Dean R. Brimhall papers, 1886-1980

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Brimhall, Dean R., 1886-1972
Dean R. Brimhall papers
1886-1980 (inclusive)
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The Dean R. Brimhall papers (1886-1980) consist mainly of the personal and professional papers of Dean R. Brimhall, a renowned psychologist and aeronautics enthusiast and safety advocate. Included are diaries, daybooks, business records, correspondence, speeches, and subject files relating to his work with the Psychological Corporation, Utah Pacific Airways, Works Progress Administration, and Civil Aeronautics Administration. Some personal materials of his wife, Lila Eccles Brimhall, are also included.
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The son of George H. and Flora Robertson Brimhall, Dean was born on December 11, 1886, in Provo, Utah. George H. Brimhall served as president of Brigham Young University from 1903-1921.

In 1907 young Brimhall left for Germany to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). While in Germany he watched Orville Wright make the first power-plane flight in 1908. Kaiser Wilhelm attended the event with 250,000 soldiers and many other onlookers. This was Brimhall's first exposure to the wonders of human flight. In 1909 Brimhall returned to the United States.

Returning to Utah, Dean Brimhall enrolled at Brigham Young University and graduated in 1913 with a bachelor's degree in psychology. He received a scholarship to study at Columbia University in New York City and received his master's degree in 1916. Intermittently between 1916-1922 Brimhall taught psychology at BYU and was an instructor at Columbia in 1917-18. During this time he also served as personal assistant to Dr. James McKeen Cattell, nationally renown psychologist. (He was so impressed with the great psychologist that he later named his son McKeen.) In 1920 Brimhall received his Ph.D. at Columbia.

While living in New York, Brimhall met his future wife Lila Eccles. They were married on August 28, 1917, and later had two children--a son, McKeen, and daughter, Frances. McKeen was killed in action during World War II. Frances married Hal Osborn.

After receiving his Ph.D. Brimhall was successful as co-editor of the third edition of American Men of Science published in 1921. He also worked for a year for the National Research Council in Washington, D.C.

In 1922 Brimhall became the first executive-secretary of the Psychological Corporation in New York City. He helped organize this corporation which was headed by E. L. Thorndike of Columbia; J. McKeen Cattell of Science Press; James R. Angell, the president of Yale University; and others. The purpose of this organization was to effect contacts between qualified psychologists and business firms that wanted their services, and to conduct human engineering research for business.

In 1925 Brimhall left the Psychological Corporation, returned to Utah, and entered private business. He became the treasurer of the Mt. Hood Railroad, a director of the Oregon Lumber Company, and an operator of large real estate holdings. It was at this time that Brimhall and Robert H. Hinckley started Utah Pacific Airways, Inc.

Utah Pacific Airways first represented the Beechcraft organization but later became a distributor for Curtiss-Wright Company. While serving as president of Utah Pacific, Brimhall helped promote the first air census of big game. The method he devised was so successful it replaced the inefficient and expensive ground counting method. He also directed the first experiments by the United States Forest Service in the use of airplanes to control forest fires.

Brimhall became very interested in aviation safety programs. The practices he established for Utah Pacific were so successful that during six years of training hundreds of students, transporting charter passengers, and conducting experiments for government agencies, not one pilot or passenger was killed or injured.

In 1933 Brimhall became the Utah director of aviation for the Civil Works Administration. He worked to construct a network of municipal and emergency landing fields throughout the state.

During the early years of the Roosevelt administration, he was Utah planning director for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). In January of 1935 he became director of the Utah State Planning Board, which developed policies for the extensive federal work programs of the state. Later that same year Brimhall accepted a position with the Works Progress Administration under Harry L. Hopkins. He served as an advisor on labor relations from 1935 until 1939. While serving with the WPA Brimhall fought to keep relief funds for those unable to find employment in private business.

Robert H. Hinckley, chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Authority, made Brimhall his assistant in 1939. Together Hinckley and Brimhall conceived and organized the first civilian pilot training program in the year just prior to World War II. This program was so successful that at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), the number of civilian pilots had increased from 25,000 to 100,000 and the number of airplanes from 12,000 to 25,000.

In 1940 when Hinckley became Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Air, Brimhall again became his assistant. Brimhall also became the director of research for the Civil Aeronautics Administration where he conducted experiments that were of great value to both military and civilian aviation. His investigations into the causes of air accidents led to the use of safety devices which cut the accident rate among private flyers by fifty per cent. The stall warning device was probably the most important of these. Brimhall also directed investigations leading to more accurate and equitable proficiency flight tests for the air transport rating of pilots.

The Civil Aeronautics Administration acted on Brimhall's advice and appointed 7,000 examiners of airplanes and pilots who worked without pay. This practice not only avoided government employment of hundreds of inspectors at a very large cost, but it put the responsibility for inspection service on the members of the trade. This, Brimhall considered one of his greatest achievements. Dean Brimhall retired from the CAA and government work in 1951.

In 1947 Brimhall and Arthur S. Otis undertook a research project to discover how consistent congressmen's voting records were. After studying and compiling the voting records of all representatives and senators, they published an article titled "Consistency of Voting by Our Congressmen" in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Brimhall and his wife Lila acquired "Manana Farm," a fifty-two acre orchard near the village of Fruita, in Wayne County, Utah, in the 1940s. This farm, located in the Capitol Reef area, was where Brimhall spent vacations and much of his time after retiring.

After he retired, Brimhall developed a great interest in Indian pictographs and became an authority on Indian art in Utah's Canyonlands. He devoted many years to photographing these pictographs and was often accompanied by world-renowned archeologists on these excursions. He astounded younger colleagues with the way he challenged perilous ledges when in his eighties. When he was eighty years old and two hundred of his invaluable slides were stolen from his car, he vowed to go back and photograph them again. Fortunately, many of the friends he had led into the canyons sent their slides to replace his.

Brimhall remained active long after retirement. He was always interested in national, state, and local politics, and never hesitated to express his views. One such way was by writing letters to the editors of various newspapers. His testimony and lobbying helped insure the preservation of irreplaceable pictographs by including them within the boundaries of Canyonlands National Park. Brimhall also served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Utah State Historical Society for a number of years. He died on May 14, 1972, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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The Dean R. Brimhall papers (1886-1980) are arranged in ten major subject categories: Personal Material; General Correspondence; American Men of Science; Psychological Corporation; Utah Pacific Airways; Works Progress Administration; Civil Aeronautics Administration; Subjects Files; and Lila Eccles Brimhall.

The personal material is contained in Boxes 1-11. The first part is Brimhall's personal correspondence, most of which is with his wife Lila and immediate family. The family correspondence is arranged chronologically starting in 1924 and ending in 1972. There is also correspondence between Brimhall and other relatives, including a considerable amount with his brother Wells Brimhall. The rest of the personal material includes biographical material, diaries and day books (arranged by date), Brimhall family records, personal records and momentos, Fruita property, David Eccles Estate, income tax returns, financial records, George H. Brimhall Diary, and miscellany.

The second major category, general correspondence (Boxes 12-21), is arranged alphabetically. If a person has more than one letter in the collection the letters are arranged chronologically under the name. For example, Robert H. Hinckley's correspondence is found under "H" and arranged chronologically starting with the earliest date. Letters from important people and about significant events in Brimhall's life are paraphrased and cited in the register. There is also correspondence contained in other subject categories.

The third category, American Men of Science, is in Boxes 22-23. Dean Brimhall was co-editor of American Men of Science, a book containing short biographical sketches of important men in science. Box 22 contains the edition published in 1921 and a later edition published in 1944 is in Box 23.

The Psychological Corporation materials in Box 24 comprise correspondence (arranged alphabetically), charter and by-laws, James McKeen Cattell Fund, shareholders meetings, interim and annual reports, and articles and publications.

Utah Pacific Airways material (Box 25) includes correspondence and business records. The correspondence is arranged chronologically.

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) materials in Boxes 26-39 contain Brimhall's papers dealing with this organization. Dean Brim-hall was an advisor on labor relations for the WPA from 1935-39. There are other materials in this section that do not fall within these years. Correspondence, the first part of the WPA material, is arranged alphabetically. The next section concerns the Mormon Church Relief Program. Brimhall collected a large amount of material on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welfare and relief programs. The material is primarily newspaper clippings arranged chronologically. The last portion deals with Dr. Louis Wirth, a sociology professor at the University of Chicago, and his study of relief in Utah. The WPA materials also include speeches by Brimhall and others. Brimhall's speeches are arranged chronologically and those by other people alphabetically. There are news stories, articles, and Hoover administration material on relief and statistics that Brimhall collected. One section contains the WPA handbook Our Job With the WPA and the materials that went into its creation. There is also material on the WPA Writers Project and WPA published reports which are arranged chronologically.

The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) materials are contained in Boxes 40-51. Brimhall served as assistant to the chairman 1939-40 and as director of research in the CAA 1940-51. Correspondence is arranged by subject and then chronologically within the subject. The speeches given by Brimhall are arranged chronologically, those given by other people are arranged alphabetically by surname. Also in the CAA materials are the records of the accident study conducted on aviation during World War I and CAA medical research records. The rest of the Civil Aeronautics Administration material includes research by the Educational Research Council, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, and The National Research Council. Also there are publications of the CAA Division of Research, CAA research projects, newspaper clippings, articles, publications, proposed book on aviation psychology, and records concerned with the Civilian Pilot Training Program, Psycho-technique Conference, and the Royal Canadian Institute.

Boxes 52-70 contain materials under various names and subject titles that were collected by Brimhall. The article written by Brimhall and Arthur S. Otis entitled "Consistency of Voting by Our Congressmen," published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, volume 32 (February 1948), is in Box 52. Research materials and correspondence concerning the article are also in this box.

The Lila Eccles Brimhall papers are in Boxes 71-75. Lila, Dean's wife, was an accomplished actress in local theatre productions and a professor in the Speech and Theater Department at the University of Utah. The Lila Brimhall materials include correspondence, awards, speeches, theater scripts, newsclippings, and theater scrapbooks.

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Boxes 1-73 were donated in 1972-1974.

Boxes 74-75 were donated in 1991.

