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University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: New Song Collection
95 items  :  EC - 95 reels (7 1/2 ips, 2 tr. stereo, 7"); 95 WAV files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 55:32:00; Photo-copies of record labels & jacket notes.
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Taped copies of commercial recordings from the United States and numerous Latin American countries.
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The University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives has been collecting and curating unique ethnographic music recordings for over 50 years. Its holdings of more than 15,000 items include field recordings documenting music traditions of all kinds from most areas of the world, concert recordings of visiting musicians, and films and videos of a variety of musical events, as well as several hundred musical instruments. The Archives serves the students and faculty in the UW Ethnomusicology Program, the broader university community, Pacific Northwest tribes, and an international clientele of musicians, students, and teachers.

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Contents: recordings of "New Song" (Nueva Cancion, Nueva Trova, etc.) from numerous Latin American countries by numerous performers.

Consult contents list in documentation file for details regarding titles, performers, publication information, and durations.

Contents: Tapes 1-2: Musica Cubana (Caprice CAP 2008, p1978); 21 songs recorded in 1976 in Cuba in conjunction w/filming for TV documentary programs; project of Sveriges Radio (Swedish Broadcasting Corp.) and the Instituto Cubano de Radiodifusion (Cuban radio and TV).

Tape 3: Cuba Va! Songs of the New Generation of Revolutionary Cuba (Paredon Records p1010, p1971); 11 songs; produced in Cuba by the Experimental Sound Collective of I.C.A.I.C.

Tape 4: Cuba: Songs for Our America (Paredon Records p1018, p1975); 12 songs performed by Carlos Puebla y sus Tradicionales; recorded in Cuba.

Tape 5: Soy del Pueblo: Carlos Puebla y sus Tradicionales (Areito LDA-3354 [Cuba] [n.d.]); 10 songs.

Tape 6: Grupo Moncada (Credenciales) (Areito lda-3477 [Cuba]; 12 songs.

Tape 7: Tropicos: D. Viglietti (Monitor MFS 791); Brazil & Cuba; 10 songs.

Tape 8: A Desalambrar! - Tear Down the Fences: D. Viglietti (Paredon p1011, 1973); Uruguay; 21 items.

Tapes 9-10: Chile Vencera! An Anthology of Chilean New Song 1962-1973 (Rounder 4009); 23 songs.

Tape 11: El Pueblo Unido: Quilapayun (Monitor MFS 773); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 12: Patria: Quilapayun (Orfeon LP-16SO-5206, 1979); Chile, Peru; 11 songs.

Tape 13: Quilapayun 4 (Odeon SURL 20.748, 1970); Chile, Peru; 12 songs.

Tape 14: Canto de Pueblos Andinos, vol. 3: Inti-Illimani (Orfeon LP E-16SO-5099, 1979); Peru, Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 15: Canto per un Seme (Elegia a Violeta Parra): Inti-Illimani, Isabel Parra, Edmonda Aldini (EMI 3C 064-62165, 1978); Chile; 9 songs.

Tape 16: Palimpsesto: Inti-Illimani (Redwood Records RR3400, 1984); Chile; 9 songs.

Tape 17: Companero: Victor Jara (Americanto A-1003, 1976); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 18: Manifiesto: Chile, September 1973: Victor Jara (XTRA 1143, 1974); 12 songs.

Tape 19: Victor Jara: Vientos del Pueblo (Monitor MFS 778); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 20: El Derecho de Vivir en Paz (Victor Jara Vol. 2) (Monitor MFS 788); Chile; 12 songs.

No Tape 21 (space apparently left for Victor Jara Vol. 3)

Tape 22: Desde Lonquen Hasta Siempre (Victor Jara Vol. 4) (Monitor MFS 810); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 23-24: Tierra y Otras Cantares: Haciendo Punto en Otro Son (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 12 songs.

Tape 25: Haciendo Punto en Otro Son (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 10 songs.

Tape 26: Oubao Moin: Haciendo Punto en Otro Son (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 8 songs.

Tape 27: El Son Que Te Traigo Yo: Haciendo Punto en Otro Son (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 10 songs.

Tape 28: Cantar es Vivir: Haciendo Punto en Otro Son (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 11 songs.

Tape 29: Andando la Tierra Mia: Tony Croatto (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 10 songs.

Tape 30: Mexico: Grupo Los Folkloristas de Mexico (source unknown); 10 songs.

Tape 31: Raiz Viva: Grupo Los Folkloristas de Mexico (source unknown); 9 songs.

Tape 32: Los Folkloristas Vol. 1 (Rep. 1970-1971) (source unknown); Mexico; 11 songs.

Tape 33: Los Folkloristas Vol. 2 (Rep. 1972-1973) (source unknown); Mexico; 12 songs.

Tape 34: Los Folkloristas Vol. 3 (Rep. 1967-1970) (source unknown); Mexico; 12 songs.

Tape 35: Nueva Canto: Grupo Los Folkloristas de Mexico (source unknown); 11 songs.

Tape 36: El Canto de los Poetas Rebeldes: Los Calchakis (Arion ?); Chile; 14 songs.

Tape 37: Canta: Soledad Bravo (source unknown); Chile; 11 songs.

Tape 38: Canto la Poesia de Mis Companeros: Soledad Bravo (source unknown); Chile; 5 songs.

Tape 39: Soledad Bravo (source unknown); Chile; 9 songs.

Tape 40: Canta: Mercedes Sosa (source unknown); Argentina; 12 songs.

Tape 41: Serenata Para la Tierra de Uno: Mercedes Sosa (source unknown); Argentina; 10 songs.

Tape 42: casi Alba: Roy Brown & Aires Bucaneros (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 8 songs.

