Clarence A. Bolttolfsen Papers, 1926-1964

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Clarence A. Bottolfsen, 1891-1964.
Clarence A. Bolttolfsen Papers
1926-1964 (inclusive)
10.5 l.f.
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MG011 (collection)
Speeches,correspondence, and other papers of Bottolfsen's newspaper business in Arco, Idaho, and his political career.
University of Idaho Library, Special Collections and Archives
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Clarence A. Bottolfsen was born October 10, 1891 in Superior, Wisconsin. While still a boy he moved to Fessender, North Dakota. While in high school he worked as a printer's devil in the local printing shop. The man who owned the shop moved to Arco, Idaho and purchased the Arco Advertiser, a weekly newspaper. Soon he sent for Bottolfsen, then 19, to work for him. The town of Arco is in the Lost River region; the river suddenly disappeared and Arco became a dust bowl. Business dropped off, but Bottolfsen took over the Advertiser and turned it into one of Idaho's leading weeklies. From 1934-1938 he was editor and general manager of the Blackfoot Daily Bulletin. He retired from the newspaper business in 1947, but continued serving as correspondent for several newspapers. He also wrote free lance articles.

Turning to his interest in politics, he served in the Idaho House of Representatives in 1921 and 1923, was chief clerk of the House in the 1925 and 1927 sessions and was again elected to the House in 1929 and 1931, serving as speaker in the 1931 session. In 1938 he began his first term as governor; the following election he was defeated by Chase A. Clark, but in the election following that he defeated Clark for the Governorship. He ran for the U.S. Senate in 1944, but was defeated by Glen H. Taylor. He served as chief clerk of the Idaho House in 1949 and 1951; in 1953 he became Deputy Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. Senate. In 1955 and 1956 he was again Chief Clerk of the Idaho House, at the same time serving as executive secretary to Senator Herman Welker. He was elected to the state Senate in 1958, re-elected in 1960, but declined to seek another term in 1962 due to ill health.

Skilled as a parliamentarian, Bottolfsen was elected permanent parliamentarian for the National Education Association at their Detroit meeting in 1937, a position which he held for 17 years.

His other public services include serving as GOP state chairman, 1936-1937, State Commander of the American Legion, 1934-35, past master of the Arco Masonic Lodge, past deputy grand master of the Idaho Masonic Lodge, memberships in the El Korah Shrine of Boise, Arco Chamber of Commerce, and the Arco Rotary Club.

C.A. Bottolfsen died in the Veteran's Hospital, Boise, on July 18, 1964. He had suffered from emphysema for several years.

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The Bottolfsen papers contain a variety of items. There are three boxes of speeches dating from 1926 to 1961, and one box of correspondence dated 1932 to 1964. There are also boxes containing items on the American Legion, the Republican Party, and the Rotary, as well as boxes containing information on the Craters of the Moon National Monument, Abraham Lincoln, and the Idaho Territorial Centennial. The remaining two boxes contain newspapers or newspaper clippings on a variety of subjects.

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Acquisition Information

The papers were donated January 1966.

The thirteen boxes of C.A. Bottolfsen papers have been separated according to type of material, subject or organization concerned. The speeches have been organized by type where possible, however, many speeches are bound in folders. In this case the speeches have been left in their original order. Correspondence has been arranged chronologically where possible. Letters bound in folders have been left in their original order. Newspaper clippings have been organized by subject; entire sections of newspapers have not been arranged. File cards have been made for the Speeches, Correspondence, History and non-newspaper Miscellaneous Series.

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Series I. Speeches , 1926-1961Return to Top

Container(s): Box 1-3

The first series of the Bottolfsen papers is comprised of a collection of speeches, some loose, some in a notebook and others bound in folders.

As is usual with people who are called upon to give many speeches, Governor Bottolfsen used the same stories and quotations over and over again. Among his favorite quotes, especially during the years 1940-1945 was the last stanza of John McCrae's poem "In Flander's Field."

Speeches were given to schools, Chambers of Commerce, and service organizations such as Elks, Lions, Orders of Eastern Star and Masons. He was also called upon to deliver memorial addresses for local men who were killed in the war.

Many of the political speeches are 1944 Senatorial campaign speeches, and include copies of several speeches in favor of Bottolfsen's opponent in that campaign, Glen Taylor. There is also a series of the Governor's "Reports to the People of Idaho" which were broadcast at irregular intervals. (It will be noted that Bottolfsen became confused in his numbering of these talks.)

In the instances where copies of a speech are found in two locations, both locations are listed. Occasionally articles have been placed in the speech file; if no appropriate place was found for them elsewhere in the papers, they were left with the speeches and are identified as articles in the following list.

Speeches are listed by date, if known. Where only the year is known, the speeches are listed at the beginning of the year. Undated speeches are listed last, alphabetically by title. The Roman numeral following the item denotes the box in which the speech is found and the letters designate the folder: AS - Addresses to students; HS - Holiday Speeches; MA - Memorial Addresses; MIBS - Miscellaneous Bound Speeches; MUS - Miscellaneous Unbound Speeches; N - Notebook; and PS - Political Speeches.

