Olive Woolley Burt papers, 1936-1980

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Burt, Olive Woolley, 1894-1981
Olive Woolley Burt papers
1936-1980 (inclusive)
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The Olive Woolley Burt papers (1936-1980) consist of manuscripts, research material, photographs, illustrations and correspondence of several of the books written for children by Burt during the years 1928-1980. The manuscript for her "American Murder Ballads and Their Stories," is included. Also among the papers are scrapbooks and other materials depicting her professional interests as a writer. Olive Burt was an author, newspaper feature writer, and teacher.
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Olive Frank Woolley Burt began her writing career at the age of eight when she sold her first poem to the San Francisco Chronicle for two dollars. Since that time she has published over fifty books and numerous articles. Her first book for children, Choice Recitations for the Grammar Grades, was published in 1928. She followed that with one or more books almost yearly to her most recent, Rescued! America's Endangered Wildlife on the Comeback Trail, published in 1980.

Olive Frank Woolley was born to Agnes Forsyth and Jed F. Woolley on May 26, 1894 in Ann Arbor, Michigan where her father was attending the University of Michigan. In 1897 the family returned to Salt Lake City, Utah which became Mrs. Burt 's permanent home. While growing up in Salt Lake City and attending Utah schools she developed a keen interest in writing. She assisted an older brother, the neighborhood school correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune (as girls were not hired at that time), by writing articles and conducting interviews with visiting celebrities.

In 1913 Olive Woolley began teaching elementary school in Utah. During the next two years she taught in Garfield and Washington Counties while writing weekly columns for the local newspapers. She spent 1916 and 1917 teaching in Pennsylvania grade schools. She also found time to work on a college degree through correspondence courses with the University of Utah. Olive F. Woolley received her bachelor's degree in 1918, the same year she was awarded the fifty-dollar Maude Adams prize for the best one-act play by a college student. After receiving her degree Mrs. Burt began teaching high school English. She worked in schools in Pleasant Grove and American Fork, Utah, and in Star Valley, Wyoming. While in Wyoming she wrote columns for the Star Valley Record. Taking advantage of the summer break, Olive Woolley attended summer school at Columbia University in New York.

On June 7, 1922, when the school year had ended, Olive F. Woolley and Clinton Ray Burt were married. The couple first met in 1913 when the twenty-nine year old Burt, a native Pennsylvanian, was principal at the Garfield County school where Olive Woolley started work as a nineteen year old beginning teacher. Because most school districts refused to employ married teachers, the couple moved to Tooele County. An acute teacher shortage in this comparatively remote area made the requirements less discriminatory and Mrs. Burt taught in Ibapah between 1922 and 1927.

While teaching in Tooele County, Mrs. Burt continued writing and selling newspaper feature articles as a free-lance author to the Salt Lake City Deseret News. In 1927 she quit teaching to take a full-time position as children's feature editor for the Salt Lake Tribune. During the next fifteen years Mrs. Burt originated and conducted the "School News and Views" junior journalism program, which published articles by and for children. She was also director, between 1928 and 1937, of the Tribune sponsored "Knighthood of Youth" which, at its peak, had over 1,600 members. This group, which encouraged children to develop and display their writing talent, also published a weekly tabloid, The Tribune Junior.

Mrs. Burt acted as the Salt Lake Tribune librarian from 1942 to 1945 when she resigned to establish her own office as a "commercial writer" who performed services similar to those of a commercial artist. As well as conducting her own business from 1945 to 1947, Mrs. Burt was editor of the Utah Magazine.

In 1947 Mrs. Burt became a staff member of the Deseret News, a position she held until her retirement in 1957. She was editor of the newspaper 's magazine section and the junior news section, "The Newsette," for fifteen years. Between 1952 and 1957, Mrs. Burt was the Deseret News librarian. Following her retirement she continued to edit a daily column, "Remember When," until 1965.

During her years with the Deseret News Mrs. Burt taught a freshman level English course (1947) and an upper-division course in magazine writing (1948) at the University of Utah. The year following her retirement she taught adult classes in creative writing at Brigham Young University . She was also involved in community service such as organizing the "Shower of Books for a Town Without Books" for Bluff, Utah in 1950.

This project was so successful similar drives were conducted for Pleasant Valley and Navajo Mountin Indian School. Later, in 1961, Mrs. Burt headed a successful drive to obtain medical books for native Korean hospitals.

Even while working on the Tribune and the Deseret News and raising three children, Mrs. Burt continued to write juvenile literature. Her efforts were so well received that, in 1945, she was given the Louis Larsen Award for the outstanding Utah author. Her writing continued to receive recognition from local and national groups. In 1955 she received the Boy 's Clubs of America award for Camel Express and, in 1961, the Utah Fine Arts contest first-place award for a juvenile novel for, I Challenge the Dark Sea. Mrs. Burt has received numerous first place awards in the juvenile category from the National League of AmericanPen Women. In addition her one adult work, American Murder Ballads and Their Stories, the result of years of research and collecting, received the 1959 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

Mrs. Burt has been actively involved with a number of professional organizations through her writing career. In 1936 she helped organize the Utah Chapter of the League of Western Writers and became its charter president. In 1940 when the Utah group withdrew to become the independent League of Utah Writers she continued to have an active role in the organization. She was also charter president of the Utah Chapter of the National Federation of Press Women, organized in 1956. Mrs. Burt was given their "Woman of Achievement" award in 1964, having also been nominated in 1962 and 1963.

