Tom Kovalicky papers, 1965-2005

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Tom Kovalicky papers
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Materials related to the U.S. Forest Service and forestry practices, particularly in Idaho.
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The collection contains materials that Tom collected over the course of his career with the U.S. Forest Service. The bulk of the collection contains conference materials – speeches, presentations, and conference schedules – from conferences that Tom attended. He seemingly collected speeches and presentations that were not his own, but instead were given at conferences that he attended and he either requested a transcript or was simply sent a transcript.

The collection also features professional correspondence between Tom and other environmental conservation professionals. Journals, magazines, and newspaper clippings show up throughout the collection and are all related to a certain topic of environmental conservation, whether national or in Idaho, that Tom must have been interested in.

The acronym AFSEEE stands for the Association of Forest Service Employees for Environment Ethics.

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Thomas J. Kovalicky was born on September 13, 1938 in Passaic, New Jersey. He earned his high school diploma in Clifton, New Jersey in 1953 and his Bachelor of Science in Forestry at the University of Montana, Missoula, in 1961 (he attended between 1953-1958, served time in the Armed Forces, returned in 1960, and graduated in 1961).[1]

Tom worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho before becoming district ranger and forest supervisor in Idaho – two positions that would define his career. As a young man in 1954, Tom fought forest fires in the Clearwater forest in Idaho.[2]

In 1970, Thomas J. Kovalicky became the district ranger for the Stanley Ranger District in Idaho. According to an interview in 2012, "at the time they were prepping this area for the proposed Sawtooth National Recreation Area. My job, as the Forest Service explained it to me, was, you go to Stanley, and you make sure that the National Park Service doesn't get the hearts and minds of the local people and turn this into a national park."[3] Tom was able to convince the locals around Stanley, Idaho, that the Forest Service was better to take over that land than the Park Service by emphasizing that, "if the Park Service takes over, there will be no more hunting. And that was the tilt. That is the thing that made people say, we want to talk more about this…the hooker was there would be no more guns, there would be no more hunting, and that seemed to draw a lot of intrigue."[4] The area ultimately became an NRA, National Recreation Area, rather than a national park.

When asked if he had any regrets about the outcome, he responded: "No. No. The minute I turned the corner in lower Stanley looking at these mountains I realized how crucial this would be for the reputation of not only the politicians involved, but the agency being given a new charge, where they could show their expertise in something other than chopping trees down and grazing cattle and sheep. I saw that potential here, so no, I never had any regrets. I underwent a lot of criticism; it might be a surprise, but there was a lot of internal resistance inside the agency to get away from the pure multiple-use angle of managing property or the landscapes. The Forest Service never envisioned itself ever wanting to be a leader in recreation management. They never pounded the drum to be leaders in the wilderness management arena or the wild and scenic river arena or anything that had to do with wild lands. That wasn't their cup of tea – and it still may not be their cup of tea when you look at what is going on in America today. They just haven't matured as an agency towards a full blown landscape mentality."[5]

Tom is arguably most well-known for his time as the forest supervisor of the Nez Perce National Forest, serving from 1982 to December 31, 1990 when he retired from the U.S. Forest Service. According to The Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Kovalicky gained national prominence as a maverick forester for putting fish and wildlife on par with timber. He was one of the first who went public with the need to change the Forest Service and was generally praised by fish and wildlife groups who saw him as a model forester."[6] His work wasn't praised by everyone though, as the Lewiston Tribune wrote in 1988 that he had "taken occasionally controversial stands on logging, logging roads, and wildlife and fish habitat" while also maintaining a strenuous relationship with U.S. Senator James McClure who had differing policy beliefs.[7]

However, he is also known as having "led the way in improving relations between the public and the Nez Perce Indian tribe and under his auspices the Forest has initiated an annual Native American week in which Indian culture, customs, and current issues are discussed."[8] In 1988, the Lewiston Tribune quoted Herman J. McDevitt as saying that Tom's "'forest has become the premier forest in the nation on stream rehabiliation'" and that "elk, geese, peregrine falcons, mountain goats and bighorn sheep have also benefitted greatly under Kovalicky's administration."[9] Another article of the Lewiston Sunday Tribune said that "Kovalicky has carved himself out a niche among conservationists as a U.S. Forest Service line officer who champions anadromous fish, salmon and steelhead, as vigorously as the trees in the national forest."[10] Rather than "elevating timber to a position favored above all other resources," Kovalicky is said to have been "genuinely concerned about managing all the resources on the national forest," a "sincerity [which] extends to his relations with the tribe." Elliott Moffett, Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee secretary at Lapwai, said that, "'where there's been a lot of more or less talk about working with the tribe, I think Mr. Kovalicky has taken one step further and has gone beyond the talking stage in some respects that the other forests haven't.'"[11]

