Madeline R. McQuown papers, 1803-1976

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McQuown, Madeline Reeder, 1906-1975
Madeline R. McQuown papers
1803-1976 (inclusive)
18 linear feet, (52 boxes and 20 microfilm reels)
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MS 0143
The Madeline R. McQuown papers (1803-1976) contain some of McQuown's research and works. While the collection does contain some of McQuown's more personal works, such as some of her poetry, the collection deals mainly with her research. Her research was focused on Brigham Young and the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church).
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Madeline Reeder McQuown (1906-1975) was born 31 March 1906 in Ogden, Utah. She was educated in the public schools in Ogden and then attended Weber College and the University of Utah. Although she spent several years in San Francisco and San Jose, California, she lived most of her life in Ogden. An early marriage to Jarvis Thurston, an instructor of mathematics at Weber College, ended in 1940. On 28 January 1941, she married Thomas McQuown. Throughout her life Madeline McQuown's greatest interest was writing. Her early years were spent writing poetry and fiction. In the early 1930s she attended the Breadloaf School for Writers at Middlebury College in Vermont. Her poem "To Those Unsuspecting" was published in 1939 in an anthology by the students and faculty of Breadloaf, including Robert Frost. Later her attention turned to researching and writing a biography of Brigham Young, which she never completed. In addition Mrs. McQuown wrote numerous essays on Utah and the Mormons and book reviews. Unfortunately, few of her published works are available. Dale Morgan and Madeline McQuown worked together on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Federal Writers' Project, and during the 1930s and forties they corresponded frequently. In Morgan's correspondence there are commentaries on the works of Utah's most noted historians including Fawn M. Brodie, Juanita Brooks, and Bernard DeVoto, whom Mrs. McQuown greatly admired. It was with Dale Morgan's advice and support that Mrs. McQuown worked for thirty years on her biography of Brigham Young. Madeline McQuown also corresponded with LeConte Stewart, who had been her high school art instructor, and collected many of his paintings. With these historians, critics, and artists, Madeline McQuown shared a fascination and love for the history and culture of the West. Mrs. McQuown died in Ogden on 29 May 1975.

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The Madeline R. McQuown papers (1803-1976) is divided into two main sections. The first contains personal materials, correspondence, and manuscripts. The majority of the correspondence is from Dale L. Morgan. His numerous letters to Mrs. McQuown, spanning the years 1940 to 1968, are filled with information on Mormon history and advice for the biography on Brigham Young that she was writing. Also included is correspondence between Dale Morgan and Fawn Brodie, Juanita Brooks, Wallace Stegner, Charles Kelly, and others. The letters are a valuable insight into Dale Morgan's research, much of which he shared with Madeline McQuown.

The personal materials are scant and are composed mostly of awards, miscellaneous receipts, and notes. A charcoal portrait of Madeline, by Dale L. Morgan, and childhood photographs of Mr. Morgan are especially interesting.

Although there are few items that can be called personal, Madeline McQuown's poems and short stories offer an insight into her character. There are examples of her poetry from the years 1927 to 1966; many short stories, essays (complete and incomplete), and drafts for several novels; a complete copy of an unpublished novel, "The American Dream"; and six incomplete chapters to "The King of Deseret, The Life of Brigham Young." Madeline's personal reminiscences of LaConte Stewart, Dale Morgan, and Bernard DeVoto are among the short stories and essays.

The collection also contains several short stories by Dale Morgan; typed drafts and page and galley proofs for several of Mr. Morgan's books; a final draft of Jedediah Smith with Dale Morgan's editorial notes and revisions; and an unrevised first draft of the first three chapters of Dale Morgan's history of the Mormon church.

The second and largest section of the collection is composed of Madeline McQuown's research files that she collected over a period of years in preparation for her biography of Brigham Young. In the early 1940s, with the encouragement of friends, she began the biography, and though she worked on it until her death in 1975, it was never completed. The collection includes a complete manuscript for chapter one only and various incomplete and rough drafts of five additional chapters. Whether a complete manuscript ever existed is not known. Rinehart and Company contracted for publication of the book, but dropped their option in 1953 when no manuscript seemed imminent.

The research files reflect Madeline McQuown's method of investigation as well as information provided by associates and friends. Dale Morgan was the principal contributor, and the collection contains much of his valuable work. As state supervisor for the Utah Works Progress Administration Federal Writers' Project, Dale Morgan obtained a fairly complete file of the pioneer biographies gathered throughout the state. These sketches were collected through interviews or taken from diaries, journals, or memoirs, and are, for the most part, very brief, although there are complete transcripts of some lengthy ones. Madeline McQuown acquired a portion of these WPA biography files from Dale Morgan for use in her writing.

The biographical research information in the collection begins with Mrs. McQuown's notes, copies of some published works, and lists of materials available about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Two separate alphabetical files follow--the first contains the WPA biographies and the second a group of biographical notes and sketches from a variety of sources. The biographical sketches include photocopies of journals, extracts from diaries and journals, and brief notes.

Because Madeline McQuown's biography of Brigham Young was to be comprehensive and to view the man as a product of his times, she collected background materials about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and religions in America. Her research notes about the LDS Church come from a variety of manuscripts and published sources, including the "Journal History" of the LDS church, the Journal of Discourses, and material from numerous historical societies and libraries. The materials have been divided into several categories such as organization and doctrine; historical periods; schisms of the original church, especially following the death of Joseph Smith; emigration to Utah; and subjects relative to Utah, 1847 to 1900. Of particular interest are the files of anti-Mormon publications. Most of these are notes or typescripts of pamphlets dating from the early periods of the LDS Church, 1830 to about 1850. There are some photocopies of pamphlets and statements, and some copies of recent articles and publications. Some pro-Mormon pamphlets and scholarly works on the LDS Church are also included. Many of these pamphlets were provided by Dale Morgan.

Correspondence from individuals contemporary with the growth and development of the LDS Church is filed alphabetically. The letters copied by Dale Morgan from the National Archives files are divided by department and filed chronologically. Correspondence from other libraries or historical repositories include brief extracts, typescripts, and some photocopies.

Included in the collection are five boxes of extracts from newspapers. These are the result of research done by Dale Morgan for his projected multi-volume history of the LDS Church. He gave them to Mrs. McQuown to assist her research on Brigham Young. From eastern and California newspapers, the extracts are all related to the growth and development of the LDS Church. They have been, substantially, left as organized by Dale Morgan with a complete name and state index filed with the newspapers. One box of notes and extracts from eastern and Utah newspapers by Mrs. McQuown is also included.

