The Archive of Māori and Pacific Music Collection of Field Recordings, Undated

Overview of the Collection

University of Auckland. Archive of Maori and Pacific Music
The Archive of Māori and Pacific Music Collection of Field Recordings
46 audiotapes  :  EC - 23 reels (7 1/2 ips, full-track, 5"); WT - 23 reels (7 1/2 ips, 2 tr. stereo, 7")
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Tapes from the Archive of Māori and Pacific Music, University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand) sent as part of a tape exchange. Includes recordings from the Solomon Islands, Tikopia, Marquesas, Tahiti, and Māoris.
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From their website

"The Archive of Māori and Pacific Music comprises an ethnographic sound collection relating to the Pacific which is of national and international significance.

Established in 1970 to promote research into the music of the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Māori, and those of the people of the Pacific Islands, its holdings today include material from most tribal groups of New Zealand and most Pacific Islands areas, commercial and field recordings of vocal and instrumental music, oral histories, stories and language resources.

The Archive is open to the general public as well as researchers, scholars and students."

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Items announced on each tape.


ON1 Solomon Is./84-37.1-10 - Christine Cashmore, collector (field # 820 A/B-824 A/B) (total duration: 4:44:13)

OZ4 Maori/84-37.11-15 - Mervyn Mclean, collector (Mclean/Orbell 77/100-104)

OX6 Marquesas/84-37.16-18 - Hikaru Koide, collector (field # 78/034.1-3)

OX7 Tahiti/84-37.19-21 - Hikaru Koide, collector (field # 78/035.1-3)

OT11 Tikopia/84-37.22-23 - Mervyn Mclean, collector (field # AMPM 78/094-5)

Documentation: Photocopy of notes

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Subject Terms

  • Ethnomusicology
  • Maori (New Zealand people)
  • Maori (New Zealand people)--Music
  • Maori--Oceania--Polynesia

Geographical Names

  • Marquesas--Oceania--Polynesia
  • Oceania
  • Society Islands
  • Solomon Islands
  • Tikopia--Oceania--Polynesia

Form or Genre Terms

  • Field recordings
  • Sound recordings