Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides, circa 1900-1940

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Oregon State System of Higher Education. General Extension Division.
Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides
circa 1900-1940 (inclusive)
6.35 cubic feet, including 2696 photographs, (47 boxes)
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P 217
The Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides consist of slide sets assembled and loaned by the Oregon State System of Higher Education General Extension Division. The slides depict a variety of topics including many related to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
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The Visual Instruction Department was created around 1932 as a unit of the Oregon State System of Higher Education's General Extension Division, and was located on the Oregon State College campus in Corvallis. The department made slides and films available to schools, community clubs, churches, and other organizations for educational purposes. Uriel S. Burt was the first department head.

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The Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides include sixty nine sets of mounted lantern slides, many of which are hand-tinted. One set contains 2"x2" glass mounted color slides. The sets, which pertain to a variety of topics, were made available for loan to schools, churches, and other organizations in Oregon. Most sets include a typescript lecture (indicated on the inventory) which provides a general background on the set's topic as well as information on each slide.

Topics include many related to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, such as Oregon Birds, Oregon Industries, Northwest Indians, Old Oregon Trail, Oregon State College and Salmon Industry. Several sets have biblical themes, and others pertain to U.S. history and cultures in Europe.

Most of the slides were commercially produced by companies such as Underwood & Underwood, Keystone View Co., McIntosh Stereopticon Co. (Chicago), and Pilgrim Photoplay Exchange. Some of the Oregon related slides were taken by Oregon photographers such as Gifford & Prentiss, Weister Co., Herman T. Bohlman, William L. Finley, and Lee Moorhouse. H.C. Tibbits took many of the photographs of California and the western United States.

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Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides (P 217), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

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Arranged in two series: I. Lantern Slides and II. Lecture Booklets and Inspection Notes.

Custodial History

The slide sets were probably acquired by the University Archives in the 1970s. They were transferred to the Horner Museum in March 1980 and returned to the Archives in June 1996. Many sets were originally owned by the University of Oregon.

Related Materials

See the Memorabilia Collection (MC-Visual Instruction, Dept. of) for a 1932 catalog of the department's visual aids. Other photographs by Bohlman and Finley are available in the Herman T. Bohlman Photograph Collection (P 202) and the William L. Finley Papers.