Dale Morgan's references from the "Journal History" of the LDS Church and other miscellaneous notes are contained in Boxes 50 and 51. Notes showing the influence of Dale Morgan, Fawn M. Brodie, and others on Madeline McQuown's concept of the Brigham Young biography are also filed in Box 51.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1-2
Interview with Gerald Finnin
Rough Draft and Final Copy Personal information about Madeline's childhood, marriages, relationship with Dale L. Morgan, and literary career.
1 3
Dale L. Morgan, Charcoal Portrait of Madeline R. McQuown
1 4
Pedigree Chart for Madeline Reeder
1 5
Armed Forces Service Award to Thomas E. McQuown
1 6
Conversations with Dale L. Morgan
Morgan's deafness forced him to communicate through written notes. Several samples of conversations with Madeline McQuown are in this folder.
1 7
Receipt for Income Tax Return to Thomas E. or Madeline R. McQuown
1 8
Dale L. Morgan--Awards "U. Alumni Honor Four Graduates, " Salt Lake Tribune
Announcement of the presentation of the Wagner Memorial Award to Dale L. Morgan on September 27, 1961.
1 9
Dale L. Morgan--Receipts for Copies Made by the Susquehanna County Recorder's Office
1 10
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Thomas E. McQuown
1 11
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Stanley Ivins
From Ivins to McQuown concerning Brigham Young's wives. Also a list of Young's wives compiled by Ivins.
1 12
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Le Conte and Zeppanah Stewart
Two letters from Le Conte and two from Zeppanah, thanking McQuown for her patronage and assistance with a catalogue of Stewart's paintings.
1 13
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Sandra and Jerald Tanner
One letter from Sandra and one from Jerald in response to requests for information on Brigham Young by McQuown.
1 14
Correspondence--Brigham Young Research
Letters from McQuown requesting information pertinent to her research.
1 15
Correspondence--Brigham Young's Land Ownership in New York
From McQuown to various people requesting information on the ownership of land by Brigham Young and his family in New York. There are several responses to these inquiries.
1 16
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Rinehart and Company, Inc.
Four letters from John Selby, editor-in-chief of Rinehart, to McQuown concerning her Brigham Young manuscript. Each inquiry is a combination of encouragement and prodding. In January 1952 Selby wrote: "Next month four years will have elapsed since we began our correspondence, and I can't resist sending you a sort of anniversary inquiry."
1 17
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Stanford University Libraries
From the Division of Special Collections asking McQuown to donate her correspondence with Bernard DeVoto and any of his literary manuscripts she might own. The letters do not indicate whether a transaction was ever made.
1 18
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Kurt Vonnegut
Handwritten draft of a letter from McQuown to Vonnegut requesting permission to use a phrase from Cat's Cradle in the prologue to her Brigham Young book. The phrase illustrates her approach to the Young manuscript: "Anyone unable to understand how a useful religion can be founded on lies will not understand this book either."
1 19
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service
Three letters to McQuown in response to requests for information and copies from the National Archives.
1 20
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown-Yale University Library
Two letters from Yale University granting McQuown permission to use the William R. Coe Collection and to publish portions of various manuscripts in her biography of Brigham Young.
1 21
Correspondence--Madeline R. McQuown, N. D.
Incomplete, single, handwritten page from McQuown to an unknown person reflecting on her relationship with her terminally ill mother.
1 22
Miscellaneous letters to McQuown, including one from Balik Bank in Basel in response to her request for a Swiss bank account.
1 23
Rejection notice from Angel Island Publications for a book review written by McQuown.
Dale L. Morgan--Correspondence
Box Folder
2 1
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
Morgan writes to McQuown of his research in the National Archives, passing on historical information pertinent to her research on Brigham Young and discussing his ideas about Mormon history. Only a few of the letters are of a personal nature.
  • A personal note thanking McQuown for a poem and describing a recent chess tournament. He mentions completing the first chapter of his novel, 1940.
  • A postcard from the home of Brigham Young describing the beautiful drive from Salt Lake to St. George. 1941.
  • A memorandum about the Mormon expulsion from Nauvoo. Morgan comments on the psychological relationship between Mormons and anti-Mormons in Illinois. Each side thought the worst of the other, to the point of fanaticism. DeVoto, Morgan says, implies that the mob made its final onslaught on Nauvoo because of the weakness of the city. But Morgan argues that as the Mormon leadership left for the West, the poorer elements and criminal fringe remained in the city. This reenforced the anti-Mormon opinion and a feeling of righteous justification for the invasion of the city grew. Morgan concludes the letter saying "Something of this point of view, in a really objective commentary on the final Nauvoo scenes, should be expressed.," 1942.
  • Letter Thanking McQuown for a List of Manuscripts, 1942.
  • Morgan writes of encouraging Juanita Brooks to write a book of personal reminiscences, "a new book of which I am what you might call the spiritual father." Mrs. Brooks had sent Morgan several chapters and he sent several reprinted episodes to McQuown. The letter concludes with a handwritten reminder that DeVoto's The Literary Fallacy will soon be published, 1944.
  • Morgan describes a visit from Fawn M. Brodie and gives McQuown several ideas for her Brigham Young book. He suggests that she read Brigham Young's correspondence of 1851-1857 as ex-officio superintendent of Indian Affairs and the correspondence between Young and Bernhisel found in the Coe Collection. Dale then summarizes the many libraries with important Mormon history materials which he and McQuown must someday visit, 1944.
  • Morgan relates a visit from a Mrs. Porter who brought him much gossip from Salt Lake City, 1944.
  • This letter accompanied a copy of DeVoto's The Literary Fallacy sent to McQuown (Morgan and McQuown frequently exchanged books). Morgan gives his characteristic unrestrained criticisms of the book. Generally, he says, the book is better than the reviews say. However, "I am disposed to doubt that DeVoto's preoccupation with the literary mind is the most profitable use he could make of his time. . ." DeVoto's talent is in a unique method of interpreting American culture not in "taking other writers apart." While on the subject of DeVoto, Morgan repeats some of his objections to the Year of Decision. He particularly objects to some of DeVoto's judgments about the Indians. At the time the book was published he sent DeVoto several pages of corrections and recommended he read some current studies in anthropology, 1944.
  • Morgan announces the arrival of his file cabinet, full of research materials. He delights that his personal research library is nearly complete with the arrival of the file and the thirty-two volume Early Western Travels series, 1944.
  • Morgan reports on the negotiations with Rinehart and Company, Inc., about the The Great Salt Lake. He also comments on the status of Fawn Brodie's No Man Knows My History, 1944.
2 2
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan apologizes for neglecting to send information to McQuown. He suggests for sources several letters from Brigham Young to his wives. He then relates an incident at the Genealogical Archives in which Fawn Brodie was mistakenly given records on the marriages of Joseph Smith. When the error was discovered she was asked to destroy her notes on the material, 1946
  • Short letter about materials sent to McQuown and not returned, 1846
  • Morgan writes of completing The Great Salt Lake only to find a snag with some documentation in one chapter. His job at the Office of Price Administration (OPA) is coming to a close and the financial transition from the OPA to a Guggenheim Fellowship depresses him. Morgan questions McQuown on the status of her Brigham Young manuscript and scolds her for her vagueness on the subject, 1946.
  • Explanation of materials sent to McQuown, 1946.
2 3
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan worries about his financial situation and hopes that several short articles he is writing will help. He is working on the page proofs and index to The Great Salt Lake as well as abstracting midwestern and eastern newspapers on the Mormons, 1947.
  • Letter announcing shipment "Journal History" to McQuown and comments on Fawn Brodie's book, 1947.
  • Morgan's long hours of research are having an affect on his health. His eyes have been troubling him and he resolves to reduce his work hours (normally ten to fourteen hours per day). Morgan responds to McQuown's criticisms of The Great Salt Lake saying, "I am not thin-skinned about criticism, I hand it out and receive it in the same spirit, which regards a book as a problem in technique, not an extension of one's personality." He outlines plans for a trip through the Southwest to gather research materials. The letter closes with a brief report on the sales of No Man Knows My History, 1947.
  • Stanley Ivins has given Morgan information on Brigham Young's marital affairs, which Morgan has in turn passed on to McQuown. He suggests that Ivin's contribution to her research be credited in her book, 1947.
  • Handwritten note written while traveling from Washington, D. C., to Chicago. McQuown was driving form Utah to Washington, D. C., collecting information for her Brigham Young manuscript. She abandoned the journey in Chicago and Morgan has come to retrieve the car. He scolds her for quitting her research so soon. The book cannot be written without a better understanding on her part of the political situation in Illinois in the 1840s. Morgan plans to use the travel time to write an article on the Mormons as a minority for Harper's, 1947.
  • While researching in the Library of Congress Morgan has found some articles in the 1877 New York Times about Brigham Young and the Aiken murders, 1947
  • Explanation of microfilms from the New York Public Library and from Fawn Brodie that Morgan has sent McQuown. He outlines plans for a trip in the fall of 1947.
  • Check for the lease of foreign rights to The Great Salt Lake enables Morgan to buy a microfilm reader. He suggests that McQuown purchase it in Utah and he will come for it later. Again he questions her on the status of her book, 1947.
2 4
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan has left Arlington, Virginia, and is on the road doing research throughout the East and the Midwest. He writes of his twelve-hour days in the New York Public Library and New York Historical Society. He comments on DeVoto's newly published book, Across the Wide Missouri, calling it a "more solid book than Year of Decision, less of a tour de force and less cluttered up with the master of ceremonies, but less coruscating and in some respects less well-focused." 1947.
  • Short notice of books shipped to Utah, 1947.
  • Dale describes the drive from New York to New England and his visit to the Smith farm on the White River and the Young farmhouse near Whitingham, Vermont, 1947.
  • Note with manuscript, 1947.
  • Note on research of William Strang, 1947.
  • Personal Christmas note, 1947.
  • Note of research in RLDS library, 1947.
2 5
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan's research at the Reorganized church library is hampered by S. A. Burgess, church historian. The church officials were displeased with the point-of-view taken in Fawn Brodie's book and fear the outcome of Morgan's work. A frank discussion with Burgess and a visit to Israel Smith, president of the Reorganized church, solves most of the difficulties. Still, Morgan must work at a slower pace than usual with Burgess constantly by his side. Morgan makes several observations on the Book of Mormon manuscript and original printer's copy of the Book of Commandments available at the Reorganized church library. He also mentions applying for a year's extention on the Guggenheim Fellowship, 1948.
  • Reflections on Bernard DeVoto, 1948.
  • Bad weather has delayed Morgan's journey and he outlines his revised itinerary. He comments on his satisfaction with his specific research and his study of history in general. "My interests in history are really dual, a literary approach to it, and what could be called the pure scientific approach, the writing of things for no reward except the satisfaction of getting the record straight and extending the area of our knowledge." His time at the Missouri Historical Society was spent researching the fur trade. He announces his intentions to write several articles on Smith, Jackson, and Sublette which will "...somewhat revolutionize general knowledge of the fur trade..." 1948.
  • Personal note, 1948.
  • Juanita Brooks writes to Morgan of the discovery of a grave on the Old Spanish Trail dated May 9, 1814. She plans to investigate and determine the authenticity of the date, 1949.
  • Morgan's plan to return to Washington D.C. in search of a job, 1949.
2 6
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan's difficulties in finding a job, 1950.
  • Morgan's difficulties with civil service, 1950.
  • Morgan has searched the Library of Congress for secret letters between President James Buchanan and Thomas L. Kane. He has found none, contrary to McQuown's insistance that such letters exist. He scolds McQuown for failure to complete her book and her endless, demanding questions. He is willing to make corrections and suggestions, as he has done for Fawn Brodie, Wallace Stegner, Bernard DeVoto, and Juanita Brooks, but she must send him the manuscript. About his own writing he says, "My main objective is to have a reader say, not 'what a brilliant writer this fellow Morgan is,' but 'So that's the truth of the matter.'" 1950.
  • Again Morgan advises McQuown on letters to and from Thomas L.Kane. They are likely to be found in the War Department and Indian Office files, but he has not the time to look, 1950.
  • Kane letters, 1950.
  • Personal note describing new apartment, 1950.
  • Morgan's difficulty with work, 1950.
  • Israel A. Smith, president of the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints, and Francis W. Kirkham visit Morgan to discuss his impending book. Morgan makes a camparison of the various manuscripts and early printed copies of the Book of Mormon, 1950.
  • Morgan describes new information on the rendezvous of 1837 he has received from Edward Eberstadt and Sons, 1950.
  • Some short criticisms of Mountain Meadows Massacre, by Juanita Brooks. Morgan explains his transcriptions of and index to the "Journal History" which he sent to McQuown, and the difficulties between Stan Ivins, McQuown, Morgan, and the Church Historian's Office over various materials, 1950.
2 7
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan's work as a free-lance writer is picking up. The New York Times Book Review and Life magazine are interested in short articles. However, he is still looking for a government job. Some notes about the publication of his Strangite bibliography, 1951.
  • Morgan is busy completing an article for the Utah Historical Quarterly. The original work on the manuscript was done by J. Roderic Korns. After Korn's death, Morgan completed the editing, a task he calls "truly heroic." This unique collection of diaries, journals, and maps on the trail west from Fort Bridger "is going to be received as a truly definitive work, and in the light of it, all books concerned either with the Donners or the Hastings Cutoff require to be rewritten." Wallace Stegner suggests that Morgan apply for a Rockefeller Fellowship in order to relieve his financial troubles and allow him to work full-time on the Jedediah Smith manuscript, 1951.
  • Personal letter, 1951.
  • Personal letter about McQuown book, 1951.
  • Charles Eberstadt has sent Morgan a letterpress book of John W. Young and a small pocket diary containing correspondence of Brigham Young as lieutenant general of the Nauvoo Legion in 1844. From another rare book dealer, Everett Graff, Morgan has received eighteen letters written to Frederick Dellenbaugh between 1911 and 1919 by E. D. Smith, a grandnephew of Jedediah Smith. Juanita Brooks writes Morgan of her work with the John D. Lee journals, 1951.
  • Short note about information Juanita Brooks found in the John D. Lee journals, 1951.
  • Morgan makes plans to collect a Union Catalog of works on Mormonism for the Utah State Historical Society, 1951.
  • Morgan asks for return of materials, 1951.
2 8
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Describes the Smith Ogden route of 1825 and expresses his wish to visit the area, 1951.
  • He is working in the Library of Congress on materials for the Jedediah Smith manuscript. He complains about his poverty, 1951.
  • Morgan speculates on the reasons Steptoe declined the territorial governorship of Utah, circa 1855. 1951.
  • Letter About Financial Situation, 1951.
  • Morgan answers questions from McQuown about the financial honesty of the Indian department in Utah during Brigham Young's superintendency. Morgan has found evidence that William Ashley and Jedediah Smith were partners from the fall of 1825 to the summer of 1826. 1951.
  • Morgan has made an agreement with Edward Eberstadt and Sons, Inc. to evaluate some of their materials on Mormon history. He answers questions concerning the early period of the church, 1951.
  • Morgan describes letters from Hiram Rumfield, superintendent for the Overland Mail Company in Utah in the 1860s, 1951.
2 9
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Morgan dissolves the contract with Rinehart for the Mormon books because he was unable to meet the deadline. Instead he signs with Bobbs Merrill for a biography of Jedediah Smith to be published in January of 1953. Morgan's eyesight worsens and his physician tells him there is little that can be done to improve it. He resigns himself to the problem and vows to work harder on the Smith biography. Two friends have offered to help him improve his lip-reading ability. Although touched by their concern, he only reluctantly agrees. He describes the journals of John D. Lee known to exist and comments on their availability, 1952.
  • "Without any pretensions as a letter, this amounts merely to conversation with you from time to time as a reflective mood comes upon me." He reflects on his artwork and contemplates taking it up again and projects his writing interest over the next several years--including the biography of Jedediah Smith, a three-volume book on the Mormons, and a concise one volume biography of Manuel Lisa, 1952.
  • At home for a family gathering, Morgan takes time to search for some of John D. Lee's journals and diaries and to inquire about employment with the Historical Society. On the reverse of the last page is a handwritten note dated March 31 wishing Madeline McQuown a happy birthday, 1952.
  • Personal note, 1953.
  • Morgan finishes a bibliography, 1953.
  • Short personal note, 1953.
  • Taos, New Mexico postcard, 1953.
2 10
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown
  • Washington D.C. postcard, 1964.
  • Short note about apartment hunting, 1967.
  • Personal note, 1967.
  • Salt Lake City postcard, 1968.
2 11
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown Incomplete Letters
  • Portions of letters from which all personal material has been removed. The remaining pieces contain the exchange of information and research materials pertinent to McQuown's Brigham Young biography. Many pieces bear her handwritten comments.
  • Morgan criticizes Bernard DeVoto, 1944.
  • Morgan and J. Roderic Korns visit Weber Canyon for a discussion on the Hastings Trail in light of a rare map found by Morgan in the Library of Congress. The map was drawn by T. H. Jefferson who apparently overtook Hastings in the lower Weber Canyon and accompanied him the rest of the way to California, 1945.
2 12
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown Incomplete Letters
2 13-20
Dale L. Morgan-Madeline R. McQuown Scraps and Pieces of Letters
The remnants of letters, presumably from Morgan to McQuown, that have been torn apart. Most pieces contain information relative to her research on Brigham Young. A few, however, are personal, particularly the three items in Folder 20.
2 21
Dale L. Morgan-Fawn M. Brodie
  • Morgan writes to Brodie of rare books and pamphlets on Mormonism including Abominations of Mormonism Exposed, Life Among the Mormons, and The Destroying Angels of Mormondom. He extracts at length from the latter, 1947.
  • Letter about dates for Joseph Smith's wives, 1944
  • On reading John C. Bennet's History of the Saints, Morgan has found a note on the wives of Joseph Smith. The women were listed by initial only, but he thinks that in conjunction with other evidence, they can be positively identified. This interesting piece of detective work later appeared in No Man Knows My History. Dale also calls Fawn's attention to a letter from Joseph Smith to Prescinda Buell in the History of the Church, 1944
  • Morgan's critique of the manuscript of No Man Knows My History. "The research is wide and deep without being ostentatious; the prose is clean and on the whole admirably muscular; it is frequently full of stimulating ideas, and at all times it moves rapidly." His objection to the original manuscript was that it was a history of Joseph Smith's life, not a biography, but in the second draft, he says that defect has been effectively dealt with. He feels the chapters on Nauvoo need some reworking, particularly the material on John C. Bennett and on polygamy. A final analysis of Smith's character is missing from the book and Morgan encourages Brodie to make such an analysis by offering his own brief but sweeping impressions of the Smith personality. He warns her against generalizations that could leave her open to attack by opponents of the book.
  • Letter on tithing and consecration, also some speculation on the relationships between Zina Huntington, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young, 1945.
  • Letter on consecration, 1945.
  • Morgan has finished examining all the newspapers in the Library of Congress published before 1849 in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa, and the result is that "there is hardly a phase of trans-Mississippi history for that period that I could not rewrite." (For a copy of Morgan's newspaper file see Boxes 44-48.) The work was extremely arduous, but necessary. "I think that newspapers represent probably the greatest source of untouched material yet awaiting researchers in Mormon history, so this particular job is my contribution to research in general . . . " The newspapers offer many bits of new information--from the origin of the term "Jack Mormon" to the earliest anti-Mormon pamphlet, 1947
  • Morgan has become interested in a new aspect of Mormon history- -the impact of Mormonism on the American religious press, 1830-1844. (See Boxes 46-47 for Morgan's extracts from religious newspapers.) 1947.
  • Letter about Morgan's three-volume work, 1949.
  • Letter verifying information
  • Letter with Charles Walker and consecration notes
2 22
Dale L. Morgan-Juanita Brooks
  • Letter concerning Mountain Meadow Massacre and Aiken murders, 1941.
  • Letter concerning Mountain Meadows Massacre, 1945.
  • Notes on the journal of Bill Hickman, 1946.
2 23
Dale L. Morgan-S. A. Burgess Historian, Reorganized Church
  • Morgan defense statements in State of Deseret, 1940.
  • Morgan answers Burgess' criticisms.
  • Morgan outlines plans for a book on American society between 1800 and 1861 to be called This was America. This book he hopes will serve as a background study for his three-volume Mormon history. He asks for permission to use materials owned by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of which Burgess is historian. Morgan describes his background and his philosophical approach to Mormon history--"as a practical historian, one must take the standpoint that causes and effect proceed directly out of human behavior, that men's difficulties are occasioned by human inadequacy, not by any special favor or disfavor granted to individuals by 'God.' So my viewpoint about Mormon history is that of the sociologist, the psychologist, the political, economic, and social historian," 1943.
2 24
Dale L. Morgan-Paul M. Angle Director, Chicago Historical Society
  • Letter concerning Kinderhook Plates, 1948.
  • Letter concerning Joseph Smith handwriting comparisons, 1949.
2 25
Dale L. Morgan-Leslie E. Bliss Librarian, Huntington Library
Morgan recommends various newspapers for microfilming.
2 26
Dale L. Morgan-Stanley Ivins
  • Letter of thanks for info on Young's wives, 1946.
  • Letter concerning Young's wives, 1946.
2 27
Dale L. Morgan-M. S. McCarthy
Morgan advises McCarthy on the disposal of the Boosinger papers.
2 28
Dale L. Morgan-Rinehart and Company
Negotiations for a contract and advance for the Mormon history trilogy. Morgan also suggests that McQuown's Brigham Young biography will be ready for publication in the spring of 1949.
2 29
Dale L. Morgan-Thomas W. Streeter
  • Letter concerning information on Mountain Meadows Massacre rare pamphlet, 1944.
  • Thank you note for a photostat of the pamphlet, 1944.
  • Letter concerning Mountain Meadows Massacre and Carleton Report, 1944.
  • Comparison of Carleton Reports, 1944.
2 30
Dale L. Morgan-Miscellaneous
  • Dale Morgan to Hugh O'Neil (state supervisor, Utah Historical RecordsSurvey). Morgan defends his position on the purchase of the Miles Goodyear land by Captain Brown in A History of Ogden, 1940
  • Letters Requesting Information and Confirmation
2 31
Fawn M. Brodie-Dale L. Morgan
  • Brodie announces completion of the rough draft of No Man Knows My History. She describes a discussion with Dean Brimhall, M. Werner (author of Brigham Young), and herself on the character of Joseph Smith, 1944.
  • Elections in Utah and Lyman case, 1944.
  • A long letter on Brodie's research into the 1826 trial of Joseph Smith and her discovery of an article on the trial by W. D. Purple in the Chenango Union, May 3, 1877 (1944).
  • Invitation to dinner
2 32
Fawn M. Brodie
  • Concerning William Purple article, 1947.
  • University of Budapest, Brodie from Desiderius Lang, lecturer of Hebrew Philology-Comments and questions on Mormonism, 1950.
2 33
Juanita Brooks-Dale Morgan Discussing Mountain Meadows Massacre and John D. Lee Diaries
2 34
S. A. Burgess-Dale Morgan
Burgess, historian for the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, questions statements made by Morgan in The State of Deseret, Utah, A Guide to the State, and by Fawn Brodie in No Man Knows My History. See Folder 23 for Morgan's response.
2 35
Chicago Historical Society-Dale L. Morgan
Answers to requests for information particularly about the Kinderhook plates in possession of the Society.
2 36
Huntington Library-Dale L. Morgan
Answers to requests for information on the John D. Lee journals and Gunnison letters.
2 37
Stanley Ivins-Dale Morgan
Seven letters from Ivins reporting on genealogical research on Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.
2 38
Charles Kelly-Dale L. Morgan - Short Letter about Trapper Pauline Weaver
2 39
M. S. McCarthy
Three letters from McCarthy answering inquiries from Morgan, Edward Eberstadt and Sons, and Austin E. Fife about the Boosinger papers in his possession.
2 40
Harold Schindler-Dale L. Morgan
Schindler thanks Morgan for his assistance on his O. Porter Rockwell biography.
2 41
Wallace Stegner-Dale L. Morgan
Stegner thanks Morgan for assistance on a photo essay on the Mormons for Look magazine.
2 42
Thomas W. Streeter-Dale L. Morgan - Exchange of Mountain Meadows Massacre Information and Rare Documents
2 43
  • Notes About Journals of William Clayton, 1946.
  • Lengthy Letter about Early Years of Brigham Young, 1955.
  • Postcard requesting McQuown's address so they might inquire about any letters or papers of Bernard DeVoto's she might possess, 1962.
Madeline R. McQuown-Poetry and Incomplete Short Stories
Box Folder
3 1
Personal Reminiscences of Places, Experiences, and People
3 2
Personal Reflections on Childhood and Life Shapping Forces
3 3
Personal Reminiscences of Le Conte Stewart
3 4
"To Those Unsuspecting," by Madeline Reeder in Breadloaf Anthology (Middleburg College Press, 1939). Also a publisher's announcement for Breadloaf Anthology.
3 5-26
Unpublished Poetry
3 27
Poetry-Not Madeline McQuown's
3 28
Poetry-Paul Engel "Our Human Strength"
3 29
Poetry-Maynard Dixon
"Question, Answer," "Visionary," "1934," "My Country," "Mexican Funeral," "Interpreter." On reverse side is handwritten note, "Poem by Maynard Dixon given me by Le Conte Stewart-Madeline Reeder."
3 30-38
Short Stories, Incomplete
Short Stories, Novels
Complete but unpublished short stories by Madeline R. McQuown, and stories by an unknown author, probably Mrs. McQuown. Four incomplete novels by Madeline R. McQuown.
Box Folder
4 1-18
Short Stories-Madeline R. McQuown
"Aunt Kate," "The Carnelian Warrior," "A Cat in Heaven," "Chiro's Violet," "The Bride at the Funeral," "The Grandmother," "If you Like Herefords," "Les Chonois," "The Museum at Sabella," "October Morning at St. Laurent," "Penance No More," "The Sad Mountain," "The Salt Marshes," "The Sea Gulls," "Something is Going to Happen," "Sunday Morning at St. Lukes," "A Witness," "The Woman Who Never Remembered."
4 19-27
Short Stories-Author Unknown
"Buttermilk Cake" (possibly McQuown's), "Fielding" (possibly Morgan's), "First Lover" (possibly Morgan's), "The Grave" (possibly McQuown's), "An Infidelity" (possibly Morgan's), "The Problem of the Pastime Club" (possibly Morgan's), "Sunday Afternoon with a Famous Novelist" (possibly Morgan's), "The Wife" (possibly McQuown's), Untitled.
4 28-31
Novels, Incomplete-Madeline R. McQuown
"The Private Journey" (based on the life of Dale L. Morgan, this manuscript explains the relationship between Morgan and McQuown from her point-of-view), "Steal Now Pay Later," "A Time to Kill," "A Utah Cherry Orchard."
4 32
"American Dream" -Madeline R. McQuown and Miscellaneous Notes
Madeline R. McQuown--"American Dream," Unfinished Manuscript
Box Folder
5 1
5 2-3
Unfinished Manuscript
5 4
Chapter Discards
Madeline R. McQuown--"American Dream," Rough Draft
Madeline R. McQuown--"American Dream," Final Draft
Madeline R. McQuown--Brigham Young Manuscript and Essays
Box Folder
8 1
Brigham Young Manuscript Organizational Notes
8 2
Brigham Young Manuscript - Acknowledgements, Prologue, and Preface
8 3
Brigham Young Manuscript-Chapter 1, "The Company of the Poor"
8 4
Brigham Young Manuscript-Chapter 2, "The Spirit of the Lord was Poured out Upon Us"
8 5
Brigham Young Manuscript-Chapter 3, "Thru a Glass Darkly"
8 6
Brigham Young Manuscript-Chapter 4, Untitled
8 7
Brigham Young Manuscript-Chapter 5, "Far West"
8 8
Brigham Young Manuscript-Chapter 6, Untitled
8 9-16
Madeline R. McQuown--Essays
"Advice to an Unborn Son," "The Ghost City," Literature and the West," "Mormon Contributions to the New Deal," "The Mormon N. R. A.," "Provo, Utah" (with Morgan's corrections), "Utah: Nostalgia Americana," "The World's New Deal from the Standpoint of Mormonism."
8 17-24
Madeline R. McQuown- - Essays, Incomplete
Listed alphabetically by title (if given) or by subject.
Madeline R. McQuown--Essays and Reviews
Box Folder
9 1-27
Essays, Incomplete
9 3
"Exploration of Utah"
Has extensive corrections by Dale L. Morgan
9 26
"Winter Quarters"
Possibly Morgan's essay.
9 28-29
Great Basin Kingdom, by Leonard J. Arrington in Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 50 (July, 1959); Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley, ed., Fawn M. Brodie, draft.
9 30
Letter to the Editor Saturday Review
Dale L. Morgan- -Short Stories, Published Articles, Critiques, Reminiscences ofs James Holt
Box Folder
10 1-4
Short Stories
"Virgin by Night," "For the Sun Will Always be Bright," "Cold," "Public Funeral."
10 5-6
"A New Ashley Document," The Westerners New York Posse Brand Book, 12 (1966): 73-75, 87-88, reprint (in the reprint is a photograph of Morgan receiving the Buffalo Award with Madeline McQuown in the photograph); "The Administration of Indian Affairs in Utah, 1851-1858," Pacific Historical Review, 17 (November, 1948): 383-409, reprint.
10 7-8
"The Administration of Indian Affairs in Utah, 1851-1858" (typed draft with Morgan's corrections); "The State of Deseret," Utah Historical Records Survey, November 20, 1939 (typed draft with Morgan's corrections).
10 9
Encyclopedia Britannica, "Young, Brigham," Reprint
10 10
Paul Chrisler Philips, The Fur Trade Typed Draft
10 11-13
Desert Saints, by Nels Anderson (lengthy page-by-page comments and corrections); Year of Decision, by Bernard DeVoto (page-by-page notes and comments); No Man Knows My History, by Fawn M. Brodie (notes on a three-way conversation between Morgan, Fawn Brodie, and Bernard DeVoto, apparently typed by McQuown).
10 14
Publisher's Announcements
California As I Saw It, Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West, and The West of William H. Ashley.
10 15
California As I Saw It Page Proof
10 16
Zenas Leonard Journal--the first item is a typescript copy of The Narrative of Zenas Leonard, ed., W. F. Wagner. The second item is a typescript of The Narrative with Morgan's notations typed in red. Finally there are various journal entries by Zenas Leonard again with Morgan's notes typed in red. It is possible that Morgan was editing this narrative for publication.
10 17
The Reminiscences of James Holt, A Narrative of the Emmett Company Page Proofs
Dale L. Morgan--The Great Salt Lake, Jedediah Smith, and "History of the Mormon Church"
Box Folder
11 1
The Great Salt Lake Page Proofs
11 2
"History of the Mormon Church"
One of Morgan's longest running projects was a monumental three-volume history of the Mormon church. Unfortunately, the project was never completed. This folder contains the typed draft of the first four chapters of the first volume and Appendix A, "Joseph Smith on Trial, 1826." There are some minor corrections, in pencil, primarily for style and grammar. On a separate piece of paper in McQuown's handwriting is a note, "Dale's mss-unrevised first draft he sent me in S. F."
11 3-9
Jedediah Smith
Dale L. Morgan--Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West
Box Folder
12 1
Chapter Outlines
12 2-6
12 7
Galley Proofs

