Corinne Godbe Miles digitized scrapbooks, 1923-2000

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Miles, Corinne Godbe
Corinne Godbe Miles digitized scrapbooks
1923-2000 (inclusive)
102 individual scrapbooks
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The Corinne Godbe Miles digitized scrapbooks consists of copies of the original scrapbooks that Miles kept through her life.
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Corinne Godbe Miles (1923-2015) was born November 30, 1923 in Salt Lake City to parents Murray and Ruth Godbe. She graduated from East High School, after which she attended the University of Utah. She met her husband, Edwin Ruthven Miles IV, while at college, and they were married May 20, 1944 in Pittsburg, Kansas. After he returned from World War II, they were sealed in the Salt Lake Latter-Day Saint Temple. Together, they had ten children. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 1964.

She held a variety of positions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as a Sunday School teacher, seminary teacher, and Institute instructor. Her civic positions included membership in the Utah State Women's Legislative Council, the University of Utah Alumni Class Vice President, Republican Party District Vice Chairman, American Contemporary Theatre Board of Directors, Trustee of the Brigham Young Family Association, National Director of Educational Services for Odyssey House, and Director of the Osmond Foundation. She was also awarded the "Utah Woman of the Year" award by the Deseret News.

Corinne Godbe Miles died November 16, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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The digitized copies, available for research within Special Collections, consist of the scrapbooks, journals, and family history of Corinne Godbe Miles. Digitized scrapbooks include photographs, correspondence, journaling, and news articles about the Miles family, extended family, and friends. Quoted scrapbook descriptions are taken from Miles's own index of her scrapbooks, with some abbreviations written out fully.

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Arranged by volume. Volume numbering was provided by Corinne Miles.

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Originals in possession of donor. Only digitized copies are available.

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Donated by Ann Reynolds in 2016.

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Processed by Hannah Waddel in 2017.

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Description Dates
Volume 1
"Corinne Godbe Miles, Life History, Journal, Writings, Ruth Godbe's Journal (Mother)"
Volume 2
"Courtship and marriage, High school graduation, U of U, Corinne news pictures, WWII - OCS, Marriage, Fort Sill Oklahoma, Fort Bragg North Carolina, Washington DC, Ed - France"
Volume 3
"Careers, Juvenile jobs, Adult jobs"
Volume 4
Volume 9
"Family life, Education, Service, Religion"
Volume 10
"Christine born, Ed overseas postcards, Ed returns, 5 generation picture, Kentucky, Mammoth Cave, Tennessee to Salt Lake City return, Spanish Fork, Dent - Zay ?, 'WWII and the Miles Family'"
Volume 12
"Salt Lake City home, Poems - Ann Christine, Move to California, Beach, Patty visits, Ed - bishop's counselor, Big Sur, Sequoia, Yosemite, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Mesa Temple, Lake Tahoe, Rick's birth, Art award Christine"
Volume 13
"San Francisco, Chinatown, Alcatraz, Balboa, La Jolla, Huntington Beach, Scott born, Los Angeles Temple completed, Ed - Bishop, Piano Recital, Knotts Berry Farm, Big Bean, Santas Village"
Volume 14
"Travel, California - Utah, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Mesa Verde, Colorado, Tiajuana, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, Kathy born, Grandma Dempster, Ed bishop, Beach, Disneyland, Ruth May Fox dies 104, Ann poetry"
Volume 15
"Scriptures, John born, Beach, Grandpa Fox dies, Joan marries, Chris - essay winner, Chris graduates junior high, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Ensenada"
Volume 16
"Carmel, Karen born, Christine models, Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, Kathy and Karen mascots Anaheim High, THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Personal Ponderings Corinne, Scriptures, Index Movie/Video"
Volume 17
"Anaheim, Karen - 1 yr, John, Kathy, Scott, Rick, Michelle, Ann, David, Christine - Homecoming Royalty, Cheerleader, Mascots - Anaheim High, Karen - Kathy"
Volume 18
"California to Alabama, Kathy writes, Corinne graduates college, Christine graduates Anaheim High and Seminary, Chris, BYU, David graduates Seminary, Huntsville, Ann poetry"
Volume 22
"Huntsville, Alabama, Ann, Rick's band, Easter - Florida vacation, Michelle cheerleader, Christine graduates BYU, Gunnersville Lake, Atlanta, Georgia, Teri born, Whileslung(?) swim team, Homecoming, Michele"
Volume 23
"Huntsville, Teri Miles baby, Ann BYU, Christine - Chile, Scott - Bachelor of the Month, Menuche puppy, Ed - Scottsboro Branch President, Michelle - Miss Teenage Huntsville, Kathy poems, Ann marries, Rich's band"
Volume 24
"Letters Chris (Christine), Christine returns from Chile, Christine marries William Nelson, Honor roll of inventors"
Volume 24b
"Awards, Recognition, Positions, Ed + Corinne, Etc.", Patent correspondence regarding tire uniformity tester.