A Chronological List of Speeches

1926 February Lincoln and Politics. I. HS.
1932 Summer Graduation address to country school 8th grade. I. AS.
1932 Bank Holiday What is Money? I. MUS
1935 Summer Commencement address to country school 8th grade, Butte County, Idaho. I. AS.
1936 February 11 Lincoln Day Address, Pocatello, Idaho. I. HS.
1939 February 15 Leadership Week Address to students of Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho. I. AS.
1939 April 19 Gold Star Mothers' Program. Peace. I. MUS.
1939 Summer Commencement address to students of Arco High School. I. AS.
1939 May 30 Memorial Day address at Pocatello. I. HS.
1939 July 17 Radio talk on KIDO. Idaho Day at the Golden Gate International Exposition. I. MUS.
1939 July 18 Talk on KIDO. Sugar. I. MUS.
1939 July 22 Idaho's place in the Galaxy of States. Broadcast from Golden Gate Exposition. I. MUS.
1940 Speech on the history of Idaho. I. MBS.
1940 January 2 Idaho's Golden Jubilee. I. MUS.
1940 February 12 Lincoln Day Address at Coeur d'Alene. I. HS.
1940 February 22 Washington Birthday Speech. I. HS.
1940 March 11 Address before students at the University of Idaho. I. AS.
1940 May 13 Commencement address to students at Potlatch High School. I. AS.
1940 May 31 Memorial Day Address to American Legion. I. HS.
1940 November 25 Address to North Idaho Chamber of Commerce, Moscow. I. MBS.
1942 July 4 Address delivered at Moreland, Idaho. I. MUS.
1942 August 23 Address delivered to the 24th annual convention of the Department of Idaho of the American Legion, Kellogg, Idaho, by Paul Mortimer. II. MA.
1943 In Memoriam: Harland Clendenin. II. MA.
1943 Idaho Marches Forward. II. PS.
1943 Recall of Bottolfsen on Senior Citizens Grants Act repeal. (Speaker not identified.) II. PS.
1943 Talk in St. Maries. I. MBS.
1943 School statistics. I. MBS.
1943 Speech at the University of Idaho. I. MBS.
1943 February Initiative and Recall (re: Senior Citizens Grants Act) II. PS
1943 February 10 Lincoln Day Address in Pocatello, Idaho. I. HS.
1943 April Second Report to the people of Idaho. II. PS.
1943 April 9 War Bond Drive "Salute to all the schools of Idaho." I. MBS.
1943 April 13 Speech on Thomas Jefferson. 1. MBS.
1943 May Fifth Report to the People of Idaho. II. PS.
1943 May 20 Speech on station KIDO, Boise, College of Idaho Radio Hour. I. MBS.
1943 May 22 Remarks at Veterans Administration Facility, Boise. Presentation of "T". award. I. MBS.
1943 May 31 Memorial Day Speech. I. MBS.
1943 June Speech to Salvation Army, Nampa, Idaho. I. MBS.
1943 June 4 Fifth Report to the People. II. PS.
1943 June 11 Sixth Report to the People. II. PS.
1943 June 13 Flag Day Speech given at Boise and Caldwell. I. HS.
1943 June 14 Lion's Convention address, Burley, Idaho. I. NBS.
1943 June 15 Speech to Pocatello Indians (Bannocks and Shoshones) I. MBS.
1943 July 4 Dedication of Community Plaque, Wendell, Idaho. I. MBS.
1943 July 5 Statehood anniversary speech delivered at Notus. I. MBS.
1943 July 15 Eighth Report to the People. II. PS.
1943 July 24 Speech in honor of Latter Day Saints pioneers delivered at Bancroft. I. MBS.
1943 August 5 Eighth Report to the People. II. PS.
1943 August 7 Mountain Home Airfield Dedication. I. MBS.
1943 August 15 In Memoriam: Mrs. Francis Wallis. II. VA.
1943 August 17 In Memoriam: James D. Little. II. MA.
1943 September 26 Remarks on KIDO regarding the third war loan drive. I. MBS.
1943 October 1 P.T.A. address broadcast over KIDO. 1. MBS.
1943 October 6 Speech on Fire Prevention given to junior and senior high school students in several locations. I. MBS
1943 November Speech on Aviation. I. NBS.
1943 November Masonic Address. I. MBS.
1943 December In Memoriam: Mrs. Margaret Paul. II. MA.
1943 December 10 Free Enterprise. An address by Henry M. Wriston. II. PS.
1943 December 13 Speech at the Annual Forestry Banquet, Lewiston, Idaho. I. N.; I. MUS.
1944 Speech in support of the Idaho State Council of Defense. I. MBS.
1944 Interregional Highway System. I. MBS.
1944 Dunhan, Sam C. "Riley Grannan's Last Adventure--A memorable oration of the old west." (Typescript of an article which appeared in Adventure in 1944) II. MUS.
1944 Political speech on behalf of candidates, given on behalf of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. II. MUS.
1944 Tree Farms. I. MBS.
1944 Sixth War Loan Drive. I. MBS.
1944 January 12 Annual Chamber of Commerce Meeting, Pocatello. I. N.
1944 January 18 War Loan Drive. Broadcast over KIDO. I. MBS.
1944 January 28 Annual Meeting of the Coeur d'Alene Chamber of Commerce. I. N.; I. MBS.
1944 February 5 Speech to the Omaha (Nebraska) Board of Trade Luncheon. I. MUS.; I. MBS.
1944 February 12 Fourth War Loan Drive. Broadcast on station KSL, Salt Lake City. I. MBS.
1944 February 12 Lincoln Day Address given to Republicans in Salt Lake City. I. N.; I. MBS.
1944 February 12 Lincoln Day Address given by Dwight Griswold (Governor of Nebraska). I. MBS.
1944 February 16 Lincoln Day Address given to Spanish War Veterans. I. HS.
1944 February 22 Washington's Birthday Speech delivered before the Nampa, Idaho Masons. I. N.
1944 February 28 Speech at Boise accepting a flag from the Advertising Club of Moscow. I. MBS.
1944 March 11 Cascade Lions' Club, Father and Son Meeting. I. MUS. ; I. MBS.
1944 March 17 In Memoriam: Nathan Van Noy. 1. N.; II. MA.
1944 March 21 Speech to Spokane Chamber of Commerce. I. MBS.
1944 June 2 Speech to Idaho State Federation of B.P.W. Clubs Convention, Kellogg. "As Our State Looks at World Affairs." I. MBS.
1944 June 13 Speech to Grand Chapter of Idaho Order of the Eastern Star. I. MBS.
1944 June 15 Idaho Pioneer Day Speech. Franklin, Idaho. I. MUS.
1944 June 21 Speech at banquet of United Spanish War Veterans. I. MBS.
1944 July 4 Statehood anniversary speech delivered at Rupert, Idaho. I. MBS. ; I. HS.
1944 July 4 Speech at Twin Falls Horse Show. I. MBS.
1944 July 5 War Bond Drive, broadcast over KIDO. I. MBS.
1944 August 31 Today's grave issues. Radio Broadcast over KIDO. II. PS.
1944 September Labor Day Speech. I. MBS.
1944 September 6 Labor Day Speech at Ririe, Idaho. I. MBS.
1944 September 11 Speech delivered to Sons and Daughters of Idaho Pioneers. I. MUS.
1944 September 12 Eastern Idaho District Fair Talk , Blackfoot, Idaho. II. PS.