Research Files--BiographyReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Bernard DeVoto and Thomas Wolfe--Published Articles and Newspaper Accounts
Box Folder
13 1
Bernard DeVoto, Biographical Essay by Madeline R. McQuown.
13 2
Bernard DeVoto List of Publications.
13 3-5
Bernard DeVoto Articles
"A Primer for Intellectuals," Saturday Review, April 22, 1933; review of The Course of Empire in Saturday Review, November 22, 1952; "Queen City of the Plains and Peaks," Spectator Sampler, Selections from The Pacific Spectator, no date; untitled article about the Louisiana Purchase, Collier's, March 21, 1953.
13 6
Bernard DeVoto
Articles from the American Mercury, reprints, no dates--"Vestige of a Nordic Arcady, " "Utah," "The Mountain Men," "The Great Medicine Road," "Brave Days in Washoe."
13 7
Bernard DeVoto
Articles from Harper's Monthly, reprints 1936-1938--"On Beginning to Write a Novel" (1936), "The Frustrate Censor" (1937), "The Cestus of Hygeia" (1937), "Gettysburg" (1937), "Page from a Primer" (1937), "A Sagebrush Bookshelf" (1937), "The Liberation of Spring City" (1937), "Good and Wicked Words" (1938), "Friday Afternoon at Country Day" (1938), "On Moving from New York" (1938), "Letter from America" (1938), "Vacation" (1938), "The Skeptical Biographer," "New England, There She Stands," "Fossil Remnants of the Frontier," "College and the Exceptional Man."
13 8
Bernard DeVoto Newspaper Clippings
13 9
Thomas Wolfe
Interview with Ralph H. Wheaton by Madeline R. McQuown, no date.
13 10
Thomas Wolfe
Newspaper clippings, brochures, and postcards from the Thomas Wolfe Memorial.
Joseph Smith--Research Notes and Materials
Box Folder
14 1-11
Research Notes and Materials Collected by Madeline McQuown and Dale L. Morgan
14 12
Trial of the Persons Indicted in the Hancock Circuit Court for the Murder of Joseph Smith, Photocopy
14 13
"Reminiscences of Joseph Smith," Gathered by Martha Cragan Cox, Third Wife of Isaiah Cox, Typescript
14 14
Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith..., by Lucy Smith, 1853, Typescript
14 15
List of Records in the National Archives Pertaining to Joseph Smith
Brigham Young--Research Notes and Materials
Box Folder
15 1
Dale L. Morgan's Notes on the "Journal of Brigham Young"
15 2-14
Research Notes and Materials Collected by Madeline McQuown and Dale L. Morgan
15 15
Brigham Young, His Wives and Family, edited and compiled by Kate B. Carter, N. D.
16 1-5
Research Notes and Materials
16 6
A Series of Instructions and Remarks by President Brigham Young, at a Special Council, Tabernacle
Typescript of a Pamphlet in the Coe Collection, Yale University, and McQuown's Notes on the Pamphlet
16 7-11
Notes from the Journal of Discourses
16 12
Notes on a Manuscript by Dixon
16 13
Notes on an Interview of Brigham Young by Horace Greeley
16 14
"Personal Recollections of Brigham Young," by Mabel Y. Sanborn on the Radio Program "We the People" Typescript
16 15
"A Pension Office Note on Brigham Young's Father"
M. Hamlin Cannon, The American Historical Review. Reprint (this article was compiled with the assistance of Dale L. Morgan and Fawn M. Brodie).
16 16
Grace Greenwood, New Life in New Lands, Notes by McQuown
16 17
"Brigham Young," Hutchings California Magazine Photocopy
16 18
"President Brigham Young's Excursion Party," Solomon F. Kimball, Improvement Era, Xerox
16 19
"A Trip South With President Young in 1870," C. R. Savage, Improvement Era, Xerox
16 20
"Brigham Young's Eyes," Brigham Young III, Improvement Era Xerox
16 21
Carl J. Furr, Ph. D. Dissertation, "The Religious Philosophy of Brigham Young," Notes by Dale Morgan
16 22
James P. Sharp, "The Human Side of Brigham Young," Improvement Era
16 23
John A. Widtsoe, "Along the Early Trails of Brigham Young," Improvement Era
16 24
Alma Elizabeth Mineer Felt, "As a Pioneer Girl Remembers Brigham Young," Improvement Era
16 25
"Pioneer Diary of Eliza R. Snow," Improvement Era
16 26
W. M. Egan, "Brigham Young, Historical Sketch," Notes by McQuown
16 27
K. A. Baird, "Was Brigham Young a New Brunswicker?," The Dalhousie Review
Works Progress Administration-Biographies
Box Folder
17 1
WPA Questionnaire Preliminary and WPA Questionnaire for Handcart Pioneers and Pioneer Personal Histories
17 2
Abigail Smith Abbot
B. 11 September 1806. M. 11 December 1825 to Stephen Joseph Abbot; d. 19 October 1843, 38 years. M. to Captain James Brown, plural wife. D. 23 July 1889. Joined the LDS church 1839, arrived in Utah 1849. Biographical sketch containing some Abbot family genealogy. 17 pp.
17 3
William Adams
B. 8 January 1822. M. October, 1842 to Mary Ann Leech. M. 9 January 1864 to Mary B. Bolanz, plural wife. Joined LDS church 26 March 1842. Autobiographical. Content and name index. Parowan area. Born in Ireland, summary of childhood. Left Liverpool, England, for Nauvoo January 1844, summary of trip there, notes harassment. Life in Nauvoo, including turmoil in finding a new church leader at death of Joseph Smith. Sent on mission after arrival in Utah. Mention of "Josephites" (Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Obscure mention of Mountain Meadows Massacre. Work with United Order, "Order of Enoch" unsuccessful in Parowan. Abrupt ending. 26 pp.
17 4
Hannah Madsen Aldrich
B. 14 October 1840. M. ca. 1858 to Martin Aldrich; d. 1919. No. 1-Life sketch. Born in Sjelland, Denmark. Crossed plains by handcart with the Martin Company in 1856. Settled in Mt. Pleasant. Seven children. No. 2-Life sketch. Includes list of children and birth dates. 6 pp.
17 5
Elizabeth Dianthy Allred
B. 25 March 1852 at Manti, Utah, to James T. S. and Eliza B. M. Allred. M. 19 September 1870 to Samuel Allred; b. 3 June 1851; d. 19 January 1932. Biographical sketch from an interview and family records. First wife in a polygamous family. Relates experiences with Indians. Genealogical notes on family of James Tillman Sanford Allred, Sr., and Eliza Bridget Manwaring Allred, her parents. 6 pp.
17 6
Isabelle Wade Allred
B. 5 May 1861. M. 20 December 1883 to John Granklin Allred; d. 4 June 1938. Autobiographical or abstracted from a journal. Left England in March 1866, settled at Plum Creek between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Green Island, Nebraska. Father a foreman for the railroad. Details life on the plains and experiences with Indians. Arrived in Utah in 1868 and settled in Fillmore. 6 pp.
17 7
James W. Allred
B. 30 March 1865. M. April 1887 to Miss Camp, he calls her "the red haired girl." Autobiographical. Born in Wallsburg, Wasatch County. Story of hard winter of 1879. Moved between Colorado and Utah to work and live. After marriage, wife ran a boardinghouse in Sagers. Thirteen children. Lived in Vernal in old age. 11 pp.
17 8
Artemesia Draper Anderson
B. 20 August 1857 at Draperville to William and Mary Ann Manhard Draper. M. August 1879 to Ephraim Anderson; d. 25 August 1924. Biographical sketch from an interview. Grew up in Moroni, Utah. Attended Ellis R. Shipps School of Obstetrics and received a license to continue practice after Utah became a state. Includes an original poem in honor of her horse. Six children. 6 pp.
17 9
Elizabeth Jensen Hansen Andrews
B. 2 August 1863. M. 10 October 1887 to Offer Hansen; d. 1903. M. January 1909 to William Andrews. Biographical notes from an interview. Lived at Camp Corners (Soda Springs, Idaho). After marriage to Andrews, lived in Logan. Andrews, William B. 2 September 1854. M. December 1873 to Valeria Reese. M. January 1909 to Elizabeth Jensen Hansen. Biographical notes from an interview. Came to Salt Lake City in 1857 from Pennsylvania. 5 pp.
17 10
James Andrus
B. 14 June 1835. M. March 1857 to Laura Altha Gibson. M. 1861 to Manomas Lovina Gibson, plural wife, sister to first wife. D. 8 December 1914. Life sketch. Born in Florence, Ohio. Came to Utah in 1848 with Heber C. Kimball Company. Crossed Plains by handcart in 1857, from Salt Lake City to the Missouri River, as a missionary. Lengthy account of expeditions to Pipe Springs and around Kane County against Indians, including lists of members of the expeditionary groups. Elected to first state legislature from Washington County, 1895. 8 pp.
17 11
Manomas Lovina Gibson Andrus
B. 10 March 1842. M. September 1861 to James Andrus, plural wife. Autobiographical. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1848, settled in Washington County. Husband's first wife was her sister so she had no problems with polygamy. Eighteen children. Tells briefly of her life and Living quarters and problems with the Indians. 3 pp.
17 12
Milo Andrus
B. 6 March 1814, M. 21 February 1833 to Abigail Jane Daley; left husband January 1851. M. 1848 to Sarah Ann Miles, plural wife; d. November 1851. M. June 1851 to "widow Tuttle." M. 1852 to Mary Ann Webster. M. December 1855 to Elizabeth Brooks, Ann Brooks, and Jane Monday. M. February 1857 to Margaret Boyce. M. February 1858 to Emma Corvet. Autobiographical. Content and name index. Born in New York State. Baptized by Orson Hyde as a follower of Alexander Campbell. Joined the LDS church 12 April 1833. Missionary in United States and England during much of life. Arrived in Utah 31 August 1850. 6 pp.
17 13
Christopher Jones Arthur
B. 9 March 1832. M. ca. 1854 to Caroline Eliza Haight. M. n. d. to Ann E. Perry, Marion Brown, and Jane Condie. D. 13 January 1918. Biographical sketch. Born in South Wales. Left Liverpool 25 February 1853, baptized crossing the ocean. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1853. Settled in Cedar City, March 1854. May 1889 convicted of unlawful cohabitation under the Edmunds-Tucker law. Eulogizing sketch of his life. 5 pp.
17 14
Christopher Jones Arthur
Journal, part 5 March 1885 to February 1899. Content index, name list. Original spelling and punctuation retained. Journal during period of trouble for polygamists. Tells of experiences hiding from government deputies and his time in prison. Lists of people who were in the penitentiary at the same time. Lists of his temple work, marriages, and sealing. 72 pp.
17 15
Christopher Jones Arthur
Autobiography, 1832-1918. Includes a list of contributors to the mercantile store in 1873. Break in the narrative to give brief history of Christopher Abel Arthur, his father. Autobiography covers 1832 to 1918, repetitious of first section and some contradictions. Summaries of life in Wales and Utah. Tells of marriages, births, and deaths. Leaves period of polygamy trouble and prison to be found in his other journals. Brief summary of life after 1900. Letters to wife Caroline, 1869 from Salt Lake City. Genealogy of larger family. Navajo vocabulary word list. 82 pp.
17 16
Christopher Jones Arthur
Memoirs written 1877 and 1890. Content index, name list. Covers time between birth and 1890. It is, in many ways, a repetition of the autobiography and journal entries. Relates many dreams viewed as premonitions of future events in his life. Briefly tells story of John D. Lee's trial in Beaver and his role therein. 44 pp.
17 17
William B. Ashworth
B. 10 March 1845. M. 26 May 1878 to Mary Elizabeth Shepherd. Autobiographical sketch. Content and name index. Two sections: first, 1857-1876, the Mountain Meadows Massacre as recalled by Ashworth who was living in Beaver at the time. The second, 1876-?, relates Ashworth's experience with polygamy and his time in prison for that offense. 11 pp.
17 18
William B. Ashworth
Autobiography, Vols. I and II, 1845-1879. Name index and table of contents. Born Grawhabboth, Lancashire, England. To Utah in 1848 and baptized about 1854. Not chronologically organized but has some items of interest such as grain hauling for the Salt Lake to Auston, Nevada, mail line and the building of the Deseret Telegraph. The account comes to an abrupt end as he is being sent to England as a missionary. Continued in Vol. III. 10 pp.
17 19
William B. Ashworth
Autobiography, Vol. III, 1877-? Major portion is missionary journal from England. After his return to Utah he tells of things happening with the polygamy issue and the "underground." Also much discussion of the Beaver Woolen Mill and various flour mills in the state that he helped build. Ends after his release from prison for polygamy and his move to San Francisco. 169 pp.
17 20
William Atkin
B. 27 March 1835. M. 18 December ca. 1854 to Rachel Thompson; b. 31 March 1835; joined LDS church April 1842. Autobiographical. Content and name index. Born in Empingham, England. Joined LDS church 12 September 1852. Left Liverpool last day of February 1855. Left Florence for Salt Lake City 10 June 1859 by handcart with two children. Relates experiences crossing the plains by handcart, not daily but with some detail, including deaths and hunger but mentions no snowstorms. Arrived in Salt Lake City 10 November 1859. 48 pp.
17 21
George Washington Gill Averett
B. 20 January 1824. M. n. d. to Nancy Ann Turnbeauh. Joined LDS church April 1835. Autobiographical, 1824-1894. Content and name index. Original spelling and punctuation retained which makes reading difficult. In 1837 went to Caldwell County, Missouri. Related trouble and bloodshed between Mormons and Missourians before leaving in 1838 for Illinois. On 4 April 1849 left for California gold fields. Summary of plains journey. Returned to Illinois in 1851. Left for Salt Lake City 18 March 1859. Lived in southern Utah and Arizona. Related some Indian trouble, abrupt end, some of journal apparently missing. 30 pp.
17 22
Amenzo White Baker
B. 9 June 1832. M. n. d. Agnes Steele Hill, widow with four children and five stepchildren; b. 25 December 1833. Genealogy and biographical sketch. Three sketches--Number 1 The Carson Mission - Brief account of the Mormon settlements in Carson Valley, Nevada, with Baker's role. Number 2 Account of the arrival of Johnston's Army and the movements of the Mormons south. Number 3 Biographical sketch. Came to Utah 20 October 1847. Sent on a mission to the Indians at Fort Supply (Wyoming), 1853-1856. Settled in Mendon, Cache Valley, April 1860. 16 pp.
17 23
Lydia Hamp Baker
B. 2 February 1848, Rounds, North Hamptonshire, England. M. 1868 to Charles Hill Baker. Biographical notes from an interview. Relates early life in Cache Valley and experiences with Indians. 7 pp.
17 24
Samuel Banford
B. 22 September 1845. M. 8 January 1865 to Jane Mariner. Biographical sketch from an interview. Left Liverpool 1857. Brief account of plains journey including meeting with Johnston's Army along the way. 4 pp.
17 25
Rosina Mueller Beacham
B. 26 April 1866. M. 17 March 1887 to Jacob Beacham. Autobiographical sketch, 1819-1887. Parents left Switzerland about 1860 but could go no further than New York because of Civil War. Arrived in Utah in 1861, settled in Santa Clara. Brief story of her life and ancestors. The second paper contains anecdotes about her husband's parents Jacob and Harriet Rundel Beacham. 6 pp.
17 26
George W. Bean
B. 1 April 1831. M. 6 January 1853 to Elizabeth B. Baum. M. 10 December 1856 to Emily Haws. M. 1856 to Mary Jane Wall. Diary, 1852-1853. Brief outlines of daily happenings. Blessing texts for George W. Bean, Elizabeth Bean, Emily Bean, and Mary Jane Bean. Brief life record of important events for George W. Bean. Came to Utah 1847. Recipe for cholera medicine. 12 pp.
17 27
John T. Beatty
Life sketch. Brief summary, autobiographical, about life in Toquerville and experiences with Indians. 4 pp.
17 28
Mary Ann Duffin Beatty
B. 29 January 1852. M. 31 December 1866 to John Beatty. D. 14 August 1922. Biographical sketch, 1852. In 1862 went to Dixie Mission with parents. Fourteen children. 4 pp.
17 29
Margaret Ann McFall Caldwell Bennett
B. 13 August 1816 in Ireland to John and Mary Cunnachy McFall. M. 31 December 1834 to William Caldwell; d. ca. 1850. M. 8 March 1857 to Nathaniel M. Bennett. D. 4 March 1887 in Brigham City. Biographical sketch. Arrived in United States in 1856. Crossed the plains with the Atwood and Willie handcart company in 1856. Tells of people and early life in Brigham City. 5 pp.
18 1
Henry W. Bigler
B. 28 August 1815, in West Virginia. M. 18 November 1854 to Cynthia Jane Whipple; b. 14 January 1835; d. 5 November 1874. M. 6 March 1878 to Eleanor Parthena Emmett. D. 24 November 1900 in St. George. Journal, 23 July-26 September 1848. Name index. Spelling and punctuation retained. Daily journal of trip from Sutter's Mill, along the Humbolt River to Bear River, and to Salt Lake City. Presumably the returning men of the Mormon Battalion. 15 pp.
18 2
Henry W. Bigler
Journal extracts, 1815-1846. Content and name index. Summary of childhood. Reactions on first hearing the Mormons in 1836. Joined LDS church in 1837 and went to Far West in 1838. Includes descriptions of church leaders. Daily journal of exodus from Nauvoo from 1 March to 15 April 1846. 13 pp.
18 3
Henry W. Bigler
Gold fields diary, and Hawaii, 1849-1853 from a series in the St. George newspaper The Union, 1896. Content and name index. Sent to the gold fields by Brigham Young. Daily journal of troubles on the trip across the Nevada desert to California, 1849. Sent as a missionary to Hawaiian Islands, 1850. Descriptions of natives and traditions. 17 pp.
18 4
Henry W. Bigler
Extracts from Hawaiian diary and return to Utah, 1853-1899. Content and name index. Daily journal of experiences as a missionary in Hawaii. Called back from second mission to Hawaii because of the arrival of Johnston's Army. Includes text of letters by Brigham Young. Mentions Utah's admission as a state in 1896. 23 pp.
18 5
Anna Wilhelmina Backman Billington
B. 26 May 1870 in Gottenberg, Sweden, to Samuel C. and Anna Johanna Anderson Backman. M. 9 April 1912 to Ezekiel Alexander Billington. Biographical sketch from an interview. 2 pp.
18 6
Honorable Jacob Smith Boreman
Index of Boreman Papers at Huntington Library. 5pp.
18 7
James Samuel Page Bowler
B. 4 September 1845 at Leicester, England. M. 3 December 1862 to Matilda Hill; b. 19 November 1842; d. 15 December 1900. M. ca. 1901 to Sarah E. Canfield. Brief family genealogy. Life as a child and young man in England raised in the LDS church, mentions conflicts between Mormons and non-Mormons. Settled in southern Utah in 1880s. Concerned with family, does not elaborate on larger issues. Acted as census taker in 1900 and 1910. 96 pp.
18 8
George Washington Brimhall
B. 14 November 1814 in South Trenton, New York M. 1845, name not given, separated, 1850. M. 2 February 1852, name not given, by Brigham Young. Autobiography, Part I, 1814-1889. Elected to the territorial House of Representatives from Iron County. Pioneer in Ogden. In licerary style of the time, gives account of experiences in the legislature and Ogden City Council. Account of Johnston's Army. Exploration of area around the Virgin River and Colorado River, descriptive. Account of the Black Hawk War and treaty arrangements. Mention of Edmunds Act and polygamy problem. 73 pp.
18 9
Mary Stapely Bringhurst
Autobiographical 1853-? Parents came from Australia in 1853 and in 1857 arrived in Cedar City. Settled in Toquerville and married "Brother Bringhurst" as his third wife. Relates life in Toquerville and experiences with Indians and her parent's life there. 4 pp.
18 10
Thomas D. Brown
B. 16 December 1809 in Scotland. Journal of the Southern Indian Mission, 1854-1857. Copy of original in possession of LDS Church Historian's Office. Copied verbatim and punctuation retained where practical. Written in winter of 1857-1858 from earlier manuscript journals as a formal report for the mission at New Harmony in southern Utah. Entries from 14 April 1854 to 20 May 1855 almost daily, events after are summarized. Includes brief summaries and quotes of talks by LDS church leaders and Brown's evaluations of events and people and their need for reform as well as events in Brown's personal life. Poetry and songs written by T. D. Brown. Appended are three letters to Brigham Young and one from him. 63 pp.
18 11
Charilla Abbott Browning
B. 4 July 1829 in New York State. M. 27 January 1853 to David Elias Browning. D. 10 April 1914. Joined LDS church at fourteen years of age, baptized by Joseph Smith. Arrived in Utah 28 October 1849. Written by a younger sister and added to by another relative. Sometimes hard to tell who is being referred to. Very brief outline of her life. 2 pp.
18 12
Edward Bunker
B. 1 August 1822, in Atkinson, Maine, M. 9 February 1846 to Emily Abbott in Nauvoo. M. June 1852 to Sarah A. Browning Lang, widow of William Lang. M. 1 April 1861 to Mary McQuarrie; d. 7 November 1901 in Moreles, Mexico. Content and name index, Brief genealogy. Joined LDS church April 1845 and arrived in Nauvoo July 1845. Left Nauvoo with rest of LDS church members and joined the Mormon Battalion, on return joined wife at Winter Quarters. Settled in Ogden, 1850. Moved to Toquerville and helped settle areas in southern Utah, especially Bunkerville. Three wives, twenty-eight children (seventeen boys and eleven girls), seventy grandchildren, two great grandchildren. List of children and birth dates. 16 pp.
18 13
Margaret Jane McIntire Burgess
B. 22 May 1837, Wheatfield Township, Pennsylvania. M. Spring 1855 to Melauithen W. Burgess. D. 17 December 1919 in St. George, Utah. Biographical sketch, 1849-1861, ca. 1840s joined LDS church and went to Nauvoo, left in May 1846. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1849. Anecdotes about Joseph Smith in Nauvoo interrupt the narrative. After marriage went to St. George in 1861. Seven children. 7 pp.
18 14
Jacob K. Butterfield
Letter from Salt Lake City, 20 September 1850 to mother giving favorable account of life in Utah. 2 pp.
18 15
Ebenezer Bryce
B. 17 November, 1830 in Scotland. M. 16 April 1854 to Mary Ann Park; b. 24 January 1837; d. 10 April 1897. D. 26 September 1913 at age 83. Joined LDS church in 1847 against wishes of family so left for the United States and came to Utah after marriage. Traveled around setting up various kinds of mills in Utah and Arizona. Settled in the Bryce area in 1885 and remained there until his death. Bryce Canyon National Park was named for him. Twelve children. 3 pp.
18 16
Anson Call
B. 13 May 1810, in Vermont to Cyril and Sally Call. M. 3 October 1833 to Mary Flint; b. 27 March 1812. M. 15 April 1851 to Marie Boyaneva; b. 3 January 1834. M. 7 February 1857 to Margreta Clark; b. 26 May 1828. M. 24 February 1857 to Emma Summers; b. 5 August 1829. M. 9 April 1861 to Henriet (his brother Josiah's widow) for time. Autobiography, 1839-1885. Punctuation and grammar retained. Joined LDS church about 1835, ordained to Quorum of Seventies February 1836. Descriptions of the troubles between Mormons and non-Mormons in Far West, Missouri, and Nauvoo. Much about his role in the church just before the death of Joseph Smith and about the succession. Left Nauvoo 2 May 1846 and, after stopping in Winter Quarters for a year, arrived in Salt Lake City 19 September 1848. Descriptions of the establishment of Iron and Millard counties and the Indian wars. Elected representative from Millard in 1852. Obituary and life sketch of Anson Vasco Call. List of temple work done 31 March 1885 in Logan Temple. 92 pp.
18 17
Annie Elizabeth Laub Canfield
B. 25 June 1859 in Salt Lake City. M. 8 May 1878 to Lyman Canfield. Biographical notes in answer to interview questions. Good material on early St. George and pioneer life, including descriptions of the arrival of Johnston's Army; early local industries, mention of Wilbur and Sylvester Earl's cabinetmaking shop, and Lorenzo Clark's tannery; and Indians and living quarters. 8 pp.
18 18
Lyman Canfield
B. 9 December 1857 in Provo to David and Elizabeth Story De Pue Canfield. M. 8 May 1878 to Annie Elizabeth Laub. Biographical notes from an interview. Description of St. George area and settlement. Mention of early industry. Lengthy story about a murder-type execution of two horse thieves by Mormons. Mentions Indians in the area. 8 pp.
18 19
Martha Canfield
Autobiographical sketch, no dates. Tells of dedication of the St. George Temple and life growing up in that area. Mentions problems with Indians and how the fourth, and twenty-fourth of July were celebrated. 3 pp.
18 20
David H. Cannon Jr.
B. 15 October 1860 in Salt Lake City to David and Wilhelmina Logan Mousley Cannon. M. 6 April 1885 to Camilla E. Mason. Biographical notes from an interview. Tells of life in St. George, and early industry and farming. Mention of Indians and their lifestyle. 7 pp.
18 21
Albert Carrington
Journal, 8 April to 10 September 1847. Journal of 1847--trip across the plains. The journal was kept for Amasa Lyman. Since Lyman left company on 3 June 1847 to meet the detachment of the Mormon Battalion and the Mississippi Mormons who had wintered in Pueblo, he did not arrive in Salt Lake Valley until late July. However, Carrington continued to travel with the main company and kept the journal for that body. This is a daily journal of the trip west in which Carrington describes the geography of each day's travel and gives extensive geologic reports. Carrington lists the people in the company, the number of miles traveled each day, the weather, and notes about other emigrant companies met on the way. The journal is a good source of detail about the physical trail, Indians met, and the reaction of Carrington to daily occurrences during the first Mormon trek west. 53 pp.
18 22
Lewis Rice Chaffin
B. 3 December 1806, in Massachusetts to Leonard and Elizabeth Rice Chaffin. M. 3 December 1837 to Mrs. Sarah M. Cossett Mayfield. D. 1891. Biographical sketch 1806-1891. Brief life sketch. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1852. Went on mission to Australia in 1856. Mention of the different flour mills he started in St. George and Cedar City. 3 pp.
18 23
Hannah Christensen Harbo Clark
B. 27 April 1862 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, to James and Christine Madsen Harbo. M. 1 October 1880 to Ferdinand Clark. Brief notes including paragraphs on her parents and an account of an Indian scare. 2 pp.
18 24
Herbert H. Clark
B. 20 September 1861 in Birmingham, England. M. 20 March 1889 to Mary E. Meadows. Biographical notes from an interview, little context. 3 pp.
18 25
Rudger Clawson
B. 12 March 1857, in Salt Lake City to Hiram B. and Margaret Gay Judd Clawson. M. 12 August 1882 to Florence Ann Dinwoodey. M. 29 March 1883 to Lydia Elizabeth Spencer. Extracts from memoirs supposed to have been written in 1934 or 1935. Mentions his father's life, notes in defense of polygamy, and a lengthy description of his own prison experiences for unlawful cohabitation. 15 pp.
18 26
James Clyman
Journals, 1844-1846. Daily record of personal experiences from a microfilm copy of the original which includes a description of emigrant roads to Fort Bridger. 198 pp.
18 27
Peter Wilson Conover
B. 19 September 1807. M. 1827 to Eveline Golden; b. 25 May 1808; d. 11 November 1846 M. 1850 to Mary Jane McCarl. Joined LDS church 17 May 1840. Number 1- -Biographical sketch, 1807-1882. Tells of early life and time in Nauvoo until death of first wife in 1846. Number 2- -Journal from 1849-? Copy of a portion of the journal in which he tells about Indian troubles and his role in "calling-in" the outlying Mormon settlements at the beginning of the Utah War. Number 3- -A collection of copies of letters and appointments to Peter W. Conover. 35 pp.
18 28
Mary Henrie Cooper
B. 23 May 1866 in Panaca, Washington County, Deseret (now Nevada). M. 4 September 1889 to James Michael Cooper. Biographical notes about life in early Utah and notes on her father, James Henries and his life as told to her. Brief life sketch of her mother, Christina Schow, James Henrie's second plural wife. 10 pp.
18 29
James Austin Cope
B. 29 March 1894 in Panguitch, Utah. M. 24 May 1916 to Irma Shumway. Biographical sketch. Brief notes on his life, more extensive sketch of his father, Thomas Henry Cope from Utah by J. Cecil Alter. 3 pp.
18 30
Isaiah Cox
B. 5 June 1859 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. M. 15 November 1882 to Abigail McMullen; d. 28 March 1904. Biographical notes from an interview. 7 pp.
19 1
Maggie Cragun
Number 1--Life sketch from an interview, tells about her father's life and pioneer experiences of the family in southern Utah. Number 2--Reminiscences about the dedication of the St. George Temple. 8pp.
19 2
Benjamin Franklin Cummings
B. 3 March 1821 in Farmington, Maine. M. 19 February 1852 to Catherine Hall. M. 27 April 1856 to May Jane Yearsley. Autobiography and journals, 1821-1879. Baptized 12 April 1840. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1847. Within the autobiography is a journal of the eastern mission he served with Anson Call before the exodus from Nauvoo. Description of trouble in Nauvoo. Journal, 1855-1861. Daily notes or monthly synopses about the Salmon River Mission and Limhi which includes much about experiences with the Indians. Notes about the Utah War and preparations for arrival of the army. Journal, 1878-1879. Daily notes about mission to Council Bluffs. More lengthy notes about his encounter with Josephite preachers. 133 pp.
19 3
Alice Ann Langston Dalton
B. 5 February 1863, Rockville, Utah. M. 1878 to Newman Brown; left him in 1881. M. May 1885 to Orley Dalton. Biographical sketch. Tells about her life in Utah including her feelings toward polygamy. 7 pp.
