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Elliott, T. C. (Thompson Coit), 1862-1943
Thompson Coit Elliott Papers
1903-1937 (inclusive)
2.5 cubic feet (5 document cases)
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Papers of historian Thompson Coit Elliott who came west to Walla Walla, Washington in 1886. Includes correspondence, notes, copies of historical documents, speeches, published articles, and publication manuscripts on subjects relating to early exploration and trade in Inland Empire of the Pacific Northwest and the Oregon coast.
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Thompson Coit Elliott resided in Walla Walla, Washington, from 1886 until his death in 1943 at the age of 80. Born in Newington, Connecticut and educated at Amherst College in Massachusetts, Elliott traveled west and made his living as an investment banker. He married Anna A. Baker in Walla Walla in 1890.

T. C. Elliott's passion for history is revealed by an outpouring of historical publications, mostly in the Oregon Historical Quarterly and the Washington Historical Quarterly, and in his years of service on the board of directors of both the Oregon Historical Society and the Washington State Historical Society. Elliott was also an active member in the American Historical Association. He received honorary degrees from the University of Oregon and Amherst College, and an honorary membership from the British Columbia Historical Society. Elliot was also elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

T. C. Elliott wrote widely on subjects relating to Pacific Northwest history. Much of his work focused on the early fur trade and explorations of the Inland Empire, with later work devoted to early contact along the Oregon coast. Although he principally wrote for historical publications, he did for a time pen a column in the Oregonian under the pseudonym C. T. Johnson. Elliott gave numerous public addresses and participated enthusiastically in community events celebrating local history. He was a member of the First Congregational Church, and a supporter of the Walla Walla public library and Whitman College.

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This collection includes correspondence between T. C. Elliott and members of the historical profession, as well as other individuals with knowledge of historical events in his area of interest. Also included are Elliott's notes and copies of historical documents used in his research. Other correspondence relates to Elliott's book purchases for his extensive library, and to his involvement in history organizations and activities. A number of speeches, publication manuscripts, and published articles are also found in the historical subject files.

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Thompson Coit Elliott Papers, MSS 231, Oregon Historical Society Research Library

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The collection is arranged into the following series:

  • Series A: Historical Subject Files, 1765-1936 and undated
  • Series B: Correspondence, 1908-1937
  • Series C: Ephemera, 1909, 1921, and undated

Acquisition Information

Gift of Thompson Coit Elliott, 1947. Library Accessions 229-319

Processing Note

Subject files are largely those recorded in the accessions record and assumed to be those created by Mr. Elliott, although a few new subject files have been added. Where appropriate, correspondence and materials previously filed as "miscellaneous" was redistributed to subject files.


"Biography- Elliott, T. C.," Vertical File, Oregon Historical Society Research Library, Portland. Howay, F. W., "Thomson Coit Elliott, 1862-1943: A Tribute," Oregon Historical Quarterly 44: 228-31. Powers, Alfred. History of Oregon Literature. Portland, OR: Metropolitan Press, 1935, pp. 550-52.

Related Materials

Davies, Barbara Coit Elliott . Interview by Charles Digregorio of Mrs. David Lloyd Davies. Portland, OR, 18 June 1976. SR 9372, Oregon Historical Society Research Library, Portland.

Elliott, T. C. Historical Papers and Addresses. Walla Walla, WA: T. C. Elliott, 1933.

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Series A:  Historical Subject Files., 1765-1936 and undatedReturn to Top

90 folders

Historical research, copies of documents, and writings, and related correspondence to and from T. C. Elliott. Folders are Aarranged alphabetically by subject. Subject-related correspondence within each folder is arranged chronologically.

List of Correspondents in Historical Subject Files:

