Sonia Johnson papers, 1958-1983

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Johnson, Sonia
Sonia Johnson papers
1958-1983 (inclusive)
bulk 1978-1982 (bulk)
21.75 linear feet, (50 boxes)
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MS 0287
The Sonia Johnson papers (1958-1983) contain materials dealing with her excommunication from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her campaign in support of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the group "Mormons for ERA" between the years 1978 and 1982.
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Sonia Ann Harris was born on 27 February 1936 in Malad City, Idaho, to Alvin and Ida Howell Harris. Her childhood was spent in Preston, Idaho, until the family moved to Logan, Utah, in 1948. She was raised a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormon Church).

After graduation from Logan High School in 1954 Sonia worked in a bank until she entered Utah State University in January 1955. She received her B.A. in English in 1958.

Sonia and Richard Theodore Johnson were married 21 August 1959. In February 1960 the Johnsons moved to Apia, Western Samoa where they both taught English for a year. They returned to Minneapolis where Sonia did graduate work at the University of Minnesota toward her master's degree. For two years of that time she was also a graduate assistant in the English Department. They moved to New Brunswick, New Jersey, where Sonia received her master's and Ed.D. degrees from Rutgers University.

In 1965 the Johnsons and their two children went to Lagos, Nigeria, where Sonia spent two years as head of testing at the American International School. From Nigeria, they went to Palo Alto, California, for two years, where Sonia had another baby, then on to Malawi where Sonia taught for two years at the University of Malawi.

After a brief stay in California the Johnsons and their three children went to Korea, where Sonia taught diplomats, their wives, and servicemen through the University of Maryland extension. She was also a visiting professor at Seoul University.

After spending almost a year in Western Malaysia, where Sonia had a fourth child, they returned to Califronia in 1974 and finally settled in Sterling, Virginia, in 1976. Sonia spent one year working through the federal Office of Education then became an adjunct professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the University of Virginia.

Sonia Johnson began speaking out as a Mormon for Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 1977. Her first national exposure was following her August 1978 testimony in front of the Senate Constitutional Rights Subcommittee where she came into conflict with Utah's junior Senator, Orrin Hatch. She continued speaking and promoting the Equal Rights Amendment and denouncing what she perceived to be her church's political activities against the amendment.

Sonia's August 1979 speech in Kalispell, Montana, to their National Organization for Women convention, the September 1979 paper given to the American Psychological Association, and an October 1979 speech at the University of Utah culminated in her call to an LDS Bishop's Court in November 1979.

After a well-publicized trial on December first, Sonia was officially excommunicated from the LDS Church on 5 December 1979. The decision was affirmed by a Church High Council Court on 6 April 1980. Sonia continued her promotion of the Equal Rights Amendment as president of the national Mormons for ERA group. She spoke at numerous functions throughout the country and appeared on a number of television talk shows, including the Phil Donahue program. In 1981 her book From Housewife to Heretic about her embrace of feminism was published.

In 1982 Sonia Johnson made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency of the National Organization for Women. She still continues to be active in promoting feminist issues and women's rights.

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The bulk of the collection is concerned with Mrs. Johnson's excommunication from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her campaign in support of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the group "Mormons for ERA" between the years 1978 and 1982. There is a small amount of personal material, mainly family correspondence, included with the collection and dated between 1958 and 1982.

The thirty-five boxes containing the collection have been divided into six major categories. The first, consisting of three boxes is personal material. Included are chronologically arranged family letters. The other portion of the personal material deals with her excommunication trial including an alphabetical file of letters written by supporters of Mrs. Johnson to officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Four boxes comprise category two which contains information on the Equal Rights Amendment. Included are alphabetically filed letters from organizations supporting the amendment; information on extension, revision, and ratification; and organizations of the LDS Church opposing ERA and filed by state.

Within the three boxes in the third category are filed materials dealing with the Mormons for ERA groups. Included are articles and clippings about the LDS Church and its reaction to the Equal Rights Amendment, correspondence, speeches, activities, and information by and about state Mormons for ERA. Bylaws, press releases, newsletters, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings are also included.