19 4
Brigham Dalton
B. 9 February 1863. Autobiographical sketch. Life in Rockville, Utah, mentions crops, clothing, and polygamy. 4 pp.
19 5
Edward Dalton
B. 23 March 1827 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. M. 9 October 1848 to Elizabeth Meeks. M. 14 June 1882 to Lizzina Elizabeth Warren. D. 1896 of cancer of the stomach. Brief biographical sketch, mentions enlistment in the Mormon Battalion, polygamy, and names of children. 3 pp.
19 6
John J. Davies
B. 28 December 1831 in South Wales. M. 3 October 1853 to Mariah Davis; b. 15 April 1833; d. 16 May 1869. M. 25 July 1870 to Elizabeth Williams; b. 23 November 1829; d. 27 September 1890. Autobiographical diary. Baptized 10 January 1852 in Wales. Original spelling and grammar retained. Table of contents and name list with no page numbers. Tells of early life in Wales and the ocean voyage and plains trip to Utah. Mentions the Utah War. Brief summary of family genealogy. Some repetition of early years. Life summary to 1891 and entries to 1904, also much original verse. 63 pp.
19 7
Rachel Davis Davies
B. 1860, in Provo to Joshua and Sussana Cole Davis. Biographical sketch with reminiscences of pioneer Provo. 5 pp.
19 8
William R. Davis
B. 1869. Biographical notes. Brief outline of coal and coke industry in Wales or Coalville, Utah. 2 pp.
19 9
Heber C. Dean
B. 14 February 1853 in Lancashire, England. M. 2 April 1879 to Sophia Swindlehurst. Biographical notes from an interview. Pioneer life in Beaver, Utah. 3 pp.
19 10
I. E. Diehl
B. 24 May 1861 in Green, Ohio. M. 31 December 1894 to Nellie House; d. 23 August 1937 Biographical sketch. Early experience with telephone companies in Nebraska and Iowa. Came to Utah to work for the Salt Lake Herald; later, edited other Utah newspapers. 3 pp.
19 11
Pete Dillman
Biographical sketch from an interview by Charles Kelly, with lengthy description of Dillman's role in rescuing women from Indians after the Meeker Massacre. Two papers about the murder of Will Strange and Valentine Hoy and the capture of the outlaws Tracy, Lant, and Johnson, and one account from the newspaper Roosevelt Standard. 14 pp.
19 12
Eliza Adelaide Dolbell
B. 26 February 1834 in Jersey Island, France. M. (n. d.) C. L. Riding as plural wife. D. 15 September 1908. Biographical sketch. Brief narrative of life in Utah. 2 pp.
19 13
John Douglas
B. 4 February 1861. M. January 1883 to Lettie Shurtliff. Biographical sketch from an interview. Life in Ogden, Utah. 2 pp.
19 14
Luella Eaton Doxey
B. 31 May 1864 in Scipio, Utah. M. 23 June 1880 to Alma Thomas Doxey; d. 1929. Autobiographical sketch. Tells of her father being "called" to help settle Arizona and of the trip there. Relates incidents in Arizona with Apache Indians and Mexicans. Settling of St. John's. 10 pp.
19 15
Mary Eliza Coombs Draper
B. 9 January 1865 in Fountain Green, Utah. M. 27 December 1883 to Edward Draper; b. 16 March 1861; d. 17 March 1929. Biographical sketch from an interview. Early settlement in Sanpete County. 3 pp.
19 16
John H. and Ada Arvilla Burke Earl
B. (J. H.) 25 July 1855. B. (A. A. B.) 28 May 1857. M. 18 October 1876. Autobiographical sketch. Early life and later experiences in Arizona and Old Mexico. 7 pp.
19 17
Joseph I. Earl
B. 6 September 1852 in Salt Lake City. M. 15 March 1880 to Elethre Calista Bunker; d. 29 June 1901. M. 11 December 1885 to Agnes Viola Bunker. Diary 1881-1906. Table of contents and name index. Sporadic notes of life and events in Nevada, mainly concerned with family matters. Ends abruptly in mid-sentence. 31 pp.
19 18
Sylvester Earl
B. 1862 in St. George Utah. Autobiographical sketch. Mention of silver and oil mining at Silver Reef, Utah. Covers the period 1862-1907. 4 pp.
19 19
George East
B. 7 November 1869 in Cambridgeshire, England. M. 9 March 1898 to Missouri Snodgrass. Biographical sketch. Life in Warren, Utah. Talks about his collection of Indian artifacts. Incomplete copy. 4 pp.
19 20
Esias Edwards
B. 10 April 1812 in Pike County, Missouri; d. June 1897. M. 7 August 1831 to Elizabeth Campbell; b. 21 July 1814; d. 3 April 1845. M. 27 April 1845 to Sarah Catherine Gibbs; b. 26 March 1825; d. 29 April 1847. M. 24 October 1847 to Belinda Miles; b. 14 July 1825; d. 4 April 1890. M. 25 June 1873 to Annie Nuttal (widow); b. 15 October 1848. Table of contents and name index. Original spelling and grammar retained. Journal, 1812-1882. Details of personal life in Missouri and Nauvoo, including church problems. Describes life in Tooele Valley where, because of conflicts over his saw and grist mills he decided to move to Cache Valley where he had similar problems. Moved to St. George. Mentions Johnston's Army and other actions of the United States government, especially with regard to polygamy. Many references to the Civil War. Brief mention of the railroad coming to Utah. Includes much original verse. 135 pp.
19 21
Ruth Blair Evans
B. 1 May 1861 in London, England. M. March (no year) to Thomas B. Evans. Autobiographical sketch. Account of trip from England to Utah. Much about building railroads in Utah. Mentions schools in Ogden. 11 pp.
19 22
Addison Everett
B. 10 October 1805 at Wallkill, Orange County, New York. M. (n. d.) to Orpha Maria Redfield. D. 12 January 1885. Brief biographical sketch. Come to Utah with original 1847 group. 1 p.
19 23
Lorin Farr
Tribute. Biographical notes as mayor of Ogden. Notes about the incorporation and city charter of Ogden, Utah. 3 pp.
19 24
Farrer Family
Farrer, Thomas and Mary Strong B. 3 September 1829 in Westmoreland, England. M. 27 April 1856 to Mary Strong; b. 22 January 1835; d. 23 September 1920. D. 20 April 1909. Genealogical family sketch including short biographies and birth, death and marriage dates on Roger Farrer, Sr., father of Thomas; John, Sr., and Agnes Miller Strong, parents of Mary Strong Farrer; and Francis and Eliza Baker Peay, relation not clear. 8 pp.
19 25
William Felt
B. 1 December 1855. M. 31 January 1878 to Charlotte Birkholm. Biographical notes from an interview. Personal life in pioneer Utah, especially as related to farming. 4 pp.
19 26
Martin R. Fish
B. 11 February 1864. M. 20 August 1866 (probably 1886) to Alta E. Snarley. Biographical notes from an interview. Pioneer life around Castle Valley on the Grand River. 5 pp.
19 27
Comfort Elizabeth Godfrey Flinders
B. 13 January 1861 in Salt Lake City. M. 10 July 1876 to William Flinders. Autobiographical sketch. Tells of pioneer life and daily activities; includes copy of Martin Harris's last testimony to the Book of Mormon. 7 pp.
19 28
Ben Forsythe
B. 1868 in Toquerville. Brief autobiographical sketch dealing with his parents' lives in Toquerville. Obscure mention of Mountain Meadows Massacre. 3 pp.
19 29
Rudolph and Mararietta Nageli D. Frei
Biographical sketch of early life in the Swiss settlement of Santa Clara. Brief sketches of Edward Frei and Samuel Wittwer. 5 pp.
19 30
Alexander Fullerton
B. 7 March 1847 in Argyle, Scotland. M. 22 January 1869 to Inez Hardy; d. 1935. Biographical sketch. Brief account of settling in Utah's Dixie. 2 pp.
19 31
Daniel Buckley Funk
M. 15 October 1856 to Mary Jane Pectal; b. 24 March 1836. Biographical sketch by son Jesse. Development of Funk's Lake as a resort near Manti, Utah. 3 pp.
19 32
Mary Field Garner
B. 1 February 1836 in Herefordshire, England. M. 1856 to William Garner; d. 19 March 1915. Autobiographical sketch 1836-1940. Much detail about Nauvoo, Joseph Smith, and Mormon exodus from Illinois. Describes the trip west and life in Slaterville, Utah. Advice on living to be 104 years of age. 12 pp.
19 33
Tirzah Farr Gay
B. 3 May 1852. M. 19 January 1869 to John Franklin Gay; d. 28 December 1921 Number 1--Biographical sketch. Life in early Weber County and Ogden. Number 2--History of Camp G., Daughters of Utah Pioneers. A synopsis of the meeting minutes. Numbers 3 and 4--Biographical notes from interviews. 14 pp.
19 34
Roy George
B. 14 February 1880. M. 17 September 1901 to Margaret Ann Follick. Autobiographical sketch. Pioneer life in the Arizona mission and experiences in Montpelier, Idaho. 9 pp.
19 35
Eliza Dana Gibbs
B. 14 April 1813. M. 16 April 1844 to William Gibbs; b. 11 January 1822; d. February 1900. D. February 1900 at Deseret, Utah. Autobiographical sketch, two copies bound together. Brief notes on William Gibbs. Tells of Eliza's life in New York and conversion to the LDS church. Mentions trouble in Nauvoo and other places in Illinois. Arrived in Utah in 1857 just ahead of Johnston's Army. 19 pp.
19 36
William Billy Gibson
B. 25 April 1845. D. 19 January 1935. Biographical sketch. Frontiersman in Utah. Mentions dealings with Indians and settlement of Uintah County, including his election to the state legislature in 1896. 3 pp.
19 37
William Gibson
B. 4 November 1809. M. 6 December 1831 to Janet Nicol; b. 1815. M. 17 February 1856 to Lilias Clark (for time). M. 5 March 1857 to Vilate Richardson. Diary, 1855-1858. Original spelling and punctuation retained. Records experiences as stake missionary for Weber County on a daily basis. Mentions polygamy as it relates to people he visited. 40 pp.
19 38
John L. Ginn
Memoirs written in 1903, excerpted by Charles Kelly from the original. This portion is concerned with Ginn's trip from Independence, Missouri, to San Bernardino, California, in 1857, in company with Johnston's Army as far as Utah. After obtaining a safe conduct from Brigham Young he left for San Bernardino in company with other non-Mormons. Gives his own lurid account of the Mountain Meadows Massacre and the Akin murders. Ginn also comments at length on the Indian tribes in the area and the Mormon influence on the Indians. 34 pp.
19 39
Isaac Henry Grace
B. 9 August 1857. Both papers are brief biographical notes from interviews. Talks about early Nephi and farming. 17 pp.
19 40
Albert J. Grames
B. 24 September 1862. M. 1883 to Cecelia Downard; d. prior to 1895. M. 24 April 1895 to Lilly S. Bass. Handwritten biographical notes from an interview. Life in early Utah. Notes problems with the Indians in Richfield. 5 pp.
19 41
Fannie Ellsworth Greenwell
B. 29 April 1862 to Edmund and Mary Ann Bates Ellsworth M. 17 June 1880 to Charles Greenwell. Autobiographical sketch. Personal experience in Utah and Arizona. 7 pp.
19 42
Joseph Gubler
Autobiographical sketch about the water tunnel and ditch at La Verkin. 3 pp.
19 43
Henry Gubler
Autobiographical notes about La Verkin and the water problems. 2 pp.
19 44
Harmon Gubler
B. ca. 1856. M. 1881 to Salina Gubler; d. August 1929. M. 23 December 1931 to Maria H. Ray. Autobiographical sketch from an interview. Life in Santa Clara, Utah. Mentions the United Order in Santa Clara. 7 pp.
19 45
Casper Gubler
B. 1 August 1835. M. (n. d.) to Katherine, Magdalina (Katherine's daughter), and Potena. M. ca. 1888 to Agnes F. H. Gubler. D. 3 December 1917. Biographical sketch. Raised in Switzerland, settled in southern Utah in 1861. Tells of life in Santa Clara. 9 pp.
19 46
Anna M. Stucki Reber Hafen
B. 5 May 1854 in Switzerland. M. 4 August 1873 to her uncle John Reber as plural wife; d. ca. 15 August 1873. M. November 1873 to John Hafen as plural wife; d. 4 May 1928. Autobiographical sketch. Table of contents and name index. Tells of life in Santa Clara and Bunkerville. Descriptions of Indians in the area and living conditions are good. 36 pp.
19 47
Ephraim Hall
B. 8 May 1859 in Ogden to Newton Daniel and Sarah Jane Busenbark Hall. M. 18 January 1899 to Annie Laura Prince; d. 29 January 1934. 6 pp.
19 48
Julia Hanson Hall
B. 28 January 1860 near Glenwood, Iowa. M. 18 January 1882 to Alfred L. Hall; d. 3 January 1934. D. 12 August 1935. Autobiographical sketch. Tells of settlement of Rockville. 13 pp.
19 49
Martha Ann Gillson Hall
B. 21 October 1850 in Unbentage, South Africa. M. 22 November 1869 to William Henry Hall. Biographical notes from an interview. Pioneer life in Ogden. 3 pp.
19 50
George F. Hamson
B. 8 December 1851. M. 13 April 1874 to Olive Burdette. Biographical notes from an interview. Tells of settlement of Brigham City and mentions father making buttons, coming of the railroad, and driving freight to Montana. Obscure reference to the Bear River Massacre of Shoshone Indians in January 1863. 4 pp.
20 1
Appleton M. Harmon
B. 29 May 1820. Diary, May 1851-March 1853. Table of contents and name index. Original spelling and grammar retained. Missionary experiences in England including effect of the gold discovery in Australia. Notes items of interest from the Salt Lake Deseret News and other brief mention of Mormon troubles in the United States especially in connection with polygamy. 122 pp.
20 2
James Holt Haslam
B. 16 September 1825. M. ca. 1846 to Mary Baugh; d. 1 May 1887. M. ca. 1860 to Ann Redford. D. 13 March 1913. Biographical sketch. Settled in Cedar City 1853. In 1857 rode 600 miles to tell Brigham Young that the Mountain Meadows Massacre had occurred. Moved to Wellsville, Cache Valley after 1860. 1 p.
20 3
Lydia Drusilla Johnson Henderson
B. 29 April 1870 in Toquerville. M. 26 March 1886 to William Jasper Henderson; d. September 1919. Biographical sketch. Childhood in southern Utah, very brief. 3 pp.
20 4
Samuel Newton Henderson
B. 18 April 1838 in Crawford County, Missouri. M. 1869 to Esther Dewhurst; d. 1872. M. 1877 to Sarah Jane Pugmire. D. 22 April 1922. Biographical sketch. Mentions role in Nauvoo Legion to help watch Johston's Army. 2 pp.
20 5
William Jasper Henderson Jr.
B. 2 September 1863. M. 25 March 1885 to Sarah Ann Fletcher. M. 8 January 1914 to Elizabeth Sarah Worthen. Biographical notes. Life in Cannonville (then Clifton), Garfield County, Utah. Gives details of 1888 chase and capture of some train robbers. 16 pp.
20 6
Mary Francis Brown Henry
B. 9 April 1857. M. 1878 to James B. Henry. Biographical sketch about pioneer life in Ashley Valley. 3 pp.
20 7
Edith Lewis Hepworth
B. 5 September 1874. M. 2 January 1901 to Thornton Hepworth; d. 1926. Autobiographical sketch. Name and content index. Childhood in Taylor, Arizona. 7 pp.
20 8
Thornton Hepworth
B. 14 July 1864.l M. 30 January 1884 to Elzina Jane Draper; d. 10 September 1898. M. 2 January 1901 to Edith Lewis. D. 19 September 1926. Brief biographical sketch, life highlights, church positions. 1 p.
20 9
Richard and Lorine Isabel Lamb Higbee
B. (R.) 1859. B. (L.I.L.) 8 January 1862. M. ca. 1883. Number 1-Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Higbee on early southern Utah. The interview is not well organized so it is not very informative. Number 2-Autobiographical sketch, Lorine Isabel Lamb Higbee. Mentions troubles with Indians and Mormon-Gentile competitions. Number 3-Autobiographical sketch, Richard Higbee. Mentions United Order and relations between Mormons in Toquerville and Gentiles at Silver Reef. 19 pp.
20 10
John Hock Hinton
B. 18 October 1839. M. 19 May 1861 to Emma Spendlove; b. 29 January 1842; d. 5 May 1929. D. 25 August 1929. Biographical sketch. Life in Virgin, southern Utah, mentions crops and early industry. 16 pp.
20 11
Thomas Hull
B. 4 November 1805 in Scotland. M. 1825 to Mary McIlvenna; d. prior to 1834. M. 1834 to Mary Benson; d. 1876 M. (n. d.) to Mrs. Mary Duce. D. 2 February 1886. Brief biographical sketch. Settled in Hooper, Weber County about 1859. Genealogical notes on his eldest daughter. 3 pp.
20 12
Dr. Harvey Coe Hulinger
B. 2 December 1824. M. 27 November 1847 to Juliann Blose; separated 1851; d. 20 November 1868. M. 22 December 1854 to Maryett Woolworth; d. 7 December 1880. M. 15 April 1863 to Isabella Rasmussen; church divorce 19 April 1864. M. 1866 to Harriett Perran, on her demand; she cared for herself. M. 22 November 1869 to Christina Peterson; d. 11 November 1906. D. 26 January 1926. Biographical sketch. Mining at Silver Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County. Mentions duties as a doctor in Uintah County, including aiding Indians. Notes from one hundredth birthday celebration. 17 pp.
20 13
Dr. Harvey Coe Hulinger
Number 1-Memoirs 1824-1919, and dated entries to 1922. From this paper comes personal dates as listed above. Recollections of life, including an episode with a woman which nearly brought about his excommunication. Temple records. Number 2-Records of temple work he did or had done. 36 pp.
20 14
James Humphries
B. 28 March 1831. M. August 1850 to sixteen-year-old girl; left him in 1855. M. 12 May 1861 to Dolly M. Allen. Autobiographical sketch. Table of contents and name index. Came to Utah via Australia where he was baptized in 1854. 4 pp.
20 15
Isaac Hunt
B. 1829 M. 27 March 1854 to Ann Newling; b. 4 December 1836; d. 4 January 1905. D. 1904 Autobiographical sketch. Notes about early hard times in Salt Lake City. 7 pp.
20 16
Oliver Boardman Huntington
B. 14 October 1823. M. 17 August 1845 to Mary Neal. M. 25 November 1852 to Hannah M. Saunders. M. (n. d.) to Elvira (no last name); left him in 1860. Diary 1842-1900, first portion 1842 to 1847. Also M. R. McQuown's index to the volume. Diary notes from 1843-1844 then begins an autobiography which is a compilation of short sketches and journals commenced December 10, 1845. He describes the Settlement of and problems in Missouri. Describes life in Nauvoo including the Danites and "Whittling Society." Discusses the death of Joseph Smith and circumstances in the church. Daily diary of mission to England in 1846. Mentions Mormon Battalion and the Mexican War as being God's retribution. 170 pp.
20 17
Oliver Boardman Huntington
Diary 1842-1900, second portion, 1847-1900. Includes brief index by Dale L. Morgan. Daily notes including copies of news articles with his commentary. Comments and explanations about LDS church doctrine, Joseph Smith, and religious experiences. Notes about Indian tribes and personal experiences. 318 pp.
20 18
Oliver Boardman Huntington
Journal 1847-1876, Volume 2 (pages 83-117 are missing). Begins with recollections of English mission including a note on reception of the polygamy doctrine. Detailed account of trip to Utah in 1848. Brief summaries of Brigham Young's sermons. Descriptions of Salt Lake and Utah valleys. Discusses hard times in early St. George. Much to say about Indians, their lifestyles, and conflicts with Mormon settlers. 129 pp.
20 19
Polly Berthena Huntington
B. 3 November 1849. M. 6 February 1872 to Hyrum Fenno Huntington. Biographical notes from an interview. Pioneer life in Springville, and notes on Indians and their customs. 12 pp.
20 20
Neils Peter Ipson
B. 16 March 1833 in Swenka Bronholm, Denmark. M. ca. November 1854 to Georgana Marie Kellor in Copenhagen. M. 10 October 1864 to Ingra Kerstine Madsen. D. 20 January 1910. Number 1-Biographical sketch, handwritten. Baptized 19 November 1854. Crossed plains with 1856 handcart company. Helped settle St. Thomas, Nevada, the "Muddy Mission" until abandoned in 1870, when he moved to Panguitch, Utah. Number 2-Biographical notes from an interview. 6 pp.
20 21
Linda L. Irwin
B. 1 January 1852 in Port Gibson, Ontario County, New York. Biographical notes from an interview. Miss Irwin taught school in Ogden for thirty-eight years; much about pioneer schools and teaching. 4 pp.
20 22
Alice Parker Isom
B. 8 January 1848. M. 12 July 1868 to George Isom; b. 17 August 1846; d. 6 December 1885. Journal 1848-1923 with earlier genealogical notes. Table of contents and name index. Tells of life in St. George. Personal memories and notes about her family and neighbors. Ran a store in St. George and acted as a midwife. Latter portion of the journal notes much temple work done by her for the family organization. 39 pp.
20 23
Lehi Jackman
B. 28 July 1797 in Vermont to Francis and Elisabeth Carr Jackman. M. 13 November 1817 to Anjaline Myer; d. January 1846. M. ca. mid 1846 to Salley Plumb. Autobiographical sketch with diary entries, 1797-1848. Original spelling and grammar retained. Brief genealogy. Description of trouble in Missouri. May 1835 begins diary entries, very brief notes. Traveled and stayed with first group of pioneers in 1847. Descriptions of scenery, weather and Indians. Nine pages of family genealogy and temple work. 80 pp.
20 24-25
Norton Jacob
B. 11 August 1804. M. 20 November 1830 to Emily Heaton. D. 30 January 1879. Autobiographical with diary entries 1804-1852. One copy with original spelling and grammar retained and edited copy published for the family organization. Genealogical notes. Much about life in Nauvoo and trouble there, member of Nauvoo Legion. Detailed diary entries about first trip to Utah and return to Winter Quarters in 1847. Includes blessing texts and copies of letters. Also has theological musings and notes about Brigham Young as head of the church and remarks on divergent sects. Ms 175 pp.; The Record of Norton Jacob (1949) 114 pp.
20 26
Brigham Jarvis
B. 20 October 1850. M. 11 January 1877 to Mary Forsythe. Biographical sketch. Major events in his life, especially his role in development of irrigation systems in southern Utah. 4 pp.
20 27
George Frederick Jarvis
B. 16 June 1847. M. 21 October 1872 to Eleanor Cannon Woodbury; d. 25 July 1921. M. 11 January 1877 to Roseinia Sylvester (plural wife); d. 1 January 1913. D. 1 January 1919. Biographical sketch. Table of contents and name index. Personal experiences, much related to poor health. Some notes on polygamy and his arrest for unlawful cohabitation. Genealogical notes. 16 pp.
20 28
James H. Jennings
B. 18 March 1853. Autobiographical sketch, 1853-1935. Content and name index. Describes early life in Rockville, lists early settlers. Description of Navajo War of 1866. 8 pp.
20 29
Joel Hills Johnson
B. 12 January 1802. M. November 1826 to Anna P. Johnson; d. 1840. M. 20 October 1840 to Susan Bryant (plural wife). M. 25 October 1845 to Janet Fife (plural wife). M. 11 October 1860 to Margaret Threlkeld (plural wife). D. 24 September 1882. Diary 1860-1862 and autobiographical sketch. Content and name index. Patented a shingle-cutting machine 8 December 1829. Joined LDS church June 1831. Member of Deseret Legislature 1849-1850. Diary contains numerous original, spiritual poems and hymns as well as general descriptions of life in southern Utah communities. 99 pp.
20 30
Elizabeth Stolwarthy Jolley
B. 17 September 1858. M. 1874 to William Jackson Jolley. Brief biographical sketch. Describes contention between Mt. Garmel and Orderville over the United Order. 3 pp.
21 1
Daniel W. Jones
B. no date. M. 29 January 1852 to Harriet Emily Colton. Autobiographical sketch. Joined church 22 January 1851. Member of the Mormon Battalion. Sent by Brigham Young to aid handcart emigrants trapped at Devil's Gate, 1856. 11 pp.
21 2
Emily Miller Jones
B. 15 March 1840 in Winchester, Illinois. M. August 1860. Biographical sketch. Methodist woman who married a Mormon and emigrated to Utah. Reluctantly embraced polygamy. 3 pp.
21 3
Isaac Morley Jones
B. 3 August 1863 in Fairview, Utah. Autobiographical sketch. Cowboy, rancher, and then industrial teacher at Indian school at Whiterocks Agency. 7 pp.
21 4
Thomas J. Jones
B. 6 September 1838 in Pittsfield, Illinois. M. 20 October 1860 to Emily Miller. M. May 1878 to Johanna C. Larson. M. June 1879 to Alice Hall. Autobiographical sketch. Content and name index. Emigrated from Illinois to Willard, Utah, April 1852. Called to Panaca, Nevada, 1865. Spent six months in penitentiary for polygamy. 3 pp.
21 5
William Ellis Jones
B. 6 April 1817 in County Flint, England. M. 28 February 1843 to Louisa Leavitt; d. 29 May 1855. M. 3 February 1856 to Dinah Vaughan; d. 23 May 1895. M. 15 February 1862 to Martha Vaughan, oldest daughter of his second wife; d. 28 January 1877. Autobiographical sketch. Journal covering period 28 June 1861 to 22 May 1896. Original spelling and punctuation preserved. Content and name index, no pagings. Autobiographical sketch describes his youthful search for religious truth. Emigrated to United States February 1842; arrived Salt Lake City July 1861. Journal has mostly personal and family information, but is also a moving record of a difficult and poverty stricken life. 88 pp.
21 6
Treharne Sage and Thomas J. Jones
Biographical sketches of Thomas J. William and Treharne Jones. Residents of Cedar City. 11 pp.
21 7
Emmett Company Expedition
Description by William Decatur Kartchner of the Emmett Expedition to the Missouri River, 1845. 6 pp.
21 8
Susannah Rogers Sangiovanni Pickett Keate
B. 5 July 1813 at Lake Champlain. M. 5 November 1833 to Benedetto Sangiovanni. Number 1-Memoirs written to her son G. G. R. Sangiovanni about his father Benedetto Giovanni, an Italian noblemen (b. ca. 1781). He was exiled for his support of King Murat. Married Susannah Rogers 5 November 1833. Number 2-Biographical sketch of Susanah Keate by Ethel J. Bennett. Settled in Florida, then immigrated to England, June 1834. Converted to Mormonism while in England, abandoned her husband and left for America. Married James Pickett while crossing the plains. Settled in St. George. 19 pp.
21 9
Mary Alice Cannon Lambert
Typescript copy of Part XIII of the journal of Charles Lambert, written by his wife Mary Alice Cannon after his death in April 1892. Journal covers 1 January 1897 to October 1909. Contains only very brief entries recording daily activities. 53 pp.
21 10
Jacob H. Langston
B. 20 January 1863 in Rockville, Utah. M. 1 October 1884 to Alice Maude Hall; d. 18 July 1922. Biographical sketch by his daughter Maud L. Bishop 7 pp.
21 11
John Langston
B. 8 March 1822 in London, England. M. 5 September 1844 to Clearinda Phillips. M. 7 March 1857 to Elizabeth A. Freestone. D. 3 December 1882. Number 1-Life sketch taken from his journal. Pioneer resident of Rockville, Utah. Number 2-Autobiography written when Langston was fifty-five years old. Original spelling and puncturation preserved. 23 pp.
21 12
Hyrum Leany
B. 26 August 1852 in Parowan, Utah. M. 15 May 1889 to Mary Margaret Woodbury. Biographical sketch. Pioneer resident of Parowan and Harrisburg. 5 pp.
21 13
William Leany
B. 19 December 1815 in Kentucky. Autobiographical sketch. Content and name index. Relates experiences of father and grandfather in French and Indian, and Revolutionary wars. Participant at Haun's Mill Massacre. Went west in 1856. Mentions Walker War. 16 pp.
21 14
John D. Lee
Number 1-Typescript of the "Life of John D. Lee." Brief description; little information-mainly anecdotal. Brief mention of Lee's involvement in Mountain Meadows Massacre. Number 2-Interview summary. Description of Lee house in Washington County. Brief description of Lee's burial. Number 3-Biography of Lee with frequent excerpts from Lights and Shadows of Mormonism, by Josiah F. Gibbs and Mountain Meadows Massacre by Charles W. Penrose. 11 pp.
21 15
John Roy Lee
B. 1889 in Panguitch, Utah. Biographical sketch. Brief genealogy. Educator and rancher. 3 pp.
21 16
William Lee
B. 6 September 1820 in Stourport, England. M. 10 April 1855 to Mary Lyon. M. 8 January 1884 to Elizabeth Jasper; b. 3 May 1820. D. 10 February 1895. Biographical sketch from the Grantsville Observer, including a portion of his diary about missions to the Indians in Utah. 9 pp.
21 17
James Allan Lieshman
B. 1 September 1829 in Scotland. M. 30 November 1857 to Catherine Thomas. M. 12 June 1879 to Mary Ann Burch. D. 18 April 1923. Autobiographical sketch. Taught school in Wellsville, Cache County clerk and probate officer 1873-1877. 2 pp.
21 18
David Lewis Journal Excerpt
Excellent description of events leading up to Haun's Mill Massacre and detailed account of the massacre giving names of those killed. 17 pp.
21 19
James Lewis
B. 18 June 1814. M. 9 May (n. y.) to Emily Johnson Holman. M. 5 April 1877 to Bateman (plural wife). D. 29 May 1898. Biographical sketch. Content and name index. Mission to China, 1852. Served in legislature 1854-1855. 7 pp.
21 20
Commodore Perry Liston
B. 31 March 1821 in Portsmouth, Ohio. M. 21 July 1844 to Elizabeth Reeves. M. 16 June 1853 to Laura Farnsworth. M. 1 December 1856 to Mary Ann Bowers Anelus and Jane Anelus. Biographical sketch. Content and name index. Settled in Pleasant Grove, was United States deputy marshal, Cedar City marshal. 12 pp.
21 21
Jesse C. Little Letters
Letters to J. C. Little from Wilford Woodruff (1846), Brigham Young (1846, 1847), and William Smith (1845). 10 pp.
21 22
Lloyd, Christianna Dixie
B. 1 April 1862 in Washington, Utah. M. 17 September 1880 to Heber C. Rieling. Biographical sketch. 3 pp.
21 23
Taklla Amanda Anderson Luke
B. 11 May 1866 in Sweden. M. 20 January 1896 to Charles W. Luke. Biographical notes. 4 pp.
21 24
Amasa M. Lyman
Number 1--Journal, 8 April to 10 September 1847. Journal of 1847 trip across the plains. The journal was kept by Albert Carrington for Lyman. A note by Dale Morgan states, "Since Lyman departed from the pioneer company on June 3, 1847 to meet the detachment of the Mormon Battalion and Mississippi Saints who had wintered at Pueblo and did not arrive in Salt Lake Valley until July 27, 1847; and since Albert Carrington, who continues to keep the journal, went on to Salt Lake Valley with the Pioneer Company, the activities of Lyman himself are not depicted during this period; the observations of Carrington, however, are of the greatest value and interest for the journey of the Pioneer company itself from Ft. Laramie to Salt Lake Valley." Number 2--Journal Number 16, 1857-1863. Number 3--Colorado River Expedition--excerpted from Journal Number 16, 18 April-2 July 1857, 11 January-7 May 1858, 8-31 December 1862, 1 January-15 April 1863. 143 pp.