Volume 26
"Ann, Debi, Ed, Scott, Karen poem, Kathy's 15 year old testimony of heavenly mother, Rick graduates Brighton High, East High burns, 50th wedding anniversary of Mother and Dad, Bryan Miles born, Georgia with David's family, Corinne, Debi, Scott, Rich, Michelle - Mission to Spain, Nelsons - Ed - Reynolds, Kathy, Karen, Debi, Rick's mission - Philippines, Scott's church talk, Michelle poem"
Volume 27
"Photographs and memorabilia of the celebration of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Corinne Miles's parents, Ruth and Murray Godbe."
Volume 28
"Michelle-Spain Mission, Brooke born, Rich - Mission, Michelle, Scott, hotdogging, Kathy 'Sound of Music', 'With Love, Mother', Rich's letters, David, palms"
Volume 29
"Rick letters, Manila mission, Michelle Spain, Erin Nelson born, John visits Germany, Debi baptised, Michelle marries, Karen-13 years autobiography"
Volume 30
"Rick mission release, Michelle marries, John, Debi, Karen, Ed, Kathy, Nelsons-Reynolds, Scott's mission-Brazil, Brandon Reynolds born, Dad, Chicago trip with Odyssey, Scott in Chicago, Hubers, Boston Trip, David Miles Family"
Volume 31
"Kathy graduation, Kathy- Brighton Chorus, Karen - Award, Debi - Granny - Ed, Corinne, Nelsons-Reynolds, Scott Mission Letters, John - Georgetown, United Nations, Debate, Osmonds, David Miles - Learning Fundamentals"
Volume 32
"Xmas letters to friends, NY with Odyssey, Kathy marriage, Erin, Rick, Christine Nelson, Rick, Jana Miles, Cones, Mother, Dad, Blair, Ann, Karen, John, Debi, Johnny born Oct. Cone's, Nelsons Reynolds, Scott - Letter from Brazil, Therapeutic Community Teaching Model, Corinne Miles"
Volume 33
"Thanksgiving, Mother, Dad, Murray, Corinne, Ed, Scott from Brazil - letters, Nelsons - Reynolds - Cones, David Miles family, Corinne, Kathy + U, Dad - Menuche, Rick + Jara engaged, Thanksgiving, Highlights of 1970's, Christmas Eve"
Volume 34
"Resume, Dad died June 1976, Ryan Reynolds born Nov 11, Story by Ann, Scott letters and photos from Brazil, Nelsons, Kathy and Vasili, David Miles family, Osmonds - Osmond Foundation, Karen Junior High cheerleading, Certificate, Rick and Jana wedding - April 2, Granny and Grandad, Gus born April 29, Poem by Kathy, Debi - Highlights of 1976, Letter to family by Ed"
Volume 36
"Corinne, Debi, Ed, John, Nelsons (Chris) - Karen, Scott, Cones, Rick Miles family, Letters from Brazil, Resume, Scott - Letter Brazil - Missionary news, Patriarchal Blessing Corinne Godbe 1942, Odyssey Institute - National Director Educational Services Corinne Miles"
Volume 37
"Scott in Brazil, Karen cheerleading, John Miles, Debi, Granny, Murray and family, Nelsons (Christine Miles), Jana and Rick, Kathy and Gus (Miles), Cones (Michelle Miles), Teri, Bryan Miles, 'The Journal', Resume - Corinne Miles, Patriarchal Blessing, National Director Educational Services"
Volume 37b
"Karen graduates from Brighton High, Michelle returns from mission, Scott leaves on mission to Brazil, Postcards from Boston trip, History of Butlerville, Kathy Miles Kefalopoulos solo in The Messiah"
Volume 38
"Cones, Kefalopaulos, Reynolds, Scott mission, Corinne, Ed, Karen, Rania born, Kathy's writings, John Miles - Reagan campaign, John Miles resume, David Mrg - resume, Debi poem - report card, 'Educational Services', Patriarchal Blessing, Debate and Forensics, Journal Corinne Godbe, John Miles - news"
Volume 39
"Karen, Debi, John, Corinne - jury service, The journal, 'Celebration', David Miles, Jenny Rebecca Miles born, Oakland, California Temple, Dad's temple sealings, David Miles family, Reynolds, Kefalopoulos', Kathy poems, Rick, Dara, Jenny"
Volume 40