Even though the correspondence in the twelve boxes comprising the fourth category was sent to Sonia Johnson, much of it is closely tied to the Mormons for ERA organization. The correspondence has been divided into these nine subject areas: LDS, Pro-ERA; Alienated and Ex-LDS, Pro-ERA; Alienated and ex-LDS, Religion; LDS, Anti-ERA; Non-LDS, Pro-ERA; Non-LDS, Anti-ERA; Non-LDS, Religion; Pro-Sonia; and Requests for ERA Information. Each subject area has a list of names included.

Category five contains four boxes of material on speeches and articles. Included is correspondence arranging various speaking engagements organized chronologically by date of engagement, and a number of speeches and articles by Sonia Johnson. Also included are the drafts, correspondence and other information connected with herbook From Housewife to Heretic published In 1981.

The miscellaneous category included seven boxes of newspaper clippings dated from 1978 to 1982 with the bulk falling between November 1979 and January 1980 gleaned from newspapers all over the country. Also included in this section are eight daybooks kept by Mrs. Johnson and other miscellaneous information.

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Organized into eight series: I. Personal; II. Equal Rights Amendment; III. Mormons for ERA; IV. Correspondence; V. Speaking Engagements, Speeches and Writings; VI. Newspaper Clippings; VII. Miscellaneous; VIII. Addendum.

Separated Materials

See also the Sonia Johnson audio-visual collection (A0099) and the Sonia Johnson photograph collection (P0099) in the Multimedia Division of Special Collections.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Sonia Johnson, David M. Jabush, and Linda Sillito in 1981.

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Processed by Marlene Lewis in 1982, 2006 and 2010.

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Related Materials

Forms part of the Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archives.

