Cornelius James Brosnan Papers, 1917-1950

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Cornelius James Brosnan
Cornelius James Brosnan Papers
1917-1950 (inclusive)
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Research material for his History of the State of Idaho and material on the history of the University of Idaho to 1946.
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Cornelius James Brosnan was born in Dowagiac, Michigan, June 14, 1882, the son of Thomas and Mary (Brady) Brosnan.

After receiving his A.B. degree from the University of Michigan in 1905 he became a teacher and administrator in the public schools of Eau Clair, Michigan. Following his marriage to Anne Stapleton of Eau Clair on July 27, 1909, he became superintendent of schools in Mount Carroll, Illinois. In 1912 the Brosnans moved to Idaho where he served as superintendent of schools in Nampa, then as the head of the history department in Boise High School for several years. From 1920 - 1921 he was an Austin Scholar at Harvard University, and after receiving his M.A. from that institution in 1921 he returned to Idaho as a member of the history faculty at the University of Idaho. In order to complete his doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley, Prof. Brosnan took a leave of absence during the 1928/29 school year. In 1930 he became head of the Department of American History.

One of Dr. Brosnan's achievements at the University of Idaho was the development of the annual trophy essay contest sponsored by the Idaho chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. In addition to teaching he did extensive historical writing on the northwest; he was the author of a book on the Oregon pioneer missionary Jason Lee, a book which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. He also wrote a history of Idaho which was used in public schools for many years, and he wrote the Idaho sections for several encyclopedias. He was a Fellow of the American Geographical Society, a member of the American Historical Association, the Northwest Scientific Association and the Oregon Historical Society.

In July and August 1934 he took part in the National Centennial Celebration of Jason Lee's pilgrimage from Boston to Oregon. This celebration was sponsored by the board of home missions and church extensions of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Joining the caravan in Colorado, he delivered the main address at each of twenty programs held in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.

Dr. Brosnan retired from the university in 1952 and was created Professor of American History Emeritus. After his retirement he was visiting professor of history at Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington.

Following the death of his wife, November 23, 1958, Prof. Brosnan moved to Sacramento, California, to be near his son; his daughter lived in Prosser, Washington. In mid-January 1961 he suffered a stroke and died several days later, on January 18. He was buried in Moscow on Monday, January 23, 1961.

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The research material of C.J. Brosnan is contained in four file boxes. The first three boxes consist of material which Prof. Brosnan collected and organized for his History of the State of Idaho. There are many letters from former governors or their descendants, letters from various historical societies and also from other historians. In addition to the correspondence there are many newspaper and journal articles, and numerous photographs.

The material includes not only historical material, but biographical material on the territorial governors, memoirs of people involved in historic events, copies of letters from fur traders, notes on the mining industry, and also histories of some of the cities in Idaho.

The fourth box in this group contains material relating to the history of the University of Idaho from its founding through 1946. There are several folders in the first three boxes which also relate to the university; these can be easily identified by referring to the subject index for series one. Among the items in box four are letters from several former presidents and a 237 page typescript which relates the history of the university to the year 1917. (The complete typescript which has been microfilmed is 360 pages in length.)

The original source material in this collection is extremely valuable to anyone interested in the history of Idaho, or the early history of the University of Idaho.

The contents of this collection are described in more detail in the following Description of Series.

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The material in series one of this archival group has been separated either by subject or by correspondent. However, since there is some unavoidable overlapping of material several sets of file cards were maintained but are now interfiled. One set lists the folder headings, another gives subjects, whether or not there was a folder for that subject, and the third lists some of Prof. Brosnan's more noted correspondents.

A separate card file was maintained for the photographs in this collection. It indicates whether the photograph is from a newspaper, magazine, book, or is a photoprint. If it is a photoprint, mention is made if the print is original, a copy of an original, or a post card.

Research items in series two, the history of the university, are arranged chronologically under the appropriate president of the university. The final typescript is in a separate folder.



Church, Frederick Corss. Diary for 1961

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A Bibliography of the Writings of C.J. Brosnan in the University of Idaho Library

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"The Whitworth Story; College Stands as a Tribute to Pioneer Clergyman." Spokane, Wash., Spokesman Review Magazine, January 3, 1954. Pp. 3-5.

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Series I. History of Idaho Return to Top

In 1918 C.J. Brosnan published the first edition of his History of the State of Idaho, a book designed as a textbook for high school freshmen. The material in this series contains much of the resource material which formed the basis for this book and also the later editions in 1926, 1935, and 1948.

Included are letters, most of them incoming, typed copies of letters which were loaned to Brosnan by other scholars, journal articles, newspaper articles, and photographs. Unfortunately some of the journal and newspaper articles are incomplete due to Brosnan's habit of trimming and pasting- many letters have also had the greeting or salutation cut off.

The list below is a compilation of three sets of file cards. Under the folder headings one will find a brief synopsis of the items found in the folder; the file cards contain the exact titles of newspaper and journal articles as well as the exact dates of the correspondence, and whether letters are typed or handwritten. In cases where subjects were contained in more than one folder, a file card was made which indicates the various locations of the material. In the following list the subject entries are preceded by an asterisk (*). It was also thought important to make file cards for historically important correspondents when their letters were in folders other than under the correspondent's name. These entries are indicated by a cross-hatch preceding the name.

Following the descriptive portion of the inventory there is a list of the photographs contained in this series; the exact location of the photographs is noted on the file cards.