"Scriptures, Journaling, Family Life, Children, Grandchildren, Patriarchal Blessing, 'The Journal', John Miles, Debi Miles, Rania Kefalopoulos, Kathy Miles Kefalopoulos, Rick Miles, Karen Miles, Birthday Cards Corinne, Educational Services"
Volume 42
"Writings - Kathy, Utah travel, Odyssey article interview, Karen Junior Prom Court, John mission, Male Priesthood - official declaration, Karen - Mazatlan, 'Celebration' Debi, Jason Miles born, Johnny and Leukemia, Homecoming"
Volume 43
"Karen - Cheerleading, Karen - Honor Roll, Kathy writings, Emma Smith Relief Society presentation, Poems - Corinne, Letter - Johnny, Mothers of the year, Debi letter, John poem, Todd born, John mission, Kathy 'Promised Valley'"
Volume 44
"Beach with Cones, Clarksburg, Maryland, Lake Powell, Todd born, Karen marries, John mission, Jennifer Cone born"
Volume 45
"Published - Vita and Corinne Miles, Birthday Cards, Cones - San Antonio Johnny, Karen and Bif Densley marry, John Miles - Paris, France, Reynolds, Scott Miles in Paris, Mikelle Miles born, Rick Miles family, Nelson family, David Miles family, Kathy Smith - Messiah soloist, Smith family, Debt, Alisha Miles born"
Volume 46
"Ruth May Fox birthday 94 years with Grandad Fox, David Miles Family, Debi - report card, Nelsons, Alisha - newborn, Cones with Johnny, ACT concert - Rania, Jenny, Intermission, Poem - John Miles, Reynolds, Kathryn Miles Kefalopoulos journal, Cones (Michelle Miles)"
Volume 47
"Karen Miles ACT, John Miles poem, Debi/Karen ACT, Debi/Karen report cards, Jason M - Mikelle (David Miles), Jenny M - Alisha Miles, Adam Reynolds, Jennifer Cone, Mothers of Utah - Corinne, Ryan Nelson, Jennifer - John Cone - beach, Todd Nelson, "The Cat Fight and What Matters Most" Emma Lou Thayne, Patriarchal Blessing"
Volume 48
"Scott Miles and Dana marry, Cone family with Johnny, ACT - Karen, Debi, David Miles family, Lake Powell, Corinne, Debi, Nelsons, Debi - New Horizons, Reynolds and John Miles at Iron Blossom-SnowBird, Dana and Scott Miles, Cones, Canada trip, Letters"
Volume 49
"Scott + Dana Wedding, Nelsons, Canada, Rania, Gus Kefalopoulos, Corinne, Ed Miles, New Horizons-Debi Miles, Reynolds, Cones w/ Johnny 4th birthday, Letters, Patriarchal Blessing, Corinne Godbe, Debi (Deborah) Miles resume"
Volume 50
"Johnny + Jason Cone, Rania and Gus Kefalopoulos, Alisha-Jenny, Mathew Reynolds born, Cone Family, ACT Debi, Karen ACT (American Contemporary Theatre), Corinne- Gr Mothers of Ut, John Miles-Paris, Fr, Scott Miles-play, Brooke, Erin Nelson and Michelle Cone letters, Corinne Godbe- Patriarchal Blessing, Debi Miles-Report card, Letters"
Volume 51
"New horizons, Kathy poems + journal, Cones, Nelsons, Card to Rick from Jana, Matthew + Reynolds, Homecoming-Debi, Jara, Alisha, Jenny, Karen + Bif Densley, Scott + Dana, David Miles - San Antonio, Joyce Webb, Corinne, Helen Pugh, Emma Lou Thayne, My House, Johnny's BD party, John Miles Poem, Resume"
Volume 52
"Debi-resume, Karen and Bif, New Horizons, Debi, Cones, Murray's family, Kefalopaulos, Xmas eve party with murray + family + mother, Jenny/Alisha/Rick, Nelsons, Reynolds, Ed-John-Debi, Corinne, San Antonio to see Johnny at Xmas, Alamo, Kathy's Writings"
Volume 53
"Cones - Jessica born, Alisha/Jenny Miles, New Horizons - Debi, Debi - Cheerleader, Debi - Report Card, Johnny's funeral, Poem - John Miles, Letters - Debi, Sympathy Cards, Letters of Recommendation for Debi Miles, "Plan Ahead Calendar", a glance into my days - CM"
Volume 54
"Anaheim Ward 25th, Corinne/Ed - Anniversary, Family picture at Johnny's funeral, Gus - Rania Kefalopoulos, Jason Miles (David Miles), Achievement Award John Miles BYU, Cones (Michelle Miles), Matthew Reynolds (Ann Miles), New Horizons - Debi, Brooke Nelson, Honorary Alumnus - Emma Lou Thayne, Scott Miles Family, Letters and 'Plan Ahead'"