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Personal MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Personal Correspondence
Box Folder
1 1-24
Sonia and Rich Johnson to Harris, Family
Letters from Sonia and Rick Johnson to Sonia' s parents, Alvin and Ida Harris, and family. The letters are written from Western Samoa, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nigeria, California, Pennsylvania, Malawi, Korea, Western Malaysia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Virginia.
1 25
Ida Harris to Sonia Johnson
Letter to Sonia from her mother about Sonia's activities and the Mormons for E.R.A.
2 1-9
Sonia and Rick Johnson
Letters exchanged between Rick and Sonia Johnson including a number of notes, greeting cards and miscellaneous items.
2 10
Sonia and Rick Johnson to their children
2 11
Eric Johnson
Letters about Sonia and Rick's eldest son and his stay in Logan including a letter from Floyd V. Israelsen and Sonia's reply.
2 12
Sonia Johnson and Family Members
Letter from Sonia to her brother Mark, letters to Sonia from her sister Joyce and Aunt Grace Baugh.
2 13
Robert Michael Harris
Letter to and from Sonia's brother "Mike" while serving a mission for the LDS Church.
2 14
Jeff Harris
Letters from Sonia's brother Jeff to his mother.
2 15
Ina and Wayne Harris
Letters from Ina and Wayne Harris to Ida and Alvin Harris.
2 16
Martha Harris
Letter from Martha Harris to Ida Harris.
2 17
Ida Harris
Ida Harris to her husband and son Alvin and Mark Harris.
2 18
Ida Johnson
Letter from Ida Johnson to Ida Harris about a possible visit to their children Rick and Sonia Johnson.
2 19
Grace Smith
Letter from Mrs. Marion Smith to her aunt Ida Harris.
2 20
Lupe P. Afuvia
Letters from Lupe P. Afuvia to Ida Harris. The Harris' had Sinapi Afuvia of Samoa staying with them in Logan, Utah.
2 21
Sinapi Afuvia
Letters to and from Sinapi Afuvia who was living with the Harris' in Logan, Utah. Some of the letters are written in Samoan.
2 22
Ida and Alvin Harris
Miscellaneous letters to Ida and Alvin Harris including one about conflicts with the LDS Church home teachers in Logan, Utah.
2 23
Friends to Sonia Johnson
Letters to Sonia from Barbara Allen, Bill Billingsley, Virginia L. Carter, Peggy and Andrew Creese, Linda Daube, Audrey Grant, Edward L. Meyerson, Candice Osborn, Ron and Hazel Rigby and other personal acquaintances.
2 24
Archives to Sonia Johnson
Letters from the University of Missouri, Brigham Young University, Utah State University and the University of Utah asking about deposition of Sonia Johnson's papers.
2 25
Miscellaneous Personal Items
Includes a play program from an itinerary for Richard T. Johnson from 1976, and Sonia Johnson's reports on an open house at the Palo Alto LDS Church in 1972.
Box Folder
3 1
L.D.S. Church Documents
Copy of Sonia's partriarchial Blessing from 1960 and 1976.
3 2
Correspondence with First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Letters between Sonia Johnson and the LDS Church hierarchy about her support for the Equal Rights Amendment, her trial and appeal of her excommunication.
3 3
Summons, Trial, and Appeal
Correspondence and statements between Sonia Johnson, her LDS Bishop Jeffery H. Willis, and the L.D.S. Stake President Earl J. Roueche about her excommunication trial and appeal.
3 4
Defense: Michael J. Barrett
Correspondence, articles, and notes about a possible defense against excommunication or possible civil action against the LDS Church from Michael J. Barrett, a lawyer.
3 5
Defense: Paul N. McCloskey, Jr.
Offer from California representative McCloskey to assist with her case.
3 6
Defense: Articles
Copies of "Resolution of Civil Disputes by Mormon Ecclesiastical Courts," by Raymond T. Swenson, and the testimony concerning Reed Smoot in the Committee on Privileges and Elections.
3 7
Trial Testimonies and Statements
Included are statements by Sonia Johnson, the LDS Church representative, Ralph J. Payne, Nancy Kuhn, Hazel Rigby, Loneta Murphy, William D. Payne, Mary Ann Payne, Nadine Hansen, Kris Green, and the Consortium for Utah Women in Higher Education.
3 8
Trial Vigil Prayers and Statements
Prayer by Emily Benson, statements by Loneta Murphy and an unnamed individual.
3 9
Press Packet
Folder for members of the press at Sonia Johnson's trial which includes copies of earlier newspaper clippings, statements, and testimony by and about Sonia Johnson and the Equal Rights Amendment.
3 10
Notes on Church Meeting
Notes by Arlene Wood and Kathryn McKay about the church meeting attended by Sonia on December 2, 1979 the day following her excommunication.
3 11
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Included is a letter from Hartman Rector, jr. to Teddie Wood in which he claims if men did not hold the priesthood they "...would problably be eaten by the famale as in the case with the black widow spider [SIC]." Also included is a letter to Sonia from Barbara B. Smith, LDS Relief Society President, and an exchange of letters about Jeffrey Willis's position with the Central Intelligence Agency.
3 12
Sterling Park Ward Kirectory
3 13-21
Letters to LDS Church Leaders
Letters, arranged in alphabetical order, written to LDS Church leaders from her bishop to the First Presidency in support of Sonia Johnson and her position on the Equal Rights Amendment. A name list is included and filed in folder 13.