Description Dates
An Alphabetical List of Folder Headings, *Subjects, and #Correspondents
Alexander, Moses. (Governor 1915-1919)
This folder contains one letter from Governor Alexander and a newspaper photograph showing him with the Liberty Bell which was on exhibit in Boise in 1917.
Anderson Farm
Contained in this folder is a one page typescript of an article which mentions the Nez Perce trail which goes through the property which is located 10 miles south of Moscow, Idaho.
Ankeny, Levi. (First Mayor of Lewiston, Idaho)
The only items in this folder are an obituary notice and an editorial, both from an unidentified newspaper.
The solitary item in this folder is a one page typescript dealing with the publication of the first issue of the University of Idaho Student newspaper.
Arney, Charles E.
C.E. Arney, former warden of the Idaho Penitentiary and an official of the Northern Pacific Railway Co., corresponded with C.J. Brosnan from 1917 to 1939 on a variety of historical subjects. In addition to the 17 items of correspondence the folder contains several of Arney's newspaper articles on early Idaho history including "How Idaho Won Statehood", Moscow, Star-Mirror, Jan. 13, 1923, and "Arney Tells Inside Story of 1901 All Night Caucus". Boise, Statesman, 1931.
Babb, James E.
This folder contains fifteen letters from Lewiston lawyer James E. Babb. The topics include Mason Brayman (q.v.), a photograph mis-identified as Lewiston's Legislative Hall, William Craig (q.v.), early school districts, and mining district laws.
#Babb, James E.
Additional letters from James E. Babb are found in the Craig and McConnell file folders.
Baldridge, H.C. (Governor 1927-1930)
This folder contains a letter from Gov. Baldridge and a brief history of his terms of office. The folder also contains an unidentified photograph.
Ballard, David W. (Territorial Governor 1866-1870)
This folder contains a brief biographical sketch of Gov. Ballard, a newspaper article dealing with the disappearance of territorial funds prior to his appointment, and several unidentified typescripts which deal with an attempt to remove him from office for his neglect of Indian Affairs.
#Barry, J. Neilson
Letters and articles written by this self-styled historian, who in the late 1890's was Episcopal minister in Palouse, Washington, are found in the following folders: Coeur d'Alene - Origin of the Name, Fort Boise, Francis Payette, and Spokane, Washington.
Beall, Thomas B.
This folder contains a newspaper article on Beall, two photographs taken in 1921, and eight letters written to Brosnan in 1918, in which he records his recollections of early Idaho history.
#Beall, Thomas B.
Another letter from Beall to Brosnan is in the folder labeled Craig.
Bemis, Polly
The only item in this folder is a newspaper article entitled "Old China Woman of Idaho Famous."
Bennett, Thomas W. (Territorial Governor 1871-1875)
This folder contains a letter from Ada L. Bernhardt (Librarian, Morrison-Reeves Library, Richmond, Indiana) in which she encloses biographical data on Bennett.
*Bennett, Thomas W.
Additional information on Gov. Bennett can be found in the Marston file.
Benton, Thomas H.
This folder contains a letter from William M. Meigs who published a biography of Benton in 1904.
*Bingham, Henry Harrison
Information on Bingham will be found in a letter from W.M. Bunn to C.J. Brosnan dated Dec. 13, 1921.
Boise, Idaho
In addition to several photographs, this folder contains an outline of Boise's history, a list of mayors from 1900-1947, several newspaper articles on old Boise, and a Saturday Evening Post article "Boise," dated January 18, 1947.
Boise Basin
The newspaper articles in this folder deal with the discovery of gold in the Boise Basin. There are several articles on George Grimes, and also photographs of mines in the Thunder Mountain District.
*Boise Basin
Additional information on the Boise Basin is contained in a letter from W.J. Trimble to C.J. Brosnan, January 30, 1918.
Borah, William Edgar. (U.S. Senator 1907-1940)
This folder contains biographical information, a poem by C.S. White entitled "The Burial of William E. Borah," several newspaper articles on the unveiling of Borah's statue in the Capitol Rotunda, and a 1922 letter from Senator Borah to Prof. Brosnan. There are also several sets of notes which Brosnan compiled for a speech on Borah.
Bottolfsen, Clarence A. (Governor 1939-1941; 1943-1945)
Contained in this folder are magazine and newspaper photographs, a brief biographical sketch, and a holograph copy of Brosnan's speech to the North Idaho Chamber of Commerce when he presented governor-elect Bottolfsen with a copy of his History of the State of Idaho.
*Bowen, Thomas M. (Territorial Governor 1870 - resigned without acting)
Included in an article in the Marston folder is a copy of Bowen's letter of resignation.
Brady, James H. (Governor 1911-1913)
There is a short letter from Brady to Brosnan in 1917, a newspaper photograph, and another photograph.
Brayman, Mason. (Territorial Governor 1876-1880)
There are three letters in this folder, one from James Babb, one from the librarian of the Illinois State Historical Society enclosing a biography of Brayman, and one from the librarian of the Chicago Historical Society.
*Brayman, Mason
Additional information may be found in the J.E. Babb folder.
*Bridger, Jim
See the Miles Cannon folder for information on this mountain guide.
*Brigham, J.W.
C.E. Arney wrote a letter containing information on Brigham who lived near Genesee, Idaho.
Brosnan, C.J.
There are several newspaper clippings about Brosnan, letters requesting biographical and bibliographical information, Brosnan's 1921 paper for History 25 (Harvard University) "A Bibliographical Report on the Diplomacy of the Pacific Coast of the United States and Alaska," and a research paper on Idaho dated in pencil 1947.
*Brosnan, C.J.
Brosnan's participation in historical commemorations are mentioned in several folders; these are listed on the file card.
*Brosnan, C.J. History of the State of Idaho
Many of Brosnan's correspondents commented on his book. Please see the file card for a complete list of locations for these comments.
Brown, Loyal P.
This folder contains addresses of Brown to the Idaho County Pioneer Association in 1888 and 1889.
Bunn, William M. (Territorial Governor 1884-1885)
Of particular interest in this folder are letters from Gov. Bunn who was living in Philadelphia; the letters span the years 1917-1922. There are several newspaper articles by Brosnan based on these letters.
*California Trail
Miles Cannon has information on the trail in one of his letters.
Cannon, Miles
There are many letters, most of them dating from 1918, from journalist historian Miles Cannon about early trails and fur trading. Also included are several of Cannon's newspaper articles on the early pioneers.
#Cannon, Miles
There is another letter from Cannon in the Pioneer Reunion folder.
Cataldo, Joseph M.
This folder contains several letters from Father Cataldo, most of them written on the bottom of Brosnan's letters, about the Coeur d'Alene Mission.
*Cataldo Mission. (Coeur d'Alene Mission of the Sacred Heart, Cataldo, Idaho)
In addition to the material in Father Cataldo's folder there is also information on the mission in the Hawley, Indians, and Smet folders.
