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Morris, Nephi Lowell
Nephi L. Morris papers
1870-1943 (inclusive)
2 linear feet
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The Nephi L. Morris papers (1870-1943) consist of materials related to Morris' political, ecclesiastical, and business affairs. Nephi Lowell Morris (1870-1943) was educated at the Brigham Young Academy and the University of Utah, served in various capacities in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and was a popular speaker on religious and political subjects.
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Nephi Lowell Morris was born 2 October 1870 to Elias and Mary Lois Walker Morris, prominent Utah pioneers. He received his early education in the Salt Lake Public Schools and in 1886 entered Brighan Young Academy. He later studied at the University of Utah. At the age of 20, Morris entered the roller mills business. In 1891, he was assigned as a special missionary for the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association to Cache, Oneida, and Malad Stakes. In January 1892 he was appointed an election Judge for the Territory of Utah. On 2 December 1892, he left for a mission to Great Britain where he first served in Manchester, later becoming president of the London conference. He returned to Salt Lake City in August of 1895. Upon the death of his father in 1898, Nephi was called to fill three positions of responsibility. His father had been bishop of the Fifteenth Ward and Nephi was called as second counselor in the new bishopric. He succeeded his father as director and treasurer of the Cambrian Association. And he was elected president of Elias Morris and Sons Company, subsequently becoming its manager. In the business realm he was also one of the organizers of the Ashton Fire Brick and Tile Company and of the Deseret Federal Building and Loan Association. He was at one time a member of the State Industrial Commission and at the time of his death the secretary-treasurer of the Pacific National Life Assurance Company. In 1904, when the old Salt Lake Stake was divided he became the president of what remained Salt Lake Stake and held that position until 1929. His other religious activities included regular contributions to the Improvement Era, the magazine of the Mutual Improvement Association with which he had been involved since 1891, and the authoring of books on religious topics including the popular Prophecies of Joseph Smith and Their Fulfillment. Morris married Harriet Hooper Young on 5 June 1907 and was survived by his sons Lowell, Willard, and Richard and his daughters Mary, Barbara, Ruth, and Harriett. Morris was a popular public speaker on religious and political subjects. Through the years of his radio addresses on KSL's Church of the Air Morris became well known and widely respected. Morris was a Republican member of the State Legislature in 1904. His political involvement led to two unsuccessful bids for the governorship of Utah, the first on the Progressive ticket in 1912 and the second on the Republican ticket in 1916, the year of his re-entry into the party. He was an outspoken advocate of prohibition over which he participated in a long-standing controversy with Reed Smoot. His community involvement included work with the Sons of the Utah Pioneers and the Salt Lake City Board of Education to which he was elected in 1934. He became its vice-president in 1936 and in 1938 was elected president, a position he held at the time of his death.

Nephi Lowell Morris died on 5 April 1943.

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The Nephi L. Morris papers (1870-1943) are comprised of a variety of materials reflecting Morris' varied interests and involvements in community, religion, politics, and business. Two boxes of correspondence evidence the continuance of his various concerns spanning the years 1885-1941 and include letters from prominent political, religious, and business leaders including Simon Bamberger, Heber J. Grant, and Thomas Kearns. The political materials serve as a record of his activities, involvement, and commitment as a member of the Republican and Progressive parties and include an incomplete copy of a speech of reconciliation at the time of his re-entry into the Republican party in 1916. Considerable material concerning Reed Smoot indicates the continuing controversy between the two men. The Progressive party in Utah and the question of prohibition are well represented. Morris' religious thought is reflected in copies of his radio speeches delivered on KSL's Church of the Air, in a pamphlet titled, "The Story of the Discovery of the Book of Mormon," and in the miscellaneous articles and notes he collected. Morris' community involvement is in evidence in materials concerning the Cambrian Association, Sons of the Utah Pioneers, and the Salt Lake City Board of Education.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Bamberger, Governor Simon to Nephi L. Morris
1 2
Burton, Charles S. to Nephi L. Morris.
1891; 1916
1 3
Cannon, (Senator) Frank J. to Nephi L. Morris
1896; 1898
1 4
Cannon, George M. to Nephi L. Morris
1885; 1891
1 5
Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. to Nephi L. Morris
1 6
Grant, Heber J. to Nephi L. Morris
1 7
Howell, Joseph to Nephi L. Morris
1909; 1914
1 8
Kearns, Thomas to Nephi L. Morris
1901; 1902
1 9
Morris, Elias to Nephi L. Morris
1 10
Morris, Nephi L.
Copies of Morris' correspondence to various individuals and groups, arranged by date.
1 11
Morris Family
1 12
Musser, A. Milton to Nephi L. Morris
1 13
Perkins, George W. to Nephi L. Morris
1 14
Pyper, George D. to Nephi L. Morris
1 15
Pyper, George D. - Birthday Tributes
A tribute written by Nephi L. Morris, also copies of letters by Morris to friends of Pyper requesting their autographs for a specially bound copy of Pyper's "The Romance of an Old Playhouse" to be presented to him, along with replies to Morris' letters.
1 16
Smith, George Albert to Nephi L. Morris
1 17
Smith, Joseph F. to Nephi L. Morris
1 18
Smoot, Reed and Nephi L. Morris
1 19
Talmage, James E. and Nephi L. Morris
1 20
Thomas, R. M. Bryce to Nephi L. Morris
1 21
Whitney, Orson Ferguson to Nephi L. Morris
1 22
Young, Seymour B. to Nephi L. Morris