1944 September 14 Letter from Raymond E. Nelson to C.A. Bottolfsen concerning play "Boys from Boise." II. PS.
1944 September 25 Radio speech--election campaign. I. MUS ; II. PS.
1944 September 28 Brief talk during intermission of play "Boys from Boise." II. PS.
1944 October Anti-New Deal Speech. II. PS.
1944 October Senatorial Campaign Speech, Canyon County Radio broadcast. II. PS.
1944 October Speech to Friends of Boise League of Women Voters. II. PS.
1944 October "The People of Idaho Cannot Take a Chance in this Election." Speech in favor of Glen Taylor for Senator. (Speaker unidentified) II. PS.
1944 October Radio Speech over KFXD, in favor of Republican legislative candidates. II. PS.
1944 October Talk of Taxes - a pro Democratic Party speech. (speaker unidentified) II. PS.
1944 October 2 Radio Address by Jess Hawley - a pro Bottolfsen for Senate Speech. II. PS.
1944 October 4 Campaign speech. I. MUS.
1944 October 10 In Memoriam: John Irvin Jensen, Jolin Thomas Brockie. II. MA.
1944 October 22 In Memoriam: John Rothwell. II. MA.
1944 October 24 Radio Address over KOVO, Logan, Utah - pro Dewey for President. II. PS.; I. MUS.
1944 October 26 Speech by Glen Taylor, Democratic Senatorial Candidate. II. PS.
1944 November Election Campaign Speech. II. PS.
1944 November Senatorial Campaign Speech. II. PS.
1944 November Political speech - pro Bottolfsen for Senate (speaker unidentified) II. PS.
1944 November 4 Speech to Boise League of Women Voters. "Specific Ways in which the United States can assure permanent peace." II. PS.
1944 November 7 Radio address over KIDO - Senatorial Campaign. II. PS.
1945 May 3 Commencement Address, Mackay, Idaho High School. II. MUS.
1945 June 6 Commencement Address, Boise Junior College. "Idaho--A challenge for tomorrow." II. MUS.
1946 February 12 Lincoln Day Speech. II. MUS.
1946 June 15 Pioneer Day Celebration, Rigby, Idaho. "Pioneers of Idaho." II. MUS.
1949 February 12 Lincoln Day Address, Boise. II. MUS.
1950 Speech given at a meeting of the Republican Party. "Let us be crusading Americans to save our country." II. MUS.
1950 June 1 Speech to Friendship Chapters of O.E.S. "A Tribute to Fathers." II. MUS.
1950 June 14 Flag Day Exercises, B.P.O. Elks, Blackfoot. II. MUS.
1950 December 1 Dedication of Gymnasium, Rockland, Idaho. "Education is the Foundation Stone of America. " II. MUS.
1950 December 11 Address to Hailey, Idaho Chamber of Commerce. II. MUS.
1950 December From Volcanic to Atomic - The Lost River Country in retrospection. II. MUS.
1950 December 15 Letter from C.A. Bottolfsen to Art Lee concerning atomic development in Arco. II. MUS.
1951 February 23 The Challenge of Our Times. Idaho YMCA youth and government program. II. MUS.
1951 September 3 Labor Day Speech at Bellevue, Idaho. II. MUS.
1952 March 5 Chamber of Commerce Farmer's Banquet, Rexburg. II. MUS.
1952 November 11 Suggested 1952 Armistice Day Address for American Legion Speakers. II. MUS.
1955 February 12 Lincoln: the man who belongs to everyone. Delivered to the Joint Session of the Idaho State Legislature. II. MUS.
1957 May 17 Address to 8th grade graduates of Blaine County. By Berwyn Burke. II. MUS.
1957 May 20 Address to Graduates of Ditrich High School. II. MUS.
1958 October 11 In Memoriam: Henry Stauffer. II. MA.
1959 Girls' State Address. II. MUS.
1959 February 12 Abraham Lincoln: the universal figure. Delivered to the joint session of the Idaho State Legislature. II. MUS.
1959 March 3 Speech in the Idaho State Senate concerning Glenn Balch. II. MUS.
1959 May 15 Address to the 8th grade graduates, Arco, Idaho. II. MUS.
1959 May 30 Address at Memorial Day Exercises, Pocatello, Idaho. II. MUS.
1959 June 27 Idaho Pioneer Day address at Franklin, Idaho, State's oldest town. II. MUS.
1959 November 3 In Memoriam: Mrs. Wiley Jones. II. MA
1960 May 30 Address at Memorial Day Exercises, Jerome, Idaho. II. MUS.
1961 Reflections. Tenth anniversary of Rev. Kenneth Pederson's work in the community. II. MUS.
1961 February Lincoln Day Address. I. MUS.
1961 February 11 Lincoln whose life inspired the free world. Delivered to the joint session of Idaho State Legislature. II. MUS.
1961 March 16 Now it can be told. Regarding the 36th Idaho Legislature. II. MUS.
Address to P.T.A. III.
An article by C.A. Bottolfsen, Parliamentarian to the National Educational Association. III.
Campaign Speech (Primary Election) running for third term as governor. III.
Commencement address to an 8th grade class. III.
Communism. III
Do you remember when. Dedication and foreword to a book. III.
Early Idaho History. III.
Education, an investment in People. Speech read at Moore PTA. III.
Freemasonry and Washington, D.C. III.
George Washington. 2 speeches. III.
Idaho: a state rich in Scenic Beauty. III.
Idaho and Central Section. III.
Idaho Counties of opportunity: Butte, Custer, Lemhi. (An article written for Intermountain Parade Salute, Salt Lake Tribune) III.
Labor Speech. III.
The Latter Day Saints in Lost River. III.
Lost River Valley--let's be proud of it. (ca. 1924) III.
Memorial address delivered to Twin Falls, Idaho, Elks. December 6. I. MBS ; III.
In Memoriam: Jack------III.
Our Gratitude. A poem by Agnes Just Reid. III.
Patriotism. 2 speeches. III
Perspective. An address to the Nazarene College. I. MBS.
Political speech, anti-Roosevelt. p. 5-7 only. III.
Progress of Human Thought. III.
Reclamation in Butte County, Idaho. III.
Reclamation in Coeur d'Alene. I. MBS
St. David's day speech, Malad, Idaho. March 1. (ca. 1939 or 40) III.
A Salute to KID, Idaho Falls. I. MBS.
Speech at the Lewiston Round Up and Rodeo. (ca. 1944) III.
Speech of George Gilmore advocating a 2nd term for Governor Bottolfsen. II. PS.
Speech to the 50th annual convention of the Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias. I. MBS.
The State's Responsibility f'or Citizenship. Speech to P.T.A. III.
State's Rights. Inserts 1 & 2. II. P.S.
Talk to New Citizens. GAR hall. III.
A Thought Starter. III.
Tribute to Youth. I. NBS
Vigilance is Primary Need of Civilization. Speech to American War Mothers. III.
Washington's Birthday Speech, Caldwell. III.
When the Latter Day Saints Came. 28 page book of a history of the Mormons in Arco. (typescript) III.
Why Religion Matters. Article written by Henry Sloane Coffin. III.