Tape 43: Aires Bucaneros: Roy Brown & Aires Bucaneros (source unknown); Puerto Rico; 9 songs.

Tape 44: Ki Sa Pou-n Fe? [perf:] Atis Indepandan (source unknown); Haiti; 12 songs.

Tape 45: La Maldicion de Malinche: Gabino Palomares (Discos Pueblo ?); Mexico; 9 songs.

Tape 46: Jatari: Gabino Palomares (Monitor ?); Mexico; 6 songs.

Tapes 47-48: Pub Sudamericano con Violetta Parra y Atahualpa Yupanqui: America Joven ((Discos) Belter BHC 137 (Barcelona); 18 songs.

Tape 49: Misa Campesina Nicaraguense: Popular Song Workshop (source un- known); 10 songs.

Tape 50: Cantos a Flor del Pueblo: Carlos Mejia Godoy (copy of bootleg); Nicaragua; 2 songs?

Tape 51: Guitarra Armada: Carlos Mejia Godoy (FSLN ?); Nicaragua; ? Songs.

Tapes 52-53: The Parra Family: Violeta Parra, Isabel Parra, Angel Parra (copy of KUOW radio show 12/5/81); Chile; ? Items.

Tapes 54-57: 2de Festival de la Nueva Cancion-1983 (Parts I & II) (copy of KUOW radio show 3/3/84 and 3/10/84); Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Nicaragua. ? Items.

Tape 58: Versos de Jose Marti: Pablo Milanes (maybe a Mexican issue of Egrem, Havana, Cuba, LDS 3437); Cuba; 12 songs.

Tape 59: Vuelva en Alas del Placer: Pedro Pedilla y Su Conjunto (Rounder ?, 1975); Puerto Rico; 12 songs.

Tape 60: Umbral: Quilapayun (source unknown); Chile; ? items.

Tape 61: Canto a lo Humano: Victor Jara (RCA Victor Mexico no.?); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 62: Victor Jara (Discos Pueblo D.P. 1030); Chile; 10 songs.

Tape 63: Si Se Calla el Cantor: Horacio Guarany (Philips (Madrid) no. ?, 1976); Argentina; 11 songs.

Tape 64: Milongas del Paisano: Atahualpa Yupanqui (Disco es Cultura no. ?); Argentina; 12 songs.

Tape 65: Despedida del Pueblo: Illapu (Monitor 805); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 66: Violeta Parra (Latin International DLIS-6311); Chile; 13 songs.

Tape 67: Canta Sus Ultimas Canciones: Violeta Parra (RCA Victor no. ?); Chile; 15 songs.

Tape 68: Yo Tuve una Patria: Angel Parra (Gong-1976?); Chile; 6 songs.

Tapes 69-70: Seattle concert by Angel Parra (rec. by KUOW); Chile; ? items.

Tape 71: El Arte de la Quena Vol. 2: Una Ramos (Gamma GX01-887 (Mexico), 1977); 14 items.

Tape 72: Desde los Andes a la Cuidad: Osvaldo Torres y Conjunto Huara (Alerce ALC53, 1980); Chile; 10 songs.

Tape 73: Provinces: Patricio Castillo et al (Le Chant du Monde no. ?); Chile; 8 items.

Tape 74: Cancion Sin Limites: Patricio Manns (Le Chant du Monde no. ?); Chile; 8 songs.

Tape 75: Victor Jara Presente (Le Chant du Monde DCP-109/DF-70 (Canto Libre)); Chile; 12 items.

Tape 76: Te Recuerdo Amanda: Victor Jara (Escargo no. ?); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 77: La Poblacion: Victor Jara (Movieplay (Madrid) no. ?, 1976); Chile; 9 songs.

Tape 78: Canto por Travesura: Victor Jara (Movieplay (Madrid) no. ?, 1978); Chile; 9 songs.

Tape 79: Viva Chile!: Inti-Illimani (Monitor MFS 769); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 80: Canto de Pueblos Andinos Vol. 2: Inti-Illimani (Monitor MFS 802); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 81: Chile: Inti-Illimani (XTRA no. ?, 1975); 10 songs.

Tape 82: Un Rio de Sangre: Violeta Parra, Isabel Parra, Angel Parra (Arion FARN 91011); Chile; 11 songs.

Tapes 83-84: Isabel Parra de Chile (Le Chant du Monde (Canto Libre) no. ?); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 85: Musique des Andes: Illapu (Le Chant du Monde DF 71 (Canto Libre)); Chile; 10 songs.

Tape 86: Flutes des Andes: Una Ramos (Le Chant du Monde LDX 74 585 (CM 330)); 18 items.

Tape 87: Les Flutes Chiliennes de Quilapayun (EMI/Odeon no. ?, 1975); Chile; 12 items.

Tapes 88-89: [Quilapayun: Enregistrement Public] (EMI 066-1440? (Pathe Marconi PM 231), 1977); Chile; 10 songs.

Tape 90: Mercedes Sosa: 1977 (Philips 63-47208, 1977); Argentina; 12 songs.

Tape 91: Mercedes Sosa: Mujeres Argentinas (Philips 50-82223); Argentina; 8 songs.

Tape 92: Isabel Parra: Vientos del Pueblo (EMI no.?, 1975); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 93: Patria: Quilapayun (EMI no. ?, 1976); Chile; 11 songs.

Tape 94: Quilapayun (1970) (Odeon-EMI URL 20-747, 1970); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 95: Quilapayun 3 (Odeon-EMI URL 20-704, 1970); Chile; 12 songs.

Tape 96: Almandina: Music of the Andes (companyo. ?); 10 items.

Documentation: Typed list of contents

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