John Stamets photographs, 1970s-2000s

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Stamets, John, 1949-
John Stamets photographs
1970s-2000s (inclusive)
157.81 cubic feet (171 boxes and 3 tubes) plus 1 oversize folder containing photographic prints, negatives, slides and textual materials
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Photographs made by John Stamets who documented architecture and construction around Seattle, Nicaraguan circuses, Fililpino cannery workers, the Rat City Rollergirls roller derby team, the collapse of the Husky Stadium and other activities.
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Mr. Stamets was born on April 18, 1949, in Ithaca, N.Y., and grew up in Columbiana, Ohio. Following family tradition, he attended prep school at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania. After graduating from Yale University in 1971, he moved to Seattle in the early 1970s to study neurophysiology at the UW.

But he had already acquired the photography bug at Yale, where he had a chance to study with legendary photographer Walker Evans.

“John was a force of nature,” his brother, Paul, said. “He inspired me on my path into the field of mycology, after his travels to Mexico and Colombia in pursuit of magic mushrooms.”

Back in Seattle, Mr. Stamets drove a cab for several years, taking pictures of his passengers. He also was a photographer for the Seattle Sun, an alternative weekly.

He was most famous for capturing the 1987 collapse of Husky Stadium on camera — a photo he then sold as a nine-shot panoramic postcard titled “Gravity 1, UW 0.”

In 1988, he began shooting the construction of large building projects in downtown Seattle as the city underwent one of its periodic building booms. “I realized it was going to be a very significant time in the city’s history,” he told The Seattle Times in 1992, “comparable to the Denny Regrade.” (The bus tunnel, downtown Seattle Art Museum and five skyscrapers were all under construction.)

In 1992, he joined the UW faculty, where he ran the Architecture Photo Lab. He also became involved in a federal program documenting important historical buildings. His collaborator Susan Boyle, of Boyle Wagoner Architects, noted that more than 350 of his photographs are in the Library of Congress’s Historic American Buildings Survey and the Historic American Engineering Record Collection.

There was little that could stop him from getting the shot he wanted, Boyle said. He even rented the Monorail so he could see into the EMP Museum site during construction, having the driver stop at the best vantage points and open the doors.

A more recent obsession was the Rat City Rollergirls. “In March 2013 I fell down the rabbit hole into modern roller derby,” he said. “I saw it once, and I never left.”

He died the weekend of June 7-8, at age 65, of an apparent heart attack.

Information taken from John Stamets obituary by Michael Upchurch.

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Photographs made by John Stamets. Stamets documented architecture around Seattle often making photographs over time that followed the stages of construction of buildings. He also made photographs of historical buidlings for HABS and HAER documentation projects (Historical American Building Survey/Historical American Engineering Record). He also documented Nicaraguan circuses, Fililpino cannery workers, the Rat City Rollergirls roller derby team and other activities.

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Some records stored off-site; advance notice required for use.

