Reva Beck Bosone papers, 1927-1977

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Bosone, Reva Beck
Reva Beck Bosone papers
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The Reva Beck Bosone papers (1927-1977) mainly contain the political papers of Bosone (b. 1895), the first woman sent to the United States House of Representatives by the state of Utah. Included are correspondence, campaign materials, voting records, legislation, subject files, and some personal materials.
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The first woman sent to the United States House of Representatives by the State of Utah was Reva Beck Bosone who represented the Second Congressional District for the 1949-1951 term. Bosone had set precedents before--when she became Democratic floor leader of the Utah State House of Representatives, in which she served from 1933 to 1936, and when she became Utah's first woman judge, a post she held until 1948.

Reva Beck Bosone was born in American Fork, Utah, the only daughter among the four children of Christian M. and Zilpha Chipman Beck. Her father was of Danish extraction, her mother a descendant of the 1847 Mormon pioneers and of the Mayflower pilgrims. Reva Beck attended grammar and high schools in American Fork, graduated from the Westminster Junior College in Salt Lake City, and in 1920 received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley. For the next seven years she taught in the high schools of her birthplace, in Delta, and in Ogden, Utah. At the latter, she was head of the Department of Public Speaking, Debating, and Dramatic Arts.

Inspired by the memory of her mother's admonition that "a country is no better than its laws--if you want to serve all of the people, go where the laws are made," Reva Beck resigned from her teaching post in 1927 to read law at the University of Utah. She received her law degree in 1930. The previous year, she was married to Joseph P. Bosone, a lawyer. They were divorced in 1940.

The Bosone family moved to the mining region of Carbon County where both Bosone and her husband practiced law under the firm name Bosone and Bosone until Mrs. Bosone became a candidate for the state legislature. Carrying her two-year-old daughter Zilpha, she conducted a door-to-door campaign that resulted in her election to the 1933 session of the Utah State House of Representatives with "the highest vote received by any candidate for an office in the county." In 1935 she was returned to office from Salt Lake County. In the 1935 session Mrs. Bosone was elected floor leader of the Democratic members and also became the first woman member of the important Sifting Committee, as well as its chairman. Her role in obtaining passage of a minimum wage-and-hour law for women and children and of the Utah child labor constitutional amendment, was commended by Frances Perkins and Eleanor Roosevelt.

In 1936, after several months of private law practice in Salt Lake City, Bosone was elected city judge, and was successively reelected to that office until 1948. Sitting in both police and traffic courts (all traffic violations in Salt Lake City were filed in her court), she instituted extraordinary traffic fines--a conviction for drunken driving cost $300, for reckless driving $200. During her first year in office the number of traffic cases filed was tripled, and only three appeals from her judgments were sustained.

The election of Bosone to the United States House of Representatives over Republican William A. Dawson took place in November 1948, when she was chosen to represent the Second Congressional District of Utah comprising the four counties of Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, and Utah. Her concept of a legislator's duties was contained in a pre-election statement: "Office holders should do the job that should be done, whether the required course of action is popular or not...The biggest need in politics and government today is for people of integrity and courage, who will do what they believe is right and not worry about the political consequences to themselves."

She was the first woman to serve on the House Interior Committee. Judge Bosone continued to work on this committee when she was reelected to the House in 1950, defeating Ivy Baker Priest. During this second term she was a member of the House Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials. Judge Bosone also proposed legislation to remove the American Indians from government wardship and was much involved in sponsoring water projects for the West.

In 1952 and again in 1954 Reva Beck Bosone was defeated for election to the House by William A. Dawson. Following the 1954 defeat, she had a private law practice until 1958 when she became legal counsel for the Subcommittee of Safety and Compensation of the House Committee on Education. After serving over three years, Postmaster General J. Edward Day appointed her a judicial officer and chairman of the Contract Board of Appeals, for the United States Post Office Department, a position she held until her formal retirement in 1968.

The problems of juvenile delinquency and alcoholism were of special interest to Judge Bosone. She was appointed director of the Utah State Board for Education in Alcoholism, and served in that capacity between 1947 and 1948. For her work in this area, as well as that of juvenile delinquency, Judge Bosone was elected to Utah's Hall of Fame in 1943. During World War II, in her capacity as chairman of the Civilian Advisory WAC Committee of the Ninth Service Command, she toured eleven Western States to confer with their governors. She was an active member of the United War Fund Committee of Utah and of the Veterans Central Welfare Committee. (In the fall of 1948 she taught a refresher course for veterans at the University of Utah Law School.) The Utah congress woman was an officer of such organizations as the Italian-American Civic League (1934-46), the Housewives' Council of Salt Lake City (1934-35), and the Consumers' Welfare League of Utah (1934-37). She was a member of Phi Delta Delta and the Society of Mayflower Descendants.

The keynote address at the 1947 convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs was delivered by Judge Bosone, who was also a principal speaker at the general session of the National Safety Conference in 1948. For several months radio station KDYL of NBC carried a fifteen minute weekly program by Judge Bosone, entitled "Her Honor--The Judge." In July and again in September of 1948 she appeared on "America's Town Meeting of the Air," speaking on international law and alcoholism. After her election defeat in 1952, Reva Beck Bosone was moderator of the Salt Lake City program "It's a Woman's World" on KDYL, four times weekly. In 1953 the program won the Zenith Television Award for excellence in local programming. A special KUTV documentary, "Her Honor, the Judge," was shown in 1977 on Reva Beck Bosone's varied and colorful career.

In 1946, Judge Bosone was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, and in 1965 was considered for an appointment to that body with the resignation of Justice Arthur J. Goldberg. There followed honors from the three schools she had attended. In 1970 the University of California, Berkeley, gave her a Distinguished Service in Government award. Westminster College awarded her an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree (L.H.D.) in 1973 at a ceremony where she was the commencement speaker. Finally, in 1977 she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Utah. Judge Bosone was also given, with two other women, the first annual Susa Young Gates Award, in 1973, for her work in raising the status of women in Utah.

Reva Beck Bosone died in 1983.

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Essentially a political collection, the Reva Beck Bosone papers (1927-1977) contain very little personal material. However, the first part of the collection includes her autobiography and a number of biographical sketches, as well as personal memorabilia such as greeting cards, invitations, award certificates, and programs.

The bulk of the correspondence is contained in four boxes, filed by date. These letters are from congressional colleagues, constituents, and personal friends. Other correspondence related to specific subjects is interfiled throughout the collection where it is supportive or items on the same topic. In addition to the four boxes of speeches or statements filed by date, there are others filed under related subject headings where necessary to clarify the topic.

Comprising the central part of the collection are items directly related to Reva Beck Bosone's political life. Materials from her years as judge in the Salt Lake Traffic Court are in this portion. Campaign materials, voting records, and legislation are also included in this section, as well as materials related to her committee and subcommittee assignments, including two boxes on Utah water projects. Materials on issues in which she had a special interest, such as alcoholism, foreign affairs, and business, are filed alphabetically in four boxes.

General items on women and women's clubs (both Utah and national) and Utah are included together in one box. Two boxes on the Democratic and Republican parties contain miscellaneous political material. Following this is a volume containing the decisions made by Judge Bosone as a judicial officer for the United States Post Office Department.

The Subject Files are arranged alphabetically and contain such items as club rosters and pending military discharge cases in which Bosone had an interest. The six scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, photographs, and other memorabilia. Addenda to the collection includes correspondence, tributes, essays, and miscellaneous materials.

