Margaret Maxson photograph collection, between 1893-1937

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Maxson, Margaret
Margaret Maxson photograph collection
between 1893-1937 (inclusive)
83 photographic prints (1 box) ; various sizes
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Collection primarily consists of photographs of ships, the Port Blakely Lumber Mill, and the Puget Sound Navy Yard. Includes photographs of two buildings in Coupeville, Washington, photographs of Seattle, and photographs of the Maxson family.
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Collection primarily consists of photographs of ships, the Port Blakely Lumber Mill, and the Puget Sound Navy Yard. Includes photographs of two buildings in Coupeville, Washington, photographs of the Maxson family, and photographs of Seattle. Some of the photographs are marked as having belonged to Frank O. Maxson (the civil engineer at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the donor's father-in-law). Contains cyanotype photographs.

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Acquisition Information

Margaret Maxson, October 19, 1953, August 1956; Mrs. Carl Siebrand.

Processing Note

Processed by Beck Prigot, 2016, 2017; processing completed in 2017.

Photographs transferred from the Ships Subject File and Washington Subject File, 2015; transferred from Seattle subject files, 2016.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/1 1 before 1930s
1/1 2-3
  Hudson Bay Company warehouse
Written on verso of item 3: wrecked by high tide soon after
circa 1922-1923
Port Blakely Lumber Mill
Box/Folder item
1/2 4 October 13, 1897
1/2 5 October 13, 1897
1/2 6 October 13, 1897
1/2 7
  Logs floating at lumber mill
Printed on photograph: $50,000 Worth of Logs. Port Blakely Mill, Wa.
October 13, 1897
Puget Sound Navy Yard
Box/Folder item
1/3 8a-b circa 1897
1/3 9a-b
  Officers Row
: Cyanotype
circa 1897
1/3 10 October 11, 1897
1/3 11-12 circa 1897
1/3 13a-d
  Officers' quarters
: Cyanotype
September 13, 1897
1/3 14 circa 1897
1/3 15 October 5, 1897
Box/Folder item
1/4 16 1899
1/4 17a-d
  Logged area and barracks
: Cyanotype
May 9, 1898
1/4 18 April 18, 1898
1/4 19
  Driving team
Printed on photo: Phillips' Team
October 5, 1897
1/4 20 circa 1897
1/4 21 circa 1897
1/4 22 circa 1897
1/4 23
  Three men standing by large tree stump
Printed on photo: One of the Oldest Inhabitants.
October 18, 1897
1/4 24
  Men sitting on large tree stump
Printed on photo: The Largest Stump Left, Oct. 97
October 18, 1897
1/4 25
  Tree stump on fire
Printed on photo: A Stump Fire; Clearing Grounds
October 4, 1897
1/4 26 circa 1897
1/5 27
  Waterfront, seen from the Maxson residence
Printed on photo: "The Outlook," Front Porch, "The Maxsons'"
October 4, 1897
1/5 28 circa 1897
1/5 29 circa 1897
1/5 30 circa 1897
1/5 31 October 11, 1897
1/5 32 circa 1897
1/5 33
  Bedroom in Maxson residence
Printed on photo: South Chamber, House 5, The Maxsons'
October 3, 1897
1/5 34 circa 1897
Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/6 35 circa 1880s-1910s
SS Bancroft
Box/Folder item
1/6 36 circa 1880s-1910s
1/6 37 circa 1880s-1910s
1/6 38
  SS Bancroft in drydock
A. H. Raynal (photographer)
circa 1880s-1910s
SS Centennial
Box/Folder item
1/6 39a-c between 1898 and 1906
Box/Folder item
1/6 40 circa 1880s-1910s
1/6 41 June 3, 1893
SS Nipsic
Box/Folder item
1/7 42 before 1898
1/7 43a-b October 5, 1897
1/7 44 circa 1897
1/7 45a-b circa 1897
USS Oregon
Box/Folder item
1/8 46 between 1893-1919 (possibly 1897)
1/8 47-48c between 1893-1919 (possibly 1897)
1/8 49a-b between 1893-1919 (possibly 1897)
1/8 50-51 between 1893-1919 (possibly 1897)
Box/Folder item
1/8 52 after 1886
1/8 53
  U. S. Revenue Cutter Thetis
A. J. McDonald, San Francisco, California (photographer)
between 1899-1916
Launching of a ship
Views of a ship being launched.
Box/Folder item
1/9 54 circa 1915
1/9 55 circa 1915
1/9 56
  SS Ellen and the launched ship
A drawn arrow on the original page pointed to the background of the photo, identifying the SS Ellen.
: Cyanotype
circa 1915
1/9 57 circa 1915
Box/Folder item
1/9 58
  Ship moored at dock
: Cyanotype
probably circa 1915