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I:  Personal MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1-30
Family (Lila Eccles Brimhall; Frances Brimhall, daughter; and McKeen Brimhall, son)
2 1-33
Family (Lila Eccles Brimhall; Frances Brimhall, daughter; and McKeen Brimhall, son)
3 1-29
Family (Lila Eccles Brimhall and Frances Brimhall, daughter)
4 1-30
Family (Lila Eccles Brimhall and Frances Brimhall, daughter)
5 1-24
Family (Wells Brimhall, older brother of Dean; grandchildren, Dean, Joan, Kim, Kristen, and Rachel Osborn; brothers and sisters, G. H., Jim, Mark, Paul, and Scott Brimhall, Flora Burns and Fay B. Cummings; nieces and nephews)
6 1-12
Miscellaneous, Wells Brimhall
Personal Records
Box Folder
7 1-18
Biographical Material, Diaries, and Daybooks
8 1
George Washington Brimhall
Family Genealogical Sheet.
8 2
George Washington Brimhall
History and biography of the first part of life, written by Grace Brimhall, 1890.
8 3
Lydia Brimhall (Dean's great-grandmother)
Biographical sketch, written by Grace Brimhall Calderwood.
8 4
George W. Brimhall
The Workers of Utah, 1889.
8 5
George H. Brimhall
Long and Short Range Arrows, 100 Sermonettes, Book jacket.
8 6
Dean Brimhall
Report cards from Salt Lake City public schools, 1893-1894.
8 7
Dean Brimhall
Patriarchal blessing, 1896.
8 8
Dean Brimhall
Certificate of Ordination to the Seventies Quorum (LDS Church), 1911.
8 9
Dean Brimhall
Graduation from Brigham Young University, 1913.
8 10
Dean Brimhall
Columbia University certificate of grades, 1915, and appointment as assistant professor, 1917.
8 11
McKeen Eccles Brimhall (Dean's son)
Birth certificate, June 3, 1918.
8 12
Dean R. Brimhall
Commission as a second lieutenant, 1918.
8 13
Dean R. Brimhall
Passports and student pilot certificate, 1938.
8 14
Dean R. Brimhall
Works Progress Administration appointments, 1938-1939.
8 15
Dean R. Brimhall
Civil Aeronautics Authority and Civil Aeronautics Administration appointments, 1939-1944.
8 16
Dean R. Brimhall
Civil Aeronautics Administration efficiency rating reports, 1944-1950.
8 17
Dean R. Brimhall
Retirement from the Civil Aeronautics Administration, 1951.
8 18
Dean R. Brimhall
Exceptional Service Award of the United States Department of Commerce (Gold Medal Award), 1952.
8 19
Dean R. Brimhall
World War II ration books.
8 20
Dean R. Brimhall
Medical reports and final illness, 1972-1973.
8 21
Dean R. Brimhall
Appointment to the State Board of History by Governor Calvin L. Rampton, 1969.
8 22
Dean R. Brimhall
Memorial Fund, 1972.
8 23
Dean R. Brimhall
Memorial Service, May 1972.
8 24
Dean R. Brimhall
Obituaries, May 1972.
8 25
Dean R. Brimhall
Death, letters of condolence to Lila Brimhall, 1972.
8 26
Fruita Property
Warranty Deed, 1943.
8 27
Fruita Property
Plans for house in Torrey, Utah.
8 28
Fruita Property
Property sold for highway construction.
8 29
Fruita Property
Manana Farm Pipeline, 1953-1958.
8 30-34
Fruita Property
Deeding of property to United States government to become part of Capitol Reef National Monument, September 1960-January 1967.
8 35
Fruita Property
Purchase of butyl rubber irrigation tubing system, 1964.
8 36-38
David Eccles Estate
Financial Records, 1922-1928.
8 39
David Eccles Estate
Correspondence, 1955.
8 40
David Eccles Estate
Settlement, 1949-1966.
8 41-42
David Eccles Building
Financial Records and Newsclippings
Box Folder
9 1-14
Income Tax Returns
9 15
Financial Records of Irving National Bank
9 16
Utah State National Bank
9 17
The Munsey Trust Company
9 18
Utah Hotel Company Stock Offers
9 19
First Security Bank of Utah
9 20
University of Utah Employees Credit Union
9 21
Automobile Insurance Records
Including an automobile accident with John Stanley Elmer, 1965-1967.
9 22
1914-1916; 1968-1969
9 23
Financial Records
9 24-28
1927-1948; 1952-1975
Miscellaneous Personal Items
Box Folder
10 1
Mission to Germany for Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
10 2
Mount Timpanogos Hikes
10 3
McKeen Brimhall Fever Charts
10 4
Funeral Service for Veda Eccles Savage
10 5
Investigation of Brimhall's alleged Communist party Connections and Activities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
10 6
National Security Materials
10 7
Trips and Explorations
10 8
Naming of a Ridge in Canyonlands National Park, Brimhall Point
10 9
10 10
Address Books
10 11
George H. Brimhall Materials (Dean's father)
Box Folder
11 1-2
11 3
Biographical Materials
11 4
Brimhall Genealogy
11 5
Comparative Trips to Las Vegas by George H. Brimhall in 1865 and by Dean R. Brimhall in 1927
1865; 1927
11 6
A Father's Blessing, Given to Dean R. Brimhall by His Father George H. Brimhal
1807 September 17
11 7
Phrenology Chart of George H. Brimhall
11 8
George H. Brimhall Estate
11 9
11 10
Legislative Session
11 11
Log of Colorado River Trip
11 12
George H. Brimhall Science Building, Brigham Young University and George S. Eccles Business Building, Utah State University
11 13
Article About George H. Brimhall as President of the National Education Association
11 1
George H. Brimhall Diary
A complete index of names is included in the first ten pages of the diary. George H. Brimhall served as the third president of Brigham Young University, 1903-1921. There are many entries during this period referring to BYU and activities associated with his presidency. Many entries deal with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and speeches given by important church leaders such as Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, Heber J. Grant, John Q. Cannon, Erastus Snow, Joseph F. Smith, etc. Brimhall wrote often of his family and there are many references about his wives, children, and grandchildren. His first wife was Alsina E. Wilkins, and the children born to them were Lucy J., Alsina E., George W., Mark H., Wells L., and Milton H. His second wife was Flora Robertson, and the children born to them were Dean R., Fay R., Fawn R., Ruth Afton, Paul R., Alta R., Golden H., and Arco R. In addition to entries referring to his presidency at BYU, the LDS Church, and his family he wrote about important events, personal feelings on subjects, the state of his health, and the normal day-to-day routine activities of his life.