Container(s) Description Dates
A bound folder of miscellaneous items, letters, speeches, articles, etc.
Biggers, E.Y., Alphabetical Agencies Created tinder the Roosevelt New Deal Party. 4 p.
Bottolfsen, C.A. TLS to Ray Wagner regretting his (Bottolfsen's) inability to attend the Lincoln Day Dinner
1944 February 12
Bottolfsen, C.A. TLS to J.S. Youngren concerning Indian Day Proclamation
1943 August 13
Bottolfsen, C.A. Dairying--a stabalizer (article?)
1943 August 13
The Dunn Survey (an analysis)
1943 August 20
The Dunn Survey: Will Republican leaders again lead the party to defeat?
1944 December 22
Dworshak about Guam
1944 December 22
Excerpts from King C. Gillette's Book "The People's Corporation" upon which Glen Taylor bases his platform
1944 December 22
Fulmer, H.P. Mimeograph copy of a letter sent to E.M. Biggers, with Biggers' reply. 4 p.
1943 May 4
Howard, Millie F. TLS to Mr. Hood (secretary to Governor Bottolfsen) concerning Indian Day Proclamation
1943 August 23
Libby, Frederick J. (National Council for Prevention of War) TLS to Governor Bottolfsen
1943 December 15
Libby, Frederick J. Communists given top hand in declaration regarding Italy
1943 December 8
Libby, Frederick J. Moscow lays basis -for joint statement of peace aims. (Peace Action of the National Council for Prevention of War, IX:11.)
1943 November
Liljegren, K.F. What will Congress do when 18,000,000 unemployed cry for jobs. Mimeographed article. 1 p.
1944 August 12
Material to work into radio script on behalf of Governor Bottolfsen.
1944 November 6
Pettengill, Samuel B. Release no. 602. Who will write the peace?
1944 Septembter 26
Pettengill, Samuel B. Release no. 603. No ceiling on Americans
1944 September 28
Report to the People by C.A. Bottolfsen
Series of one page statements on various topics
Agriculture, Highways, Insurance, Labor, National Guard and Organized Reserves, Public Expenditures, Public Lands, Public Works, Reconversion and post war jobs, Social welfare, Education and Public Health, State-Federal Tax Coordination, Unemployment Compensation Insurance and Employment Service, Veterans, and Water Resources.
Spangler, Harrison E. Mimeographed memo to Republican party workers concerning the 1944 election. 8 p.
1943 October 25
Stotts, James R. Speech
1943 October 25
Text of Declaration Regarding Italy. From the Moscow Conference, October 19-30, 1943 (Reprinted from New York Times, Nov. 2, 1943)
1943 November 2
Williams, J. Harvie. Mimeographed letter to Southern Governors, U.S. Senators, etc.
1944 November 3
Williams, J. Harvie. The South can choose the next President. Mimeographed article. 4 p.
1944 November 3
Youngren, J.A. typed letter signed to Governor Bottolfsen concerning Indian Day Proclamation.
1943 August 23
"Youth." Carbon typescript. 1 p.
1943 August 23