  • Amory, Copley
  • Austin, John T.
  • Bagley, C. B.
  • Ballou, Howard M.
  • Barrett, C. A.
  • Barry, J. Neilson
  • Baxter, P. L.
  • Benoist, Theo.
  • Benton, John H.
  • Bridge, William D.
  • Brosnan, Cornelius J.
  • Brown, William C.
  • Budd, Ralph
  • Burgunder, Benjamin
  • Burpee, Lawrence J.
  • Campbell, John V.
  • Cannon, Miles
  • Coates, Grace Stone
  • Coburn, C. P.
  • Coyne, James H.
  • Derr, A. R.
  • Douglas, Walter B.
  • Draper, Sarah Ogden
  • Drumm, Stella M.
  • Dye, Eva Emery
  • Edwards, Charles A.
  • Eels, Edwin
  • Emmons, G. T.
  • Ermatinger, C. O.
  • Fisher, S. G.
  • Fry, M. M.
  • Hall, R. H.
  • Hamilton, Gavin
  • Harrison, J. Scott
  • Hewen, H. W. B.
  • Himes, George H.
  • Hodder, Frank Heywood
  • Holman, Frederick V.
  • Howay, Frederic William
  • Howell, J. A.
  • Huston, S. B.
  • Ivy, M. M.
  • Jameson, J. Franklin
  • Laut, Agnes C.
  • Leeper, Robert D.
  • Lengby, J. A.
  • Lewis, William S.
  • Lindenborn, W. E.
  • Loomis, L. E.
  • Macdonald, Duncan
  • MacFarland, R.
  • McIntyre, Annie E.
  • Marshall, W. J.
  • Martin, Archer
  • Meany, Edmund S.
  • Meyers, Jacob A.
  • Minthorne, Richard
  • Morice, A. G.
  • Nichols, M. Leona
  • Norman, Ben
  • Ogden, Gerturde G.
  • Ogden, Morris Meredith
  • Parker, Will D.
  • Parry, J. F.
  • Partoll, Albert J.
  • Pipes, Nellie B.
  • Prosch, Thomas W.
  • Pullman, John W.
  • Redway, Jacques W.
  • Reeder, George K.
  • Rogers, Mary Cochrane
  • Ryman, James H. T.
  • Scholefield, E. O. S.
  • Shaw, Albert
  • Shaw, Frederick J.
  • Shippee, S. B.
  • Shoemaker, A. H.
  • Siders, Walter R.
  • Smith, E. D.
  • Smith, Luther Ely
  • Stenger, Eeliza
  • Strong, James Clark
  • Thompson, Francis A.
  • Tiedt, W. J.
  • Tombo, Rudolph, Jr.
  • Tyler, Lyon G.
  • Tyrell, J. B.
  • Van Alstyene, Lawrence
  • Watson, Robert
  • Whealdon, Isaac H.
  • Whiting, J. S.
  • Winchester, Benjamin S.
  • Young, Frederick G.