Because of her keen interest in history through her juvenile historical biographies and novels Mrs. Burt was made a fellow in the Utah State Historical Society in 1964. She has also received recognition and awards from numerous other groups, including a "Service to Journalism" award from the University of Utah and Sigma Delta Chi in 1965, the National League of American Pen Women special award in 1966, and the 1967 Delta Kappa Gamma "Woman of the Year" award.

Burt died in Salt Lake City on 10 September 1981.

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The Olive Woolley Burt papers consist of manuscripts, research material, photographs, illustrations and correspondence of several of the books written for children by Burt during the years 1928-1980. The manuscript for her "American Murder Ballads and Their Stories," is included. Also among the papers are scrapbooks and other materials depicting her professional interests as a writer.

This addendum (1947-1970) to the Olive Wooley Burt Papers contains correspondence, manuscript drafts, and research files associated with various books written by Burt. Also included are bound copies of the Deseret News Magazine (1948-1952) and the Newsette (1947-1952), a children's magazine associated with the Deseret News. These volumes contain original newsprint editions of the publications for the time period when Burt was editor.

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The papers received at the University of Utah have been divided into four major categories. The first division, book manuscripts, is the largest, consisting of seven boxes. Mrs. Burt 's manuscripts are held in six boxes and arranged in chronological order by publication date. Each manuscript has related correspondence followed by partial or final drafts, portions of drafts, illustrative material, and research notes. Photographs which were related to a particular manuscript have been labeled and noted in the inventory before being removed to the Photograph Collection for proper storage and preservation.

The seventh box in this first division contains miscellaneous research material unrelated to the manuscripts donated by Mrs. Burt. One partially filled reel of microfilm related to the Bunker Hill Monument. Another gives information on camels which she probably used for her book Camel Express, a story about military use of camels in the American Southwest. A number of folders, arranged alphabetically by topic, contain drawings, sketches, maps, and magazine pictures possibly used as ideas or illustrative material for her books . Photographs found in these files were also remove to the Photograph Collection. The last folder in this box contains deeds of gift and inventory lists for the material Mrs. Burt donated to the University of Wyoming.

Materials related to Mrs. Burt's professional interests are contained in one box making up the second division. Included here are letters of inquiry from Mrs. Burt and answers providing information for her books. There are also files of letters from children arranged chronologically. Entries and lists of results of literary contests held by the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune and the Utah State Institute of Fine Arts are also filed here. The remaining folders are taken up with information, bulletins and newspaper clippings about the professional organizations to which Mrs. Burt belongs, including the League of Utah Writers, the Utah Press Women, the National Federation of Press Women, and the National League of American Pen Women.

Four scrapbooks contained in two large boxes which comprise the third division, are also related to the professional writers organizations.

There are two scrapbooks from the League of Utah Writers dating from 1936 to 1979. The other two scrapbooks are composites of material from the National League of American Pen Women, the National Federation of Press Women and the Utah Press Women ranging from 1950 to 1980. There are also a number of clippings from 1929 about the "Knighthood of Youth" an organization sponsored by the Salt Lake Tribune which Mrs. Burt directed.

The addendum (1947-1970) to the Olive Wooley Burt Papers contains correspondence, manuscript drafts, and research files associated with various books written by Burt. Also included are bound copies of the Deseret News Magazine (1948-1952) and the Newsette (1947-1952), a children's magazine associated with the Deseret News. These volumes contain original newsprint editions of the publications for the time period when Burt was editor.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Olive Woolley Burt in 1979.

Addendum purchased from Sam Weller Bookstore in 1993.

Processing Note

Processed by Marlene Lewis in 1981.

Addendum processed by Karen Carver in 2002.

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Forms part of the Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archives.