21 25
John T. D. McAllister
B. 19 February 1827 in Delaware. M. 5 July 1847 to Ellen Handley; b. 4 November 1829. M. (n. d.) to Angeline Sophronia Coforth; b. 10 July 1840 M. (n. d.) to Cornelia Agatha Lenzi; b. 13 April 1844. M. 2 August 1869 to Elizabeth Bell; b. 4 April 1827. M. (n. d.) to Ann__. M. (n. d.) to Alvina Mackley; b. 5 March 1840. M. (n. d.) to Matilda Christina Neilson. M. (n. d.) to Ann Eliza Wells; b. 20 August 1859. D. 21 January 1910. Biographical sketch. 5 pp.
21 26
William James Frazier McAllister
B. 16 August 1845 in Portsville, Delaware. M. 3 October 1869 to Eleanor Jackson Adams. M. (n. d.) to Angie Brown. Number 1--Autobiographical sketch. Number 2--Biographical sketch same facts, but greatly embellished. 34 pp.
21 27
Isaac Chauncey McFarlane
B. 3 November 1855 in Cedar City. M. 8 January 1877 to Hepzibah Smith; d. 6 March 1891. M. 16 March 1892 to Christina Forsythe. Biographical sketch. Was Washington County engineer. 2 pp.
21 28
John Menzies McFarlane
B. 11 October 1833 in Stirlingshire, Scotland. M. 15 December 1854 to Ann Chatterly; b. 3 March 1837. M. 9 October 1866 to Agnes Eliza Hayborne (plural wife). M. 30 January 1879 to Elizabeth Jan Adams (plural wife). D. ca. 1882 at age of 59. Number 1--Biographical sketch. Settled finally in St. George as an attorney and a judge. Number 2--Biographical sketch of Ann Chatterly Mc Farlane, Cedar City, learned Indian language and acted as interpreter. Number 3--"A True Indian Story," told by Anne C. Mc Farlane. 5 pp.
21 29
William P. MacIntire
B. 29 May 1813 in Pennsylvania. M. (n.d.) to Anna Patterson; b. 19 December 1811. Biographical sketch. Confused account, little information given. 2 pp.
21 30
Brigham Y. McMullin
B. 29 March 1851 in Salt Lake City. M. 11 January 1877 to Ada Parker; b. 29 May 1856. Autobiographical sketch with several signed statements to correct "falsehoods" used against him. 10 pp.
21 31
David McMullin
Typescript of an interview. Briefly describes life in southern Utah, very few details, no dates. 7 pp.
21 32
Addie Taylor Maxwell
B. 12 March 1866. M. 11 April 1883 to Philander Maxwell. Biographical notes from an interview. 5 pp.
21 33
Priddy Meeks
Journal, written about 1879, by a pioneer doctor. Describes many diseases, medicines, and cures. Of particular interest is Meeks's discourse on obstetrics. Journal also records events in Nauvoo, Salt Lake City, Parowan, Orderville, and St. George. 133 pp.
21 34
Eliza Jane Van Luven Merrill
B. 25 August 1845 in Davis County, Illinois. M. 17 April 1869 to John Merrill. Biographical sketch. 4 pp.
21 35
Samuel Miles
B. 8 April 1826 in New York. M. 6 September 1849 to Hannah Marinda Colborn. Autobiographical sketch. Content and name index. Excellent description of his journey with the Mormon Battalion. 35 pp.
21 36
David Moore
B. 1 July 1851. M. (n.d.) to Elizabeth Stone. Biographical sketch from an interview. 4 pp.
21 37
Heber Naegle
Biographical sketch. Incomplete and ambiguous. 4 pp.
21 38
John C. Naegle
B. 14 September 1825 in Bavaria, Germany. M. 15 June 1853 to Mary Louisa Kepple. D. 10 September 1899. Biographical sketch. First to start wine making industry in southern Utah. 10 pp.
21 39
Price W. Nelson
B. 29 August 1855. M. 11 January 1878 to Mary Louisa. M. 1885 to Charlotte Ann Tanner. Autobiography in three sections. Section II contains name and content index, and Section III describes Mountain Meadows Massacre. 105 pp.
21 40
Hannah Isabell Fawcett Nixon
B. 17 January 1845 in Nauvoo, Illinois. M. February 1876. Autobiographical sketch. Name and content index. 21 pp.
22 1
Olive Olsen
B. 3 June 1853 in Denmark. M. 10 April 1876 to Sarah Jane Tidwell. Biographical notes from an interview. Arrived in Utah in 1866 and settled in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. 7 pp.
22 2
William Olson
B. 3 June 1853 in Denmark. M. 10 April 1876 to Sarah Jane Tidwell. Biographical notes from an interview. Arrived in Utah in 1866 and settled in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. 7 pp.
22 3
Ott Family
Ott, David Bento B. 10 March 1842 in Clay County, Illinois. M. 22 October 1865 to Hannah Normington. D. 30 October 1921. Biographical sketch. Arrived in Utah, October 1848. Called to Dixie, 1861. Settled in Duncan's Retreat and later Tropic, Utah. Ott, Hannah Normington B. 10 August 1849 in England. D. 23 May 1917. Biographical sketch. Ott, James R. B. 3 January 1873 in Duncan, Utah. M. 4 May 1897 to Janet M. Johnson. Biographical sketch. 10 pp.
22 4
Clara Jane Sanford Packard
B. 19 October 1866 in Springville, Utah. M. 18 November 1885 to Dr. Nephi Henry Packard. Biographical sketch. Attended Democratic Convention in Denver when William Jennings Bryant was nominated for President. 5 pp.
22 5
Maria Jackson Normington Parker
B. (n. d.) in Lancashire, England. M. (n. d.) to Thomas Normington. Biographical sketch. Arrived in Utah 1856. Member of the Martin Handcart Company. Excellent description of the difficult journey. 7 pp.
22 6
Ansine M. Peterson
B. 14 September 1845 in Denmark. M. 1866 to Jens Pederson; d. 15 May 1879. M. August 1881 to William Hall; divorced, 1890. Autobiography. Converted to Mormonism in Denmark; describes persecution of Saints in Denmark. Emigrated to America 1866. 50 pp.
22 7
Charles Shreeve Peterson
B. 18 July 1818 in Mount Holly, New Jersey. M. 1837 to Ann Dennis; d. 12 September 1844. M. 1846 to Mary Ann Patten. M. 1849 to Ann Patten (plural wife). M. 1870 to Margaret Crispin (plural wife). M. 8 January 1872 to Mary Thompson (plural wife). D. 26 September 1889. Autobiographical sketch. Converted in 1842. Describes life in Nauvoo and the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor. Settled in Alpine, Utah, 1852, then Weber Valley in 1854. Probate judge of Morgan County, 1862-1865. Representative to territorial legislature 1864-1865 and 1865 to 1866. Moved to Mesa, Arizona, in 1883 and then to Mexico. 11 pp.
22 8
Amy Carlina Davis Phillips
B. 29 August 1851 in Spanish Fork, Utah. Biographical notes from an interview. Tells the story of Mrs. Phillips's brother-in-law, Frank Warner. After Chief Sagewitch was killed at the Battle of Bear River, his son was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Saul Warner. They named him Frank and raised him as their own son. 5 pp.
22 9
Helen Grimes Prewer
B. 5 June 1873. M. 13 December 1893 to Daniel S. McCollum. M. 13 January 1896 to Fred N. Prewer. Biographical notes from an interview. Raised in Paradox, Colorado. Moved to La Sal, Utah, in 1893. Recalls the removal of the Uncompagre Utes from Colorado to Utah in 1894. She is a Seventh Day Adventist. 2 pp.
22 10
Frederick Reber
B. 14 May 1862 in Bern, Switzerland. M. October 1885 to Mary Frei. Autobiographical sketch. Emigrated with family to Utah in 1873. Settled in Santa Clara. 3 pp.
22 11
John and Samuel Reber
Biographical sketch. John emigrated from Switzerland in 1860. Settled at Millcreek. Called to Dixie in 1861. His two wives were Catherina Graff and Anna Barbara Stucki. Samuel emigrated in 1873 and both brothers settled in Santa Clara. John died shortly thereafter. Samuel moved to Littlefield, Arizona. 3 pp.
22 12
Edmund Reese
B. 1 May 1858 in South Wales. M. 7 January 1882 to Hanna Chappel. Biographical notes from an interview. Very brief. 3 pp.
22 13
Charles C. Rich
B. 21 August 1809 in Campbell County, Kentucky. M. 11 February 1838 to Sarah P. Pea. D. November 1883. Biographical sketch. Converted to Mormonism in 1832. Member of Zion's Camp, 1834. Settled in Far West, 1837. Fought in the Battle of Crooked River in which David W. Patten was killed. Moved to Nauvoo in 1839. Appointed commander of the Nauvoo Legion 29 April 1844. May 14, 1844, sent to Michigan to campaign for Joseph Smith's election as president. Fled Nauvoo 15 February 1846. Appointed to preside over Pisgah Stake April 1846. Arrived Council Bluffs 12 March 1847. Appointed to the California Mission to locate land for incoming converts from the Pacific Islands. In 1851 he purchased a ranch in San Bernardino for this purpose. Remained in California until 1857. Represented Davis County in the territorial legislature in 1858. 8 pp.
22 14
Mary Ann Parker Richards
B. 4 November 1859 in England. D. 20 December 1914. Biographical sketch. 3 pp.
22 15
Adelia Wilson Riding
B. 18 August 1878 in Fairview, Utah. M. December 1894 to David J. Wilson; d. September 1912. M. June 1916 to Frank Riding. Biographical sketch. Lived in Dublan, Mexico. Returned to Utah, 1911 settling in Hillsdale. After her first husband's death, she studied to be a nurse and moved to Tropic. 3 pp.
22 16
Christopher Lister Riding
B. 10 February 1816 in England. M. ca. 1840 to Ann Hale. M. Eliza Adelade Dolbell (plural wife). D. 29 November 1897. Biographical sketch. 6 pp.
22 17
Willis Eugene Robison
B. 1 March 1854 in Illinois. Biographical notes from an interview. Describes pioneer life in Fillmore, Utah. 15 pp.
22 18
Isabel King Rogers
B. 17 August 1858. Biographical notes from an interview. Describes pioneer life in Fillmore, Utah. 10 pp.
22 19
James Henry Rollins
B. 27 May 1816 in Lima, New York M. 4 September 1838 to Eveline Walker Autobiography. 33 pp.
22 20
Lottie Ballard Russel
Biographical notes. Original poem by Eliza R. Snow. 2 pp.
22 21
Amelia Nedher Schmurtz
B. 26 October 1865 in Switzerland. M. 28 April 1887 to Gottlieb Schmurtz. Biographical sketch. Emigrated to America in 1874 and settled in Santa Clara, Utah. 3 pp.
22 22
Mrs. John Schmurtz
M. 14 May 1876 to John Schmurtz. Biographical sketch concerned mostly with her father Henry Schalppe. 12 pp.
22 23
Myron Franklin Sevy
B. 22 June 1866. M. 14 August 1890 to Lydia Francis Cameron. Biographical notes from an interview. 11 pp.
22 24
Frank Marion Shafer
22 25
David James Shakespeare
B. 20 May 1861. M. 3 March 1885 to Maria D. Dickinson. Biographical notes from an interview. Describes pioneer life in St. George and Panguitch. 8 pp.
22 26
George D. Shakespeare
B. 24 July 1872 in Panguitch, Utah. M. 21 May 1895 to Francis M. Lee. Biographical sketch. Describes pioneer life in Panguitch and Tropic, Utah. 3 pp.
22 27
Maria Delight Dickinson Shakespeare
B. 1861 in Salt Lake City. M. 1885 to David J. Shakespeare. Autobiographical sketch. Describes pioneer life in Santa Clara and Panguitch. 3 pp.
22 28
William John Shakespeare
B. 15 April 1875 in Panguitch, Utah. M. 20 December 1899 to Matilda Ann Stolworthy. Biographical sketch taken from Utah by J. Cecil Alter. 3 pp.
22 29
Ellis R. Shipp
B. 1847. M. 1866 to Milford Bard Shipp. Biographical sketch. Attended Women's Medical College in Philadelphia. Graduated in 1878. Charter member of the Women's Press Club. Delegate to the National Council of Women in Washington, D. C. (no date given). In 1936 she was made an honorary member of the Washington Medical Sorority. Named to Utah's Hall of Fame in February 1938. The journals and diaries of Dr. Shipp are found in the Special Collections Department, University of Utah Library, Acc. 467. 4 pp.
22 30
Richard Franklin Shumway
B. 10 April 1868 in Mendon, Utah. M. 29 October 1891 to Margaret Hannah Johnson. Biographical sketch. Describes life as a sheepherder in Kanab and Tropic, Utah. 2 pp.
22 31
Annie Hermin Cardon Shaw
B. 23 January 1861 in Marriott, Utah. M. 25 September 1879 to Myrtille Shaw. Autobiographical sketch. Describes pioneer life in Corinne, Utah. Attended a Methodist school there. Mentions a black family named Able who were converts to the Mormon church. They supported themselves by putting on minstrel shows. Mrs. Shaw's mother Anna Furrer, was one of the first doctors in Utah. 6 pp.
22 32
Luman Andros Shurtliff
M. 4 July 1830 to Eunice Bagg Gaylord; d. 7 October 1845. M. 2 November 1845 to Altamira Gaylord. M. 26 January 1848 to Cynthia Noble (plural wife). M. 9 December 1854 to Mary Eliza Adams (plural wife). This sketch embraces the years from 1807 to 1864. It is taken from Shurtliff's personal journal, written during his lifetime. The first four pages contain a chronology of his life; record of his church, military, and business accomplishments: and a list of his marriages and children. Shurtliff records the early years of the Mormon church and offers excellent descriptions of the difficulties faced by church members. Shurtliff was a member of the Nauvoo Legion and the Danites. 119 pp.
22 33
Adelaide Jackson Slack
B. 1868. Autobiographical sketch. Raised in Toquerville, Utah. Brief description of life in a polygamous family, the United Order, and home industry. 3 pp.
22 34
Amelia Theobald Slack
B. (n. d.) in Duncan's Retreat. Autobiographical sketch. Raised in Toquerville, Utah. Mentions the murder of the Berry brothers by Indians (no date given). Remembers hiding her sister and baby from the federal officials hunting polygamists. 2 pp.
22 35
Caroline Lamb Slack
B. 1859. Autobiographical sketch. Describes pioneer life in Dalton, Pine Valley, and Toquerville. Interview between Juanita Brooks and Mrs. Slack. Briefly recalls Levi Savage, Jacob Hamblin, Porter Rockwell, John D. Lee, and Jim Andrus. Gives a short description of Silver Reef. Mentions the murder of the Berry brothers and the lynching of Tom Forests. 4 pp.
22 36
Lorenzo Jefferies Slack
B. 1856. Autobiographical sketch. Describes pioneer life in Cedar City, Santa Clara, Grafton, and Toquerville. Mentions the death of the Berry brothers. Joined the United Order at Toquerville. Worked at Silver Reef. 3 pp.
22 37
Walter Slack
Autobiographical sketch. Describes the construction of the Hurricane Canal. Worked an oil well during the Virgin oil boom. Briefly describes politics in southern Utah. 4 pp.
22 38
Eliza Mathews Smith
B. 28 March 1834 in Ranford, England. Daughter of William Mathews and Hepzibah Jarvis. M. 5 November 1855 to Charles Smith. Biographical sketch. Settled in St. George. 2 pp.
22 39
John A. Smith
B. 11 June 1855 in Cedar City, Utah. M. 1877 to Lottle Swindlehurst. Biographical notes from an interview. Describes pioneer life in Beaver, Utah. Remembers troubles with squatters in 1870s. 7 pp.
22 40
Orson Smith
B. 4 July 1853. D. 6 August 1935. Biographical notes from an interview. Raised in Cache Valley and Paradise. 8 pp.
22 41
Ruth Smith
B. 7 December 1848 in Hull, England. M. William Wallace Hammond. Biographical sketch. Raised in Parowan and Cedar City, Utah. Settled in Panguitch and Toquerville. 2 pp.
22 42
Thomas Price and Mary Dugard Smith
B. (T. P. S.) 6 November 1806 in England. B. (M. D.) 8 January 1815 in England. D. (T. P. S.) 3 April 1896. D. (M. D.) 3 January 1856. Biographical sketch. Converted to Mormonism in 1840. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1852. Settled in Cedar City. 5 pp.
22 43
Thomas Washington Smith
B. 23 December 1815 in Gibson County, Tennessee. D. 28 December 1892. Biographical sketch. Settled in Nauvoo in 1843. Arrived in Utah 1851. Settled in Provo, Fillmore, Washington, Pariah, and finally Tropic. 2 pp.
22 44
William George Smith
B. 28 October 1850 in Oxton, England. M. 7 August 1876 to Diana Bingham. Biographical notes from an interview. Arrived in Salt Lake City in 1862. Was attacked by Sioux Indians while crossing the plains. Describes daily life in Huntsville. 6 pp.
22 45
William Spendlove
B. 15 November 1849 in England. M. 1871 to Lydia Halliday. D. 1923. Biographical sketch. Crossed the plains with the first handcart company. Settled in Virgin City. Moved to Grafton. 2 pp.
22 46
Moroni Spillsbury
Autobiographical sketch and interview with Juanita Brooks. Lived in Grafton, Rockville, and Toquerville. Describes the murder of the Berry brothers near Grafton. Mentions Mountain Meadows Massacre, John D. Lee, Jim Andrus, Lot Smith, and Buffalo Bill. 9 pp.
22 47
John Staheli
B. 28 May 1857 in Turgan, Switzerland. M. 18 January 1882 to Barbara Tobler. Autobiographical sketch. Emigrated to America 1861. Settled in Santa Clara. 5 pp.
22 48
Michael Standley
M. 27 February 1879 to Naomi Kent. M. 31 December 1885 to Maryette Rice; d. 28 May 1924. Autobiography (pages 3 and 4 missing). Describes life in Farmington and Hyrum. After his father's death, Mr. Standley's mother was forced to enter a plural marriage in order to survive. 43 pp.
22 49
Young Elizabeth Steele Stapley
B. 9 August 1847 in Salt Lake City. M. 21 February 1864 to James Stapley; d. 19 May 1920. Biographical sketch. The first child born in Salt Lake Valley, daughter of John and Catherine Steele. Raised in Parowan and Toquerville. After marriage, moved to Kanarra. She was a midwife. Biographical notes from an interview. 6 pp.
22 50
Milton Ezra Stead
B. 23 January 1899 in Farmington, Utah. Biographical sketch from Utah by J. Cecil Alter. 2 pp.
22 51
Mary Ann Peterson Stevens
B. 25 December 1839 in New Jersey. M. 1854 to Roswell Stevens. D. 9 February 1924. Biographical sketch. Daughter of Charles Greeve Peterson and Ann B. Dennis. Came to Utah in 1849, settled in Alpine. Settled in Weber Valley, after marriage, then moved to Centerville. 2 pp.
22 52
Thomas and Matilda Stolworthy
B. (T.) 8 December 1829 in England. B. (M.) 13 August 1827 in England. M. 13 May 1849. Biographical sketch. Came to Salt Lake in 1849. Settled in Cache Valley, Parowan, Centerville, and the Muddy Mission in 1888. Returned to Mt. Carmel and then joined the United Order in Orderville. After the United Order dissolved, settled in Huntington, and finally Tropic. 3 pp.
22 53
Charlotte Gale Stone
B. 25 July 1860 in Ogden. M. 12 June 1880 to Moroni Stone. Biographical notes from an interview. 4 pp.
22 54
Allen Joseph Stout
B. 5 December 1815 in Mercer County, Kentucky. M. 17 July 1843 to Elizabeth Anderson; d. 30 January 1848. M. 30 April 1848 to Amanda M. Fisk; d. 21 September 1888. D. 18 December 1889. Number 1--Autobiography-journal covering period 1815-1889. A genealogical record of the Stout family is also included. Son of Peter and Ann Stout. Contained within the text of the journal are excerpts from The Good Old Times in McLean County, Illinois, by Dr. E. Suiz (1874) and The History of McLean Co. Illinois (1879). Describes the early period of the church. The remainder of the journal is a record of daily activities of Stout's life in Utah. Number 2--Biography by Wayne Stout, "Allen Joseph Stout, a Great Champion of Mormonism." 135 pp.
22 55
Charles Henry Stratford
B. 17 September 1863 in Farmington, Utah. M. 6 September 1883 to Ida Lynham. Biographical notes from an interview. 4 pp.
22 56
Edwin A. Stratford
B. 17 October 1856 in Tarrytown, New York. M. 6 February 1879 to Mary Maude Coates-Bergstrom. Biographical notes from an interview. Apprentice printer on the Ogden Junction. Assisted in establishing the Logan Leader. Later owned his own printing company. 4 pp.
22 57
George C. Streeter
22 58
Barbara Staheli Graff Stucki
B. 25 December 1861 in Santa Clara, Utah. M. 15 October 1884 to Henry Graff; d. 1890. M. December 1900 to Edward Stucki; d. 23 January 1923. Autobiographical sketch.
22 59
Christian Stucki
B. 7 October 1859 in Rotanback, Switzerland. M. 31 May 1883 to Mary Gubler. Autobiographical sketch of life in Santa Clara. 6 pp.
23 1
Andrew A. Taylor
B. 4 July 1863 in Santaquin, Utah. M. 5 November 1885 to Deliah Empey. Biographical notes from an interview. 4 pp.
23 2
William H. Tebbs
B. 12 November 1869 in Nephi, Utah. M. 20 November 1895 to Lois Crosby; d. 25 May 1932. Biographical sketch taken from Utah by J. Cecil Alter. Tebbs was a cattleman and banker in Panguitch, Utah. 2 pp.
23 3
William Theobald
B. 31 March 1813 in England. M. August 1841 to Martha Lane; d. 30 August 1860. M. 24 November 1860 to Elizabeth Wren. Autobiographical sketch. Name and content index. Served in British navy. Emigrated to America 1850. Settled Duncan's Retreat, 1861 and later Toquerville. 9 pp.
23 4
Joseph Wallace Thomas
B. 23 February 1872 in Kanarraville, Utah. M. to Grace Pratt; divorced 1911. M. 1913 to Rachel Wilson. Biographical sketch. 6 pp.
23 5
Squire Thornton
B. 13 March 1834 in England. M. 8 December 1861 to Martha Oldfield. Autobiographical sketch. Emigrated to America 1859. Crossed the plains in 1859 with handcart company. Settled in Lehi. 10 pp.
23 6
Tintic Pioneers
Short biographical sketches of: John Hanson, John Morley, Patrick Cusick, Matteo Messa, Johnathan Wilbur Green, John O. Packard, Harvey K. Tomkins, V. L. Thomas, Johanna Franke, William Arnold Rose, Grandpa Gardner, and Anna Marks. 13 pp.
23 7
Harvey K. Tomkins
Short biographical sketch. 1 p.
23 8
Joseph Moroni Toombs
B. 22 January 1858 in England. M. 8 January 1888 to Eliza A. Cordon. Biographical sketch. Emigrated to America in 1868. Settled in Ogden, Utah. Describes the ceremonies at Promontory in 1869. His father worked on the railroad. Lived in Corinne and later ranched in the Rozel Valley, Wyoming. 7 pp.
23 9
Thomas Trout
B. 4 July 1863 in Honey Grove, Texas. M. December 1888 to Elizabeth Standifird. Biographical notes from an interview. Cowboy and rancher. Raised in Texas. Later settled in Moab, Utah. 10 pp.
23 10
Adelbert Twitchell
B. 1866 in Overton, Nevada. M. 1891 to Lucy Ann Cottam. M. 19 August 1914 to Eva A. Lofgreen. Biographical sketch. Rancher in Beaver and Widstoe, Utah. 3 pp.
23 11
George William Vogel
B. 21 March 1841 in Piqua, Ohio. M. Anna W. Lucas. M. 10 June 1896 to Martha Roberts. Biographical notes from an interview. Buffalo hunter and miner. Mined in Colorado and Utah. Discovered the only aluminum mine in Utah located at Deer Creek (near Marysvale). Sold his interest in the mine to the Aluminum Company of America. 3 pp.
23 12
Elizabeth Staheli Walker
B. 25 December 1851 in Switzerland. M. 18 April 1870 to Frances Walker; d. 24 October 1907. D. 10 December 1939. Biographical sketch. Life in Santa Clara with first Swiss company. Notes on pioneer life in southern Utah and Nevada. 10 pp.
23 13
Hamilton Wallace
B. (n. d.) in Spanish Fork, Utah. Autobiographical sketch covering mostly the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Wallace was too young to participate, but his father possibly did. 3 pp.
23 14
Clark Warden
B. 15 December 1878 in Marshall, Missouri. M. April 1915 to Ella Weldmur. Cattleman on the Colorado-Utah border near Montrose and Rico and in the Disappointment Valley. 8 pp.
23 15
Robert Orange Warner
B. 6 March 1871 in Kanosh, Utah. M. 1894 to Eva Claire King. Biographical sketch from Utah, by J. Cecil Alter. Resident of Antimony, Utah. 2 pp.
23 16
James William Watson
B. 25 August 1848 in Lincolnshire, England. M. 1867 to Thirza Bunting. Biographical sketch taken from Utah, by J. Cecil Alter. 6 pp.
23 17
Robert Nelson Watts
B. 7 September 1849 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. M. 2 October 1870 to Ellen Thorp. Biographical notes from an interview. Describes life in Ogden. 3 pp.
23 18
Medora Browning Weaver
B. 11 May 1856 in Ogden, Utah. M. 1 December 1873 to William Weaver. Biographical notes from an interview. 4 pp.
23 19
George Gifford Weston
B. 9 September 1848 in England. M. 26 October 1874 to Emma Robinson; d. 24 April 1898. M. 14 August 1914 to Mary Kirk. D. 14 September 1917. Biographical sketch. Worked on railroads in northern Utah. 3 pp.
23 20
Nehemiah Weston
B. 19 July 1820 in England. M. September 1845 to Rosanna Gifford. Biographical sketch. Notes on life in Laketown, including farming and machinery used. 4 pp.
23 21
Elisha Wilbur
B. 1847. M. 6 July 1864 to Ellen Warden. Biographical notes from an interview. Tells of joining the Union army in 1863. Notes about life in Eden, Utah, and his mercantile business. 4 pp.
23 22
George Deliverance Wilson
B. 28 December 1807 in Shelborn, Vermont. M. prior to 1847 to Mary Ellen Johnson. M. (n. d.) to Martha Ann Riste. Biographical sketch. Notes about his work with various mills. 4 pp.
23 23
George Hyrum Wilson and Mary Julia Johnson
B. (G. H.) 4 October 1858. B. (M. J. J.) 13 November 1862. M. 28 November 1878. Biographical sketch. Life in southern Utah. Tells of church activities of family. 3 pp.
23 24
Henrietta Emmett Wilson
B. 21 December 1851. M. 5 May 1871 to Robert B. Wilson. Biographical notes from an interview. Includes some anecdotes about childhood experiences. 4 pp.
23 25
Charles Wintch
B. 28 June 1856 in Switzerland. M. 26 October 1882. Biographical sketch. Notes on trip from Switzerland and carrying mail in Utah. 2 pp.
23 26
Margaret Warner Williams Wood
B. 12 July 1862. M. 20 September 1883 to Mr. Hyrum Royal Williams. Biographical notes from an interview. Much about early Ogden and Salt Lake. References to Johnston's Army. 6 pp.
23 27
Ann Cannon Woodbury
B. 28 January 1832 in Liverpool, England. M. 17 February 1883 to Orin Nelson Woodbury; d. 1890. D. 25 July 1921. Biographical sketch. Life in early southern Utah. Mention of the silk industry. 4 pp.
23 28
Edwin Dilworth Woolley Jr.
B. 30 April 1845 in Nauvoo. M. 9 March 1867 to Emma Geneva Bently. M. 12 April 1877 to Florence Snow. D. 20 July 1920. Number 1--Autobiographical sketch. Personal reminiscences about Utah, Johnston's Army, and the Black Hawk War. Notes on life in southern Utah. Number 2--Extracts dealing with the Navajo raids in 1868. 20 pp.
23 29
Andrew Jackson Workman
B. 16 July 1824. M. June 1855 to Rebecca Dack; d. 1865. M. 17 March 1866 to Sariah A. Eagar. Biographical sketch. Was with the Mormon Battalion. Gives account of work in the California goldfields. Life in southern Utah. 11 pp.
23 30
John Fish Wright
B. 3 October 1841 in England to John P. and Mary Fish Wright. M. 23 February 1864 to Martha D. Gibbs. Biographical notes. Brief life highlights. 1 p.
23 31
Lorenia Normington Wright
B. 16 May 1846. M. 31 July 1864 to William Wright. D. March 1915. Biographical sketch. Early life in southern Utah. 2 pp.
23 32
Colonel Willard Young
B. 30 April 1852 to Brigham and Clarissa Ross Young. M. (n.d.) to Harriet Hooper. D. 25 July 1936. Biographical sketch. Educated at West Point, became a member of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Mentions major accomplishments. 5 pp.
Biographical Notes and Sketches; and Diary and Journal Extracts
Box Folder
24 1
Eveline M. Alexander Diary Extracts
24 2
Robert L. Ashby, "Ashby Ancestry"
24 3
Almon Babbitt Biographical Notes
24 4
John Russell Barrlett Extracts from "Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents..."
24 5
George W. Bean Research Notes
24 6
Hyrum Belnap Interview
24 7-8
John Cook Bennett Research
24 9
John Bennion Diary Extracts
24 10
John M. Bernhisel Biographical Notes
24 11
Lewis Crum Bidanion Biographical Notes
24 12
Abner Blackburn Copy of Journal and other Biographical Notes
24 13
Henry S. Bloom Journal Extracts
24 14
Robert Bond Diary Notes
24 15
Jacob S. Boreman, Extracts from "Reminiscences of My Life in Utah, On and Off the Bench"
24 16
Henry G. Boyle Autobiography and Diary Notes
24 17
N. J. and H. Bradley Journal Extracts
24 18
Mary Bringhurst Diary Extract
24 19
Charilla Abbott Browning Biographical Notes
24 20
Edward Bunker Biography Excertps
24 21
Mary Burrell Diary Notes
24 22
Anson B. Call Statements About Religion and His Life and Other Biographical Notes
24 23
Albert Carrington Description of Exploring Trip to Great Salt Lake
24 24
Robert Chalmers Diary and Biography
Transcripts and comments made by Morgan.
24 25
William Chandless, Notes from "A Visit to Salt Lake"
24 26
David W. Cheesman Memoirs and Extracts
24 27
Alice Young Clawson Biographical Notes
24 28
William Clayton Journal Extract from Juvenile Instructor and Other Biographical Notes
24 29
Tom Clinton Biographical Notes
24 30
James Clyman
Typed extracts with Morgan's notes of James Clyman, American Frontiersman, 1792-1881, ed. Charles L. Camp.
24 31
G. C. Cone Diary Extracts
24 32
Emma Lynette Richardson Conover Autobiography
24 33
Oliver Cowdry Biography and Letterbook Notes
24 34
John Cox Autobiography
24 35
Maggie Cragun Biographical Notes
24 36
Alice Ann Langston Dalton Biographical Notes
24 37
Brigham Dalton Biographical Notes
24 38
Philo Dibble Biographical Notes
24 39
Stephen A. Douglas Biographical Portrait
24 40
Thomas Dunsbee
Journal and notebook, 1690-1726, Some medical recipes.
24 41
Sylvester Earl Biographical Notes
24 42
William A. Empey Journal and Diary Extracts
24 43
Matthew C. Field Diary Notes
24 44
Ben Forsythe Biographical Notes
24 45
John C. Fremont
Notes from memoirs about Utah and Rocky Mountain area; letter to Jessie Benton Fremont.
24 46
Robert Gardner Biographical Notes
24 47
Mary Field Garner Biographical Notes
24 48
Tirzah Farr Gay Biographical Notes
24 49
Miles Goodyear Notes from Tullidge Quarterly Magazine
24 50
Charles Gould Diary Extracts
24 51
Lamoni Grix Biographical Notes from a Newspaper Interview
24 52
Harmon Gubler Biographical Notes
24 53
Lieutenant J. H. Gunnison Journal Copy
24 54
John B. Haas
Autobiography from Pony Express Courier, 1938-1939. Original copies.
24 55
Isaac Haight Journal Notes
24 56
O. J. Hall Journal Notes from "Diary of a Forty Niner"
24 57
Jacob Hamblin Journal Typed Transcription and Notes
24 58
Joseph Hamelin Diary Extracts
24 59
Samuel Handsacker Journal Extracts
24 60
Sarah Hollister Harris Autobiography "An Unwritten Chapter of Salt Lake 1851-1901"