Container(s) Description Dates
Barlow Road
Handscript memo on the name Bourbon and the Fort, Lake, and River "Bourbon."
Columbia River
Typed notes on the discovery and mapping of the Columbia River.
Craig, William
Documents and correspondence regarding William Craig and his land claim. (See also Ward Massacre file.)
1855; 1874; 1908; and 1918
Crooks, Ramsey
Notes on Ramsey Crooks' Letterbook. Crooks led the reorganized American Fur Company.
Day, John
Notes and correspondence concerning the estate of John Day, hunter for the Pacific Fur Company and American Fur Company.
1914-1917 and undated
Douglas, Sir James and Alice Douglas
Excerpt from the life of Sir James Douglas, Hudson's Bay Company Chief Factor and Governor of Vancouver Island and the Crown Colony of British Columbia. Correspondence re:garding his daughter Alice Douglas's elopement. Poem, " Chief Douglass Daughter" with letters regarding concerning its authorship.Excerpt from the life of Sir James Douglas.
1909 and undated
Duniway, Abigail Scott
Early writings of Oregon pioneer, publisher, and suffragette Abigail Scott Duniway. Journal of Crossing the Plains in 1852 of the family of John Tucker Scott (4 pages typescript). Journal of a Trip to Oregon, 1852 (102 pages typescript), written from notes taken on the journey (microfilmed as MSS 242).
1852; 1956; and undated
Emmons, George F.
Letters from G. T. Emmons to T. C. Elliott regarding George F. Emmons, a member of the U. S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842.George Emmons sailed aboard the Peacock, from which he surveyed and described Pacific harbors visited by the expedition.
Ermatinger, Edward and Francis
Copies of documents, notes, and research correspondence regarding Edward and Francis Ermatinger of the Hudson's Bay Company Columbia District. Includes copies of Edward Ermatinger's correspondence, primarily from John McLoughlin, John Work, and Archibald McDonald. Correspondence related to the Ermatinger papers in the hands of the County of Elgin.
1828-1859; 1912-1935 and undated
Farnam, Russel
Manuscript excerpt regarding fur trader Russel Farnam.
Flathead Indians
Corresondence regarding the Flathead Indian delegation to St. Louis, Missouri, ca. 1831, and the Flathead Medicine Tree.
Fort Hall
Notes, documents, and correspondence related to the original site of Fort Hall.
1910-1918 and undated
Fort Walla Walla
Essay, poem, and correspondence regarding Hudson's Bay Company post Fort Walla Walla from J. S. Whiting of Seattle.
Fraser, Simon
Notes, document, and correspondence regarding fur trade explorer Simon Fraser, his journal, and his descent of the Fraser River.
1808; 1924; and undated
Fur Trade
Correspondence, notes, and copies of documents regarding the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest. Pamphlet, "The Fur Trade in the Columbia River Basin Prior to 1811," address by T. C. Elliott, Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, Seattle, May 21, 1914.
1871; 1912; and 1915
Grant, Richard
Documents (typescript copies), research notes, and correspondence regarding Richard Grant, his family, and Fort Hall. Autographed typescript of "Richard 'Captain Johnny' Grant, and Fort Hall on the Oregon Trail," by Frederick John Shaw, 1934. Two typed and hand annotated drafts of "Richard Grant."
1834-1936 and undated
Gray, Captain Robert
Correspondence regarding Captain Robert Gray. Pamphlet: "Haswell's Log of Sloop Washington," introduction by T. C. Elliott.
1928-1929 and undated
Howes, Joseph
Correspondence and notes regarding Joseph Howes of the Hudson's Bay Company, Rocky Mountain House, and the mapping of Flathead Lake.
1925 and undated
Hulbert, Archer Butler
Tentative outline of "Overland to the Pacific: A Narrative and Documentary History of the Far West During the Great Half Century 1819-1869," edited by Archer Butler Hulbert (typescript carbon).
Hunt, Wilson Price
Correspondence regarding Wilson Price Hunt, leader of the 1812 overland Astorian expedition to the mouth of the Columbia River.
Indian Councils -- Walla Walla -- I
Research notes and correspondence regarding the Walla Walla Council of 1855 and related Indian treaties.
1930-1931 and undated
Indian Councils -- Walla Walla -- II
Photostat and typescript copies of council proceedings, treaties, and personal accounts and statements regarding the Walla Walla Council and treaties. Includes excerpts from the journal of secretary James Doty; statements of a Cayuse chief; the Nez Perce chief, Lawyer; Pe-pe-mox-mox; Umatilla chief, Owhi; and Joel Palmer.
1855 and undated
Indian Councils -- Walla Walla -- III
"A true copy of the Record of the Official Proceedings at the Council in the Walla Walla Valley held jointly by Isaac I. Stevens Gov & Supt. W. T. and Joel Palmer Supt. Ind affairs O. T. on the part of the United States with the Tribes of Indians named in the Treaties made at that Council June 9th and 11th 1855" (typescript).
Indian Wars -- Bannock Piute War
Handscript article by M. FitzGerald, "'Spokane Jack' Volunteers to Visit Camp of Hostiles to Dissuade Chief Egan from Going on the War-path."
Indian Wars -- Modoc War
Correspondence regarding the Modoc War.
Indian Wars -- Nez Perce War
Correspondence regarding the Nez Perce War. Statement of the Nez Perce War by OWHI, 1919 (annotated typescript).
Jeffrey, John
Letter from R. Douglas of the Geographic Board, Canada, regarding Scottish botanist John Jeffrey.
Jenny and Ruby (ships) of Bristol
