7 10
Before My Hair Turns Grey
Notated score. Text by Sally Wheeler
4 16
Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra ("Davis")
Score. For guitar, string orchestra, and timpani. Written for guitarist Eric Davis. Dedicated to the Davis family.
4 17
Davis Concerto "Guitar"
Vellum score and paper score titled "Cadenza, 1st movement, Davis Concerto," and a bound score titled "Concerto for guitar, strings, and timpani." Written for guitarist Eric Davis. Dedicated to the Davis family.
3 22
3 15
Overtures I and II
Score and copy of one item called "Overture." There is also a photo copy of a holograph titled Lenka, which is inscribed with a note "for my god daughter for graduation from high school..."
6 4
Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night
Vellum score and printed score. Written for Mezzo Soprano Leslie Richards
5 10
Twentieth Century Madrigal
Choral score. Title variation: A 20th-Century Madrigal.
5 11
Twentieth Century Madrigal
Choral score. Title variation: A 20th-Century Madrigal.
4 7
Chronicle Sketch, Vellum
Score. Written for and dedicated to my dear Sally. Also included is: The Bozeman Symphony, vellum score.
3 18
Four Songs on Poems by Sarah Teasdale
Two scores for soprano and piano, 11 scores for female voices and piano, holograph score for "Doubt" for soprano and piano, and score copies of "Doubt," "Song," and "Moon's Ending" all for soprano and piano.
6 13
"Petit Prelude" and "To Contemplate Upon the Stars"
Notated score copy of "Petit Prelude," and holograph score and copies of "To Contemplate Upon the Stars."
5 14
What Ships Set Sail
Two Variations. Solo for intermediate solo cello and piano. Vocal variation, Timothy Tate. Commissioned by Tom Bozeman for the 4th annual celebration of the 29th birthday: Ilse-Mari.
6 11
After Prague and Interlude
Holograph score and copies with notations and different versions.
OS 11 3
Pendulum Sweep, The Slow Sky
Vellum master score, large format score, lyrics, score, and parts. An elegy for violoncello and piano. Written for Ilse-Marie vanWyk-Lee. Dedicated to the memory of Harish Mahindra.
OS 7 8
Gorbachev and Yeltsin
Score. A three act opera.
OS 7 9
Gorbachev and Yeltsin (1 of 2)
Vellum score and description of work in German. Alternative title: "Garbatschow und Jelzin"
5 24
Gorbachev and Yeltsin (2 of 2)
Two books of sketches and a partial Score.
OS 10 20
Lullaby & Carols
Partial score.
3 3
To Contemplate Upon the Stars
Annotated holograph, harp part. "For Nancy." In memory of French Impressions.
6 8
Sonata in the Olden Style
Two scores for two violincelli and piano, plus a part for an arrangement for doble bass and piano. Also included is a summary of the work.
OS 9 5
An American Heritage
Vellum Score. Music for the film.
3 1
Beyond Time: A cycle of Symphonies
Contains the Lyrics for 5 works: "Sojourner's Eye," text by John Haek, Symphony No 6 "Apocalypse-Phoenix Rising," text by John Dryden, Symphony No 7 "Time", text by John Haek, Symphony No 8 "And Human Kind Departed", text by James Agee, and Symphony No 9 "Time Bridge to Beyond Time", text by John Haek. A 2010 announcement article is also included.
OS 2
Time Bridge to Beyond Time Schemata
OS 6 7
Cantata, "Set this dry, boring place on fire" (in memory of Albert Bellante)
Signed Score. For Gena Gabe Rabia, and Laura, in memory of Albert. Part one, August 2001.
OS 12 1
The Beatitudes: an Anthem
Four scores, one of which is notated.
OS 5 8
St Francis, Master
Master score. Also includes accompanying poems. Darthea Stainaker.
5 3
Two Women: We are the Earth
Score. For two soprano voices and brass choir. written for Elizabeth Coy, Abigail Dueppen and the Montana State University brass choir, Dr. Timothy Dueppen conductor. Poem by John Haek.
OS 11 6
One Hundred Years of Hope
Score. For soprano solo, tenor solo, mixed choir, string quartet, and organ. Written for the 100th anniversary of Hope Luthran Church, Bozeman, Montana, October 2019.