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I:  Autobiography and Biographical SketchReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1-10
1 11-13
Biographies and Biographical Sketches
Box Folder
2 1
Biographies and Biographical Sketches
2 2
Reva Beck Bosone's Corrections on a Thesis Written About Her By Juanita I. Heath Walton
2 1
The 1940 Woman's Almanac
2 2
Current Biography, Volume 10, No. 1
1949 January
2 3
There Was Light: Autobiography of a University, Berkeley, 1868-1968, ed., Irving Stone

II:  Personal MaterialReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
3 1
Includes verses, quotes, personnel application for the Works Project Administration of Utah, gas rationing stamps, and other items.
3 2-3
3 4
Certificates and Awards
3 5
Greeting Cards
3 6-7
Programs with Bosone as a Speaker
3 8
3 9
Includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, and statistics.
3 1-2
Shavetail, Officer Candidate School, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

III:  CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
This correspondence covers many different areas. In this period there is much dealing with politics in general. It covers the period of Bosone's schoolteaching to her defeat in the 1952 congressional campaign. The bulk of this box is concerned with the 1952 campaign and includes appeals to her constituents to support her and their replies as well as her own endorsements of other candidates. Included are reactions to the Fulton Lewis accusations. There are letters from her constituents during her time in office, urging her to vote positively or negatively on certain issues, such as the establishment of the CIA, the Mundt-Nixon Bill from the Committee on Un-American Activities, and UNICEF. It contains her views on the United Nations, on housing, and on the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. There are letters requesting information as well as congratulatory letters on her elections and appointments to various committees and commissions and on her work as judge. Several letters express appreciation for her congressional efforts and support her stands. There are business letters, travel arrangements, speaking engagements, and other similar letters. Many letters are from her congressional colleagues, which include several important people. There are two letters from Harry S. Truman (September 14, 1950 and January 8, 1951). This box also contains some personal correspondence.
This box contains many items similar to those in Box 4. There are letters dealing with politics in general, staff correspondence, requests and thank-you letters for speaking engagements, congratulatory letters on appointments and elections, and requests for information. It also includes letters from congressional colleagues such as Sam Rayburn (January 21, September 21, 30, 1955; April 27, December 3, 1956), Mary T. Norton (April 24, 1956), and Estes Kefauver (July 5, 1955, August 30, 1956). Other notable people include Averell Harriman, (July 5, August 23, 1956), Adlai Stevenson (June 19, August 10, 1956), and Harry S. Truman (May 3, August 8, 1956). The later correspondence is primarily personal or deals with post office business after her appointment as a judicial officer. There are several letters expressing opinions of her television program, "It's a Woman's World," for which she received the Zenith Television Award, a national award for distinguished public service by a woman television broadcaster, in 1953.
In large measure this box is personal correspondence. There is some correspondence dealing with post office business, invitations for speaking engagements, and letters of recommendation for positions. Included are letters concerned with getting Bosone appointed to the United States Supreme Court, The personal correspondence relates to her family, health, travel, and general political views. She went on a personal crusade against medical schools when one young man, whom she felt would be a dedicated doctor, was not allowed into medical school. She wrote editorials ("I want to be a Doctor," August 24, 1964) and letters to several people to see if something could be done about what she felt to be a grave injustice. There is also a copy of a portion of a thesis which refers to the effect of the physicians' lobby against the Democratic candidates in the 1952 and 1954 elections. It is entitled "Effectiveness of the Temporary Medical Group as Seen in Two Case Studies in Two Separate Utah Election Years," June 4, 1965.
This box is almost entirely personal correspondence from Bosone. In addition to purely personal matters, there are letters concerned with business affairs, general political issues and arrangements, letters of congratulations, and letters of recommendation--both for and from her. Much of the correspondence with her congressional acquaintances is in letters of recommendation endorsing her appointment to the Interior Department or the Obscenity Commission. Some correspondence on the Equal Rights Amendment is also included. There is a letter from President Lyndon B. Johnson (January 25, 1968) thanking her for her support. This box also contains some undated letters, including annonymous ones.