By 1988, Tom had been supervisor at the Nez Perce National Forest for 6 years and in those six years, "budgets for fisheries projects have increased some 25-fold, from $22,600 in 1982 to $515,000 in 1988." However, "that aggressive effort to gather in BPA habitat money has not been universally endorsed, even among friends. Idaho Fish and Game Department officials have grumbled about such projects and questioned their wisdom."[12]

Tom was involved with organizations outside of the U.S. Forest Service. He served as President of the Society of American Foresters Wilderness Stewardship Working Group (1995-1999), was on the Board of Directors for the National Smokejumper Association, was a Board Member of Idaho Rivers United, was a Charter Board Member for the Selway-Bitterroot Foundation, was a Board Member of Gloria Flora's Sustainable Obtainable Solutions (SOS), and has been a member of the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board (IOGLB), the Society of American Foresters, Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Idaho Rivers Unlimited, Boy Scouts of America, local Chamber of Commerce, and more.[13]

Tom was named Conservationist of the Year by the Idaho Wildlife Foundation in 1988 "for his long-standing work in managing for wildlife and fish values." In 2006, Tom received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Montana, Missoula. He received the "Outstanding Leadership in Resource Management Over a Career Period" annual award.[14]

Tom has one son, John T. Kovalicky, who worked as a Smokejumper Technical Specialist for the U.S. Forest Service and was the Loft Manager at the Aerial Fire Depot in Missoula, Montana. John's wife Debby worked as the merchandise director for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and have two sons, Jace and Justin.[15] Tom currently lives in Grangeville, Idaho.

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Arrangement reflects original order.

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Materials received in 2011 (MA 2011-04).

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The collection started as 3 cubic feet of material, but through processing was cut down to 2.5 cubic feet. The collection was processed by Michelle A. Shannon.