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Donor: Stamets family, 2014.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Architecture negatives, color prints ca. 2005 2001-2005
2 Henry Art Museum negatives and notecards, construction documentation 1995-1997
3 HABS/HAER Prints undated
4 Prints and negatives
Group as found
5 Project files, prints, and negatives; EMP during construction undated
6 Misc. negatives 2001
7 Architecture negatives
Some boxes marked HABS
8 Color negatives and prints; Safeco Field and IIT 1994-2004
9 IIT Negatives and prints circa 2000-2002
10 Color negatives, slides, prints; EMP during Construction undated
11 Negatives; music hall 2005
12 HABS/HAER and Henry Art Gallery negatives, prints undated
13 Negatives and notecards 1998
14 Project files, prints, construction documentation circa 2005
15 Negatives and prints from EMP construction circa 1999-2000
16 Prints and Project Files, HABS/HAER undated
17 Misc. prints undated
18 Negatives, note cards on Seattle Central Library and other projects 1996-1997
19 Seattle Central Library negatives and prints 2003
20 Construction documentation projects, Bellevue Art Museum, negative record sheets 2005-2006
21 Vertico negatives in binders, box 1 of 3 1988-1989
22 Misc. prints undated
23 Prints, Fox Theater/Music Hall and HABS/HAER project files undated
24 Milwaukee Art Museum and others negatives and prints circa 2006
25 Misc. prints from Scanning Office (Gould 19C) circa 1999-2004
26 Vertico negatives in binders, box 2 of 3 1989-1990
27 Project files/portfolios, prints, old negative notecards 1994
28 Misc. color and black/white negatives, some EMP negatives included 1995-2007
29 Negatives and Prints, Seattle Central Library and IIT 2003-2004
30 HABS/HAER project files and prints
Grouped as found
31 Vertico negatives in binders, box 3 of 3 1990-1992
32 Misc. negatives 2008-2010
33 Misc. negatives
Some appear to show construction on building next to Seattle Art Museum
34 Project slides
Boxed as found. Covers a lot of different projects, including some HABS/HAER, EMP, IIT
35 Cobb building documentation, prints and negatives 2006
36 Misc. negatives 2004-2005
37 Misc. negatives, one box labeled "South Park Bridge" with print glued to top of box 2006-2009
38 Misc. negatives 2003
39 Construction documentation projects, Henry Art Gallery, negatives and prints 1995-1997
40 HABS/HAER Project folders; documents, negatives, and prints; box 3 of 3 circa 2010-2013
41 HABS/HAER negatives 1989-1992
42 HABS/HAER Project folders; documents and prints; box 1 of 3 circa 2001-2004
43 Music hall negatives, HABS/HAER prints, misc. prints circa 1991-2007
44 Construction documentation projects and prints, multiple projects grouped as found circa 1991-2006
45 HABS/HAER Project folders; documents and prints; box 2 of 3 circa 2002-2007
46 HABS/HAER negatives 1991-1999
47 HABS/HAER negatives 1999
48 HABS/HAER negatives 2000
49 HABS/HAER negatives 2002
50 HABS/HAER negatives 2002
51 Misc. prints from Scanning Office (Gould 19C) circa 1996-2000
52 HABS/HAER negatives 1994-1997
53 Misc. prints and negatives/color negatives circa 1997-2012
54 Misc. prints and negatives circa 1987-1998
55 Large prints: misc building projects circa 1988-2000
56 Panoramic prints
Mostly Pike Place Market, some Kingdome events, some of protesters ('86) and pedestrians in Downtown Seattle
circa 1985-1988
57 Large prints
Single matted print, posters, Music Hall, Madonna Wall (EMP SE Corner), misc. building projects
circa 1992-1998
58 Large Prints: untitled, but possibly depicting the Music Hall, EMP, and the Henry Art Gallery circa 1992-1998
59 Large prints
Some appear to be from Stamet's days of taking pictures of his taxi passengers, others are portraits or misc. street scenes
60 Large prints: unlabeled, but appear to be from Henry Art Gallery during construction 1996
61 Large prints: Seattle Art Museum during construction undated
62 Large prints
Most appear to be of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) during construction
circa 1990-1991
63 Large prints: MAM, IIT, Sundial undated
64 Misc. prints of varying sizes circa 2007-2009
65 Large prints: untitled
Unable to determine the buildings depicted during construction
circa 2000
66 Large prints: misc. buildings under construction, unable to determine the buildings depicted circa 1989