Correspondence and notes regarding the ships Jenny and Ruby of Bristol, England. Typescript copy of ship Ruby's commercial journal by Chas. Bishop, Commander, 1794-1795. Two typescript drafts of "The Jenny of Bristol: 1792-1794" by F. W. Howay and T. C. Elliott (published in the Oregon Historical Quarterly 30 (1929) as "Voyages of the "Jenny" to Oregon, 1792-94.")
1795; 1929; and undated
Kittson, William, and family
Correspondence, notes, and typescript copies of documents regarding William Kittson and his family.Flathead Indians delegation to St. Louis, Missouri
1827-1829; 1912; and undated
Kootenai House
Correspondence and notes on the site of Kootenai House (also New Fort Kootenay) and on David Thompson's itinerary (1809-1812). Address by Basil G. Hamilton before the Wilmer Improvement Society, May 1912.
1912-1913; 1928; and undated
Kullyspell House
Correspondence and notes regarding Kullyspell House and David Thompson. (see also file on Kootenai House) Typescript excerpts from journal, attributed to Thompson (1809-1812). (See also Spokane House and David Thompson files.)
1915-1928 and undated
Lewis, Meriwether
"Sketch of Captn. Lewis's Voyage to the Pacific Ocean by the Missesourri [sic] & Columbia Rivers from the States of America," 1806 (typescript copy).
MacKenzie, Alexander
Correspondence and memorial address (2 copies; draft and possible final copy) regarding explorer Alexander MacKenzie. Documents relating to Columbia, Fraser, and Lewis Rivers (1824-1825); extracts from 1825 journal of Alexander McKenzie (photostat copies).
1824-1825; 1911-1915 and undated
MacKenzie, Donald
Correspondence, articles, and copy of document related to fur trader Donald MacKenzie.
1822; 1912-1921; and undated
McDonald, Angus
Correspondence, copies of documents, and research notes regarding Hudson's Bay Company chief trader Angus McDonald and family.
1838-1855; 1907-1930; and undated
McDonald, Archibald and Ranald McDonald
Correspondence, notes, and documents (handscript, typescript, and photostat copies) relating to Hudson's Bay Company chief factor Archibald Mc Donald and his son Ranald McDonald. Reprint of "Archibald McDonald: Biography and Genealogy" by William S. Lewis.
1830-1839; 1909-1919; and undated
McDonald, Finnan
Correspondence, notes, and typescript copies of documents relating to Finnan McDonald of the Northwest Company and Hudson's Bay Company. "'Finn McDonald' Explorer, Fur Trader and Legislator," by J. A. Meyers, 1922 (typescript). Handwritten and typewritten draft manuscripts of "The McDonalds of Oregon: Big Finnan The Grand" by T. C. Elliott and John A. Chisolm.
1827-1836; 1922-1925; and undated
McDonald, John, of Garth
Typescript copy of autobiography of John McDonald of Garth, and correspondence regarding the document.
1859; 1923
McKay, Alexander and Thomas McKay
Correspondence and notes regarding Alexander McKay and his son Thomas.
1934-1935 and undated
McKinlay, Archibald
Document and correspondence regarding Archibald McKinlay, chief trader of the Hudson's Bay Company post, Fort Walla Walla.
1846; 1882
McLeod, John
Handscript and typescript copies of documents relating to John McLeod, Sr., chief trader of the Hudson's Bay Company. Correspondence regarding copies.
1825-1837; 1909
McLoughlin, John and Marguerite Wadin McKay McLoughlin
Correspondence to and from T. C. Elliott regarding the McLoughlin and Wadin families, typescript copies of documents, and typescript draft manuscripts by T. C. Elliott. John McLoughlin was chief factor of Fort Vancouver and founder of Oregon City.
1803-1842; 1917; 1934-1935; and undated
Minthorne Family
Correspondence with Richard Minthorne regarding the Minthorne [Minthorne] family of the Whitman Mission and Umatilla Indian Reservation.
Miscellaneous Notes from Conversations
Notes from T. C. Elliott's conversations with Barry Burgunder, Charles Clark, and H. E. Johnson on assorted topics not addressed in other subject research files.
1910-1920 and undated
Miscellaneous Notes from Written Sources
T.C. Elliott's notes on topics not clearly related to those of the subject files.
Newell, Robert
Correspondence regarding Robert Newell, his land holdings, and his work as Agent for the Nez Perce Indians.
Nisqually House
Journal of Occurrences at Nisqually House, From May 30th, 1833, to April 25th, 1835 (87 page typescript).
1833-1835 and undated
Ogden, Peter Skene -- Correspondence regarding
Letters to and from T. C. Elliott regarding Hudson's Bay Company expedition leader and chief factor Peter Skene Ogden and his family. Includes a handscript letter, reportedly from Peter Ogden, son of Peter Skene Ogden, to William R. Smith of the Red River settlement, 1 September 1866.
1866; 1908-1931 and undated
Ogden, Peter Skene -- Article by T. C. Elliott
Typescript draft with handwritten notations and published reprint of "Peter Skene Ogden: Fur Trader" by T. C. Elliott, which was published in the Oregon Historical Quarterly, volume 11 (1910).
1910 and undated
Ogden, Peter Skene -- Research notes
Research notes and typescript and handscript copies of documents pertaining to the life of Peter Skene Ogden. Includes some notes on Ogden family genealogy and Ogden's estate.
1817-1909 and undated
"Oregon Expedition"
Typescript copy of article appearing in the Missouri Republican, 14 February 1832, on the subject of a proposed expedition to send settlers to Oregon, then a politically disputed territory.
Oregon -- Origin of Name -- Jonathan Carver