Volume 55
"New Horizons at Disneyland, Patriarchal Blessing CM, Cones (Michelle Miles), Ranie, Gus, Kathy Smith, Debi Miles, Matthew Reynolds (Ann Miles), Kathy writings, Problem solving with Ed, Family feud, Jessica Milesw born with Scott and Dana, Jessica's Blessing with Granny, Poem - Debi Miles, Letters - Mothers Day"
Volume 55b
Correspondence, Family photographs
Volume 56
"Family photographs, Debi Miles report card, Debi Miles journal excerpts, Family correspondence"
Volume 57
"Mikelle and Teri Miles, Nathan born - Densleys, Karen, Bif, Corinne, John and Karen marry, Oakland, California, Granny, Santa and Jessica Miles, Kathy, Rania, Gus, Corinne and Santa, Nelsons (Christine Miles), Debi - New Horizons, Dana Miles and Scott family, Patriarchal blessing"
Volume 58
"Letters exchanged between mother and her children (especially beautiful letter from Michelle about the days/hours before her son's death)"
Volume 59
"Densley Family, Rachel Cone blessed at my house, John Miles and Karen open house, New Horizons, Butler Dance Company, Dana and Jessica Miles, Corinne, Debi, Nathan, Jason and Mikelle Miles, Karen T. Miles, Brighton High Dance, Debi models"
Volume 60
"Nathan - Karen - Bif, Debi teaches dance, Corinne - Debi - Gus, Tammy Hill, Cones - Nelsons, 'Every Woman in Her Time' Emma Lou Thayne, David Miles family, Kristin Nelsen, Ann Michelle Reynolds, David Miles family, Family pictures, Xmas letter, John Miles, Dana Miles, Scott, Jessica, Rick and Lauren Nelson, Corinne Miles, Ryan Reynolds, Erin Nelsen, Tammy, Debi, Family Picture"
Volume 61
"John graduates BYU, IHC Rick Miles, Christopher Miles born, Marie Osmond wedding invitation, Lisa Miles born, Tammy Hill, Troy Caldwell killed, Kristin and Lauren 9 months, Nelsons, Debi Miles Journal, Corinne - Patriarchal Blessing, Corinne and Ed Miles Family, Nelsen (Chris Miles), Jen and Mark Huber wedding, David Miles Family, Densley (Karen Miles) family, Rich Miles family, Scott Miles family, John Miles family, Debi Miles - New Horizons, Debi Miles surgery, Kathy Miles family, "Queen" - poetry, Michelle Cone Family (Miles), Reynolds (Ann Miles) Family"
Volume 62
"The Days of Our Lives in Letters and Cards, Scriptures, Debi's Journal, Letters and Cards, Corinne Resume"
Volume 63
"Family Pictures"
Volume 64
"Scriptures, Journaling, Kathy poems, Kathy and Frank marry - SL Temple, U of U 20 year reunion, Scott graduates BYU, Kathy poems, Kathy, Rania, Gus Promised Valley, Debi- Homecoming Court - Brighton, USA instructor, State Street flooded, Church History, Scott Miles family, Debi Miles - Resume, Cheerleaders/Songleaders, Saltair Opening performances, Cone Family (Michelle Miles), Rick Miles Family, Densley Family (Karen Miles), John Miles family, Nelson Family (Christine), Corinne Godbe Miles Women's Legislative Council"
Volume 65
"Debi Cheerleading photos, Kathryn marriage, Church history in Missouri"
Volume 66
"USA Stuff, Scholarship Application, Patriarchial Blessing, Letters, Cards Journal insert, Poetry Kathy, Artwork Grandchild, History of the Church in pictures, The Mission of the Church, Corinne Journal Excerpts"
Volume 67
"Chad Densley born, Kimberly Cone born, Teri Miles/Michelle poems, Ashley Reynolds born, BYU-national champs, Debi Miles graduates, USA instructional staff, Brighton High, Hawaii graduation, Gus + Rania Kefalopoulos, Kathy - Promised Valley, poems, Debi biography for BYU, Palm Springs Trip (on video)"
Volume 68
"Church history, Emma Lou Thayne Christmas card, Grandchildren, Utah State Board of Education 1985, Women's State Legislative Council of Utah, Debi Miles homework - Observations of children, Kathy, Gus, Rania perform in Show Boat at Promised Valley Playhouse, Letters and cards from grandchildren, Photographs"
