WSU Women’s Resource Center Videotapes, 1985-2006

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WSU Women’s Resource Center Videotapes
1985-2006 (inclusive)
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VHS recordings of Washington State University campus presentations and events related to traditional “women’s issues.”
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In fall of 1974, the Washington State University Women’s Center open on campus in the Compton Union Building. Their goal was to provide a place where students, staff, and faculty could gather in a non-sexist environment. They initially offered a lending library, resources for locating and selecting local medical, social, and professional support, and hosted series of speakers and programming. In fall of 1988, it was combined with the Office of Programs for Women and reconstituted as the Women’s Resource and Research Center. In 1993 it was renamed Women’s Resource Center.

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The collection consists of video recordings (VHS tapes) created on, or related to, the Washington State University campuses. These were originally created or collected by the Women’s Resource Center and retained in their own library for checkout by students, staff, and faculty.

The materials generally relate to “women’s issues,” and most are presentations made on campus by faculty or others. Subjects include sexual equality, sexism, sexual assault or harassment, abortion, privilege, and feminism, among many others. A few instructional materials and/or class recordings are included.

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[Item Description] Women’s Resource Center Videotapes, 1985-2006

Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, Washington State University Libraries, Pullman, WA.

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Videotapes are organized chronologically. In cases where the date is unknown or approximate, those materials are filed at the end of their approximate possible date range. In cases where an obvious series of recordings existed and chronological filing would interrupt that, the interrupting materials were placed either before or after that series.

Acquisition Information

Materials from the Washington State University Women’s Resource Center were transferred to the WSU Libraries’ Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections by Amy Sharp, WSRC Director, on November 15, 2017, and retained as UA2017-12.

Processing Note

During processing, materials produced by non-WSU institutions were transferred to the WSU Libraries proper, to be added to the stacks or surplussed as appropriate. Materials which appeared to be copyright violations (secondhand recordings of materials for which someone else holds the copyright) were discarded. The collection was processed by University Archivist Mark O’English in November, 2017.