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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Programs, Speeches, and Other Materials from the Second and Third Annual Conferences on Leisure-Recreation
Folder contains: programs from the Second and Third Annual Conference on Leisure-Recreation (1967-1968, respectively). transcript of a speech titled "Philosophy of Federal Agencies Toward Leisure Recreation." Murie, Margaret E. "Aesthetic Concerns in Leisure Recreation." photocopy of an article titled, "No Explosion - Atomic or Population." newspaper clippings.
1 2 Humorous Materials
Folder contains: photocopies of comics and other humorous materials.
1 3 Fire Supression Materials
Folder contains: Fireline Notebook (Part 1 - Fire Suppression Safety). US Forest Service map of Kaniksu National Forest (1965). Multiple Use Survey Report of prescribed broadcast burn at Little Twin Creek, Wyoming (1965) prepared by Kovalicky (Assistant District Ranger). handwritten Day Shift Plans for the Devil Gap Fire on Trout Creek Road, Kaniksu National Forest (August 23, 1967). magazine article on Fighting Future Fires in Forestry section. newspaper clippings and newsletters on fire budget in Idaho. Day Shift Plans and Daily Plans for Trapper Peak Grass Creek Zone fire.
1 4 Forestry 471: Wildlife and Habitat class materials
Folder contains: Appendix A "Building a Vocabulary" packet. packet titled "Simple Classicfication of the Phylum Chordata for use in Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy." packet titled "Comparative Anatomy: Chart of the History of the Earth and its Life." chart titled "Common Forest Fungi." packet titled "Key to the Genera of Basidiomycetes." soil conservation cartoons by J. N. Darling titled "As Land Goes, So Goes Man" and "It Used To Be."
1 5 Girl Scout Roundup (at Kaniksu National Forest) Materials
Folder contains: Girl Scout Senior Roundup folder for Farragut, Bayview, Idaho (July 15-28, 1965). newspaper clippings related to Girl Scouts. welcome letter from Regional Forester Neal M. Rahm. Statistics of the 1965 Girl Scout Senior Roundup. The Roundup Reading list on the history and culture of the Northwest as it applies to the general public and Roundup campers in Idaho. Roundup Questions and Answers packet. Roundup map. US Forest Service map of Backpacking in the National Forest Wilderness: A Family Adventure. photographs of the Roundup. US Forest Service Conservation Pledge. List of US Forest Service Field Offices by state.
1 6 Naturalist magazine: Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho, Summer 1973 edition 1973
1 7a "Seeing the Forest Through the Trees" Ecosystem Management Workshop materials [folder 1 of 2]
Folder contains: newspaper clippings related to environmental quality. folder titled Fly Rod & Reel Outdoor Group - A Division of Down East Enterprise, Inc. which contains humor mottos, articles, and newspaper clippings. unknown, "Songbird." presented at Region 5 Ranger's Conference, Tahoe City, California, November 12, 1991. handwritten notes. Idaho Conservation League Annual Conference program (1997). Sawtooth National Recreation Area statistics (various department budgets and number of visitors between 1991-1997). Kovalicky, Thomas J. "Today and Tomorrow" (article). Wiessner, Andy. "An Enduring Resource of Wilderness for the American Public." presented at U.S. Forest Service National Wilderness Management Training Session, 1991." Frome, Michael. "Threats to the National Wilderness Preservation System: The Managerial Challenge." presented at unknown, 1992.
1 7b "Seeing the Forest Through the Trees" Ecosystem Management Workshop materials [folder 2 of 2]
Folder contains: handwritten notes lecture notes. notes from Frank Church Symposium in Boise (March 1993). speech given at the Annual Meeting of the Idaho Chapter of the Wildlife Society in Boise, Idaho (March 25-27, 1993). Kovalicky, Tom. "Marketing Your Fish & Wildlife Program (and Building Political Support Along the Way)." presented at Northern Region Wildlife & Fisheries Workshop, Helena, Montana, November 30 - December 3, 1987. letter from Cheri Brooks, Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics Editor, to Kovalicky because they transcribed one of his speeches for the purpose of using it "as part of a conference report, and perhaps portions in Inner Voice."
1 8 Assortment of Correspondence, Workshop Materials, and Articles
Folder contains: correspondence and memos between AFSEEE (Association of Forest Service Employees for Environment Ethics) member Joseph Fox, Field Director Bob Dale, and Tom Kovalicky. proposal for AFSEEE to develop a newsletter/magazine, Inner Voice. flyers, schedules, and handwritten notes for public community workshops led by Kovalicky. Wilkinson, Charles F. "The Forest Service: A Call For A Return To First Principles." (article)
1984, 1995-1997
1 9 Articles and Other Forest Service Materials