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I:  ManuscriptsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
A: American Murder Ballads
Box Volume
1 1-2
Murder Ballads
Published as American Murder Ballads and Their Stories in 1958 by Oxford University Press. Also published in 1965 by Citadel Press. These two books are bound carbon copies of the manuscript . Olive Woolley Burt collected these ballads about murders of various types, from crimes of passion to murder for gain, from her travels throughout the United States. The book includes the known factual background of each ballad and the ballads or versions of each ballad written about an incident.
2 1-12
Manuscript Draft
Typed original copy with editor's notes and revisions.
2 13
Typed carbon copies of ballads and their factual backgrounds, some of which do not appear in the final manuscript.
B: Writing and Selling Your First Juvenile Book
Box Folder
3 1-2
Partial Drafts
Chapters on preparations and steps necessary to writing various kinds of children's books from novels to "how-to" books.
C: Writers's Digest
Box Folder
3 3
"A Writers'Group Does Pay--And How!"
An article written by Olive W . Burt in 1940 at the request of the editors of the Writers's Digest about the effectiveness of local organizations for authors using the League of Utah Writers as an example.
D: Physician to the World
Published in 1963 by the Julian Messner Company.
Box Folder
3 4-10
Typed original draft of a biography of Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy (1869-1967), written for children. Dr. Pohl Lovejoy saw medical service in both World Wars and organized the American Women's Hospital Service which she headed almost to the time of her death.
E: Black Women of Valor
Published in 1974 by the Julian Messner Company.
Box Folder
3 11
Letters about publication between Mrs. Burt and representatives of the Julian Messner Company. Also included are letters in answer to Mrs. Burt's inquiries for information to use in the book.
3 12-16
Draft of the manuscript as it was sent to the publisher with editor's notes and corrections, a complete carbon copy draft, and a series of lengthy corrections noted by page and paragraph. Included in the completed manuscript are chapters on Juliette Derricotte, Maggie Mitchell Walker, Ida Wells Barnett and Septima Poinsette Clark, as well as a long list of other accomplished Black women.
3 17-25
Drafts, Notes
Drafts of biographical sketches written for possible inclusion in the books, arranged in alphabetical order, include Ida Wells Barnett, Septima Poinsette Clark, Fanny Jackson Coppin, Juliette Derricotte, Mahalia Jackson, Edmoina Lewis, Amanda Smith, and Maggie Mitchell Walker. Also included is a list of illustrious Black women and their professions, and some miscellaneous research notes.
F: How the Horse Helped Build America
Published as The Horse in America in 1975 by the Thomas Y. Crowell Company.
Box Folder
4 1
Letters about corrections in the manuscript between Mrs . Burt and the John Day Company, photograph orders, and library request forms from Boston and New York Public Libraries
4 2-14
Drafts, Illustrations
Three different drafts of the manuscript including notes on picture captions and bibliography. Photographs used to illustrate this manuscript have been removed and placed in the Photograph Archives for preservation. They are available for use and have been arranged by chapter with identifying captions included.
G: Ghost Towns of the West
Published in 1976 by the Julian Messner Company.
Box Folder
4 15
Letters between Mrs. Burt and the publisher about necessary changes in the manuscript and information about publication.
4 16
Letters between Mrs. Burt and various western historical societies with information about ghost towns or available photographs for illustration of the book.
4 17-27
Four complete drafts of the manuscript including two carbon copies and two ribbon copies. One of the ribbon copies has editors notes and revisions as well as printing instructions. Included in these drafts are sketches of five western towns as examples of different types of ghost towns. These are: Tuscarora, Nevada as a mining camp; South Pass, Wyoming as an example of a town on a once major travel trail; Winter Quarters, Utah, a coal town; Antelope, Oregon, a cattle drive stop-over; and Allensworth, California as the "ghost of a dream" or the settlement built around an ideal. Also included are brief notes on numerous other ghost towns in the West.
4 28-31
Drafts of portions of the manuscript and research notes.
H: Black Sunshine: The Story of Coal
Originally contracted under the title Coal: Treasure Trove of Energy, published in 1977 by the Julian Messner Company.
Box Folder
5 1
Letters between Mrs. Burt and representatives of the Julian Messner Company about plans for this children's book and about changes in the manuscript.
5 2-4
Letters between Mrs. Burt and various coal information groups. Included is a file from Kennecott Copper Corporation about reforestation efforts around their Utah refinery used as an example of reclamation projects around mining areas.
5 5
Chapter outline and brief notes on the proposed theme of each chapter.
5 6-8
Two complete drafts of the manus cript, including the index.
5 9-13
Drafts, Notes
Partial drafts of the manuscript, miscellaneous pages of manuscript, and a series of possible captions and outlines. Also included is a file of research notes.
5 14-15
Sketches, drawings, magazine clippings used to illustrate the manuscript. One file is marked according to chapter, the other contains miscellaneous pictures of coal, coal mining, or coal processing. Photographs intended to illustrate this manuscript have been removed and placed in the Photograph Archives for preservation purposes. They are available for use and have been arranged by chapter where identified.
5 16-21
Background information from coal companies, newspaper clippings and magazine articles.
I: Sacajawea (A Visual Biography)
Published in 1978 by Franklin Watts, Inc.
Box Folder
6 1
Letters between Mrs. Burt and representative of Franklin Watts, Inc. about publication plans or manuscript changes.
6 2
Manuscript outline which gives a brief summary of the proposed major theme of each chapter.
6 3-5
Galley Proofs
Galley proofs with revisions and instructions for the printers.
6 6-18
Five different drafts of the manu script including a ribbon copy, edited draft with instructions for printing; a photocopy with numerous corrections, revisions and additions which includes an extensive list of technical and factual corrections necessary in the manuscript; and a ribbon copy and carbon copy of two different revisions of a version of the manuscript which was considered too long. A ribbon copy of this long version, which offers more detail about the Lewis andClark Expedition than the final draft, is included.
6 19-23
Drafts, Notes
Partial drafts of the manuscript, pieces of drafts or working notes, and research notes including chronologies of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
J: Miscellaneous Research Material
Box Reel
7 1
Materials on the history of Bunker Hill Monument from the Harvard College Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sent to Microforms Dept.
7 2
The first part of this film contains information about the pur chase of camels for United States military use in the deserts of the southwest between 1855 and 1857. A second portion has information on the history of military use of camels in Persia from the 1700s. This material was used for Mrs. Burt's book Camel Express. The final part of the film has itinerary and journal entries regarding the wagon road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River. Sent to Microforms.
7 1-6
Illustrative Material
Sketches, magazine clippings , press releases and other miscellaneous material used as illustrations, illustration ideas, or to explain illustrations for the numerous books written for children by Mrs. Burt. Arranged alphabetically by topic, the files include ancient civilizations (Egypt, the Near East, and Greece), animals, copper, World War II aircraft, and miscellaneous.
7 7
Miscellaneous Material
Includes single pages of unidentified manuscripts, information on maps, a rejection notice, and similar items.
7 8
Manuscripts: Univernity of Wyoming
Olive Woolley Burt has donated a number of her manuscripts to the University of Wyoming at Laramie, Wyoming. These archives records date from 1963 to 1974 and list the items held in Wyoming.

