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Rind, Martin
Martin Rind photograph collection
circa 1830-1969 (inclusive)
circa 1910-1940 (bulk)
211 photographic prints (1 box and 3 folders) ; various sizes
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Photographs of Jewish philanthropist Martin Rind and extended family, and the family business, the Milwaukee Sausage Company in Seattle
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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Albert and Theresa Rind arrived in Seattle from Austria and Czechoslavakia in about 1910 with their children including their son, Max Rind who was a teenager. Max Rind started the Pacific Casing Company with his brother-in-law, Hugo Jassny. The business became the Milwaukee Sausage Company which originally produced only kosher sausage. By the 1920s, the Siefert brothers had also joined them as partners in the business. Martin Rind was born in Seattle to Max and Bertha Levinson Rind. He grew up on Queen Anne Hill and graduated from the University of Washington in 1941 before spending four years in the Army. Following World War II, he went to work for his father in the family business. Martin expanded the business to add meat importing. Martin married Bernice Mossafer in 1949. Their families had known each other through their businessess at Pike Place Market. She was a Seattle native whose parents emigrated from the Isle of Rhodes. Bernice was a staunch supporter of the arts in Seattle and Jewish education. Martin was also a leading Jewish philanthropist and played a major role in the development of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and the Seattle Jewish Community Center.

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Photographs document the Rind family in the U.S. and Europe; their extended family which includes the Jassnys, Stastnys, Levinsons, and Steins; postcards sent to the Rind family from relatives living in Europe; the Rind sausage business; the UW campus; and a WWI victory parade in Chicago.

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This collection consists of photos related to the Rind family, including Theresa Kohn Rind (born circa 1861 to Albert Bernard Kohn) and Albert Rind (born circa 1849). Theresa and Albert Rind married circa 1882, and had six children. Several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and cousins of Theresa and Albert Rind are also represented in this collection.

Children of Theresa and Albert Rind and their families:

1. Matilda Rind (born circa 1886) nickname Tillie, married Hugo Jassny (born circa 1880). Matilda Rind Jassny and Hugo Jassny had 2 children: Paul Jassny (born 1915, soldier during World War II) and Helen Jassny (born 1917).

2. Elsa Rind (born circa 1888) nickname Elsie, married Charles Stastny by 1909. Elsa Rind Stastny and Charles Stastny had at least 2 children: Felix Stastny married Minnie and had two children: Bertha Rose Stastny (born circa 1927) and Charles Stastny (born circa 1928). Selma Stastny married into Freedman family.

3. Hedwig Rind (born 1889) nickname Heda.

4. Max Rind (born 1891) married Bertha Levison Rind (born circa 1892). Levison family (original Smolinsky) arrived in Seattle in 1874. Max and Bertha Rind had 2 children: Anna Rind was born in 1916. Martin Rind (born circa 1920) married Bernice Mossafer Rind (born circa 1929) in 1949.

5. Eda Rind (born 1893) nickname Ida.

6. Rudla Rind (born circa 1898) became a doctor in 1925 and married Conrad or Cornelius Burns circa 1925.

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Donor: Martin and Bernice Rind, January 1985; June 28, 1990.

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Processed by Esther Benson and Ryan Hard, 2008; Megan Churchwell, 2010.

Transferred on August 20, 1990 from Martin Rind Papers, Accessions 4237-001 through 4237-006.

Related Materials

Martin Rind Oral History Interview, Accession No. 3603-001.

Bernice Rind Papers, Accession Nos. 3714-001 and 3714-002.

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Albert and Theresa Rind, Extended Family, and DescendantsReturn to Top

Series includes Albert and Theresa Rind, cousins of the Rind family, trips to Europe to visit relatives living there, and descendants of Albert and Theresa Rind.