Series II. Correspondence , 1932-1964Return to Top

Container(s): Box 4

There is one box of correspondence containing both incoming and carbon copies of outgoing letters. In many cases the reply has been stapled to the incoming letter. The letters are concerned with the business of running a newspaper, Bottolfsen's positions as Governor and state senator, his position as parliamentarian for the National Education Association. The only personal letters are copies of letters written between May and June 1963 when Bottolfsen was being treated for emphysema in the Boise Veterans Hospital.

Letters are in chronological order; where more than one letter was written on a single date the letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent. A card file has been prepared giving addresses of correspondents, dates of all letters, and in some cases the topic discussed. There is one folder of bound letters dealing with the Senior Citizens' Grants Act

Container(s) Description Dates
Senior Citizens' Grants Act
In November of 1942 the people of Idaho voted overwhelmingly to approve a bill granting senior citizens an income of $40.00 per month, plus limited medical and dental coverage. In January of 1943 the Idaho House, in H.B. 74, voted to repeal this act, the senate confirmed the house action and the bill was sent to Governor Bottolfsen. He reluctantly signed the repeal on February 6, 1943, saying there was just not enough money in the state treasury to finance such a measure.
Miscellaneous Items
Idaho. Legislature. House of Representatives. H.B. No. 74. Repealing the Senior Citizens' Grants Act. 1943. 2 p. Idaho State Committee of the Communist Party. "Who is Responsible?" Mimeographed sheet. January 1943. 1 p. Proposed Initiative Petition: Senior Citizens' Grants Act. Nov. 1942. 4 p. Summons. In the District Court of the 3rd Judicial District of the State of Idaho in and for Ada County. Orlando A. Scott (et al.) vs. C.A. Bottolfsen (et al.) A suit to test the constitutionality of H.B. 74.
Correspondence Found in Other Series
Occasionally correspondence items are found among the papers in other series. A complete description of these items is found in the description of the appropriate series. An asterisk indicates an out-going letter. Atkinson, Hawley. June 17, 1958. Series VI. Baringer, William E. January 20, 1959. Series VII. Elzey, Jim. July 13, August 22, 1961. Series X. Goertzen, Mrs. Vic. January 16, 1961. Series VI. Hiller, Oscar. July 12, 1961. Series X. Howard, Millie F. August 23, 1943. Series I. Libby, Frederick J. December 15, 1943. Series I. Powell, J.W. February 26, 1921. Series V. Strenger, A.D. November 18, 1943. Series XI. Theurer, Lloyd M. October 16, 1944. Series VIII. *Wagner, Ray. February 12, 1944. Series I. *Youngren, J.A. August 13, 1943. Series I. Youngren, J.A. August 23, 1943. Series I.

Series III. American Legion Return to Top

Container(s): Box 5

A veteran of World War I, Bottolfsen was also an active member of the American Legion. The material in this box has been divided into three categories: suggested speeches (these have been subdivided by occasion and arranged in calendar order), publications, and miscellaneous.

Container(s) Description
A list of suggested speeches
Lincoln Birthday Talk. 1951. Memorial Day Address. 1946, 1947, 1950, 1951, 1952 Flag Day. 1945, 1950 Independence Day. 1950, 1951 Armistice Day Address. By Lester F. Albert. 1934 Armistice Day. 1940, 1944, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951 Talk on Americanism. 1949 Membership Talk on All Out Service to All Veterans. 1949
American Legion, Education & Scholarship Committee. Plan Early for Your Future Education. The Amazing American Legion. Fabulous Facts about the American Legion. The American Legion is distressed. A letter from National Commander Martin B. McKneally to all Post commanders on flying the flag. 1959. Seventeenth Annual American Legion Gem Boys State. June 12-l8, 1960. 36 p. Americanism. Speakers Manual. 42 p. Radio Broadcast. 8 p. Memorial Day. 6 p. 7 p. National Defense. Speakers manual. 33 p. Radio Broadcast. 8 p. The Sons of the American Legion. 14 p.
Congressional Record, March 20, 1959, p. A2451-2452. Extension of Remarks of Hon. Harrison A. Williams, Jr. of New Jersey concerning the American Legion. The Law of the Legion. 6 p. 1935. Commander's Message for Spring Convention. 1949.

