Lyle S. Shelmidine Papers, 1936-1966

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Shelmidine, Lyle S.; Utroska, Candace "Candy"
Lyle S. Shelmidine Papers
1936-1966 (bulk)
1929-1966 (inclusive)
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Lyle Stanton "Stan" Shelmidine was a professor of Near and Far East History at the College of Puget Sound (now University of Puget Sound), 1936-1966. This collection contains biographical information, personal and departmental correspondence, course exams, bibliographies, syllabi, and lecture notes.
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Lyle Stanton "Stan" Shelmidine (1906-1966) was a popular and highly respected professor of Near and Far East History at the College of Puget Sound (now University of Puget Sound), in Tacoma, Washington, 1936-1966. He also served as Chair of the History Department. Shelmidine was an acknowledged expert on Near Eastern history and Islamic studies. He authored many articles, speeches and papers on history and world affairs. He maintained a lifelong interest in Turkey and was acquainted with Kemal Ataturk and other Turkish notables.

He was the originator of the idea for the Brown & Haley Lecture Series at the University. Shelmidine was a member of the Tacoma Philharmonic Board, the Tacoma Art League, Tacoma Drama League, English Speaking Union and the World Affairs Council.

Shelmidine was born in Spencer, Iowa, earned a bachelor's degree from Grinnell College (1930) and a master's degree and PhD (1939) from University of Iowa. He was instructor in history and English at the American College in Tarsus, Turkey. with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. While teaching in Turkey, he was employed by the Methodist Mission Board. He also studied Islamic subjects at Princeton University. Shelmidine was also a visiting professor at the University of Washington, the University of Montana, and the University of Puerto Rico.

During World War II, Shelmidine served as a Commander in the United States Navy as an Executive Officer on the Island of Midway. He also served an assignment in the Intelligence Service in Turkey. He was involved in writing a military history of World War II.

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The Lyle S. Shelmidine papers contain the correspondence, teaching and research notes, and personal papers of Shelmidine.

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I:  Correspondence, 1935-1966Return to Top

The correspondence series documents letters sent and received by Lyle Shelmidine related to his academic work, research interests, military service, and personal relationships.

Container(s) Description Dates
i: Academic and Professional
Box Folder
1 2
1 3
1 5
Graduate school and recommendations
1 8
Professors and recommendation requests
2 5
Speaking engagements
2 6
University of Puget Sound
This folder contains correspondence that Lyle Shelmidine received while teaching at UPS. Materials include letters from President Thompson, campus mail and departmental notices, and correspondence from other universities regarding historical scholarship.
2 7
Shelmidine appreciation
This folder contains letters written to Lyle Shelmidine expressing thanks for his historical scholarship, his aid in historical research, and his intellectual capacities as a friend.
2 8
University of Puget Sound Employment
This folder contains Lyle Shelmidine's professorial contract and other letters regarding his position in the department of history at the University of Puget Sound.
2 9
Brown & Haley Lectures
This folder contains correspondence with universities, non-academic organizations, and individual professors in response to Lyle Shelmidine's request for speakers at University of Puget Sound letures.
3 5
Visiting and consulting positions
3 4
Job search
This folder contains letters from the Fisk Teachers Agency (Chicago), the College of Puget Sound, the College and Specialist Bureau, Alborz College of Tehran, and American University of Beirut regarding possible employment opportunities. It also contains a telegram from Herrick B. Young regarding interview advice.
7 2
Job Announcements
This folder contains three letters from the College and Specialist Bureau regarding job listings with salary information from August 4 - August 20, 1936.
3 1
Book Publishers
1 13
International and Commercial Organizations
ii: Personal
Box Folder
1 1
1 9
Scott regarding Turkey
1 11
Jordan Watson
1 10
Don Rasmussen and Bob
1942, 1947
1 12
Walter Lowrie
1 15
Celebrity friends
2 1
2 2
Seattle-Tacoma friends
2 3
Letters to Puerto Rico
These letters were written to Lyle Shelmidine during his residency at the University of Puerto Rico.
3 2
Regarding Mark Griggs
This folder contains materials regarding Mark Griggs, who seems to have been a young friend of Lyle Shelmidine's via a family with whom the professor was close. Griggs was a painter and winter sportsman. Shelmidine received a recommendation request from Groton School in Massachusetts regarding the acceptance of Griggs.
3 3
Ron Sleight
This folder contains letters from Ron Sleight to Lyle Shelmidine between 1964 and 1965. Sleight seems to have been a very close friend of Shelmidine's, and lived in California. The letters are largely personal and recount dialy activities and travel plans. Sleight does reference Shelmidine's substance abuse and his desire to help Shelmidine towards recovery.
1 14
iii: Military and governmental letters
Box Folder
1 4
Col. Benjamin Bedzis
1 6
Rafid al Askari regarding Iraq
1 7
Captain Gail Morgan, Lt. Miller, Lt. Thomas
2 4
Navy Service
This folder contains letters to Lyle Shelmidine during his service in the U.S. Navy. During WWII, he was stationed in the Pacific. Material includes letters from friends, personal finance information, and newspaper clippings that appear to have been sent to him in letters.
2 10
Washington State Legislators
This folder contains letters from Washington senators and representatives in response to Lyle Shelmidine's inquiries about votes on state legislation.