Folder contains: Bridger National Forest Progress Report for 1968 and Plans for 1969. US Forest Service map of Bridger National Forest (1968). Volume 19 No. 4 of the Naturalist magazine (1968). Lathrop, Theodore G. "Hypothermia: Killer of the Unprepared" (publication) handwritten correspondence. tips on planting seedlings (with visuals). unknown, "Man, Nature and Conservation" (possible speech or manuscript draft with handwritten edits). newspaper clippings relating to cleaning the environment. Burke, Hubert D. "Wilderness Engenders New Management Traditions." (article) Towell, William E. "The Last Frontier." (possible speech or article). US Forest Service Wilderness Sanitation guide. correspondence about the analysis and plans for the Functional Assistance Trip at Bridger National Forest. Summary Report of Characteristics and Processes in the Alpine Life Zone at Bridger Wilderness. humorous song sheet music titled "America the What?" Julber, Eric. "Let's Open Up Our Wilderness Areas." (article.) Stebbins, Ray. "Ah, Wilderness!...And the Ancient Art of Backing Is the Best Way to Enjoy It." (article). brochure from Westridge Fence Company. Randall, Charles Edgar. "So You Want To Be a Forester? Forest Service Personnel Newsletter, April 26, 1974." Jepsen, Stanley M. "Let's Revive Arbor Day." (article). A Design for Management: West Slope of the Wind River Range, Bridger National Forest. U.S. Forest Service, undated. Trends, a Park Practice publication, Volume 7, No. 4, October, 1970.
1 10 "Political Cartoonists' View of Natural Resources Management 1897-1993" article
Folder contains: paper and slide show by Gerald W. Williams titled "Political Cartoonists' View of Natural Resources Management 1897-1993" presented at the 4th North American Symposium on Society and Resource Management in Madison, Wisconsin (May 17-20, 1992). For the original manuscript and more materials from Gerald W. Williams, please contact Oregon State University Library Special Collections and Archives. See their Gerald W. Williams finding aid.
1 11 Journal of Forestry Volume 93, Number 9 September 1995
1 12 Manuscript Draft and Study Summary
Folder contains: working draft of "A Framework For Conservation Leadership" as of August, 1996. correspondence and summary regarding participants in the "Policies and Mythologies of the U.S. Forest Service" study (also known as the Boyle Study).
1994, 1996
1 13a Presentations, Speeches, and Conference Schedules [folder 1 of 2]
Folder contains: program for The Value of Native Coldwater Fish, A Conference for the Northern Rocky Mountains. unknown, "Why Isn't Today Friday." presentation draft, handwritten. Kovalicky's 8 Commandments for Biologists. humorous materials. material by Stephen J. Solem from the Region 1 Civil Rights Workshop in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on February 25, 1987. material by Stephen J. Solem titled "Role of Project Level Analysis and Implementation in Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation." commencement speech given by unidentified person at the U of M School of Forestry in Missoula, Montana at the 75th Anniversary of the School of Forestry on June 11, 1988. Behan, R.W. "The Trashing of the Forests in the Northern Rocky Mountains and What To Do Next." presented at The Future of Timber Management in the Northern Rockies Seminar Sequence, University of Montana, April 13, 1992. Feuchter, Roy W. "Untitled Speech." presented at the Natural Resources Day, Colorado State University, March 30, 1984. Hendee, John C. "The Future for Renewable Resources." presented at the unknown, unknown, April 24, 1985. Mealey, Stephen F. "Conservation for the 1900s: Winning the Second Round." presented at The Boone and Crockett Club's Annual Black Tie Dinner, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, December 7, 1989. Nelson, Jim. "Mining in the National Forests." presented at the Nevada Mining Association, November 6, 1986. Overbay, James C. "Foresters of the Future." presented at the Inland Empire Chapter, Society of American Foresters' Annual Meeting, Templin's Resort Hotel, Post Falls, Idaho, March 27, 1987. Overbay, James C. "Grazing in Montana's National Forests." presented at the Montana Public Lands Council and Montana Stockgrowers Association, Colonial Inn, Helena, Montana, May 28, unknown year. Overbay, James C. "National Forest Management Plan Appeals." presented at the Montana Wood Products Association, Missoula, Montana, September 19, 1986. Overbay, Jim. "Untitled Remarks." presented at the National Timber/Wildlife Directors Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 3, 1987. Peterson, Jack. "Visions of the Future: Water and Agriculture in the Snake-Columbia River Basin in the 21st Century." presented at the Irrigation in Idaho: Then, Now and Tomorrow Water Resource Conference, Boise, Idaho, March 26, 1986. Peterson, R. Max. "Natural Resource and Environmental Public Administration Trends." presented at the American Society for Public Administration, New York City, New York, April 17, 1983. Peterson, R. Max. "Untitled