II:  Professional InterestsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 1-6
Miscellaneous letters to Mrs. Burt in response to queries seeking information for her numerous children's books. Letters from school teachers and children thanking Mrs. Burt for her visits to their classes. Also letters from children written as part of a class assignment to write to an author.
A: Contests
Box Folder
8 7
Christmas News Literary Contests
This contest was inaugurated by Charles W. Penrose and Horace G. Whitney in 1899, when the first special edition of the Deseret News called The Christmas News was published. Included are chronological and alphabetical lists of contest winners from the years 1899 to 1955.
8 8-10
Salt Lake Tribune Poetry Contest
Entries, all children, are not dated and have been arranged alphabetically.
8 11-12
Utah State Institute of Fine Arts
Contest winners for 1957 to 1971 and a few evaluations of unidentified manuscripts.
B: Utah Writers
Box Folder
8 13
Utah Writers
Incomplete lists of Utah authors and their publications compiled by Mrs. Burt.
8 14
Junita Brooks
Brief biographical sketch and list of publications.
8 15
"Meet Utah Authors Reading Fair" program
C: League of Utah Writers
Box Folder
8 16
Constitution and By-laws
8 17
Written by Olive Woolley Burt, this history also contains a list of state officers for the years 1937 to 1971.
8 18
Annual Roundup
1942 address of Dr. H. A. Oyerstreet given at the Seventh Annual Roundup entitled "The Writer's Function in These Troubled Times." 1948 interview of Mrs. Burt by Commentator Richins of the "Something for the Ladies" program about the Thirteenth Annual Roundup to be held in Brigham City, Utah. 1979 program and information flyers about the Forty-fourth Annual Roundup.
1942; 1948; 1979
8 19
The Lariat
Copies of the March -April and July issues of the League of Utah Writers newsletter.
8 20
Following Flames
Copy of the 1976 issue of the League 's "Album of Prose and Poetry." Also filed here are 1977 lists of writing and poetry contest winners.
8 21-24
Newspaper Clippings
D: Utah Press Women
Box Folder
8 25
Included is a letter of September 1956 from Mrs. Burt to Mrs. Ernest L. Perrine about the revisions in the by-laws.
8 26
Bulletin and Directory
One copy of the January-April 1965 bulletin, "Press Patter." 1972 Membership Directory
8 27
Newspaper Clippings
E: National Federation of Press Women
Box Folder
8 28
Woman of Achievement
Folder of background and accomplishments for Mrs. Burt's candidacy.
8 29
Convention Programs
8 30
Contest Winners
Lists of winners of the federation's journalistic contests for the years 1956 through 1970.
F: National League of American Pen Women
Box Folder
8 31
Constitution and By-laws
8 32
General Materials
Biennial Convention Programs, 1954, 1978 The Pen Woman, official publication, 1972 with articles concerning the Diamond Jubilee meeting Utah League of American Pen Women, Annual Birth­ day Party program, 1973 National League of American Pen Women information pamphlet

III:  ScrapbooksReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Volume
9 1
League of Utah Writers
Correspondence, programs, bulletins, photographs, newspaper clippings.
9 2
League of Utah Writers
Correspondence, programs, bulletins, photographs, newspaper clippings.
10 1
National Federation of Press Women, and the Utah Press Women
Correspondence, bulletins, programs, membership cards, invitations, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
10 2
National League of American Pen women, the National Federation of Press Women, and the Utah Press Women
Correspondence, bulletins, programs, membership cards, invitations, photographs, newspaper clippings.
10 2
Knighthood of Youth
Series of 1929 newspaper clippings from the Knighthood of Youth, a Salt Lake Tribune organization directed by Mrs. Burt.