24 61
Charlotte Haven Journal Notes
24 62
Joseph L. Heywood Diary Extracts
24 63
E. D. Howe
Biographical notes, statements against the Mormons and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
24 64
Orson Hyde Biographical Notes, Speech, and Revelation
24 65
Orson W. Huntsman Journal Extracts Typed Transcript
24 66
Andrew Jackson Notes on The Age of Jackson
24 67
Norton Jacob Journal Extracts
24 68
Oliver Jennings Journal Extracts
24 69
Benjamin F. Johnson
Biographical notes; "Sidelights of Early Church History," 1903, a letter written to explain some early history to George S. Gibbs. The letter has McQuown's notes and comments in the margin.
25 1-3
Thomas L. Kane
Research materials including biographical notes and sketches, Morgan's notes from the Yale Coe Collection, and notes from A Friend of the Mormons.
25 4
O. A. Kennedy Biographical Notes from Interview
25 5
Heber C. Kimball Biographical Notes and Sketches
25 6
Lucy Walker Smith Kimball Autobiography Typescript
Published Lyman Omer Littlefield's Reminiscences of Latter-day Saints.
25 7
Vilate Kimball Biographical Notes
25 8
Thomas Oliver Larkin Biographical Notes and Other Materials from the Larkin Papers
25 9-13
John D. Lee Research Materials, Bibliography, and Diary References and Excerpts
25 14
Mary E. Rollins Smith Lightner
Statement attesting to her marriage to Joseph Smith; biographical sketch.
25 15
James C. Little
Circular report to the Eastern and Middle States Mission; letters of confirmation.
25 16
William B. Lorton Diary Excerpts
25 17
Eliza M. Partridge Smith Lyman Biographical Sketch and Journal Summary
25 18
Platte D. Lyman Journal Extracts
25 19
Thomas B. Marsh Biographical Sketch and Notes
25 20
John D. T. McCallister Autobiography and Journal Excerpts
25 21
Isaac McCoy Diary Extracts
25 22
John McCoy Biographical Notes From Pioneering On the Plains.
25 23
Margaret Jane Burgess McIntire Biographical Notes
25 24
Christopher Merkby Biographical Notes
25 25
George Miller Biographical Notes
25 26
Tansom G. Moody Biographical Sketch from The Pioneer
25 27-29
Oliver H. Olney Extracts from the Olney Manuscripts
Notes and comments by Morgan.
25 30
Andrew Orris Journal Notes
25 31
Charles R. Parke Journal Extracts
25 32
John Woolcott Phelps Diary Extracts
25 33
Zebulon M. Pike Biographical Notes
25 34
Isaac Patter Biographical Sketch
25 35
Sarah L. Porter Autobiographical Notes
25 36
John Pulsipher Journal Extracts
25 37
Jules Remy Notes from A Journey to Great Salt Lake City
25 38
Charles C. Rich Biographical Notes
25 39
Samuel Richards Diary and Journal Extracts
25 40
Willard Richards Journal Extracts and Notes
25 41
Sidney Rigdon Biographical Notes
25 42
Brigham H. Roberts Biographical Notes
25 43
Ebenezer Robinson Reminiscence Extracts from The Return
25 44-45
Orrin Porter Rockwell
Biographical notes from Schindler's Porter Rockwell; photocopy of July 1833 deposition.
25 46
Jacob H. Schiel Notes from Journey through the Rocky Mountains and Humboldt Mountains to the Pacific Ocean
25 47
John Albert Scorup Typescript of David Lavender's "Mormon Cowboy"
25 48
Perrigrine Sessions Journal Extracts
25 49
Lucy Ann Foster Sexton Diary Notes from The Foster Family
25 50
J. M. Sharp Journal Extracts
26 1-2
Azariah Smith
Research materials including a photocopy of his journal, 1828-1850, and partial transcript of the journal, 1847-1849.
26 3-5
Elias Smith
Research materials including typed transcript of his journal, 1859-1864, diary and journal extracts 1836-1888, and biographical sketch.
26 6
Emma Smith Biographical Notes and Sketches
26 7
George A. Smith Biographical and Genealogical Notes
26 8
Hyrum Smith, Copies of Deeds and Bonds
26 9
Jesse N. Smith Journal Extracts
26 10
Joseph Fielding Smith Memoir Extracts
26 11-13
William Smith
Research materials including biographical notes, proceeding of his trial for adultery in 1847, and his account of the Origin of the Book of Mormon (a transcript of a pamphlet, 1883).
26 14
Reed Smoot
Notes on the Senate proceedings regarding his being seated as senator from Utah.
26 15
Eliza R. Snow, Diary Excerpts, Notes
26 16
Erastus Snow, Journal and Diary Extracts, Notes
26 17
Orson Spencer Notes on Mormonism
26 18-19
Captain Howard Stansbury
Report and journal extracts, 1849-1850, journal of Stansbury's artist (no name given), 1867.
26 20
Y. B. H. Stenhouse Biographical Notes
26 21
David H. Strother Journal extracts from Colorado Magazine
26 22
Allen Stout Journal Notes
26 23
Hosea Stout Journal Extracts
26 24
Hezekiah Stowell Biographical Notes
26 25
John S. Stucki Journal Extracts
26 26
Johann August Sutter Diary Extracts and Biographical Notes
26 27
John Taylor Biographical Notes
26 28
Alexander Toponce Biographical Notes
26 29
Enoch Tripp Notes
26 30
Charles L. Walker Journal Extracts
26 31-32
John Whitmer
Biographical notes from "The Book of John Whitmer," Elder's License, 1830 (photocopy).
26 33
David Whitmer Biographical Notes
26 34
Orin Nelson and Ann Cannon Woodbury
Family genealogy and journals in Cartoon Highlights of Orin Nelson Woodbury and Reminiscences of Ann Cannon Woodbury, 1963.
26 35
Wilford Woodruff Biographical Notes
26 36
John R. Young Memoirs Extracts
26 37
John W. Young Biographical Notes
26 38
Zina D. Huntington Young
Photocopy of a Saints Herald interview about her alleged marriage to Joseph Smith, Jr.
26 39
Miscellaneous Diary Extracts
Brief notes about a variety of people.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Organization and Doctrine
Box Folder
27 1-4
Church Structure
McQuown's research notes on the church government, first presidency, Brigham Young's ascension to the presidency, and the School of the Prophets. Includes some of Morgan's notes.
27 5
Church Organizations
McQuown's and Morgan's research notes on the origin and justification for the group known variously as the "Daughters of Zion," the "Sons of Gideon," and the "Danite Riders."
27 6-7
Revelations and Visions
McQuown's typed and handwritten research notes. There are a few notes made by Morgan.
27 8
McQuown's notes on family relationships within the church leadership.
27 9-29
Church Doctrine
Most of these are McQuown's research notes, although there are a few by Morgan. They are arranged alphabetically by subject with a miscellaneous file containing general notes. The section on polygamy includes the 1879 Supreme Court Decision and the 1887 United States Utah Commission Minority Report as well as other reference notes.
27 30-34
Missionary Activities
McQuown's reference notes about foreign missions, the Hawaiian mission, Indian missions, and the White Mountain Mission. A typed transcript of the journal of the Salmon River Mission, 1855-1857 is also included.
27 35-38
Journal of Discourses
Morgan's extracts arranged by volume and date. He has also included index cards indicating page numbers and subject area for some volumes.
27 39-43
Journal of Discourses
McQuown's handwritten and typed notes on miscellaneous subjects in the Discourses.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Background and Histories
Box Folder
28 1-3
McQuown's notes and thoughts on the American religious character and mankind's religious needs.
28 4
McQuown's comparison of Mormonism with Socialist and Fascist regimes.
28 5-6
Economic and political situation of the early nineteenth century and their affect on religion. Reference notes.
28 7-10
Research notes on religious upheaval in the United States including notes on religious revivals from Whitney R. Cross's The Burned-over District.
28 11-14
McQuown's research notes and thoughts on how the prevailing religious beliefs of the 1800s--including the teachings of Alexander Campbell, Lorenzo Dow, and Masonry--influenced the development of Mormon doctrines.
28 15
Records of the First Quorum of Elders, 1836-1841. McQuown's extracts.
28 16
McQuown's extracts from the Philadelphia Branch minutes of 1840-1853.
28 17
Research notes by McQuown and Morgan on the writing of the L.D.S. church history.
28 18
Morgan's extracts from Charles L. Woodward's First Half Century of Mormonism.
28 19-22
McQuown's research notes on church history from official LDS church publications including Documentary History of the Church, "Journal History," and the Journal of Discourses.
28 23
Photocopies of parts of two magazine articles contemporary with the founding of the LDS church that relate part of the church history.
28 24
Morgan's extracts of Illinois and Iowa counties histories.
28 25
McQuown's notes on Nauvoo from a history of Hancock County, Illinois.
28 26
Research notes taken by McQuown on Mormon political activities in Illinois and Iowa.
28 27
Henry C. Smith, "City Planning," Journal of History, 15 (January 1922) : 1-17. Copy of the article which includes city plates of the City of Zion and Far West, Missouri.
28 28-30
Early Beginnings
McQuown's notes on the founding of the LDS church and its early years, including notes on early church leaders.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Book of Mormon
Box Folder
29 1-3
McQuown's and Morgan's research notes from newspapers and other contemporary sources showing the Book of Mormon as a product of its times.
29 4-6
Book of Mormon
Research notes made by McQuown and Morgan about the story and technical aspects of the Book of Mormon, including comparisons with the Bible and references to possible sources or origin.
29 7
Book of Mormon, Vision
McQuown's research notes about Joseph Smith's vision, the writing of the Book of Mormon, and the concept of developing a church.
29 8
Book of Mormon
Research notes taken by McQuown about Brigham Young's relationship to the Book of Mormon.
29 9
Thomas F. O' Dea, The Mormons
McQuown's notes from The Mormons. She has written her interpretation of O' Dea' s book as well as compared his ideas with those of Dale Morgan and of Fawn Brodie. These notes are mussings about the origin of the Book of Mormon and the development of a church, and reminders to develop some ideas more fully.
29 10
Research notes about the witnesses or testimonies to the Book of Mormon. Some notes by Morgan.
29 11
Book of Mormon
McQuown's notes on the Book of Mormon from the Journal of Discourses.
29 12
Book of Commandments
McQuown's and Morgan's notes on the development of the Book of Commandments which became the Doctrine and Covenants.
29 13
Pearl of Great Price
McQuown's research notes on the writing of the Book of Abraham from papyri found in the sarcophagus Joseph Smith, Jr., purchased.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Historical Period
Box Folder
30 1-2
Morgan's notes on the history of Geauga County, Ohio, and McQuown's on the religious character of the people in that area of Ohio.
30 3
Kirtland Temple
Research notes about the building of the temple.
30 4
Kirtland Bank
McQuown's and Morgan's research notes about the stockholders, the bank organization, and the resulting court case against the Mormon leaders.
30 5
Miscellaneous notes by McQuown and Morgan about the activities of the Mormons and Brigham Young in Kirtland.
30 6
McQuown's notes about the problem of apostacy that occurred in Kirtland partially caused by the bank controversy.
30 7
Kirtland Period
Synopsis of the Kirtland period from B. H. Roert's History of the Church. Notes and extracts by McQuown.
30 8-10
Kirtland Period
Research notes on the Kirtland period from contemporary newspapers, the "Journal History," and the Journal of Discourses.
30 11
Resource and bibliography notes on Kirtland by Morgan
30 12
McQuown's notes from the American Guide Series about Missouri history.
30 13
Descriptions, from McQuown's notes, of Mormon settlements in Missouri, including Far West.
30 14-17
Mormon-Non-Mormon Conflicts in Missouri
Research materials including part of "The Wilson Letters," edited by Edward T. Stokes from the Missouri Historical Review; Morgan's transcript of the Missouri criminal trial against Joseph Smith, Jr., and other church leaders in 1838 and his notes on Missouri Militia expenses for expeditions against the Mormons; and McQuown's miscellaneous notes on conflict.
30 18
McQuown's notes and a photocopy of part of a Mormon petition for redress for suffering at the hands of the Missourians.
30 19
Missouri Land Titles
Copy of Rollin J. Britton's article "Mormon Land Titles" (n. p., n.d.), and McQuown's research notes.
30 20-22
McQuown's notes on the Missouri period from contemporary newspapers, the Documentary History of the Church, and the "Journal History."
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Historical Periods
Box Folder
31 1
Nauvoo Charter
Photocopy of the original.
31 2
Nauvoo Temple
McQuown's research notes.
31 3
Nauvoo Land Sales
Morgan's notes about Brigham Young's land sales in Nauvoo and McQuown's notes about Joseph Smith as the church trustee.
31 4
Nauvoo Account Book, McQuown's Notes
31 5
Counterfeit Indictments and Notes
McQuown's research about the charges brought against the church leadership.
31 6
Mormon-Non-Mormon Conflicts McQuown's Research Notes
31 7-11
Nauvoo Period
Research notes by McQuown from contemporary newspapers, the Brayman Collection at the Chicago Historical Society, and the "Journal History."
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Schisms
Box Folder
32 1
Copy of Morgan's introduction to "A Bibliography of the Churches of the Dispersion," from Western Humanities Review.
32 2
Morgan's Handwritten Chart of Church Schisms
32 3
Extract from the Gospel Herald of 1850, a Strangite publication, commenting on the schisms of the church and their leaders.
32 4
James Jesse Strang biographical notes and diary extracts.
32 5
Charles Eberstadt, "A Letter That Founded a Kingdom," Autograph Collectors' Journal (October 1950).
32 6
Morgan's typed notes and copies of information in the Quaife Collection.
32 7
Morgan's handwritten notes from the "Chronicles of the Church at Voree."
32 8
Charles B. Thompson
Morgan's transcript of Thompson's "Book of Covenants," a small manuscript notebook.
32 9
Gladdenites McQuown's Research Notes
32 10
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
McQuown's notes and extracts from History of the [Reorganized] Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1844-1872.
32 11
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
McQuown's notes on the Braden-Kelly debate (adherents of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Church of Christ [Disciples]) and other research notes.
32 12
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Research notes about the Utah church's reaction to the Reorganized church.
32 13
Transcript of Joseph Bank's untitled Life of Joseph Morris written in 1908.
32 14
Morgan's typed transcript of Joseph Morris's The Spirit Prevails, 1886.
32 15
Transcripts by Morgan of Morris's revelations found in the Reorganized church library.
32 16
Membership roll.
32 17
Transcripts of Joseph Morris's addresses to Brigham Young 1860.
32 18
"Biography of Mark Hill Forscutt," The Saints' Herald (January 30, 1934). This biographical sketch includes a lengthy section on the Morrisites and the Morrisite War.
32 19
Research notes by Morgan and McQuown on the Morrisites and especially the Morrisite War.
32 20
Morgan's transcript of a Salt Lake Tribune article from 1879 concerning the trial of Robert T. Burton, for the death of Joseph Morris.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Mormon Battalion and Emigration
Box Folder
33 1
Mormon Battalion
McQuown's notes and extracts from Frank Alfred Golder's The March of the Mormon Battalion from Council Bluffs to California, 1928.
33 2
Mormon Battalion
Notes from records about the Battalion from the Office of the Quartermaster General in the United States War Department.
33 3
Mormon Battalion
Morgan's and McQuown's research notes about the Battalion.
33 4
McQuown's notes on Utah and the fur trade before the Mormon emigration.
33 5
Research notes on American diplomacy and declarations of territorial rights in 1846 related to western emigration.
33 6
Early Mormon plans for settlement in California or Oregon. McQuown's notes and observations.
33 7
Early Mormon plans for settlement in the Rocky Mountains, McQuown's notes.
33 8
McQuown's ideas and notes on the Mormon plans to leave Nauvoo and the exodus therefrom.
33 9
Copy of notice of Mormon intent to leave Nauvoo dated September 24, 1845, and signed by Brigham Young as president of the Council of Twelve.
33 10
Notes on Mormon emigration from abroad, 1845.
33 11
McQuown's notes about the Pottawatomie Indians and Mormon settlements on Indian lands in preparing the Mormon Trail for the emigration.
33 12
McQuown's notes about Winter Quarters, 1856, from the "Journal History."
33 13
Photocopy of what appears to be camp regulations with the heading "Winter Quarters Camp of Israel, Jany. 14th 1847."
33 14
Research notes on the Mormon Trail.
33 15
McQuown's notes on the Mormon migration to Utah, 1846-1847.
33 16
Notes from the "Journal History" on the 1847 trip to Utah.
33 17
Research notes on the first years in Utah.
33 18
Notes and extracts from early descriptions of the Salt Lake Valley and other miscellaneous notes.
33 19
Research notes and extracts about the 1856 handcart expedition to Utah.
33 20
McQuown's notes on Samuel Brannan and the Mormons in California.
33 21-24
Box object
33 1
"The Mormon Settlements in the Missouri Valley"
Clyde B. Aitchison, "The Mormon Settlements in the Missouri Valley," Oregon Historical Quarterly, 8 (September 1907): 276-289.
33 2
"First Party Arrives"
"First Party Arrives," Missionary Sunday School Lessons for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (1932): 55-56.
33 3
"Migration of English Mormons to America"
M. Hamlin Cannon, "Migration of English Mormons to America," American Historical Review, 52 (April 1947): 436-455.
33 4
"Immigration and the 'Mormon Question'"
William Mulder, "Immigration and the 'Mormon Question': An International Episode," Western Political Quarterly, 9 (June 1956): 416-433.
33 25
McQuown's notes about California and gold mining in 1848.
33 26-27
Notes from newspapers and other publications about migration to California, miscellaneous notes.
33 28
Notes on descriptions of wagon routes and the "West" as a region, 1850.
33 29
Extracts from Lander's 1859 report on Fort Kearney, South Pass, and the Honey Lake Wagon Road.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Utah Subjects, Business--Federal Government
Box Folder
34 1-11
McQuown's research notes on business and economic policy in Utah, including items on home industry, such as mining and silk production, and the railroad in Utah. Notes on money in Utah including research done by Dale Morgan and an article by Kate B. Carter entitled "Early Medium of Exchange," Our Pioneer Heritage.
34 12
Civil War McQuown's notes on how the war affected Utah.
34 13-15
Colonization Research
Research notes about the colonization of Utah including notes kept by Kate B. Carter.
34 16-19
McQuown's notes about the Aiken murders, the Gunnison Massacre, and the Parrish murders as well as other research materials.
34 20-26
Research notes about pioneer entertainment, songs and poetry, holiday celebrations, funerals, and other traditions.
34 27
McQuown's notes about early descriptions of Utah and Salt Lake City.
34 28-38
Crafts Notes and extracts about pioneer clothing, handicrafts, household manufacture, and foods. Many of these were taken by the Works Progress Administration Federal Writers' Project workers in Utah from pioneers and published articles. The foods section includes recipes and a transcript of "America Eats: Early Utah Cookery" from the Writers' Project as well as miscellaneous anecdotes about pioneer foods.
34 39-40
Research notes, some by the Federal Writers' Project, about the Deseret Alphabet and early Utah education.
34 41-42
Morgan's notes on the Southern Exploring Company or the "White Mountain Expedition" in 1858.
34 43-47
Federal Government
McQuown's research notes and materials about Utah's relations with the federal government which includes a photocopy of a report on Utah Territory in the Congressional Globe of 1852; notes about the Edmunds-Tucker Law; and notes on Utah's representatives to the federal legislature.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Utah Subjects, Government
Box Folder
35 1-19
Notes and extracts made by McQuown and Morgan about the government in Utah including a transcript of the 1850 constitution of the State of Deseret and other related items; information about the Utah territorial government; extracts from the journal of the Salt Lake City Council; and other miscellaneous notes about bishop's courts, elections, the Godbeite movement, governorship, the judicial system, and state politics.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Utah Subjects, Indians-Utah War and Miscellaneous
Box Folder
36 1-3
Research notes and copies of correspondence about Indians in Utah.
36 4
"Journal History"
McQuown's notes and extracts on Utah.
36 5-6
Land Copy of "Division of Land in Pioneer Days," Heart Throbs of the West
Notes on grants and deeds in Utah.
36 7
Recipes for home remedies and other research notes.
36 8-9
Nauvoo Legion
Orders from 1849 to 1861 and Morgan's summary of the Thomas Ellerbeck papers related to the Legion from 1853 to 1865.
36 10
Reformation of 1856
36 11-30
Research notes and materials on city, county, and various church division histories including Beaver City, Brigham City, Cedar City, Corinne, Daggett County, Fort Bridger, Kanosh, Mendon, Ogden, Plain City, Provo, Salt Lake City, San Juan Stake, South Weber, Washington County, Westy, West Weber, and miscellaneous wards.
36 31
Copy of a notice of sale of a black boy in Salt Lake City and notes on slavery in Utah both Negro and Indian.
36 32
McQuown's notes on the 1880 census, population in Utah, and other statistical information.
36 33
Temples and Tabernacles
Notes about the planning, building, and dedicating in Utah.
36 34-42
Utah War
Notes and extracts about the Utah Expedition and the arrival of Johnston's Army in the Salt Lake Valley, including extracts from the narrative of Lot Smith, the journals of John Van Dusen DuBois, and the Journal of Discourses. There is also information from the papers of James Buchanan about the federal government's relationship with Utah Territory which prompted the sending of the expedition.
36 43
Miscellaneous Notes from Kate B. Carter's Heart Throbs of the West
36 44
Miscellaneous Notes about Utah
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Mountain Meadows Massacre
Box Folder
37 1-29
Research Notes and Materials Collected by McQuown and Morgan.
The material includes an interesting, lengthy account of the location and return of the children of the victims; contemporary statements, newspaper accounts from Utah and California papers, and congressional documents; extracts from the minute book of the court for the trial of John D. Lee from 1874-1877 and other notes on Lee; articles and notes about the massacre; as well as notes from the "Journal History" and the Journal of Discourses.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Publications (Anti-Mormon)
Box Folder
38 1
Lists Publications about the Mormons and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
38 2
"Achilles," The Destroying Angel of Mormondom Notes
38 3
R. H. Attwood, Persecution in Salt Lake City Extracts
38 4
Emily M. Austin, Mormonism; Or, Life Among the Mormons
38 5
J. H. Beadle, and Hollister, O. J., Polygamy; Or, the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism
38 6
William P. Bennett, The Sky-Sifter Extracts
38 7
Henry A. Boller, Among the Indians Extracts
38 8
John Bowes, Mormonism Exposed Extracts
38 9
Samuel Bowels, Our New West; Across the Continent Notes
38 10
James Colin Brewster, Important to the Mormon Money Diggers
38 11
James L. Burges, Vicissitudes Illustrated in the Experience of Nancy Towle
38 12
Peter N. Burnett, Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer
38 13
Lu B. Cake, Peepstone Joe, and the Peck Manuscript Extracts
38 14
Alexander Campbell, Millennial Harbinger Photocopy of Extracts
38 15
Henry Caswall, The City of the Mormons Extracts
38 16
Reverend John A. Clark, Gleanings By the Way Extracts
38 17
Howard Lewis Conrad, "Uncle Dick" Wootton Extracts
38 18
Carrill, Not Titled, Extracts
38 19
Oliver Cowdry, Defence in a Rehearsal of My Grounds for Separating Myself from the Latter Day Saints [Probably a Forgery]
38 20
J. M. Cayner, Handbook on Mormonism Extracts
38 21
John Cradlebaugh, Utah and the Mormons Extracts
38 22
Samuel Philips Day, Life and Society in America Extracts
38 23
Colonel George T. M. Davis, Autobiography Extracts
38 24
John E. Davis, Mormonism Unveiled Extracts
38 25
Edwin Deleon, Thirty Years of My Life on Three Continents Extracts
38 26
Deming (Publisher), Naked Truths About Mormonism Notes
38 27
J. C. Dowen, Untitled Statement about Mormons in Kirtland Photocopy
38 28
Emily Faithfull, Three Visits to America Extracts
38 29
Thomas Ford, Governor of Illinois, Mormon Difficulties Photocopy
38 30
Josiah Gibbs, The Mormon Kingdom of God Extracts
38 31
William Hall, The Abominations of Mormonism Exposed Extracts
38 32
William Harris, Mormonism Portrayed Extracts
38 33
Daniel Hendrix, "How Mormonism Began" and notice of death of Bill Hickman
38 34
Howe, Mormonism Exposed Notes
38 35
James H. Hunt, Mormonism: Embracing the Origin, Rise and Progress of the Sect Extracts
38 36
William Jarman, Hell Upon Earth Extracts
38 37
Larry Jonas, Mormon Claims Examined Pamphlet
38 38
Wesley Jones, "Bible Literature in the Book of Mormon" Mimeograph
38 39
Fayette Laphom, "Interview with the Father of Joseph Smith" Typescript
38 40
A. J. Leary, The Crimes of the Latter Day Saints in Utah
38 41
E. G. Lee, The Mormons, or, Knavery Exposed Extracts
38 42
Richard Livesey, An Exposure of Mormonism Extracts
38 43
Eudocia Baldwin Marsh, "When the Mormons Dwelt among Us," The Bellman
38 44
Mullen, "Case against Mormonism-The Myth Makers"
38 45
Joseph Musser
Mormonism from its Earliest Phases to the Present Time; and notes from The Kingdom of God Extracts.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-Publications
Anti-Mormon, Pro-Mormon
Box Folder
39 1
Oliver Olney, The Absurdities of Mormonism Portrayed Extracts
39 2
"A Parallel," Typescript
39 3
Reed Peck, "Mormons So Called" Typescript
39 4
LaMar Petersen, Problems in Mormon Text
39 5
Robert Richardson, Memoirs of Alexander Campbell Extracts
39 6
Thomas C. Sharp, Untitled Manuscript Extracts
39 7
J. E. Stephenson, Untitled Statement Photocopy
39 8
William Swartzell, Mormonism Exposed Excerpts
39 9-14
Jerald Tanner
"The Priesthood"; "Revealing Facts Concerning the Revelations"; "Solving the Racial Problem in Utah"; "Suppression of the Records"; "The Truth About Blood Atonement and the Danites"; "Who Censored the Joseph Smith Story" Mimeograph.
39 15
Samuel W. Traum, Mormonism Against Itself Notes
39 16
Truth Original
39 17
J. B. Turner, Mormonism in All Ages Notes
39 18
Orasmus Turner, History of the Pioneer Settlement of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase Extracts
39 19
Increase and Maria Van Dusen, Startling Disclosures of the Great Mormon Conspiracy Extracts
39 20
Wesley P. Walters (Reverend), New Light on Mormon Origins
39 21
William E. Walters, Life Among the Mormons Notes
39 22
E. B. Washburne, Untitled Statement About Nauvoo Typescript
39 23
William S. West, A Few Interesting Facts Respecting the Rise and Progress of the Mormons Typescript
39 24
"Whiskey-It's Manufacture by the Saints-Drivelling Hypocracy"
39 25
Dr. W. Wyl, Mormon Portrait from 1830 to 1886
39 26
By Origin Bocheler, John C. Bennett, J. A. Mc Call, George F. Partridge, and La Roy Sunderland. Miscellaneous notes.
39 27
Willard Bean, A. B. C. History of Palmyra and the Beginning of "Mormonism" Extracts
39 28
The Beehive House Pamphlet
39 29
Ed Bliss, "Mormon [Money]," Deseret News Xerox
November 1948
39 30
Circular from the Twelve Apostles Original and Xerox
39 31
Ensign Pamphlet
June 1961
39 32
Gold Plates Used Anciently Pamphlet
39 33
Udney Hay Jacob, The Peace Maker Extracts
39 34
Joel H. Johnson, Voice From the Mountains Extracts
39 35
Charles Lanman, A Summer in the Wilderness Extracts
39 36
Correspondence of Bishop George Miller Typescript
39 37
Parley P. Pratt, Mormonism! - Plurality of Wives!
39 38
Parley P. Pratt, Late Persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Notes
39 39
John K Sheen, Publisher, The Relic Library Extracts
39 40
Joseph Smith Jr., Elder's Journal Extracts
39 41
Benjamin Winchester, Actual Structure of Joseph Smith's Church Notes
39 42
George Bartholomew, Revelations in Mormonism" Extracts
39 43
H. C. Dale, The Ashley-Smith Explorations and Discovery of a Central Route to the Pacific, 1822-1829 Extracts
39 44
Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, Breaking the Wilderness Notes
39 45
William Henry Ellison, Life and Adventures of George Nidiver
39 46
Warren Angus Ferris, Life in the Rocky Mountains" Extracts
39 47
Robert B. Flanders, Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi
39 48
J. E. Hall, The Missouri Trapper, from Letters from the West
39 49
Dallin G. Oaks, "The Suppression of the Nauvoo Expositor"