Correspondence and handscript copies of documents relating to Jonathan Carver and the name "Oregon." Includes excerpts from Journal of the Travels of Jonathan Carver in the Year 1766 and 1767 and Memoirs of John Fothergill, M.D.&C. by John Coakley Lettsom, 1786.
1766-1786; 1921-1922
Oregon -- Origin of Name -- Richard Rogers
Correpsondence and handscript and typescript copies of documents relating to Richard Rogers and the name "Oregon." Includes Rogers' Proposal and Petition to the British king to seek a northwest passage through North America, and "Instructions and Orders to James Stanley Goddard" 1766.
1765-1775; 1921-1929 and undated
Palmer, Joel
Typescript excerpts of Joel Palmer's journals of 1845-1846, and of Peter H. Burnett's "Recollections and Opinions of an Old Pioneer."
1845-1846 and undated
Patterson, J. F. (Fred)
Typescript and handscript copy of documents, correspondence, notes, and newspaper clipping regarding the crimes and assassination of J. F. (Fred) Patterson in Walla Walla, Washington, 1866.
1861-1866; 1929; and undated
Pelly, J. H.
Copy of a letter from J. H. Pelly, Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, to the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade, 7 February 1838 (12 page typescript).
1838; 1916
Pendleton, Oregon
Recollections of Z. F. Moody, addressed to the President of the Umatilla Historical Society, Pendleton (3 page typescript).
Pike, Zebulon Montgomery
Copy of letter from Zebulon Pike to Hugh M'Gillis, 6 February 1805 (5 page typescript).
Prevost, J. B.
Correspondence to and from T. C. Elliott, notes, and copies of documents relating to United States Commissioner J. B. Prevost and the surrender of the Fort George (Astoria) in 1818.
1813-1818; 1918; and undated
Red River Settlement
Correspondence and notes regarding schools and religious activity at the Red River Settlement.
1909 and undated
Revet, Francois
Correspondence and documents regarding fur trappers Francois and Antoine Rivet and their families, and the estate and land holdings of Francois Rivet. (Rivet is also spelled Rive, Rivet, Revais, and Reve.)
1838-1866; 1933
Roads -- Washington Territory
Correspondence regarding old roads in Washington Territory. Copy of "Something about Fording Rivers in Pierce and Thurston Counties in Washington Territory between 1850 and 1890" by E. Higgins, Ft. Nesqually, Aug. 1st, 1901 (3 page typescript).
1901; 1912
Ross, Alexander
Typescript excerpts of explorer Alexander Ross's journal, 1824, and annotations and editorial notes by T. C. Elliott.
1824 and undated
Salish House
Correspondence concerning the Hudson's Bay Company outpost Salish House, Thompson Falls, and environs.
1914; 1923
Scarborough, James Allan
Correspondence and notes regarding James Allan Scarborough, Hudson's Bay Company employee on the Columbia and Puget Sound, his residence and family.
1910 and undated
Simpson, Sir George
Copies and excerpts of documents authored by Sir George Simpson, Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, including 24 June 1848 letter to Archibald McKinlay. Correspondence to and from T. C. Elliott regarding Governor Simpson and his family. Notes regarding Simpson family genealogy.
1847-1848; 1918-1930; and undated
Sinclair, James, and William Sinclair
Correspondence to T. C. Elliott regarding James Sinclair, Oregon Company clerk, and his brother, Chief Factor William Sinclair, both of the Hudson's Bay Company. Excerpts from documents in the Hudson's Bay Company archives, as well as Elliott's notes on the Sinclair brothers. Typescript copy of "Across the Continent Sixty Years Ago Early Travels of James Sinclair," Manitoba Free Press, 1913. Frank H. Woody's handscript "recollection regarding the abode of [William] Sinclair's in Hell Gate", 1914.
1913-1936 and undated
Smith, Jedediah S.
Letters to T. C. Elliott regarding American fur trapper and brigade leader Jedediah S. Smith, the route of his travels up the Columbia River and to California, and members of Smith's expeditions. Also discussed is the naming of the Humboldt River.
Smith, Samuel DeWitt
Letters to and from John W. Pullman to T. C. Elliott, including Pullman's handscript memoranda of the life of the Hon. Samuel DeWitt Smith, member of the Washington Territorial Legislature. Typescript copy of both is included. Notes from Lewis McNorris.
1908; 1919
Spalding, Henry Harmon -- I
Letter from H. H. Spalding, Fort Vancouver, to Rev. David Green, Boston, 20 September 1835 (handscript, photostat). Excerpts from H. H. Spalding's journal, 1836 (handscript, photostat). Typescript copy of "Diary of Mr. H. H. Spalding", 1838-1839, from the Whitman Museum.
Spalding, Henry Harmon -- II
"Narrative of an Overland Journey to Fort Vancouver and Lapwai in 1836 Together with an Account of the Beginning of the American Protestant Missions Beyond the Rockies" by H. H. Spalding (typescript).
Spalding, Henry Harmon -- III
"History of Indian Affairs Among the Nez Perces. No. 1. From Pacific May 25, 1865" (typescript copy). Lectures by Rev. H. H. Spalding, "Early Oregon Missions -- Their Importance in Securing the Country to Americans" (nos. 1-9, typescript).
1865 and undated
Spokane Garry
Correspondence to and from T. C. Elliott regarding Spokane Garry, son of a Spokane chief, sent to Red River Settlement for education. Photostat copy of letter from Cyrus H. Walker to Hon. Henry F. Ashurst, Chairman of Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, 29 November 1917. "Indian Account of the Settlement of Spokane County," Spokane Historical Society, 1916 (typescript). Excerpts from documents in the Hudson's Bay Company Archive on the topic "Spokan Garry and the Church Missionary Society's School at Red River Settlement"