IV:  Speeches and ArticlesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 1
Speeches and Articles
Debate for American Fork High School (won first debate cup, 1915); "Salt Lake City Blazed a Safety Trail" (1939); "A Thank You To the Utah State Senate" (1945); "Traffic and Uniform Fines" (published in National Safety Magazine, 1946); "Lincoln and the United Nations Conferences" (1946); and "Chill the Thrill in Reckless Driving" (1948).
8 2
Speeches and Articles
"Excerpts from Speech to Women Lawyers," "Speech to . . . Democratic Committee of New York County," article in Norfolk Virginian Pilot entitled "No More Trouble Than Men" (May 2, 1949), and "Memorial Day Address ... in the House of Representatives" (May 25, 1949).
8 3
Speeches Printed in the Congressional Record
Deals with housing, mining, peace, University of Utah centennial, statue of Brigham Young in the capital, Indians, women, and security loans.
8 4
Congressional Speeches
Delivered in Congress on peace, appropriations for recreation areas, Alaska, traffic control, "How Utah Looks from Washington," Civilian Conservation Corps Bill, law before the Oregon State Bar, and price controls.
8 5
Remarks on Sam Rayburn, foreign policy, women in civil defense, misuse of immunity, and a speech for United States Air Force graduation at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
1951 January-March
8 6
Floor speeches in the United States House of Representatives on the deaths of George Albert Smith and Frank Buchanan, reclamation, and Harry S. Truman; a partial address before the Conservation Committee of the Daughters of the American Revolution; "The Old Gray Mare, She Ain't What She Used to Be" printed in the Congressional Record; speech before the Jackson Democratic League in Salt Lake; and an address before the National Reclamation Association in Texas.
1951 April-December
8 7
Speeches Printed in the Congressional Record
Deals with isolationism, foreign policy, Colorado River Storage Project, Reconstruction Finance Company, the Korean War, the Salt Lake Aqueduct, United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, and memorial services in Congress.
8 8
Speeches and Articles
Includes address at Lackland Air Force Base and remarks on Puerto Rico, REA (Rural Electric Association), and Dawson's campaign tactics.
8 9-10
Campaign Speeches
Defense of "kickback" charges, issues, leftist government, Dawson smear tactics, etc.
circa 1952
8 11
"A State Legislator and Former Congresswoman's Experiences as a Teacher" (1953); "American Democracy--How to Obtain It--How to Live It" (1956); "Expressions Heard in Childhood Influence Adult Thinking and Action" (1967): General Federation of Women's Clubs Commemorative Stamp Ceremony, New York (1967); and "In Memory" (1969), which became a chapter in Irving Stone's There Was Light.
8 12
Speeches and Articles
"Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" (1970), "What Life Has Taught Me" (1974), "The Joseph R. McCarthy Times" (1977); and "A Salute to Men" (1977).
8 13
Congressional Speeches
Remarks in Congress on water projects, Alaska and Hawaii, price controls, honesty in government, and Indian Affairs.
8 14
Election Speeches and Articles
"Hanged By the Rumor Noose."
8 15
Speeches and Articles
Water projects and reclamation.
8 16
Miscellaneous Speeches and Articles
Covers juvenile delinquency, alcoholism, pornography, reckless driving, taxation, and the budget.
8 17
Miscellaneous Speeches and Articles
"What are We Talking About at Home," "Some Loose Thoughts on Women in Defense," "Why You Should Register," an article for the Democratic Digest, etc.
On note cards and includes judicial officer speeches (1961-66) consisting mainly of post office dedications and postmasters' conventions, and some 1952 campaign speeches.
10 1
Radio Speeches
Appearances on "Hello, Ladies" on which Bosone spoke of mixing a career with being a wife and mother; on "The Hall of Fame," a tribute to Bosone and short biography; and a salute to Bosone on "Mothers of Today!"
10 2
Radio Speeches
Appearances on "Auerbach's Breakfast-Time Half Hour" first as a guest speaking of her work and background and then speaking about the San Francisco United Nations Conference.
10 3
Radio Speeches
From the program "Her Honor--The Judge" including such subjects as drunk driving, delinquent adults, speeding, vandalism, assault and battery, juvenile delinquency, and disorderly conduct.
1946 June-July
10 4
Radio Speeches
From the Program "Her Honor--The Judge" including such subjects as disorderly conduct, juvenile delinquency, vandalism, vagrancy, traffic safety statistics, drunk driving, hit-and-run, pedestrian accidents, alcoholism, assault and battery, and penalties for repeaters of traffic violations.
1946 August-September
10 5
Radio Speeches
From the program "Her Honor--The Judge" including such subjects as reckless driving, leaving keys in cars, court attitudes, hit-and-run, parking, and alcoholism.
1947 January-February
10 6
Radio Speeches
From the program "Her Honor--The Judge" including such subjects as alcoholism, a drunk farm, traffic fines, hit-and-run, reckless driving, and leaving keys in cars; an interview with an inmate of the Utah State Penitentiary and the Industrial School; and sex crimes.
1947 March-April
10 7
Radio Speeches
From the program "Her Honor--The Judge" including such subjects as auto theft, assault and battery, disturbing the peace, salute to mothers, women alcoholics, and good neighbors.
1947 May
10 8
Radio Speeches
KDYL (possibly for the program "People Report") includes such subjects as alcoholism and the drunk farm, vandalism, divorce, and juvenile delinquency.
1948 January-June
10 9
Radio Speeches
On alcoholism and program entitled "How Should The United Nations Progressively Establish International Law," broadcast on "America's Town Meeting of the Air," from Eugene, Oregon.
1948 July
10 10
Radio Speeches
Discussion of the United Nations broadcast, alcoholism, and traffic safety.
1948 August-September
10 11
Radio Speeches
Interviews of Bosone and Mary T. Norton covering the liberal-progressive program of the Democratic party and its timetable in the 81st Congress, Bosone's vote against the CIA bill, military expenditures, "Life With Congress" on "KSL Reports The Washington Scene" (Bosone's first months in Congress, her election to the Public Lands Committee, the Colorado River Compact, Central Arizona Project, the Marshall Plan, the Military Establishments Bill, and the Indians), and "What is the Best Answer to Alcoholism" on "America's Town Meeting of the Air," from New York City.
10 12
Radio Speeches
Bosone's declaration of candidacy for Second Congressional District in Utah (June 17, 1950); Bosone's legislative objectives dealing with peace, economics and reclamation, mining, education, unemployment, the Civil Conservation Corps, wardship of American Indians, and federal expenditures; speeches on national health insurance and socialized medicine, the American Indian, the federal budget and spending of tax dollars, reclamation and Utah water projects, and communism and socialism, drafting women for service in the war to replace noncombatant men in the armed services and on the industrial front (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom), and price controls.
1950-1951 July
10 13
Radio Speeches
KALL broadcasts on "Echo Park Reservoir"; "Christmas Spirit in Politics"; "New Year's--1952"; "Legislative Matters Facing Congress"; "President's Health Commission"; "Preparation for Voting"; "The 1952 Budget"; "Universal Military Training"; "Newbold Morris"; "Price Controls--1952"; "Wool"; "Television"; "Biennial Political Conventions"; "1953 Budget"; "Korea--Why We Are There"; "Japanese Peace Treaty"; "Weber Basin Reclamation Project"; "Defense Appropriation Bill"; "Steel Dispute and WSB"; and "Upper Colorado River." Also included is "Women in the News Series: Reva Beck Bosone, Congresswoman from Utah."
1951 December-1952 May
10 14
Radio Speeches
Includes speech on Puerto Rico, campaign speech endorsing the reelection of John R. Murdock of Arizona, and campaign speeches on communism and political honesty.
1952 June-October
10 15
Radio Speeches
Campaign speeches, statements by two women in support of Bosone for reelection, and retaliation against the William A. Dawson smear tactics.
1952 October
10 16
Radio Speeches
Campaign speeches denouncing William A. Dawson's smear tactics and supporting her views, broadcast by Gordon Crowe for reelection of Reva Beck Bosone, speech dealing with Korea and communism, and "Hi, Neighbor" (1956)--a campaign speech extolling women to vote the Democratic ticket.
11 1
Statements for Articles on Specific Requests
Messages to groups, statements for books and articles, editorials, and news releases for such groups as the American Heart Association and Utah State Federation of Labor and for such publications as Ladies' Home Journal and American Weekly.
11 2
Statements and News Releases
Messages of appreciation, endorsement of programs, and statements for newspapers for such groups as the Utah Association for the United Nations, the National, Council of the Churches of Christ, and the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., and such publications as The American Press, the Salt Lake Tribune, Kansas City Star, and Labor Press Associated, Inc.
11 3
Magazine Articles on Reva Beck Bosone
Mining and Contracting Review, Utah Magazine, Utah Club Woman, Democratic Digest, Pageant, and Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine.
11 4
Articles About or by Reva Beck Bosone
Butcher Workman and Daughters of Utah Pioneers.
11 5
Newsletter Articles about Reva Beck Bosone
Society of Mayflower Descendants Newsletter: Cal Chronicle from the University of California, Berkeley; Equal Rights Coalition; and Newscope from Westminster College.
11 6
News Releases
Remarks before Democratic Women of Utah, Exchange Club of Provo, CIO Labor Dinner, Kiwanis Club, National Council of Jewish Women, Sahara Club, and Sagebrush Club, on such subjects as women, Korea, housing, communism, reclamation, business, campaign issues, smear tactics, national health insurance, post offices, government spending, Indians, social security, mining, and George Albert Smith.
11 7
News Releases
Statement on a speech by President Harry S. Truman, cheese storage, announced candidacy, post offices, floods, price controls, Indians, socialism, tidelands oil, wetbacks, reclamation, character assassination and smear tactics, campaign speeches, and national health insurance before such groups as the Provo Kiwanis Club, National Rural Electrification Cooperative Association, and Women Garment Makers, and for such publications as the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, Pleasant Grove Review, and Provo Herald.
11 8
News Releases
For Deseret News, Pleasant Grove Review, the St. Louis Glove-Democrat on campaign topics, post offices, Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce fiftieth anniversary, answer to the question "What can be done to bring the nation back from the low standard of morals to which it has fallen?" and suggestion of sending a delegation of mothers as ambassadors to foreign countries.
11 9
Mr. Speaker (Sam Rayburn)
Excerpts from the Congressional Record in tribute to Sam Rayburn.