II:  Teaching and Research, 1934-1966Return to Top

The teaching and research series document Lyle Shelmidine's work while at the University of Puget Sound and during his travels abroad for research.

Container(s) Description Dates
i: General
Box Folder
7 1
Faculty Meeting Notes
This folder contains 1) Report of the Semester-Quarter System Committee appointed by President Thompson at the February 5, 1949 faculty meeting, and 2) the facult handbook for the College of Puget Sound (September 1958).
1949, 1958
7 5
This folder contains typed essay question prompts for Shelmidine's exams on European and Ancient history between 1953 and 1966.
1953 - 1966
7 6
Course Syllabi/Outlines
This folder contains course syllabi, outlines, and bibliographic notes for Shelmidine's European and Ancient history classes, in addition to some undated documents of the same nature.
8 1
Graduate School Notebooks
1934, 1935, 1938
8 2
World History Examinations
ii: Turkey, Islam, and the Arab World
Box Folder
3 6
Ottoman and Turkish Maps
This folder contains undated maps, presumably from Shelmidine's visits to Turkey. "Map Showing Trips of Summer 1948 with Robert G. Gardner, Boston and his Jeep" has annotations regarding travels throughout the country in August '48. There is also one "Map of Byzantine Constantinople" and three copies of "Map Prepared for U.S. Navy Personnel Visiting Istanbul, Turkey."
3 7
Ottoman History, rise through 18th century
This folder contains Shelmidine's chronological outlines and lecture papers regarding Ottoman history during his professorship at the University of Puget Sound. Notes are both handwritten and typed. Material from other authors is cited. Included is a photocopied map titled "Conquests of Murad & Bayezid in the Balkan Peninsula and of Bayezid in Asia Minor" with dates of conquest (1300s). Some notes are repetitive and appear to be different versions of the same history for different courses.
3 8
Ottoman Decline and Rise of Turkey
This folder contains Shelmidine's lecture notes regarding Turkey between the mid 1800s and the late 1940s. It includes an article on Turkey from The Economist dated May 1954. There is a typed bibliography page at the end of the notes, and two hand-drawn maps outlining Turkish territories stretching between southern Europe and central Asia.
3 9
The Gentle Revolution and Rise of the Second Turkish Republic
This folder contains both research materials and lecture notes regarding the rise of the 2nd Turkish Republic. Research materials include: "The Gentle Revolution: A Summary of Major Events During the First Month of the Second Turkish Republic" from the Turkish Infomation Office in San Francisco; "Turkey's Foreign Policy 1958" from Turkey Today No. 7; "Turkey's Borrowed Boom" from The Manchester Guardian Weekly (1956); a library card labeled "Small Statistical Abstract of Turkey, 1942 - 1946;" five newspaper clippings from Western sources dated between the 1940s and early 1960s; and a letter from the Americna Church Committee for Armenia (1947).
3 10
The Eastern Question and Turkish International Relations
This folders includes information on the "Eastern Question" of the nineteenth century which concerned the method of breaking up the Ottoman Empire as it disintegrated. There is one general essay, notes on Napoleon's relationship to the Eastern Question, notes on Russia's relationship to the Eastern Question, and Shelmidine's review of The United States and Turkey and Iran by Lewis V. Thomas and Richard N. Frye.
3 11
"Turkey in Retrospect"
This folder contains annotated drafts of Shelmidine's essay "Turkey in Retrospect," which looks at Turkish history through the lens of his experiences in the country, and concludes with thoughts on Turkey's future.
3 12
Turkish language notes
This folder contains typed English notes on basic Turkish words and parts of speech, with exercise question sections written in Turkish.
3 13
History of Islam
This folder includes notes on the rise of Islam begining with Mohammad's prophet-hood, growing through unifying Arabian groups, and condensing through the Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish empires. Contains specific notes on Islamic Empire and different caliphates. Contains two notable pieces of research material: The Encyclopedia of Islam, ed. Kramers, Gibb, and Levi-Provencal, and an outline on Moorish Architecture in spain by W.W.S. Cook of New York University.
5 12
Arab World & Culture
