UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Melvyn C. Goldstein field recordings (Tibet), Undated

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Goldstein, Melvyn C.
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Melvyn C. Goldstein field recordings (Tibet)
6 items  :  OT-6 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. mono, 7"); 6 WAV files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 2:34:20
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Melvyn C. Goldstien (1938-) is a social anthropologist from New York City, United States. He earned a BA in history in 1959 and an MA in history in 1960 from the University of Michigan. In 1968, he earned a PhD in anthropology from the University of Washington. Immediately after, he was hired by Case Western Reserve University's Department of Anthropology where he has worked ever since. He has served as chairman of the department and as Director of the Center for Research on Tibet. He is currently also the Professor of International Health, School of Medicine. In 2009, he was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences. His research has focused on a wide range of topics including Tibetan society, economic change and cross-cultural gerontology, history and contemporary politics, and population studies.

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Contents (from original archive sheets):

Tapes 1-3 - Western Tibetan folk songs: Tape 1 - Western Tibetan (too see) folk style songs with dramnye (dancer is dramnye player); Tape 2 - same except last 3 pieces are Western Tibetan Lhasa beggar style; Tape 3 - continuation of beggar style.

Tape 4 - Drum rhythms - Lhamo opera performance - Tibetan Namthar singing (Kundeling monk - Thupden one woman)

Tape 5 - Sgor Gzhas (folk circle dance from Sa'moa village in southwest Tibet)

Tape 6 - continuation from Tape 5

See documentation file for some additional information.

OT analog reels digitized 10/2016 (48 kHz, 24-bit) - 68-2.1.wav (21:55), 68-2.2.wav (28:52), 68-2.3.wav (10:46), 68-2.4.wav (22:43), 68-2.5.wav (30:23), 68-2.6.wav (29:08).

Handwritten note accompanying OT 68-2.4: "Drum rhythm from Tibetan (Lhamo) opera performance. Tibetan namthar singing-(Kundeling Monk-Thupden, woman)"

Documentation: Hand-written notes and logsheets.

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