UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Stuart L. Goosman recordings: Video: "Visiting Artists", 1988

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Goosman, Stuart L., 1953-
UW Ethnomusicology Archives video recordings: Stuart L. Goosman recordings: Video: "Visiting Artists"
2 items  :  Dub - 1 vct (VHS, sp, color, Hi-Fi stereo); WD - 1 DVD (digital stereo, color); Duration: 1:00:25
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Video project by Stuart Goosman; recorded in Seattle January-March 1988 during residency of Roy Burnyila and John Gambimawuy.
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Stuart L. Goosman (1953-) is a writer and musician. In 1992, he earned his Ph.D. degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Washington. Groosman was also a full-time academic for ten years.

Roy Burnyila (1954-), is a visual artist from Ngalyindi, central Arnhem Land. Burnyila acquired an artist in residency in the aboriginal community of Cabletown, NSW in 1985, where he continued to paint and refine his unique style of crosshatching and swamp totems. He further completed a certificate II in Visual Arts at the Charles Darwin University in 2013. His art has been widely exhibited around the world.

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Recorded by Stuart Goosman on JVC HR S20U (VHS) videocassette recorder; transferred to 1" tape for editing at UW Instructional Media Services; completed version copied back onto VHS (film was made from 10 hours of original footage by Goosman).

Performers: Roy Burnyila and John Gambimawuy/vocals, didjeridu, and dance.

Contents: footage features Burrunyila and Gambimawuy during their stay as visiting artists from Australia in the UW Ethnomusicology Division, December 1987 - March 1988; scenes include the two of them working on instruments, teaching individual and group lessons, public performances, and an interview by a "UW Daily" reporter.

Transmission Data: Digital file created 2/2012 and DVD copy produced.

(Note: 1" copy, not archived, is stored in rm. 52)

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  • Australian Aborigines
  • Ethnomusicology

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  • Australia
  • Oceania

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  • Video recordings

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    • Burnyila, Roy (performer)
    • Gambimawuy, John (performer)