Equal Right AmendmentReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Organizations, Pro-ERA., A - N
Box Folder
4 1
American Association of University Women
4 2
Organizations A
Acadiana Women's Political Caucus Alaska Women's Resource Center Arizonians of Faith for the Equal Rights Amendment Association for Women in Psychology Association of Women in Ministry Augusta Women's Advisory Council Awake-Worship-Action-Renewal-Education (AWARE--RLDS group)
4 3
Business and Professional Women's Clubs
4 4
Organizations B
Brouard County (Florida) Commission on the Status of Women Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Iowa.
4 5-6
Congressional Union
4 7
Organizations C
Catholic Advocates for Equality Catholics Act for ERA Catholic Women for ERA Center of Concern Church of the Brethren, Women's Caucus Coalition on Women and Religion Common Cause Concord United Church of Christ (Wichita, Kansas)
4 8
E. R. A. Action Line (Seattle, Washington)
4 9
Includes ERArkansas, and ERAmerica Michigan.
4 10-11
Equal Rights Coalition of Utah
4 12
Organizations E
8th Day Center for Justice Episcopal Church groups Epsilon Sigma Alpha International, Alpha Beta Chapter Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Action Coalition Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Council Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Project (Illinois) ERA Illinois ERA Strike Force Evangelical Women's Caucus (Bay Area and Michigan)
4 13
Organizations F
Federally Employed Women Florida Impact Fort Wayne Feminists
4 14
Homemakers' Equal Rights Association (Housewices for ERA)
4 15
Organizations I- L
Ingham County Women's Commission (Michigan) Interchange Junior League of Minneapolis Kentuchy Pro-EAR Alliance Labor for Equal Rights Now (LERN) Leadership Conference of Women Religious League of Women Voters
4 16
Organizations M
Madison (Wisconsin) Coalition for the ERA Missouri Equal Rights Amendment Coalition
4 17-22
National Organization for Women (NOW), National
Correspondence, 1978-1981; ERA-NOW Action Packet; ERA National Outreach, press releases, pamphlets, information, 1977-1981
4 23-27
National Organization for Women (NOW), States, A-T
Organizations, Pro-ERA, N-W
Box Folder
5 1-4
National Organization for Women (NOW), States U-W
Includes some Utah material
5 5
Organizations N
National Assembly of Women Religious National Coalition of American Nuns National Council of Churches National Women's Party Network (Catholic nuns' group) Nevadans for ERA North Miami Beach Commission on the Status of Women
5 6
Organizations O
OK-ERA (Tulsa, Oklahoma) Oklahoma Governor's Commission on the Status of Women Oklahomans for the Equal Righs Amendment Oklahoma Homemakers for the ERA Older women's Liberation
5 7
Organizations P
Planned Parenthood-Louisville Presbyterian Church groups People of Faith for the ERA President's Advisory Committee for Women Prince George's County Commission for Women
5 8
Religious Advocates for Equality
5 9
Religious Committee for the ERA
5 10
Organizations S- T
Sacramento Valley Ecumenical Women Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women (California) Sisters of Divine Providence (Kentucky) Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace (Washington, D. C.) South Texas Women's Forum Tacoma Dominican Sisters Consensus Group 2 Thurston County Ministries in Higher Education (Washington)
5 11
Organizations U
Unitarian Church groups United Methodist Church groups United Teachers of Los Angeles United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (Minnesota) Unity (Texas) Utah Order of Women Legislators
5 12
Organizations V
Virginia Equal Rights Amendment Ratification Council Virginians for the Equal Rights Amendment-Political Action Committee Virginia Polytechnic Institute Women's Network Virginia Religious Committee for ERA
5 13-14
Women's Political Caucus
National materials, 1979-1981; and material arranged alphabetically by state, 1979-1980
5 15
Organizations W
Washington Equal Rights Amendment Coalition Women in Communications, Inc. Women and Religion Task Force in Kansas City Women for Sobriety, Washington Group Women's Issues Forum, Glendale, Arizona Women Space (Ohio) Women's Resources for Action (Washington, D. C.) Women's Campaign Fund Women's Caucus for Art/Coalition of Women's Art Organizations Women's Center of Eastern Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) Women's Center, University of Tennessee Women's Information Network (Missouri) Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Women's Ordination Conference of Rhode Island The Women's Room and Resource Center (Virginia)
Equal Rights Amendment Information
Box Folder
6 1
Statements of Extension and Recision
Testimony before Senate committee by Rugh Bader Ginsburg, Judith Hertz and Mildred Jeffrey in 1978 statements by Eleanor Smeal, Jan Tyler, and Carol Caston; a memorandum of law prepared by Lippman and Hart; and various fact sheets on the proposed ratification time and proposal to allow recision of approval of the Equal Rights Amendment.
6 2-6
Judge Marion J. Callister
Judge Callister, a high ranking LDS Church leader was to sit on the case to decide if the recision of ratification of a constitutional amendment, in this case the Equal Rights Amendment, was legal in the Federal District Court for the District of Idaho. An attempt was made to disqualify him based on his authority in a church so vocal against the ERA Included here are copies of the disqualification motions and orders, 1979-1981; information sheets, press releases and newspaper clippings, 1979-1980; and the NOW Press Kit.
6 7
Congressional Hearings on ERA
Statements supporting ERA including rebuttals to Senator Sam Ervin's Minority Report in relation to the Yale Law Journal report on ERA.
6 8
Speeches and Statements on ERA
Includes speeches, statements and fact sheets.
6 9
Reports on ERA
Reports made by the National Organization for Women.
6 10
Pamphlets, brochures and flyers in favor of ERA.
6 11-15
Anti-ERA Information
Includes flyers and newsletters from the Eagle Forum and STOP ERA, statements of Senators Sam Ervin and Orrin G. Hatch, a transcript of the Utah State Senate discussion of the Equal Rights Amendment Rejection Resolution in 1979, and information on the Republican and Democratic Parties' attitudes toward the Equal Rights Amendment.
6 16
Articles about ERA
6 17-21
Newspaper Clippings on ERA
6 22
Miscellaneous Information on ERA
LDS Church Organizations Against ERA
Box Folder
7 1
Information sent by Lou Ann Stoker Dickson about anti-ERA activities carried on in the LDS Churches in Tempe, Arizona, and news-clippings about Mormons in Arizona.
7 2-3
Information and financial records on FACT-PAC (Families Are Concerned Today-Political Action Committee), its backing by LDS Church members, and its activities.
7 4
Information, correspondence, flyers about the Missouri Citizen's Council and its connection with the LDS Church.
7 5-6
Letters, articles, and information on the LDS Church's influence on Nevada politics from Renee and Sheldon Rampton, including Renee Rampton's paper "The Role of the Mormon Church in the 1978 Nevada Election."
7 7-8
Articles, statements, and other information on Citizen's Quest for Quality Government, its activities in Nevada, and its connection with the LDS Church.
7 9-20
Clippings, articles, and summary statements on the connection of Nevada Mormons and polictics including materials on Mormons and the ERA, The Mormon Voting Bloc, Beehive, and LDS Church publication and its political role; Ezra Taft Benson; the Conservative Caucus; Karen Hays Campaign; the Holt Campaign; International Women's Year in Nevada; Douglas Wallace; and other miscellaneous items.
7 21-25
Includes correspondence, articles and other information on the LDS Citizen's Coalition, including a typed transcript of the organizational meeting, and much about the coalition's involvement in Virginia politics in opposition to ERA Also included is a pamphlet and flyers on the "Equality Yes! ERA No!" link between the Virginia LDS Citizens Coalition and Phyllis Schlafly's STOP ERA movement, and some miscellaneous information.
7 26
Miscellaneous States
Information about LDS Church activities against the ERA from California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee.
7 27
Information on LDS Church political activities.