Correspondence, AlphabeticalReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
Correspondence, A
Adams, Rufus to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Anderson, Edward H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1902, 1926; Ashton, E. T. to Nephi L. Morris, 1894.
2 2
Correspondence, B
Bain News Service to Nephi L. Morris; Barton, James L. to Nephi L. Morris, 1921; Beal, Thomas A. to Nephi L. Morris, 1926; Brimhall, George H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1920, 1926.
2 3
Correspondence, C
Call, Israel to Nephi L. Morris, 1922; Cheever, Grace L. (Smith) to Nephi L. Morris, 1935; Colton, Don B. to Nephi L. Morris, 1935; Cutler, H. S. to Nephi L. Morris, 1912; Cutler, John C. to Nephi L. Morris, 1899, 1903, 1919.
2 4
Correspondence, D-G
Doyle, John T. to Nephi L. Morris, 1909; Driggs, Howard R. to Nephi L. Morris, 1937; Eichnor, Dennis C. to Nephi L. Morris, 1900; Fairbanks, Avard to Nephi L. Morris; Giles, James A. to Nephi L. Morris, 1941; Goff, Virginia to Nephi L. Morris, 1935.
2 5
Correspondence, H
Hays, Will H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1918; Hendrickson, J. A. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Hewlett, Lester F. to Nephi L. Morris, 1935; Horsley, John H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1909; Hubbard, W. E., 1893; Hyde, George L. to Nephi L. Morris, 1921; Hyde, William A. to Nephi L. Morris, 1912.
2 6
Correspondence, I-K
Irvine, Alonzo Blair to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Ivins, Anthony W. to Nephi L. Morris, 1926; James, John to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Johnson, J. M. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Kay, Hyrum to Nephi L. Morris 1929; Kent, Charles to Nephi L. Morris, 1935; Kimball, E. H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Kimball, J. Golden to Nephi L. Morris, 1916.
2 7
Correspondence, L
Lewis, W. J. to Nephi L. Morris, 1920; Low, Ivy (Griggs) to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Lund, Anthon H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1920; Lyon, T. Edgar to Nephi L. Morris, 1935.
2 8
Correspondence, M
McCornick, William Sylvester to Nephi L. Morris, 1900; McMurrin, J. L. to Nephi L. Morris, 1899; Mays, James H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1920; Meriwether, Coleman to Nephi L. Morris; Murdock, Victor to Nephi L. Morris, 1913.
2 9
Correspondence, N-P
Nelson, Joseph to Nephi L. Morris, 1903; Osborne, Thomas to Luzi Barone, 1914; Paxman, James W. to Nephi L. Morris, 1909; Photos, George N. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916.
2 10
Correspondence, R
Reeves, Charles M. to Nephi L. Morris, 1902; Richards, Franklin S. to Nephi L. Morris, 1902; Richards, Morgan to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Ririe, Joseph to Nephi L. Morris, 1921.
2 11
Correspondence, S-T
Saxey, A. to Nephi L. Morris, 1908; Seegmiller, William W. to Nephi L. Morris, 1915, 1916; Shepherd, Joseph R. to Nephi L. Morris, 1928; Swan, Clifford L. to Nephi L. Morris, 1922; Thomas, D. H. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916.
2 12
Correspondence, W
Warner, M. M. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Washburn, W. S. to Nephi L. Morris, 1909; Wells, John to Nephi L. Morris, 1920; Wells, Junius F. to Nephi L. Morris, 1901, 1920; West, James E. to Nephi L. Morris, 1936; Whitney, H. G. to Nephi L. Morris, 1903, 1910.
2 13
Correspondence, Y
Young, Levi Edgar to Nephi L. Morris, 1916; Young, John W. to Nephi L. Morris, 1895; Young, (Col.) Willard to Nephi L. Morris, 1919.
2 14
Miscellaneous Correspondence