Separated Materials

Approximately 125 slides of general campus events in the mid 1970s and of an April 1990 Northwest Women’s Studies Association Conference held in Pullman were removed to the general WSU photograph collections.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box tape
1 1 Debate between Phyllis Schlafly and Sarah Weddington. Sponsored by WSU Political Union. 1985-02-18
1 2 On the Barricades for Abortion Rights: What We've Learned and How We’ve Won Against the God Squads. NWSA Conference, Seattle. 1985-06
1 3 Comparable Worth. Helen Remick. President's Distinguished Visiting Lecturer. 1986-02-03
1 4 The Bork Nomination: Its Impact on Women. Faye Waddleton. 1987-09-24
1 5 Women's Issues in Higher Education in Washington. Tape 1: first session. 1987-10-16
1 6 Women's Issues in Higher Education in Washington. Tape 2: second session. 1987-10-17
1 7 Perspectives on Masculinities, Power, Pain, And Pride. Harry Brod. 1988-02-25
1 8 Math Anxiety - Is it Real? Research and Implications for Teaching and Learning Mathematics. Judith M. Forcada. 1988-10-27
1 9 Mastering Math Anxiety: A Techniques Workshop for Students and Faculty. Judith M. Forcada. 1988-10-27
1 10 Society, Sport & Privilege. Karen DePauw. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1989-09-27
1 11 Nutrition and Osteoporosis. Linda Massey. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1989-10-31
1 12 Education for Gaining a Voice: Classroom Applications of "Women's Way of Knowing." Mary Field Belenky. 1989-11-15
1 13 Breast Cancer lecture. Howard Hosick. 1989-11-30
1 14 Against Her Will: Rape on Campus. 1989
1 15 Vision of Color Poetry Symposium. 1990-03-01
1 16 From Bride-Selling to Book-Buying: Lives of Soviet Women. Birgitta Ingemanson. 1990-03-08
1 17 Jerri Allyn workshop, Bryan Hall. Part 1. 1990-03-09
1 18 Jerri Allyn workshop, Bryan Hall. Part 2. 1990-03-09
1 19 Elizabeth Walker. 1990-03-28
1 20 Josephine Beoku-Betts. 1990-03-29
1 21 Seminar: Janet Lee. 1990-04-02
1 22 Washington and Idaho Rape Laws. Nannette Kistler. 1990-09-25. Self Esteem, Gender Roles, Dating Behaviors. Dottie Morris. 1990-09-27.
1 23 Gender and the Toxic Workplace: Corporate Responses. Donna Randall. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1990-09-26
1 24 The Pullman Effect: Behavior, Reinforcement and Delay. Frances McSweeney. 1990-10-10
1 25 Diabetes Research: If I Were a Dog, I'd be Cured by Now. Keith Campbell. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1990-10-24
1 26 "Take Back the Night" march. 1990-10-24
1 27 Introduction. Craig Cabeza and Dottie Morris. 1990-09-18. Rape Culture. Beth Prinze. 1990-09-20. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445.
1 28 WSU and the Campus Environment as a Setting for Assault. Gus Kravas. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-10-04
1 29 Physical Resistance. Dave Wareing. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-10-11
1 30 Campus and Community Resources for Victims. Mechthild Miller. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-10-18
1 31 Breaking Barriers to Seeking Help. Dona Thompson. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-10-23
1 32 Helping a Friend who has been Raped. Nancy Corbin. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-10-25
1 33 The Rape Exam (Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Disease, and Physical Injury), Seeking Medical Help. Jill Thompson. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-10-30
1 34 Men as Victim of Sexual Assault. Rob Ragatz. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-11-01
1 35 How to do Rape Programming. Julie Cocklin. Sexual Assault Prevention Course, Psychology 445. 1990-11-06
1 36 The Creation of a National Traveling Humanities Exhibition. Jacqueline Peterson. 1990
1 37 What is Research Design? Jo Ann Asher Thompson. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1991-02-19
1 38 Many Styles, One Classroom: Individual Differences in Learning and Teaching. Zana Rae Higgs. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1991-02-27
1 39 Why is the Sky Blue? Shira Lynn Broschat. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1991-03-12
1 40 "Take Back the Night" march. 1991-03
1 41 The Changing Roles of Women in African Marketing Systems. James. McCullough. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1991-10-23
1 42 Markets, Money, & Women: MicroEnterprises and Agricultural Development. Nancy E. Horn. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1991-11-06
1 43 Participatory Research in Africa: implications for Local Projects. Lorna Butler. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1991-11-14
1 44 Aggression in Intimate Relationships. Jan Stets. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1992-09-29
2 1 Eating Disorders. Laurel Branen. 1992-10-05
2 2 Estrogen Use, A Woman's Dilemma. Sara Li. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1992-10-06
2 3 Acquaintance Rape & Alcohol. John Miller. 1992-10-12. What Men and Women Can Do Together. Betsy Thomas. 1992-10-21.
2 4 Sexual Harassment. FRC - Douglas Baker. 1992-10-14
2 5 The Connection Between Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Betty McMahon & Elena Wright, ATVP. Sexual Assault Prevention Course. 1992-Fall. 1992
2 6 1,000 Pieces of Gold, "Children of the Left" 1992
2 7 Women's History Month, "WSU Presents." Val Jenness. 1993-03-03
2 8 Women of Note. Barbara Harbach. 1993-03-23
2 9 The Breast Cancer Epidemic. Jonathan Li. Faculty Research Colloquium Series. 1993-03-10
2 10 Dykes, Diapers, and Dancing: Constructing Lesbian Communities in the 90s. Beth E. Schneider. 1993-10-29
2 11 International Women. Fax Connection. 1994-Summer. Women's Studies 391.
2 12 We Can't Do it Alone. Jackie Grimesey. "Take Back the Night" march and rally, keynote. 1994-10-20
2 13 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-17
2 14 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-18
2 15 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-19
2 16 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-24
2 17 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-25
2 18 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-26
2 19 Women's Studies 390. 1994-10-31
2 20 Wilderness Skepticism and Wilderness Dualism. Val Plumwood. 1995-11-01
2 21 Towards a Better View of Binary Opposition. Val Plumwood. 1995-11-02
2 22 Your Voice: Women of Color. KWSU-TV. 1997-03-27
2 23 Feminist Activism: Video Documentary by Women's Studies 311. 1998-Summer. Tape 1.
2 24 Feminist Activism: Video Documentary by Women's Studies 311. 1998-Summer. Tape 1.
2 25 Lecture with Noel Sturgeon. Women's Studies 300. 1999?
2 26 My Young Life as a Boy. Queer Film. Women's Studies 300. 1999?
2 27 Diversity Day. 2001-2002.
2 28 Hate Crimes at WSU. KXLY 4 News. Q6 News. 2002-04-10
2 29 New Leadership Presentation, Group One. 2003
2 30 New Leadership Presentation, Group Two. 2003
2 31 New Leadership Presentation, Group Three. 2003
2 32 New Leadership Presentation, Group Four. 2003
2 33 New Leadership Presentation, Group Five. 2003
2 34 New Leadership Presentation, Group Six. 2003
2 35 Women's Rights are Human Rights. Patricia Ireland. KWSU Media. 2004-06-17
2 36 New Leadership Inland Northwest Summer Institute. Address by State Senator Lisa Brown. Washington Public Affairs Network (TVW). 2006-06-16
2 37 Pauline Thompson interview. Undated.
2 38 Youth Out Loud. WSU students. Undated.

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