Correspondence and Related MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Correspondence and Related Materials--National Archives
Box Folder
40 1-17
Office of Indian Affairs
Correspondence dealing with Utah, photocopies of letters from Brigham Young and Governor J. Dawson, chronological notes on the material 1846-1872,statistics, and map of 1856proposed Utah Indian reservation.
40 18-23
War Department
Correspondence dealing with Utah, Mormon petitions for redress 1834 and 1836>, Lieutenant Sylvester Mowry's report to Colonel Steptoe in 1855, notes on the Steptoe letters, reference and source notes, and correspondence 1861 to 1865 from the War of the Rebellion War Department.
40 24
General Land Office, Correspondence Related to Utah
40 41
Correspondence and Related Materials-National Archives 19
41 1
Comptroller's Office, Chronological Reference Notes
41 2
Department of Interior, Reference Notes on Utah Territory
41 3-7
Department of Justice
Chronological reference notes. Correspondence about Utah, information about Utah justices especially Cradlebaugh and Kinney, and miscellaneous notes about Utah Territory.
41 8-14
State Department
Lists of judges appointed in Utah Territory, appointment records from, summaries of letters in Volumes one and two, correspondence related to Utah from 1857 to 1872, miscellaneous notes from the records.
41 15-16
United States House of Representatives, Miscellaneous Notes from the Records
41 17
United States Senate
Miscellaneous notes summarizing the record information about the Mormons.
41 18
Solicitor of the Treasury, Notes from the Records Related to the Mormons
41 19
The Papers of Abraham Lincoln
Notes about the Mormons and copies of letters from the recrods in 1861.
Correspondence--Research A-Y
Box Folder
42 1
George J. Adams, Letters to James J. Strang
42 2
Alman W. Babbitt
42 3
James Arlington Bennett
42 4
John Cook Bennett, Letters to James J. Strang
42 5
Martha Brotherton Letters to John C. Bennett
42 6
Albert Brown
42 7
Joseph Burke
42 8
Jacob K. Butterfield
42 9
Justin Butterfield
42 10-11
William Clayton, Letterbook Extracts, Volumes 1-7
42 12-14
Oliver Cowdery
Letters of Oliver Codery, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints publication.
42 15-17
Alfred E. Cumming
42 18
William H. Dame
42 19
Stephen A. Douglas
42 20
Thomas Ford, Governor of Illinois
42 21
Solon and Julius Foster
42 22
Thomas Gregg
42 23
Lieutenant J. W. Gunnison
42 24
Irene and Ursulia Hascall
42 25
Orson Hyde
42 26
Thomas L. Kane
42 27
Reuben Miller, Letters to James J. Strang
42 28
Lieutenant Sylvester Mowry
42 29
John E. Page, Letters to James J. Strange and Others
42 30
John Woolcott Phelps
42 31
Leonard and Mary Pickel
42 32
Parley P. Pratt
42 33
Willard Richards
42 34
Albert P. Rockwood, Letterbook
42 35
Hiram S. Rumfield
42 36
Thomas C. Sharp
42 37
Emma Smith
42 38
George A. Smith
42 39
Jedediah Smith
42 40-44
Joseph Smith
42 45-46
William Smith, Letters to James J. Strang and Others
42 47
Eliza R. Snow
42 48-49
Hosea Stout, Letter Extracts and Photocopies of Letters
42 50-52
James J. Strang
Letters from Stang to John C. Bennett and others, and letters to Strang.
42 53
John Whitmer
43 1-8
Brigham Young
Personal correspondence which are letters to his wives, some from published articles,; business correspondence, some photocopies and many to Colonel Thomas L. Kane, 1844-1876; letters to Horace Eldridge 1857 to 1859: letters to W. H. Hooper 1859-1866; and extracts from his military letterbook, 1844.
43 9
John W. Young Letterbook Extracts
43 10-14
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Includes McQuown's composite notes.