Political MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
3 1
American Party--Utah
Political tracts, "Equal Rights to All. Is the Right of Self-Defense to be Denied the Mormon People?" signed Nephi L. Morris; "Strife and Bitterness in Utah--Avowed Aim of the American Party Leaders--Democratic Support of Their Policy," accredited to Salomon F. Kimball campaign; "What is the Issue in Salt Lake County and which Ticket Should be Voted in Order to Defeat the American Party."
3 2
Democratic Party--Utah
Political tract, "Some Planks from the State Democratic Platform Adopted June 11, 1914."
3 3
League of Nations
Newsclippings concerning the covenant.
3 4
League of Nations
Newsclippings concerning proposed changes and amendments to the covenant.
3 5
League of Nations
Miscellaneous newsclippings concerning the League of Nations.
3 6
League of Nations
Handwritten and typewritten notes related to the League of Nations, some on stationary with the letterhead "Utah Branch, League to Enforce Peace," citing Nephi L. Morris as state chairman.
3 7
League of Nations--Pamphlets
The Covenanter--Letters on the Covenant of the League of Nations by William Howard Taft, George W. Wickersham, A. Lawrence Lowell, Henry W. Taft; "First Report of the Conference Committee of the League to Enforce Peace."
3 8
League of Nations--Resolution of LDS Church
Resolution of the LDS Church membership in favor of the League to Enforce Peace.
3 9
League of Nations--Senate Speeches
Hiram W. Johnson, of California, speech in the Senate of the United States; Covenants of Peace and Articles of Association of the League of Nations, printed for the information of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate.
3 10
League to Enforce Peace--Utah Branch
Correspondence to county chairmen containing resolutions adopted by the State Executive Committee, suggestions to county chairmen, a list of county chairmen, and a list of state committees.
3 11
Monroe Doctrine
Typewritten text of a speech by Morris on the Monroe Doctrine. Handwritten notes on the Monroe Doctrine.
3 12
Morris, Nephi L. Chairman, Committee on University Site and Buildings--House of Representatives--Utah
Copy of letter addressed to the Speaker of the House recommending appropriations and salary list for University of Utah employees.
3 13
Morris, Nephi L.--Elections and Appointments
Document signed by Elijah Sells, Secretary of the Territory of Utah, appointing Morris as an election judge in 1892; instructions for election judges; "List of Persons Voted for at a Municipal Election ... Utah Territory"; letter certifying Nephi L. Morris as an alternate to the Chicago National Convention of the Progressive Party; newsclipping naming Morris as newly elected president of the Salt Lake City Board of Education; Certificate of Election as member of the Board of Education.
3 14
Periodicals--Political (National)
The Commoner, Lincoln, Nebraska, November 19, 1909 (Vol. 9, No. 45); Hughes Campaign Service Bulletin, October 19, 1916 (No. 11), October 26, 1916 (No. 12), November 2, 1916 (No. 13); The New Republic, New York, January 13, 1917 (Vol. 9, No. 115).
3 15
Periodicals--Political (Utah)
Goodwin's Weekly, Salt Lake City, October 10, 1914 (Vol. 23, No. 16); April 8, 1916 (Vol. 26, No. 17); Kane County News, Kanab, Utah, April 2, 1915 (Vol. 7, No. 47); April 16, 1915 (Vol. 7, No. 49); The Progressive, Salt Lake City, Utah, January 17, 1914 (Vol. III, No. 8).
3 16
Political Campaign - Nephi L. Morris - Financial Statement and Newsclippings
3 17
Political Broadsides