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Series I:  Lantern Slides, circa 1900-1940Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Set 1: Making the American Army
49 black and white slides (lecture)
A World War I propaganda lecture, designed to show the training of troops -- infantry, field artillery, cavalry, coastal defense, etc.
Set 2: French Customs
32 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Slides depict the religious life of peasants in Brittany. The majority of the images show churches (exteriors, interiors, detail), religious processions, and shrines.
circa 1910
2, 47
Set 3: Oregon Birds
34 slides, many hand-tinted (lecture) and 1 print
Probably an Oregon Fish and Game Commission lecture, with particular emphasis on raising china pheasants. Images are from books, commercial views from Underwood & Underwood, National Audubon Society. Some of the slides are likely images taken by Herman T. Bohlman and William L. Finley. Print available of Geese at Klamath Lake.
circa 1900-1910
Set 4: Men of Many Lands
28 slides, many hand-tinted (lecture)
Slides depict individuals and groups from various climates and world regions. Images come from a variety of sources -- books, a railroad company, and Underwood & Underwood.
Set 5: English Lake District
48 black and white slides (lecture)
Slides depict the history, art and literature of the region made famous by the Lake poets. Includes hand-written captions.
Set 6: Picture Study
21 hand-tinted slides
Includes slides of paintings by Millet, Landseer, and Tadema. Some are patriotic scenes. Slides are from many sources, including the Weister Co. of Portland.
Set 7: Oregon Industries
36 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images show shipping, shipbuilding, agriculture, fishing (including fish wheels and horse drawn seines), mining (hydraulic and dredging), and nitrate refining. Sources include the Gifford & Prentiss Studio of Portland. See also sets 35 and 53.
circa 1905-1910
Set 8: Abraham Lincoln
22 black and white slides (lecture)
Slides depict the Lincoln cabin in Kentucky, Lincoln's life in the backwoods of southern Indiana, and his political career including his election to the presidency. Includes a copy of the Gettysburg Address. Sources include the McIntosh Stereopticon Co. of Chicago and books.
circa 1920
Set 9: Memories of Bethlehem
50 black and white slides (lecture)
Images, a combination of artwork and recreated scenes, depict Christ's impact on Bethlehem, the city's people and marketplace, and agricultural harvesting. Sources include the Keystone View Co.
Set 10: Palestine and Syria
47 black and white slides (lecture)
Includes views of Hebron, Bethlehem, Mar Saba, Jerusalem, Omar, Bethany, Damascus and Beruit, and historical sites such as the Golden Gate, the Wailing Wall, Mt. of Olives, and the Jaffa Gate. Similar to views in set 9.
Set 11: Northwest Indians
37 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images of Siletz, Yakima, Palouse, Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribal members, cradle boards, baskets, and tepees. Seven images were by photographer Lee Moorhouse of Pendleton.
circa 1905
Set 12: Glaciers
34 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Shows glaciers on the Three Sisters and Mts. Hood, Jefferson, and Rainier in the Pacific Northwest as well as mountains in Canada and the Alps in Europe.
Set 13: Mountains of the Holy Land
44 black and white slides (lecture)
Includes images of Mt. Tabor, Mt. Carmel, Mt. of Olives, Mt. Nebo and others. Similar to sets 9 and 10.
Set 14: History of English Bible
34 black and white slides (lecture)
Copies of artwork and photographs depicting the origins of the Bible, the printing of the Bible, and Bible translators such as Alfred the Great and John Rogers.
Set 15: The Revolutionary War
30 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Artwork depicting events associated with the Revolution, from the Boston Tea Party to the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Includes battles, commanders, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and origins of the U.S. flag.
Set 16: Buenos Aires and Argentina
39 black and white slides (lecture)
Scenic views of harbors and government and university buildings in Buenos Aires and other cities. Also includes images of the Argentine gaucho.
Set 17: Old and New South
43 black and white slides (lecture)
Depicts African-Americans in the rural South from an early 20th century perspective. Contains a few images of factories. Sources include Pilgrim Photoplay Exchange and Underwood & Underwood.
Set 18: Old Oregon Trail
14 black and white slides (lecture)
Consists of a map, artwork by William Henry Jackson, and photographs depicting the first wagon train to Oregon, landmarks along the trail, and other routes of travel. Most images originally from the Visual Instruction Service, Iowa State College.
ca. 1930
Set 19: Oregon Geology
17 black and white slides (lecture)
Shows mountains, lakes, canyons, and petrified trees in lava. All slides are initialed "I.A.W. 25."
circa 1925
Set 20: Rivers of the World
26 slides, most hand-tinted (lecture)
Contains several photographs of the Columbia River, other rivers in the U.S., and the Rhine, Thames, Danube and Nile Rivers. Sources include the Manhattan Slide & Film Co. NOTE: Several slides are broken.
Set 21: Julius Caesar
27 black and white slides (lecture)
Maps, artwork, drawings, and photographs of building remains pertaining to Caesar, other important Romans, and the Roman Forum.
Set 22: Safety in Mines
23 black and white slides (lecture)
Photographs and graphs pertaining to people employed in mines.
Set 23: Shasta and Sunset Routes
50 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Scenic views of tourist attractions along the Southern Pacific Railroad's Shasta Route (Portland to Los Angeles) and Sunset Route (Los Angeles to New Orleans). Most of the photos were taken by H.C. Tibbits of San Francisco; a few came from the Weister Co. of Portland.
Set 24: American Wild Flowers
36 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Depicts 36 common wildflowers and includes the medicinal, food, and household uses of each.
Set 25: Trip to Mount Hood
35 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Includes scenic views of the Columbia River Highway, Mt. Hood, and climbers on Mt. Hood. Some of the images were taken by the Gifford and Prentiss Studio of Portland.
Set 26: Passion Week in Art
24 black and white slides (lecture)
Photographs of paintings depicting Biblical events from the time of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem until the Resurrection.
Set 27: Radio
70 black and white slides
Most of the slides are electronic schematics; also includes a few photographs of early pioneers and scientists in wireless and radio theory.
circa 1900-1930
Set 28: OSC
70 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Images of Oregon State College buildings, campus scenes and spring flowers. Also includes A.D. Taylor's campus plan.
circa 1925-1930
Set 29: New York City
70 black and white slides (lecture)
Street scenes, elevated railway, buildings, skyline and other images of New York City taken when the Woolworth Tower was the tallest building in the world.
circa 1900-1920
Set 30: Women of the Bible
38 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Depicts the creation of woman and the flight of Lot and family. Includes images of the Biblical Ruth, Esther, and the Woman at the Well.
Set 31: Pilgrim's Progress
41 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Pictorial representations and staged photographic scenes depicting the famed literary work. Slides are mostly from Pilgrim Photoplay Exchange, Chicago.
Set 32: Germany-Bavaria
41 black and white slides (lecture)
Tourist scenes of Bavaria taken after 1918. Lecture prepared by Dr. Kurt F. Reinhardt, Asst. Professor of Germanic Languages, University of Oregon.
Set 33: Light of the World
45 black and white slides (lecture)
Images of the four New Testament narratives of the life of Christ, from the Nativity to the Ascension.
Set 34: The Passion Play
44 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Includes images of Oberammergau and the surrounding region of Germany, and scenes of the Passion Play.