V:  Campaigns and Traffic CourtReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
12 1
Campaign for Salt Lake City Commissioner
Campaign flyer.
12 2
Campaign for Salt Lake City Commission
Campaign flyers, letters of support, and speech asking for support.
12 3
Campaign for Salt Lake City Court Judge
Campaign flyers and primary ballot with vote tally written in.
12 4
Traffic Court
Correspondence generally in praise of Bosone's judgments in the court from those who appeared before her and those who worked in city government.
12 5
Traffic Court
Correspondence in praise of judgments as well as letters from people outside the state who favored her methods and ideas.
12 6
Traffic Court
Reports, publicity and articles, speech notes, and newsletters primarily praising Bosone's actions as a traffic judge.
12 7
Campaign for United States Representative
One letter of congratulation, speech on international law, ballot and election returns, campaign literature of both Bosone and William A. Dawson.
12 8
Campaign for United States Representative
Publications, including The Democratic Digest, and state convention booklets.
12 9
Campaign for United States Representative
Correspondence related to advertisements, advertising texts and literature, campaign pamphlets for Bosone and Ivy Baker Priest, and general 1950 campaign literature.
12 10
Campaign for United States Representative (Smear Campaign, Fulton Lewis Letters)
Correspondence generally in defense of Bosone against the radio attack made by Fulton Lewis, including some letters which support Lewis. Contains letters from friends and political associates like Elise Musser and Roxey Romney.
1952 May-June 10
12 11
Campaign for United States Representative (Smear Campaign, Fulton Lewis Letters)
Correspondence generally in defense of Bosone from associates like William T. Thurman, Herbert B. Maw, and Roxey Romney; also correspondence with David O. McKay of the L.D.S. church, William S. Hill and Wayne N. Aspinall of Colorado, and the NAACP.
1952 June 11-24
12 12
Campaign for United States Representative
Letters from friends supporting Bosone's reelection; correspondence among staff members who developed campaign literature; statistics on government and campaign spending; and form letters seeking support.
1952 July-October
12 13
Campaign for United States Representative
Declaration of Candidacy; advertisement texts and layouts; resolutions favoring candidacy; campaign materials used against Bosone by William A. Dawson, including her 1951 "Old Gray Mare" speech; and speeches about her candidacy and campaign.
12 14
Campaign for United States Representative
Literature, pamphlets, flyers, and advertisements supporting Bosone and other Democratic candidates. One campaign folder on Hugh B. Mitchell, a democratic candidate for governor of Washington. Campaign expenditure reports and requirements and election statistics booklet.
12 15
Campaign for United States Representative
Letters seeking support and letters used as campaign material or to state views by William A. Dawson, one from Lyndon Johnson, and letter of condolence for losing the election from Cal Rawlings.
1954 July-November
12 16
Campaign for United States Representative
Statements, including Declaration of Candidacy; advertisement texts; and voting records of Bosone and W. A. Dawson.
12 17
Campaign for United States Representative
Literature, flyers, and articles about Bosone; campaign literature about W. A. Dawson, Adelai E. Stevenson, and the general Democratic ticket; and pamphlet by Democratic National Committee on summaries of state registration and voting laws.
12 18
Democratic Fact Sheets--Administration
Social security, "tight money," civil service, business, and other subjects.
12 19
Democratic Fact Sheets--Foreign Policy, Farm Policy
Indo-China, cost of living, grain shortages, and farm prices.
12 20
Democratic Fact Sheets--Taxation, Public Power
"Trickle-down" theory, federal sales tax, income tax, and power (energy) development.
12 21
Democratic Fact Sheets
Public health, housing, welfare and education, commerce, and economy.
12 22
Democratic Fact Sheets
Labor and veterans and "Promises and the Smile and Smear Campaign of 1952."
12 23
Democratic Fact Sheets
Security risks, communism and corruption, and "F.D.R. vs. Ike."