5 13
A Vision
Two copies. A movement for two percussionists. Thomas Svoboda.
OS 10 11
Champs de Blé aux Corbeaux
Vellum score.
7 3
Christmas Overture
This is an empty, placeholder, folder.
OS 11 1
Der Spiegel
Vellum score.
3 6
Double Bass Works
Includes six works: "The Drums Must Never Stop," a solo for double bass quartet, written for and dedicated to David Heyes, "Trochu Rondo, Op 131," for Frantisek Posta (Posta100), "Aria, Op 144," for solo double bass, based on a poem by Jouni Inkala; written for Teppo Haute-Aho, "A Little While, Op 143," poem by Emily Brontë for soprano, piano and double bass, dedicated to Sarah Poole and David Heyes "Syrinx's Century - Late Echo, Op 146," for the 100'th anniversary of Claude Debussy's death, and "Retrospective Glance, Op 147," for unaccompanied double bass, written for Bert Turetsky at 85.
4 2
Earth is New Begun
Holograph score on vellum and sketch of "Fanfare to Sr. Cacdia." Text by Edw. Blunden.
4 3
Earth is New Begun
Vellum parts and printed score.
OS 3 10
Earth is New Begun
Vellum horn part, paper parts and score.
3 17
Four Songs on Poems by Sarah Teasdale, for Soprano and Piano
Piano score. Titles of individual works are "Doubt," "Song," "Moon's Ending," and "Let it Be You."
6 16
From the other Side
This is an empty, placeholder, folder.
OS 9 14
Highest Honors
OS 6 4
Music for Voices, Volume 1, and Other Vocal Works
Book of scores, vellum master score for "A Sacred Service," vocal score for "In Far Off Lands," vocal score for "And in the Spring," score for "Madrigal 'So Hallowed and so Gracious is the Time'" [title taken from housing], two scores for "I Drink to the Ruined House" [one score is a partial], and a vocal score for "Alleluia in Memoriam Doris Luebeck"
OS 10 8
Vellum score.
6 15
Portrait of John
This is an empty, placeholder, folder.
4 8-9
Rhayader - Orchestra Parts (1-2)
Multiple copies of each part. Music for the Ballet. Inspired by "The Snow Goose" by Paul Gallico.
OS 4 6
Rhayader, Music for the Ballet
Vellum Master score and printed score.
OS 7 3
Vellum master score. Dedicated to Carlin Deeply.
3 21
Self Portrait: Eric D F, Soliloquy for Unaccompanied Double Bass
Solo part.
5 17
The Collar, The Musical
Voice book. Adopted from the novel The Colar: In His Image and Likeness. Lyrics by Frank C. Seitz.
5 23
The Unremembered Central Message from Six Different Dreams
Organ Solo.
3 23
Universe - Solitude
Score. For soprano and violin. Text by Samuel Beckett.
OS 2 12
Universe - Solitude
Vellum master.

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This series includes media objects such as CDs of recorded music, DVD and VHS recordings of performances and documentaries, and some born digital versions of notated music. The series also includes a web archive of Eric Funk's personal website that has been captured each month since June 2023.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box usb-flash-drive
Media 1 1
Digital Compositions and Scores
Media 1 1
Pamelia - A Choral Suite, Eric Funk, Carnegie Hall, 5/29/89
Media 1 1
Pamelia: From History Into Art, A Documentary By Doris Loeser
Media 1 1
Water's Handel Music, Director: Bill Neff, Run time 4:20
Media 1 2
PSYCHOSHEEP (Temp Mix), Colin McWilliams
Media 1 3
Harriet Jacobs - A Tribute, Op 134, Eric Funk, Mezzo Soprano and Chamber Orchestra
Media 1 2
Media 1 4
1982 Lomax Jam Session
Media 1 5
Interview, National Public Radio: Op the west, Phil Aubrey Interviews Eric Funk, a wonderful review and education of Eric's endeavors as a composer
Media 1 6
The Dreams of Montana Children, Carnegie Hall 2004, April 18, 2004, Carnegie Hall, Isaac Stern Auditorium
Media 1 2
"Rx for Survival"
Media 1 3
This is only the Earth, 6' Doc, E. Funk
Rhayader - music for the ballet, Digital
Transposing score file.

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