Washington State University Botanical Papers, 1881-1973

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Marion Ownbey Herbarium.
Washington State University Botanical Papers
1881-1973 (inclusive)
2 Linear feet of shelf space, (4 Boxes), (960 Items)
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Cage 53 (collection)
Correspondence, notes, unprinted essays, and field notebooks relating to the collection of botanical specimens for the Washington State University Ownbey Herbarium and for general distribution.
Washington State University Libraries' Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC)
Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
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Pullman, WA
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The Washington State University Marion Ownbey Herbarium was founded in the 1890s. It was named in 1974 after Marion Ownbey, who served as head of the Herbarium from 1939-1974.

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The Botanical Papers, 1881-1973, consists of correspondence, notes, unprinted essays, and field notebooks, most of which relate to plant specimens accessioned by the Washington State University Ownbey Herbarium. A large number of items are the collection books of various collectors of botanical specimens, both for the Ownbey Herbarium and for general distribution. Some correspondence of herbarium personnel, especially Edwin R. Bogusch, Lincoln Constance and Arthur Cronquist is included in this collection. Of the approximately fifty collectors represented here, others include J. S. Cotton, Henry Darlington, W. W. Eggleston, Thomas Howell, and Frank Kreager. Additionally, drafts of unpublished essays, including a biography of R. M. Horner, and plant surveys are included.

Though closely related to the activities of the herbarium, these materials have the characteristics of personal papers, and therefore are not regarded as constituting a formal archival record group of the herbarium.

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Washington State University Botanical Papers, 1881-1973 (Cage 53)

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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The papers are arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Acquisition Information