Notes in this folder include: "The Arab World," "The New Turkey," "Beginning of America's Interest," "The United States and Middle East," "Arab Chronology," Rom Landau's "Arab Contribution to Mathematics and Astronomy" (1960), "The Rose-Red City, half as old as time" (1960), "Pioneers in Travel and Geography" (1960), "The Contribution of Arab Civilization to Western Philosophy" (1960), "The Arabs Have a Word for It" (1960), "Physical Science and the Arabs" (1961), and "Arab Contribution to Medicine" (1961), "How Arab Learning Reached the West" (1961), "Arab Literature in the West" (1961), "Forty Centuries of Canal Operation" (1960) - all in The Arab World, Mary Donna Maher's "A Glimpse at Early Arabic Literature" (1961), "Aisha, Mother of the Faithful" (1961), and "Ramadam... the month of mercy" (1960), also in The Arab World. The folder also includes photocopies of astronomical instrument drawings, maps of Arab countries, and a few pamphlets concerning Arab cultures in different countries.
7 4
History 316 - Middle East 1914 thru Present: Course Guide and Exam Questions
This folder contains syllabi, regional timelines, definition packets, course questions, and bibliographic notes related to "History 316 - The Middle East (1914 - Present)."
8 3
Middle East Examinations
iii: East-West Conflicts
Box Folder
3 14
Oil in Middle East, notes and related news clippings
This folder contains Shelmidine's compiled research notes and sources regarding oil conflicts. News clippings are largely from the New York Times in 1951. Also included is a booklet published by Standard Oil titled The Iranian Oil Agreement, and reference material from the British Information Services regarding Anglo-Iranian Oil Negotiations from 1951. The notes by Shelmidine are sparse, listing mostly dates and key events.
4 1
Crusades History
This folder contains handwritten and typed notes on the Seljuk Turks, Byanztine, a timeline of the Crusades, and bibliographic information.
4 2
U.S. - Middle East Relations
This folder contains typed and handwritten notes documenting U.S. relations with the Middle East beginning in the 1830s. Some notes reference and review literature already written on the subject. Research materials in this folder include a photocopied "Reports of Committees, House of representatives, 2nd Session, 21st Congress, 1831 (Rep. No. 107) regarding gifts from the Ottoman Sultan, and a copy of "Department of State, Bulletin, Vol. 30, #765, Feb. 22, 1954 - 'Mission to the Middle East' by Eric Johnson."
iv: Modern Era Middle East and Mediterranean
Box Folder
4 3
General Overview of Middle Eastern History & Geography
This folder contains handwritten and a few typed notes for class lectures on the geographic bounds and history of the Middle East. Shelmidine herein discusses the countries that typically fall under the Middle Eastern label, the controversy over the terms "Middle East" and "Near East," and the historical formation of the region. Notes mostly pertain to history befoer the common era.
4 4
Palestine - Israel region
This folder contains research materials and some notes regarding events in the Palestine-Israel region soon after the creation of the Israeli state - in the early 1950s into the 1960s. There are 3 New York Times articles, 1 Jewish Newsletter, 1 Foreign Policy Reports pamphlet, 1 "How to Solve the Arab Refugee Problem" pamphlet from the Israel Office of Information, a pamphlet on "Elections in Israel," 6 issues of Israel Digest dated 1956, a letter from the Arab Information Center, a Congressional Record pamphlet, a membership letter and "Invasion of American Rights on the Part of Arab League Nations" 2-part pamphlet from The American Jewish Committee (Seattle Chapter), 1 copy of a bulletin titled "Israel's Oriental Problem," a "Touring Map of Israel," and a "New Map of Palestine." Shelmidine's notes address the creation of Israel, international perspectives on Israel, the Arab-Israeli War, the aftermath of the Israel War. The folder also contains a number of newspaper clippings and bibliographic notecards.
4 5
Saudi Arabia
This folder contains typed lecture notes on the general history of Saudi Arabia and one research document from 1964 - "Arab News and Views," published by the Arab Information Center in New York.
4 6
This folder contains lecture notes regarding the history of the Iran/Persia area from early history to the 1960s. Shelmidine discusses early settlement of the area, various groups who migrate in and around the area, the Persian Empire, the evolution of the modern state, and Iran's position during the world wars. There are also news clippings regarding Iranian governmental issues related to Cold War tensions and the Soviet invasion, an archaeology lecture notice, photocopies from a history textbook, and a photocopied article titled "How Themistocles Planned the Battle of Salamis" by Michael H. Jameson.
4 7
This folder contains Shelmidine's notes on the Renaissance in Baghdad, a black and white photograph of the "Geological Cross-section of Kirkuk Oil Field," two maps of Iraq presumably from the 1960s - one demarcating religious sites and the other mapping archaeological sites dated to the antiquities, notes on Iraqi history in the early 10th century, notes on Iraqi law, and a newsletter from the Middle East House - American Friends of the MIddle East, Inc.
4 8