Mormons for ERAReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 1
Meetings with LDS Church Officials
Sets of notes made by Sonia Johnson and by Jan Tyler on a meeting between Sonia Johnson and Jan Tyler and two members of the LDS General Conference October 3, 1981, made by Gayle Brooks Freeman.
8 2
Statements and Articles by LDS Church Officials
Letters, press releases, interviews, speeches and other statements by church leaders about the Equal Rights Amendment and the role of women in society.
8 3
Primary Class Lesson
Correspondence and information concerning the controversy over a girls' LDS primary lesson about honoring the priesthood.
8 4-5
Mormons for ERA
Information statements, articles, and other information about the LDS Church and its role in opposition to the ERA by the Mormons for ERA group.
8 6
Pusillo Study
Paper by Sally Mercurio Pusill titled "Mormon Children's Present Sex and Future Sex-Role Preferences."
8 7-17
Articles and Newspaper Clippings
Including a number of articles by Loneta Murphy, articles pro and anti-ERA, and newspaper clippings from 1975-1981 and undated.
8 18-22
Articles and Newspaper Clippings
8 23
Articles on Women and Religion
8 24-27
Articles, Papers and Newspaper Clippings on Women
9 1
Senate Committee Hearing
Includes Sonia Johnson's travel voucher and testimony, a typed transcript of the hearing, a statement by Sonia Johnson about how she became involved which is partly a journal of events following the testimony, and a supportive statement by Hazel Rigby.
9 2
Sonia Johnson Biographical Notes
9 3-8
Copies of letters written by Sonia Johnson or other members of the Mormons for ERA central organization about the groups activities, opinions, and business.
9 9-17
Letters to state and national legislators from individuals and the Mormons for ERA group, 1978-1979; response from national legislators, 1978-1979; correspondence with the executive branch, 1978-1980; response from Virginia legislators and other state legislators, 1978-1979; and correspondence with representatives of the written and televised media, 1979-1981, and undated.
9 18-20
Speeches and Statements
Speeches and statements about Mormons for ERA by Jan L. Tyler, Christine Arlene Chapman, James E. Chapman, Shirlie Kaplan, Sheldon Rampton, and Cheryl L. Dalton. Also included are some speeches with no name given.
9 21
Activities Permits
Permits for demonstrations on the United States Capitol grounds given to the Mormons for ERA by the United States Capitol Police Board.
9 22-24
Bellevue, Washington Arrest
Materials relating to the arrest of Sonia Johnson and twenty other people for chaining themselves to the gates of the L. D. S. Temple in Bellevue. Also included is material about the personal injury suit filed by Marty La-Brasse against the church members in charge of the temple. Included are letters, legal papers, name lists, news letters, press releases, and newspaper clippings.
9 25
ERA Missionaries in Utah
Information, including the model program for sending people door-to-door to speak for the ERA in Utah in the same way LDS Church missionaries operate.
9 26
Southern California Mormons for ERA
Press releases, newsletters, flyers.
9 27
Washington Mormons for ERA
Press releases, newsletters, statements, flyers
9 28
Ex-Mormons for ERA
Invitation to join, press release, newspaper story. Temporarily Restricted.
9 29-30
Utah Mormons for ERA
Correspondence, minutes, memoranda.
10 1
10 2
10 3-4
Name and Address Lists
ERA supporters contact list, media representatives.
10 5
Press Releases
10 6-7
Copies of newsletters, articles for the newsletter, and name lists.
10 8-10
Pro-ERA pamphlets a document to encourage ratification, and Anti-Mormon pamphlets.
10 11-13
Included are flyers, information on Mormons for ERA and a number of feminist songs and poems.
10 14
Exponent II
Copy of the , Vol, III, No. 1, September 1976, a newspaper for Mormon Women.
10 15-17
Articles and Newspaper Clippings

CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Correspondence-Mormons for ERA, A-Z
Box Folder
11 1
Name List
Alphabetical list of LDS, Pro-ERA Correspondents from boxes 11, 12 and 13.
11 2-7
11 8-10
Cheryl L. Dalton
11 11-14
11 15
Susan Hofen
11 18-23
Nadine Hansen
12 1-8
12 9
Beatrice Marchant and Byron Marchant
12 10
Loneta Murphy
12 11-12
12 13
Betty Parkinson
12 14
Alice Allred Pottmyer
12 15-18
12 19
John Sillito and Linda Sillitoe
12 20-22
13 1
Mary Jean Uebelgunne
13 2-3
13 4
Bill Washburn
13 5-9
Arlene Wood
13 10
Teddie Wood
13 11
Alienated and Ex-LDS for ERA, A-Z
Box Folder
13 12-14
Multiple Signatures, Unsigned, and Incomplete Signatures
13 15
Name List
13 16-17
13 18-26
John W. Gitzgerald
13 27-31
H-Z, and Unsigned
14 1
Name List
14 2-3
14 4
Grant Mildenhall
14 5-8
P-T, and Unsigned
Correspondence-LDS, Anti-ERA
Box Folder
15 1
Name List
15 2-6
15 7
Gigl Doty
15 8-25
E-Y, Multiple Signatures, Unsigned, and Incomplete Signatures
Correspondence-Non-LDS, Pro-ERA
Box Folder
16 1
Name List
16 2-20
20 1-4
Multiple Signatures, Unsigned, Incomplete Signatures
Correspondence - Non-LDS, Anti-ERA, Non-LDS, Religion
Box Folder
21 1-6
Non-LDS, Anti-ERA Name List, A - W, Unsigned
21 7-27
Non-LDS, Relition Name list, A - Z, Multiple Signatures Unsigned, Incomplete Signatures
Pro-Sonia, Requests for ERA Information
Box Folder
22 1-6
Pro-Sonia A - W
22 7-14
Requests for ERA Information A - W