IV:  AddendaReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Guest Books, Scrapbooks and Certificates
A: Personal
Box Folder
12 1
Personal items including wills, affidavits, etc.
12 2
Burt, Clinton -- Accident
Correspondence and report on the car-pedestrian accident suffered by Clinton, April 28, 1967.
12 3
Burt, Clinton -- Death
Obituary , death certificate , funeral forms and miscellaneous items regarding the death of Mr . Burt, May 27 , 1967.
12 4
Burt, Clinton - Legal Items
Legal documents regard ing the accident and death of Mr. Burt.
12 5
Burt, Clinton -- Medical Items
Primarily statements for services and an autopsy report.
12 6
Family Correspondence
12 7-8
Founder's Day -- University of Utah Emeritus Award
Congratulatory messages, program items and news clippings.
12 9
Haxton Place
Warranty deed and contents of home.
12 10
Household -- Miscellaneous
Lists of expenditures for household.
12 11
Medical Forms
Selected medical items on Mrs. Burt.
12 12
Personal -- Daily Calendars
12 13
Personal Correspondence -- Friends, Admirers
Correspondents include Barbara (Ben) William, Frank Robertson, Juanita Brooks and many others.
B: Travel
Included are passports, itineraries and correspondence related to Boston, 1940; Europe 1959-1960; Europe 1968; Europe 1973; the Orient 1962; the Mideast 1967 and 1973; Hawaii 1974; around the world 1969-1970 and Long Beach, California, 1965.
Box Folder
13 1
Boston, daily diary
13 2
Log and Diary kept by Olive as well as Clinton Ray Burt's notes
13 3
Includes log and price listing for trip to the Orient in 1962
13 4
Diary kept by Olive during time spent living in Long Beach, California
13 5
Notebook kept on trip to Mideast in 1967; and two notebook diaries written on trip to Europe in 1968 with Mabel Harmer
13 6
Four diary-log books from a trip taken around the world
13 7
Diary of a trip to Europe and the Mideast in 1973 with her daughter, Forsyth
13 8
Diary contains entries made during travel in Hawaii in 1974 as well as entries written in Salt Lake City
13 9
Passports and vaccination certificates for Olive and Clinton
13 10
Itineraries for travel to Europe, the Mideast, the Orient
13 11
Correspondence regarding travel plans for world tour including China
C: Writer's Organizations
Box Folder
14 1
National League of American Pen Women roster and by-laws
1978-1980; 1980-1982
14 2
National League of American Pen Women Salt Lake Chapter programs, and two articles written by Olive W. Burt
14 3
National League of American Pen Women
Awards presented to Olive W. Burt in the years 1954 through 1974 for various published works.
14 4
National Federation of Press Women, Inc., -- Awards and Certificates
Presented 1957 through 1970, fiction and non-fiction, for children and adults.
14 5-6
League of Utah Writers
Programs, directories, membership cards, speech, etc. over period of time 1955-1981. Awards presented 1956-1980 for "all phases of writing."
14 7
Utah Press Women
Awards presented 1965-1976 for books, stories, non­ fiction.
14 8
State of Utah
Recognition awards and writing prizes won.
14 9
Utah State Institute of Fine Arts Awards
14 10
Utah State Poetry Society, Inc. Awards
14 11
Miscellaneous Awards and Certificates
Includes memberships in Pioneer Craft House, Utah State Historical Society, Delta Kappa Gamma.
14 12
Miscellaneous Organizations
Including prize winner lists, directories, programs, business cards.
D: Correspondence - Miscellaneous
This box contains three folders of general corre­ spondence covering the years 1930-1981; correspondence with various periodicals; book lists of 0. W. Burt and others; research correspondence; samplings of children's letters.
Box Folder
15 1
Information requests regarding American 's endangered wildlife making a comeback in 1977-1978; basis of book published in 1980.
15 2-3
Research Correspondence, Requests and Replies
15 4
Olive W . Burt assisted Bluff, Utah in setting up a library in 1949. The correspondence regarding the library is included in folder 4.
15 5
A sampling of letters written by school children to Olive W. Burt
15 6
Correspondence with various institutions 1941 through 1979 including BYU, University of Utah, University of Wyoming, Utah State University and ZCMI
15 7
Ebony, Jr. published pieces submitted by 0. W . Burt
This folder contains correspondence 1973-1980.
15 8
Holiday Magazine
Correspondence regarding proposed and accepted articles.
15 9
Utah State Historical Society Quarterly
1974, 1976 1981 correspondence
15 10
Woman 's Day
Correspondence regarding submitted and published material 1947-1949.
15 11
Writer 's Digest School -- the 1974 course used an 0. W. Burt story
15 12
The Writer