II:  General CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
12 1
Abrams, Milton C.; Achilles, Paul S.; Adams, E. E.; Alter, J. Cecil; Anderson, Clinton P.; Anderson, Mark; Anderson, W. W.
12 2-6
Aleson, Harry L.
1945 February-1969 December
12 7
American Civil Liberties Union
12 8
Anderson, Nels
12 9
Arrington, Leonard J.
1965 October-1966 August
12 10
Ballif, Ariel S.; Barker, Chester W.; Barker, Kate M.; Barlow, Haven J.; Barlow, M. C.; Barr, Dwight; Bauchen, Ted; Baumgarten, Franziska; Beeley, Arthur L.; Bennion, Adam S.; Bennion, Heber; Bennion, Paul; Bentley, Harold W.; Bird, Elmer W.; Boyle, William H.; Bregman, Judith; Brew, J. O.; BYU Emeritus Club; Brimm, Leone; Brimhall, W. Smoot; Brown, Francis J.; Buchanan, William K.; Buff, Conrad
12 11
Backman, Gus P.
12 12
Beck, D. Eldon
12 13
Beeley, Arthur L.
12 14
Bennett, Wallace F.
12 15-19
Bird, E. J. (Bill)
1961 March-1968 September
12 20
Blood, Henry H.
12 21
Bowen, Albert O.
12 22
Bregman, Elsie O.
1941; 1966
12 23-25
Brigham Young University
13 1
Brodie, Fawn M.
June 15, 1942 - Copy of the famous Wentworth letter written by Joseph Smith to a newspaperman is sent to Fawn Brodie.
1937 April-1943 September
13 2
Brodie, Fawn M.
November 5, 1945 - From J. M. Cummings. Cummings is very critical of Brodie's book, No Man Knows My History (a biography about the life of Joseph Smith the Mormon prophet). He claims that her conclusions in the book are wrong and that she has no historical basis for many of the things she has written. June 12, 1946 - To Thomas E. McKay from H. Grant Ivins commending his daughter Fawn McKay Brodie for her courage in writing No Man Knows My History. June 18, 1946 - To Dean Brimhall from Fawn Brodie, discussing Brodie's excommunication from the LDS church.
1944 February-1946 July
13 3-12
Brodie, Fawn M.
August 1946-December 1971
13 13
Brodie, Fawn M.
May 19, 1972 - To Lila Brimhall from Brodie writing of Dean's funeral and memorial service. She offers to help edit a book about pictographs and petroglyphs taken from Dean's notes on the subject. June 15, 1972 - To Lila Brimhall from Everett L. Cooley, curator of Western Americana, University of Utah Library discussing the possibility of writing a book on Indian Rock Art from Dean's notes on the subject. December 23, 1972 - To Fawn Brodie from George Pfeiffer III, American West Publishing Company stating company is very much interested in the possibility of publishing a book on Indian Rock Art by Dean Brimhall.
February 1972-August 1974
13 14
Brodie, Fawn M., No Man Knows My History (Biography of Joseph Smith)
"Polygamy Shocks the Mormons," The American Mercury, 62 (April 1946). No Ma'am That's Not History, A Brief Review of Mrs. Brodie's Reluctant Vindication of a Prophet She Seeks to Expose, by Hugh Nibley (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1946). "Evidences and Reconciliations," Improvement Era (March 1946). Article about Mrs. Brodie's No Man Knows My History. Review by C. J. Hunt, mimeograph. Review in Improvement Era (March 1946) Review by Vardis Fisher, New York Times, November 25, 1945.
13 15
Brodie, Fawn M., No Man Knows My History, Reviews and Newsclippings
13 16
Brodie, Fawn M., Articles, Reviews, Etc.
"Burton and the City of the Saints," typescript. "The Political Hero in America: His Fate and His Future," Virginia Historical Quarterly, 46 (Winter 1970). Review by Brodie of The Lion of the Lord by Stanley P. Hirshshon, n.p. "Who Won the Civil War, Anyway?" New York Times Book Review, August 5, 1962. "Acceptance Speech of Fawn McKay Brodie, Utah Historical Society Annual Meeting, September 23, 1967, University of Utah," typescript. "Ronald Reagan Plays Surgeon," The Reporter, April 6, 1967.
13 17
Brodie, Fawn M., Articles, Reviews, Etc.
Review of The Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton, in Newsweek, June 12, 1967. "Big Daddy vs. Mr. Clean [Jesse Unruh and Ronald Reagan]" New York Times Magazine, April 21, 1968 Review of Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History, Time, April 29, 1974.
13 18-19
Brodie, Fawn M., Articles, Reviews, Etc.
14 1
Brooks, Juanita
14 2
Buchanan, Gaylord A.
14 3-4
Buchanan, William K., and Family
May 1962-February 1968
14 5
Capener, Homer; Cattell, Garrison; Cattell, Josephine; Chaffin, A. L.; Chappell, Kennard; Christiansen, L. P.; Clark, J. Reuben; Cluff, John B.; Cook, Robert C.; Cooper, Nels; Cooper, Wally; Crossette, George; Cummings, John E.; Cannon, Sylvester Q.; Cummings, Julian M.; Cutler, Douglas E.
14 6-13
Calderwood, Grace B.
14 14
Capitol Reef National Monument
14 15
Capitol Reef National Monument
14 16
Carmichael, Leonard
1944, 1967
14 17
Cattell, Elizabeth
14 18-19
Cattell, J. McKeen - Psychological Corporation
14 20
Cattell, J. McKeen
In Memorium, 1944.
14 21
Cawley, John J.
14 22
Chaffin, Ned
14 23-27
Chestnut, W. Clarence - Fruita Property
January 1947-December 1949
14 28
Christensen, J. O.
14 29
Christensen, Parley, A.
14 30
Collins, Mary Love
15 1
Cooley, Everett L.
15 2-3
Cosmos Club
15 4-5
Cottam, Walter P.
15 6
Consumers Welfare League
15 7
Coyle, David Cushman
15 8-9
Crockett, J. Allan
15 10
Davis, Owen; Davis, William; Deffebach, H. W.; DeKrief, Paul; Desert Magazine; Douglas, James O.
15 11
Dodge, Homer L.
15 12-13
Dunne, Hop Hee
15 14
Eccles, W. J.; Elggren, Lorenzo E.; Evans, Sears J.; and Evarts, William A.
15 15
Eccles, David
15 16-20
Eccles, Marriner S.
15 21-24
Ekker, Arthur
15 25
Erickson, Kenneth
15 26
Escalante Attractions
15 27
Failor, H. Loell; Finch, Glen; Fitts, Paul M.; Flanagan, Ruth and John; Forbush, Gary D.; Forsythe, Lyman; Foulger, Amanda; Fowler, B. A.; Freed, David L.; and Freed, Robert E.
15 28-29
Fitzpatrick, John F.
15 30
Follows, Don
15 31-33
Fordham, Jefferson B.
16 1
Gaeth, Arthur; Gardner, E. Ray; Gardner, U. S.; Garff, R. Minnie; Gibbons, Francis M.; Giles, John E.; Gillman, J. W.; Gittins, Alvin; Goodman, Jack; Graybiel, Ashton; Green, Ashbel; Guion, Robert M.; Gunnerson, James H.
16 2
Garkane Power Company
16 3
Geddes, Joseph A.
16 4
Granger, Walter K.
16 5
Haddaway, George E.; Hance, James H.; Hanks, N. C.; Hanson, Ed and Anne; Hanson, Elias; Hard, William; Harding, T. Swann; Harward, Royal; Heiney, Donald; Henderson, George; Hodson, Paul W., Holbrook, Raymond B.; Horsley, Shirl; Hudson, Roy; Huff, Lyman; Hughes, Howard F.
16 6
Hamilton, Parker and Hildegard
16 7
Hamlin, Fred
16 8-9
Hardy, LeGrand
16 10
Harmon, Ray
16 11
Harris, Franklin S.
1921, 1937
16 12
Hatch, George
16 13
Haury, Emil W.
16 14
Haws, Leland
16 15
Henderson, Leon
16 16
Hendrickson, John H.
16 17
Hermanson, Nels L.
16 18
Hinckley, Robert H.
Biographical material.
16 19-35
Hinckley, Robert H.
August 7, 1936 - To Harold B. Lee from Brimhall comparing the LDS Church Welfare Program and the Works Progress Administration. Lee is thanked for the information he provided on the LDS Church Welfare Program. August 15, 1936 - To Hinckley from Brimhall discussing politics and the election of 1936. The New York Times carried an article quoting Mormon Church President Heber J. Grant as endorsing the Republican candidate Alf Landon for President. September 6, 1936 - To Hinckley from Brimhall enclosing WPA workers handbook, the first document put out by the administration addressed to the workers personally. October 6, 1936 - To Hinckley from Brimhall praising the publication of the WPA handbooks. Brimhall proposes holding a national conference for the purpose of determining the facts regarding national unemployment. February 9, 1937 - To Brimhall from Hinckley discussing the controversy surrounding President Roosevelt's Supreme Court plan. August 4, 1938 - To Hinckley from Brimhall notifying him his resignation from the office of secretary-treasurer of the Utah Pacific Airways, Inc. was formally accepted by the board. August 14, 1939 - To Hinckley from Brimhall explaining the statistics from the Wirth study on relief in Utah. September 16, 1939 - To Ross G. Harrison, chairman of the National Research Council, from Hinckley asking the National Research Council to help the Civil Aeronautics Authority organize research studies for the Civil Pilot Training Program. August 14, 1940 - To Hinckley from Calvin W. Rawlings telling of articles in the Deseret News denouncing President Roosevelt's Third Term Policy. A copy of Brigham Young's statements in regard to this subject is enclosed. June 29, 1942 - To Hinckley from President Franklin D. Roosevelt accepting Hinckley's resignation as Assistant Secretary of Commerce. Hinckley is complimented for his achievements in the field of aviation. His most important achievements are highlighted and President Roosevelt expresses his gratitude to Hinckley for his service in government work. January 7, 1943 - To Brimhall from Hinckley requesting a copy of Brimhall's paper on "The Causes of the Fall of Greece and Rome." January 11, 1943 - To Brimhall from Hinckley notifying him he is being sent a volume entitled, "Reports of Expenditures by the Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots from Contract No. 525 with the Civil Aeronautics Authority 1939-40."
January 1936-70
17 1
Hoebal, E. Adamson
17 2
Hogue, Mary Priscilla
17 3
Horsley, Shirl
17 4
Jackson, M. R.; Jenkins, John G.; Johnson, Jed; Johnson, Joseph S.; Johnson, Zeke; Jordanoff, Assen
17 5
Jarvis, Boyer
17 6
Jennings, Jesse D.
17 7
Jensen, Frank, L.
17 8
Jensen, Keith
17 9
Jonas, Frank A.
17 10
Karant, Max; Kay, Harold T.; Keeler, Karl F.; Kellum, Wilbur E.; Kimball, Mildred G.; King, William H.; Kinney, Roseanna McQuesten; Kintner, Robert; Klas, John H.; Knell, William; Knight, Charlotte; Knight, Jennie B.; Krueger, Max L.
17 11
Karrick, L. C.
17 12
Keller, W. M.
17 13
Kelly, Charles
17 14
Ketchum, Ed and Georgia
17 15
King, Judson
17 16
Knee, Lurton J.
May 16, 1969 - To Lurton J. Knee from Senator Wallace F. Bennett implying that if the park boundaries of Capitol Reef are expanded and surround Knees ranch, he will come under the jurisdiction of the Park Service. Bennett says, "The government will use its power of condemnation and secure all private lands inside the boundaries, including yours."
17 17
Lambert, A. C.; Lancaster, Wally and Mary Alice; Landa, Esther R.; Lasswell, Harold; Lee, Harold B.; Lee, Hector; Lee, Ronald F.; Leech, Margaret; Lees, C. Lowell and Georgina; Library of Congress; Lowe, Ralph J.; Lucas, Willis G.; Luke, Theron H.; Lund, James R.; Lyon, Earl; Lythgoe, Dennis L.
17 18
Lee, J. Bracken
17 19
Lighthall, A. C.
17 20-28
Linford, Ernest
January 27, 1955 - To Brimhall from Linford who is about to compile a file on past utterances and actions of Governor J. Bracken Lee. July 2, 1972 - To Lila Brimhall from Linford describing plans for a permanent memorial to Dean Brimhall and of finding a place for his books, art, and various other papers.
17 29
Lyman, Richard R.
17 30
Malmgren, Larry H.
17 31
Mangum, Donna Joyce
17 32
Manning, Dan W.
17 33
Marshall, Milton
17 34
Martin, Reed E.
17 35
Masland, F. E.
17 36
Mason, Fred
17 37
May, Mark A.
17 38
Mayo Clinic
1940, 1946
17 39
McDonald, Howard S.
17 40
McElroy, Neil
17 41
McKay, David O.
17 42
McKay, Fawn B.
17 43
McLean, Henry L.
18 1
Merkely, A. G.
18 2
Merrill, Amos N.
18 3
Merrill, Joseph A.
18 4
Meyer, Mildred
18 5
Middle America Information Bureau
18 6
Miles, Walter R.
18 7
Miller, R. W.
18 8
Moffitt, J. C.
18 9
Monroe, Barbara
18 10
Moormeister, F.
18 11-12
Morgan, Dale
February 3, 1945 - To Brimhall from Morgan concerning the LDS church and its dealings in the early years in Utah, specifically its form of government in Utah Territory. Morgan quotes from The Mormon Problem, by C. P. Lyford; Mormonism: The Islam of America, by Bruce Kinney; and The Gentile Comes to Utah, by R. J. Dwyer. April 10, 1947 - To Morgan from Brimhall congratulating Morgan for writing the book The Great Salt Lake. September 6, 1947 - To Brimhall from Morgan concerning the Mormon church and some of its activities in Missouri. He also states some of his personal opinions about how the Mormon church operates.
18 13
Morgan, Nicholas G.
18 14
Mortensen, A. R.
18 15-20
Moss, Frank E.
April 19, 1961 - To Brimhall from Moss dealing with highway construction to Capitol Reel National Monument. Moss expresses the hope that local people will find the financial offers by the federal government sufficient to permit them to purchase land elsewhere. May 18, 1961 - To Brimhall from Moss commending Brimhall for his stand on the construction of transmission lines (Colorado River Storage Project). Brimhall favors construction by the federal government as opposed to construction by private utility companies. April 6, 1962 - To Brimhall from Moss asking Brimhall to testify before the hearings of the Public Lands Subcommittee of the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee in favor of the senator's bill to establish Canyonlands National Park.
18 21
Moss, Frank E.
Naming of certain geographical feature "Brimhall Point," 1972.
18 22
Mottashed, Charles
18 23
Moulton, F. R.
18 24
Moyle, James H.
18 25
Mundt, Karl E.
18 26-27
Murdock, Abe
18 28
Musser, Burton W.
18 29
National Geographic Society
18 30-32
National Park Service
18 33
National Park Service
18 34
National Park Service, Capitol Reef National Monument
18 35
National History, Inc.
1961, 1970
18 36
Naughtan, E. M. - Utah Power & Light Company
18 37
Necleman, Gary
18 38
Nelson, Tora S.
18 39
Nevada Power Company
18 40
Newman, Sidney H.
18 41
Nibley, Preston
18 42
Nielson, Mildred
18 43
Niles, David
1944, 1965
18 44
Nixon, Richard M.
18 45
Novack, George
18 46
Nyman, Emil
18 47-48
Nyswander, Dorothy
19 1
Oakley, Bert T.
19 2
O'Brien, Richard
19 3
Olpin, Albert Ray
19 4
Olsen, Chester J.
19 5
Parent Teacher Association; Patterson, James; Paulson, G. Nelson
19 6
Peabody Museum
19 7
Pearsall, C. R.
19 8
Pearson, Drew
19 9
Peterson, Charles S.
19 10
Peterson, Elmer George
19 11
Peterson, G. M.
19 12
Peterson, Henry E.
19 13
Peterson, M. Blaine
September 18, 1961 - To Congressman Peterson from Brimhall commending Peterson for his support of the plan for federal transmission lines for the Colorado River Storage Project.
19 14
Petrullo, Vicenzo
19 15
Pierce, Trudy
19 16
Pierson, George A.
19 17
Planck, Charles
19 18
Poole, H. L.
19 19
Price, Wesley
19 20
Quinney, S. Joseph
19 21
Raskob, John J.; Rasmussen, Jewel J.; Rawlings, Calvin W.; Reeder, Grant M.; Reimschiissel, Ernest F.; Reining, Robert F.; Rich, Ben C.; Richards, Joe; Robinson, James.
19 22
Radin, Alex
19 23
Rampton, Calvin L.
19 24
Ritter, Willis W.
19 25-27
Rogg, Nathaniel H.
19 28-35
Romney, Miles Quinn
19 36
Ross, Kenneth W.
19 37
Roosevelt, Eleanor
The Struggle for Human Rights, 1948.
19 38
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
April 17, 1939 - To Thomas R. Amlie from President Roosevelt, who, at Amlie's request, withdrew his name for nomination to the Interstate Commerce Commission. President Roosevelt condemns those people who, for political reasons, have called Amlie a Communist. The President states "that such name-calling ill serves the democratic form of Government which this Nation as a whole wishes to continue."
1936, 1939
19 39
Rosenblatt, Joseph
19 40
Rulon, Phillip Justin
20 1
Sailor, Richard G.; Salisbury, Paul G.; Sanquinetti, E. F.; Sawyers, Rodelle; Scheel, Jeanne; Schlagle, F. L.; Schubert, Frances; Schwartz, Elayne; Scott A. W.; Seidner, M. J.; Shoemaker, H. C.; Sorenson, Fred; Spervaek, Bella; Stewart, John; Stewart, Mitchell; Swenson, John.
20 2
Schafter, A. F.
20 3
Shartle, Carroll L.
20 4
Shutterbug Photo
20 5-7
Shutterbug Photo
20 8
Sinclair, Marguerite L.
20 9
Smith, Calvin L.
20 10
Smith, Joseph Fielding
20 11
Smithsonian Institution
20 12
Smith, Melvin T.
20 13
Snow, Herbert A.
20 14-19
Sprang, Elizabeth Lewis and Richard
"Glen Canyon Journey, October 3 to November 16, 1959," by Elizabeth Sprang, typescript.
20 20
Stegner, Wallace
20 21
Stewart, Kilton
20 22
Stone, Julius F., Sr.
20 23
Stout, Carol
20 24
Swarthout, Donald M.
20 25
Taital, Martin
20 26
Tanner, Obert C.
An open letter to Stanford University and Brigham Young University, 1969.
20 27
Tanner, Vasco, M.
20 28-29
Taylor, Bradley
20 30
Taylor, Hugh
20 31
Thatcher, Paul
20 32
Thatcher, Roy D.
20 33
Thomas, Elbert D.
20 34
Thomas, George - University of Utah President
20 35
Thomson, Ralph D.
20 36
Thompson, Shelby
20 37
Tingleaf, Elfriede
20 38
Torgerson, Janice O.
20 39-40
Trapp, Jacob
February 2, 1939 - To President Franklin D. Roosevelt from Trapp asking the President to lift the embargo on munitions to Spain so that the fascist rebels would not defeat the Spanish loyalists.
21 1-2
Udall, Stewart L.
21 3
Uhlig, Max F.
21 4
United Airlines
21 5
United States Department of the Interior - National Parks
21 6
United States Forest Service
Precipitation Records, 1960.
21 7
University of Utah
21 8
Utah Academy of Science, Arts and Letters
21 9
Utah Public Service Commission
21 10-11
Utah State Historical Society
21 12
Utah State Historical Society - Sevier Valley Chapter
21 13
Utah Statewide Archeological Society
21 14
Van Saun, H. Richard
21 15-16
Viteles, Morris S.
An Autobiography, 1965.
21 17
Walker, Helen G.; Wallace, S. Rains, Jr.; Wallace, Verona; Walton, Leonore H.; Wanlass, Kathryn and Ralph; Weight, Jesse J.; Wallmann, Klaus F.; Witley, Elizabeth; Willmore, Paul; Wilson, Kjell; Wittwer, J. H.; Wirrick, Marian; WOL Radio Station; Wood, Charles; Wright, J. W.
21 18
Wadsworth, Elna
1966, 1971
21 19
Walker, Joseph
21 20
Wallace, Henry A.
21 21
Warner, Fayette S.
21 22
Washington Friends of Spanish Democracy
21 23-24
Wayne County School District
21 25
Webster, David L.
21 26
Welles, Samuel P. and Harriet
21 27
Welling, Tracy R.
21 28
West, Allan M.
1961, 1965
21 29-31
Whipple, Maurine
21 32
Wilder, Mitchell
21 33
Wilkinson, C. F.
21 34
Wilkinson, Ernest L.
21 35
Wilson, Bates
21 36
Wolfe, Judge James H.
21 37
Wright, Spencer
21 38-41

