University of Puget Sound Faculty Oral History Project, 2012-2013

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University of Puget Sound Faculty Oral History Project
2012-2013 (inclusive)
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The University of Puget Sound Faculty Oral History project is led by Florence Sandler, Professor Emerita, English, and Bob Matthews, Professor Emeriti, Mathematics & Computer Science. The interviewees are retired faculty from the University of Puget Sound. The University of Puget Sound Faculty Oral History project aims to documentg faculty responses to events that occurred on campus in the 1960s-early 2000s.
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The University of Puget Sound Faculty Oral History project aims to documentg faculty responses to events that occurred on campus in the 1960s-early 2000s. Many of the interviews include multiple individuals.

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The University of Puget Sound Faculty Oral History project is led by Florence Sandler, Professor Emerita, English, and Bob Matthews, Professor Emeriti, Mathematics & Computer Science. The interviewees are retired faculty from the University of Puget Sound.

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Chemistry Department, 2012Return to Top

Interviews with Leon Curtis Mehlhaff (Professor Emeritus of Chemistry), Thomas Rowland (Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Rowland Geology & Environmental Science Lab Suite), Kenneth Rousslang (Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, President's Excellence in Teaching Award 2002).

Topics include Development of Curriculum, graduate program, winterim, general science core requirements, funding, limitations for library holdings, instruments, Phibbs policies, development of student research, recruiting faculty (especially women), philosophy of lab training from 1968-1980.

Art Department, 2012Return to Top

Interview with Bill Colby (Professor Emeritus of Art, Bill Colby Art Scholarship).

Topics include development of art program from 1950s, previous situation of art program in 1920s-1930s (especially studio and kiln), move to Kitteridge, printmaking presses, art league, exhibits, community involvement, Kitteridge gallery (exhibit space and teaching tool), art department collection (especially Chinese prints), personnel on the art faculty, Frances Chubb, ceramics with Carlton Ball and Ken Stevens, training in Midwest, work as artist and teacher (woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, silkscreen, watercolors), Northwest rain and mountain patterns, Oriental aesthetics of China, India, Japan, Sumi, Zen, semesters abroad in 1960s, sabbaticals (especially China), retirement.

John English Interview, 2012Return to Top

Interview with John English (Professor Emeritus of Education, Former Chair of Faculty Senate).

Topics include setup of counselling services and health center, problems with President Thompson, transitional committee, Phibbs/Davis team, school of education, school administration training, NCATE assessments, Carol Frankel as director, University of Puget Sound teaching at Evergreen, shift to graduate programs and benefits, senate chair, Dean Potts, Terry Cooney, faculty advancement committee, issues with business, biology, music, physical education, dimissal of Harmon Zeigler, appointment of Heather Bruce, disappearance of John Jandali, travels in retirement.

Biology Department, 2012Return to Top

Interviews with Ernest Karlstrom (Professor Emeritus of Animal Ecology 1961-1992), Beverly Pierson (Professor Emeritus of Microbiology 1975-2005), Mary Rose Lamb(Professor of Biology), Terrence Mace (Professor Emeritus of Animal Behavior 1982-2003).

Staff 1966, 2012Return to Top

Interview with Florence Sandler (Professor Emerita of English, Director of Women Studies Program).

Topics include educational background in the Netherlands, secretary for John Praj, exchange program with Dutch University, teaching Dutch, director of the program, secretary to division of humanities, philosophy and religion, working with Bob Albertson, Commencement Bay campus, launching the Pacific Rim program, Phibbs administration, Berlinski tenure case, work with phi kappa phi as leader, three University of Puget Sound degrees ( B.A. Philosophy and Lit, M.A Comparative lit, B.A. Education), poetry, adresses and presentations.

Phibbs Interview, 2012Return to Top

Interview with Philip Phibbs (President of Universtiy 1973-1992, Professor Emeritus of Politics and Government).

Counseling Program, 2012Return to Top

Interview with Grace Kirchner (Professor of Counseling in School of Education, specializes in cognitive-behavior therapy, psychopathology, and assessment).

Topics include development of counseling program, arrival of Grace Kirchner, sustainment of program, fluctuating enrollment and tuition, adult education option, advertising, webpage, role of the school counselor (especially how it has changed), service on faculty Senate, the Pierce Years, long-term gratification.