Chrisman, Edward R.
General Chrisman was a member of the University of Idaho Military Science Department, and the material in this folder relates to the university history rather than Brosnan's history of Idaho. The folder contains several photographs, a record of Chrisman's military service, several newspaper articles, and a paper for History 122 written in 1936 by Bernice Day Malony, "The Influence of General E.R. Chrisman on the University of Idaho."
Clagett, William Horace
Included in this folder are letters from W.J. McConnell, George Himes of the Oregon State Historical Society, and a series of letters from Ida B. Clagett.
*Clagett, William Horace
Additional information may be found in the Arney folder.
Clark, Barzilla W. (Governor 1937-1939)
This folder contains a brief biographical sketch of the governor, a letter from his widow, several photographs, and a typescript entitled "Idaho's 24th Legislative Session" by Ben Oppenheim.
Clark, Chase A. (Governor 1941-43)
This folder contains a brief sketch of the governor's administration and a picture.
Coeur d'Alene - Origin of Name
Among the items of correspondence in this folder are six letters from J. Neilson Barry, and a newspaper article by Francis Cope, "Coeur d'Alene: What does City's Name Mean Anyway?"
*Coeur d'Alene Mining District
The Harry Orchard file contains articles on the 1899 riots and bull pen.
*Coffin, Frank R.
There is a newspaper article on Coffin in the Boise Basin folder.
Cowen, Israel Burr
This folder contains a photograph of Judge Cowen taken in 1921 and several newspaper articles on his life written by John P. Harlan.
Craig, William T.
This folder contains a biographical sketch, small photograph, and an article by Thomas J. Beall, "Recollections of Wm. Craig," which was published in the Lewiston Tribune.
*Craig, William T.
Additional information will be found in the Babb and Beall folders.
*Curtis, E.J.
See the letter from C.E. Arney dated Dec. 4, 1938 for information on this territorial secretary.
Curtis, James F.
The only item in this folder is a very brief biographical sketch.
Daniels, William B. (Acting Territorial Governor 1864)
This folder contains a number of letters from Thurston Daniels who also wrote a 22 page biography of his father. The other items include a newspaper article written by Brosnan and several photographs.
Davis, David W. (Governor 1919-1923)
A picture of Davis, a letter from him to Brosnan, and a magazine article, "Davis Leads New Conquest of the West", are contained in the folder.
DeLamar, Joseph R.
A brief biographical sketch and a newspaper article are the only items in this folder.
Dewey, William H.
A biographical sketch is the only item in this folder.
Draper, Paul and Ole Hagberg
These two men, both students at the University of Idaho, were killed in the Spanish American War. Included in this folder are Draper's obituary from the New York Tribune and two photographs of the Spanish American War monument on the University of Idaho Campus. One was taken shortly after the monument was erected and shows the old administration building in the background.
*Drury, Clifford M.
There are references to Rev. Drury's books in the Spalding, Walker, and Whitman folders.
Dubois, Fred T.
This folder contains several letters from Dubois and a 100 page typed copy of his "The Making of a State" which was published in the Idaho Daily Statesman from August 11 - November 9, 1929.
*Dubois, Fred T.
Several very interesting items relating to Dubois' election to the Senate are found in the Arney and McConnell folders.
Edgerton, Sidney
A letter from Brosnan to Dean Jeffers about Idaho's eastern panhandle boundary is the only item in this folder.
Elk City, Idaho
This folder contains a photograph and brief history of Elk City.
Elk River, Idaho
The only item in this folder is the script for a 1937 radio program "The Rise and Fall of Elk River, Idaho."
Ermatinger, Francis
Among the items in this folder are letters from C.O. Ermatinger, nephew of Francis, several letters from the British Columbia Provincial Library, a biographical sketch, several photographs, and an article on Edward Ermatinger.
Ermatinger, Francis - Correspondence
This folder contains typed copies of a very interesting series of fifty-five letters written by Francis Ermatinger between 1823 and 1853. Most of the letters were written to his brother Edward and deal largely with personal matters, but also relate his experiences with the Hudson's Bay Company.
*Ermatinger, Francis
Additional material is contained in the Katherine B. Judson folder.
Information on these early mail carriers is in the Beall and Trimble files.
Fenn, F.A.
Two letters from Fenn dealing with the school in Florence, Idaho are contained in this folder.
Florence, Idaho
An outline of the history of Florence, a letter from F.A. Fenn, and a picture of Florence are contained in the folder.
*Florence, Idaho
See the folder labeled F.A. Fenn for information on the school in Florence, which was also the first school in Idaho.
Foote, Mary Hallock
A letter from Mary Foote and a photograph of her home near Boise are the only items in the folder.
Fort Boise
The correspondence in this folder includes letters from J. Neilson Barry and George Himes of the Oregon Historical Society. Brosnan's research notes, several newspaper articles and a photograph of a drawing of the fort are also included.
*Fort Boise
A newspaper article entitled "Just Why Was Fort Boise Established" is in the folder labeled Boise, Idaho.
Fort Hall
Among the many items in this folder are a brief history of the fort, a note by Minnie Howard on the identification of the site of the fort by Ezra Meeker in 1916, several photographs of Meeker at the site, miscellaneous newspaper and journal articles, correspondence, and several maps showing the location of the fort.
*Fort Hall
Additional information may be found in the Wyeth folder.
*Fort Lapwai
A letter dated March 3, 1918, from Thomas Beall to C.J. Brosnan contains information on this fort.
Fort Sherman
An outline of a speech delivered at the dedication of a monument at the site of Fort Sherman in Coeur d'Alene and a photograph taken of the monument are the only items in this folder.
French, Burton L.
Four letters from Congressman French to C.J. Brosnan on a variety of subjects are included in this folder.
#French, Burton L.
An additional letter from French is in the folder labeled Indians.
*Gilson, Horace C. (Territorial Secretary)
The Ballard folder contains a newspaper article by Lloyd Lehrbas entitled "Secretary Gilson and Territorial Funds Swallowed by Outer World."
Golden Age. (Newspaper)
This folder contains two letters dealing with possible locations of issues of Idaho's first newspaper, Golden Age. Several newspaper articles relating to the search for issues, a brief history of the paper, and a photograph of the front page of the issue dated Saturday, September 5, 1863 are also included.
*Golden Age. (Newspaper)
Additional information on the newspaper is contained in a letter from Thomas Beall to C.J. Brosnan, March 3, 1918.
#Gooding, F.R.
The Miscellaneous Letters folder contains a letter from Gooding about the sheep industry in Idaho.
Gossett, Charles C. (Governor January - November 1945)