Correspondence 1971-1972 regarding articles submitted/published to The Writer.
15 13-15
Correspondence with miscellaneous publishers
15 16
LDS Publications -- Correspondence with the Improvement Era, the Friend, Deseret Book
15 17-19
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Folder 19 also contains photocopies of catalogue cards of O. W. Burt books; O. W. Burt book lists of her own works and others.
Correspondence -- Literary Agent
Correspondence with literary agent, August Lenniger.
E: Publishers
Contracts and Royalty Statements
Box 17 contains copies of book contracts with Bobbs­ Merrill; John Day; Henry Holt; Julian Messner (two folders); Oxford University Press; Franklin Watts; and miscellaneous publishing houses; also royalty statements.
F: Correspondence
Box Folder
18 1
Correspondence with Beckley-Cardy Co.
18 2-4
Correspondence with Bobbs-Merrill
18 5-6
Correspondence with Caxton Printers, Inc.
1935-1944; 1968
18 7
Correspondence with Coward-McCann, Inc.
18 8
Correspondence with Thomas Y. Crowell Co.
1954-1955; 1974-1978
18 9-11
Correspondence with The John Day Co.
18 12
Correspondence with Dodd, Mead and Co.
18 13
Correspondence with Doubleday & Co.
18 14
Correspondence with Sam L. Gavriel Sons & Co.
19 1
Correspondence with Harper Row
19 2
Correspondence with Harvey House
19 3
Correspondence with Hawthorne House
19 4-5
Correspondence with Henry Holt
19 6
Correspondence with Macre-Smith Co.
19 7-9
Correspondence with Julian Messner
19 10-12
Correspondence with Oxford Press
19 13
Correspondence with Parmassus Press
19 14
Correspondence with Simon & Schuster
19 15
Correspondence with Sol III
19 16
Correspondence with Steck Co.
19 17
Correspondence with Tab Books
19 18
Correspondence with Warner Press
19 19
Correspondence with Franklin Watts
19 20
Correspondence with Young Scott Books
G: Children 's Plays and Adult Stories
This box contains samplings of plays for children as well as one adult mystery novel written in 1944 and one "as told to" story.
Box Folder
20 1
Children 's Plays
A sampling of four: The Boy Passes; The Magic Eggs; The Enchanted Garden; Our 4th of July Songs. Also some correspondence with publisher regarding above.
20 2
The Silver Slipper
A 3-act musical play with parts for 27 individuals plus extras.
20 3
"These Are My People"
An adult story told by a Navajo woman.
20 4
Murder in the Composing Room
A mystery novel set in a newspaper office in the 1940s and describes the mechanics of putting out a daily paper at that time . This folder includes correspondence with literary agent regarding manu­script.
H: Poetry for Children and Adults
Box Folder
21 1
Poems for children
21 2
This folder contains an incomplete manuscript of They Knew Jesus which was published in 1959, plus pertinent correspondence.
21 3
Published poems for adults
21 4
"Calendar," and adult poetry compilation
21 5
"The Circling Year," and adult poetry collection
21 6
"Dedication," an adult poetry compilation
21 7
"From My Heritage," an adult poetry compilation
21 8
"Voices from the West," an adult poetry compilation
21 9
Miscellaneous poems for adults
(There are duplications found in folders 4-8)
I: Articles
Box Folder
22 1
"Along the Roman Frontier" and "Damascus Waits"
22 2
Material for several articles on Basques (the good shepherds)
22 3
"Candy Cane King," (a Christmas article); "The Joy Box," (an Easter article), "Four th of July Tree" and other holiday short stories
22 4
"Reflections of Collections" and "There's Still Gold in Them Hills"
22 5
Articles on home decorating, education and the future
22 6
"Literary I. Q ." and "Murder from Ambush"
22 7
Articles about individual people
22 8
Articles about pheasants, Poland and Pyramid Lake
22 9
"A Reconversion Hint" (start a perfumery) and "So You Want to Travel, But ..."
22 10
Articles about the society editor, shake branding and examples of Snooks
22 11
Things to make and do - "Andy's Workbench"
22 12
"Treasure for the Finding" (tearsheet of published article), "An Unsolved Mystery" and "Aunt Libby 's Darlings"
22 13
Articles about Utah written in the late 1940s
J: Manuscripts: Children's Books and Stories
Box Folder
23 1
Three versions of "The Boy Who Looked at Snow"
23 2
"Camel Express"--research information, outline, chapter sample
23 3
"Captain Bonneville"--manuscript and pertinent correspondence
23 4
Christmas Stories
23 5
"The Danube"--typed manuscripts
23 6
"The Danube"--original handwritten copy; listing of illustrations
23 7
"It Happened Again"--12 stories, pioneer times and now; published in Friend
23 8
"Pal of the Hills"--book manuscript and correspondence
24 1
"Pastimes"--1961, a listing, outline and manuscript
24 2