Remarks." presented at the American Society for Public Administration in New York City, New York City, New York, April 17, 1983. Salwasser, Hal. "Draft of Gaining Perspective on Forestry For the Future." presented at the SAF General Session III, Washington, D.C.,August 13, 1990. Solem, Stephen J. "Changes in Emphasis and Priorities." presented at the Region 1 Transportation Planning Workshop, unknown, March 15,1990. Solem, Stephen J. "Dual Careers." presented at the Region 1 Civil Rights Workshop, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, February 25, 1987. Solem, Stephen J. "Role of Project Level Analysis and Implementation in Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation." presented at the unknown, unknown, unknown. Thomas, Jack Ward. "Toward the Managed Forest - Going Place That We've Never Been." Wildlife Society Bulletin 13 (1985): 197–201. Toweill, Dale E. "Social Impacts of Timber Harvest and Roads on Idaho's Elk Management Program." presented at the Spring Management Team Meeting U.S. Forest Service, Region 4, Ogden, Utah, May 9, 1985. unknown. "U of M School of Forestry, Commencement Speech for 75th Anniversary of the School of Forestry." Missoula, Montana, June 11, 1988. Whelan, Nancy. "Suspending the Rules and Improving Business." Government Executive: Government's Business Magazine, April 1987.
1983, 1985-1986
1 13b Presentations, Speeches, and Conference Schedules [folder 2 of 2]
Folder contains: "Conference Constitution." presented at the Pacific Southwest Region Line Officer Conference, Granlibakken, Lake Tahoe City, November 1991. "Economic Impact on Outfitters and Guides Based upon Nez Perce National Forest Plan," n.d. Gerhardt, Nick. "Snake River Water Rights Adjudication." presented at the Nez Perce National Forest Management Team, March 28, 1988. Kennedy, James J. "Understanding Professional Career Evolution - An Example of Aldo Leopold." Wildlife Society Bulletin 12, no. 3 (Fall 1984): 215–25. Leonard, George. "The Importance of Resource Management in Worldwide Conservation." presented at the 4th World Wilderness Congress, Denver, Colorado, September 16, 1987. Loenard, George M. "The Role of the Forest Service in Promoting Community Stability." presented at the Community Stability in Forest-Based Economies Conference, Westin Benson Hotel, Portland, Oregon, November 17, 1987. Mealey, Stephen P. "Where Is the Forest Service Going in the Next 50 Years (2038)." presented at the R-6 WL/F Workshop, Chelan, Washington, March 28, 1988. Mealey, Stephen P., Joseph F. Coates, and Jennifer Jarratt. "International, Social and Cultural Trends Likely to Affect the U.S. Forest Service in the 1990's." n.d. Peterson, Mary. "Backcountry Horseman." March 11, 1989. Peterson, Max. "Women in Natural Resources." presented at the Current Topics in Forest Research, Emphasis on Contributions by Women Scientists, Fainesville, Florida, November 4, 1986. Rahm, Gary N. "Bonners Ferry 2000 A.D.: A Blueprint For Success." presented at the American Legion Birthday Dinner, March 16, 1990. Ring, Jeffery W. "Untitled Address." presented at the Idaho Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Boise, Idaho, March 8, 1985. Robertson, F. Dale. "Can We Rely on America's Public Lands For Recreation in the 21st Century?" presented at the Recreation Industry Forum, Tidewater Inn, Easton, Maryland, October 5, 1987. Robertson, F. Dale. "Placing Your Bets on the Winners in Forestry in the 21st Century." presented at the Allegheny Society of American Foresters Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey, February 22, 1990. Robertson, F. Dale. "The Importance of Sustainable Multiple-Use Management." presented at the Multiple Use-Sustained Yield Commemoration Conference, Nelsonville, Ohio, July 23, 1990. Robertson, F. Dale. Solem, Stephen J. "Meeting NEPA in Forest Plan Implementation - 'The Nez Perce Story': A Line Officer's Perspective." presented at the SAF National Convention Working Group, September 27, 1989. Weaver, Jim. A Congressional Viewpoint: An Interview with Oregon Congressman Jim Weaver On His Opinions About the U.S. Forest Service. Transcript, December 20, 1984. Wetherill, G. Richard. "Who Are the Forest Users?: Society, Culture and Values in the 1990's." presented at the Human Resources Working Group Technical Session, Washington, D.C., August 29, 1990. Summary of Conservation Foundation Presentation on Forest Planning including a briefing summary, discussion notes, two excepts from the Conservation Foundation Report (What is Good Forest Planning, Recommendations), and selections & condensations. executive summary on the Effectiveness of Planning Coordination. statement by James C. Overbay to the Subcommittee on Courts and Administrative Practice. 1984
1 14 Correspondence, Newspaper Articles, News Releases, Letters