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
*Grimes, George
There are several newspaper articles on Grimes in the Boise Basin folder.
Hailey, John
The only item in Congressman Hailey's folder is a copy of a photograph.
Haines, John M. (Governor 1913-1915)
A brief biographical sketch is the only item in this folder.
Hawley, James H. (Governor 1911-1913)
This folder contains many pictures of Hawley from 1870 to 1922, and letters which he wrote between 1916 and 1927 in which he recalls various aspects of pioneer life and early mining camps. Two obituary notices are also included.
#Hawley, James H.
An additional letter from Hawley is in the Pioneer Reunion folder.
Hays, Samuel H.
The only item in this folder is a letter from Hays, a Boise attorney, dealing with the relocation of the capital from Lewiston to Boise.
Henry, Andrew
The only item in this folder is a letter from Major Henry's granddaughter.
Hickman, E.T.
This folder contains a typed copy of a letter dated May 6, 1849, which deals with the gold rush.
History of the State of Idaho. 1948 Revision - General Comments
This folder contains three letters, dated November 1947.
Holbrook, Edward Dexter
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
*Holbrook, Edward Dexter
Additional information on Congressman Holbrook is in the Ballard folder.
*Howard, Oliver Otis
Information on General Howard is in the Joseph - Nez Perce War folder.
*Hudson's Bay Company
The Ermatinger, Fort Hall, and Judson folders contain information on this trading company.
Hunt, Frank W. (Governor 1901-1903)
A brief sketch of Hunt's administration is the only item in this folder.
Idaho - Boundaries
A letter and map of the U.S. dated March 1863, with Idaho territory outlined in black ink, are the only items in this folder.
*Idaho - Boundaries
For information on the Idaho-Montana border see the Edgerton folder.
Idaho - Origin of Name
Several newspaper articles and letters are contained in this folder. One amusing article is entitled "The Legend of Ida and Her Hoe."
Idaho City, Idaho
There are two newspaper photographs in this folder, one of the Idaho World building, the other of the remains of Frank Miller's saloon.
This folder contains many newspaper and magazine articles, research notes on the Coeur d'Alene and Snake Indians, maps showing the locations of the various tribes, letters from the Smithsonian Institution on the origin and meaning of the tribe names, several articles on Indian picture writing, and many photographs including several of Shoshoni Indians, one of Chief Tendoy, another of his wife, one of the grave of Sacajawea at the Wind River Agency, Wyoming, one of a young Nez Perce woman sitting outside a teepee, and one of Tolo, a heroine of the Nez Perce War of 1877.
Irwin, John N. (Territorial Governor 1883-1884)
A newspaper article "Idaho Life Too Strenuous for One Governor" forms the basis of the material in this folder. Irwin remained in Idaho for ten days then returned to Iowa, he also returned the check which the government sent him "for services never rendered." The disposition of that check in Washington is the subject of correspondence between a Hagerman, Idaho school girl and treasury officials in Washington, copies of which make up the remainder of the material in this folder.
Jackson, W. Turrentine
His article "Indian Affairs and Politics in Idaho Territory, 1863-1870," ( Pacific Historical Review, Sept. 1945, Pp. 311-325) is the only item in this folder.
Jenkins Letters
In 1851 Henry Jenkins left Knox County, Indiana to join the gold rush to California. The typed copies of 25 letters, dated 1851 to 1861, tell of his voyage to California, and life in the gold fields. Also included in these letters are letters from Abby Jenkins to her husband and letters from their children who went to California in the 50's after their father's return to the Indiana farm.
The only item in this folder is a newspaper article "Johnny-Behind-the-Rocks has Early-Day Idaho Rival."
Johnson, Henry Z.
This folder contains two letters dealing with mining law.
Joseph - Nez Perce War
In addition to magazine and newspaper photographs, this folder contains a typescript of a purported interview with Chief Joseph, maps showing Joseph's route, several articles on General O.O. Howard, several letters, and many articles on the Nez Perce War of 1877.
Judson, Katherine B.
The letters from Katherine Judson deal with the Hudson's Bay Company. Also included is her article "The Hudson's Bay Company and the Pacific Northwest."
Kingsley, Charles S.
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
Kullyspell House
The items in this folder include an article by R.G. Bailey entitled "Kuyllyspell House," a photograph of the David Thompson memorial near Hope, Idaho, photographs of Lake Pend d'Oreille and Sheepherder's point, the site of Kullyspell house, and a photograph of Bear Paws Rock. There are also newspaper articles on the pioneer reunion picnic near the site of the house in 1922, then in 1923 articles on the discovery of the actual site and remains of the building. The final items are newspaper articles on the 1941 Bonner County pioneer picnic.
Laclede, Idaho
The only item in this folder is an undated letter from Mrs. E.T. Markham relating her memories of life in early Laclede.
One letter concerning information on Fort Lapwai is the only item in the folder.
*Lee, Jason
Information on Rev. Lee is found is several folders. Please see the file card for locations.
Leesburg, Idaho
The photographs in this folder include the crew of a mining company, Bu Kee ("the last Chinaman in Leesburg"), and views of hydraulic and placer mines. The only other item is a review of a book on Leesburg.
Lewis and Clark
Items in this folder include magazine reproductions of paintings of Lewis and Clark, a photograph of a statue of Sacajawea, journal articles, maps showing the route Lewis and Clark followed, and correspondence dealing with the life of Sacajawea and also her statue in Portland. There is also a 54 page booklet on Lewis and Clark by Robert H. Fletcher.
Lewiston, Idaho
The only items in this folder are photographs of Lewiston in 1872 and of the Luna House taken around 1862.
*Lewiston, Idaho
Information on the early history of Lewiston is contained in the Babb and Beall folders.
Light on the Mountains
This pageant, based on Idaho history, was written by University of Idaho junior Talbot Jennings, and was given at the 1923 commencement. Included in the folder are minutes of the executive committee which planned the program, lists of participants, the forty page script, and several newspaper articles.
*Lolo Pass
See J.E. Babb folder for information on Lolo Pass.
*Lugenbeel, Pickney
An article by Bartlett Sinclair, "Boise's Founder Seen by Settler of Later Day", is in the Boise folder.
Lyon, Caleb. (Territorial Governor 1864-1866)
This folder contains several items of correspondence dealing with the life of Governor Lyon, several biographical outlines, a newspaper article by C.J. Brosnan entitled "Idaho's First Full Dress Governor," an article on the seal of California, for which design Lyon was given credit, and several typed notes dealing with the removal of the capital from Lewiston to Boise.
McBeth, Kate & Sue