Set 35: Oregon Industries
38 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images depict Oregon's lumber, agriculture, slaughtering and meat packing industries. Also includes photos of the Pendleton Woolen Mills. See also sets 7 and 53.
ca. 1925
Set 36: The World War
47 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Photos of World War I and the U.S. Army in France, including General Pershing inspecting troops, an aerial view of the first U.S. troops in France, trenches, artillery, troops fraternizing, trains, and homefront Save Food posters.
Set 37: Oregon Writers
53 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
The first 33 slides are black and white images of the writers and their homes. The remaining slides are hand-tinted and illustrate Sam Simpson's Poem, Beautiful Willamette.
circa 1936
Set 38: Early Settlement of Oregon
51 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images emphasize important people (Lewis and Clark, John McLoughlin), places (Portland, Oregon City, Corvallis, The Dalles), and events associated with the settlement of Oregon. Includes photos of maps.
Set 39: Scenic Australia
55 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images pertain to Australia's five provinces and the country's geography, economy, and wildlife.
Set 40: Mountains of the West
28 slides, most hand-tinted (lecture)
Photos of mountains in the western United States, including Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Shasta and the Three Sisters. Contains a slide telling the legend of the mountains.
Set 41: Lumber Industry in Oregon
46 slides, many hand-tinted (lecture)
Images show the production of lumber, from harvesting of trees to finished lumber in the mill yard, and types of trees used for lumber.
Set 42: Spanish American War
47 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Includes images of the war in Cuba and the Philippines, naval vessels, flags, and a map showing Spain's territorial possessions.
Set 43: Salmon Industry
23 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Includes images of salmon species, fish wheels and other methods of fishing, canning operations, and hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest.
circa 1925
Set 44: Parables
38 black and white slides
Images of drawings pertaining to well-known Bible parables, such as the Lost Sheep and the Feast of the Thousands.
Set 45: Presidents of the United States
48 slides (2 hand-tinted) (lecture)
Images of U.S. presidents and first ladies from Washington to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also includes images of Lincoln's funeral procession in New York.
Set 46: Tree Farming and Wildlife
20 2"x2" color slides (lecture)
Each slide depicts an animal found in the forest; the lecture provides a forestry-related narrative about the area. Animals depicted include birds, raccoons, cougar, elk, fox bear, mountain goats, and chinook salmon.
Sets 47 and 48: The Other Wise Man
sets A and B, 40 hand-tinted slides in each set (lectures)
Drawings depicting the story of another wiseman's journey to see the newborn Jesus.
Set 49: Lewis and Clark Exposition
26 black and white slides (lecture)
Images depict buildings and scenes at the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland.
Set 50: Ireland -- the Emerald Isle
19 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Tourist oriented slide set depicting famous landmarks such as the Blarney Castle and scenes around Dublin. Also includes agricultural scenes around the countryside.
circa 1925
Set 51: Great Cities of the World
31 hand-tinted photographs (lecture)
Primarily includes images of cities with a 1920 population of 1 million or more, including Cairo, Sydney, Tokyo, Peking, Calcutta, Vienna, Prague, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Montreal, Chicago and New York City.
circa 1920
Set 52: Bible Manners and Customs
38 black and white slides (lecture)
Drawings and photographs depicting Bible-related topics such as healing of the sick, David anointed as king of Hebron, Women at the Well, and Three Lepers. Also includes images of period costumes.
Set 53: Oregon Industries
31 hand-tinted slides
Categories depicted include Raw Materials, Power, Recreation, Mining, and Transportation. Individual industries shown include Jantzen Knitting Mills, Portland Woolen Mills, Iron Fireman Manufacturing Co., and Willamette Potato Chips. See also sets 7 and 35.
Set 54: Cascade and Santiam National Forest
44 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Scenes, including rivers, lakes, and mountains, and maps pertaining to National Forests in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.
Set 55: Sorted Oregon Views
23 slides, some hand-tinted
Images of Oregon agriculture and scenery, including Willamette Valley crops and livestock, Southern Oregon orchards, the Oregon coast, Hood River cherries, and a saloon.
Set 56: History of Army Uniforms
36 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Drawings depict army uniforms from 1772 through World War I. Includes Alexander Hamilton, Zachary Taylor, and Philip Sheridan in uniform.
Set 57: Homes in Europe
43 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Images of typical homes and street scenes in England, the Netherlands and Germany. Includes slides of floor plans.
Set 58: Acts of the Apostles
52 black and white slides (lecture)
Drawings pertain to Biblical references to the apostles, such as the resurrection of Jesus, the stoning of Stephen, and the Apostle Paul. Lecture attributed to Simon S. Dow.
Set 59: Development of the West
21 black and white slides
Covers significant events pertaining to the western U.S., such as the first transcontinental railroad, homesteading, Native Americans, Brigham Young and the Mormons, and agriculture of the West.
Set 60: Japan
51 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images pertain to many aspects of Japan and its culture, such as transportation, schools, religion, theater, geishas, art, home life and customs, trade, recreation, and scenic areas. Includes a map of Japan.
Set 61: Civil War
46 black and white slides (lecture)
Images depict military leaders, battles and battlefields, prisons, hospitals and sanitation, transportation and supplies, Navies, artillery, and army life. Conclusion describes a soldier returning home. Slides made from photographs by Mathew Brady.
Set 62: Christmas Songs
51 hand-tinted slides
Contains slides of words and music to various Christmas songs as well as drawings depicting scenes in the songs. Many slides are of the Holy City. Most slides were produced by the Victor Animatograph Co. or Davenport, Iowa.
Set 63: Odyssey in Art
30 black and white slides
Drawings and maps used to tell the story of Homer's Odyssey.
Set 64: Village Life in the Holy Land
24 black and white slides (lecture)
Photographs from National Geographic of everyday life in various cities and towns in the Middle East.
Set 65: Crater Lake
28 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Includes views of Crater Lake, the lodge, and the surrounding area, and cross section diagrams of Crater Lake and Mt. Mazama.
Set 66: Principal Ports and Harbors of the United States
38 slides, some hand-tinted (lecture)
Images of the ports in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tampa, Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tacoma, Seattle and Portland (Or.).
Set 67: Denmark -- An Example of Rural Development
51 hand-tinted slides (lecture)
Consists primarily of views of Danish agriculture and rural areas. Set is divided into sections -- general views, Land of Organizations, Land of Schools, Land of Churches, Land of Conservation, Land of Beauty, and Land Where People Live.
Set 68: Range Mangement on the National Forests
23 hand-tinted slides
Consists of images of cattle and sheep grazing in national forests and of grazing practicies. The set was prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and originally contained at least 50 images.
Oregon County Agent Work
36 slides
Consists primarily of images of examples of Extension Service county agent work in various locations in Oregon.
Slides from various series
81 slides

