UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Ajarn Phet Sananikone concert recordings (Music of Laos), 1974-05-17

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Sananikone, Ajarn Phet
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Ajarn Phet Sananikone concert recordings (Music of Laos)
2 items  :  OT-2 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. stereo, 7"); WD - 2 CDs (digital, stereo); Duration: 1:26:00
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University of Washington ensemble directed by Ajarn Phet Sananikone, Seattle, Washington, 5-17-74.
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The University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives has been collecting and curating unique ethnographic music recordings for over 50 years. Its holdings of more than 15,000 items include field recordings documenting music traditions of all kinds from most areas of the world, concert recordings of visiting musicians, and films and videos of a variety of musical events, as well as several hundred musical instruments. The Archives serves the students and faculty in the UW Ethnomusicology Program, the broader university community, Pacific Northwest tribes, and an international clientele of musicians, students, and teachers.

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Performers: Ajarn Phet Sananikone directs a University of Washington ensemble: Art Peterson, Philip Schuyler, Jeff Syckoff / Khaen Nyai (large khaen); Phil Carlsen, Denis Davis, Deborah Hammond, Carol Scott, Cheryl Tack / Khaen Noi (small khaen); Maury Herman / ranat (xylophone); Al Swanson / khlui (flute); Mary Jo Milliken, Marie Peila / saw Ee (small fiddle); Allan Swensson / Sau Uu (large fiddle); Heon Lin Park / Saw Thum (bass fiddle); Gerry Loper / Glong (barrel drum); Lucy Hudson / Ching (finger cymbals); Ray Wolfe / dancer and consultant.

Contents: 74-3.1 - 1) Tia Saravane; 2) Dawk Jampaa; 3) Lao Gasae Noi; 4) Gulap Pakse; 5) Sunak Liap Haat; 6) Lao Gasae Nyai; 7) Pheng Pae; 8) Lom Phat Sai Kao; 9) Lao Siang Thian; 10) Lao Som Dawk; 11) Lao Siang Mai; 12) Lao Somdet; 13) Long Kong; 74-3.2 - 1) Tuan Jai Lao; 2) Pheng Nang Naak; 3) Lao Duang Duan; 4) Jin Thum; 5) Jin Sae; 6) Falang Yam Thao; 7) Sadaeng pen taela kwaeng; 8) Kap Ngum Laa; (three more unidentified pieces played).

Work tapes (2 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. stereo, 7" and 10")) discarded 3/2006 following digitization of original reels and production of work discs (WD)

Durations: 74-3.1 WD (13 tracks = 47:49); 74-3.2 WD (11 tracks = 38:10); total = 1:25:59

Documentation: Concert program

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