"Pastimes from Past Times"--1975 manuscript and pertinent correspondence
24 3
Rescued! America's Endangered Wildlife on the Cnmehick Trail--manuscript (published in 1980)
24 4
"Romania"--typed book length manuscript
24 5
"Story of the Sea Gulls"
24 6
"Stubborn Fool"--an adventure in Alaska
24 7
Ten stories of children in other lands published in the Friend
24 8
"Women of the Revolution" (the American Revolution)
24 9
"Zoo-phabet" (with illustrations by Amy Nakashima)
K: Manuscripts and Research: Black Women
There is some duplication of material in this box which contains biographical information on Marian Anderson. Ida Wells Barnett, Mary McLeod Bethume, Septima Poinsette Clark , Fanny Jackso? Coppin, Katehrine Dunham, Juliette Derricotte,' Mary Fields, Althea Givson, Frances E. W. Harper, Mahalia Jackson, Elizabeth Keckley, Edmonia Lewis, Mignon Richmond, Amanda Smith, Susie King Taylor, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Madame C. J. Walker and Maggie Mitchell Walker, as well as three book-length manuscripts and research.
Box Folder
25 1
Black Women--research
25 2
Black Women--multiple versions of individual chapters, A - G
25 3
Black Women--multiple versions of individual chapters, H - W
25 4
Black Women--partial manuscripts - 1
25 5
Black Women--partial manuscripts - 2
25 6
"Twelve Courageous Black Wornen"--35,000 word manuscript
25 7
"Up Steep Hills"--42,000 word manuscript
25 8
"Vignettes of Valor"--60,000 word manuscript
L: Manuscripts and Research: Minerals (written for adults and children)
O. W. Burt did much of the research on minerals with her brother, Park Woolley.
Box Folder
26 1
Minerals--correspondence with Park Woolley and others, 1944-1947
26 2
"SO Minerals Every Child Should Know" (complete manuscript)
26 3
"Our Magic Minerals" (complete manuscript, 1945)
26 4
"Today's Magic Minerals"--50,000 word manuscript
26 5
Minerals--adult non-fiction - outline, chapters
M: Murder Ballads: Correspondence and Research
Box Folder
27 1-7
27 8-9
Research - typed copies of ballads
27 10-13
Research - copies of ballads
27 14
Bibliography--article written by 0. W. Burt "Sing a Song of Murder" - book outline
N: Miscellaneous Research
Box Folder
28 1
Basques--correspondence and research
1947; 1951-1954; 1974
28 2
Jack Diamondfield--research notes
28 3
Easter--information on various Easter events
28 4
Famous sheriffs--clippings, notes
28 5
Frontier characters and explorers--notes
28 6
Ghost Towns--research, notes
28 7
"Sam Gilson: Folks I Would Like to Have Known"--the discovery of gilsonite
28 8
Gold in Nevada and Califoria--miscellaneous chapters for juvenile books
28 9
Great Salt Lake--research, notes
28 10
Joe Hill--correspondence, clippings, fiction, miscellaneous
28 11
Hodge-Ryan Case--research, notes
28 12
International Danube River--research
28 13
R. C. Jackson--miscellaneous cases, research, notes, fiction, 1944-1970, Salt Lake County Sheriff
28 14-17
Henry W. Longfellow--research notebooks, notes, correspondence, pictures, manuscript outline, chapters
29 1
Otto Mear--research and notes for juvenile book
29 2
Notes on the counties in the state of Utah
29 3
Utah--geographic, memories, stories
29 4
Utah murders and mysteries (excluding Joe Hill)
29 5
Utah--polygamy, notes, articles written by 0. W. Burt
29 6
U. S. Fighter planes--sampling
29 7
Western Treasure Stories--research and correspondence
29 8
Sarah Winnemucca--correspondence, manuscript outline
O: Addendum from University of Wyoming
Boxes 30-37 were donated by the University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming. They contain correspondence and miscellaneous materials. However, the bulk of these papers are manuscripts written by Olive Woolley Burt.
Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, Miscellaneous
Box Folder
30 1
Receipt of the gift received of Olive W. Burt by the University of Wyoming, Laramie
Includes a list of correspondence, periodical clippings, notes, and a couple of manuscripts.
1972; 1974
30 2
Copies of correspondence with various publishers concerning her published books and in some cases, personal matters.
30 3
Copies of correspondence with various publishers concerning her writings. Also included are some miscellaneous letters.
30 4
Miscellaneous correspondence.
30 5
Newspaper Clippings
Xerox copies of newspaper articles primarily about Mullins Alden but also contains articles about Pilgrims and King Henry.
30 6
Miscellaneous Notes and Articles
Xerox copies.
Manuscripts by Olive Woolley Burt
Box Folder
31 1-3
This contains pages of the manuscr ipt but it is incomplete. Also included are a few miscellaneous items concerning the book. (In the back of the folder)