Folder contains: correspondence. retirement announcement for Jan R. Seils. photocopies of newspaper articles/editorials, some on Kovalicky and his career work. news releases. Manning, Richard D. "Fixing the Forests: The U.S. Forest Service Is Beseiged With Change, But Congress Isn't Helping." (article). handwritten and typed letters from citizens who want to save the trees.
1 15 Grizzly Bear Recovery in the Bitterroot Ecosystem: Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Articles
Folder contains: many newspaper clippings regarding grizzly bear removal and recovery efforts.
1996, 2000
1 16 "The Road to Oz" Nez Perce National Forest Pilot Program Booklet 1988
1 17 Newspapers
Folder contains: Boise Weekly, Volume 6, Issue 11, October 2-8, 1997. Missoula Independent, Volume 9, Number 7, February 12-19, 1998.
1 18 Nez Perce National Forest Annual Reports 1987, 1990
1 19 Deconstructing Distrust: How Americans View Government (The Pew Research Center publication) 1998
1 20 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation 1996
1 21 Environmental Protection Agency Top 10 Watershed Lessons Learned 1997
1 22 U.S. General Accounting Office Report to Congressional Requesters, Forest Service Decision-Making: A Framework for Improving Performance 1997
1 23 General Management Plan: Nez Perce National Historical Park and Big Hole National Battlefield 1997
1 24 The AFSEEE-Sponsored Ecosystem Management Alternative for the Interior Columbia River Basin 1995
1 25 Certified Forester Requirements, Procedures, and Application 1998
1 26 Forest Service Ecoregions Map of North America 1998
1 27 Newspaper Clippings Related to Wolves 1993-2001
1 28 Newspaper Clippings Related to Sage Hens and Quail 1999-2001
1 29 Grizzly Bear Hearing Procedures, Correspondence 1993-1997
1 30 Josephson Institute of Ethics 1993-1994
2 31 Magazines, Articles, Correspondence, Assorted US Forest Service Materials
Folder contains: correspondence. Planning Processes chart for National Forest Management Act Analysis and National Environmental Policy Act Analysis. ecosystem data. Planning and Stewardship chart. Rundzitis, Gundars. "Nonmetropolitan Geography: Migration, Sense of Place, and the American West." (progress report). AFSEEE recommendations for reorganizing the US Forest Service. newspaper clippings and magazine articles. Journal of Forestry, Volume 92, Number 4, April, 1994. Nature Conservancy: Understanding Biodiversity magazine, January/February, 1994. Fire in Ecosystem Management: Concepts from R-1 Fire Managers. Thomas, Jack Ward. "Forest Management Approaches on the Public's Lands: Turmoil & Transition." (article) Robison, Hank and Charley McKetta. "Assessing Community-Level Economic Impacts of Ecosystem Management." (article). project timeline for Eastside Ecosystem Management Project (October 20, 1994). Where We Want To Be: Integration of Forest Planning into Ecosystem Management. U.S. Forest Service, version 1. Journal of Forestry, Volume 92, Number 7, July, 1994. Journal of Forestry, Volume 92, Number 8, August, 1994. US Forest Service Northern Rocky Mountains Retirees Association Newsletter Special Edition, February 1995.
2 32 Correspondence Regarding Chukar Hunting Survey
Folder contains: correspondence between Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners & Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board (Tom Kovalicky was the Public Representative). memorandum and correspondence regarding Chukar Hunting Survey.
2 33 Newspaper Clippings Regarding Various Hunting Topics
Folder contains: newspaper clippings regarding elk drowning, cockfighting, baiting slugs with beer, and hound hunting. Idaho Fish and Game News 1995. The Spirit of Fair Chase: The Wilderness Hunters' Code.
2 34 Correspondence and Publications by Francis Mohr
Folder contains: correspondence with Francis Mohr. suggested organization for book by Francis Mohr and Tom Kovalicky titled "Light On The Land Firefighter Handbook: A Principle of Wildland Stewardship." Mohr, Francis. "M.I.S.T. - Putting the Concept Into Practice." (article).
1994, 1997
2 35 Newspaper Clippings, Magazine Articles, and Publication
Folder contains: Idaho Standards for Rangeland Health and Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management. U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, August, 1997. High Country News newspaper, Volume 26, Number 8, May 2, 1994. Barbed Wire newsletter, No. 7, Fall, 1996. newspaper clippings related to environmental groups/conservationists and grazing. watersheds Messenger Fall 1997 Vol. 4, Number 2 and Supplement newsletter (Fall 1997). From Our Corner...Real Estate Newsletter Fall 1996. magazine articles.
2 36 Newspaper Clippings and Other Materials Related to Mike Dombeck