III:   American Men of Science Return to Top

This book was published for the purpose of providing a short biographical sketch of important men in science. Dean Brimhall was co-editor of the 1921 edition.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Volume
22 1
American Men of Science, A Biographical Directory, eds. J. McKeen Cattell and Dean R. Brimhall. 3rd Ed. (Garrison, New York: The Science Press)
22 1
"Family Resemblances Among American Men of Science," by Dean Brimhall
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia University. Reprinted from The American Naturalist (New York, 1923).
22 2
Appendix I, "American Men of Science and Their Near Relatives of Distinction"
22 3
23 1
American Men of Science, A Biographical Directory, ed. Jaques Cattell, 7th Ed. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania: The Science Press)
This edition has a biographical sketch of Dean Brimhall.
23 1
"The Production, Retention and Attraction of American Men of Science," by Professor E. L. Thorndike, Science
August 16, 1940

IV:  Psychological CorporationReturn to Top

Dean R. Brimhall worked for the Psychological Corporation from 1922-25. He served as the first executive-secretary, and also helped organize this group which was headed by E. L. Thorndike, of Columbia; J. McKeen Cattell, of Science Press; James R. Angell, president of Yale; and others. The Psychological Corporation was located in New York City and organized for the purpose of conducting human engineering research for business and to effect contacts between qualified psychologists and business firms that wanted their help. Brimhall left the Psychological Corporation in 1925, but after he retired from government service he served as a trustee of the James McKeen Cattell Fund.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
24 1
Correspondence--Achilles, Paul S.
24 2-6
Correspondence--Bregman, Elsie O.
24 7
Correspondence--Bregman, Judy
24 8-10
Correspondence--Cattell, James McKeen
24 11
Correspondence--Cattell, Jaques
24 12
Correspondence--Freiberg, Albert D.
24 13
Correspondence--Gallagher, Joseph V.
24 14
Correspondence--Hollingworth, Leta S.
24 15
Correspondence--Machol, M. R.
24 16
Correspondence--Thorndike, R. L.
24 17
Correspondence--Charter and Certificate of Incorporation
24 18
Bylaws of the Psychological Corporation
24 19
Application for Membership
24 20
James McKeen Cattell
Biographical material.
24 21
James McKeen Cattell Fund
24 22
Shareholders Meetings
24 23
Interim Report
24 24-31
Annual Report
24 32
Effects of Hypnotic Repression and Conflict
Request for grant to study.
24 33-34
Miscellaneous publications on Psychology

V:  Utah Pacific AirwaysReturn to Top

The Utah Pacific Airways, organized by Dean Brimhall and Robert H. Hinckley in 1926, was located in Ogden, Utah. At first the organization represented Beechcraft, but later it became a distributor of the Curtiss-Wright Company. It was the largest organization of its kind in the Rocky Mountain States. Brimhall served as president of this company from 1926-34. As president he helped promote the first aviation census of wild game, and directed the first experiments of the use of airplanes for the control of forest fires. Another interest of Brimhall's was safety. Safety practices he established were so successful that during six years of training hundreds of pilots, transporting charter passengers, and conducting experiments for government agencies, not one pilot or passenger was killed or injured.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
25 1-21
25 22
Business Affidavit of Brimhall's Presidency
25 23
Business Records