This folder contains brief biographies of the sisters and photographs of their home in Kamiah and their tombstones.
McConnell, William John. (Governor 1893-1897)
The folder contains a number of photographs of McConnell, newspaper articles about him, and letters from the former governor dealing with the Mullan Road, the establishment of the University of Idaho, another explaining how Idaho elected four U.S. Senators at one time, and others with interesting sidelights on early Idaho history and the men who made it.
*McConnell, William John
Additional information is found in a letter from C.E. Arney, Dec. 4. 1938.
#McConnell, William John
Another letter from McConnell to Brosnan is in the Clagett folder.
McConville, Edward
There is a brief biography of General McConville who died in the Spanish American War, and also a letter from his widow.
MacDonald, Angus
The folder contains an article by McDonald's daughter and a newspaper photograph of this Hudson's Bay Company trader.
McDonald, Archibald
The only item in this folder is a letter from the Deputy Minister of Public Archives in Canada to Brosnan about the location of McDonald's letters.
McDonald, "Big Finnan"
The only item in this folder is the section on "Big Finnan" taken from Brosnan's book.
McKay, Thomas
A brief biographical sketch is the only item contained in the folder.
*McKay, Thomas
McLoughlin mentions McKay in many of his letters.
McKenzie, Donald
The material in this folder includes a picture of McKenzie, several letters about his life, information and a map of the McKenzie Trail, and a 62 page holograph account of the life of Donald McKenzie, possibly by Ernest Cawcroft.
McLeod, George A.
This folder contains a newspaper article about his pamphlet "A History of Alturas and Blaine Counties."
McLoughlin, John
The contents of this folder include a photograph, miscellaneous notes, and copies of letters which McLoughlin wrote in 1834 and 1836 which concern his dealings with Nathaniel Wyeth.
Magruder Murder Case
This folder contains a brief outline of the murder and a photograph of Hill Beachy, the man who apprehended the murderer.
Marston, Gilman. (Territorial Governor 1870)
A typescript of an article, part of which deals with Marston's appointment and subsequent resignation, is the only item in this folder.
Miller, Joaquin
This folder contains several letters from various people about the life of Miller and early Pierce City.
This folder contains a photograph of Florence, Idaho in 1921, and a list of early geological surveys of Idaho.
*Mining - California
See the Jenkins Letters for an account of early mining in California.
*Mining - Idaho
For a complete list of locations of material relating to mining in Idaho see the file card.
*Mining Laws
Material on early mining laws is contained in the Babb and Johnson folders.
*Montana History
There is a short essay on early Montana history in the McConnell file.
Moore, Charles C. (Governor 1923-1927)
A short sketch of the administration of this governor as well as several letters from him comprise the information in this folder.
Moscow, Idaho
This folder contains typed notes on various pioneers, newspaper articles on the first settlers, the Nez Perce Trail, early Moscow history, and the first post office.
Mossman, Ike
This folder contains a seven page typescript describing the operation of Mossman's pony express.
*Mullan Road
See articles in the McConnell and Trails folders.
Neil, John Baldwin. (Territorial Governor 1880-1883)
This folder contains a brief sketch of Neil's administration, an obituary notice, a newspaper article, and two letters from Mrs. Neil.
Newell, Robert
The brief biographical sketch of Newell which appears in Brosnan's history is the only item in this folder.
*Newspapermen - Idaho
Various articles in the C.E. Arney folder mention early newspaper publishers.
*Nez Perce Trail
Articles on this trail will be found in the Anderson Farm, Cannon and Moscow folders.
O'Farrell, John A. - House
A letter from Theresa O'Farrell, a photograph of the house and information on the materials used in the building are in this folder.
Ogden, Peter Skene
This folder contains a photograph of Ogden and a brief sketch of fur trading.
Orchard, Harry
This folder contains many articles on the assassination of Gov. Steunenberg and the subsequent trial of Orchard, Pettibone, and Heywood.
*Oregon Trail
The Boise Basin folder contains an article by Byron Defenbach; there are also several letters in the Miles Cannon folder.
Orofino Mining Region
The only item in this folder is a newspaper article entitled "Early Days of Placer Mining in Central Idaho are Recalled."
Parker, Aaron F.
Two newspaper articles, one on early Idaho history and another on attempts to annex the Idaho panhandle to Washington, plus a 1922 letter from Parker to Brosnan are in the folder.
#Parker, Aaron F.
An additional letter from Parker is in the Pioneer Reunion file.
Parks, Samuel C.
A newspaper article on Idaho's first Judge is present along with several letters from Parks' son.
*Paulsen, August
Paulsen's obituary notice is in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District folder.
Payette, Francis
This folder contains a chronology of Payette's life, several biographical sketches, and a letter from J. Neilson Berry.
Perrault, Joe
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
Pierce, Elias Davidson
This folder contains several letters dealing with possible locations for information on Pierce and two newspaper articles on him.
Pinkham, Joseph
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
Pioneer Reunion, University of Idaho
This folder contains letters from several of those invited, including James Hawley, Lena D. Shoup, and Miles Cannon. There is also a guest list of 103 names, the program for the reunion, a newspaper article, and 2 photographs.
May 17, 1922
Power Pool
The only item in this folder is an article by Walter C. Heston, "Kilowatt-hours Pooled for War." ( ElectricalWest, March 1944).
*Point, Nicholas
Information on this priest will be found in the Indians folder.
*Poorman Mine, Owyhee County
Gov. McConnell wrote a detailed letter about the litigation involving this mine.
This folder contains a chronological list of surveys in Idaho, and several articles on fossils found in Idaho.
*Pritchard, A.J.
The Coeur d'Alene Mining District folder has two articles on Pritchard.
Robins, Charles A. (Governor 1947-1951)
This folder contains a biographical sketch, a magazine photograph and a series of political endorsements entitled "The Doctor from St. Maries."
Ross, Alexander
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
Ross, C. Ben. (Governor 1931-1937)
Items in this folder include a biographical sketch, 2 newspaper photographs and a letter from Ross to Brosnan.
See the Lewis & Clark folder for information on Sacajawea.
Salmon, Idaho
The only item in this folder is the photograph from Brosnan's history.
Shoup, George Laird. (Governor 1889-1890)
This folder contains a brief biographical sketch, an article on the Shoup statue in the Capitol, and a newspaper article on Shoup by Miss Douglas Hilts.
Silcott, John N.
This folder contains a photograph and brief biography of Silcott and an article by Pauline Evans entitled "The Story and Life of Jane Timothy Silcott."