This folder contains two New York Times newspaper clippings (from 1961 and 1962), handwritten notes on Syria-Lebanon relations (including a newsletter form the American University of beirut to which 4 smaller NYT clippings are attached), and typed documents also pertaining to Syria-Lebanon relations following the 1918 armistice and how those relations and WWI shaped the Syrian state.
Late 1950s - early 1960s
4 9
This folder contains notes nad research materials pertaining to Egyptian history and international relations. Herein is one typed packet titled "History of egypt: 1463 - 1946" (an outline), notes on Druses, a basic outline of the foundation of modern Egypt in the early 19th century, notes on Egypt's relation to Sudan, post-WWI Egyptian history notes looking at key political movements, and notes on the Nile. Research mateirla sinclude one copy of "Arab News and Views" published by the Arab Information Center (1964), "The Atlantic Report - Egypt" (1964), "Egypt Since the Declaration" - a newspaper clipping from the Manchester Guardian Weekly (1929), the International Relations Section of The Nation- "A New Status for Egypt," a newspaper clipping titled "Rich Egypt Holds Fast to Surplus" (1930) in the Christian Science Monitor, and a pamphlet titled "The Problem of the Nile" by Pierre Crabites in Current History (1930).
v: Ancient/pre-modern Middle East and Mediterranean
Box Folder
4 10
Middle Eastern Historians
This folder contains notes on "Lectures on Arabic Historians" (1930), and a University of Puget Sound office memorandum attached to a bibliographic record on ancient historians from Collins Library.
4 11
Ancient Near East (General)
This folder contains typed and handwritten notes, presumably for course lectures. Topics include Greek and Roman Historians, a selected bibliography for Near and Middle Eastern history, Byzantine A.D. 337 - 518, barbarian invasions, and an outline of overall ancient Near Eastern history by dynasty and region.
4 12
Ancient Egypt
This folder contains notes on Egyptian history divided by dynasty. The primary document is the typed "Outline of Egyptian History" with the bibliographic heading When Egypt Ruled the East by George Steindorff and Keith C. Seele (University of Chicago Press, 1945). The remainder are handwritten lecture notes that emphasize dynastic rule, key wars, and artistic and intellectual developments.
4 13
Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians
This folder contains a typed and annotated "Chapter I: The Sumerians and Babylonians," a typed and annotated essay on the Code of Hammurabi, an outline on Sumer and Babylon, handwritten notes on Assyria, handwritten notes on Assyria and Chaldia, typed notes on Assyrian Empire, a handwritten outline on "Polities and Civilization in Near East in the 6th Century B.C.," and an unlabelled map outline on tracing paper.
4 14
Phoenicians and Hebrews
This folder contains typed notes on Phoenicians and Carthaginians, typed notes on Semitic Arameans, a newspaper clipping from the Tacoma Sunday Ledger-News Tribune (1952) titled "Modern Bible Result of Many Revisions: Text Improved by Years of Research," handwritten notes on the era of small states (1200-854 BC), handwritten notes on Moses and Southland, handwritten notes on The Judges, typed notes on Jeroboam and the Revolt of Israel, handwritten notes on Hebrews from the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, handwritten notes on Jews after Josiah, and a 1/2 page typed summary of Hebrew history.
4 15
This folder contains some typed and some handwritten notes on the ancient Byzantine civilization. There is an outline of rulers, the dates of their rule, and their main accomplishments, a bibliographic aid with titles of important monographs on Byzantium, notes on Byzantine chant in Music in the Middle Ages by Gustave Reese, notes on economic relations during the Byzantine empire and required class readings related to the topic, handwriten notes on Byzantine art (Nov. 16, 1953), handwritten noets on Byzantine civilization (Nov. 13, 1953), handwritten notes on Aegean Civilization (Oct. 16, 1953), handwritten notes on Diehl's Byzantine Empire monograph (1925), handwritten notes on the controversy of Constantine's heir, and handwritten notes on George Finlay's history of Byzantine Empire (1908).
4 16
Ancient Minoan and Greek Civ
This folder contains very thorough notes on each division of the Aegean Age (Minoan (3000 - 1200 BCE) and Helladic (2700 - 1100 BCE)), with topics ranging from art to government to science. Bibliographic aid are also included.
5 1
This folder contains notes and research materials on the ancient Hittites who originated in Turkey and moved southwards into the modern Syrian region. Materials include "A Forgotten Nation in Turkey" by Seton Loyd (undated archaeology article), handwritten general outline notes on Hittites, a typed outline on Hittites in Anatolia, a typed outline of Hittites divided by geography, race, civilization, religion, and dates, notes on Ralph Turner's chapter on Hittites in The Great Cultural Traditions (1941), handwritten notes on a monograph about Hittites, and a typed overview essay on Hittites.