VI:  Works Progress Administration (WPA)Return to Top

In 1935 Dean Brimhall accepted a position with the Works Progress Administration as an advisor for labor relations. He served until 1939 under WPA administrator Harry L. Hopkins. During this time Brimhall was an outspoken defender of the Roosevelt administration and of the Works Progress Administration. He gave many speeches and always fought for the workers' rights.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
26 1
Anderson, Nels
January 4, 1938 - To Anderson from Brimhall. Enclosed with the letter is a copy of the article "The Myth of Mormon Work Relief."
26 2
Anderson, W. W.; Asch, Nathan
26 3
Babson, Roger W.; Baker, Jacob
26 4-6
Baker, O. E.
Publications on youth and conservation.
26 7
Barrett, Conrad A.
26 8
Black, Hugo
26 9
Bowman, William
26 10-16
Brimhall, Dean R.
September 9, 1935 - To Brimhall from Harry L. Kinear. Status of Brimhall changed by Harry Hopkins from labor advisor and assistant director to labor management-assistant administrator in the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. July 14, 1936 - Memorandum to Harry Hopkins from Brimhall giving an explanation of the Mormon Church Relief Program. He also says a few things about the church and how he thinks it operates. December 23, 1938 - Memorandum to David Niles from Brimhall. Brimhall has succeeded in getting Professor Louis Wirth, a sociologist from the University of Chicago, to direct the study of Utah and the Mormon Relief Plan.
26 17
Buttenheim, Harold S.
December 13, 1934 - To Brimhall from Buttenheim, editor of The American City magazine. Buttenheim agrees with Brimhall's views on governmental spending expressed in his paper "Social Insecurity" and would like to print excerpts from this paper in his magazine.
26 18
Cannon, Silvester Q.
26 19
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
26 20
Clay, Wharton; Clayton, Lawrence
26 21-30
Collins, Mary Love
27 1
Dangerfield, Royden; Decker, Herman; De Kruif, Paul
27 2
Eckler, A. Ross
27 3
Farnsworth, Burton K.; Fellows, Parry A.; Friedrich, A. Anton
27 4
Granger, Walter K.
27 5-18
Greenwell, Darrell J.
  • January 5, 1938 - To Brimhall from Greenwell discussing the articles and pictures in the Deseret News which claimed that WPA reservoir projects in Uintah County were Mormon Church Relief projects. Greenwell tells of his conversations with S. O. Bennion, general manager of the Deseret News, and Ben Roberts, attorney.
  • March 24, 1942 - To Robert Hinckley and Brimhall from Greenwell discussing the part WPA will play in the relocation of the Japanese. The WPA will assist the army in establishing towns of about 10,000 in population.
  • July 7, 1942 - To Brimhall from Greenwell telling of a Japanese relocation center which is to be established near Delta, Utah. He also tells Brimhall that the War Relocation Authority is recruiting psychologists for these colonies and indicates that Brimhall may be interested in getting a job in this area.
  • March 17, 1943 - To Brimhall from Greenwell telling of the end of the WPA which will take place before the end of March and he is in the process of liquidating the offices now.
  • November 14, 1944 - To Robert Hinckley and Brimhall from Greenwell concerning the national election and Utah election results. President Roosevelt took the state, Senator Elbert Thomas defeated Adam S. Bennion, and Governor Herbert B. Maw was barely ahead of J. Bracken Lee. The Lee backers demanded a recount.
  • March 7, 1949 - To Brimhall from Greenwell concerning the Mormon Church Welfare Plan. He also tells about Utah's new governor, J. Bracken Lee, and gives his views on economizing.
27 19
Hard, William; Hickok, Lorena A.
27 20
Hill, Rey M.
27 21
Hopkins, Harry L.
June 26, 1936 - To Frank Y. McLaughlin from Hopkins noting that the WPA has just completed its first year of existence. He states the purposes and accomplishments of the program and the responsibilities of the WPA
27 22
Hough, Henry W.
27 23-24
Howe, Maurice
March 15, 1936 - To Brimhall from Howe in which a newspaper clipping is enclosed telling about Robert Hinckley's resignation as assistant WPA administrator in charge of the Western States.
27 25
Hull, Irving
27 26
Igleheart, William T.
27 27
27 28
Jacobson, R. C
27 29
Johnson, Harry M.
27 30
Johnstone, Alan
27 31
Keeler, Karl
27 32
Kelly, Armond W.; Kimball, Ranch
27 33
Kneer, William M.
28 1
Mallary, Benjamin E.: Martin, Gail
November 11, 1936 - To Brimhall from B. E. Mallary complimenting him on the WPA pamphlet Our Job with the WPA.
1935-38, 1941, 1947
28 2
Maynard, David M.; McDonald, Howard; Merrill, H. R.; Miller, M. J.; Moore, Felix E., Jr.: Mosher, William E.
28 3
Moyle, Henry D.
28 4
Moyle, James H.
1936, 1938
28 5
Murdock, Abe
1937, 1939
28 6
Nelson, Ernest L.
28 7-8
Nelson, Lowry
September 30, 1938 - To Nelson from Brimhall concerning criticism of WPA programs. The candidacy of Franklin S. Harris for the United States Senate is also discussed. Brimhall tells of the upcoming study on the Mormon Relief program.
28 9
The New Republic
28 10
Niles, David K.
May 24, 1937 - To Niles from Robert Hinckley. Hinckley investigated charges that the WPA was robbing the labor market and found them not true. He tells of cases where WPA projects have been stopped so that the workers could be used by private local employers but it was found that private employers could not use all the WPA workers.
28 11
Ogburn, William F.
28 12
Ollorton, Anne; Olsen, Orange A.
28 13
O'Neil, Hugh F.; Overstreet, Lyn
28 14-15
Ozer, Sol D.
September 14, 1938 - Memorandum to Brimhall from Ozer discussing the Mormon Church Relief Program in Utah. Ozer points out that Utah ranks very high in the amount of federal work relief funds it receives.
28 16
Quinney, S. J.
28 17
Redd, Collis O.
28 18-21
Reese, Glen D.
28 22
Rice, _____ (Utah State Attorney General)
28 23
Robinson, J. W.
July 14, 1938 - To Congressman Robinson from Brimhall stating that a congressman like Robinson probably did not need any assistance in a political campaign, but he is making a small contribution because Robinson has always supported progressive legislation.
28 24
Romney, M. A.
28 25
Roosevelt, Nicholas
June 20, 1938 - To Roosevelt, writer for New York Herald-Tribune, from Brimhall challenging-Roosevelt to prove that 20,000 families have been taken off relief in Utah. Roosevelt wrote an article entitled, "They Don't Lean in Utah" in which he claimed the Mormon Relief Program had taken 20,000 families off federal relief.
28 26
Rowe, Helen
28 27
Sanford, Allen T.
28 28
Sawyers, Rodelle
28 29
Smith, Chester A.; Smith, George Albert; Stewart, Kilton R.
28 30
Somervell, Brehon
28 31
Stone, Julius F., Jr.
November 11, 1935 - Memorandum to Harry Hopkins from Stone regarding the reelection of President Roosevelt. Stone wants to make certain the WPA workers are strongly behind the President. He recommends that an Information Section be established in the WPA.
28 32
Tattersall, Thomas H.; Taylor, A. R.; Taylor, Fred G.; Thomas, Elbert D.; Thomas, George; Tichenor, Frank A.; Tillisch, Jan H.; Tittey, J. G.
28 33
Turner, Wallace
28 34
Warne, Colston; Wells, Carl D.
28 35
Werner, Morris R.
28 36-37
Winner, Hawthorne
28 38
Wirth, Louis
November 12, 1938 - To Wirth from Brimhall concerning Wirth's study on relief in Utah. Brimhall writes of Salary plans in regard to the study and he gives Wirth some ideas about how he should proceed doing the study.
28 39
Woodward, Hugh M.
28 40
Wright, Roscoe
Mormon Church Relief Program
In 1936 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) established their own relief and welfare plan. This plan was organized under the direction of Heber J. Grant, president of the church, for the purpose of taking church members off federal relief rolls. Brimhall collected a great deal of material (mostly newspaper clippings) dealing with the Mormon Church Relief Plan.
Box Folder
29 1
Memorandum to Harry L. Hopkins, WPA administrator, from Brimhall, subject: "The Mormon Relief Plan," typescript
July 14, 1936
29 2
"Brigham Young on Government," Millennial Star, (typescript); "Logan Temple Lectures--A series of lectures delivered before the Temple School of Science during the years 1885-6," by C. W. Nibley (typescript)
November 18, 1854
29 3
LDS Church Controversies with Supreme Court Decisions Concerning Polygamy
29 4
LDS Church Controversies with Supreme Court Decisions Concerning Polygamy; President Roosevelt's Speech on the Constitution
29 5-16
Articles and News Stories
December 1935-December 1936
30 1-17
Articles and News Stories
January 1937-March 1938
31 1-14
Articles and News Stories
April-December 1938
Works Progress Administration--Mormon Church Relief Program
Box Folder
32 1-19
Articles and News Stories
January 1939-August 1940
33 1-13
Articles and News Stories
September 1940-1967
33 14-15
Controversy Surrounding WPA Reservoir Projects in Uintah Basin
The Deseret News claimed these projects were LDS Church Welfare projects, 1937-38 (Parts 1 and 2).
33 16
Charts Showing Amount of Assistance Received in Utah and Other States
33 17
"Public Relief and Welfare in Utah, A Semi-Final Report of The Summary And Recommendations to Utah Tax Study Committee," by A. C. Lambert, mimeograph
33 18
"Public Assistance in Utah," State of Utah, Department of Public Welfare, mimeograph
33 19-20
Mormon Church Relief Program and WPA (Parts 1 and 2)
33 21
Bibliographies of Mormon Church Relief Program and WPA
A Study of Relief in Utah, by Dr. Louis Wirth
Box Folder
34 1-4
General Correspondence
July 1, 1940 - To Louis Wirth from Brimhall telling Wirth that his work on the relief situation in Utah is very impressive and a real contribution to sociology. Brimhall points out that his study presents evidence that Utah received less federal funds than depression needs in the state justify.
34 5
Correspondence--Appointments and Payment of salaries
34 6
Correspondence--Lillywhite, B. Alden
34 7-8
University of Chicago Materials
Correspondence and study.
34 9
Travel Authorizations
34 10-13
Research Data
34 14
United States Supreme Court Decisions on Polygamy and New Deal Legislation
34 1
"Study of Utah Relief Program"
Box Folder
35 1
County Reports
35 2
National Youth Administration
35 3
Salaries and Incomes--General Motors Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad
35 4
Today's Work, Works Progress Administration in Utah
March 1937
Dean Brimhall Speeches and Speeches By Others
Box Folder
36 1
Taxes for Which We Get No Receipts, in Utah Education Association Bulletin No. 27, 1933 and School and Society, Vol. 38
December 1933
36 2
"Adventures in Taxation," typescript
36 3
"Aims and Activities of the FERA in Utah" mimeograph
36 4
"Social Insecurity," typescript, mimeograph
36 5
"Management Controls of the Works Program by Private Enterprise," typescript
36 6
"An Evaluation of the Works Program Experiment with Special Emphasis on Its By-Products," typescript
36 7
"Suggested Point of Attack on the Demand for the Release of Information on Administrative Costs of W.P.A. in Kansas," typescript
36 8
"No Federal Money for Utah and Back-to-the-Farm to Cure Unemployment;" typescript
36 9
"Government Interference in Mining," typescript
36 10
"Our Government and the Labor Surplus," typescript, mimeograph
36 11
"The Undistributed Profits Tax Alibi," typescript
36 12
"Utah's Youth Crop and Federal Support," typescript, mimeograph
36 13
Untitled, typescript
36 14
"Do You Know of a Job?" American Federationist, August 1938 and Dynamic America April 1939
August 1938 and April 1939
36 15
"Folklore Patterns Affecting the Works Program," typescript
36 16
"Folkways Affecting the Works Program," typescript
36 17
"Labor Management in Democracy," typescript
36 18
"The Myth of Mormon Work Relief," typescript
36 19
"Our Government and the Labor Surplus," mimeograph
36 20
"The Paradox of WPA," Common Sense
September 1938
36 21
"Restrictions of Production by Government and Restrictions of Production by Industry," typescript
36 22
Adventures in Science, Radio Broadcast, 1939, titled "Training America's Flyers of Tomorrow," typescript
36 23
Draft of speech by Dean Brimhall for Colonel F. C. Harrington, WPA administrator
36 24
Untitled, typescript
36 25
"Comparative Figures on Unemployment and Work Relief in Utah," typescript
36 26
"An Experiment with Kleptocrats," n.d., typescript; "Faith and Froth," typescript
36 27
"J. Rueben Clark, Jr. as Possible Head of UNRA," n.d., typescript; "No Monopoly in Boondoggling," typescript
36 28
"Prosperity, Depression and WPA," n.d., typescript; "Regulation and Development in Government," n.d., typescript; "Restrictions by Government and Industry," typescript
36 29
"Some Difficulties in Administering Relief," n.d., typescript; "WPA and the Myth of Job Refusals," typescript
36 30
Five (5) speeches, untitled, typescripts
36 31
"Bank Earnings and Expenses and What to do About Them," by Orval Adams, typescript
36 32
Address by Darrell J. Greenwell, typescript
36 33
"Misconceptions Concerning the WPA Program," by Colonel F. C. Harrington, mimeograph
36 34
"Work Progress Administration," by Harry L. Hopkins, mimeograph
36 35
"Do WPA Workers Refuse Jobs in Private Industry?" by Howard O. Hunter, mimeograph
36 36
"It is Happening Here," by Harold L. Ickes, mimeograph
36 37
"Government and Business," by Harold L. Ickes, mimeograph
36 38
Address by William T. Igleheart, typescript
36 39
"Business Confidence and Government Policy," by Robert H. Jackson, mimeograph
36 40
"Amicable Relationship with Capital Depends on Leaders on Both Sides," by Nelson A. Rockefeller, typescript
36 41
"Religion and the Welfare State," by Jacob Trapp, mimeograph
36 42
"Record of the Boondogglers," by James Wechsler, mimeograph
36 43
"Democracy--The Shared Quest for a Better Life," by James H. Wolfe, mimeograph
News Stories, Articles, Hoover Administration, and Statistics
Box Folder
37 1
Newspaper Clippings
37 2
Report on Newspaper Publicity
37 3
"Liberalism and Equality," John Dewey, The Social Frontier, A Journal of Educational Criticism and Reconstruction, 2
37 4
The Works Progress Administration's Nation-wide Staff Meeting of the Air
June 20, 1936
37 5
"Press Digest," mimeograph
May 22, 1936
37 6
Excerpt from "The Letters of Mr. X," Collier's, (typescript); "Mormon 'Security,'" Martha Emery, The Nation
February 5, 1938; February 12, 1938
37 7
"Young and Old Look for Work," Corrington Gill, American Federationist; "Plus Signs of the Depression," Chester S. Williams, Journal of Adult Education
June 1938; October 1938
37 8
"The Paradox of the W.P.A.," Dean R. Brimhall, Common Sense
September 1938
37 9
"Corrington Gill Calls 'War-Trade Cure for Unemployment' Fantastic and Absurd," WPA Press Release, mimeograph; "The Economics of the Family," typescript
November 1939; 1939
37 10
"The Human Factor in the W.P.A.," Christian Century, July 26, 1939; Report of New Citizens Day Ceremonies Held in 1939," United States Department of Labor, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Washington, D.C.
37 11
Suggested Changes in the Policies of the Federal Works Program, memorandum
37 12
"Issues and Men," Oswald Garrison Villard, The Nation; "WPA Criticism Analysis of Editorials," mimeograph
March 18, 1939; 1937
37 13
"Capital Not Wanted, American Business Rolls its Own," Stuart Chase, Harpers Magazine, mimeograph; "Shadow Over Wall Street," Stuart Chase, Harpers Magazine, mimeograph
February 1940; March 1940
37 14
"Government Reports," The NESPA Guide, mimeograph
January 15 and February 15, 1940
37 15
"Jackson Day Reflections," Alan Johnstone, typescript; "WPA Worker Strikes Back, How a man on the receiving end of WPA feels about criticisms thereof--a human document," Leonard A. Alan, typescript
1940; 1940
37 16
"The German Financial Revolution," Dal Hitchcock, Harpers Magazine, typescript; "Do We Need the WPA?" The New Republic
February 1941, July 21, 1941
37 17
Where's the Money Coming From? Problems of Postwar Finance, Stuart Chase, New York: Twentieth Century Fund, advertisement; "Statement By Marriner S. Eccles On A Capital Gains Tax To Curb Rising Prices of Capital Values," Federal Reserve System Board of Governors, press release, mimeograph; "The Speed-Up In Population Growth," Population Bulletin
March 3, 1945; 8 June 1952
37 18
Hoover Administration--Reconstruction Finance Corporation and Federal Relief Memoranda, Bulletins, Etc.
37 19
Hoover Administration--Woods and Gifford Committees
37 20
Hoover Administration--Excerpt From Hearing Before the Committee on Appropriations United States Senate on Drought Relief and Unemployment, typescript
37 21
Hoover Administration--Unemployment Relief
37 22
WPA Policies
37 23
United States Supreme Court Decision on the Agricultural Adjustment Act
37 24
Unemployment and Relief
37 25
76th Congress--Unemployment and Relief
37 26
State WPA Offics Correspondence Dealing with United States Community Improvement Appraisal Report
37 27
Correspondence in Response to Colonel Harrington's Letter of Transmittal Concerning the United States Community, Improvement Appraisal Report
37 28
Projects of States
37 29
American Liberty League--Work Relief
37 30
Reports of Progress in the States
37 31
Age Statistical Sheets
37 32
State Reports--General and Statistical
37 33
Statistical Reports
37 34
Reports--General and Statistical
37 35
Charts and Graphs
37 36
Vital Statistics
37 37
Unemployment Report Card
37 38
WPA Song--" Leaning on a Shovel," words by unknown WPA worker, music by Chester Watson
37 39
37 40
Workers' Handbook and Writers Project
Box Folder
38 1-5
Correspondence--Workers' Handbook, A-W
38 6-7
Questions and Answers for Workers
38 8
Workers' Handbook
38 9
Workers' Handbook
38 10
Workers' Handbook
Our Job With the WPA, Washington, D.C., 1936, manuscript.
38 11
Handbooks of Various States
38 12
Bulletins of the State of Delaware
38 13
Bulletins of the State of Michigan
38 14
Bulletin of New York City
38 15
Bulletin of the State of Utah
38 16-17
Writers Project--Publications
Published Reports
Box Folder
39 1
Report of Mayor La Guardia's Committee on Unemployment Relief, New York City
39 2
Work Relief Projects of the Public Works Type in the State of New York, An Estimate of Their Worth and of the Effectiveness of Their Management and Prosecution, Governor's Commission on Unemployment Relief, New York City
39 3
Education for Democracy, Public Affairs Forums, J. W. Studebaker and C. C. Williams, United States Department of the Interior
39 4
The Realities of Unemployment, by Harry L. Hopkins, Works Progress Administration
39 5
Age of WPA Workers, Works Progress Administration, Division of Social Research
39 6
Workers Over 40, A Survey by the National Association of Manufacturers of its Member Companies to Determine the Status of "Workers 40 and Over"
39 7
"Plan of the United States Community Improvement Appraisal," Works Progress Administration, mimeograph
39 8
Reports on Public Assistance to the Administrator, Works Progress Administration for the City of New York, Works Progress Advisory Council
39 9
U. S. Community Improvement Appraisal, A Report on the Work Program of the Works Progress Administration, National Appraisal Committee
39 10
Report on Progress of the WPA Program, Federal Works Agency
39 11
Facts About Unemployment, John H. Webb and Joseph C. Bevis, Social Problems, Number 4, Federal Works Agency
39 12
Report on Progress of the WPA Program, Works Progress Administration
39 13
Artists' Oil Paints, A Recorded Voluntary Standard of the Trade, United States Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards

VII:  Civil Aeronautics AdministrationReturn to Top

In 1939 Dean Brimhall became assistant to Robert H. Hinckley, chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Authority. Brimhall and Hinckley conceived and organized the Civilian Pilot Training Program which was so successful that at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the number of civilian pilots had increased from 25,000 to 100,000 and the number of airplanes from 12,000 to 25,000. In 1940 Hinckley became the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Air and Brimhall again became his assistant. Brimhall was also given the position of director of research for the Civil Aeronautics Administration. In this capacity he conducted many experiments and investigations which were of great value to aviators and the field of aviation. Brimhall did a great deal of research in the field of aviation psychology. He did much in the way of determining whether a person had the right aptitude and was suited to flying. He also helped to achieve the relaxation of medical standards for pilots which opened the way for more people to become pilots. Brimhall also did research into the causes of accidents and was instrumental in developing safety devices in the field of aviation. The most important of these was the stall warning device, which warns pilots of an impending stall situation. He also directed investigations leading to more accurate and equitable proficiency flight tests for the air transport rating for pilots.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
40 1-6
Research Projects
  • March 24, 1942 - To M. S. Viteles from Captain A. W. Radford who wants to develop a manual for the Bureau of Aeronautics, United States Navy, that is similar to the basic flight maneuvers manual developed by the National Research Committee for Aeronautics. Captain Radford also wants the committee to nominate an investigator trained in compiling this type of manual to undertake the preparation of one for the navy.
  • August 2, 1944 - To Brimhall from Halbert L. Dunn who is pleased Brimhall has offered to write an article for Estadistica. Dunn suggests that his article be on post-war accident statistics or pilot selection statistics.
  • September 28, 1944 - To Arthur Sweetser from Brimhall requesting the references for a quotation written in Aviation Medicine in the A. E. F. Brimhall needs this information in connection with the accident study the CAA is making.
  • April 13, 1951 - To Brimhall from F. B. Lee, deputy administrator for Program Planning, CAA, expressing his regrets at having to accept Brimhall's resignation as director of research for the Civil Aeronautics Administration.
  • January 17, 1952 - To Brimhall from Alfred Hand. Brimhall's nomination for the Exceptional Service Award of the Secretary of Commerce (Gold Medal) was approved by the Department of Commerce. Brimhall received his award from Secretary of Commerce Sawyer, February 19, 1952.
40 7-8
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots
40 9
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots (Navy)
40 10
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots (England)
40 11
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots (Canada)
40 12
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots (Norway)
40 13
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots (Union of South Africa)
40 14
Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots (China)
40 15
Allen, Edmund T.
40 16
Burden, William A. M.
40 17
Mortensen, Arthur R.
40 18
Parrish, Wayne W. (FBI Investigation)
October 9, 1939 - To Robert H. Hinckley, chairman of Civil Aeronautics Authority, from Roscoe Wright defending Brimhall from the personal attack made by Wayne Parrish in the American Aviation Daily. He also gives the background of Parrish and his wife, Frances Knight. November 26, 1940 - To Robert H. Hinckley from J. Edgar Hoover. The investigation of Wayne Parrish has been completed and a copy of the report of Special Agent J. C. Holmes is attached.
40 19
Smith, Lybrand
40 20
Civil Aeronautics Board
Letters to President Roosevelt recommending Brimhall for the vacancy in the Civil Aeronautics Board.
40 21
International Civil Aviation Organization
40 22
Civilian Pilot Training Program
State reports.
40 23
Nomination of Brimhall to Receive the Exceptional Service Award of the Secretary of Commerce (Gold Medal)
40 24-27
General Correspondence
Dean Brimhall Speeches and Speeches by Others
Box Folder
41 1
"One Year of the C.A.A.," typescript
41 2
"Twelve Years," typescript
41 3
Speech Given at the University of Virginia, typescript
41 4
"The Effect of Military Requirements on Civilian Aviation," The Military Surgeon, 89 and typescript
August 1940
41 5
"Government in Aviation," typescript
41 6
Two untitled, typescripts
41 7
"The Civil Aeronautics Administration Research Program on the Selection and Training of Airplane Pilots," typescript
41 8
"The High School's Role in Providing Aviation Personnel," Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Guidance Conference Held at Purdue University, and typescript
November 1942
41 9
"Development of a Pattern and a Policy for Aviation Facilities," typescript
41 10
"Address Delivered By Dean R. Brimhall, Annual Meeting of the Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots," National Research Council, mimeograph
41 11
"Future Patterns of Research," typescript
41 12
Address by Dr. Dean R. Brimhall Given Before Utah Municipal League, typescript
41 13
"Some Research Results in Safety in Non-Scheduled Flying," typescript
41 14
"The Relationship Between Physical Qualifications of Aircraft Pilots and Their Flight Performance," typescript
41 15
"The Human Side of Aviation," typescript and holograph
41 16
"New Deals vs. Wall Street Socialists," typescript
41 17
"Some Values of Research in Aviation," typescript
41 18
Speech Delivered at the Laying of the Cornerstone of the New Union Air Terminal, New York City, typescript
41 19
Untitled, typescript
41 20
"Government in Action," by Robert H. Hinckley, National Aeronautics
February, 1940
41 21
"The Role of Aviation Education in International and Domestic Affairs," Donald W. Nyrop, 1951, mimeograph; "The Airplane's Defense Job in Agriculture," Donald W. Nyrop, mimeograph
41 22
Address by D. W. Rentzel, typescript
41 23
Statement by Charles I. Stanton, typescript
41 24
"Realized and Unrealized Potential Air Passenger Traffic Between Pairs of Air Stations Serving Metropolitan Districts in Northeastern United States," typescript
Study of Medical Research by the Allied Forces in World War I and CAA Medical Research
The Civil Aeronautics Administration, prior to and during World War II, did an accident survey of the allied forces during World War I. Dean Brimhall was very actively involved in this study on the causes of aircraft accidents during the first world war. This box contains much of the research materials that were used to conduct this study. Most of the materials are quotations and articles from aviation medical manuals.
Box Folder
42 1
Air Service Medical Manual, War Department, Air Service Division of Military Aeronautics
42 2
References to Allied Experience with Airplane Pilot Selection and Care During World War I Prior to Entry of the U. S. in the War
42 3-26
Study of Medical Research in Aviation
42 27-34
CAA Medical Research and Articles
Medical Research
Box Folder
43 1
"Practical Directions for Stimulating and for Photographically Recording Eye-Movement for Animals," G. R. Wendt and Raymond Dodge, The Journal of Comparative Psychology
25 February 1938
43 2
"A Chronological History of Aviation Medicine," C. L. Beaven, Randolph Field, Texas, School of Aviation Medicine, mimeograph
43 3-6
CAA Medical Research
43 7
Your Body in Flight, An Illustrated "Book of Knowledge" for the Flyer, United States Air Forces
43 8
CAA Medical Research
43 9
Royal Navy Air Medical Newsletter
43 10
Report of the Activities of the Committee on Medical Problems of Civil Aviation, National Research Council, Division of Medical Sciences
43 11-12
CAA Medical Research
43 13
Minutes and Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Meeting of the Armed Forces-NRC Vision Committee, School of Aviation Medicine, Air University, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas
43 14-16
CAA Medical Research
43 17
Bibliography on the Selection, Training, and Physical Fitness of Aviation Pilots, Ross A. McFarland, National Research Council Committee on the Selection and Training of Civilian Pilots and the Civil Aeronautic Authority
43 18
"Flight Histories and Factors Related to Flight Histories of a Group of Physically Deficient Aircraft Pilots," typescript
43 19
"A Study of Authorities in Aviation Medicine," typescript; Table of Disqualifications of Pilots for Medical Reasons
43 20-21
Human Resources Research Center
In September of 1951, Dean Brimhall was asked to serve as senior research associate of the Human Resources Research Center of the Air Training Command Research Advisory Board, which he did. The purpose of this board was to examine the psychological requirements in Air Training Command and to make recommendations.
Box Folder
44 1-3
September 26, 1952 - To Brimhall from General Robert W. Harper, extending an invitation to Brimhall to become a member of the Research Advisory Board.
September 1951-March 1953
44 4
Presentations Made at the Fifth Meeting of the Air Training Command Human Resources Research Advisory Board
July 1952
44 5
Agenda of Meetings
44 6-7
Research and Reports
44 8
Summary of Research Activities
44 9
List of Publications
44 10
Travel Arrangements and Miscellaneous
Educational Research Corporation, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, and National Research Corporation
The Educational Research Corporation, a non-governmental agency operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was contracted by the Civil Aeronautics Administration to do research for them. The corporation conducted research studies and tests to determine accurate data about stalls of airplanes at low altitude. They also did experiments in recovery from airplane stalls at low altitude. In 1950 the CAA entered into a contract with the ERC for them to conduct a study of seventy-five aircraft pilots who held certification cards. The pilots were to do instrument flying for the purpose of determining if present requirements for renewal of instrument certificates were adequate for safety purposes. The Educational Research Corporation proved to be valuable as an outside researcher for the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The National Research Council, an agency located in Washington, D. C., was used extensively by the CAA for research purposes. The psychological research, in which Dean Brimhall was very much involved, was undertaken by the NRC in connection with the CAA. The NRC was also a part of the Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots. The National Research Council was the strong right arm of the CAA Division of Research. The NRC also helped fund many of the research projects of the CAA, and helped in the research and publication of the CAA Division of Research reports.
Box Folder
45 1-3
Educational Research Corporation
45 4
Educational Research Corporation
Contract with the Civil Aeronautics Administration, April 1952.
45 5
Educational Research Corporation
Bulletins, 1950-51.
45 6
Educational Research Corporation
Progress Reports, 1951.
45 7
Educational Research Corporation
45 8
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences
Correspondence, 1941-42.
45 9
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences
Tenth Annual Meeting, 1942.
45 10
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences
Seventeenth Annual Meeting, 1949.
45 11
Civil Aeronautics Administration, Division of Research
Job Description.
45 12-16
National Research Council
Psychological research in aviation, 1940-51.
Division of Research Reports
Box Folder
46 1
"Index, CAA Research Reports," mimeograph
46 2
"Problems of Consistency Arising from CAA Medical Examinations," Raymond Franzen and Dean R. Brimhall, mimeograp
46 3
"Analysis of Physical Defects Found by the Armed Services in Pilots Certified to be Without Disqualifying Defect by Civil Pilot Training Examination," Raymond Franzen and Dean R. Brimhall, mimeograph
46 4
"The Relation to Accident of Physical Defects Noted in Standard CAA Medical Examinations," Raymond Franzen and Dean R. Brimhall, mimeograph
46 5
"A Preliminary Study of Physical Standards in Relation to Success in Flight Training," Dean R. Brimhall, et al., mimeograph
46 6
"Analysis of the Personal Inventory," L. S. Kogan, M. J. Wantman, J. W. Dunlap, mimeograph
46 7
"Investigations of the Relative Amount of Time Spent on the Ground and in the Air by Civilian Pilot Training Students," National Research Council Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots, mimeograph
46 8
"The Effect of Massing and Distribution of Practice on Two-Hand Coordination Test Scores," Kenneth W. Spence, et al., mimeograph
46 9
The Aircraft Pilot, 5 Years of Research, A Summary of Outcomes, Morris S. Viteles
46 10
"History and Development of the Ohio State Flight Inventory, Part I: Early Versions and Basic Research," Harold A. Edgerton and Robert Y. Walker, mimeograph
46 11
"A Test of Decision Time: Reliability and 'Generality,'" Leon Festinger and Seymour Wapner, mimeograph
46 12
"'Ability-To-Take-It' Tests: Examiner Differences and Validation," Henry S. Odbert, et al., mimeograph
46 13
"The Inconsistency of Pilot Performance in Approaching the Stall: Relationship to Flight Conditions, Experience, and Age," P. J. Rulon, mimeograph
46 14
"An Investigation of Prediction of Success in Naval Flight Training," Jacob E. Finesinger, et al., mimeograph
46 15
"Appendices to an Investigation of Prediction of Success in Naval Flight Training," Jacob E, Finesinger, et al., mimeograph
47 1
"The Development of a Procedure for Evaluating the Proficiency of Air Route Traffic Controllers," John A. Nagay, mimeograph
47 2
"Evaluation of Aircraft Instrument Displays for Use With the Omni-Directional Radio Range," A. C. Williams and S. N. Roscoe, mimeograph
47 3
"The Development of a Standard Flight-Check for the Airline Transport Rating Based on the Critical Requirements of the Airline Pilot's Job," Thomas Gordon, mimeograph
47 4
"Stall Recognition in a Light Airplane," P. J. Rulon, mimeograph
47 5
"Aviation Psychology," Mamoru Mochizuki and Koku Hombu, translated by Willard F. Day, mimeograph
47 6
"The Airline Tryout of the Standard Flight-Check for the Airline Transport Rating," John A. Nagay, mimeograph
47 7
"Revisions of the Standard Flight-Check for the Airline Transport Rating Based on the Airline Tryout," John A. Nagay, mimeograph
47 8
"Stall Recovery and Stall Warning Instrumentation in a Light Airplane," Phillip J. Rulon and Kenneth W. Vaughn, mimeograph
47 9
"Field Tryout of a Procedure for Evaluating the Proficiency of Air Route Traffic Controllers," John A. Nagay, mimeograph
47 10
"Comparative Evaluation of Pictorial and Symbolic VOR Navigation Displays in the 1-CA-1 Link Trainer," S. N. Roscoe, et al., mimeograph
47 11
"A Study of the Semi-Annual Instrument Check for Airline Pilots," John A. Nagay, mimeograph
47 12
"Visual Deficiency and Flying Experience Following Flight Training," David Bakan and E. S. Ewart, mimeograph
Box Folder
48 1-3
48 4
Foreign Research Section--"German Ministry of Education: Decree of December 30, 1939, on Promotion of Aviation in Schools and Universities," translation from Deutsche Wissenschaft Erziehung und Volksbildung, typescript
February 5, 1940
48 5
Aviation Statistics
48 6
"Fundamentals of Basic Flight Maneuvers for Civilian Pilot Training," mimeograph
48 7
"Fundamentals of Secondary Flight Maneuvers for Civilian Pilot Training," mimeograph
48 8
"Fundamentals of Primary Flight Maneuvers," mimeograph
48 9
"Patter, Secondary Flight Maneuvers for Civilian Pilot Training," mimeograph
48 10
48 11
Patter for Elementary Flight Maneuvers, Civil Aeronautics Bulletin No. 31
48 12
"Domestic Airline Stops and Additional Airport and Airway Facilities Required to Obtain Population and Geographic Coverage," Martin Taitel, typescript
48 13
48 14
"Cockpit Recorder," Southern Flight
March 1944
48 15
48 16
Annual Report of the Civil Aeronautics Board
48 17-18
"An Evaluation of the Use of Recorded Flight Lessons in Flight Instructor Training," Raymond Franzen, et al., typescript
48 19-20
"Manual for Use of Tennessee Flight Instructor Code," Raymond Franzen, typescript
48 21
48 22
"A Verifiable Theory on Human Tensions, an international and basic research for polls," Stuart C. Dodd, mimeograph
48 23
48 24
"Digest of Employee Attitudes in the Airways Operations Division, Federal Airways," L. Dewey Anderson, typescript
48 25
"Proposed Primary Flight Trainer for Take-Off, Straight Flight and Landings," Edward R. Dye, mimeograph
48 26-28
49 1-4
"A Study of the Semi-Annual Instrument Check for Airline Pilots, Compilation of tabulated data showing replies to questionnaire sent to Pilots," John A. Nagay, typescript
49 5
Material on Einstein's Theory of Relativity
49 6-8
49 9
Performance Record Sheet--15-Hour Check
49 20
Performance Record Sheet--25-Hour Check
49 11
Performance Record Sheets for T-6 Aircraft
49 12
Performance Record Check--18-Hour Check
49 13
Performance Record Sheet--60-Hour Check
49 14
Performance Record Sheet--Final Check
49 15
Instrument Check
49 16-18
Newspaper Clippings, Articles, Publications
Box Folder
50 1
Newspaper Clippings
50 2
First National Aeronautical Safety Conference, New York City
50 3
"Program of the Independent Operators of the United States," typescript
50 4
United States Civil Aeronautics Authority, Air Commerce Bulletins
50 5
United States Civil Aeronautics Authority, Air Commerce Bulletins
50 6
United States Civil Aeronautics Authority, Civil Aeronautics Bulletins
50 7
Defense Employment and Training for Employment. Washington, D. C.
50 8-20
Articles and Publications
Proposed Book on Aviation Psychology, Civilian Pilot Training Program, Psychotechnique Conference, and Royal Canadian Institute
The Division of Research of the Civil Aeronautics Authority and the Committee on Selection and Training of Aircraft Pilots were in the process of writing a book on aviation psychology. There is no indication as to whether this book was ever published. A few chapters from this proposed book are in this collection.
Box Folder
51 1-8
Proposed book on Aviation Psychology
The Civilian Pilot Training Program came about with the passage of the Civilian Pilot Training Act by the 76th Congress. This program, begun in 1939 by the Civil Aeronautics Authority, was to train civilian pilots and help increase the number of pilots who could be used in the event of war. These pilots were trained at existing facilities at universities and colleges and nearby flying fields. The initial program was a great success, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt recommended Congress increase appropriations for the program. Congress complied. The program was so successful that there were 100,000 licensed civilian pilots and 25,000 planes ready to go at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941). This was triple the number of pilots and double the number of planes less than three years previously. Dean Brimhall was very active in this program and worked closely with Robert H. Hinckley, chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Authority. The outline of this program is contained in Brimhall's papers along with some personal notes by him.
51 9-14
Civil Pilot Training Program
51 15
Post War Plans For Aviation
51 16-17
Psychotechnique Conference, Berne, Switzerland
51 18
Psychotechnique Conference, Berne, Switzerland
"The Relationship Between Physical Qualifications of Aircraft Pilots and Their Flight Performance," Dean Brimhall (speech).
51 19
Education in Aeronautics
51 20-21
Royal Canadian Institute
51 22
Psychological Warfare
51 23