Silver City
This folder contains several articles on mining near Silver City, and photographs of Silver City in 1892 and of the De Lamar Mines.
Simpson, Sir George
The only item in this folder is the 24 page program book Centennial Celebration of Fort St. James, Sept. 17, 1928.
Slacum, William A.
This folder contains an address delivered by C.J. Brosnan before the Northwest Scientific Association on Slacum, and several other items dealing with Slacum and the Memorial by Oregon settlers.
Smet, Peter J. de
This folder contains a brief biographical sketch of Father de Smet, a photograph, several articles on early missions, and postal cards from the mission at Cataldo.
Smith, Alleck C.
There are copies of 2 letters dealing with the obtaining of a picture of Smith and a small picture of him from Brosnan's history.
Smith, Clinton DeWitt. (Territorial Secretary 1864-1865)
Included in this folder are a typescript relating Smith's journey to Idaho and the removing of the capital from Lewiston to Boise, an article by Lloyd Lehrbas "Early Territorial Secretary Finds Idaho Hard to Reach," and notes for a biographical sketch.
Snake River Brigades
Included in this folder are several articles on fur trading on the Snake River including Brosnan's "What was the Attitude of the Hudson's Bay Company Toward Americans in the Disputed Snake Country Area During the Fur Trading, Missionary, and Emigration eras?"
Snake River Massacre
Several accounts of the September 12, 1860 massacre and a map showing its location are in this folder.
Spalding, Henry Harmon
Material in this folder includes a picture of Spalding, a pencil drawn map of the mission and its environs, a chronology of Spalding's life, photographs of his grave and a monument at Lapwai, a photograph of a page of his Nez Perce Bible, a number of newspaper articles, and several letters from Eliza Spalding Warren to Prof. Brosnan.
Spalding Museum
Included in this folder are a photograph of the museum, a letter from the owner, and a newspaper article.
Spalding Press
This folder contains a photograph of the press and two newspaper articles.
Spokane, Washington
Included among the material in this folder are three newspaper articles by J. Neilson Barry, several others on early life in Spokane, one on the Flathead Indians, and one on the Spokan House.
Steunenberg, Frank. (Governor 1897-1901)
Material in this folder includes two photographs of Steunenberg, a brief biographical sketch, and several newspaper accounts of his assassination.
*Steunenberg, Frank
There are several articles on Steunenberg in the Harry Orchard folder.
Stevenson, Edward A. (Territorial Governor 1885-1889)
This folder contains a brief sketch of Stevenson's administration, a copy of the act creating the University of Idaho, and a nine page sketch of Stevenson's life.
Sweet, Willis
The only item in this folder is a note relating to the inability to obtain a picture of Sweet.
*Sweet, Willis
Both the Arney and McConnell files contain information on Sweet's part in establishing the University of Idaho at Moscow.
Telegraph Lines
This folder contains a letter from Milton J. Ferguson of the California State Library about the first telegraph line in Idaho.
*Telegraph Lines
Additional information on early telegraph lines in Idaho is contained in the Trimble folder.
Territorial and State Officers
This folder contains a list of territorial delegates to congress and a list of territorial chief justices.
Thompson, David
See the Kullyspell House folder for information on David Thompson.
Thompson, David P. (Territorial Governor 1875-1876)
This folder contains a brief note on the dates of Thompson's appointment and resignation, and a letter from Mrs. W.H. Ridenbaugh giving the address of Thompson's widow.
There are articles on the Mullan Road and the Lo-Lo Trail, and maps depicting the Lewis & Clark Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Old Oregon Trail.
There are also several articles in the Miles Cannon folder on trails.
Trimble, William Joseph
Included in this folder are a series of ten letters from Trimble, written between 1917 and 1919, dealing with mining, and a one page article on mining camps.
Twin Falls, Idaho
This folder includes several articles on irrigation, a seventeen page typescript "Some Twin Falls Yesterdays", articles, maps, and photographs of the Twin Falls-Jerome Bridge, and several photographs of buildings in Twin Falls.
*University of Idaho
Material relating to the university is found in the following folders; Arney, Chrisman, Light on the Mountain, McConnell, and Stevenson.
Walla Walla, Washington
This folder contains a newspaper article on General Sherman's 1877 visit to the city and a newspaper photograph of the Walla Walla cantonment.
Walker, Elkanah & Mary
A newspaper article on Mary Walker and a review of C.M. Drury's Elkanah and Mary Walker are contained in this folder.
Wallace, William H. (Territorial Governor, 1863)
There are two letters, dated 1917 and 1947, requesting information on Wallace, and a photoprint of the letter from Wallace to Secretary of State Seward, July 11, 1863, reporting his arrival in Lewiston.
Warren, Idaho
Included in this folder are a photograph of the east end of Warren, notes on John Warren, and the final portion of a newspaper article on mining.
Weiser, Idaho
A newspaper article dealing with the ancestors of John Jacob Weiser is the only item in this folder.
Whitman, Marcus & Narcissa
Among the items in this folder are a typescript of Prof. Brosnan's article "The Legend of Marcus Whitman" and several letters on the same subject. Also included are letters dealing with a possible memorial park in Walla Walla and several articles concerned with the identification of a purported picture of Marcus Whitman. Many of the articles contain information on the massacre.
Whitworth, George F.
This folder contains an article "The Whitworth Story" by C.J. Brosnan and a brief biography.
Williams, Arnold. (Governor 1945-1947)
The only items in this folder are a brief history of his administration and a newspaper photograph.
Willis. F.B. (Lieutenant Governor 1893-1895)
The only item in this folder is a brief biographical sketch.
Work, John
The only item in this folder is a letter from the British Columbia Provincial Library concerning a photograph of Work.
Wyeth, Nathaniel Jarvis
Among the items in this folder are a brief biographical sketch, a photo of Wyeth's tombstone, an article on N.J. Wyeth by W.J. Wyeth, letters between Brosnan and Howard and Stuart M. Buck about the financing of Wyeth's expedition and the copying of portions of the Wyeth material in the possession of the Hall Company. There is additional correspondence with descendants of Wyeth about his life and possible photographs.
*Wyeth, Nathaniel Jarvis
McLoughlin mentions Wyeth frequently in his correspondence.
Wyeth - Columbia River Fishing and Trading Company
This folder contains approximately sixty pages of typed copies of letters, contracts, and other documents sent by Nathaniel J. Wyeth to Mr. Henry Hall and Messrs. Tucker and Williams between 1833 and 1837.
Alphabetical List of Pictures