Series II:  Lecture Booklets and Inspection Notes, circa 1935Return to Top

Container(s): Box 47

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Agriculture--Oregon.
  • Birds--Oregon.
  • Fisheries--Northwest, Pacific.
  • Geology--Oregon.
  • Glaciers--Pictorial works.
  • Indians of North America--Oregon.
  • Indians of North America--Washington.
  • Logging--Oregon.
  • Lumber trade--Oregon.
  • Salmon--Northwest, Pacific.

Corporate Names

  • Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition (1905 : Portland, Or.)
  • Oregon State College.

Geographical Names

  • Cascade National Forest (Or.)
  • Cascade Range.
  • Crater Lake (Or.)
  • Hood, Mount (Or.)
  • Oregon Trail--Pictorial works.
  • Oregon--History.
  • Santiam National Forest (Or.)
  • United States--History--Pictorial works.

Form or Genre Terms

  • Lantern slides.
  • Slides.

Other Creators

  • Personal Names
    • Bohlman, Herman. (creator)
    • Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953. (creator)
    • Moorhouse, Lee. (creator)
    • Tibbits, H.C. (creator)
    Corporate Names
    • Gifford & Prentiss (Firm) (creator)
    • Keystone View Company. (creator)
    • McIntosh Stereopticon Company. (creator)
    • Pilgrim Photoplay Exchange (Firm) (creator)
    • Underwood & Underwood. (creator)
    • Weister Company. (creator)