UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio and video recordings: Lowell Lybarger field recordings, 1994-1996

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Lybarger, Lowell
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio and video recordings: Lowell Lybarger field recordings
1994-1996 (inclusive)
89 items  :  EC - 77 audio cassettes (Type I) and 12 videocassettes (VHS, sp, color); typed transcriptions of video tape notes.
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Recorded in Lahore and elsewhere in Pakistan during field research from 1994-96; some recordings from radio broadcasts.
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Lowell Lybarger is a music/multimedia librarian and director of the Music Lab at Arkansas Tech University (ATU). He holds an MA in ethnomusicology from the University of Washington (UW), an MLIS from Kent State University, and a PhD in musicology from the University of Toronto. In addition to his work in librarianship, Lowell has taught courses for the music and anthropology programs at ATU. While working on his MA degree from the UW, Lybarger lived and conducted ethnomusicology research in Pakistan between the years of 1994-1996. After completing his MA, Lybarger returned to Pakistan numerous times between the years of 1999-2007 to continue his research.

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12 videocassettes are copies of 7 original PAL-format videocassettes.

Equipment: audio recordings - Sony Pro Walkman D6C; video recordings - Sony Hi8 (PAL) camcorder with built-in stereo microphone

Summary of contents:

Cassettes: 96-8.1 (9/12/94 and 9/19/94) "Ahang-e-Khusrawi" Radio Pakistan (Islamabad); featured vocalists - Zahida Parveen, Fateh Ali Khan, Amanat Ali Khan, Akhter Ali Khan, Zakir Ali Khan.

96-8.2-23 (12/3/94 to 9/28/95) "Ahang-e-Khusrawi" Radio Pakistan (Lahore); many musicians featured (see doc file for listing)

96-8.24-33 (12/6/94 to 4/3/95) "Sur Sangeet" Radio Pakistan (Lahore); many musicians featured (see doc file for listing)

96-8.34-46 Roshan Ara Begum/vocalist (w/various musicians); radio broadcasts 9/17/94 - 7/4/95; some undated recordings; some dubs of commercial recordings (see doc file for listing)

96-8.47-56 Panjab tabla gharana; featured tabla players - Karim Baksh Pairna, Mian Qader Baksh Pakhawaji, Bashir Hussain 'Goga,' Altaf Hussain 'Tafo,' Bhai Nasira (pakhawaj), Talib Hussain Khan, Inayat Ali, Allah Ditta, Abdul Sattar Tari Khan, Shaukat Hussain Khan, Akhter Husain.

96-8.57-77 Patiala gharana (vocal); featured musicians - Ashaq Ali Khan, Umeed Ali Khan, Bare Ghulam Ali Khan, Hamid Ali Khan, Kale Khan, Barkat Ali Khan, Fateh Ali Khan, Amanat Ali Khan, Asad Amanat Ali Khan.

Videos: 96-8.78-79 Lok Virsa GM-2 - Tabla Masters (Ustad Talib Hussain Khan, Abdul Sattar Khan "Tari," Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan, and Altaf Hussain Khan "Tafo") (2:02:00, 49:46)

96-8.80-81 Khalifa Irshad/tabla - 11/95 (2:03:04, 49:20)

96-8.82 Bashir Hussain 'Goga' etc., Sufi Karam Din, Khalifa Akhter Hussain, Sabz Ali (1:50:00)

96-8.83-84 Ghulam Hasan "Kookh"/tabla (2:03:10, 37:00)

96-8.85 Tabla Panjabi Ang #2 (1:38:00)

96-8.86-87 Ustad Tufail Mhd., Meera Mundi Evening, tabla demo, G.K. Hasan (2:03:00, 22:00)

96-8.88-89 Rafaqat Ali (Dhonkal), R. Ali (Langey Mundi), Sajjad Ali "Papu" (2:03:00, 32:27)

Documentation: Photocopies of cassette tape notes and discography for Radio programs

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