Paco Diez visiting artist concert recording, 2017-02-23

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Paco Diez visiting artist concert recording
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Concert of Iberian Folk Music from Spain, Balkans, Italy, Greece, and more on 2-23-17, featuring Paco Diez, Visiting Artist in Ethnomusicology, and students, Winter 2017.
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The University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives has been collecting and curating unique ethnographic music recordings for over 50 years. Its holdings of more than 15,000 items include field recordings documenting music traditions of all kinds from most areas of the world, concert recordings of visiting musicians, and films and videos of a variety of musical events, as well as several hundred musical instruments. The Archives serves the students and faculty in the UW Ethnomusicology Program, the broader university community, Pacific Northwest tribes, and an international clientele of musicians, students, and teachers.

Archival recordings are available for on-site listening. Depending on collection deposit agreements, copies of some materials may be obtained by researchers. Students are particularly encouraged to utilize archival materials to assist with class projects and help prepare for their own field work. The Archives employs several students each year and works informally with most ethnomusicology students as they begin to consider recording format options, equipment purchase, the practical problems of documentation in the field, and other issues related to their research. Students and other researchers are invited to deposit their field collections in the Archives, which offers secure storage and computer catalog access to all materials.

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Video recording by Joe Kinzer for the UW Ethnomusicology Archives; recorded with Panasonic AG-HMC 150P camcorder (AVCHD recording; recording mode - 1080/60i); processed in Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro and DVD work disc produced (digital files saved -, 2017-1.1.iso) Recorded with Panasonic AG-HMC 150 camcorder

Student Performers: Geena Boyce (percussion and voice); Skuli Gestsson (bass); Bart Finnigan (trumpet); Mike Kohfeld (saxophone and gaita); Sarah Riskind (voice and violin); Matt Sablan (guitar); Solmaz Shakerifard (voice and percussion); Ashley Utsch (oboe voice).


1. Introduction by School of Music director, Richard Karpen, and Ethnomusicology Professor, Shannon Dudley; 2. "Majo Si Vas A Los Toros" (Canto libre [free song] from Avila; 3. "Salamanca La Blanca (Song with palillos and three-holed flute [made from vulture bone and horn mouthpiece]; 4. "Morenika" (Sephardic song from Salonika, Greece; 5. "El Sol Se Va Poniendo; 6. "Adio Kerida" (Sephardic lyric song from the Balkans and Italy [the chorus is from Verdi's "La Traviata"]; 7. "Las Panaderas" (Work song from Salamanca, with hand percussion); 8. "Jota Balear" (Popular dance from Baleares Islands, with gaita [Galician bagpipe]; 9. "Kafé d'Amaneser" (Sephardic love song from Turkey and Greece); 10. "Corrido De Encinas" (Popular dance from Castilla [central Spain] in an addictive 5/8 rhythm); 11. "Lágrimas Negras" (c. Miguel Matamoros 1929) (Bolero-son from Santiago de Cuba, fused in this performance with Spanish rumba); 12. "Entradilla Castellana" (Popular dance from Castilla in another addictive 8/8 rhythm, fused in this performance with Trinidadian Calypso); 13. "Ofrenda y Reverencia a la Virgen de la Guía" (Old ritual song from Asturias for offerings to the Virgin); 14. "Foliada" (Popular dance from Galicia, northwest Spain, with gaita); 15. Encore: "La Tarara" (traditional Spanish song); 16. Encore: "Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half" (Trinidadian Calypso).

Documentation: concert program, posters

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Subject Terms

  • Bagpipe
  • Calypso (Music)
  • Concerts
  • Folk music--Spain
  • Gaita
  • Greeks--Europe--Southeastern Europe
  • Hurdy-gurdy
  • Iberian
  • Music--Italy
  • Music--Turkey
  • Sephardim
  • Spanish
  • Zanfona

Geographical Names

  • Balkans
  • Spain

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  • Personal Names
    • Diez, Paco (performer)