Folder contains: Dombeck, Mike. "Sustaining the Health of the Land Through Collaborative Stewardship." Memo to all Forest Service employees on Mike Dombeck's first day as Chief, January 6, 1997. handwritten notes. photocopy of the Senate Congressional Record on February 4, 1997 regarding Mike Dombeck and the environment. The Forestry Source, Volume 2, Number 1, January/February 1997. newspaper clippings. statement of Mike Dombeck to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, February 25, 1997. schedule for press panel "Forests For Our Children, Our Families, and Our Future" on March 24, 1997. Land Board Alert from Idaho Watersheds Project. "Conservation Groups Sue to Block Turnout of Cattle in Owyhee County." news release from Idaho Watersheds Project, March 26, 1997. new membership letter, Shimano Fishing Club. correspondence. magazine articles. Inner Voice, Volume 9, Issue 2, March/April 1997. Inner Voice, Volume 9, Issue 4, July/August 1997. "Reflecting on a Turbulent Tenure." Inner Voice, May/June, 1997.
2 37 Journal of Elk and The Hunt September - October 1998
2 38 Wildfire Response Materials
Folder contains: letters to Forest Service retirees asking for help during an unprecedented fire season. magazine articles regarding logging and wildfires. financial receipt statements for Montana Fire Training Specialists and Training for Wildland Fire costs. emergency equipment rental agreement between Tom Kovalicky and Nez Perce National Forest. Bitterroot Forest Area Update on fires, August 16, 2000. standards For Survival student workbook September 1987. newspaper clippings. magazine articles. Burnt Flats Fire
2 39 Journals and Reports
Folder contains: Gray, Gerald J. and Maia J. Enzer and Jonathan Kusel, eds. Understanding Community-Based Forest Ecosystem Management: An Editorial Synthesis of the American Forests Workshop in Bend, Oregon, June 1998. Journal of Forestry Volume 98, Number 7, July 2000. From the Ashes: Reducing the Harmful Effects and Rising Costs of Western Wildfires - A Report by Taxpayers for Common Sense, December 2000. A Vote For Clean Water: Outstanding Resource Water Protection for the Selway and Middle Fork Salmon, 2001 Legislative Session. Issues in Ecology, Number 6, Spring 2000.
2 40 Stewards of Nez Perce Forest group materials, 1999-2000
Folder contains: "Stewards of Nez Perce Forests," a community-based forestry group focused on the welfare of the Nez Perce National Forest materials. Meadow Face Stewardship Project Recommendations. A Stewardship Proposal for the South Fork of the Clearwater River.
2 41 Regional Pack/Show String materials, Articles, Correspondence, Manuscript
Folder contains: unknown, "Two Sportsmen: An Angler and a Hunter Show Us Our Goals." Western Outdoors, February, 1989. The Meadow Creek Experience and special use permits. Regional Pack/Show String board meeting agenda, discussion points, and budget numbers for 1989. Region One Pack String update, January 5, 1989. Partnership Chapter: Barriers & Solutions (perhaps a manuscript draft?). correspondence.
2 42 Nez Perce National Forest Plan: Record of Decision
Folder contains: Zabinski, Mary. "Nez Perce National Forest Plan." released to public October 9, 1987. I∓I Plan for Release of Nez Perce National Forest Plan/EIS. Overview of Nez Perce National Forest Plan. Record of Decision for USDA Forest Service Nez Perce National Forest: Land and Resource Management Plan Environmental Impact Statement.
2 43 "Grizzly Bear Recovery in the Bitterroot Ecosystem: What Does It Mean To You?" newspaper article 14 June 2000
2 44 Nez Perce National Forest calendars 1986-1987
2 45 Suggested Goals and Objectives for Management of Idaho's Rangeland Resources to the Year 2000
Folder contains: one report prepared by The Idaho Rangeland Committee
January 1987
2 46 Nez Perce National Forest Stockholder's Report 1986
2 47 Manuscript Draft of Crossing Next Meridian - Land, Water and the Future of the West by Charles F. Wilkinson
Folder contains: correspondence. Wilkinson, Charles F. Crossing Next Meridian - Land, Water, and the Future of the West. manuscript draft
2 48 "The Elk is a Denizen of the Hills" article in the Lewiston Morning Tribune 2000
2 49 Materials from Protecting Integrity and Ethics: A Conference for Government Employees of Environmental, Wildlife, and Natural Resource Agencies
Folder contains: AFSEEE correspondence. materials from Protecting Integrity and Ethics: A Conference for Government Employees of Environmental, Wildlife and Natural Resource Agencies at Georgetown Conference Center, Washington, D.C., March 27-28, 1992. keynote speech by Tom Kovalicky at unidentified conference, March 27, 1992.
2 50 Wilderness and Environment Political Issues (particularly CIEDRA)
Folder contains: correspondence. Church, Bethine. "Boulder-White Clouds bill won't 'steal' SNRA lands" article in Idaho Mountain Express, Sun Valley, Idaho, Friday, August 12, 2005. newspaper clippings. Ekker, TinaMarie. "We Want Wilderness...Don't We? The Debate Over the Boulder-White Clouds." (article) Osborn, John. "The Sawtooth NRA: Idaho's Hope Diamond." (article) High Country News newspaper, December 8, 2003. unknown, "Why CIEDRA is NOT the 'status quo': Despite supporters' claims, HR 2514 would enact drastic change." (article) Blaeloch, Janine. "Significance of Land Giveaway in the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act, HR 2514." (article) unknown, "Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act: The Facts About HR 3603." unknown, "Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act: Fact vs. Myth." letter-writing tips from voters to elected representative officials. map of Nez Perce National Forest Inventoried Roadless Areas, 2000. testimony of Former Board Members, Idaho Conservation League on the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act before a hearing of the Blaine County Commissioners, October 13, 2005. Bedberry, Mike. "Compromise to the Heart of Wilderness." newspaper articles regarding CIEDRA and SNRA, other wilderness/environmental bills.