VI:  Congress--80th and 83rdReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
13 1
Democratic National Committee
Legislation briefs under specific headings with Bosone's feelings for or against each measure.
13 2
Democratic Digest
80th Congress actions on housing, wages, and the European recovery program.
13 3
New Republic
Liberal view of the 80th Congress and where it failed.
1948 September 27
13 4
81st Congress
Background information and democratic publicity releases found in the Congressional Quarterly, Democratic Digest, and the Congressional Record, as well as a compilation of aspirations and accomplishments of the 81st Congress by the Democratic National Committee.
13 5
81st Congress, Legislative Reports
Summaries of legislation passed by the 81st Congress in one official House of Representatives publication and in newsletters of the Political Action Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).
13 6
81st Congress, Voting Records
Voting records of senate on major legislation and Bosone's individual voting records.
13 7
82nd Congress, Political Action Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations
Newsletters reviewing legislative actions.
13 8
82nd Congress
Legislative history and House of Representatives weekly agenda.
13 9
82nd Congress
Index to legislation, A.E.A. index and summary analyses.
13 10
82nd Congress
Summaries of Major Legislative Actions In official House of Representatives publications and the Legislative Daily, also a brief appropriation summary and the committee assignments of the 82nd Congress.
13 11
82nd Congress
Voting records, roll call votes, and individual record of Bosone.
13 12
82nd Congress, Voting Records
Roll calls on specific issues, includes entire congressional votes published by private interest groups: the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Council of State Chambers of Commerce, the League of Women Voters, the Council for Social Action of the Congregational Christian Churches, and Americans for Democratic Action.
13 13
Central Intelligence Agency
Material on the 1952 vote to establish the agency, including Bosone staff correspondence and her statements to the press.
13 14
82nd Congress, Congressional Record
Clippings showing reactions to the first session of the congress, including the "Daily Digest" of legislative actions and index.
13 15
83rd Congress
Unofficial membership list, unofficial list of committee assignments, Congressional Record article listing the failures and accomplishments of the congress, and a legislative accomplishment summary.
13 16
"Just How Bad is Congress?" Robert Bendiner, Commentary
Article decrys the 80th to the 83rd congresses on the basis of their legislative actions.
13 17
Congressional Directories
Cardboard sheets listing name, party, office, and telephone numbers.
13 18-20
Legislative Summaries
Statements on issues and political actions made by, or in support of, Bosone, as well as her assessment of the 82nd Congress, possibly for use in her 1952 campaign. Typed and bound according to subject.
Box Folder
14 1
Armed Services Legislation
Correspondence from Utahns seeking Bosone's support of expansion, consolidation, and higher pay in the armed forces.
14 2
Armed Services Legislation, ROTC
Articles on high school Reserve Officer Training Corps programs, legislative report on the National Security Training Corps Act, and an article on defense expansion.
14 3
Basing Point Bill
Letters from constituents seeking information about the bill and Bosone's feelings toward it.
1950 March-July
14 4
Corrupt Practices Act
Copies of the legislation, clippings from the Congressional Record about the act and its relation to Brehm's kickback case with a summary of clippings, and a Library of Congress report on the provisions of the federal law controlling political activities of members of Congress.
14 5
Defense Production Act Amendments
Legislation and legislative reports, amendment summaries, background report used for allotment decisions, and Department of the Interior newsletters on production of mineral resources.
14 6
Federal Aid to Education, "Rosabelle"
Letters and homilies related to "Rosabelle," a doll, the Utah symbol for better education; resolution from Utah Teachers' Association in favor of an education bill pending before Congress.
14 7
Federal Aid to Education
News reports.
14 8
Congressional Record, India Emergency Assistance
Reports and statements on sending grain to India.
14 9
India Emergency Assistance Act
Legislation and reports.
14 10
McCarran (Omnibus) Immigration Bill
14 11
Mount Olivet Cemetery Bill Number 2
Legislation and correspondence.
14 12
Mutual Security Act
Reports and statements.
14 13
National Health Insurance and Bosone Deductible Health Bill
Correspondence, including one lengthy analysis statement.
14 14
National Health Insurance and Bosone Deductible Health Bill
Correspondence, including letters from doctors and groups against "socialized medicine."
14 15
National Health Insurance
14 16
National Health Insurance
14 17
National Health Insurance
Magazine articles and reprints.
14 18
National Health Insurance
Flyers, commentary, open letters, and news releases.
14 19
National Health Insurance
Legislation, speeches, and notes.
14 20
National Health Insurance
Articles and clippings from the Congressional Record.
15 1
Post Office and Civil Service Legislation
Correspondence, fact sheets, and transcript of telephone conversation between Bosone and Bert Smoot, the Salt Lake City postmaster.
15 2
Public Works Legislation
Correspondence, including exchange of letters between Bosone and Governor J. Bracken Lee of Utah.
15 3
Reconstruction Finance Corporation and Defense Housing Act
Report, Congressional Record.
15 4
Rural Electrification Administration
Progress reports and budget requests.
15 5
Election Statistics, Corrupt Practices Legislation, and Campaign Spending Regulations
15 6
Taft Hartley Act, Minimum Wage
Letters from employers and other concerned constituents about the minimum wage and labor relations laws pending before Congress.
15 7
Taft-Hartley Act, Minimum Wage
Statements, articles, and speeches (not by Bosone).
15 8
Revenue Act
Report, clippings, and statement.
15 9
Cooperative Tax Bills
Correspondence and articles.
15 10
Tidelands Oil
Report from Philip B. Perlman the United States solicitor general, Supreme Court petition, resolutions, and press releases.
15 11
Social Security
15 12
Appropriation Bills
Original synopses.
15 13
Department of Interior Appropriations
Clippings and articles from the Congressional Record.
15 14
Miscellaneous Appropriations
Hearings, report, and correspondence.
15 15
Bills Introduced into the House of Representatives by Bosone in the 81st Congress
Working copies.
15 16
Bills Introduced into the House of Representatives by Bosone in the 82nd Congress
Working copies.
15 17
Miscellaneous Senate Bills
15 18
Miscellaneous House Bills and Resolutions
15 19
Miscellaneous House Bills
Legislative Committee Assignments
Box Folder
16 1
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Correspondence in support of the work of the committee, including one letter opposing it.
16 2
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Statements made as testimony before the committee.
16 3
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Reports, legislation, and memoranda.
16 4
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Reports of the New York State Joint Legislative Committee to Study the Publications of Comics.
1950; 1951
16 5-8
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Book summaries divided by publisher, giving brief synopses of specific books from each company with quotations of the objectionable material. The emphasis is on the pornographic, the violent, and the obscene aspects of each book.
16 9
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Quotations from books banned by the Detroit Police Department and summaries of books from Knickerbocker Publications.
16 10
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Articles about the committee and pornography.
16 11
Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials
Memoranda and National Organization of Decent Literature materials.
16 12
House Administration Committee
Correspondence and reports on campaign expenditures, contested elections rules, and telephone toll charges to each state.
16 13
Committee on Public Lands
Statements and legislation on reclamation.
16 14
Committee on Public Lands
Hearings, reports, and resolutions.
16 15
Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
Reports and legislation on reclamation projects and the National Park Service.
17 1
Indian Affairs
Correspondence about legislation with Indian organizations like the Navajo Tribal Council; Indians of California, Inc.; North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission; and the Osage Tribal Council, as well as other organizations and people concerned about Indian bills.
17 2
Indian Affairs
Letters concerned with Indian bills including individuals and organizations such as John R. Murdock (United States representative from Arizona); United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs; Mission Indian Federation; Indians of California, Inc.; and the Uintah-Ouray Tribal Business Committee.
17 3
Indian Affairs
Correspondence including letters from Joseph C. O'Mahoney (senator from Wyoming); many congressmen who gave Bosone a proxy to vote as she saw fit on House Joint Resolution Number 8 to take Indians off government wardship; the Uintah-Ouray Tribal Business Committee, the Association of American Indian Affairs, Inc.; Indians of California, Inc.; American Friends Service Committee; and the League of North American Indians.
1952; 1954
17 4
Indian Affairs
Bosone statements and press releases on Indian legislation.
17 5
Indian Affairs
Statements of various people made before the committee.
17 6
Indian Affairs
Legislation, resolutions, and reports.
17 7
Indian Affairs
Congressional Record.
17 8
Indian Affairs
Statistical charts on Indian population, education, income, employment, and other aspects of life and culture; United States Indian Service pamphlets on Indian life and culture.
17 9
Indian Affairs
Articles by and about Indians related to the Bosone bill to take Indians off government wardship.
17 10
Indian Affairs
News releases by and about Indians and Indian legislation including the Berthold Reservation, North Dakota tribal newsletter.
17 11
Indian Affairs
Tribal attorney list.
17 12
Indian Affairs, Navajo
The Road to Prosperity for the Navajo, A Report on Studies of the Road Improvement Program Proposed Under the Navajo Relief Bill, by the Navajo Trail Association, 1950.
17 13
Indian Affairs, Navajo
"Navajo-Hopi Placement Service, Year Book, 1950-51," mimeograph; Intermountain Indian School, A New Opportunity for Navajo Children, 1950; procedure and ballot for tribal elections.
17 14
Indian Affairs; Navajo
The Navajo: A Long-Range Program for Navajo Rehabilitation, J. A. Krug, 1948.
17 15
Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation
Memoranda and reports and statements about water projects in the West.
17 16
Bureau of Reclamation Water Projects
Plans and cost estimates for small projects in the Southwest.
17 17
Central Arizona Project
17 18
Central Arizona Project
Congressional reports and resolutions.
17 19
Central Arizona Project
Reports and publicity articles.
Non-Utah Water Projects
Box Folder
18 1
Columbia Valley Authority, Hells Canyon
Correspondence and attached publications.
18 2
Columbia Valley Authority, Hells Canyon
Statements made before the committee on the Snake River Project and list of questions about the project.
18 3
Columbia Valley Authority, Hells Canyon
Legislation, statements about the scope and history of the bill to authorize the Hells Canyon Project, draft of the bill, and other reports and information.
18 4
Columbia Valley Authority, Hells Canyon
Speech by Wayne Morse of Oregon, reports, maps, photographs, and diagrams of the project.
18 5
Columbia Valley Authority, Hells Canyon
Hells Canyon Project: Idaho-Oregon, reprinted from House Document 473, The Columbia River, 81st Cong., 2d Sess.
18 6
Columbia Valley Authority
Report on the Columbia River Power System, U.S. Department of the Interior, Bonneville Power Administration, 1951.
18 7
Tenessee Valley Authority
Fact sheets in favor of the TVA and its power sales.
Utah Water Projects
Box Folder
19 1
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project (UCRBSP)
19 2
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Correspondence, including a lengthy memorandum on House subcommittee meeting.
19 3
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Correspondence, including letters about the Echo Park Dam Project in Dinosaur National Monument.
19 4
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Correspondence, including letters about Echo Park Dam.
19 5
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Upper Colorado River Basin Commission brief supporting Echo Park and Split Mountain dams.
19 6
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Legislation and congressional speeches, including one against Echo Park Dam by LeRoy H. Johnson of California.
19 7
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Upper Colorado River Basin Compact reports and hearings.
19 8
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Pamphlets, articles, development plans, and report on the agricultural impact of the project.
19 9
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Statements about the project, lists of names, favorable resolution, and miscellaneous information about the Colorado River and the project.
19 10
Upper Colorado River Basin Storage Project
Bosone statements and press releases.
19 11
Central Utah Project
19 12
Jordan River Flood Control Project
19 13
Jordan River Flood Control Project
Cost, development, flood data, and statements by Bosone.
19 14
Jordan River Flood Control Project
Reports from the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
19 15
Ogden River Project and Cache Valley
19 16
Ogden River Project and Cache Valley
Reports and statements.
19 17
Provo River Project, Deer Creek
19 18
Provo River Project, Deer Creek
19 19
Provo River Project, Deer Creek
Project history, cost analysis, and statements by Utah Power and Light Company favoring the project.
19 20
Provo River Project, Deer Creek
Copies of newsclippings, project map, favorable resolution, and notes about the Deer Creek Power Plant problem.
20 1
Terminal Reservoir, Metropolitan Water District
20 2
Terminal Reservoir
20 3
Terminal Reservoir
Plans for Ogden and Provo (in the Metropolitan Water District) and statements about the district and terminal reservoir in Salt Lake City.
20 4
Weber River Basin Reclamation Project
20 5
Weber River Basin Reclamation Project
Correspondence, especially with regard to military water needs.
20 6
Weber River Basin Reclamation Project
Correspondence, including the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.
20 7
Weber River Basin Reclamation Project
Legislation, financial reports, statements by Bosone and others, hearings, and list of interested parties.
20 8
Weber River Basin Reclamation Project
Reports and information on the project.
20 9
Weber River Basin Reclamation Project
Utah Water and Power Board reports.
20 10
Small Water Projects
Correspondence, including Utah Water Users Association and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.
20 11
Small Water Projects
Summary of why the bill on small projects was introduced and Bosone's notebook on small water projects--first five parts.
20 12
Small Water Projects
Bosone's notebook on small water projects--parts six through twelve.
20 13
Small Water Projects
Manual, outlines of policies, and legislation.
20 14
Small Water Projects
Reports and data.
Legislative Subcommittees--Mines and Mining and Territories and Insular Possessions
Box Folder
21 1
Mines and Mining
Correspondence, including letters from the Utah Mining Association, mine owners, and Governor J. Bracken Lee about the mining situation in Utah.
21 2
Mines and Mining
Correspondence from the Utah Mining Association, American Mining Congress, and other Utahns concerned about mining.
21 3
Mines and Mining
Correspondence from Utah mining interests and Utah Coal Operators Association.
21 4
Mines and Mining
Congressional speeches, reports, and legislation.
21 5
Mines and Mining
Private and government agency reports and publicity.
21 6
Mines and Mining
Data on mine development and regulations including the United States Department of the Interior newsletters on mining.
21 7
Mines and Mining
Statements by Bosone and others before the committee and Bosone notes.
21 8
Territories and Insular Possessions--Alaska
Correspondence and reports on Alaskan statehood proposals.
21 9
Territories and Insular Possessions--Puerto Rico
Correspondence, statements, and Congressional Record about the proposed constitution.
21 10
Territories and Insular Possessions--Puerto Rico
Reports, commentary, and text of the constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
21 11
Territories and Insular Possessions--Samoa
Governor's address outlining American Samoan affairs and the government program.
21 12
Territories and Insular Possessions--Virgin Islands
Correspondence, reports, and speeches on the islands, and letter and address by Governor Morris F. de Castro.
21 13
Territories and Insular Possessions--Virgin Islands
Reports and hearings on revising the Virgin Islands Organic Act.
Legislative Subjects
Box Folder
22 1-2
Wasatch Research Center
"The Following Statement and Photographs Give Briefly the Place of Research in the Forest Service Organization and an Outline of Research in Wild Land Management at the Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station's Wasatch Research Center," March 22, 1949 (typescript).
22 3
Wasatch Experimental Forest
Report with photographs of Bosone's trip through the forest, September 12, 1949.
22 4
Agriculture and Farming
Letters from the Cache Valley Dairy Association, the Utah State Farm Bureau Federation, the Utah State Department of Agriculture, the Utah Dairy Federation, Western States Meat Packers Association, Utah Farm Bureau, and the National Farmer's Union.
22 5
Agriculture and Farming
Congressional Record, American Farm Bureau Federation's recommended platform, congressional report, report of the secretary of agriculture for 1951, and statement of Montana Representative Lee Metcalf, 1953.
22 6
Agriculture and Farming
Report on Utah farm valuation (one page), National Farmer's Union report on problems of co-operatives and role of price supports, American Farm Bureau Federation report on appropriations, report on business restrictions that affect agriculture, Food and Drug Administration news release.
22 7
Domestic and Foreign Wool
Reports on sources of supply and domestic wool requirements and wool prices.
22 8
Domestic and Foreign Wool
Statements and articles about wool production, including congressional and National Wool Growers Association statements.
Federal Budget and Special Commissions
Box Folder
23 1
Federal Budget
Bureau of the Budget comparison of money spent in 1940 and 1950 with inflation and other adjustments; statements and speeches by Senators Harry F. Byrd and Hubert H. Humphrey.
23 2
Federal Budget
Federal budget in brief, Bureau of the Budget pamphlets.
1952; 1953
23 3
Federal Budget
President's review.
23 4
Federal Budget
Briefs and expenditure summaries.
23 5
Federal Budget
Newsletters and articles on federal expenditures.
23 6
Federal Budget
Congressional reports, proposals, summary of regular and supplemental appropriation acts from 1946-50.
23 7
Federal Budget--Departments of Agriculture, Army, Commerce, and General Services
Summaries of federal expenditures and appropriations.
23 8
Federal Budget--Departments of Interior and Justice
23 9
Federal Budget--Departments of State and Post Office
23 10
Federal Budget--Treasury Department
23 11
Federal Budget--Treasury Department
Report to taxpayers.
23 12
Federal Budget--Utah Taxpayer's Association
Newsletter with budget proposals.
23 13
President's Materials Policy Commission
23 14
Hoover Commission
Letters from congressmen agreeing with Bosone about the reorganization of the executive branch of government.
23 15
Hoover Commission
Letters from Utahns about the reorganization plans.
23 16
Hoover Commission
Congressional reports on reorganization progress, summary of Hoover Commission recommendations, and summary of legislation.
23 17
Hoover Commission
Citizen's Committee analyses of legislation and progress.
23 18
President's Highway Safety Conference
Correspondence, recommendations, and legislation.
1950; 1952
23 19
President's Highway Safety Conference
National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances, membership lists, and subcommittee reports.
23 20
President's Highway Safety Conference
Program and reports.
Issues--Alcoholism, Foreign Affairs
Alcoholism materials are in folders 1-11 and foreign affairs materials are in folders 12-22.
Box Folder
24 1
"America's Town Meeting of the Air"
Letters concerning Bosone's talk about rehabilitation of alcoholics on the program, July 5, 1949; letters preparatory to her participation and letters following the program--some congratulatory, some critical.
1949 June-July
24 2
"America's Town Meeting of the Air"
Letters from temperance and abstinance organizations, research centers and liquor distributors.
1949 August-September
24 3
Correspondence from Alcoholics Anonymous, Utah State Board on Alcoholism, David R. Trevithick of the Utah State Board on Alcoholism, and other interested people.
24 4
Correspondence from the Ladies' Home Journal, David R. Trevithick, and others interested in Utah's alcoholism education program.
24 5
Correspondence from the Ladies' Home Journal and David R. Trevithick.
24 6
Correspondence includes a letter to the Utah Alcoholism Foundation from Bosone explaining her role in setting up Utah's alcoholism education program.
24 7
Alcoholics Anonymous
Pamphlets and bulletins.
24 8
Utah State Board on Alcoholism
1948; 1950
24 9
Distilled Spirits Institute, Inc.
Public Revenues from Alcoholic Beverages.
24 10
Articles, pamphlets, and flyers, including Alert of the International Temperance Association.
24 11
Legislation; First Report Washington Committee for Education on Alcoholism, 1945-48; "National Committee for Education on Alcoholism, Bulletin on Legislation," 1949 (mimeograph); "Procedure Used in Presenting Alcoholism Program to the High Schools in the State of Utah," 1948 (typescript, mimeograph); and interviews and questions for Bosone. Foreign Affairs
24 12
Foreign Affairs
Correspondence from constituents about foreign affairs and the North Atlantic Pact.
24 13
Foreign Affairs
Legislation, summaries of committee hearings, miscellaneous information sheets, petition urging passage of the Atlantic Union Resolution.
24 14
Yalta Agreement
Report on legal aspects of the agreement, favorable report on consequences, highlights of a statement by Averill Harriman.
24 15
Democratic Party
Policy statements and question outline to be used for campaign purposes for the Democratic party.
24 16
Foreign Affairs
Articles, pamphlets on security agreements, text of the North Atlantic Treaty, and a report on the Military Assistance Program.
24 17
Department of State
Our Foreign Policy.
24 18
East Asia
Articles and reports on foreign policy.
24 19
General Foreign Policy
24 20
General Foreign Policy
Congressional Record.
24 21
Foreign Policy
Congressional Record--The Schuman Plan and the economic effects of foreign policy.
24 22
Foreign Policy
Congressional Record--Asia and the China Lobby.
Issues--United Nations, Military, Economics
United Nations materials are in folders 1-4, military materials are in folders 5-10, economics materials are in folders 11-17.
Box Folder
25 1
United Nations
Charter, bulletin, yearly schedule for 1939-45; member countries and populations; text of the draft of the International Covenant on Human Rights, 1952.
25 2
United Nations
Report to the President on the San Francisco Conference on International Organizations, 1945.
25 3
United Nations
San Francisco Conference on International Organizations journal, agenda, and memoranda.
25 4
United Nations
Publications for and against world organizations including a statement in favor by Bosone.
25 5
World War II
Correspondence including the United War Fund of Utah, the Army Service Forces, military Christmas cards, booklet of documents titled Toward the Peace, and articles.
25 6
Defense Production Record.
25 7
Hill Air Force Base, Utah
Correspondence and reports about the reserve program at HAFB and the civilian work force, news release about reduction of defense costs, information about Hill Field and employee requests for congressional action through Bosone.
25 8
Hill Air Force Base, Utah
Restricted report on strategic importance of Hill Field and two publications on the Air Force Reserve program.
25 9
Veterans' Affairs
Correspondence about veterans' pensions and Veterans Administration news releases.
25 10
Resume of legislative bills on veterans and veterans' pensions. Economics
25 11
Articles and reports on the national economy, including July 1952 economic indicators.
25 12
Governmental Price Controls
Correspondence on Rent Control Act.
25 13
Governmental Price Controls
Correspondence from constituents on price control bills.
25 14
Governmental Price Controls
Form letter in reply to Utah Farm Bureau members' letters seeking a cut in the Department of Agriculture budget, letters about rent control, and Bosone's news releases and notes.
25 15
Governmental Price Controls
Statements and legislative summaries on the Herlong Amendment, justifications and reasons for price control, and article summaries from Legislative Daily.
25 16
Reports, articles, and Congressional Record showing how price controls would offset inflation.
25 17
Profits, tax loopholes, and charts from the Congressional Record and other newsclippings.
Issues--Labor, Business, Lobbying and Propanganda, Education
Labor materials are in folders 1-7, business materials are in folders 8-10, lobbying and propaganda materials are in folders 11-15, and education materials are in folder 16.
Box Folder
26 1
Pamphlets by labor unions, congressional voting and legislation records on labor issues, and Bosone's labor legislation record.
26 2
J.J. Newberry Company v. Retail Clerks International Association, Local No. 560
Brief on a motion for a court case, State of Idaho.
26 3
Steel Strike of 1952
Correspondence with constituents and Governor J. Bracken Lee of Utah.
26 4
Steel Strike of 1952
Government statements about prices in the steel industry, including an address by President Harry S. Truman.
26 5
Steel Strike of 1952
Statements in pamphlet form giving the union and management points-of-view.
26 6
Steel Strike of 1952
Decision of the United States Supreme Court on the "Power of the President to Take Possession of the Steel Mills."
26 7
Steel Strike of 1952
Congressional Record and newsclippings.
26 8
Department of Commerce report on current business conditions, editorial on Kennecott Copper taxes, and flyer by businessmen against controls.
26 9
Small Business Organizations
26 10
Small Business Organizations
Congressional resolutions and reports, statements to Congress, and news releases.
26 11
Congressional reports on lobbying activities.
26 12
Congressional Record articles on lobbying.
26 13
Statements and hearing before Congress on lobbying activities.
26 14
Communism and Anti-Semitism
Articles, pamphlets, and flyers.
26 15
Edward A. Rumley
Reports and clippings on Rumley's conviction for contempt of Congress.
26 16
Education and Schools
Lobbying pamphlets, articles, and clippings about communism in schools.
Box Folder
27 1
Articles from Collier's which were the result of a symposium held by the magazine.
27 2
National Science Foundation
Press release on contracts granted.
27 3
Address by General Lewis A. Pick on the contributions to national progress made by the Corps of Engineers, 1952.
27 4
Articles on the energy crisis from the Congressional Record, 1973-74.
27 5
Statements by Utahns on a bill to amend the Interstate Commerce Act.
27 6
Courts, Law, and Rehabilitation
Statements and articles on court procedure and changes and rehabilitation of criminals.
27 7
Congressional Record articles and remarks of Emanuel Celler.
27 8
Council of State Chambers of Commerce newsletter on socialist progress in the United States.

