Joseph Beckman Photographs of Long Lake Dam Construction, 1910-1915

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Beckman, Joseph
Joseph Beckman Photographs of Long Lake Dam Construction
1910-1915 (inclusive)
.25 Linear Feet of Shelf Space, (1 box), (150 images)
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PC 135 (collection)
The collections consists of 150 photographs and postcards from the construction of Long Lake Dam, dating from approximately 1910-1914. Long Lake Dam is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington on the Spokane River. Joseph Beckman worked on its construction.
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Long Lake Dam is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington on the Spokane River. This facility was believed to have the highest spillway (170 feet) and largest turbines in the world when it was finished in 1915 by the Washington Water Power Company, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Long Lake, behind the dam, is also known today as Lake Spokane. Joseph Beckman worked on its construction.

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The collections consists of approximately 150 photographs and postcards from the construction of Long Lake Dam (near Spokane, WA), dating from approximately 1910-1914. The majority of the images deal with the construction of the dam proper, though a small number deal with the worker's relaxation activities or with local natives. A very few images may deal with nearby Little Falls Dam. Also included in the collection is one two-page 1959 letter which serves as a brief biography of Beckman. The images are in no particular order. Approximately 90% of the images are labeled, but less than a fifth are dated.

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[Item Description] Joseph Beckman Photographs of Long Lake Dam Construction, 1910-1915 (PC 135)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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Acquisition Information

This collection was received as MS 88-37 at WSU Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections on September 16th, 1988 from Mrs. James Menzies (nee Marian Beckman). The photographs had apparently been compiled by Joseph "Joe" Carl Beckman, and his wife, Eunice Coffman Beckman (d. 1976-12-21).

Processing Note

This collection was processed by University Archivist Mark O'English in January, 2010. Catherine Kenney of Avista scanned the images in August of 2016, providing brief identification and description for the unlabeled items. WSU History student Samantha Case incorporated those descriptions into this finding aid in November of 2016.

Separated Materials

The collection initially included approximately 50 additional photographs from WSC ca. 1910-1912, and a dozen or so pieces of ephemera or minor WSC publications. These were separated out, and interfiled into the Historical WSU Photographs Subject File (PC 2), ephemera collection, and appropriate places in the WSU Publications collection.

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Container(s) Description
1 Man in front of house - D.B. Ludwick, 1912-09-01
2 Men on headgate 3 - Hans Anderson, A. O. Strauck, Jack Mintz, Joe Beckman, George Cowling, Joe Primiano
3 High water running over temporary coffer dam in the canyon
4 View looking upriver from head tower of #1 cableway
5 Unknown building (not digitized)
6 Men painting racks - Beckman
7 Powerhouse, showing first steel columns and girders in place, October 1913
8 Excavation, 1912-11-29
9 Excavation Site for spillway dam, 1912-11-29
10 Front of spillway dam showing four undersluices discharging
11 Temporary spillway
12 View of arched cut-off dam from upstream side
13 Headgate dam
14 South side start of tunnel work, 1911-04-15
15 Construction from a distance
16 Rock bottom of dam
17 Broken Piers, 1914-04-08
18 Top of headgate dam (not digitized)
19 View upstream from just above railroad bridge (not digitized)
20 Cover house for coffer dam construction (not digitized)
21 Looking east from tail tower (not digitized)
22 Looking upstream from riverbank opposite club (not digitized)
23 Powerlines to substation
24 Cable Bridge
25 Spud and Braggo - Little Falls
26 Foundation
27 Road at start of construction
28 Cabins
29 Aerial view of construction
30 Native Americans and men
31 View of generator room from switchyard gallery, 1914-10-14
32 Powerhouse construction
33 Gage board, showing hand pump
34 Location of gage board
35 Taken at Long Lake, Aug 1913
36 View upriver from head towers
37 Powerhouse Scaffolding
38 Men on road
39 Ross Park Steam Plant
40 Baseball game - 3rd base line
41 Headgate 3
42 Baseball game
43 View of piers and spillway
44 Men in village
45 Right side of headgate dam
46 Bartlett House
47 Assembling of penstocks and sections after riveting, 1914-03-10
48 Bright day in powerhouse
49 Two men at house
50 Village
51 Men by spillway during construction
52 Looking downstream over headgate dam
53 WSC group
54 Clubhouse
55 Pre-construction
56 Tainter gates
57 Looking upstream
58 View of valley where dam now stands
59 Penstock and men
60 Four men
61 Unknown man
62 View of turbine room
63 Water rheostat
64 Steel distributing tower
65 Camp, labeled 1-6
66 Spillway dam, Oct 1914
67 Native Americans on horseback
68 Teepee
69 Headgate operating mechanism
70 View inside penstock
71 Construction
72 Tunnel to cable ways
73 Pre-construction view
74 Start of construction
75 Coffer dam, labeled 1-4
76 Construction 1913, labeled a-d
77 Cable towers and concrete boxes
77 Concrete mixer
78 LL Penstock Install Internal
79 Headgates
80 Construction, August 1913
81 Tunnel outlet just before closed
82 Top view of early construction
83 Penstock under construction
84 Cement squares
85 Construction from above
86 The works
87 Construction scaffolding, 1913
88 Gravel pit for excavation
89 Scaffolds on spillway
90 Tail tower of Unit 4
91 Unit 2 penstock
92 Deflection dam
93 Upstream view of construction
94 Penstock sections
95 Construction scaffolding, 1912-09-29
96 Headgate penstock install
97 Looking upstream showing completed crest
98 Labeled view of main dam
99 View of rock bottom
100 Looking upstream past broken pier in the spillway dam
101 Arch cutoff dam
102 View from bridge
103 General view of power plant looking upriver
104 Panorama, 1912-12-14
105 Spillway scaffolding
106 Penstock construction, 11-18-1914
107 Generator install
108 Spillway construction
109 Penstock install
110 Group at powerhouse
111 Looking north, Long Lake Dam
112 Steam shovel, 09-07
113 Dam from tail towers, 09-07-1913
114 Spillway
115 Men and tent
116 Headgate hoist
117 Powerhouse construction labeled A-E
118 Men by powerhouse
119 Group photo: Long Lake construction
119 Men in powerhouse
120 Railroad construction
121 Railroad and construction
122 View of railroad and cables
123 Powerhouse controls
124 Entrance tunnel view
125 Construction on rocks
126 People labeled
127 Head tower of no. 4 cableway
128 Penstock towers
129 Pitot tube
130 Unit 1 erection
131 Penstock entrance
132 Tops of gates
133 Headgate dam and inspection tunnel forms
134 People touring
135 Piezometer and bypass
136 Vertical pitot tube
137 Early construction
138 Testing outfit
139 Headgates labeled
140 Looking upstream at dam, 1913-09-07
141 Men with powerhouse coils
142 Bed of river with workers
143 View of intake tunnel from river valley, 1911-10-30
144 Steam shovel and crew at gravel pit
145 Generators
146 Back of headgate dam
147 Spillway and penstock construction
148 Little Falls construction
149 Unit one operation, Little Falls
150 Post Street
151-152 Letter (2 pages)

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Subject Terms

  • Long Lake Dam (Wash.)

Personal Names

  • Beckman, Joseph -- Archives