Series IV. Craters of the Moon Return to Top

Container(s): Box 6

Craters of the Moon National Monument, located in Southern Idaho, was established as a national monument in May 1929. It comprises 80 square miles of extinct volcano craters and lava rivers, and is so named because the general appearance of the area resembles the surface of the moon as seen through a telescope.

Included in this series are several small tourist information pamphlets describing the lava formations and geological origins of the area and one giving the Indian legend regarding the formation of the craters. The typescripts of several drafts of C.A. Bottolfsen's article "Vulcan's stronghold" are included as well as replies to an invitation to attend the 1961 opening issued by the Arco Chamber of Commerce to various dignitaries.

Series V. History Return to Top

Container(s): Box 7

The single file box labeled "History" contains typed, mimeographed, published and newspaper material on early Idaho history. The material has been arranged by type.

Container(s) Description Dates
Big Butte. A series of one page articles on early events in the Big Butte-Blackfoot area. Typed. 6 p.
Bottolfsen, C.A. Lost River Ward Church. Typed. 6 p.
Bottolfsen, C.A. Notes of miscellaneous information for speeches. Typed on 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 cards.
Bottolfsen, C.A.. September anniversaries in Lost River Country. Typed. 3 p.
Cavalcade of the Golden West. Presented by the Golden Gate International Exposition
Chase, Mrs. D.C. First flag with 43 stars made in Payette and flown at depot. Mimeographed. 3 p. Includes photograph.
Defenbach, Byron. The State we live in. Nos. 1-4, 24-28, 30
Jan. 8-29, June 18-July 16, July 30, 1930
Early history of the LDS church in Arco. Notes. 3 p.
80 year old stockman of Soda Springs remembers riding range long ago. Newspaper clipping
First Highways included the Old Oregon Trail. Typed, 1 p.
The Ghost town of Era. Typed. 2 p.
Ghost towns in Idaho. Typed list. 1 p.
Hanna, Vadus. Searching for Eldorado. Theme for an English class. Typed. 4 p.
Historic Virginia City, Montana. Two folders with map and pictures.
Huntress, Betty H. Idaho Ghost Town (Silver City). From unidentified journal
p. 183-185.
August 1949
Hyatt, Robert M. Death of an Iron Horse. Newspaper clipping. The Salt Lake Tribune
p. 3
March 20, 1949
Idaho State News. Teach 'em how to pronounce Idaho names. Know your Idaho. Mimeographed
3 p.
July 3, 1947
Libby, Albion C. Cowboys rode horses into this pioneer's store. Typed, Carbon copy. 10 p.
McDonnell, D.E. Idaho Names : Owyhee. Typed. 6 p.
New book recites mysterious details of the Swope murder case. Newspaper clipping. Kansas City Star
Sept. 12, 1948
Oberg, Pearl. Bannock County; rich in early-day history. Typed. 6 p.
Of interest to those who love Idaho. Plans for a museum at the university in Pocatello. Typed. 4 p.
Office of the Board of County Commissioners of Blaine County, Idaho. Minutes of a special meeting concerning the incorporation of Arco
Nov. 24, 1909
Office of the Board of County Commissioners of Custer County, Idaho. Minutes of a meeting, concerning the incorporation of Mackay
October 14, 1901
Opening of Big Lost River Project
Post card.
September 14, 1906
Petition to members of the seventy-eighth congress of the United States for the redress of grievances suffered by my son, Tyler Ann H.P. Kent
7 p.
October 1, 1944
Pony Express Courier; telling the story of California and the Old Trails. Placerville, Calif.
16 p.
Aug. 1940
Powell, J.W. Copy of a letter to Ira George
Feb. 26, 1921
Salt Lake Herald. Reduced copy of the first number of the Salt Lake Herald
June 5, 1870
Slater, Nellie. Travels on the plains in eighteen sixty-two. Typed copy of a diary of a sixteen year old girl
May 12 - August 29, 1862
Slater, O.B. Trip across the plains in 1862. Typed memoirs written after a lapse of 52 years. 5 p.
State Board of Publicity. About rugged Idaho
March 10, 1948-Nov. 10, 1948
State Board of Publicity. News releases. (6)
June 30 - Oct. 20, 1948
The Statesman Pioneer Page. Boise, Idaho Sunday Statesman
July 4, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, 1948
Trego, Byrd. Plans go forward for Ft. Hall Museum, exhibits. News paper clipping
Wells, Merle W. The man who stole Idaho's capital (Clinton DeWitt Smith) Newspaper clipping. Boise, Statewide
Nov. 18, 1948
Williams, Bennett L. The abandoned trunk. Newspaper clipping. (Boise, Idaho Sunday Statesman)

Series VI. Idaho Centennial Return to Top

Container(s): Box 8

In 1963 the state of Idaho celebrated its territorial centennial. The items in the single box of material in the Bottolfsen papers are dealing with this celebration.

Container(s) Description Dates
Atkinson, Hawley. Letter to C.A. Bottolfsen
June 17, 1958
Centennial Purpose. Mimeographed
3 p.
Goertzen, Dorine (Mrs. Vic) Letter to C.A. Bottolfsen
Enclosed are the following: Things to see and remember about Idaho City's historic places; IPCo Pioneers Tour of Idaho City; Idaho Press Woman, October 1960; Idaho Territorial Centennial Celebration, Boise County, Outline.
January 16, 1961
Historic Idaho Events
Typed. 2 p.
Idaho Centennial Film (script) prepared by Talbot Jennings. First draft
43 p.
August 17, 1960
Idaho State Journal. Centennial Edition
Idaho Territorial Centennial
34 p.
Proposed program) prepared by Theodore Hoff, Jr. 1960?
Idaho Territorial Centennial Commission. Outline of plans
9 p.
Scenic Idaho. Special centennial edition. v.15

Series VII. Lincoln Material Return to Top

Container(s): Box 9

Bottolfsen was a great admirer of Lincoln, and was called upon to make Lincoln Day speeches for a variety of organizations. His material, which is contained in a single box, has been divided into folders according to type.