5 2
Roman Culture, Literature, and Religion
This folder contains Shelmidine's handwritten notes on Roman civilization. Notes cover political culture, Punic Wars, Augustan literature, the Golden Age, Tiberius, the rise of Christianity, relations with the Hebrews, art and literature in the Ciceronian age, social classesa nd administration in the Augustan age. There are also annotated photocopies of a book on philosophy and Roman religion, culture and religion in Julio-Claudian Age, and the beginnings of Christianity in the Roman Empire.
5 3
Roman Government and Law
This folder contains typed and handwritten notes, and photocopied book chapters regarding imperial Roman government. The majority of information is on Roman law, some of it specifically on provincial law. There are notes on the Roman Republic, Plato and Aristotle, the early empire, and the empire under the Julio-Claudians. There is also a magazine photo of the Arch of Titus and the Forum.
5 4
Roman Decline
This folder contains a handwritten outline on the Roman Republic 78 - 27 BCE, a typed outline on the end of the Republic beginning with the assassination of Caesar, handwritten notes on the imperial crisis and recovery 193 - 395 CE, typed notes on the empire after the Severi, handwritten notes on Constantine's policies 305 - 334 CE, typed notes on the empire from Constantine to Justinian (4th - 6th centuries), handwritten notes on the German conquest of the Roman Empire following barbarian migrations, and annotated types notes on the dynasties after Caesar. University of Puget Sound memo notes are attached to various documents.
5 5
Peloponnesian Wars & Aftermath
These notes, dated to the 1960s based on cited book publication dates and calendar markings, contains a 19 page outline of The History of the Peloponnesian War by Sir Richard Livingstone (1960), a bibliography of economic and agricultural history of classical Greece, a National Geographic photo titled "Greece's Lifeline is Back on the Job; American engineers Have Restored the Corinth Canal," general notes on Greece, notes on Athens in the 6th century BCE, notes on Plato, notes on Lucretius, general notes on the Persians and their regional influence, notes on Athens and the 2nd Peloponnesian War, an annotated typed outline of the Peloponnesian War, notes on Sparta after the Peloponnesian Wars, notes on the ascendancy of Thebes, and notes on Greek culture and religion following the wars.
vi: Southern European Histories
Box Folder
5 6
This folder contains an essay titled "Brief History of Albania: 1740 - 1936" attributed to Richard D. Smith.
5 7
This folder contains handwritten notes on the Greek relationship to the Balkans beginning in the early nineteenth century, and an essay titled "Liberation of the Balkan Peoples" signed by Casimico Jurospe (?) for History 43.
5 8
This folder contains a pamphlet titled "The True Facts about Cyprus: An Appeal to the Teachers' training Colleges of the World" by the Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus (1964) and handwritten notes titled "Problem of Cyprus" (1964).
vii: Eastern Asian Histories
Box Folder
5 9
This folder contains notes on the following topics: Ancient India, Empires of Asoka and Kamishka, Indian history between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, notes on the independence movement, a short essay titled "India: A Brief Introduction," Buddhism in India, and the beginnings of Indian civilization.
5 10-11
China & Japan
This folder contains notes dated to the early 1950s concerning the connected histories of China and Japan as the 'far east.' Notes on China include topics such as Chinese empire, early China, "China Tries to Change" (nineteenth century reforms). There is one packet of notes on Japan titled "Emergence of Japan." Notes titled "Far Eastern Art" and "Japan Prepares for New Order" deal with both China and Japan.
5 11-12
This folder contains notes on Chapter XX of CMH, vol. IV titled "The Mongols" by Herbert M. J. Loewe.
viii: Intellectual Histories
Box Folder
5 13
Intellectual Revolution, Enlightenment, and Romanticism
Documents in this folder include: an outlined essay on the intellectual revolution focusing on key scientific advancements, an outline of key intellectuals between the 16th and 17th centuries (written on memo papers), notes on the Enlightenment, notes on 18th century thinkers, notes on modern/19th century historiography focusing on Rienhold Neibuhr, notes on Leopold von Ranke, notes on Romanticism and the philosophy of history 9written on memo paper), 2 sets of notes on Jules Michelet, a typed outline on "The Advance of Technology and Science," notes titled "Triumph of Romanticism" focusing on key figures involved in the movement, notes on Darwin, notes on key economists Malthus, Bentham, and Marx, and notes on philosophical schools of thought.