Volume 70
"Cones, Reynolds, Mother - Granny, Debi, Kathy - 'Very Good Eddie', Ed, Corinne, Rick, Simara and Family, Nelsons, David Miles family, Teri, Densleys, John Miles family"
Volume 71
"Debi and David Wedding, Hawaii, David Miles' family, Cones, Reynolds, Densleys, Scott Miles, John Miles, Rick Miles, Kathy Smith, Granny 4 Generations"
Volume 72
"Spring, summer, Nelsons, Reynolds, David Miles family/Jason, John Miles family, Debi Miles, Ed Miles, Scott Miles family, Scriptures"
Volume 74
"Jessica Cone born, Rick, Simara marry July, Dane Smith born, Debi - USA instructor, Cones move into downstairs apt. Oct, Becky Miles born - August, Meghan Densley born - April, David Miles in California, Mr Tutor Warren Report, United Spirit Camps"
Volume 75
"Grand Cayman, 'History of Grand Cayman'"
Volume 78
"Letters and Pictures and Cards - Family and Friends, Deborah Miles - Recovery Photos - Cards, John Gregory Miles Family, Michelle Miles Cone FRamily, Kimberly Art, Murray Godbe Family - Cards, photos, Cindi, Brent, Matthew, Stephen and Family, 'Every Woman in Her Time' - Emma Lou Warner Thayne, 'To Emma Lou' from Corinne, Patriarchal Blessing - Corinne Godbe, Alys Ruth Miles, Corey Hale, Dr. Klein - Insurance, Kay Cracroft + Paul, Kathryn Miles, La Rue Mau Hathaway, Ann Miles Reynolds Family, Patricia Cook, Michelle Miles Cone Family, Jean Godbe Huber (Sister), Scott Douglas Miles Family, Marie Bingham, Emma Lou Warner Thayne - Cards, Ruth Elizabeth Fox Godbe (mother), Petty Family Picture (Ellen Gleason Daughter)"
Volume 79
"Travels, Grand Cayman with Christine and Rick Nelson family, Arizona with Karen and John Miles family - Saguaro National Monument, Heard Museum, McCormick Park, Gila River Indian Monument, Arts and Crafts Center, Flaming Gorge with Karen and Bif Densley family, Great Salt Lake - FHE with Reynolds, Nelsons, Cones, Densleys, Debi, Corinne, Kefalopoulos, Smiths, Snowbird - July 1988 with Corinne and Ed Miles' children and grandchildren and Mother (Ruth Godbe), St. George, Zions National Park, Mazatlan Mexico - Ed and Corinne Miles and Mother (Ruth Godbe) Thanksgiving 1988"
Volume 81
"Journaled, Scriptures, Cayman Islands, Arizona, Park City, Hemet, San Juacinto, Oceanside, Family Portrait"
Volume 84
Grandchildren, Correspondence, Delta Delta Delta reunion, Women's State Legislative Council of Utah, Debi teaches dance
Volume 87
"Debi Miles mission, Doctrine and Covenants Study, 'About Corinne'"
Volume 88
"Passport, Reynolds family, Densley family, 'About Corinne' - Emma Lou Thayne, Emma Lou Thayne correspondence, Mother's Day cards, Emma Lou Thayne 'In the Cemetery of Heroes'"
Volume 90
"June, Message of Endowment, Lake Tahoe, Patriarchal Blessing, 'About Corinne' by Emma Lou Thayne, 'My Life Story' by Corinne Miles, Journal ponderings"
Volume 91
"Personal Journals, Doctrine and Covenants scripture study, East High 50th Reunion, 'About Corinne', 'Friends' - Emma Lou, Jachson Hole with John Miles Family, Bear Lake with John Miles Family, Grand Tetons with John Miles Family, Yellowstone with John Miles Family, Elizabeth Hale wedding, Indianapolis with Irene, Debi and Dale sealing, Saint George, Grand Canyon"
Volume 95
"Teri Wehrli Reynolds, Christmas cards and letters, Mother's Day, 50th East High Reunion, Kylie Miles born September, Miles Aguirre born November, Scriptures, Journaling"
Volume 98
"Bear Lake, 51st East High School Reunion, Emma Lou, Corinne, and friends"
Volume 101
Photographs, postcards, journal entries, articles, and scriptural excerpts relating to a tour of Israel and Rome that Miles took. Special attention is paid to locations she toured related to the life of Jesus Christ.