Speaking Engagements, Speeches and WritingsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Speaking Engagements
Box Folder
23 1
Chronological List
List of speaking engagements accepted.
23 2-22
Speaking Engagements
Correspondence, flyers, information regarding Sonia Johnson's personal appearances.
23 23
Miscellaneous Information on Personal Appearances
23 24
Engagements Declined
23 25
Speaker's Bureaus
Information and flyers on Sonia Johnson's availability as a speaker through an organization.
23 26
World Conference of the U. N. Decade for Women
Correspondence and information about Sonia Johnson's attendance at this conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.
24 1
"The Last Great Western Patriarchy"
Speech given on a panel, on the 10th of February 1982. ERA Referendum Strategies, Washington Institute for Women in Politics, Mt. Vernon College, Washington, D. C.
24 2
"Patriarchial Panic: Sexual Politics in the Mormon Church"
Paper presented at the American Psychological Association Meetings, September 1, 1979, New York City; and a summary of the paper.
24 3
"Off Our Pedestals, or the Chronicles of the Uppity Sisters"
Speech given at the Utah Women's Conference, October 1979. Included are notes and drafts of the speech.
24 4
Includes Sonia Johnson's testimony to the Senate Subcommittee in 1978,a speech of the National Organization for Women's Religious Panel in 1978; comments at a "Labor for Equal Rights Now" press conference, 1979; comments at the ERAmerica strategy session, 1979; a speech at the Montana NOW state conference, 1970; a speech at the Alice Louise Reynolds Women's Forum in Provo, Utah in 1979; and some other comments and remarks.
Articles and Other Materials
Box Folder
24 5
Articles by Sonia Johnson
24 6
Notes for Speeches and Articles
24 7-10
Transcripts of interviews of Sonia Johnson; Barbara B. Smith, LDS Relief Society President; and Beverly Campbell of the monetary reward on moral grounds. Included is a letter from Christie Hefner.
From Housewife to Heretic
A copy of the book is found in the Print and Journal Division of Special Collections.
Box Folder
25 1-13
Original Draft
No chapter numbers, typed with numerous revisions and inserts.
25 14-28
Chapters 1-15, typed with revisions and additions.
26 1-14
Chapters 1-14, photocopy of typescript with revisions and additions.
26 15
Book Jacket
26 16
Doubleday Correspondence
Correspondence, including editor notes and comments, from Doubleday about the publication of .
26 17
Tape Transcripts
Transcripts of taped material for use in the book with comments by Arlene Wood.
26 18
Chapter Outlines
26 19
Autobiography of Sonia Johnson Typescript
26 20
Story Rights--David M. Jabusch
Correspondence between Jabusch and Sonia Johnson about his article and a copy of the paper he presented to the Speech Communication Association Convention in 1980 titled "Sonia Johnson and the Mormons for ERA Campaign."
26 21-24
Story Rights--Correspondence
Letters between Sonia Johnson, Barbara Butler, Susan A. Grade, Sonia Johnson's lawyer, and others concerning the rights to Sonia's story.

