The William E. Stafford Archives, Series 9, Sub-Series 1: Pacifism Publications, 1939-1968

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Stafford, William, 1914-1993
The William E. Stafford Archives, Series 9, Sub-Series 1: Pacifism Publications
1939-1968 (inclusive)
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William Stafford (1914-1993) was one of the most prolific and important American poets of the last half of the twentieth century. This subseries of the collection includes books and serials relating to pacifism collected by Stafford, most during World War II. The Index to the entire Stafford Archives can be found at:
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William Stafford (1914-1993) was one of the most prolific and important American poets of the last half of the twentieth century. Among his many credentials, Stafford served as consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress, and received the National Book Award for his poetry collection Traveling through the Dark (1963). During his lifetime, Stafford wrote over sixty books of poetry that still resonate with both scholars and general readers. Stafford’s perspectives on peace, the environment, and education serve as some of the most articulate and engaging dialogues by a modern American writer about three of the most important issues of the second half of the twentieth century with lasting impacts on future generations. Howard Zinn, one America’s most iconic modern historians, was keenly aware of Stafford’s insight into modern American culture. Zinn claimed, “William Stafford’s prose and poetry, wise and eloquent, speak directly to the violence of our time, and to our hope for a different world” (from cover of Every War Has Two Losers).

The William Stafford Archives, donated to Lewis & Clark College by the Stafford family in 2008, contain the private papers, publications, photographs, recordings, and teaching materials of the poet William Stafford. The Lewis & Clark College Special Collections actively add to this collection by acquiring unique Stafford related materials.

Stafford wrote every day of his life from 1950 to 1993. These 20,000 pages of daily writings form a complete record of the poet’s mostly early morning meditations, including poem drafts, dream records, aphorisms, and other visits to the unconscious, recorded on separate sheets of yellow or white paper or when traveling, often in spiral-bound reporters’ steno pads. The archive also includes typescripts of poems submitted for publication and for use in readings. Stafford listed where he submitted each poem, and whether it was accepted for publication on the typescript. Each of his published collections, large and small, is represented by its gathering of documentary copies (typescripts), called by Stafford a “put-together.” Unpublished poems, poems published in journals, and reading copies of published poems were also gathered, in a virtually complete record from 1937 to 1993, totaling about 7,000 items. The collection also includes copies of all known Stafford books and translations. Stafford saved correspondence received, with an indication of the date of reply, and sometimes a copy of the reply, from the early 1960s to August 1993. Estimated at 100,000 sheets, the collected correspondence contains some full exchanges of correspondence initiated by WS. One such exchange is the correspondence with Marvin Bell on their sequence Segues. In addition to many photographs of and relating to William Stafford, the archive includes an estimated 20,000 photographs and negatives taken and developed by Stafford of fellow poets, family, friends, and Lewis & Clark College faculty. The archive provides documentation of Stafford's teaching career, including more than one thousand index cards, some dating from research at Iowa, others from later. These were much used in preparing for classes, workshops, and lectures. The files also contain scattered notes for workshops and lectures. The archive also includes course syllabi, and faculty documents relating to Stafford's teaching years at Lewis & Clark College.

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Books, pamphlets, and serial publications.

