UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio and video recordings: Burhan Sukarma - Recording Session, 1987-05-28

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Stahl, Rae Ann; Sukarma, Burhan; Williams, Sean
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio and video recordings: Burhan Sukarma - Recording Session
1 items  :  EC - 1 vct (digital audio recording) (VHS, sp, stereo); WT - 1 DAT (digital, stereo); Duration: 00:46:00
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Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle, 5-28-87.
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Rae Ann Stahl is co-founder and co-director of Pusaka Sunda, a gamelan degung ensemble. Stahl is also Library Associate Dean of Technology and Information Services at San Jose State University.

Burhan Sukarma, from West Java, Indonesia, is a Suling bamboo flute virtuoso. He played a variety of musical instruments during his student years, and after moving to the regional capital, Bandung, in the late 1960's, began to study the suling (end-blown bamboo flute). He became a master musician on the suling and other instruments of the gamelan degung ensemble, and has appeared on many traditional and contemporary suling recordings produced in West Java. From 1972-1986 he was principal musician at Radio Repulik Indonesia (RRI) in Bandung. In the United States he has taught at the University of Washington, San Jose State University, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Berkeley.

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Format: Digital audio tape recorded with JVC HR-S20U vcr and PCM-F1 digital audio processor; Archives copy made from edited version of master tape.

Performers: Burhan Sukarma/suling, kacapi rincik (on Panineungan only); Rae Ann Stahl/suling (on Panineungan only), kacapi rincik; Sean Williams/kacapi.

Contents: Ayun Ambing (pelog tuning); Suling solo (pelog tuning); Panyileukan (pelog tuning); Panineungan (sorog tuning); Suling solo (sorog tuning); Karesman (sorog tuning); Sungkan Mulang (sorog tuning).

Work tape produced on DAT 8/94.

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  • Ethnomusicology
  • Sundanese

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  • Java
  • Oceania