1820-1832; 1914-1917; 1936
Spokane House
Correspondence regarding the location of the fur trade post Spokane House. Statements of James Mondahann, George Herron, and H. C. Burnett. Hand drawn maps of proposed sites for Spokane House.
1911-1922 and undated
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls
Materials regarding Isaac Stevens as governor of Washington Territory. Typescript copies of documents from "Message of the Governor of Washington Territory." "Transcripts and notations from Report of the Sec. of War, Jefferson Davis, dated Dec. 1st, 1856, 34th Congress, 3rd Session, House of Rep. Exec. Doc. No. 1 (Vol. II)" (typescript). Letter regarding copies.
1856-1857; 1919
Thompson, David
Correspondence, notes, copies of documents and draft manuscript regarding fur trade explorer David Thompson and his journeys through the Spokane country. "Narrative of the Expedition to the Kootanae & Flat Bow Indian Countries, on the Sources of the Columbia River, Pacific Ocean by D. Thompson on behalf of the NW Company 1807" (typescript copy). Typescript excerpts from "Journey to the Lake Indian Country 1808" and other Thompson journals.
1807-1811; 1908-1928; and undated
Tolmie, William Fraser
Correspondence and notes, and typescript copies of documents relating to Dr. William Fraser Tolmie of the Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Nesqually and Fort Victoria. Typescript excerpts from Dr. Tolmie's journal of 1832-1833, when he first arrived in the Pacific Northwest.
1832-1886; 1916; and undated
U.S.S. Ontario (ship)
Correspondence to and from T. C. Elliott and notes regarding the ship Ontario, its log book, and journals of Lieutenant J. H. Aulick and Lieutenant David Conner.
1874; 1918
Vancouver's Voyage
Correspondence, notes, and copies of documents relating to George Vancouver's voyage to the Pacific Northwest with the ships Discovery,Chatham, and Daedalus. Typescript copies of related documents, including "Portions of an Incomplete Journal" by Thomas Edgar, Master of the H.M.S. Discovery"; "Log of Captain of H. M. S. 'Chatham'"; "Captain George Vancouver's Narrative"; "Lieutenant Broughton's Account of Columbia River" (typescript copies). Manuscript draft for publication on the log of the Chatham.
1788-1792; 1914-1915; and undated
Waldo, Daniel
Daniel Waldo's "Critiques," based on Hubert Howe Bancroft's 1878 interview of pioneer Waldo in Salem, Oregon (typescript copy from the Bancroft Collection, University of California -- Berkeley).
1878; 1918
Walker, Joel P.
"Narrative of Adventures thro. Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, California etc. by Joel P. Walker, A Pioneer of Pioneers dictated by him to R. A. Thompson, Esq. of Sta. Rosa. Bancroft Library 1878" (typescript copy). Account includes Walker's 1840 visit to Oregon.
Ward Massacre
Recollection of the 1854 massacre of Alexander Ward emigrant party, by an unnamed son-in-law of John Ward (typescript copy).
Whitman, Marcus
Letter from Marcus Whitman to James M. Porter, regarding Whitman's views on the importance of the Oregon Territory (handscript, photostat).
Whitman, Perrin Beza
"Perrin B. Whitman. A Stirring Recital by Dr. Whitman's Nephew and Son." (typescript copy; author unknown).
Whitman Controversy -- Correspondence
Letters to and from T. C. Elliott regarding the historical contribution of missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and the transcription of Whitman documents for Mr. Elliott.
1888-1922 and undated
Whitman Controversy -- William I. Marshall -- I
Chapter 26, "Oregon," from Building the Nation by Charles Carleton Coffin, 1882. Handscript annotations in margins, by Marshall.
1882 and undated
Whitman Controversy -- William I. Marshall -- II
Works by William I. Marshall on Marcus Whitman. "The Authorship and Value of the Account of the Migration of 1843 to Oregon Which Was Published as Part Two of George Wilkes' 'History of Oregon' New York, 1845" 1893 (typescript carbon copy). Manuscript draft refuting S. B. L. Penrose's defense of Marcus Whitman's place in Oregon history, as well as Appendices 3 and 6 to "The Whitman Saved Oregon Humbug" and Appendix to Chapter IX. (All documents are typescript carbon or mimeograph copies, some with the author's handwritten notation).
Whitman Controversy -- William I. Marshall -- III
More works by William I. Marshall on Marcus Whitman. "Review of "Marcus Whitman and the Early Days of Oregon' by W. A. Mowry" 1902. "Is the Proper Basis of History 'Atmosphere' and 'Tradition' or the Study of Contemporaneous Documents? In Re Marcus Whitman" 1903. "Why His Search (?) for the Truth of History Was a Failure. Being a Review of Rev. Myron Eells' 'Reply to Prof. Bourne" 1903. Letter to General John W. Foster. (All documents are typescript carbon or mimeograph copies, some with the author's handwritten notation).
1901-1903 and undated
Whitman Controversy -- Other documents
Notes and copies of documents regarding Marcus Whitman. Works by other historians, including "Dr. Marcus Whitman. An Estimate of the Services Rendered to Oregon by the Pioneer and Martyr," Frances Fuller Victor, 1884 (typescript), "Heroes and Heroines of the Long Ago" (typescript mimeograph signed C. G.), and "Undeveloped Factors in the Life of Marcus Whitman" by Archer Butler Hulbert (typescript carbon). Undated draft of speech by T. C. Elliott to the Narcissa Prentiss Chapter of the DAR in Walla Walla.
1838-1888 and undated