Newspaper ClippingsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper Clippings
Newspaper Clippings

MiscellaneousReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Spiral bound steno pads containing phone messages, notes on things to be done, notes for articles or speeches, address and phone numbers.
35 1
Religious Roundtable National Affairs Briefing
Clippings and information about this politically right wing, moral-majority rally and convention in Dallas, Texas 21-22 August 1980. (See also: Speaking Engagements, about Sonia Johnson's speech in Dallas on August 24, 1980.)
35 2-3
The Far Right Wing
Articles, statements and pamphlets by and about politically right wing and "Moral Majority" groups.
35 4
Includes a cartoon on wage discrimination and an article about resistance movements.
35 5
Ribbons, Buttons, Badges, and Stickers
35 6
Interesting Envelopes
Small sampling of envelopes from letters mailed to Sonia Johnson which contain a number of editorial comments, or odd or incomplete addresses which still reached her.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Mormons for E.R.A.
Box Folder
36 1
36 2
36 3
Financial Materials
36 4
Demonstration Slogans
36 5
36 6
Interviews with Beverly Campbell
36 7
Marthanne La Brosse v. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Plaintiff's Statement
36 8
Judge Marion Callister Incident
37 1
"The Church and the Proposed Equal Rights Amendment: A Moral Issue -- A Rebuttal"
37 2
"Coming Through the Confusion"
37 3
"The Bee Sting -- Mormons for ERA in Southern California
37 4-5
37 6-7
Various Materials
38 1-12
38 13-16
Mailing Lists
38 17-18
Financial Materials
38 19-25
39 1-3
Articles Received by Mormons for E.R.A Newsletter
39 4-6
Articles Sent to Mormons for E.R.A Newsletter
40 1-2
40 3
Campaign Brochures
40 4
Financial Material
40 5
Campaign Contribution Materials
40 6
Appointment Calendars
40 7
40 8
Kathy Webb Campaign Material
40 9
Anne L. Lang Campaign Material
40 10
Maureen Rogman Campaign Material
40 11
Mary Jean Collins Campaign Material
40 12
Carol King Campaign Material
40 13
Katie Harris Campaign Material
40 14
Jane Wells-Schooley Campaign Material
40 15
Judy Goldsmith Campaign Material
40 16
Various Campaign Material
40 17
Various Material
E.R.A. Fast
Box Folder
41 1-3
41 4
Press Releases
41 5
Spiritual Services
41 6-28
Personal Correspondence
Personal Correspondence
Personal Correspondence
Personal Correspondence
Personal Correspondence
Personal Correspondence
Personal Correspondence
Miscellaneous Material
Box Folder
49 1
"The Church and the Equal Rights Amendment: A Moral Issue"
49 2
Frequently Asked Questions About the Proposed Equal Rights Amendment: A Closer Look
49 3
"The Utah Papers: A Diary"
49 4
"The Role of Women in the Modern Mormon Church"
49 5-6
"A Woman's Place"
49 7
"Mormon Anti-E.R.A. Rhetoric: An Exercise in Piety"
49 8
"How Two Major Salt Lake City Dailies Covered the Sonia Johnson Controversy"
49 9
"Sonia Johnson and the Mormons for E.R.A. Campaign"
49 10
"Mormons for E.R.A. -- Speaking Freely?"
49 11
"The Church and the Equal Rights Amendment: A Moral Issue"
49 12
"Risk of Freedom"
49 13
"Introduction at Focus on Women Conference"
49 14
"Behind the Zion Curtain"
49 15
"Delilah at the Pillars: Being an Acount of the Celebrated Case of Sonia Johnson"
49 16
"A Moral Issue"
49 17
"Equality Versus the Equal Rights Amendment"
49 18
"The Cult of Mormonism"
50 1-6
Interviews with Sonia Johnson
50 7
Address Johnson gave at NAWR Conference in Boston
50 8-9
Congressional Union Materials
50 10
Correspondence Regarding Grants Given to Mormons for E.R.A.
50 11
World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women, Copenhagen
50 12-15
World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women, Copenhagen
Various Materials
50 16
Various Material

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