The materials in this collection of botanical documents were transferred to the Washington State University Library in 1975 from the university’s Marion Ownbey Herbarium.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Becon, Marion. Field Notebooks
1 item.
1 2 Beaverhead Plants
1 item.
1 3 Bogusch, Edwin Robert. Correspondence.
52 items.
Correspondents include: Leroy Abrams, H. Andres, Sidney F. Blake, T. A. Bonser, Willima J. Boone, F. F. Crevecoeur, J. E. Graff, H. Hapeman, V. T. Heidenreich, Marcus E. Jones, William R. Maxon, Fermen L. Pickett, Benjamin L. Robinson, Paul Standley, Harold St. John, Henry K. Swenson, Charles A. Weatherby and Edgar T. Wherry.
1 4 Colorado Agricultural College Herbarium. Exchange List
1 item.
1 5 Constance, Lincoln. Papers. List of plants collected
3 items.
1 5 Constance, Lincoln. Correspondence.
33 items.
Correspondents include: D. R. Crookshanks, Gladys DeNeff, Mae E. Dennis, Vivian L. Dotts, Walter S. Flory Jr., David D. Keck, F. B. Laney, E. G. MacFarleane, E. H. Moss, Leslie Muller, Adolf Pascher, E. M. Phillipson, Charles Piper Smith, Edward C. Townsend, Fred A. Warren, Ed Zaring, and U. H. Zuberbuhler.
1 6 Cotton, J. S . List of plants, with collection numbers
1 item.
1 7 Cronquist, Arthur. Correspondence.
45 items.
Correspondents include: Alan J. Beetle, Charles A. Berger, Sidney F. Blake, J. P. M. Brenan, J. H. Christ, Robert T. Clausen, Earl L. Core, Ray T. Davis, Joseph A. Ewan, Roxana Ferris, R. K. Godfrey, H. T. Harkness, John Thomas Howell, Donal G. Huttleston, Louis H. Jordal, David D. Keck, George H. M. Lawrence, Ernst Mayr, Gerald Ownbey, K. F. Parker, A. E. Porsild, C. L. Porter, H. W. Rickett, Ernest Rouleau, John Thieret and Oswald Tippo.
1 8 Crow, John H. List of Plants Collected, Cooper River Delta, Alaska
1 item.
1 9 Darlington, Henry T. Plants collected in the Blue Mountains, annotated list; notes on itinerary and map of route
5 items.
1 10 Daubenmire, Rexford. Plants collected on Freezout Mountain, twelve miles east of Clarika
1 item.
1 11 Davis, Jared. Field Notebook
1 item.
1 12 Eggleston, Willard W. Plants collected in Washington
1 item.
1 13 Fiker, Charles B. Catalogue of the Charles B. Fiker Collection of Okanogan County Plants donated to the State College
1 item.
1 14 Fye, R. E. Field Notebooks
1 item.
1 15 Gehrman, Kenneth H. Field Notebooks
1 item.
1 16 Harris, S. W. Field Notebooks
1 item.
1 17 Hatch, Winslow R. Field Notebooks, Central America and Caribbean, and some related correspondence
20 items.
1 18 Horner, Donald. Robert Messinger Horner 1854-1910 [draft essay], undated, and some related correspondence
4 items.
1 19 Howell, Thomas J. Papers
4 items.
Consisting of 1) catalog, presumably of 1881 2) catalog of 1883 3) list of plants in Herbarium of E. L. Greene, presumed to be in Howell's hand 4) notes for a Flora, also presumed to be in Howell's hand.
1 20 Huntley, M. C. Field Notebooks
1 item.
2 21 Johansen, Carl. Vetches and Vetch-like Plants of Northwestern Washington with keys and descriptions of Vicia and Lathuyrus, [draft essay]
2 items.
2 22 Jones, George Neville. A Preliminary Report on the Weed Flora of Washington, [draft essay]
1 item.
2 23 Jones, George Neville. Weeds of Washington, [draft essay]
1 item.
2 24 Jones, Quentin. Filed Data on Alaskan Plant Collection
1 item.
2 25 Keys to the Species of Bromus
1 item.
2 26 King, James R. Field Notebook
1 item.
2 27 Kreager, Frank O. Plants of Northeastern Washington. Catalog, determinations by C. V. Piper, and field notebook.
5 items.
2 28 Larrison, Earl. Plants collected on the Janiper Forest Preeserve
1 item.
1975 October
2 29 Lingenfetter, Richard L. Lists of plants collected and notes
100 items.
2 30 Long, William. List of Plants collected at the Mt. Stuart Region, Chelan County
1 item.
2 31 Miscellaneous correspondence.
20 items.
Correspondents include E. R. Lake, R. A. Cooley, and Rex Hunt.
2 32 Mooman, J. G. List of Plants Collected
2 items.
circa 1957
2 33 Moore, William R. ; Moore, Jacqueline P. Plants of Texas Collected by William R. and Jacqueline P. Moore
1 item.
2 34 Murphey, James R. Field Notebook
1 item.
2 35 Notes on the history of the nomenclature dispute
2 items.
2 36 Otis, Ira C. Herbarium of Mr. Ira C. Otis
1 item.
2 37 Parker, Charles S. List of Plants Collected
1 item.
1922 Spring and Summer
2 38 Pollock, W. M. West Virginia Plants, [catalog]
1 item.
3 39 Reed, Robert M. Wind River Mountains Collection Data; list, with notes
1 item.
3 40 Rogers, H. Thomas , et. al. Columbia River Plant Survey
2 items.
3 41 Smith, Leslie H. Field Notebook, Pullman Virgin Prairie, 1930, Benton and Yakima Counties
1 item.
3 42 Solf, John David. List of plants collected in Alaska; Letter of explanation re: List of plants collected in Alaska.
4 items.
circa 1959-1963
3 43 Sprague, Roderick. List of Plants Collected by Roderick Sprague during summer of 1922 in Snohomish, Skagit and San Juan Counties.
1 item.
3 44 Stevens, Jerome David. Field Notebook, Oregon
1 item.
3 45 Townsend, Edward C. Material relative to herbarium of E. C. Townsend, press clippings, reprints of article describing herbarium
15 items.
circa 1936-1937
3 46 Trivette, Edward. Field Notebooks
2 items.
3 47 Vasey, George R. List of plants collected [presumably transcribed by C. V. Piper]
1 item.
3 48 Ward, George H. Field Notebook
1 item.
3 49 Washington State University. List of Plants Collected on Summer Field Trip of 1941
2 items.
3 50 Weber, William A. Check lists of Plants of Washington [draft essay]
1 item.
3 51 Wilson, C. B. Checklist of Shoshone County Idaho Plants Collected by C. B. Wilson, undated.; Field Notebook
2 items.
3 52 Winecki, Lillian , et. al. Field Notebook, Yellowstone National Park
1 item.
3 53 Wirsing, John M. Medicine Bow National Forest Collections
1 item.
circa 1972
3 54 Witt, Jean Gleason. Field Notebooks, List of Plants Collected
7 items.
4 55 Unidentified card file listing Washington species, partially arranged by counties, with some data on type localities, written in several hands
600 items.
4 56 Wagner, Paul. Archival Material in the Marion Ownbey Herbarium, A Catalogue by P. Wagner
10 pages
4 57 Heller, A. A. , Portrait, Chico, circa 1918; Collection Expedition Idaho, circa 1887-1888. Northwest collection, University of Washington Libraries.
3 items.
circa 1887-1918
4 58 Hecht, Adolf. Correspondence regarding Rudbeckia laciniate L. [added November 1985, lrs]
7 items.

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Botanists -- United States -- Correspondence.
  • Botany -- Research -- Northwest, Pacific.

Personal Names

  • Horner, Robert Messinger, 1854-1910.

Corporate Names

  • Marion Ownbey Herbarium -- Records and correspondence.

Other Creators

  • Personal Names
    • Bogusch, Edwin Robert, 1905- (creator)
    • Constance, Lincoln, 1909-2001. (creator)
    • Cotton, J. S. (creator)
    • Cronquist, Arthur. (creator)
    • Darlington, Henry T. (Henry Townsend), 1875-1964. (creator)
    • Eggleston, W. W. (Willard Webster), 1863-1935. (creator)
    • Howell, Thomas, 1842-1912. (creator)
    • Kreager, Frank Oren, -1951. (creator)