67 Misc. negatives and prints, negative notecards, and slides
For both HABS/HAER and Henry
circa 1994-2002
68 Suzzalo and Seattle Branch Libraries prints
Each branch library has its own labeled folder
circa 2000-2005
69 Miscellaneous slides, negatives, and color negatives
Originally housed in binders
circa 1988-2000
70 Taxi-related documents and files
Probaby from years spent driving a Taxi and occasionally photographing passengers
circa 1980-1983
Various prints
circa 1982
72 Miscellaneous Prints/Documents
Various prints
73 Miscellaneous Prints/Documents circa 1981-1982
74 Miscellaneous Prints/Documents
Domingo/Viernes Depositions and Manuscripts
circa 1982-2000
74 Newspapers
Pike Place Market News '94 - '00 and Reflex Magazine Dec. '95 - Jan. '96
75 Large prints: misc. building projects
Includes Suzzalo Renovation (excellent shot of Reading Room renovation)
circa 2000-2001
76 Large prints: misc. building projects circa 1988-2009
77 Large prints: misc. building projects circa 1999-2003
78 Large prints: Henry Art Gallery, other unidentified building project circa 1996-1998
79 Small booklet of photocopied Pike Place Market photos ('85-'87)
Likely a layout for his book "Portrait of a Market"
circa 1985-1987
79 Large prints: Henry Art Gallery, misc. building projects circa 1985-2011
80 Large Prints: Music hall, misc. building projects circa 1988-2005
81 Large Prints: Bellevue Art Museum, misc. building projects circa 2000-2005
82 Large Prints: misc. building projects, some of light rail (Seattle?) circa 2001-2003
83 Large Prints: Suzzallo Renovation, misc. building projects circa 1997-2005
84 Large Prints: Bellevue Art Museum circa 2000
85 Large Prints
Subjects include Museum of Gass, Music Hall, Seattle Coleseum demol., Protesters (Downtown Seattle?), Bellevue Art Museum, SAM, Seattle Central Library demol., MAM, Henry Art Gallery, McKan Apt. demol., Millenium Tower
circa 1990-2005
86 Large Prints
Subjects include Henry Art Gallery, 505 Union Station, old farm building, misc. building projects
circa 1996-2001
87 Large Prints: IIT-MTCC, EMP construction circa 1999-2002
88 Large Prints: Single color print, BW prints for misc. building projects
Looking East on Pine, possibly Safeco Field construction
circa 1988-2001
89 Large Prints: Suzzalo Renovation
Very good condition, excellent shots of Reading Room renovation
circa 2001-2002
90 Negatives in labeled, dated sleeves (10/1/76-2/28/81) 1976-1981
90 Various prints and negatives
Subjects include San Francisco, Cherry Point Arco Refinery, wheat harvest, Seattle Sonics, Mexico trip, and Anti-Nuclear Power Protest '77 (Crabshell Alliance)
circa 1976-1981
91 Various slides, negatives, proofs, and prints
Stamets labelled the boxes as "WA State Slides," "Good Prints," "Seattle 'Scapes," "The Group Proofs and Negs,"
circa 1974-1986
92 Various prints and negatives
Includes "Catholic Progress" prints and negatives, "Vertico" prints from Aug. '88 to Dec. '91, and "Urban Scrape" prints
circa 1988-1992
93 Various slides
"Alaska '85", "Street Art/Artists", Politics '84-85", "Misc. extra slides", "Taxi Passengers"
circa 1984-1985
93 Various negatives
"Market Widelux" - likely Pike Place
circa 1983-1991
93 Notebook
Notes about experiments on cats and rats
circa 1983-1991
94 Various slides, prints, and negatives
Subjects include includes color prints from a wedding, prints labeled "Daniel Masfield - Deaf/Blind" (possibly by another photographer), IFPTE Conference Photography ('82)
circa 1978-1986
95 Various prints and negatives
Taxi passenger photos comprise the majority, some color photos and some of Housing/Tenants Union demolition
circa 1977-1991
96 Various prints and negatives
Taxi passengers, Amusement Center, West Seattle bridge, photos related to Nicaraguan Embargo protests/political activism, Shorey's bookstore, "Hot Shots", and weddings
circa 1977-1995
97 Large color prints taken in Nicaragua: "Nicaragua Libre" circa 1985
98 Prints of various sizes, appear to be photographs taken by Jerry Gay for the Seattle Sun in 1980 circa 1980
99 Misc. large color prints, possibly the Seattle Center circa 1985
100 Misc. large prints
Some are black and white prints of Taxi passengers, undated but probably from late 1970s; the rest are color photographs from '83-'86, possibly Seattle Center