5 14
This folder contains documents on the following topics: Renaissance art, Renaissance music, science of the Renaissance, medicine and astronomy, religion, key scholars, and political reforms.
5 15
Middle Ages
This folder contians documents concerning the following topics: the Medieval renaissance, Medieval art and architecture, Medieval literature, the Franks, Shelmidine's Middle Ages history course, and a broad outline of Medieval history.
ix: Civilizational Change
Box Folder
5 16
Primitive Civilization
This folder begins with an overview of what Shelmidine titled "The Ancient World" wherein he discusses the origin of species and Homo sapien evolution. Following that is a lecture essay titled "Primitive Societies: Beginnings of Civilization."
5 17
This folder begins with an outline on the formation of feudal kingdoms and the cementation of feudalism in the Middle Ages. Shelmidine notes key feudal figures (written on memo paper). He then has a detailed outline of feudalism and its components including its social relationships and land status.
5 18
Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Colonization
This folder contains a historical outline looking at the rise of the city-state during the era of aristocracy, which fomented class divisions, and how colonization through territorial conquest developed as a result of city-state power condensation. Shelmidine discusses key city-states and the effects of colonization.
5 19
Revival of Trade and Commerce
This folder contains an outline regarding the revival of commerce, positioning the Crusades as a crucial moment in reviving trade between the East and West. Different forms of trade are explored, as well as the rise of industry.
5 20
Revival of Empire
This folder contains documents titled "Revival of Empire in West," "Franconian House and (Papal?) Conflict," "Dominion over Palm and Pine," and "Nationalism."
5 21
Population Growth
This folder contains a set of notes on population change between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including quantitative data and qualitative explanations.
5 22
John Stuart Mill and the Revolutionary Era
This folder contains the following documents: notes on "John Stuart Mill (1806 - 1873)," "The Revolutionary Era (1820 - 1848)," a lecture outline for History 145 dated to Dec. 6, 1948, and notes on the Era of Metternich.
5 23
Industrial Revolution
This folder contains the following documents: notes on "Western Economic Expansion," one personal set of outlined notes and one typed set of notes on "The Industrial Revolution" bibliographically attributed to Fuller's Military History of the Western World, notes on "Forces of Change," notes on "Economic Revolution," and notes on "Economic and Social Consequences of Industralization." Also included are to small pages of economist notes on Fouvrier, Owen, Blanc, and Marx.
5 24
Historical Study and the Institution in History
This folder contains the following: a typed essay titled "Introduction to history," two small pages of terms and difficulties in the historical discipline, handwritten notes on the practice and methods of history, and handwritten notes on "The Institution."
x: World Wars
Box Folder
6 1
World War I
This folder contains the following: handwritten notes on the crises that led up to the Great War, notecards listing the dates of war declarations by different countries and the main areas of collision, notes on the war in the Middle East (in two parts), a summary of Turkey's role in WWI, a general outline of the war, notes on the treaties of WWI, notes on the League of Nations, notes titled "The Structure of the League Covenant," a list of situations in which the League was effective, notes titled "Steps towards Disarmament and Security," and a timeline of diplomatic events written on memo paper.
6 2
World War II
This folder contains the following documents: a long essay titled "the Origins of the Second World War" by AJP Taylor (1961), 2 copies of an outline titled "Events Preceding the Second World War," handwritten notes on the background of WWII, notes on German unification, notes on WWII fatalities, an essay titled "The Moscow, Tehran, and Second Cairo Conferences, and a typed outline on the Potsdam conference.
6 3
Negotiations and Alliances
This folder contains documents pertaining to internatinoal diplomatic action during and following both World War I and World War II. The documents are all notes, some handwritten and some typed. Notes include: "Alliance Systems," "Herze Der Judenstaat," "Soviet Documents on Foreign Policy," "Allied Secret Agreements to Dismember the Ottoman Empire," "Britain's Pledge to Zionists," "Peace Settlement in Near East," "Peace Settlement Continued," "Recommendations of the King-Crane Commission with regard to Syria-Palestine and Iraq, August 28, 1919," "Reparations and Collapse," "The Depression of 1929, etc.," "Negotiations for Peace," "First aid and Reconstruction," and "The U.N."