VII:  Women and UtahReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
28 1
Women in Congress
Correspondence about publications on women in Congress.
28 2
Women in Congress
Brief article about every woman who served in the United States Congress.
28 3
Equal Rights Amendment
Postcard on the International Women's Year Conference of 1975 and publicity flyers in favor of the ERA.
28 4
Women Workers
Bosone speech notes, newsletter, list of women lawyers, speeches (not Bosone) about women in politics, list of women's organizations, and pamphlet on Women's Part in Rural Life.
28 5
General Federation of Women's Clubs, Utah Federation of Women's Clubs
Correspondence, news articles about the commemorative stamp.
28 6
General Federation of Women's Clubs, Utah Federation of Women's Clubs
Publications and programs.
28 7
Soroptimist Clubs
Correspondence, publications, club rosters, programs, and Bosone speech notes.
28 8
National Order of Women Legislators
Correspondence, reports on conferences, and poem.
28 9
Utah Order of Women Legislators
Yearbook of membership.
28 10
Women's Italian American Civic League
Membership lists.
28 11
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Convention program and Centennial Committee list.
28 12
Altrusa Club, Salt Lake City, Utah
28 13
Utah Chapter of American Gold Star Mothers
28 14
Correspondence from and to Utah officials such as Governor J. Bracken Lee, State Senator B. M. Jolley, State Senator Elbert D. Thomas, and Lorenzo J. Bott, mayor of Brigham City, about Utah problems.
28 15
Utah Democrats
Special bulletins of the Salt Lake County Democratic Committee (September-October 1950) and program for the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner.
28 16
Utah State Democratic Committee
Convention pamphlets and programs, invitation letter to reception by women democrats to meet Governor Averell Harriman of New York.
28 17
Salt Lake Couty Democratic District Organization
28 18
Utah Campaigns (not Bosone)
Pamphlets, platforms, and songs.
28 19
Election Returns
Total votes by party for congressmen (presidential years only) (1896-1952), congressional elections (1895-1954), congressional elections (1867-94) and, Utah returns (1946).
28 20
Lists and directories of Utah democrats, newspapers, contributors, and miscellaneous notes and lists.
28 21
Census advance reports (1950), Federal airport aid to Utah status of projects (1951), and state improvement plan and costs.
28 22
The Utah Story: Here's What's Happened in Your State and supplements by Democratic National Committee, Utah Labor Market Bulletin (1951), and Utah Economic and Business Review (1952).
28 23
1956 Court Calendar: Roster of Public Officials of the State of Utah and Counties.
28 24
Pamphlet explaining the goals of the Council for Utah Education and Utah Foundation research report on financing higher education.
28 25
Salt Lake Couty Farm Bureau and Federal Girls Club
Membership lists.
28 26
Notes made by Bosone on Utah subjects.
28 27
Editorial favorable to Bosone's Train Length Bill in the Railroad Trainman.
28 28
NSD Clearfield 100% U.S. Defense Bond Celebration, 1952, program.
28 29
Utah Peace Officers
Clipping from Utah Peace Officer listing members of the Utah Peace Officers' Association.
28 30
Salt Lake City Hearing on Problems of the Aged
Program proposal, notes by Bosone, and proposed legislative amendments.
28 31
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Copy of a letter to Wallace 0. Walker from George J. Cannon of Beneficial Life Insurance Company about some "not-above-board" deals, with a note attached telling Bosone she should investigate and use for her campaign.