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The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Container(s) Description Dates
1.1 Politics: A Monthly Review
4 issues
Edited by Dwight MacDonald. Includes article “The Iliad or the Poem of Force” by Simone Weil.
1.2a Los Prietos Manana
Newsletters produced at the Los Prietos CPS camp including a mix of photocopies and origninals for: September 1942, October 1942, December 1942, January 1943, March/April 1943, August 1943, and April 1944.
1.2b The Nugget
Newsletters produced at the Belden CPS camp including a mix of photocopies and origninals for: November 1944, February 1945 [Stafford is listed as member of the newspaper staff], March 1945.
1.3 They Faced the Wartide in Europe
1 issue
NY: Plowshare Press. No. 51.
1.4 Wartime Facts and Postwar Problems A Study and Discussion Manual
1 issue
Edited by Evans Clark. NY: Twentieth Century Fund.
1.5 War Resisters League News
2 issues
March 1953-June 1953
1.6 The War Resister
11 issues
1.7 War Resistance
4 issues
1.8a Fellowship
Includes: 10:11, 14:3, 14:5, 14:8-14:10.
1.8b Fellowship
1.8c Fellowship
1.9 The Mikado in CPS by Kermit Sheets
Published by the Illiterati at Waldport Oregon.
1.10 Guide to Conscientious Objection
Second Printing 1966. Distributed by Students for a Democratic Society.
1.11 Scuttle Butt
v.1, n.1 issue of a newsletter for a Merchant Marine cadet school at Coyote Point, San Mateo, California.
September 12, 1942
1.12 Reconciliation
v1, n.5 of a newsletter published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.
July 1944
1.13 Resistance in Norwary
A pamphlet by Diderich Lund published by the War Resisters League, April 1945.
April 1945
1.14 The Conscientious Objector
v.4, no.10 issue of a newspaper published in New York.
October 1942
1.15 The Progressive: La Follette's Magazine
v.3, n.12 issue of a newsletter published by the National Service Board for Religious Objectors.
December 15, 1944
1.16 The Reporter
v.8, no.23 issue of a newspaper published in Madison, Wisconsin. Stamped as propers of the Los Prietos CPS camp.
June 5, 1944
1.17 Hitler by Joachim C. Fest
photocopy of pages from the introdutory chapter.
2.1 Goetz, Delia, and Varian Fry. The Good Neighbors; the Story of the Two Americas
[New York]: The Foreign policy association, 1939. 96 p. ill. 20 cm. Headline Books no. 17.
2.2 Calhoun, Donald W. Conscription and the Four Freedoms
New York: Plowshare Press, 1940-1945? 10 p.; 22 cm. Anvil Booklets no. 1.
2.3 Taylor, Paul Schuster, Adrift on the Land [New York]: Public Affairs Committee, 1940.
31, [1] p. ill., map, 22 cm. Public Affairs pamphlet no. 42. "First edition, April, 1940."
2.4 Bisson, T. A. (Thomas Arthur), Shadow over Asia; the Rise of Militant Japan.
[New York]: Foreign Policy Association, 1941. 96 p. illus. (incl. maps) diagrs. 20 cm. Headline Books no. 29.
2.5 Hughan, Jessie Wallace, Pacifism and Invasion.
New York, N.Y., War Resisters League, 1942. 27 p. 21 cm.
2.6 The Churches and a Just and Durable Peace: A Handbook for the Use of Classes and Discussion Groups.
The Christian Century Press, 1942. Has stamp from Los Prietos Camp on front cover and signed by William Stafford.
2.7 Myers, James, Churches in Social Action: Why and How.
New York: Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America. Rev. ed. 1942. 39 p., 20 cm.
2.8 Freeman, Harrop Arthur, and Paullin, Theodore, Coercion of States in Federal Unions.
Philadelphia, Pa.: The Pacifist Research Bureau 1943 4 p. l., 68 p. 22 cm.: Pacifist Research Bureau. Coercion: a Study in the Use of Force. Series II,; no. 3, January, 1943. Signed by Bill Stafford on the cover.
2.9 Russia (1923 U.S.S.R.)
Posol'stvo. United States. Soviet war documents: addresses, notes, orders of the day, statements. Washington, D.C., Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1943. 199 p., 22 cm. Information bulletin. Special supplement.
2.10 Riggs, Valerie Hadden, The Gist: a Peace Digest, ed. Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.) National Council for Prevention of War.
[Cambridge, Mass.: Printed by the Powell Printing Company], 1944. 130 p., diagrs. 19 cm.
2.11 Mayer, Milton Sanford, Conscience and the Commonwealth: an Address.
New York: Plowshare Press, 1944. 32 p. ; 22 cm.: Anvil Booklets no. 2.