xi: European Histories
Box Folder
6 4
End of Rome, Rise of Lombardy
The documents in this folder pertain to the fall of the Roman Empire as connected to the rise of Western Civilization. All documents are notes, handwritten and typed. Titles include: 2 different sets of notes on "Transition to Western Civilization," "Justinian: The Lombards," and a page of notes on barbarians.
6 5
Papal Influence
This folder contains notes on the Vatican's papal power and legacy. Documents include: "Italian Commoners, Papacy," "Innocent III," and "Conflict Between Frederik II and Papacy."
6 6
Luther, 30 Years War, and the Protestant Reformation
This folder contains a large set of notes on the rise of Protestantism, beginning with an introductory set of notes on the Medieval Reformation that pre-dated Luther's popularity and councils held during that time under Innocent III. Notes include: "The Thirty Years War (1618 - 48)," "Edict of Restitution," "The Economic Revolution," "States of Empire in the Age of Philip II (1556 - 98)," "The Reconstruction of France and the Establishment of Absolute Monarchy (1598 - 1660)," "Louis XIV (1643 - 1715)," "Mercantilism - Alexander Gray," "Decline of Monarchy in England (1603 - 60)," "New Approach to Science [15th - 16th century simultaneous empiricism and Protestantism]," "Reformation and Founding Protestant Churches (1517 - 55)," "Early Catholic Reform," "Council of Trent," and "Preparation for Break under Henry VIII."
6 7
Era of Metternich
This folder contains the following documents: "Era of Metternich" typed notes," and nine out of thirteen pages of handwritten notes on "Economic and Colonial Expansion 1850 - 70."
6 8
18th Century War and Diplomacy
This folder contains handwritten notes titled "War and Diplomacy in 18th Century," looking mainly at western Europe and Russia, Prussia, and Turkey.
6 9
Nation Building after World War I
This folder contains a comprehensive outline of nation-building, reconstruction efforts following the first World War. Important headings within the outline include "The New States of Europe" and "Repercussions on Europe."
6 10
Shifts in European Culture
This folder contains three sets of notes regarding European political culture after the nineteenth century. The first notes are titled "pattern of Parl Democracy" (9 pages), the second "Socialism versus Nationalism" (10 pages), and the third "The Texture of European Culture" (8 pages).
6 11
100 Years War
This folder contains three sets of notes regarding the 100 Years War and two sheets of memo paper listing the English kings leading up to, during, and following the war. Note titles are "The Later Middle Ages - The British Isles: England 1307 - 1585," "Hundred Years War 1337 - 1453," and "France and England to the End of the 100 Years War."
xii: Western World Powers
Box Folder
6 12
This folder contains a newspaper excerpt regarding President Woodrow Wilson, a set of notes regarding the U.S. and its foreign relations, and an annotated essay titled "World Relationships" that looks at the U.S. embedded in the global political system.
6 13
This folder contains notes on Italy ranging from its basic geography and global placement to specific eras in its history. Time-specific note titles include "Primitive and Etruscan Italy to Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages," "Monarchic Rome," "Unification of Ancient Italy," "Constitution and Organization(?) of Rome to 200s BC," "Unification of Italy [in the 500s]," "Birth of Italian Nation," and "Fascist Italy."
6 14
This folder contains the following documents: handwritten notes titled "Predominance of Spain," a bibliographic list of general reference books on Spain (the latest of which was published in 1961), a short essay on the Spanish government as a dictatorship, a short essay on the Rivera dictatorship (1923 - 30), and a short outline on the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 39).
6 15
This folder contains the following documents: a pamphlet on the French Revolution, notes on the "old regime," a nine-page outline on The Carolingians, a short outline on ninth century politics, a two-page timeline on the disintegration of the Carolingian empire, a nine-page outline on Francophone history from the eigth to the sixteenth century, a four-page timeline on the Franco-Prussian War, memo notes on French-British trade, a five-page essay on French government post-WWI, typed notes on The Popular Front (1936-38), pages 199 - 208 of The Rising Tide of Nationalism (these appear to be pages cut or torn out of a monograph), notes on 18th century French culture, an outline on the French Revolution, pages 189 - 194 on the French Revolution and Napoleon (also appear to have been cut or torn out of a monograph), notes on the reorganization of France at the beginning of the nineteenth century re: fall of Napoleon, notes on the 5 codes, an essay from History 131 on the French Revolution, pages 16 - 40 of an outline on the clergy in the 18th century, notes on the national assembly and the spread of anarchy in France, notes on Napoleon's role in Europe, a History 132 essay on the Napoleonic era, a 14-page bibliographic essay on the French Revolution, notes on Robespierre, pages 185 - 188 on the French Revolution and Napoleon (also detached book pages), notes on French international relations beginning in the 17th century, notes on revolutionary developments in the modern world system, a biographical note on Francophone expert Arthur Young (1741 - 1820), and a 15-page basic outline with questions related to the French Revolution.