2 51 Correspondence, Workshop Flyer, Newsletter, Newspaper Articles
Folder contains: handwritten notes. photocopies of newspaper articles regarding Forest Service errors. AFSEEE correspondence. flyer for "Looking Toward the 21st Century," workshop given by Tom Kovalicky in Placerville, California on March 13-14, unknown year. Inner Voice, Volume 8, Issue 3, May/June 1996.
2 52 Journal of Forestry
Folder contains: Journal of Forestry, Volume 96, Number 1, January 1998. Journal of Forestry, Volume 96, Number 4, April 1998.
2 53 Conservation Materials and Color Slides
Folder contains: Conservation: It's About Community - A Land Ethic for Today binder materials. 54 color slides of various images.
2 54 Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance materials
Folder contains: Strategy 101 by Tom Kovalicky, February 13, 2002. Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance Web Resources. Placing Hunting in Perspective: Fiction versus Fact. A Wildlife Management Institute Publication, n.d. The Economic Impacts of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Viewing on National Forest Lands. Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Alliance publication, April, 2002.
1992, 2000, 2002
2 55 Journal Articles, Newspapers, Brochures, Correspondence
Folder contains: newspaper articles. correspondence. Fergus, Jim. "Bagging the Royal McNab" article in Sports Afield, October, 1998. Journal of Forestry 2004 Editorial Calendar. Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp brochures, 2002. High Country News newspaper, Volume 34, Number 2, February 4, 2002. Grouse Partnership News Premier Issue Winter, 2000. letter from Brett M. Nunn to survivors thanking them for giving him their testimonies for his book, Panic Rising: True Life Survival Stories from the Great Outdoors, 2003. handwritten notes.
2 56 1995 California Interagency Wilderness Management Training
Folder contains: 1995 California Interagency Wilderness Management Training including agenda, table of contents, and participant list.
2 57 The American Hunter's Story brochure undated
2 58 Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers (Southern Region) [folder 1 of 2] 3-7 May 1993
2 59 Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers (Southern Region) [folder 2 of 2] 3-7 May 1994
2 60 National Advanced Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers [folder 1 of 2] 3-10 June 1994
2 61 National Advanced Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers [folder 2 of 2] 3-10 June 1994
3 62 National Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers [folder 1 of 2]
Folder contains: The 1988 Canyon Creek Fire, U.S. Forest Service pamphlet. Leave No Trace! Land Ethics, U.S. Forest Service pamphlet. Wilderness Management Philosophy, U.S. Forest Service pamphlet, September, 1989. Remini Scents: A Journey of the Scents. Wilderness Management: by correspondence study. document titled "Instructions for Resolving Wilderness Case Studies: A Decision-Making Process." An Enduring Resource of Wilderness: Management Principles, U.S. Forest Service, 1987. map of The National Wilderness Preservation System, 1964-1989. Wilderness Information and Training by International Wilderness Leadership Foundation. Wilderness Management Students: We Want You! flyer. document titled "Instructions for Resolving Wilderness Case Studies: A Decision-Making Process." National Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers binder materials.
11-17 May 1991
3 63 National Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers [folder 2 of 2] 11-17 May 1991
3 64 National Advanced Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers [folder 1 of 2] 7-11 May 1990
3 65 National Advanced Wilderness Management Training for Line Officers [folder 2 of 2] 7-11 May 1990
3 66 Forestry Ethics materials
Folder contains: Ethics Guide flyer. The Forestry Source newspaper, Volume 1, No. 5, June, 1996. A Discussion Guide for the SAF Code of Ethics, Society of American Foresters, 1993. Environmental Ethics in Practice: Developing a Personal Ethic - Materials for Natural Resources Management Instructors, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 1995.
3 67 Forestry Ethics materials 1993-1996
3 68 A Pioneering Work for Natural Resources Educators undated

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