VIII:  Subject FilesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Consistency of Voting by Our Congressmen
A pamphlet by Dean R. Brimhall and Arthur S. Otis, also printed in the Journal of Applied Psychology, 32 (1948). Brimhall and Otis researched the voting records of all senators and representatives in the United States Congress. On the basis of these voting records, they could predict how a legislator would vote on issues over a long period of time. In this article the authors set up a table with a range of 1-7 with 1 representing the most liberal and 7 the most conservative. Using this table and the voting records, Brimhall and Otis showed that a legislator's voting pattern seldom deviated from his previous record as a liberal, conservative, or moderate.
Box Folder
52 1-4
52 5-6
Research Materials
52 7-8
Rough Drafts
52 9
Galley Proof
52 10
"Consistency of Voting by Our Congressmen," Journal of Applied Psychology, 32: 1-14
52 11
Robert H. Hinckley
Robert H. Hinckley and Dean Brimhall were very close friends. They worked together to make a success of Utah Pacific Airways, and later both worked for the Works Progress Administration during the 1930s. In 1939 Robert Hinckley was appointed chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Authority. He chose Dean Brimhall to be his assistant. In 1940 Hinckley was appointed to the post of Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Air. In 1942 he left government service to work for Sperry Rand Corporation, but in 1944 was called back by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to be director of Contract Settlement. After Hinckley resigned from this post in 1946, he helped found the American Broadcasting Company. In 1949 President Harry S. Truman asked him to tour European countries to determine the success of the Marshall Plan. In 1965 he established the Robert H. Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. Until the time of Brimhall's death in 1972, he and Hinckley remained in close contact. Both native Utahns, the two corresponded a great deal on a variety of subjects. For more information about Robert H. Hinckley, see Robert H. Hinckley Papers, Ms 102.
Box Folder
53 1
"Aviation in Our National Life," mimeograph; The First Year of the Civil Aeronautics Authority, Washington D. C.
53 2-5
53 6-7
"Aviation and Americanism," mimeograph; "The National Airport Program," mimeograph; "Civil Aviation Today and Tomorrow," mimeograph; "Utah in a Contracting World," typescript; "Aviation--Not 'As Usual,'" mimeograph
53 8-9
"We Must Air Condition America," mimeograph; "Civil Aviation and War," mimeograph; "Air Conditioning American Youth," mimeograph; "Youth and Aviation," mimeograph; "Dreamers and Doers in Aviation," typescript
53 10
"A Four Point Program for a Three Dimensional World," mimeograph.
53 11
"Aviation Education," typescript
53 12
"Statement of Robert H. Hinckley, Vice President of American Broadcasting Company Before the Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary", mimeograph
53 13
Magazine Articles By Robert H. Hinckley
53 14
Magazine Articles About Robert H. Hinckley
53 15-17
Proposed Book-- Adventures in Democracy
The story of the Civilian Pilot Training Program.
53 18
Civilian Aeronautics Authority
53 19
Robert H. Hinckley Airport, Ogden, Utah
Dedication remarks of Dean R. Brimhall, October 3, 1943.
53 20
Dinner in Honor or Orville Wright
Seating list.
December 17, 1943
53 21
Hinckley Institute of Politics Paper no. 1
The Politics of Extremism, Robert H. Hinckley, Occasional Papers on Politics No. 1, 1966
53 22-23
53 24
Marriner S. Eccles
Marriner S. Eccles was a close associate of Brimhall's as well as his brother-in-law. He was a successful businessman, and president of First Security National Bank in Ogden, Utah. In the early years of the New Deal, Marriner Eccles came to Washington to serve as assistant secretary of the Treasury. In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed him to the Federal Reserve Board, and in 1936 he became chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board. He remained in this post until 1948 when he was demoted by President Harry S. Truman. He remained with the Federal Reserve Board until 1951. Eccles, very interested in national, financial, and political affairs, was always active and successful in his business endeavors.
Box Folder
54 1
54 2-4
54 5
Statements on The Banking Bill of 1935
54 6
Statements for the Press
54 7
Statements Before the Banking and Currency Committee of the Senate and House and the Joint Committee on the Economic Report
54 8
Statements Before the Joint Committee on the Economic Report
54 9
Magazine Articles
54 10
Speeches by Other People
Box Folder
55 1
Allen, Florence E., Challenge to the Citizen, Commencement Address, University of Utah
55 2
Benson, Ezra Taft, Be Not Deceived, Commencement Address, University of Utah
55 3
Bowman, LeRoy E., "What Kind of a Culture Does America Now Have? What Do We Want", typescript
55 4
Brodie, Fawn M., "Can We Manipulate the Past?", typescript
55 5
Elggren, Lorenzo E., An Open letter to Governor J. Bracken Lee
55 6
Fordham, Jefferson B., "The Imperilled Soul of America," 1971 William H. Leary Lecture, typescript
55 7
Gaeth, Arthur, "Excerpt From Arthur Gaeth's Broadcast," typescript
October 8, 1943
55 8
Gaeth, Arthur, "Gaeth Answers News Editorial (Excerpts from broadcasts delivered over Intermountain Network in Salt Lake City on September 12, 13, and 14, 1944," mimeograph
September 1944
55 9
Galbraith, John Kenneth, "Vietnam: The Moderate Solution", typescript
55 10
McNamara, Robert S., Address to the University of Notre Dame
55 11
Rasmussen, Jewell J., Utah's Taxation of Natural Resources, Salt Lake City
55 12
Watkins, Arthur V. "President Violates Treaty," Congressional Record, 82d Congress, Second Session
55 13
N. A., "Outline of Utah Water Law," mimeograph
Communist Party Literature
Box Folder
56 1-7
The New International
56 8-9
Internal Bulletin, Issued by the Socialist Workers Party, New York City
56 10
"Comrade Keller Replies to Comrade Murphy," mimeograph; "Letter to Comrade Rork", mimeograph
56 11
"The Truth About the Auto Crises," mimeograph, "'Unity Proposals' Or Cover For Split", mimeograph
1949, 1940
56 12
"The War and Bureaucratic Conservatism", mimeograph
56 13
"What Is At Issue in the Dispute on the Russian Question? A Statement of the Position of the Minority," mimeograph
56 14
Miscellaneous Publications
Fall of Rome
Dean Brimhall collected materials from various sources on the fall of the Roman Empire. This box contains his collection of the reasons for the fall of Rome.
Box Folder
57 1
"Reasons for the Fall of Rome," typescript
57 2
"A Psychologist looks at History writing," rough draft, articles, newsclippings
57 3
Lawyers' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 4-5
Politicians' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 6
Doctors' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 7
Religious Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 8
Judges' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 9
Newspaper Columnists' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 10
Editorials on the Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 11
Authors' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 12
Scientists' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 13
Teachers' Reasons for Rome's Fall
57 14-16
National Popular Government League
The National Popular Government League was organized for the purpose of analyzing politics on a non-partisan basis and to help get needed legislation passed. The purpose of this organization is stated best by the words on their official stationery: "To Build the Needed New and Guard the Valid Old," Judson King was director during the 1940s and 1950s, until his death in 1958.
Box Folder
58 1-4
58 5-10
58 11
Judson King Articles
58 12
Articles and Meetings
Politics in the 1950s and Governor J. Bracken Lee Materials
Box Folder
59 1-6
59 7-10
Governor J. Bracken Lee Materials
"Angry Man, A Political Paradox, Utah's Gov. Lee rides off in all directions under the banner of popular-unpopular economy," E. L. Hess, Frontier, 2 (August 1951): 8-10; "Governor Lee and His Use of the Veto in Eight Years as Utah's Governor," 1956, mimeograph; "The Lee Record on Education," 1957, mimeograph; "UEA [Utah Education Association] on J. B. Lee Governor of Utah," [1956], mimeograph; Compilation of Governor Lee's Record, 1956, typescript.
Box Folder
60 1
Academic Freedom
Correspondence, 1948-49.
60 2
Communism and Academic Freedom
60 3
Federal Aid to Education
60 4
Federal Aid to Education--White House Conference Committee and Utah Conference on Education
60 5
Federal Aid to Education
Articles and arguments for and against.
60 6
Public Education in the United States
60 7
"Whence Cometh Our Strength," Henry Aldous Dixon, Baccalaureate Address Delivered at the University of Utah
60 8
Wilkinson, Ernest L.
60 9
Wilkinson, Ernest L.
60 10
Wilkinson, Ernest L.
" the 1965 Commencement Exercises... [Brigham Young University]."
60 11
Wilkinson, Ernest L.
The proposal to move Ricks College, 1959.
60 12
Wilkinson, Dr. Ernest L. vs Senator Frank E. Moss
Campaign for the United States Senate, 1964.
60 13-14
Wilkinson, Ernest L.
Articles in Brigham Young Alumnus.
Letters to the Editor, Stories, Quotes, Poems, Etc.
Box Folder
61 1-7
Letters to the Editor
61 8-11
Stories and Quotes from the File of Sterling Talmadge
61 12-17
Stories, Quotes, Poems, Etc.
61 18
Notes from Various Sources Concerning a Variety of Subjects
Rees, Adams, Clark, et al.
Boxes 62 to 64 are primarily a collection of newspaper clippings about A. C. Rees, Orval Adams, and J. Reuben Clark. There is some material dealing with other prominent men in Utah. These three individuals, prominent men in Utah, were all very conservative politically. A. C. Rees served as a mission president for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in East Germany prior to World War II. He was also executive secretary to the Utah Taxpayers Association and manager of Utah Associated Industries. Orval W. Adams was a prominent banker in Utah and also outside of the state. He served as executive vice-president of the Utah State National Bank, president of the American Bankers Association, and later president of the Salt Lake Clearing House Association. J. Reuben Clark, lawyer and churchman in Utah, was a staunch Republican and served as under-secretary of state under Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover and as special ambassador to Mexico under President Hoover (1929-33). After President Hoover's defeat, Clark returned to Utah to serve in the First Presidency of the LDS church. The material in this section contains much on the LDS church and Utah and national politics in the 1930s and 1940s.
Box Folder
62 1-3
Utah Taxpayers Association
62 4-5
WPA and Mormon Church Relief Program
62 6
General Correspondence
62 7
Early Mormon Materials
62 8-10
Mormon Church Relief Program
62 11
Speeches and Articles
62 12
Biographical Material on J. Reuben Clark
62 13-25
63 1-20
64 1-7
Copper Mining in Utah
Box Folder
65 1
Correspondence and Financial Records
65 2
Radio Broadcast
65 3-10
Power in Utah
Box Folder
66 1
Ballard, E. J.-Clyde, George D.
66 2
Garkane Power Association
66 3
Haws, Leland-Romney, Miles Quinn
66 4
Telluride Power Company-Utah Power and Light Company
66 5
Letters to the Editor
66 6
Colorado River Storage Project
66 7-9
Colorado River Storage Project
Hearings before the Senate about the building of transmission lines, June 1961.
66 10
The Upper Colorado Basin Preference Users Committee
66 11
Colorado River Basin Consumers Power, Inc.
66 12
Federal Transmission System for Colorado River Storage Project as Proposed by Preference Customers, prepared for Colorado River Basin Consumers Power, Inc., by The Kuljian Corporation
March 1, 1960.
66 13-15
Intermountain Consumers Power Association
Meetings, 1958-66.
66 16
Utah Power and Light Company--Colorado River Storage Project
66 17
Utah Power and Light Company
66 18
Utah Power and Light Company
Case before the Public Services Commission of Utah.
66 19
Utah Power and Light Company
Case before the Supreme Court of the State of Utah.
66 20
Utah Power and Light Company
66 21
Utah Power and Light Company
Rate comparison with Provo City Power.
66 22
Garkane Power Association, Inc.
66 23
History of the Rural Electrification Administration
66 24
Some Questions for the Critics of TVA, Address by Gordon R. Clapp, Kiwanis Club, Memphis, Tennessee
Rock Art
Box Folder
67 1
Abrams, Milton C.-Blin, Tina
67 2
Brew, J. O.
67 3
Brimhall, Lila
67 4
Brodie, Fawn and Richard
67 5
Brown, Judith-Buchanan, Gaylord A.
67 6
Cosmos Club-Dumke, E. R., Jr.
67 7
Grant, Campbell-Hitzman, Murray W.
67 8
Inglesby, A. L.
67 9
Jahns, Edward D.-Levering, John
67 10
Marston, O. Dock
67 11
May, David D.-Pennington, Phil
67 12
Peterson, Charles S.
67 13
Photo Technical Lab-Tingleaf, Elfriede
67 14
Utah State Historical Society-Wilson, Bates
67 15
Unidentified Correspondence
67 16-17
Notes and Drawings
67 18
Apache Archaeology
67 19
"Artists of the Ice Age"
67 20
"The China Lake Petroglyphs," George F. Jackson, Pacific Discovery, 22 May-June 1969: 23-27
67 21
A Reappraisal of the Fremont Culture, With a Summary of the Archaeology of the Northern Periphery, H. M. Worming-ton, Proceedings Number One, Denver Museum of Natural History
67 22
Clay Figurines of the American Southwest,..., Noel Morss, Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Vol. XLIX, No. 1
67 23
"Defiance Canyon," Rosalie Goldman, Western Gateways
Autumn, 1968
67 24
Early Navaho Rock Paintings and Carvings, Polly Schaafsma, Museum of Navaho Ceremonial Art
67 25
"Harper (Nine Mile)," Mildred Dillman, Early History of Duschesne County
68 1
John Wesley Powell and the Anthropology of the Canyon Country, Don D. Fowler, et al., Geological Survey Professional Paper 670
68 2
"Joshua Tree National Monument," George F. Jackson, National Parks & Conservation Magazine, 45
December 1971
68 3
Kanab, The Southern Gateway to Utah, Herbert E. Gregory, Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey, Bulletin 49
68 4
"New Fossil Footprints from the Navajo Sandstone of Colorado," Henry Faul and Wayne A. Roberts, Journal of Paleontology, 25
May 1951
68 5
Harvard University, Peabody Museum Publications
68 6
Petroglyphs of the United States, Julian H. Steward, Smithsonian Report for 1936
68 7
"Plains Relationships of the Fremont Culture; A Hypothesis," C. Melvin Aikens, American Antiquity, 32
April 1967
68 8
Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Utah, ed. Ronald Siegrist, Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society
68 9
"Preserving Ancient America's Finest Sculptures," J. Alden Mason, The National Geographic Magazine, 68
November 1935
68 10
The Rock Art of Utah, A Study from the Donald Scott Collection, Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Polly Schaafsma, Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, vol. 65
68 11
"Scientific Explorations in Southern Utah," Herbert E. Gregory, American Journal of Science, 243
October 1945
68 12
"Some Notes on the Archaeology of the Barrier Canyon Region, Utah," Carling Malouf, typescript
68 13
"Surprise in the Sahara...Discovering A Stone Age Museum," Henri Lhote
68 14
"Uinta Basin Archaeology," James H. Gunnerson, Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists
68 15
Utah Archaeology, A Newsletter, 12
December 1966
68 16
Utah Archaeology, A Newsletter, 16
March 1970
68 17
Utah Science, 32
September 1971
68 18
"What Do They Mean? Who Made Them? How Long Ago? The Unsolved Mystery of the Southwest," Choral Pepper, Desert, Magazine of the Southwest, 26
November 1963
68 19
Map of Moab and Green River Area
68 20
Map of Wayne Wonderland
68 21
68 22
Box Folder
69 1
Bennion, Adam S.--Politics
69 2
Harris, Franklin S.--Politics
69 3
Moss, Frank E.--Politics
69 4
Smoot, Reed--Politics
69 5
Thomas, Elbert D.--Politics
69 6
The Mace of the House of Representatives of the United States, Kenneth Romney, House of Representatives, 3rd ed.
69 7
Social Security
69 8
Soil Conservation--United States Department of Agriculture
69 9
White House Conference on Children in a Democracy
Brimhall's notes.
69 10
"The Secret Weapon of Communism," W. Cleon Skousen, Brigham Young Alumnus 6
August 1953
69 11
Closed Banks of Utah--Balance Sheets
69 12
"An Experimental Model in Predicting Political Decisions," Carroll L. Shartle, typescript
69 13
The Searchlight, A Specialist in Neglected Truth
October 1944
69 14
The Utah Pensioner
69 15
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--Federal Communications Commission Hearings
69 16
"Labor Policies of the Latter Day Saints," typescript
69 17
Mormons and the Negro Problem--Newsclippings
69 8-19
Mormon Church--Polygamy Court Cases
69 20
Mormon Church--Miscellaneous
69 21
Lyman, Richard R.--Excommunication from the LDS Church
69 22
"Making Oil in Early Utah, An Interview Given by Jane Carter," typescript
69 23
The Races of Mankind, Ruth Benedict and Gene Weltfish, Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 85
69 24
Swenson, John C.--Tribute from Dean Brimhall
69 25
Unfinished Business in American Education, An Inventory of Public School Expenditures in the United States, John K. Norton and Eugene S. Lawler, National Education Association and the American Council on Education
69 26-27
Utah Foundation
69 28
Utah Taxes
69 29
Sumpter Valley Railroad, Baker, Oregon
70 1
State and Local Officials Report on the Federal Works Program in the United States Community Improvements Appraisal