6 16
Great Britain
This folder contains the following documents: notes on Piltdown Man, a 7-page timeline of England from 1307 - 1485, a 2-page outline on 18th century England, notes on English colonialism and commerce, a bibliographic outline of English history from the University of Pennsylvania, notes on the Protestant Reformation in England, a timeline of 20th century British politics, a general outline on England and the British Empire, notes on Roman Britain and the Celts they encountered, notes on Nordic Britain, notes on religion in Britain, notes on Alfred and the Dames, notes on Danish conquest in the tenth century, notes on Norman conquest, notes on Norman expansion 1087 - 1154, notes on the work of Norman kings, notes on the reigns of Henry II 1154, Richard I 1189, and John 1199, specific notes on Henry II, specific notes on Richard I, notes titled "The Conflicts of the 4 Nations and the Growth of Self Government in England (1215-1485), notes titled "The Organization of the British Nation 1216 - 1307, notes on Edward I and the establishment of Parliament in the late 13th century, notes on Ideas and Institutions in European History (800 - 1715) looking at the reign of Henry III, memo notes on kingship dates, notes on Lancastrian and Yorkist England (1399 - 1485), a block quote from Trevelyan Book III, notes on the Stewart era (20 pages), a timeline of England from Anne to George III, exam notes regarding English history during the Roman era, a selected bibliography on England dated from 1603 - 1948, a selected bibliography of Tudor and Stuart England, a bibliography on 20th century Britain, a bibliography for 19th century England ("modern England"), notes on religious scripture, notes on king versus parliament, notes on Anglo-Saxon England, notes on forms of government up to Henry II, an English history paper by Allan Bird titled "The Curia Regis or King's Court," an essay titled "The Reign of Henry VIII," notes on the British Revolutions, a History 24 outline by Edith Hammond from 1938, 4 pages of questions on English history, five test questions for History 54, notes on British government documents, short essays on England, Great Britain, the empire, and Ireland, notes on the English run to Africa, short notes on Irish nationalism, and notes on Henry VIII.
6 17
This folder contains notes generally pertaining to Nazi Germany. Documents include: "Events Preceding the Second World War," a newspaper excerpt titled "The Folly of 1917" by Westbrook Pegler (1955), a 5 page essay on German politics, three pages of text on German economics and foreign policy, a short essay on National Socialism (Nazism), a short essay on Hitler, a short essay on the Nazi state, and and a Special Report from IIYA (the Institute for International Youth Affairs) on the Berlin wall (1961).
6 18
This folder contains the following documents: an outline titled "Emergence of Russia" (4 pages), a few pages of notes on 19th century Russia, an essay by Dimitry V. Lehovich titled "The Testament of Peter the Great," an outline on Russia in the 19th century (4 pages), an essay on tsarist Russia (9 pages), memo notes on 20th century Russia, a timeline of the Russian Revolution (5 pages), and a short essay on Russia/USSR throught the late 1930s.

III:  Personal Papers, 1929-1964Return to Top

The personal papers series includes photographs of Shelmidine and a scrapbook compiled after his death in 1966.

Container(s) Description Dates
i: General
Box Folder
7 7
Shelmidine Information, News, Affects
7 8-9
8 5
Compiled by an unknown person after 1966, the scrapbook consists mostly of copies of newspaper articles, letters, and photographs, with a small amount of original material. For preservation purposes the scrapbook was disbound, original order was maintained.
ii: Travel
Box Folder
7 3
Personal Business and Expenditure Receipts
This folder contains receipts and business notes Shelmidine received between the early 1950s and the end of his life from American companies and places he stayed during his travels.
7 10
7 11
Tour Guides
Booklets collected by Shelmidine during his travels abroad, some with annotations.
1929, 1961
8 4
Black postcards collected by Shelmidine during his travels abroad.

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