Classics Department, 2012Return to Top

Interviews with Michael Curley (Professor Emeritus of English, Director of Honors Program), David A. Lupher (Professor Emeritus of Classics), William D. Barry (Professor of History and Classics, Honors Program, specializes in Ancient Rome and Greece).

Faculty from 1960s, 2012Return to Top

Interviews with Ron Fields (Professor Emeritus of Art), Rick Tutor (directed several plays at the University, alumni 1984), Darrell Reeck (Professor of Business), Jeff South (?), Lucy Reeck (wife of Darrell Reeck), Pat Smith (Class of 1966, TV personality).

Topics include teaching conditions in 1960s, Jones Hall Theater as chapel, art history slides, faculty collaboration on projects, no salary scale, winterim, war protests, hippie style.

School of Education, 2012Return to Top

Interviews with Christine Kline (Dean in Graduate School of Education, member of UPS Women Studies Advisory Committee, Professor Emerita), Carol (Merz) Frankel (Professor Emerita in School of Education), Richard E. Hodges (Professor Emeritus of Education), Amy E. Ryken (Professor in School of Education).

Topics include Dick Hodge's arrival in 1920s to set up a school of education, better students with undergraduate degrees, financial costs for students, competitive quality of program, interdisciplinary & collaborative approach, individual student's learning experience and professional growth in both theory and practice, marketing programs with faculty work, Japan program, partnerships in public schools.

Mary Thompson Turnbull Interview, 2012Return to Top

Interview with Mary Thompson Turnbull (daughter of President Thompson).

Slater Museum, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with Terrence Mace, Dennis Paulson (Director Emeritus of the Slater Museum), Peter Wimberger (Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, Director of Natural History Museum), Bob Matthews (Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science, maintains Faculty Oral History Project).

Topics include private collection as a museum, lawsuit of Friends of the Museum vs. the University, deliberation of what a liberal arts college would do with a museum, the full time director, building up collections, putting collections online, integration of museum into biology and environmental studies classes, excellence and scope of the collection, renovation of Thompson Hall and relocation of museum, inventory and discovery of human bones, outreach to schools, exhibits.

Bill Haltom Interview, 2013Return to Top

Interview with Bill Haltom (Professor of U.S. Politics and Law).

Topics include living with the faculty code, evasions and violations over the last 30 years, the Harmon Zeigler case, sexual harassment issues in the 1990s.

Albertson Family, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with Audrey McKnight (Sister of Robert Albertson), Lynn Ellen Raisl (President of Women's League, Chairperson of Flea Market).

Topics include class of 1979, class of 1941, the Methodist Church, Pacific Rim Tour.

Three Different Universities, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with William H. Baarsma (graduate of 1963, Professor Emeritus of Business and Public Administration, former mayor of Tacoma), Robert Matthews.

Description Dates
Topics include Methodist college, compulsory religion classes, Tacoma student body, veteran students, fraternities and sororities, home games vs. Pacific Lutheran University, big diamond jubilee, speakers, sigma nu exhibit, columbus day storm, Washington state influence in D.C., great society and model cities program, urban studies programs.
Topics include faculty hires, upgraded academics, Dean Bock, redesigned school image, students from outside of Tacoma, men's football and basketball (no women's sports teams), atletic scholarships, Green Bay Packer's colors, black student union, Booth Gardner sets up urban studies program, hire of Floyd Davis, public administration program added to school of business, addition of law enforcement program, campuses in Seattle, Olympia, Bremerton, downtown Tacoma, more than 5,000 students enrolled (most part-time), faculty vote of no confidence in Thompson (unanimous), Dean Bock locked out of his office and fired, Thompson gives way to government by university council.
1973 on
Topics include Phibbs years, transformation of school, cutting off-campus programs, pulling back school of business and public administration, controversial hiring of Waldo to replace Prinz, football and basketball downgraded after Title IX and Shale report, protests against Phibbs (especially in Associated Student meeting), students sent all faculty forms to evaluate Phibbs (mixed results), students mailed warning letters to parents of al incoming freshmen, eleven student brought before court for stealing addresses (two punished), Paul Anton refused tenure due to secret letter in file, faculty code battle led by Hanson, Annis, Baarsma, Anderson, Baarsma's advice to Phibbs, hiring of Susan Pierce, law school sold with controversy, Ron Thomas introduced to Tacoma by Baarsma, Thomas first president not to be involved in controversy.