Seattle photographsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/10 59
  Lough residence at 3417 Wallingford Avenue
Written on verso: Probably the first house completed completed on what is now Wallingford [Avenue?], but was then Elmer Street (now 3417 Wallingford). Built in Summer of 1888 and my folks and family moved in on Thursday August 16, 1888. We moved from there (my wife and I) on Thursday, August 16, 1951 - 63 years to the day and on Thursday, the same day of the week. The picture was probably taken in the Spring of 1889. Not[e] trees in background. J.W. LoughPeople in photograph: (in window) Mrs. (Anderson) Lough; (from left to right) Jake Lough, John Ellis, Arthur Ellis, Tom Lough, Eddie Ellis, Zelda Lough Ellis (Mrs. John Ellis), George Washington Lough, Sarah Melissa Taylor (Mrs. George W. Lough), Birdie Blair (Murphy), Charlie Noyse.
1/10 60
  Band, the Fremont Old-Timers
Caption on image: Presented to the Fremont Old-timers by Judge A.D. Grow.Written on verso: Fremont Band. J. C. Rockwell (Instructor), A.E. Goetz (Drum Major), A.D. Grow (Solo cornet and Leader), Ernest Whitehead (Solo cornet), John Quinn (Solo cornet), Wm Long (1st cornet), Geo. Grist (1st cornet), Tom Herbert (Alto), Ed Thelin (Alto), J.B. Giacomini (Alto), Phil Ashmun (Baritone), Pete Johnson (Tuba), Leon Johnson (Snare drum), Lyman Spray (Base drum)
circa late 1890s-early 1900s
1/10 61
  Drugstore interior at 3401 Fremont Avenue
Written on verso: Drug store at the corner of Fremont Ave. and 34th (Ewing St.). The cases and fixtures were built by M.W. Canfield, all hand work. This store was a real modern place this time and was in a new building about 1898. This picture was taken shortly after this date, maybe as late as 1902. This store was owned at this time by S.S. Elder and later bought by Thomas Lough who formed the Fremont Drug Co. and later moved one block up the st. The lady shown was thought to be Mrs. Hagey who worked for this firm for several years.
circa 1900
1/10 62
  Fremont Drug Company at 3401 Fremont Avenue
Written on verso: Fremont Drug Co., probably 1907 or 8. On steps J.W. Lough, Tom Young of Post Falls, Idaho, Albert D. Grow. This N.W. corner Fremont and North 34th Street (then called Ewing St.)
circa 1907
1/10 63
  Fremont Drug Company
Written on verso: J.W. Lough maybe about 1912. Note political posters in window for Paul Land running for state senator, also extensive postcard rack. We boasted of having 2000 on hand.
circa late 1912
1/10 64
  Edgewater Congregational Church theatrical group in costume for the play "The District School," Fremont
Written on verso: Edgewater Congregational Church group presenting "The District School" in Fremont, Wash. in 1910-1911. People in photograph: (front row) A. P. Johnson, Mrs. A. J. Carr (probably Carrie [Freeman] Carr), Kitty Brooks Plummer, Teanie (Mackenzie) Covey, Charles Plummer, Olivia (Cutler) Densmore, Mrs. Cross, Dell (Smart) Merwin, Clara (Herrick) Goddard, Ed Herrick, A. J. Carr; (back row) Mrs. A. P. Johnson, Mrs. Spry, George H. Covey, Worth Densmore, Fred Leighton, Captain Willard K. Merwin, Mrs. M. W. Lovejoy (probably Lottie A. Lovejoy), Louis Herbert Maxson, Catharine (Corbin) Land, Paul Land, Clara (McWilliams) Storey
between 1910-1911
1/10 65
  Albert J. Goddard, William H. Murphy, and George F. Cotterill
Written on verso: Three ex mayors - Albert J. Goddard, former City Councilman and ex-"Mayor" of Fremont; William H. Murphy, former City Councilman and "Ex-Mayor" of Fremont; George F. Cotterill, former mayor City of Seattle.
circa 1920s

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/11 66 April 18, 1898
1/11 67 October 9, 1897
1/11 68
  Margaret Maxson in costume for "Day in the Sixties", Seattle, Washington
Written on verso: Mrs. Margaret Ashworth Maxson at the 1937 presentation of the "Day in the Sixties" by Seattle Chapter #1, Daughters of Pioneers.
February 1937

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  • Blueprinting--Specimens
  • Steamboats--United States--Photographs
  • Steamboats--Washington (State)--Seattle--Photographs

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  • Port Blakely Mill Company--Photographs

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  • Coupeville (Wash.)--Photographs
  • Naval Station Puget Sound (Wash.)--Photographs
  • Port Blakely (Wash.)--Photographs

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  • Aerial photographs
  • Specimens

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    • Maxson, Frank O (former owner)

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