Claire and Don Egge Collection on China, 1987-1990

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Egge, Claire J.; Egge, Donald Ernest, 1933-
Claire and Don Egge Collection on China
1987-1990 (bulk)
1987-1999 (inclusive)
7.0 cubic feet, (13 boxes, 9 oversize)
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Largely comprised of newspaper clippings from English-language newspapers from the People's Republic of China, 1987-1990, which focus on political and economic questions and the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Also includes general books and pamphlets on Chinese education, culture, politics, economics, and business, maps, and similar material collected by an American couple living and teaching for four years in China. The most important materials are several fragmented posters with large character recording what happened inside the campus of the Heilongjiang Normal University in Northeast China, regarding what had been happening in the capital Beijing. Among them, the fragment of a poster dated 4 June 1989 at 7:30 is rare evidence of that historical event. Includes complete editions of China Daily from May 16 to June 6, 1989. Also includes articles on education, culture, politics, economics and business. Includes wall maps, tourist maps, books and booklets on Chinese history, culture, peoples, culinary arts, and folk songs, guidebooks, political pamphlets, and one video on taiqi in the original VHS PAL and a converted NTSC format.
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Materials on education, culture, politics, economics and business in the People's Republic of China in the late 1980s, which focus on the political turmoil in 1989 and the Tiananmen Square protests. The collection is mostly clippings of newspaper articles from China Daily (an English language newspaper published in Beijing, China), Hong Kong newspapers, and newspapers from Washington State. The collection was compiled during the first three of four years Claire and Don Egge were teaching and living in China, along with some material collected during their fourth year, between 1997 and 1999.

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Claire and Don Egge are alumni of the University of Puget Sound (Don, Class of 1955, M.A. '59, and Claire, Class of '57). Don also earned an Ed.D. from Washington State University, 1967. Claire is the daughter of Lillian and Don Shotwell, who are also alumni of UPS and served on the University's Board of Trustees. Don Egge was an educator, now retired. The Egges lived and taught in China in the late 1980s and again for one year between 1997 and 1999.

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Preservation Note

The collection contains two videos: one video on taiqi in the original VHS PAL and a converted NTSC format.

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The China, Chinese Experience, 1987-1990Return to Top

2.0 cubic feet, (three boxes, two oversize)
ASIAPAC.  ( publisher)

This is a general collection of material reflecting the life and culture of China during the late 1980s. It includes newspaper clippings of articles on education, maps, pamphlets, and books in comic form which illustrate and interpret philosophy and science through China's history.

Description Dates
Box 1: Clippings
Box 2, Folders 1 and 2: Maps and booklets
Box 2, Folder 3: Two videos on Taiqi, a traditional Chinese exercise
Box 2, Folder 4: Hang up charts on Taiqi
Box 2, Folder 5: Maps
Box 3: Publications

The China Cultural, Political Environment, 1987-1997Return to Top

2.0 cubic feet, (4 boxes, three oversize)

This series contains general news articles (culture, politics, economics, etc.) before, during and after the turmoil related to Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. The series also includes pamphlets on policy issues that were available to the public during those three years, and general articles collected during a subsequent year when the Egges were living and teaching in China between 1997 and 1999.

Description Dates
Box 4: Clippings
1987 - 1988
Box 5: Clippings
1989 - 1990
Box 6: Clippings
1997 - 1999
Box 7: Government Policy Publications

The Tiananmen Incident (Turmoil in China), 1987-1990Return to Top

3.0 cubic feet, (6 boxes, five oversize)

The materials in this series are organized around the demonstrations and military intervention at Tiananmen Square in May and June of 1989. They include articles and magazines before, during and after the turmoil incidents of June 4 to June 10, 1989. It also includes books and pamphlets published in Beijing and Hong Kong representing two different views of the incident. There are also torn fragments of wall posters, apparently posted by students of Harbin Normal University when they left campus in anticipation of the arrival of the Chinese army, gathered by a Harbin professor friend of the Egges.

Description Dates
Box 8: Poster fragments
Box 9: Clippings
April to June, 1989
Box 10: China Daily newspaper
May 16 to June 6, 1989
Box 11: Clippings
June 4 to July 1, 1989
Box 12: Publications
June 4 - 10, 1989
Box 13: Clippings
circa June 1989 to March 1990

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  • Chinese newspapers--Foreign language press
  • Journalism--China

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  • China--History--1976-2002
  • China--Politics and government--1976-2002

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