circa 1977-86
101 Misc. large color prints
Most appear to possibly depict the Seattle Center, some Nicaragua photos as well
circa 1979-1985
102 Misc. large color prints
Some possibly Seattle Center, some of Pike Place Market, some of an unidentified mountain
circa 1983-1985
103 Large color prints
Might be Seattle Center
Circa 1980s
104 Misc. prints, negatives, color negatives, and slides,
Includes large amount of prints from Kingdome contracts ('88-'90), slides of Seattle and WA state, theater negatives and slides, and taxi passenger prints with model releases
Circa 1974-1990
105 Misc. documents, prints, and newspaper/magazine clippings
Some materials related to Kingdome photography project ('88-'90)
circa 1988-1990, undated
106 Misc. documents, prints, newspaper/magazine clippings undated
107 Misc. documents, prints, and newspaper/magazine clippings
Includes Music Hall demolition prints and docs. from 91-92
1991-1992, undated
108 Misc. negatives and prints
Subjects include: Taxi passengers/taxi company from '77-'79, Music Hall ('91-'92), First Ave (Pike to Union) from '80-81, Fremont Forum, Volunteer Park Bicycle Race (4/1/78), theater prints, and 4th of July Fireworks Crew ('79)
circa 1977-1992
109 Music Hall panorama prints circa 1991-1992
109 Various slides circa 1973-1996
110 Negatives in labeled, dated sleeves 1978-1982
110 Miscellaneous slides circa 1985-1998
110 "Art Scene" negatives and prints 1988-1989
110 DVD/CDs of photos from Savery Hall renovation circa 2008
111 Miscellaneous matted prints, prints and negatives
Nicaragua, personal photos, Labor council office, and various subjects
circa 1969-1995
111 Materials form "Alaskeros" exhibition circa 1969-1995
111 Davenport College Arts Magazine 1969
112 Miscellaneous prints
Grouped as found and put into 19 folders; dates are approximate, as most prints were undated
circa 1977-1986
113 Kingdome project negatives circa 1986-1991
113 Kingdome panoramic prints circa 1986-1989
113 East Coast negatives and prints circa 1971-1974
113 Domingo/Viernes prints, negatives, and docs circa 1977-1991
113 Seattle Sun slideshow by Nancy Walz
114 Miscellaneous prints and negatives (some, but few, negatives as well), also a folder of slides (Lakeview Cemetary, color negatives (skyline)
Subjects include: Harborview Garage ('89-'90), Vertico (Jan '88-July '88 and Oct '89-April '90), "Art Scene" ('87-'95), and miscellaneous building projects
114 Slides of Lakeview Cemetary and color negatives of the skyline circa 1986-1990
115 Miscellaneous prints negatives
Subjects include Pike Place Market and the people that work the shops there are heavily featured, also contains labeled folders of Stamets' favorite Pike Place Market photos (e.g. "MARKET BEST!", "MARKET 'BEST' - PORTRAITS")
circa 1977-1999
116 Miscellaneous prints and negatives
Subjects include Pike Place Market, National Conference on Public Markets held in Seattle; finished copy of Portrait of a Market book; materials related to the fall of the Hammering Man sculpture at the SAM; misc architecture prints and negs
circa 1981-2001
117 Miscellaneous prints, negatives, documents
Includes photography project proposals, magazine and newspaper clippings, journals, mockups, and other materials
circa 1989-2002
118 Large prints of CTC/Theater productions 1980
119 Large color prints titled "Mechanical Carnival #2" 1980
120-121 Possible undeveloped film undated
122 Miscellaneous newspaper and magazine clippings (mostly Seattle-area publications) circa 1977-2004
122 Photocopies of articles with Stamets' photos circa 1977-2004
122 Negatives, photos, blueprints, photography project correspondence, and documents circa 1977-2004
123 Possible undeveloped film undated
124 Misc. loose prints and negatives from various bulding projects and other photography projects, loose blueprint negatives circa 1975-2008
124 Issues of the Seattle Sun 1975
124 UW Department of Architecture design folio 2007
125 Issues of the Seattle Sun 1980
125 Legal papers related to the Domingo-Viernes case
Papers, photos, pamphlets, newspaper/magazine clippings, documents, and notes (taken by Stamets) related to the Domingo-Viernes case
circa 1980-1985
126 Documents, prints, negatives of building projects circa 1977-1999
126 Miscellaenous prints 1977-1978
127 Project files undated