Although some photoprints are originals, many are copied from originals or cut from books or newspapers; this information is on the file cards. If known, the date of the picture is given, and if there is something unique about the picture a brief description is given. For locations of the pictures please consult the file cards for this group in the Special Collections Library.
Alexander, Moses. (Governor 1917-1919)
Newspaper photo showing Gov. Alexander standing by the Liberty Bell which was exhibited in Boise in late 1917.
Ankeny, Levi
Aulbach, Adam. (1932)
Baldridge, H. Clarence. (Governor 1927-31)
1 - undated 2 - In a group standing by a small airplane, 1929.
Ballard, David W. (Territorial Governor 1866-1870)
Beachy, Hill
Beall, Thomas
1 - undated 2 - 1920 3 - 1921 (The last photograph he had taken)
Bear Paws Meadow
View of rock face with Indian drawing of bear paws ascending the rock
One page of the chapter of Matthew in the Nez Perce language. The Bible was printed by Spalding at the Lapwai Mission.
Boise, Idaho
1 - drawing of Boise in 1864 2 - undated view of Main Street with capitol in background
Borah, Mary McConnell
Borah, William Edgar (U.S. Senator 1907-1940)
Bottolfsen, Clarence A. (Governor 1939-1941; 1943-1945)
1 - 1931 2 - 1940
Brady, James H. (Governor 1911-1913)
Brady and five other men in Rathdrum, 1911.
Branstetter, Joseph
Brosnan, Anne Stapleton
Taken at the Jason Lee Centennial celebration, Lake Chatcolet, 1934.
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Lead Smelter. (1917)
Bunn, William M. (Territorial Governor 1884-1885)
1 - 1880 2 - 1919 3 - 1922
Cataldo, Joseph M.
Chrisman, Edward Robert (University of Idaho Dept. of Military Science)
1 - in Lieutenant's uniform 2 - in Captain's uniform 3 - in Brigadier General's uniform 4 - photograph of full length portrait
Clagett, William Horace
Clark, Barzilla Worth (Governor 1938-1940)
Clark, Chase A. (Governor, 1941-1943)
Gov. Clark and 2 other men at Walters Ferry monument
Clark, William
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
View of lake and buildings near the shore, 1890.
Coeur d'Alene Lake - Beauty Bay
Coeur d'Alene Mission of the Sacred Heart, Cataldo, Idaho
1 - Exterior 2 - Main Altar 3 - St. Joseph Altar 4 - Interior view of front of church
Cowen, Israel Burr
1 - Photograph dated September 7, 1921 2 - Photograph of tombstone in Pierce, Idaho
Craig, William T.
Daniels, William Brinsmade (Acting Territorial Governor 1864)
1 - With wife and young son, 1863 2 - 1864 3 - Seated, holding gun cane, 1865
Davis, David W. (Governor 1919-1923)
De Lamar Mine near Silver City
Delta, Idaho. (1890)
Dubois, Fred T.
Eagle City, Idaho
Elk City, Idaho. (191-)
Ermatinger, Judge C.C.
Ermatinger, Francis
Posed with his granddaughter
Florence, Idaho. (1921)
Foote, Mary Hallock - Cottage
View of the cottage with Twin Spring Freighters (wagons) passing on their way to the Atlanta Mines.
Fort Boise
Fort Hall, Idaho
Five photographs taken in 1916 which show Ezra Meeker and others at the site of the old fort.
Fort Sherman (Coeur d'Alene)
Photoprint of the 1934 dedication of a marker perpetuating the site of the fort. Two former soldiers and Chief Saltese are among those in the picture.
Golden Age
Photograph of front page of September 5, 1863 issue
Golden Chest Mine and Mill, Idaho
Griffin, John S.
Hailey, John
Hall, Henry
Hansen Bridge, Twin Falls
Hawley, James H. (Governor 1911-1923)
1 - 1870 2 - 1913 3 - 1915 4 - 1922 (Taken at Idaho Pioneer Reunion) 5 - 1925 (Seated, dressed in western outfit)
Haywood, William
Posed with his mother, wife, and two daughters, 1907.
Hercules Mill, Wallace. (1917)
Howard, General Oliver Otis
Seated on horse.
Hunt, Wilson Price
Hydraulic Mining near Leesburg
Idaho City, Idaho
1 - Early newspaper photographs of Main Street, the old penitentiary building, a residential street, and a pioneer business building. 2 - View of city in early 1900's
Idaho City Jail, Idaho City
Idaho Pioneers Reunion at the University of Idaho
May 17, 1922
Idaho World Building
Indians - Two Men
Indians - Two Women
Joseph, Nez Perce Chief
1 - 1877 2 - Posed seated wearing tribal dress 3 - Medallion, sculpted by Olin L. Warner in 1889.
Jumbo Mine in Thunder Mountain District
Kullyspell House (site)
Kee, Bu
Lee, Jason
Leesburg Gold Dust Mining Company
Lemhi Pass
Lewis, Meriwether
Lewiston, Idaho
1 - Lewiston in 1872 2 - Luna House, ca.1862
Lugenbeel, Major Pickney
McBeth, Susan Law - Tombstone
McBeth, Susan Law - House in Kamiah, Idaho
McBeth, Kate - Tombstone
McConnell, William John. (Governor 1893-1897)
1 - undated, taken by Eggan studios, Moscow 2 - 1922, taken at Idaho Pioneers Reunion
McKenzie, Donald
McLoughlin, John (1905)
Moore, Charles C. (Governor 1923-1927)
Mullan, John - Monument
Murray, Idaho
1 - Murray in 1890 2 - Murray in 1931 3 - Courthouse and Jail, 1932 4 - Looking. West down Main Street, 1932 5 - Fraternity Hall, 1932 6 - Abandoned railway station, 1932 7 - Episcopal Church, 1932
Neil, John Baldwin. (Territorial Governor 1880-1883)
O'Farrell Cabin, Boise
Ogden, Peter Skene
Old Spalding Log Cabin Mission Indian Museum, Lapwai, Idaho
View of log cabin housing the museum. A woman wearing Sacajawea's buckskin dress sits in the prow of Lewis & Clark's canoe which is on display in front of the museum.
Orchard, Harry. (1907)
Overland Hotel, Boise
Packer John's Cabin
Parker, Aaron F.
Paulsen, August
Pend d'Oreille Lake
1 - View of lake 2 - View of Mamaloose Island 3 - View of Sheepherder's Point
Placer Mines, Fancy Gulch, Eagle Creek
Placer Mining, Richardson Bar, Leesburg, Idaho
Pritchard, A.J. - Tombstone in Murray, Idaho
Prince, Lortan
Robins, Charles A. (Governor 1947-1951)
Sacajawea - Grave at Wind River Agency, Wyoming
Sacajawea - Statue
1 - Alice Cooper Statue in Portland 2 - B.L. Zimm Statue
Shoshoni Indian - Man
Shoup, George Laird. (Governor 1899-1890)
1 - ca. 1893 2 - Statue in Washington, D.C.
Silcott, John M.
Silver City, Idaho
1 - 1892 2 - newspaper picture from early 1890's
Smet, Pierre-Jean de
Smith, Alleck C.
Smith, Clinton DeWitt (Territorial Secretary 1864-1865)
Spalding, Henry Harmon
Spalding Monuments
1 - Monument erected in Lapwai by Synod of Washington, 1924 2 - Other side of above monument 3 - Tombstone of H.H. Spalding at Lapwai 4 - Tombstone of Eliza Hart Spalding at Lapwai
Spalding Press
Spanish American War Memorial (University of Idaho Campus)
1 - 1900, with view of old administration building 2 - undated, monument surrounded by trees
Steunenberg, Frank. (Governor 1897-1901)
1 - ca.1900 2 - undated, shown sitting at his desk
Taylor, Samuel F.
Young Nez Perce woman seated in front of a teepee.
Tendoy, Indian Chief
Wearing tribal dress of the Lemhi Indians. Posed seated with long pipe in his lap
Tendoy, Chief (wife of)
Wearing dress decorated with elks' teeth
Thompson, David - Memorial near Hope, Idaho
Tolo (Nez Perce Indian Woman)
Trafton, Edwin Harrington
Twin Falls, Idaho
1 - View of Twin Falls Investment Company, 1905 2 - Street scene showing Shoshone Falls Baggage and Express Train and a group of men outside a building 3 - View of County Court House and high school, 1910
Wallace, Idaho
Wardner, Idaho
View from Haystack Hill
Warren, Eliza Spalding (191-)
Warren, Idaho (East End)
Williams, Arnold. (Governor, 1945-1947)
Wyeth, Nathaniel
1 - Portrait based on death mask 2 - Tombstone in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.
Yukon Dredge in Prichard Creek