Volume 103
"'Corinne' by Emma Lou Thayne, Austria, Personal POnderings, Doctrine and Covenants scripture, Alpine tour"
Volume 106
News articles, photographs, and greeting cards documenting the life of Miles and her family in 1994.
Volume 107
Volume 108
"Vologa River, Uglitch, Kostroma, Nishni, Novgorod, Plyus (Pleus), Yaroslavl, Kimrey"
Volume 109
"Pavlovsk (Pushkin Village), St. Petersburg, Russia"
Volume 110
Correspondence, photographs, newspaper articles, event programs, poems by children, Emma Lou Thayne.
Volume 114
"Cruise Mediterranean, Piraeus Greece, Athens, Kusadasi, Turkey, Ephesus, Zakinthos, Greece, Cruise Adriatic Sea"
Volume 115
"Italy, 'In Footsteps of Paul', Venice, Scripture study, Return Salt Lake City, Rooming list, BYU, Patriarchal Blessing Analyses"
Volume 116
Photographs, correspondence, cards, articles, event programs related to Corinne Godbe Miles, her family, and her friends, particularly Emma Lou Thayne.
Volume 122
"Nauvoo, Mormon Pioneer Trail, Illinois, Church History, BYU"
Volume 124
"The Mormon Pioneer Trail"
Volume 126
Travels, Texas, South Padre Island, Mexico, Brighton Meadows Family Reunion, Santa Barbara Lake Powell
Volume 127
"Alaska, Fairbanks, Pipeline, Riverboat, Indian Village, Sled Dogs, El Dorado, Gold Rush, Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, Wildflowers"
Volume 128
"Alaska, Denali, Wildlife, Fires, Anchorage, Seward, Sea Life Center, Dawn Princess"
Volume 129
"Alaska, Inside Passage, College Grads, Glacial Beach, Whales, Sctha, Skagwar, Juneau, Fishing, Ketchikan, Paxman Village, Natives, Forests, Van Cower, Portland, Home"
Volume 130
"Memories including travel, Hubers, Cones/Richards, Chris Tibbetts, Journaled, Aguirres, Rick Miles, Wherli's, Nelson's, Densley's, Scott Miles, Godbe's (Murray), Reynolds, David Miles, Kefalopoulos"
Volume 131
"Canary Islands, SLC to Madrid to Tenerife, Maravella, Ten Bel"
Volume 132
"Canary Islands continued from Vol. 131, Tours, Los Americas, Lero Parque, Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz"
Volume 134
"Personal Journal, Seat of the Soul, Conference, Apr - 1999, Oct"
Volume 136
"Memories, Snowbird, Anaheim Reunion 14 July, Park City Arts Festival, Baby Blessing Jackson Wehrli, Birth Bennett Aguirre and Blessing"
Volume 137
"Memories, Oct-Conference, Nov, Dec, Birthday Club"
Volume 218
"Personal Ponderings by Corinne Godbe Miles, Scripture Journals, Mosiah 2 to Alma 39, 3 Nephi to end, Personal Ponderings and Private Feelings, To Ed, #6 - 7 - 8"
"Journal of My Scripture Study and Personal Commentary of the Doctrine and Covenants"
"Journal of Corinne's scripture study and personal commentary of the Doctrine and Covenants sections 67 to 138, official declarations 1 and 2, Moses 1-5, and part of the Book of Revelations."
William Samuel Godbe
"Corinne's Great-Grandfather"
Life History
"Corinne Godbe Miles, Life History, Journal, Writings, Ruth Godbe's Journal (Mother)"
Family History
Ed and Corinne Miles, Children, Resumes, Pictures

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