128 Panorama Prints of Pike Place Market 1986-1987
128 Prints 1986-1991
128 Taxi Passenger project prints and negatives 1978-1981
128 Negatives and prints 1976-1982
129-130 Possible undeveloped film undated
131 Project files and documents 1984-1993
131 Project files and documents 1984-1993
131 Seattle Sun staff negatives and prints 1978-1982
131 Boeing materials on specific aircraft circa 1978-1993
132 Nordstrom contruction prints 1997-2001
132 Steno notebooks 2001, 2003
132 Misc. prints and negatives
Includes Longacres demolition ('92) and Fremont Bridge prints (2005) as well as other subjects
133 Misc. prints and some negatives of various building projects
Includes construction at SAM ('08), Cabrini Hospital demolition ('95), King County Landmarks ('90)
circa 1990-2008
133 Misc. documents undated
133 Misc. panoramic negatives circa 1986
133 Captioned photos of Rat City Roller Girls 2013
133 Issue of Northwest Construction magazine with Stamets photo on cover 1999
134 Miscellaneous prints, negatives, and slides
Subjects include: Bellevue skyline ('91), Pike Place Market Historic Preservation Easement photo contract ('92), Key Bank in Ballard ('91), Longacres racetractk ('92), Telephone poles ('04), and various building projects
circa 1977-2005
135 Prints, negatives, and documents
Loose materials were foldered as found due to overwhelming amount
Subjects include: Vertigo (5/3/88-8/17/88), Henry Art Building (1995), Nordstrom (1998).
circa 1979-2000
136 Prints, negatives, and documents
Subjects include: Pike Place Market ('92-'95), Henry Art Gallery photos and docs for a Gwathmey Siegel book ('99), various building projects; includes a box of negatives ('85-92)
circa 1979-2003
137 Loose large prints circa 1977-2001
138 Slides of Blaine, WA and US Customs 1984
138 Negatives 1967-1969
138 Prints and contact sheet prints 1967-1971
138 Seattle newspapers and magazines 1977-1988
138 Magazines/newsletter clippings related to photography and cameras
139 Magazines/newsletter clippings circa 1979-2000
139 Documents and file folders circa 1979-2000
139 Prints and negatives with Pike Place Market featured prominently circa 1979-2000
140 Slides and prints
Subjects include: Pike Place Market and photography for Pike Place Market News ('89-'94), Pike Place Landmarks ('90), the Kingdome (ca '88), and quality prints of the collapse of Husky Stadium ('87)
circa 1980-2003
141 Construction prints 1984-2001
141 Market News prints 1994-1996
141 HABS/HAER prints and documents
Includes Madigan building, Kosai Farms ('95), Wenatchee, Hamilton Hotel in Portland ('93), Bothell: Jamison House and Boone/Truly Farm ('91 & '93), and Whibley Island Naval Air Station, as well as misc. HABS ('92-'98). Also includes HAER prints of North 21st Street Bridge in Tacoma ('93), and HABS report and negatives of Curtis Whaf in Anacortes.
142 Project files
Mostly prints of Vertico, SAM, Pike Place Market, and other building construction projects ('88-'95); also includes prints and negatives of Downtown Seattle/Seattle Cityscapes ('77-'82)
circa 1977-1995
143 Prints, negatives, and documents
Subjects include: HABS Curtis Wharf ('92), Pike Place Market, HABS SF Jewish Community Center ('01), "Nicaragua Libre", the Kingdome ('88-'91), and misc. building contruction projects
circa 1988-2001
144 Prints, negatives, and documents
Subjects include: the Kingdome ('87-'91), Cobb building ('95), Pike Place Market ('85-'87), Seattle Central Library, and misc. building projects
circa 1980-2003
145 Issues of the Seattle Sun circa 1977-1978
146 Slides of Seattle buildings ('86-'88) 1986-1988
146 Project files
Projects include Boeing, Music Hall, Seattle Sun, Vertico, IIT
147 Oversize prints circa 1987-1998
148 Oversize prints circa 1988-2001
149-151 Possible undeveloped film undated
152 Misc. project files
Subjects include: Taxi project, Newmark, St. Stephen's, and photos of a man Stamets' friend (a Pike Place news stand owner) claims is D. B. Cooper
152 Photographs
Photos of a man Stamets' friend (a Pike Place news stand owner) claims is D. B. Cooper
circa 1976-1994
153 Misc. prints, negatives, and documents
Subjects include: EMP ('99), Chelan Lookout Tower ('95), Japanese Language School - Tacoma ('94), and Neptune and IIT Project files
circa 1976-2013
154 Slides of Blaine, Wash. and US Customs 1984