Series II. History of the University of Idaho Return to Top

Before his retirement in 1952, C.J. Brosnan, with the aid of his graduate students, compiled an extensive history of the university up to 1946. This series contains the notes, reports, and correspondence relating to this work. The history was never published and only a portion of the typescript is contained in this archival group; however, the entire typescript was microfilmed shortly after its completion and is therefore available.

Described below are the contents of each of the fourteen folders in this series. In addition to the material below, the following folders in series one also contain material collected for the university history: Argonaut, Chrisman, Draper, and Light on the Mountain.

The first folder contains 365 pages of a typescript entitled "History of the University of Idaho," by Paris Martin, dated July 1936. This work also exists in 3 typescript versions which are bound and cataloged in the Special Collections Library, the third version, also dated 1936, is 499 pages in length. This work was often cited as a reference by Brosnan's students in their papers.

The second folder contains typescripts of chapters for a brochure published for the university's semi-centennial in 1939, entitled "From Enabling Act to University, a Half-Century of Advancement; University of Idaho, 1889-1939." Among the chapters are "Idaho's First Half-Century of Sport," by C.J. Brosnan, which includes the early history of sports, the gradual introduction of new sports, Idaho's participation in intercollegiate athletics, the playing fields, the athletic staff, and some outstanding games.

The second section deals with the development of the various colleges, with statements from the university presidents under whom the colleges came into being relating their recollections of the general situation which influenced their actions. The third section is concerned with the military history of the university, the Morrill Act, the arrival of General Chrisman, and the university in both the Spanish-American War and the World War.

Section four deals with the various attempts to move parts of the University to other points in the state, and the efforts of the university administration to preserve the unity of the university. The final section deals with the development of the alumni association, and the role of the alumni in public service.

The third folder contains Brosnan's pencil outline for his history of the university.

Folders 4 - 12 contain the drafts of the chapters for the history and notes from various source material, all arranged chronologically by president; Franklin B. Gault, 1892-1898, James A. MacLean, 1900-1913, William Levi Carlyle, 1913-1914, Melvin Amos Brannon, 1914-1917, Ernest Hiram Lindley, 1912-1920, Alfred Horatio Upham, 1920-1928, Frederick James Kelly, 1928-1930, Mervin Gordon Neale, 1930-1937, and Harrison Clifford Dale, 1937-1946. Each folder contains a typed narrative which includes a biography of the president, a history of the development of the university, the new buildings and new departments and colleges established during that administration, an assortment of source material including letters from the presidents with their recollections and assessments of their administration, typed excerpts from the minutes of the Board of Regents meetings, the Argonaut, and newspapers, and research papers written by Brosnan's graduate students.

Folder 13 contains the carbon typescript of the first 237 pages of the "History of the University of Idaho" by C.J. Brosnan. This segment includes chapters I - VIII, from the founding of the university through President Brannon's administration which ended in 1917. The entire typescript, as microfilmed, is 360 pages in length.

The final folder contains miscellaneous material including a typescript of an article appearing in the Idaho Daily Statesman in April 1925, "Let's Get One Good One First," a compilation of general university appropriations 1921-1930, comparative enrollment figures 1892/93 - 1925/26, and notes on several firsts-the first dormitory, sorority, commencement, administration building, dean of women, department of domestic science, and finally the first scholarship.

Rafe Gibbs, in the preface to his history of the University of Idaho, pays tribute to this collection of material when he writes, "If I had not had access to this material, I would have spend many more months than I did in the writing of this book." (Rafe Gibbs. Beacon for Mountain and Plain; Story of the University of Idaho. Moscow, University of Idaho, 1962. p.x.)

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

Subject Terms

  • Idaho--History--Sources

Personal Names

  • Brosnan, Cornelius J. (Cornelius James), 1882---Archives

Corporate Names

  • University of Idaho--History--Sources


  • Professor of History, University of Idaho, 1921-1952