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Kuhn, Jim, 1952-; Mairena, Antonio; Melchor, Enrique
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Jim Kuhn recordings (Flamenco Collection)
10 items  :  EC - 10 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. stereo, 7") (Ampex 407)
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Field and commercial recordings of Spanish gypsies from various sources, loaned to the UW Ethnomusicology Archives for copying by Jim Kuhn.
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Pedro Peña (1939-) is a flamenco guitarist from Lebrija, Spain. During his childhood, he would attend flamenco performances with his family and, because of this, learned how to accompany flamenco singing. During the 1970s and 80s, he performed with some of the most popular singers including Antonio Mairena and Tia Ancia La Piriñaca. Nowadays, he spends his time performing in local venues and clubs as well as at festivals in Andalucía.

Enrique de Melchor (1951-2012) was a flamenco guitarist from Marchena, Spain. He made his first record with Antonio Mairena as a teenager, and at age 18, won the Premio Nacional de Cátedra de Flamenco de Jerez. He has performed with a variety of flamenco singers, and was known for being able to adapt his style to match the voice of the singer.

Antonio Cruz García, better known as Antonio Mairena, (1909-1983) was a flamenco singer from Mairena del Alcor, Spain. Antonio was heavily influenced by singers such as Joaquín de la Paula and El Niño Gloria and was known for his appreciation of orthodox styles of flamenco singing. In 1924, he performed in his first competition in 1994 and won first prize. In 1962, he was awarded the coveted Golden Key of Flamenco Singing for his contribution to the art of flamenco.

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Reel 1- copy of cassette dub of commercial record made in 1983 featuring Antonio Mairena/vocal; Pedro Pena/guitar; Enrique Melchor/guitar.

Reel 2- copy of cassette dub of commercial record "Cante Gitano" (1951) w/ A. Mairena/vocal; Melchor de Marchena/guitar.

Reel 3- copy of commercial cassette "Sevillanas Corraleras" (1983) w/ Maria Fernandez/vocal; Maria Jesus Garcia Ruiz/vocal; Constantina Pena/vocal; Juan Ramos Alcon/vocal; Pedro Pena/guitar; Vicente Pena/guitar.

Reels 4-9 - field recordings by Christopher and Maria Carnes (late 1960s) w/ (reels 4-5) Juan Talega/vocal; Diego del Gastor/guitar; (reels 6-9) - Pedro Bacan/guitar, vocal; Sebastien Pena/vocal; Anna Pena/vocal; Maria Pena/vocal; Miguel Funi/vocal; Bernarda de Utrera/vocal; Fernanda de Utrera/vocal; Gaspar de Utrera/vocal.

Reel 10 - copy of reel of Jim Kuhn's 1975 lecture on flamenco w/taped examples.

Documentation: Copies of cassette wrappers and notes by Jim Kuhn.

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