NewspapersReturn to Top

Contain reference notes and articles from newspapers contemporary with the early growth and development of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dale Morgan copied articles about the church and its membership in connection with what was to have been his definitive history of the Mormon church. Most of the articles are anti-Mormon, although there are a few from Mormon publications. He copied some articles which pre-date the founding of the LDS church as examples of the religious upheaval and establishment of many new churches during the period. Some of the articles were gathered into volumes and arranged alphabetically by title and chronologically by date. That is, within one year, the newspapers are organized by title and each group of newspapers by month and day; the next year, the alphabetical sequence begins again. Portions of these volumes are original copies while others are carbons. These articles were given to McQuown for use in her research on Brigham Young.

Photocopies of some newspapers that contain articles about the Mormons and the church are included with the collection. These reproductions have been filed together in the folio case.

Container(s) Description Dates
Newspapers--Dale L. Morgan Extracts
Box Folder
44 1-6
Volumes 1-5
From newspapers in Illinois and Iowa.
45 1-3
Volumes 6-8
From newspapers in Missouri.
46 1-18
Not organized into volumes, but arranged by date, 1816 to 1895. In cases where more than one article appears on the same page or series of pages, they have been filed chronologically by the first date on the page. Grouped by state, the collection includes newspapers from Illinois, 1833-1855 Indiana and Iowa, 1833-1871; Missouri, 1819-1895; New York, 1818-1877; Ohio, 1828-1855; Massachusetts and Vermont, 1823-1847; Michigan and Wisconsin, 1834-1857 and Miscellaneous States, 1816-1849.
47 1-16
Not organized into volumes, but arranged by date, 1816 to 1895. In cases where more than one article appears on the same page or series of pages, they have been filed chronologically by the first date on the page. Grouped by state, the collection includes newspapers from Illinois, 1833-1855 Indiana and Iowa, 1833-1871; Missouri, 1819-1895; New York, 1818-1877; Ohio, 1828-1855; Massachusetts and Vermont, 1823-1847; Michigan and Wisconsin, 1834-1857 and Miscellaneous States, 1816-1849.
48 1
The Saints Herald
Extracts from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints publication, arranged chronologically, 1860 to 1871.
48 2
The Wasp Newspaper Articles
48 3-5
California and Hawaii Newspapers
Morgan's handwritten and typed reference notes. Rather than extracts, these are notations about where to check for various articles.
48 6-14
California and Hawaii Newspapers Extracts
48 15
Geauga County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas
Extracts of cases against early Mormon leaders, 1834-1837.
48 16
Index, Listing of Newspapers
Newspapers--Madeline R. McQuown Notes
Box Folder
49 1-11
Eastern Newspapers
Notes mostly handwritten. Illinois newspapers, 1843-1846; Messenger and Advocate, 1825-1853, and undated; Missouri newspapers, 1834-1848; Missouri Republican Democrat, 1845-1849; Nauvoo Neighbor, 1843-1844; Palmyra Reflector, 1829-1830; Times and Seasons,1844; Warsaw Message and Warsaw Signal, 1841-1897; The Wasp, 1842-1843; Wayne Sentinel, 1834 miscellaneous newspapers, 1835-1846.
49 12
Daily Enquirer, Provo
Notes for on the Nauvoo Temple.
49 13
Daily Union Vendett
Summaries from Volume 1.
49 14-23
Deseret News
Notes, 1850-1851, 1891, and 1924, article "Tales of the Old Townsend House"; copies from 1935 series titled "Brigham Young, The Man and His Work"; summaries of Volumes 1-16, 1850-1867 (these summaries are possibly Morgan's).
49 24
Deseret Evening News
Summaries from Volume 1.
49 25
Ogden Freeman Notes
49 26
Salt Lake Daily Tribune Notes
49 27
The Utah Enquirer Provo
Notes from an article about the Nauvoo Temple.
May 1890
49 28
Valley Tan Summaries with Notes
49 29
The Vepricula
Notes on article on the Rio, Virgin, and Santa Clara rivers.
49 30
Miscellaneous Newspapers
Summary notes, no year given, from western newspapers concerned with events in Utah.
49 31
Salt Lake County Court
Notes from court records. Folio Materials--Newspapers.
49 1
Corinne Daily Journal, Utah
49 2
Daily Alta California, San Francisco
49 3
Daily Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana
49 4
The Friend, Honolulu, Hawai'i
49 5
Havilah Miner, California
49 6
Illionois State Register, Springfield
49 7
Naked Truths About Mormonism, Oakland, California
49 8
Nauvoo Expositor, Illionois
49 9
Northern Times, Kirtland, Ohio
49 10
Pioneer, San Jose, California
49 11
Russian River Flag, Healdsburg, California
49 12
Sacramento Daily Union, California
49 13
The Saints Herald, Plano, Illinois
49 14
San Francisco Bulletin, California
49 15
San Francisco Herald, California
49 16
Susquehannah Register, Montrose, Pennsylvania
49 17
The Upper Missouri Advertiser, Independence
49 18
Warsaw Message, Illinois
49 19
Warsaw Signal, Illinois
49 20
The Wasp, Nauvoo, Illinois

Reference NotesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
"Journal History"
Dale Morgan's brief chronological notes on the daily entries in the "Journal History" are mostly only an abbreviated word or two. They function as a checklist or index to the "Journal History."
Reference Notes--Miscellaneous
Box Folder
51 1
Madeline McQuown
Miscellaneous handwritten notes.
51 2-3
Madeline McQuown
Notebooks containing miscellaneous research notes.
51 4
Madeline McQuown
Miscellaneous research notes. These notes show the influence of Dale Morgan and Fawn Brodie on McQuown's research.
51 5
Dale L. Morgan
Miscellaneous handwritten reference notes.
51 6
Dale L. Morgan
Handwritten reference notes on newspapers.
51 7
Western Reserve Historical Society
Notes on materials in the Society.
51 8
Ohio Church History Society
Notes on papers in Society.
51 9
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Notes on materials located in the Reorganized church.
51 10
Chicago Historical Society
Notes on materials in the Mormon manuscript collection of the Society.
51 11
William Robertson Coe Collection, Yale University
Notes on Utah and the Mormons in the collection. Included is a fifteen-page catalog of manuscripts, broadsides, and pamphlets in the Coe Collection. Most entries have a notation by Morgan giving the known locations of the items outside of Yale. This carbon copy of the catalog is missing the first seven pages.
51 12
Boreman Collection, Huntington Library
Notes on materials in the collection.
51 13
Miscellaneous Lists of Books and Manuscripts
Included is a list of manuscripts in the Boosinger Collection in the possession of M. S. Mc Carthy.
Manuscripts and Notes
Box Folder
52 1
"An Infidelity" Typed Manuscript
52 2
"The Wife" Typed Manuscript
52 3
"The Sad Mountain" Typed Manuscript
52 4
Typed Manuscript and Poetry "Epitaph," Humboldt Valley, Nevada," and "Unpremeditated Rendezvous"
52 5
"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" Typed Manuscript
52 6
"Cities of the Sun" Chapter One Typed Manuscript
52 7
"Ciro's Violet" Typed Manuscript
52 8
"The Bride at the Funeral" Typed Manuscript
52 9
"Retransportation in the West" Manuscript and Typed Notes
52 10
Typed and Manuscript Notes from Seymour Dunbar's History of Travel in America

MicrofilmsReturn to Top

The present location of reels 12, 14 and 18 are unknown.

Container(s) Description Dates
Records of the United States, House of Representatives Pertaining to the Territory of Utah
Selected Documents from the Appointment Clerk Files Relating to Utah Judges
United States. Department of Justice. Decisions of justices
[Untitled microfilm reel]
[Untitled microfilm reel]
[Untitled microfilm reel]
General Records of the Department of State, Appointment Papers, Brigham Young
General Records of the Department of State, Selected Documents from Miscellaneous Letters
[Untitled microfilm reel]
[Untitled microfilm reel]
Records of the United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs
Selected Documents, Letters Received; Council Bluffs, 1846-1848; Miscellaneous, 1847; St. Louis, 1846-1848; Upper Missouri, 1848; New Mexico, 1852-1872
Mayson Brayman papers; John J Hardin collection; etc.
Mason Brayman Papers, 1845; Hardin Collection, 1843-1846 (A group of letters of John J. Hardin, commander of the Illinois Militia, describing events leading up to the expulsion of the Mormons from Illinois. Correspondents include Thomas Ford, Brigham Young, F. Backenstos, and others.); "The Mormon Theocracy in Illinois, 1840-5," by Ellen Hardin Walworth; Mormon Collection of the Chicago Historical Society (Various letters from Joseph Smith, Emma Smith, Thomas Gregg, Thomas Ford, Brigham Young, and many others concerning the final years the Mormons spent in Illinois. Also included is the testimony of witnesses in Joseph Smith's murder trial. Materials 1879-1897, correspondence, clippings, statements about books concerned with the Mormon church. Principle correspondents are Thomas Gregg, Albert D. Hager, Joseph Smith III, and A. B. Deming.); "Miscellaneous Mormon Material from various Collections" (Letters, statements, and genealogical notes about various families in Nauvoo. Particularly important is "Icarian Settlement at Nauvoo, Communism" by E. Vallet, 1886.); "Miscellaneous Mormon Manuscripts" (Chronology of Hancock County, 1837-1845; various materials about A. E. Cumming including his death notice in 1873, and a letter from John Hamty to Cumming; miscellaneous letters from Brigham Young; various letters from Albert F. Scharf inquiring about Mormons in Illinois, including a map to Mormon grave sites in Cook County; and other miscellaneous letters about Mormons in Illinois.); "Mormon Broadsides" (Collection of posters, broadsides, and newspaper articles about the Mormons in Nauvoo. Most of these are anti-Mormon proclamations or notices, some anti-Mormon poems, and some broadsides issued by the LDS church.); "Stock Ledger" (Ledger and index of the Mormon Bank at Kirtland.); "Docket Book" (Court cases register, 1841-1845, presumably Illinois, not identified.)
Mayson Brayman papers; John J Hardin collection; etc. (con't from reel 13)
History of Brigham Young Manuscript
January 1846-May 1846
Church, General Tithing Office Receipts
[Untitled microfilm reel]
[Untitled microfilm reel]
The Nauvoo Account Book
[Untitled microfilm reel]
[Untitled microfilm reel]
[Untitled microfilm reel]

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Subject Terms

  • Frontier and pioneer life--Utah--19th century--Sources
  • Latter Day Saint churches--Doctrines
  • Latter Day Saint churches--History
  • Latter Day Saint converts--19th century--Archives
  • Latter Day Saint pioneers--19th century--Archives
  • Latter Day Saint women--19th century--Biography
  • Latter Day Saints--19th century--Archives
  • Latter Day Saints--19th century--Biography
  • Literature--Women authors
  • Manuscript preparation (Authorship)
  • Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah, 1857
  • Polygamy--Religious aspects--Latter Day Saint churches
  • Women authors, American--Utah--Archives
  • Women church historians--Utah--Archives

Personal Names

  • McQuown, Madeline Reeder, 1906-1975--Archives
  • Morgan, Dale L. (Dale Lowell), 1914-1971--Archives
  • Young, Brigham, 1801-1877

Corporate Names

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--History
  • Federal Writers' Project (Utah)--Archives

Geographical Names

  • Nauvoo (Ill.)--Expulsion of the Latter Day Saints

Form or Genre Terms

  • Autobiographies
  • Biographies
  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Diaries
  • Facsimiles
  • Genealogical tables
  • Interviews
  • Manuscripts
  • Microfilms
  • Newspapers
  • Personal correspondence
  • Poetry
  • Portraits
  • Religious materials
  • Short stories

Other Creators

  • Personal Names
    • Morgan, Dale L. (Dale Lowell), 1914-1971 (aut)