"The Next Communist President of the U.S.," broadside concerning Franklin D. Roosevelt; "Roosevelt's Supreme Council--Alien-Asiatic Revolutionaries Control U.S. Politico-Economic Power-Centers--Washington and New York," broadside concerning Roosevelt and his advisors; "To the Taxpayers of Salt Lake County." The tract decries the corruption of the Republican Commissioners of Salt Lake County, naming O. W. Carlson, C. Ray Walker and A. H, Crabbe and charges favoritism in the awarding of a printing contract; "Dr. E. G. Gowans--Non-Partisan Candidate for State Superintendent of Schools." Contains a record of Gowans' teaching experience, a section titled "The Non-Partisan Cause--What It Means in Education," "Dr. Gowans' Platform," and a list of the State Non-Partisan Education Committee; "High Ground is the Natural Home of Democracy and I Solemnly Protest against the Lowering of its Standard in Utah," signed Joseph Smith Hyde. Hyde opposes the Progressive-Democratic fusion.
3 18
Progressive Party--Broadsides
Broadside announcing a Progressive Party rally in Lehi listing Nephi L. Morris and George N. Lawrence as speakers; broadside announcing a Progressive Party mass meeting listing William E. Cadmus and Nephi L. Morris as speakers.
3 19
Progressive Party--Correspondence
Cadmus, William E. to Nephi L. Morris, 1914; Colby, Everett to Nephi L. Morris, 1917; Moon, A. S. to Nephi L. Morris, 1914; Perkins, George W. to Nephi L. Morris, 1916, 1918; Robertson, N, A. to Nephi L. Morris.
3 20
Progressive Party--Utah--Platform and Resolutions
Progressive platform and "Progressive Resolutions Adopted at State-wide Conference, February 25, 1914."
1913; 1914
3 21
Progressive Party--Utah--Programs
Program from state-wide Progressive Conference of Utah and Progressive Party Lincoln Day program.
1914; 1916
3 22
Progressive Party--Utah--Speeches
"Address delivered by Nephi L. Morris before a gathering of Progressives, commemorating the birth of Abraham Lincoln, held at Salt Lake City, Feb. 12, 1913"; "Remarks of Mr. Morris--The Progressive Movement is Greater Than the Progressive Party"; newsclipping report of a speech by Governor William Spry in Philadelphia, attached to the same page as an article reporting Progressive strength in Utah, with handwritten notes decrying Progressive-Republican amalgamation; "A Call to National Brotherhood"; "The Men at Armageddon," by Richard Harding Davis.
3 23
Progressive Party--Utah--Tracts
"How the Republican Party and Big Business Work in Unison in Salt Lake County" and "Party Loyalty."
3 24
Prohibition--Speech and Statement by Nephi L. Morris
3 25
"The Betrayal of Utah, an Open Letter to Governor William Spry" and "By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them," political tract concerning prohibition and the relative stands of Simon Bamberger and Nephi L. Morris.
3 26
Republican Party
Untitled, incomplete speech in which Morris criticizes the Wilson administration, mentions the Progressive-Republican reconciliation, and discusses key points of the Republican platform, including taxation of homes, workingmen's compensation, highway, prohibition and the public utilities commission. Also, speech headed "Address Delivered at Bingham on Saturday, Sept. 30th (no year)" in which Morris again discusses the Republican platform.
3 27
Smoot, Reed Newsclippings
3 28
Smoot, Reed Political Tracts
"Comment on Congress," "Correspondence between Senator Reed Smoot and N. V. Jones," "Fleshpots and Fusion--A Reply to Certain Republican Accusations and Charges," "Is Smoot for the Plain People?"
3 29
Smoot, Reed "His Record in the Senate"
3 30
Smoot, Reed Senate Speeches
"The Wilson-Underwood Tariff Bill and the American Sugar Industry," "Panama Canal Tolls," "Beet Industries."
1913; 1914
3 31
Political Miscellaneous
List of members of the Utah State Senate and House of Representatives; excerpt from The Outlook concerning Taft's views on Roosevelt; clipping from the Salt Lake Herald concerning the American party and the "band of twenty-six," along with handwritten notes on 1902 stationary; first page of a speech by Nephi L. Morris titled "Rededication of Americans to the Republic"; clipping from the Deseret Evening News, "Official Figures of Recent Elections for Nation, State, Legislative, Judicial and County Offices, as Finally Reported."