IX:  Lila Eccles BrimhallReturn to Top

Lila Eccles Brimhall, the wife of Dean R. Brimhall, was born in Ogden, Utah, on November 26, 1891. She attended Weber Academy and went on to the University of Utah where she began her theatrical career in 1913. She graduated from the University in 1914.

After graduation, Lila Eccles went to New York to continue her education and there met Dr. Dean R. Brimhall, whom she married in 1917. After ten years in the East, the couple returned to Utah where Mrs. Brimhall continued her career in the theatre. During the 1930s and forties, Dean Brimhall was in Washington, D. C., working for the government while Lila remained in Utah pursuing her own career.

Lila Brimhall received a master's degree from the University of Southern California and taught at the University of Utah in the Speech and Theatre Department under Maud May Babcock, Joseph F. Smith, and C. Lowell Lees.

During her career Lila Brimhall directed many productions. The Salt Lake City Little Theatre was able to exist mainly through her talent. In addition to directing plays, she performed extensively in local theatre productions including leading roles in I Remember Mama, The Corn is Green, The Circle, The Rivals, Oklahoma, and Promised Valley. Her most memorable role was in The Solid Gold Cadillac.

Mrs. Brimhall toured with Moroni Olsen and his players and was a guest star at the Pasadena Playhouse and the University of California at Santa Barbara. The last production in which she performed was the Pioneer Memorial Theatre's production of Ring Around the Moon.

A University of Utah Distinguished Alumnus Award was presented to Lila Brimhall in 1958. In 1960 she was appointed as associate professor emeritus at the University of Utah and inducted into the Pioneer State Theatre Hall of Fame on May 9, 1974.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
71 1-2
Correspondence and Personal Cards
71 3
Biographical Materials
71 4
Appointment as Associate Professor Emeritus at University of Utah
71 5
Beehive Honor Society, University of Utah
71 6-7
Alumni Awards, University of Utah
71 8
Congratulations for Induction into Pioneer State Theatre Hall of Fame
71 9
Tribute to Lila Brimhall
71 10
Personal Notebook on Acting
71 11
Eccles, David
71 12
Eccles, David
"Sumpter Valley Railway," Mallory Hope Ferrell, The Western Railroader, For the Western Railfan, 27 (June 1964).
71 13
Eccles, Bertha Marie (Mrs. David Eccles)
"Memoirs of Bertha Marie Eccles," Royal Eccles and Margaret Shipley, 1929, typescript.
71 14
Eccles, Marriner
Birthday Party.
71 15-18
Speeches and Introductions
71 19-22
The Promised Valley - Theatre Script
71 23
Blithe Spirit - Theatre Program
71 24-27
71 28-29
University of Utah
72 1
"Legend of the Black Madonna," typescript; "Demeter and Persephone," typescript
72 2
Babcock, Maud May
Theta Alpha Phi Honors, 1946.
72 3
Television Series
"The Adventures of Bill Backwards," 1946, typescript.
72 4
McMurrin, Sterling, and Nyswander, Dorothy
72 5
University of Utah Speeches
72 6
Special Speeches Collected
72 7-8
Reynolds Lecturers
72 9
Magazine Articles
73 1-3
Scrapbooks from Theatre Performances
74 1
Includes information concerning Beehive Honor Society, the Pioneer Theatre Hall of Fame, and poems written about Lila.
74 2-5
74 6
Lila Eccles Brimhall Memorial Service
74 7
"A Curtain Call for C. Lowell Lees"
Newsclippings and program.
74 8
Maud May Babcock
Newsclippings and programs.
74 9
Bertha Marie Eccles, Personal History
74 10
Dean R. Brimhall, Manuscript "History of Capitol Reef"
74 11
Fawn M. Brodie, Newsclippings
74 12-13
Marriner S. Eccles, Reports and Newsclippings
74 14
"Promised Valley," Program and Newsclippings
74 15-16
Play Programs from Productions with which Lila was Involved
75 1-2
Play Programs
75 3
"Streets of New York"
75 4
"The Toy Shop"
75 5
"The Ninth Waltz"
75 6
75 7
"The Finger of God"
75 8
"Masks and Men"
75 9-11
Miscellaneous Newsclippings and Play Reviews
75 12
75 13
Miscellaneous Materials
75 1
Includes prominant actors and actresses of the day.
circa 1914

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Subject Terms

  • Actresses
  • Petroglyphs
  • Rock paintings
  • Theater--Utah
  • Women in the theater--Utah--History--Sources

Personal Names

  • Brimhall, George H. (George Henry), 1853-1932
  • Brimhall, George W. (George Washington), 1814-1895
  • Eccles, Marriner S. (Marriner Stoddard), 1890-1977
  • Hinckley, Robert Henry, 1891-1988

Geographical Names

  • Capitol Reef National Park (Utah)--Sources