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10 folders.

Letters to and from T. C. Elliott, on matters not treated in the subject files. Topics include publications, research, professional activities, and miscellaneous historical subjects. Also includes some draft manuscripts sent to Mr. Elliott by their authors. Arranged alphabetically by last or corporate name, and chronologically for each author. Many of the correspondents are booksellers, librarians, or other historians.

Container(s) Description Dates
American Historical Association, James M. Ashton, James E. Babb, C. B. Bagley, J. Herbert Bainton, T. L. Ball, William S. Bell, John H. Benton, R. B. Berks, J. Q. A. Bowlby, Albert Britnell, J. B. Brooks, W. H. Brooks, Cornelius Brosnan, Burrelle's Press Clipping Bureau, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Rev. William H. Clagett, C. P. Coburn, Katharine Coman, Neil S. Coventry, Department of the Interior [Canada], Asa Don Dickinson, Stella M. Drumm, and Allen B. Eaton.
Bancroft Library
Correspondence with Frederick J. Teggart and James R. Robertson concerning the York manuscript and other matters of interest to Mr. Elliott's research.
Book Purchases
Correspondence with booksellers regarding book purchases.
W. H. Gilstrap, W. B. Godfrey, R. E. Gosnell, Caroline Hathaway, Idress Head, Frederick V. Holman, Hensley R. Holmden, Franklin F. Hopper, A. L. Kirkpatrick, Henry H. Kohlhauff, Katharine B. Judson, H. T. Lockyer, M. S. McDonald, B. F. Manring, E. J. C. Markgraf, Sr., Archer Martin, Cornelia Marvin, Edmond S. Meany, A. G. Morice, Hugh Munro
Howay, F. W.
Correspondence between F. W. Howay and T. C. Elliott, research notes, and manuscript, "The Lengthy Voyage of the Jefferson, 1791-1795," by F. W. Howay. Other letters from Howay to Elliott appear in the historical research subject files. The two historians collaborated on a number of projects.
1930; 1934 and undated
Inland Empire Historical Society
Meyers, Jacob A.
Letters to T. C. Elliott from Jacob A. Meyers, some including Mr. Meyers's research notes on topics relating to the exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Other letters from Meyers to T. C. Elliott appear elsewhere in the collection.
Northwest Indian Congress
Correspondence regarding the annual parade of the Northwest Indian Congress in Spokane, Washington. T. C. Elliott was secretary of the Walla Walla Committee and Chairman of the Float Committee for Walla Walla.
National Americana Society, North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, W. Y. Pemberton, S. H. Piles, Nellie B. Pipes, Wilbur F. Prock, Thomas W. Prosch, Mr. Root, P. H. W. Ross, E. O. S. Scholefield, Joseph Shafer, Smithsonian Institution, Omar C. Spencer, Gen. James Clark Strong, Benjamin Sulte, Reuben G. Thwaites, Henry L. Tolkington, J. B. Tyrell, United States Geographic Board, United States Geological Survey, L. Van Alstyne, F. P. Wagner, John T. Walbran, Mrs. C. M. Waters, J. R. Wilson, F. G. Young
Oregon Historical Society
Correspondence relating to business of the Oregon Historical Society Board.