31 4
Camel Express
Includes newpaper articles (xeroxed) by and about Olive Woolley Burt, correspondence about the book Camel Express and the manuscript of the book.
31 5
"Camels for Uncle Sam" - manuscript
31 6
"Canyon Treasure" - manuscript
32 1-4
"Country School Marm"
This folder contains correspondence with various publishers and miscellaneous notes. Outline and chapters 1-3 (2 different versions of each) This contains two different copies of an outline for this manuscript. Also included are two copies of chapters 1-3 (one with handwritten notes, one without). A different writing than that of folder 2. It seems to be the same story, though. Continuation of folder 3. Chapter 5 is missing.
32 5
"The First Book of Salt"
Includes two different versions of the same thing.
32 6
"I Challenge the Dark Sea"
A story of Prince Henry the Navigator. A few miscellaneous notes included at the beginning.
33 1-3
Jayhawker Johnny
Two copies with a few variations from each other. Each contains chapters 1-11. Included in this folder are miscellaneous pages; title pages and biographies, etc.(book headings) and two parts of the manuscript (incomplete). Different versions of the rough draft manuscripts. (incomplete)
33 4
John Wanamaker: Boy Merchant
Galley Proof. Xerox copy of the printed book.
33 5
"Luther Burbank: Boy Wizard"
Miscellaneous, news clippings, correspondence, printers notes and xerox copy of manuscript are included in this folder.
33 5A
Mexico - manuscript telling about Mexico
33 6
"The Mountainman"
Xerox copy of manuscript.
33 7-8
"Negroes in the West"
34 1-3
Old America Comes Alive
Includes first and second publication.
34 4-5
"Ouray--The Arrow"
Also included are rough sketches of the cover.
34 6
"Peter Turns Sheepman"
Correspondence with publishers also included.
34 7-8
"Petticoats West"
35 1-2
35 3
The Sheep Camp (Galley Proof)
Copy of the published book.
35 4
"A Silver Dollar"
Copy of manuscript with handwritten notes.
35 5-9
"The Story of the National Road"
Rough drafts, correspondence, research materials and notes.
36 1-5
"Teenagers of the Early West"
Includes stories of Clark Stocking, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Mary Jane Dilworth, Flora Pearson, William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), May Humphreys Stacey, Lorenzo Oatman, Sacajawea and Auguste Chouteau. Also includes correspondence with publishers, brief outline of the characters in the manuscript, research materials, newspaper articles, and rough drafts.
36 6-7
"To Barbara Jean. A Grandniece is Just Grand!"
Correspondence, rough drafts and newspaper articles.
37 1
"To Beverly"
37 2-3
"To Wint With Deep Affection"
Includes chapters 1 until end and newspaper articles.
37 4
Correspondence, newspaper articles and copies of handwritten notes.
37 5-6
Wind Before the Dawn
Galley proof, manuscript and copy of published book.
P: Correspondence
Box Folder
38 1
38 2
American Murder Ballads
38 3
Fan Mail from Children
38 4
38 5
Magna Elementary School
38 6
Lee Hoffman
Ms. Hoffman was an editor for Hawthorn Books.
38 7
Hillsdale Elementary School
38 8
Mountainview Elementary School
38 9
Oakwood Elementary School
38 10
Kaysville Elementary School
Q: Manuscripts
Box Folder
39 1-2
Adventurer in Buckskin: The Story of Jedediah Smith
39 3
Jedediah Smith, correspondence and research
39 4
Born to Teach
39 5
Brigham Young
39 6
The Cave of Shouting Silence
40 1
The Cave of Shouting Silence, research
40 2
Chief Joseph
40 3
Chief Joseph, correspondence and research
40 4
Cloud Girl
40 5
First Book of Copper
41 1
First Book of Copper
41 2-3
First Book of Copper, research
41 4-5
First Book of Salt, research
41 6
I Challenge the Dark Sea
42 1
James P. Beckwuorth: Mulatto Chief of the Crow
42 2
John Wanamaker: Boy Merchant
42 3
Kit Carson: Guardian of the Trails
42 4
Mary Jane McLeod
42 5
The Mountain Man
42 6
Mountan Men, Jim Bridger to Hugh Glass
42 7
Mountain Men, Manuel Lisa to Ewing Young
43 1
Negroes in the Early West
43 2-3
Negroes in the West
43 4-5
The Oak's Long Shadow
43 6
The Oak's Long Shadow, correspondence and research
43 7
Old America Comes Alive, research
44 1
Our Magic Growth
44 2
Our World: Bulgaria
44 3
Petticoats West
44 4
Physician to the World
44 5
Physician to the World, correspondence
44 6
Physician to the World, manuscript pages
44 7
Physician to the World, research
45 1
Prince: Sheepdog on Trail
45 2
The Ringling Brothers
45 3
Sarah J. Hale: First Lady Editor
45 4
Sarah J. Hale, research
45 5
The Story of American Railroads, research
The Story of American Railroads, research
R: Periodicals
1947-1950; 1952
Deseret News Magazine

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