VIII:  Democratic PartyReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
29 1
Democratic National Committee
Democratic Fact Book.
1954, 1956
29 2
Political Platforms Comparison of Republicans and Democrats
Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties, 1932 to 1948, by Ralph H. Roberts, and The Democratic Platform 1952.
29 3
Democratic National Committee, Women's Division
Guidebook Designed for Democratic Organization in the County and Precinct.
29 4
Democratic National Committee, Research Division
Information sheets on a variety of subjects.
29 5
Democratic National Committee, Research Division
Suggested speeches which follow the party platform.
29 6
Democratic National Committee
Directory of state organizations and staff.
29 7
Democratic National Committee
Publications comparing the platforms and legislative records of the republicans and democrats.
29 8
Democratic National Committee
You Can Vote: Summaries of State Registration and Voting Laws, Ethel Y. Black, comp., 1950.
29 9
Democratic Party
Campaign songs.
29 10
Democratic Party
Article on democratic corruption; "A Challenge to Americans," Look, July 31, 1951; and miscellaneous.
29 11
Democratic Party
Handbook, a compilation of brief information about national issues (mimeograph).
29 12
Utah State Democratic Committee
"Information Manual for District Workers, National Material" (mimeograph).
29 13
Democratic Party
Political Dictionary: ... A Handbook for Liberals, 2nd ed.
29 14
Harry S. Truman
Whistle-stop campaign speeches, including one made in the tabernacle in Salt Lake City, September 21, 1948.
29 15
Harry S. Truman
Articles and clippings.
29 16
General Douglas MacArthur
Bosone's statement supporting Truman's removal, pamphlets, Congressional Record.
29 17
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Articles on F.D.R.'s health and death.
29 18
Congressman Marcantonio of New York
Voting record, 80th Congress 1947-48, for use in Bosone's campaign for reelection.
29 19
Averell Harriman
Campaign pamphlets and speeches for presidency.
29 20
Adlai Stevenson
Campaign statements for presidential election.
29 21
Dean Acheson
Article against him related to communism.