154 Negatives 1967-1969
154 Prints and contact sheet prints 1967-1971
154 Misc. seattle newspapers and magazines 1977-1988
154 Misc. magazines/newsletter clippings related to photography and cameras undated
155 Misc. project files; misc. prints and negatives
Subjects include: HABS - Chelan Buttte Lookout ('95), Seattle Festivals ('83-'85), Pacific Northwest Art Expo ('86), various theater groups ('77-'85), and the Solar Eclipse of Feb. 26, 1979
circa 1977-1995
156 Issues of the Seattle Sun 1977-1981
156 Personal files 1988-1989
156 Issue of Seattle Times with article on Stamets' photography 2000
157-159 Possible undeveloped film undated
160 Misc. prints, negatives, slides, and newspaper/magazine clippings
Subjects include: Henry Art Building Renovation prints/color negatives ('96), Drydock 3 at the Port of Seattle ('94), HAER - Wyckoff ('95-'96), and misc. buildings/construction projects
circa 1984-2005
161 Misc. loose prints, negatives, and documents
Largely photos of various building projects/architecture, does include HABS prints of Longacres Racetrack (circa 1992)
circa 1973-2008
162 Misc. loose prints, negatives, documents, and slides
Subjects include: Pike Place Market (1992-1997), Bob Marley at the Paramount Theater (1979), Trinity Episcopal Parish Church post-earthquake renovation (2001), and Rat City Rollergirls (2013-2014)
circa 1976-2014
163 Digital and tape materials
DVD-RWs & CD-RWs of digital photo files ('97-'13), micro floppy discs ('90-'98), misc. audio cassette tapes ('77-'03), Canon Compactflash Card memory card ('03), and some blank DVD-RWs
circa 1977-2013
164 Oversize prints
Subjects include: Portfolio prints/clippings ('79-'92), Bob Marley at the Paramount Theater prints ('79), Pike Place Market ('85-'86), Husky Stadium Collapse ('87), and misc. loose prints ('84-'98)
circa 1979-1998
165 Oversize matted prints circa 1979-1997
166 Oversize prints
Subjects include: Pike Place Market ('85-'86), Seattle Art Museum ('91), Music Hall demolition ('92), and misc. events at the Kingdome (includes Seattle Mariners games, motorcross, and Paul McCartney in concert)
circa 1987-2001
167 Oversize prints
Subjects include: Pike Place Market ('85-'86), Seattle Art Museum ('91), Music Hall demolition ('92), Henry Art Gallery renovation ('96), EMP ('99), Husky Stadium collapse ('87), and Folklife Festival ('87)
circa 1986-1992
168 Large matted prints
Subjects include: Pike Place Market ('86), Kingdome ('88), and the Wah Mee Club ('83)
circa 1983-1988
169 Ephemera
Includes photography ephemera (sheet film holders, etc.), personal items (such as old IDs and Press passes from events), postcards, etc.
170 Miscellany
Newspaper/magazine clippings ('77-'03), small posters, mounted prints, long developed negative/transparency rolls, and envelopes of empty negative sleeves with labels and dates
circa 1977-2003
171 Newspaper and magazine articles/clippings
Newspapers/magazines featuring Stamets' photography and some articles (foldered and in oversize upright archival box); also includes coverage on Wah Mee Massacre (1983)
circa 1979-1992
172 Newspaper and magazine articles/clippings
Newspapers/magazines featuring Stamets' photography and some articles (foldered and in oversize upright archival box); also includes duplicate copies of certain editions/issues
circa 1977-1988
173 Oversize rolled photographs
Milwaukie Art Museum at Night 00-12.9-21c (2000); Henry Construction, 2 prints (1996); Photocopy of panorama street scene of Westlake plaza, Seattle (undated); Alaskeros: A Documentary Exhibit on Pioneer Filipino Cannery Workers Exhibit poster (undated)
174 Blueprints of Salishan Defense Housing Project 1942
175 Oversize rolled transparency of building under construction undated

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  • Photographs--Specimens
  • Visual Materials Collections (University of Washington)

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  • Stamets, John, 1949---Archives

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  • Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record
  • Pike Place Market (Seattle, Wash.)--Photographs
  • Rat City Rollergirls--Photographs
  • Seattle Art Museum--Photographs
  • Seattle Central Library--Photographs

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