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Association membership certificates
1921 and undated
Senate Bill 133, Washington State

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Subject Terms

  • Bannock Indians -- Wars, 1878
  • Exploration and Discovery
  • Fur Trade
  • Indian councils -- Washington (State)
  • Indians of North America - Cayuse Indians
  • Indians of North America - Kalispel Indians
  • Indians of North America - Nez Percé Indians
  • Indians of North America -- Oregon -- Wars
  • Indians of North America - Salish Indians
  • Modoc Indians - Wars, 1873.
  • Names, Geographical - Oregon
  • Nez Percé Indians Wars, 1877
  • Overland journeys to the Pacific.
  • Ships - Jenny of Bristol
  • Whitman Massacre, 1847

Personal Names

  • Elliott, T. C. (Thompson Coit), 1862-1943 - Correspondence (creator)
  • Ermatinger, Edward, 1797-1876.
  • Ermatinger, Francis, 1798-1858.
  • Grant, Richard, 1794-1862.
  • Howay, Frederic William, 1867-1943 - Correspondence
  • Marshall, William I. (William Isaac), 1840-1906.
  • Meyers, Jacob A.
  • Newell, Robert, 1807-1869.
  • Ogden, Peter Skene, 1790-1854.
  • Simpson, George, Sir, 1786 or 7-1860.
  • Spalding, Henry Harmon, 1803-1874.
  • Thompson, David, 1770-1857.
  • Vancouver, George, 1757-1798.
  • Whitman, Marcus, 1802-1847.

Corporate Names

  • Hudson's Bay Company.
  • Inland Empire Historical Society
  • North West Company.
  • Oregon Historical Society.
  • United States. General Land Office
  • United States. Office of Indian Affairs
  • United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Oregon Superintendency
  • United States. Office of Indian Affairs. Washington Superintendency

Geographical Names

  • Columbia River - History
  • Idaho - History
  • Oregon - History
  • Spokane House (Wash.)
  • Walla Walla (Wash.) - History
  • Washington (State) - History

Form or Genre Terms

  • Correspondence
  • Manuscripts for Publication
  • Notes
  • Printed Ephemera
  • Publications
  • Speeches