Container(s) Description Dates
Lincoln Lore. Fort Wayne, Indiana. No. 1243-1477 (incomplete)
Feb. 2, 1943-March 1961
Lincoln Digest. Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. No. 1-16
Miscellaneous Publications
Allison, William H. A short story of the Battle of Gettysburg as told by the guides conducting parties over the field
26 p.
The Collected works of Abraham Lincoln. Brochure describing the 9 volume set published by Rutgers Uiversity Press
Feb. 12, 1953
Holt, Palmer. "Lincoln Still Lives." Delivered before the annual Lincoln Day banquet
12 p.
Feb. 12, 1944
Lincoln, Abraham. The Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln. Issued by Americanization Department, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. 3 p.
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. Lincoln Sesquicentennial: Handbook of Information. (Washington, D.C. U.S. Government Printing Office, 1959)
40 p.
Mace, William H. Lincoln and Douglas
46 p.
Smith, Addison T. Lincoln the patriot. Address delivered in the Lincoln Museum, Washington, D.C., commemorating the anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln. (Washington, D.C., Associated Distributors, 1954)
16 p.
April 11, 1954
Warren, Louis A. Little known Lincoln Episodes. (Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lincoln National Life Insurance Co.)
8 p.
Blue Book. Feb. 1955. Contains a condensation of The Day Lincoln was shot, by Jim Bishop
Construction Craftsman
The Lincoln Memorial: Construction wonders of America, no.7, on back cover.
July, 1965
Freedom & Union
"If Lincoln Spoke Now" by A. Powell Davies.
Feb. 1956
Retirement Life
"Lincoln" by Addison T. Smith
Feb. 1956
Lincoln Sesquicentennial
Baringer, William. Letter to C.A. Bottolfsen
January 20, 1959
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. Preliminary Report
February 26, 1958
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. Proposal for issuance by Post Office Department of a series of 12 Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commemorative Postage stamps
Jan. 10, 1958
United States. Post Office Department. Information Service. Release No. 268 dealing with Lincoln Commemorative stamps
November 22, 1958
Lincoln Sesquicentennial: Handbook of information
The Lincoln Sesquicentennial Intelligencer; a newsletter highlighting events in the observance of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birth. v.1, no.1
January, 1959
Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission. Selected Lincoln Chronology
Richards Associates. Two news releases dealing with Lincoln Year events
Newspaper articles - Bottolfsen's Printed Speeches
Lincoln, the man who belongs to everyone. Given to the joint session of the Idaho State Legislature, thirty-third session
February 12, 1955
Abraham Lincoln, the universal figure. An address delivered at joint session of Senate and House of Representatives, Idaho Legislature
February 12, 1959
Lincoln whose life inspires the free world. Delivered at Joint session of Senate and House of Idaho's thirty-sixth legislature, Saturday
February 11, 1961
Typescripts of speeches
Bottolfsen, C.A. Lincoln Day Address. Pocatello
Feb. 11, 1936
Bottolfsen, C.A. Lincoln Day Address. Portland
Feb. 12, 1943
Bottolfsen, C.A. Abraham Lincoln--the universal figure. Boise
Feb. 12, 1959
Bottolfsen, C.A. Lincoln--whose life inspires the free world. Boise
Feb. 11, 1941
Griswold, Dwight. Address in Portland
Feb. 12, 1942
Keeton, William D. Address delivered before a joint session of the Idaho State Legislature, 34th session
Feb. 12, 1957
Miscellaneous Material
Swinney, Jerry. Letter to C.A. Bottolfsen, dated Wednesday noon
The Lincoln National Life Foundation. Pamphlet
Sandburg, Carl. Abraham Lincoln. Photocopy of p. 472-476.
Whittier, Edward Livingston. "A fearless crusader." Poem. Annual Lincoln Day Banquet Association. Programs
1951, 1957, 1961

Series VIII. Miscellaneous Return to Top

Container(s): Box 10-11

There are two boxes in the Bottolfsen papers labeled miscellaneous. They contain issues of the State Journal of the Idaho Legislature, the Congressional Record, both complete and pages torn from the appendix, and a large file of newspapers and newspaper clippings. The clippings are in the first box and have been sorted into folders having the following headings: Bottolfsen; Idaho; Americanism, Anti-communist and Politics; and Miscellaneous. Complete sections of newspapers are in box 2 and are unsorted.