Radio SpeechesReturn to Top

Delivered over Radio KSL by Nephi L. Morris. The speeches appear in various forms: newsclippings, printed galleys, typewritten drafts, handwritten notes. All materials relating to an individual speech have been filed with that speech.

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
4 1
Correspondence Concerning Radio Addresses
Includes several replies by Morris in addition to the letters addressed to him.
1935; 1938
4 2
The Book of Mormon and Fulfillment of Its Prophecies
4 3
Divine Authority Necessary
4 4
Columbus and the Book of Mormon
4 5
Deals With Salvation for the Dead
4 6
The Reformation--A Manifestation of Divine Purpose in History
4 7
The Reformation--Not an End, But a Means to an End
4 8
The Restoration to the Earth of the Knowledge of God
4 9
Restoration of Divine Authority Through the Priesthood
4 10
Book of Mormon
4 11
Beliefs of the Latter-Day Saints
4 12
A Salvation Provided for the Dead
4 13
Salvation for the Dead
4 14
Prophecy, a Proof of Restoration
4 15
The Golden Rule, Natural Law and Idea of Progress
4 16
The Wider Hope--If Man Dies in Unbelief, Indifference or Disobedience May He Be Saved?
4 17
Love, Law and Progress--Three Fundamental Characteristics of the Gospel
4 18
Love, Law and Progress
4 19
Brigham Young's Qualities of Leadership
4 20
The How, When and Why of the Earth and Man--A Cosmogony Revealed Through Joseph Smith
4 21
Deals with the universality of the gospel.

Speeches, Articles, and NotesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
5 1
William H. King, "Turkish Atrocities in Asia Minor"
5 2
"Early Years in Utah"
5 3
John C. Fremont Speech
5 4
John D. Spencer Speech
Speech of Acceptance of a Gavel Presented by John D. Spencer on Behalf of Utah State Association of Life Underwriters.
5 5-11
Miscellaneous Articles and Notes

SubjectsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
6 1
British Mission, Nephi L. Morris
Programs for religious discussions and services.
6 2
Cambrian Society, Salt Lake City
Newspaper clipping, banquet program and copy of a speech by Morris for the St. David's Day celebration of the organization of Welch immigrants.
6 3
Circular of Instructions to the Presidency of Stakes, Bishopric of Wards and Stake Tithing Clerks in Zion
6 4
Latter-day Saints College--Constitution of the Alumni Association
6 5
6 6
Pratt, Parley P., "Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to All the Kings of the World, to the President of the United States of America, to the Governors of the Several States, and to the Rulers and People of All Nations"
Photocopy, reprint and typed copy. Originally published in U.S.A., April 6, 1845 and in Liverpool October 22, 1845.
6 7
Programs and Invitations
6 8
"Prophecies of Joseph Smith and Their Fulfillment"
Reviews of Morris' book from the Young Woman's Journal, the Relief Society Magazine, and the Millenial Star.
6 9
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints--The Fulfillment of Latter-Day Prophecy, Parts I and II, by R. L. Fulk
Part I: The Scattering; part II: The Re-Gathering.
6 10
The Sons of Utah Pioneers
"A Six-Point, Twelve-Year Program proposed for Adoption by the Sons of Utah Pioneers at Their Annual Encampment, Aspen Grove, August, 1935."
6 11
"The Story of the Discovery of the Book of Mormon," by Nephi L. Morris
6 12
Sugar Beet Industry--Newsclippings
6 13
Tributes and Funeral Sermons
Tributes or funeral sermons for George Mousley Cannon, Brigham Frederick Grant, Andrew Jenson, Elias Morris, Charles Griffin Plummers, Ashby Snow, and Harriet Hooper Young.
6 14
Tributes to Nephi L. Morris
Tributes to Morris as president of Salt Lake Stake for twenty-five years.
6 15
Wasatch Drive, Proposed Improvement of 1936
Pamphlet urging the improvement.
6 16

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Bull Moose Party Cartoon Blueprint

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Subject Terms

  • Political parties--Utah
  • Prohibition--Utah

Personal Names

  • Smoot, Reed, 1862-1941

Corporate Names

  • Democratic Party (Utah)
  • League of Nations
  • Progressive Party (Utah)