Women in Math and Science, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with Jo Crane (Professor of Chemistry), Amy Spivey (Professor of Physics), Beverly Pierson (Professor of Chemistry), Stacey Weiss (Professor of Biology), Anne Wood (Professor Emerita of Chemistry).

Topics include university's effort to get women faculty into the science departments, Eileen Solie teaching entire Freshman biology course, Bev Pierson as first tenured woman in Biology and the science building, Anne Woods coping with the old boy's club in graduate school and as only woman on chemistry faculty, Jo Crane's joint appointment for husband and wife, Amy Spivey and spouse applying to separate departments, continuing low proportion of women in physics and math departments, Stacey Weiss and the high proportion of women in environmental studies departments, mentors made more connections according to research interests than gender, the range of career options nowadays for women graduates.

Law School, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with John LaFond (professor of Law), William Oltman (Professor of Law), Mark Reutlinger (Professor of Law), Robert Matthews.

Topic include Sinclitico setting up law school's curriculum, faculty, site and student body in one year, faculty enthusiasm for administration and teaching, generous but well-earned salaries, high drop-out rate, high standards, high pass rate in bar exam, full accreditation quickly, not given room on main campus, move to Rhodes Building, pioneering the Law Clinic experience, legal writing program, entry for underprivileged students, tenure-track and contract faculty, law school subsidizes university, Phibbs values law school for academic quality, Susan Pierce regime, sale of law school to seattle university, corporate move, grief in the law school and in the town, successful relocation, Seattle university meets the commitment, social justice emphasis.

English Department from the 1970s, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with Michael Curley (Professor Emeritus of English), Francis L Cousens (Professor Emeritus of English), Florence Sandler, Rob Garratt (Professor Emeritus of English and Humanities).

Goodman & Mann, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with Bruce Mann (Professor of Economics), Douglas Goodman (Professor and Chair of Economics)

Topics include economics department, inventing and reinventing the model, changing technology and methods of data gathering, chamber of commerce sponsorship, support from the town and university, help from news tribune and students, "The Bruce and Doug Show."

David Smith Interview, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with David Smith (Professor Emeritus of History), Florence Sandler.

Tom Davis Interview, 2013Return to Top

Interview with Tom Davis (Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics).

Topics include building the faculty, hiring, tenure, provision of sabbaticals, daedalus society, president and dean as a team.

John McCuisition Interview, 2013Return to Top

Interviews with John McCuistion (Professor of Art and Ceramics), Robert Matthews.

Michael Curley Interview, 2013Return to Top

Interview with Michael Curley, Professor of English, Director of the Honors Program, conducted by Florence Sandler and Bob Matthews.

Topics include the English department changes in the 1970s and after, redesigning the honors program for the 1970s, his vocation as teacher, new opportunities for research through the University and NEH, research and publications (Physiologus, book on Geoffrey of Monmouth, Prophecies and Miracles associated with St. David of Wales, the Manzoni translation).

Tom Davis Interview, 2013Return to Top

Interview with Tom Davis (Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics) conducted by Florence Sandler and Bob Matthews.

Topics include, arriving as Dean to an empty office, no records and virtually no support staff, deciding to be a liberal art college or a USC of the North, breaking down the equalities across campus (salary, teaching load, etc.) and the autonomy of the Divisions and Schools of Music, Business, setting up structures including, the Advancement Committee, Budget Task Force, Salary Scale, Early Retirement Option, disbanding off-campus program, reining in the sports team, crises-Mt. St. Helen's avalanche, semester abroad in Europe, Pacific Rim program.

Julie Neff Lippman Interview, 2012Return to Top

The Pierce Years, 2012Return to Top

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Subject Terms

  • College presidents--Washington (State)--Tacoma
  • College students--Washington (State)--Tacoma
  • College teachers--Washington (State)--Tacoma
  • College trustees--Washington (State)--Tacoma

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  • Pierce, Susan Resneck

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  • University of Puget Sound.
  • University of Puget Sound. Board of Trustees.
  • University of Puget Sound. Faculty Senate.