Container(s) Description Dates
List of non-newspaper items
The Bill of Rights of we the people. (Providence, P.I. : Barad-Perry Printing Co.)
31 p.
Bottolfsen, C.A. Campaign literature
Bottolfsen, C.A. The Idaho Legislature, by Robert J. Huckshorn, Edward S. Middlemist and C.A. Bottolfsen. (Moscow : Bureau of Public Affairs Research, University of Idaho)
45 p.
Bottolfsen, C.A. Photographed as a young man
Bottolfsen, C.A. Photographed with Mrs. Bottolfsen
Bottolfsen, C.A. Statement regarding A F of L labor meeting resolution urging his defeat
Brief summary of the activities of the Idaho Bureau of Highways for the biennium
Typed. 3 p.
Butte County Memorial Association, Inc. Membership Certificate
Dec. 12, 1950
Congressional Record (Complete)
Feb. 28, 1955, Jan 26, 1962, Feb. 25, 1963
Congressional Record Appendix (selected)
June 1950-July 1961
4th term views of Brigham Young should interest Idaho Citizenry. Typed. 1 p.
Friends of the Public Schools. Bulletin XII
4. Oct. 1949
House Journal of the Idaho Legislature. Thirty-first session
Feb. 12, 1951
The Idaho Senator
May 1944, Sept. 1944
Keefe, Anselem M. Communism's threat to religion. (Indianapolis, Ind. : Constitutional Protective League
undated) Typed. 7 p
Notebook containing selected pages from the Congressional Record, Appendix
January-March 1941
Petition for organization of a cemetery maintenance district, Butte County, Idaho. Includes Metsker's map of Butte County
Oct. 1944
Political Party Organization in Idaho, 1861-1960: a brief outline
4 p.
Radio and Television Correspondents Association. Program for Tenth Annual Dinner
Feb. 6, 1954
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. Our President speaks. Selections from the speeches
12 p.
Senate Journal of the Idaho Legislature, thirty-fifth session
March 3, 1959
Speech material on "Permanent peace" from Republican National Committee speakers bureau
6 p.
Theruer, Lloyd. Letter to Bottolfsen
October 16, 1944
United States Senate. Mini-directory
The Whiffen Poofit Light, Power and Hot Ozone Company, Consolidated. Two newsletters

Series IX. Republican Party Return to Top

Container(s): Box 12

Container(s) Description Dates
Nixon visits Idaho. Time table and program
September 15, 1960
Memo to visiting press concerning press arrangements for "Idaho for Nixon Day"
Thumbnail facts on Idaho politics--voting record
Biographical sketch of Henry C. Dworshak
Biographical sketch of Hamer H. Budge

Series X. Rotary Return to Top

Container(s): Box 13

Container(s) Description Dates
May 23, July 18, August 1, 29, 1961
August 8, 29, 1961
August 10, 10,61
Salt Lake
August 11, September 1, 1961
Incoming Correspondence
Elzey, Jim
July 13, August 22, 1961
Hiller, Oscar
July 22, 1961
Resolution extending congratulations to C.A. and Elizabeth Bottolfsen on their 50th wedding anniversary
August 28, 1961

Series XI. Odds and Ends Return to Top

Published speech
Strenger, A.D. Insight into the Nazi industrial war Machine with ideas and suggestions relating to occupation, chances of Germany's inside collapse, prevention of Germany's rearmament and the post war period. 1943. 91 p.
This gavel was made by Joseph C. Evans, Jr. from the wood of the last surviving apple tree of those planted by Rev. Henry H. Spalding. The handle is carved from Syringa shrub. It was presented to Bottolfsen by the maker in January 1939.
Typed sheet
Evans, Pauline. The old Spalding log cabin mission and the story of Princess Jane. 1 p.

Series XII. Scrapbooks Return to Top

The final series in the Bottolfsen papers is a group of twelve Scrapbooks.

Book I contains Bottolfsen's newspaper column "Across the Executive Desk", April--June 1939 and lists of callers in the office, November 15, 1939 to August 21, 1940.

Book 2 contains brief quotations by famous men cut from newspapers; included among those represented are George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, Daniel Webster, and Thomas Jefferson. There are also clippings dealing with the management of a newspaper and several articles concerning the Arco Advertiser. All clippings date from the 1920's.

Book 3 contains clippings from the year 1944 arranged by subjects; these include agriculture, FDR's fourth term, labor unions, world peace and the platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties. In addition to the newspaper clippings, articles from Free Enterprise and Samuel B. Pettingill's news letters are also included.

Book 4 consists solely of photographs of letters written during the administration of C. Ben Ross, 1933-36, some by the governor himself; all letters deal with highway department matters. One can see the use to which these letters were put in

Book 5 which contains several of Bottolfsen's 1938 speeches in which he alleges corruption in the highway department during Ross' terms as governor.

Book 6 which contains clippings from 1931 when Bottolfsen served as speaker of the house are arranged by subject.

Book 7 contains political clippings for the years 1943 and 1944.

Book 8 which contains articles from 1939, Bottolfsen's first term as governor, also has biographical sketches of the state legislators.

Book 9 contains newspaper clippings for 1939 and 1940.

Book 10, 1943, contains newspaper editorials and seven columns written by Bottolfsen entitled "Idaho, the New Frontier."

Book 11 contains the clippings for 1943, after Bottolfsen's election to a second term.

Book 12, "The Second Half of the Biennium" begins with January 1944 and contains clippings of that year, including newspaper advertisements for Bottolfsen's unsuccessful bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The only notable item in this scrapbook is a letter to Bottolfsen dated November 7, 1942, signed by Thomas E. Dewey.

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Idaho--Politics and government
  • Legislators--Idaho--Correspondence
  • Newspaper publishing--Idaho--Arco

Personal Names

  • Bottolfsen, C. A.--Archives

Corporate Names

  • Idaho. Governor (1938-1940 : Bottolfsen)


  • Idaho State Representative, 1921-1924, 1929-1932; Governor, 1938-1940, 1942-1944; State Senator, 1958-1962.