2.12 American Friends Service Committee. An Introduction to Friends Civilian Public Service; the Motivation, Policies and Structure of Friends Civilian Public Service.
Philadelphia, Pa.: Education Office, Civilian public service, American Friends Service Committee, 1945. 96 p. illus., diagrs. 23 cm.
2.13 American Friends Service Committee. The Experience of the American Friends Service Committee in Civilian Public Service under the Selective Training & Service Act of 1940, 1941-1945.
[Philadelphia?]: The Committee, 1945. 51 p.; 23 cm.
2.14 Boek, Walter. Youth in the Rural Community.
Washington: American Country Life Association, Youth Section, American Institute of Cooperation, 1945: 30 p. illus. 23 cm. "Fifth in a series of community bulletins. References used in preparation of bulletin. Additional sources of information [by] Walter Boek [and others] assisted by E.L. Kirkpatrick. Published cooperatively by American Institute of Cooperation, American Vocational Association, Inc., Extension Service, United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Rural Education, National Education Association.”
2.15 Community Service News, Morgan, Arthur Ernest, A Business of My Own.
On cover: “Possibilities in Small Community Occupations and Industries. Sept. 1945.”
2.16 Macmurray, John, A Crisis of Culture: the U.S.S.R. and the West.
London, National Peace Council, 1947, 12 p. 22 cm. Peace Aims pamphlet 42.
2.17 Nathan, Leonard, ed., The Formalist.
Oakland, CA. Vol. 1, no. 1; summer 1949.
2.18 American Friends Service Committee. The United States and the Soviet Union: Some Quaker Proposals for Peace. A Report Prepared for the American Friends Service Committee.
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1949. 39 p., 24 cm.
2.19 Melish Defense Committee, The Melish Case: Challenge to the Church.
[Brooklyn?]: The Committee, 1950. 63 p., 24 cm.
2.20 Maser, Clifford, After Seven Years: World War Two Refugees in Germany and Austria Today.
[Philadelphia]: American Friends Service Committee. Rev. ed. 1953. 39 p., 23 cm.
2.21 American Friends Service Committee, Speak Truth to Power, a Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence. A Study of International Conflict.
[Philadelphia]: American Friends Service Committee, 1955. 71 p. 23 cm.
2.22 American Friends Service Committee, Choices: a Pamphlet about Conscription, the Counselor and the Conscientious Objector.
[Philadelphia]: American Friends Service Committee, 1959. [7] p., 22 cm.
2.23 Millis, Walter, A World without War: Followed by a Discussion.
Santa Barbara, CA, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1961. 71 p., 22 cm.
2.24 Pope John XXIII, 1958-1963 (Joannes XXIII) Pacem in Terris: Peace on Earth; Encyclical Letter of Pope John XXIII.
[New York]: America Press, 1963. 88 p., 19 cm. Oregon Peace Action Groups Coordinating Committee, Bulletin Board of Oregon Peace Groups. Portland, OR: Oregon Peace Action Groups Coordinating Committee, 1964. Monthly Periodical. Vol. 1, no. 3 (Oct. 1964). 22 cm.
2.25 A Call to American Christians of Draft Age.
Libertarian Press, Newark, NJ; Libertarian Press [Peace-Makers, NY]. [n.d.].
2.26 Vedanta Society of Southern California information pamphlet [n.d.]
2.27 V.M. Molotov, Speeches and Statement.
San Francisco: Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Washington D.C., May 24, 1945.
2.28 Haigh, Jerry and Julian Griggs. Let's Talk about Russia.
Elgin, IL: Brethren Service Committee, September, 1946.
2.29 Friends Peace Committee (Philadelphia), The Draft Law and Your Choices.
Philadelphia: Friends Peace Committee (Quakers), 1967 [10] p., ill. 22 x 10 cm. Tools of Peace series; revised March 1961.
2.30 War Resisters International.
Westminster Press [1963?].
2.31 Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.),
The Fellowship of Reconciliation: What It Is; What It Does. [Nyack, NY: The Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1960s. [8] p., 23 x 9 cm.
2.32 Summer work and study projects 1964.
American Friends Service Committee, 1964.

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  • World War, 1939-1945 -- Conscientious objectors -- United States.

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