UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Yoder/Rudine Collection, Undated

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Yoder, Janet; Rudine, Robert; Hilbert, Vi
UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Yoder/Rudine Collection
3 optical media  :  EC - 3 DVDs (digital, stereo, color); Duration: 1:52:41
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Recordings from the Vi Hilbert VHS collection of Janet Yoder and Robert Rudine.
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Janet Yoder is a multi-discipline writer whose essays, creative nonfiction, and short stories have been published in various journals. Yoder has also written for the Seattle Times. Beginning in the late 1970s, Yoder learned under, and worked for, Vi Hilbert. Her husband Robert Rudine is an artistamp creator and curator at the Museum of Artistamps (MOA) in Seattle, Washington.

Vi Hilbert (1918-2008) was a member and noted elder of the Upper Skagit tribe. Her first language was Lushootseed, a Coast Salish language found in the Puget Sound region of western Washington state. During her long and productive life, Vi Hilbert played a major role in the revitalization of the language and culture of the First People of the Pacific Northwest. She became known as a teacher, storyteller, publisher, and public speaker. For over 40 years she built and maintained a research archive of cultural materials. Working with other scholars, she developed and published teaching materials and volumes of stories through Lushootseed Research, an organization which she founded. Her commitment to preserving Lushootseed language and literature is largely responsible for the renaissance of interest in Lushootseed culture and the growth of tribal language programs all over western Washington.

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3 DVDs given to Archives by Janet Yoder and Robert Rudine 12/7/11; recordings feature Upper Skagit elder Vi Hilbert and Northwest Coast Indian events.


2012-6.1 EC - Indian Heritage Program: Sister River & The Two-Leggeds, 2 Charlie Anderson songs - 1993 ("Disc 10 of 53") (Duration: 18:40)

2012-6.2 EC - Hilbert Party, July 9, 1988 ("Disc 4 of 53") (Duration: 43:48)

2012-6.3 EC - Bella Bella Raven Departure, West Saanich (Pat. Bay), Victoria; Video by Zoe Fowler, May 25, 1993 ("Disc 13 of 53") (Duration: 50:13)

Transmission Data: DVDs copied to digital files 1/2012 - 2012-6.1_Yoder_Rudine.dmg, 2012-6.2_Yoder_Rudine.dmg, 2012-6.3_Yoder_Rudine.dmg

Documentation: Note regarding Yoder/Rudine Vi Hilbert VHS Series

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