IX:  Republican PartyReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
30 1
Republican Party
Platform, Congressional Record, democratic statements on republican policies, and Washington Newsletter published by the National Federation of Women's Republican Clubs.
30 2
Republican Party
Guaranty Survey, pamphlet on economic trends from conservative viewpoint.
30 3
Pamphlets and articles on fighting communism in the United States.
30 4
Congressional report "The Communist 'Peace' Offensive: A Campaign to disarm and defeat the United States," Congressional Record.
30 5
McCarthyism: The Fight for America, by Senator Joe McCarthy, 1952, questions and answers on many subjects dealing with communism and McCarthy's actions.
30 6
Articles on McCarthy and the "ism."
30 7
The Shameful Years: Thirty Years of Soviet Espionage in the United States, United States House of Representatives, Committee on Un-American Activities, 1951.
30 8
The McCarthy Record, Wisconsin Citizens' Committee on McCarthy's Record, 1952.
30 9
Republican Party
"Scare Words Index," phrases used by republicans about the communist threat, compiled by the Democratic party, mimeograph.
30 10
Eisenhower Administration
Speeches by Eisenhower and articles about the administration.
30 11
Eisenhower Administration
Democratic National Committee Fact Sheets about the administration, democratic songs about Eisenhower and the republicans, "Town Meeting of the Air" bulletin "Do We Want a Military Man in the White House?"
30 12
Republican Party
Corruption, Democratic Fact Sheets, notes.
30 13
William A. Dawson
Voting Record, 80th Congress.
30 14
William A. Dawson
Speeches and statements from the Congressional Record, 83rd Congress, First Session.
30 15
William A. Dawson
Speeches and statements from the Congressional Record, 83rd Congress, Second Session.
30 16
William A. Dawson
Campaign literature, Bosone information notes on Dawson.
30 17
Robert A. Taft
Articles and papers about Taft and his policies as a presidential candidate.
30 18
Wayne Morse
Interview text.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
31 1
Commemorative Stamp Suggestions
31 2
Decisions, Made by Bosone
31 1
United States Post Office Department, "Decisions made by Judge Reva Beck Bosone"

XI:  Subject FilesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
32 1
Americans for Democratic Action
Pamphlet history of the organization and its stand on issues.
32 2
American Judicature Society, Journal of the, vol. 36
1952 June
32 3
Cases Pending, Military
Cases of Utahns seeking discharges from the military in which Bosone was involved.
1952 October-November
32 4
Cases Pending, Military
1952 December
32 5
Cases Pending, Military
1952 December
32 6
Cases Pending, Military
1952 December
32 7
Cases Pending, Miscellaneous
Cases of Utahns seeking some kind of federal action in which Bosone was involved as congresswoman.
1952 November-December
32 8
Deseret News Ballots
Printed in the newspaper on different issues, to be filled out and sent to congressional representatives.
32 9
Faneuil Hall, Preservation
Correspondence about preserving the building with John W. McCormack, house speaker; Leverett Saltonstall, chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations; and others.
32 10
"On the Roman Road to Ruin," by H. Ralph Burton, mimeograph
Comparison of Roman civilization and United States civilization.
32 11
Society of Mayflower Descendants
Membership lists.
32 12
Statesman Involuntarily Retired (SIR) Club
Correspondence, background, and charter members
32 13
UNESCO Citizen's Committee
Resume and meeting groups of the 1955 Work Conference at the Institute of World Affairs, University of Utah.
32 14
Washington Report
Informative discussions on a variety of topics.
32 15
Westminster College Commencement
Correspondence, from people invited to the commencement, either accepting or regrets.
32 16
Westminster College Commencement
Bosone's address and copies of the programs.
32 17
University of Utah, Honorary Degree
Letters congratulating Bosone on the degree to be conferred upon her at the commencement exercises.

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Container(s) Description
Newspaper articles by date and subject, about Bosone and her political campaigns as well as subjects related to her congressional committee work.
Newspaper articles by date and subject, about Bosone and her work on congressional committees as well as McCarthyism, General Douglas MacArthur, and political cartoons.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Volume
35 1
Clippings and Memorabilia from Early Years
35 2
35 3
35 4
Trip to Puerto Rico, Photograph Album
35 1
Bosone's 1935 Campaign Poster for Salt Lake City Commissioner
36 1
First Term in Congress
36 2
Second Term in Congress
36 1
Zilpha Bosone
Biographical sketch by Bosone on folder.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Correspondence and Miscellaneous
Box Folder
37 1-6
Carl Albert
37 7
Helen Gahagan Douglas
37 8
Delbert J. Duncan
37 9
F. Henri Henroid
1974; 1977
37 10
Allan T. Howe
37 11
Hubert H. Humphrey
37 12
Barbara Jordan
38 1
Mike Mansfield
38 2
John W. McCormack
38 3
Wilbur D. Mills
38 4
Frank E. Moss
38 5
John E. Moss
38 6
Calvin W. Rawlings
38 7
Peter W. Rodino, Jr.
38 8
Margherita G. Sarfatti
38 9
Samuel D. Thurman
38 10
University of California, Berkeley
Charter Day, 1970 (Garff B. Wilson).
38 11
Garff B. Wilson
Tribute to Reva Beck Bosone, 1974.
1926; 1974
38 12
Westminster College
Term paper on Christopher Marlow.
38 13
Christmas and Sympathy Cards
38 14
Article on Reva Beck Bosone
"A Minority of Members," Hope Chamberlin, 1974.
38 15
38 16
Letter to Mrs. Ruth Penrose

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Subject Terms

  • Alcoholism--Utah
  • Indians of North America--Utah
  • Women in politics--Manuscripts
  • Women judges--Manuscripts
  • Women--Utah

Personal Names

  • Bosone, Joseph P.
  • Dawson, William A., 1902-
  • Priest, Ivy Baker, 1905-1975

Corporate Names

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Upper Colorado River Commission