Container(s) Description Dates
Albert and Theresa Rind
box-folder:oversize item
XD3 1
Portrait of Albert Bernard Kohn
James Bushnell, Seattle (photographer)
Father of Theresa Kohn Rind.
1/1 2
 Portrait of Theresa and Albert Rind
James & Merrihew, Seattle and Tacoma, WA (Photographer)
circa 1901
OS3 3
 Portrait of Albert and Theresa Rind and their children
Wills & Vreeland, Seattle (Photographer)
circa 1909
1/1 4
Theresa Rind
September 25, 1919
1/1 5
Theresa Rind
July 25, 1921
1/1 6
Theresa Rind with man and woman
circa 1920s
1/1 7
Theresa and Albert Rind
circa 1920s
1/1 8
Theresa Rind in front of the Rind family home
circa 1920s
1/1 9
Theresa Rind sitting on steps of Rind family home
circa 1920s
Extended Family and Descendants of Albert and Theresa Rind
box-folder:oversize item
XD3 10
Portrait of Rind extended family
Including Saxl family, Theresa Kohn Rind, Felix Stastny, Bertha Kohn Stastny, Berthold Rind
circa 1906
1/2 11
Portrait of Max, Elsa, and Tillie Rind
Masure, Chicago (Photographer)
1/2 12
Elsa and Heda Rind and young woman seated outdoors
circa 1910
Rind extended family photograph album
Box/Folder item
1/3 13a
Max Rind rowing boat with woman
circa 1910
1/3 13b
Tillie Rind Jassny (reclining) and Heda Rind outdoors
circa 1910
1/3 13c
Two men outdoors
circa 1910
1/3 13d-13e
Boats in harbor
circa 1910
1/3 13f-13g
Max Rind, Felix Jassny, Tillie Rind Jassny, Selma Stastny Freedman, Hugo Jassny and friend sitting on a log outdoors
circa 1910
1/3 13h-i
Selma Stastny Freedman, Felix Stastny and Hedwig Rind outdoors
circa 1910
1/3 13j
Selma Stastny Freedman, Max Rind, Hedwig Rind, Hugo Jassny, Tillie Rind Jassny and Felix Stastny
circa 1910
1/3 13k
Woman, Felix Statsny, Hugo Jassny, man, Selma Stastny Freedman, Tillie Rind Jassny, Max Rind and Heda Rind
circa 1910
1/3 13l
Max Rind, Heda Rind and Hugo and Tillie Jassny and others
circa 1910
1/3 13m
Man standing on fence post with two other men in background
circa 1910
1/3 13n
Selma Stastny Freedman, Hugo and Tillie Jassny, Max Rind, Heda Rind and others
circa 1910
1/3 13o
Man standing on fence post with two other men in background
circa 1910
Rind extended family and descendants
Box/Folder item
1/4 14
Bertha, Max and Eda Rind with Felix Stastny joking around
circa 1920
1/4 15-16
Group picture with Theresa, Bertha, Anna and Martin Rind, and Helen and Paul Jassny
1/4 17-19
Group picture including Theresa, Heda, Eda and Bertha Rind with Heda's boss, Mr. McManus, at outdoor picnic
August 18, 1927
1/4 20
Heda, Bertha, and Elsa Rind in front of house
Caption on verso: 'Our new "flapper fad" dresses - donated by George Pabst'
June 9, 1929
1/4 21
Martin and Eda Rind standing on a dock
Weil Cousins
Louise Kohn Weil was related to Theresa Kohn Rind (possibly her sister or a cousin). Louise lived in Seattle and was married to Sam (Samuel). They had two daughters, Sylvia and Ruth. In the 1920s, Sam passed away, and Louise supported the family by operating a small ice cream parlor.
Box/Folder item
1/5 22 circa 1920s
1/5 23
Max and Anna Rind, Hugo, Paul and Helen Jassny, and Ruth Weil standing in front of three cars
circa 1928
1/5 24
Theresa Rind, Tilly Rind Jassny, Ruth, Louise and Sylvia Weil seated outdoors
circa late 1930s
1/5 25
Theresa and Eda Rind, Louise, Sylvia and Ruth Weil standing outdoors with cars and buildings in the background
August 27, 1935
Berthold Rind And Wife Gretyl
Cousins of the Rind family who lived in Europe. It is possible that Berthold was Albert Rind's brother.
Box/Folder item
1/6 26
Berthold Rind with University of Prague classmate and "lifelong friend"
Morton's, Liverpool, Leeds & Douglas (Photographer)
circa 1900
1/6 27
Group picture including Berthold Rind
circa 1930s
1/6 28 circa 1930s
1/6 29
Berthold Rind seated with two dogs
circa 1930s
1/6 30
Berthold Rind in Zagreb, Croatia
1/7 31-32 July 1928
1/7 33-34
Portrait of Gretl and Hammy with pet dog
Tonka, Zagreb, Croatia (Photographer)
circa 1930
1/7 35
Portrait of Gretl and Hammy with older woman
Foto Ströminger, Prague, Czechoslovakia (Photographer)
circa 1930
1/7 36
Portrait of Gretl in Zagreb, Croatia
February 1941
1/7 37
Portrait of Berthold and Gretl Rind
Tonka, Zagreb, Croatia (Photographer)
May 1932
1/7 38-39
Portrait of Berthold and Gretl Rind
circa 1930s
Postcards sent to Theresa Rind and Elsa Rind Stastny by Berthold and Gretyl Rind
Box/Folder item
1/8 40
Buildings and river in Maribor, Slovenia
1/8 41
Town and surrounding hills of Jesenice, Czechoslovakia
October, 1932
1/8 42
Outdoor pool in Sarajevo, Bosnia
1/8 43
Town and surrounding fields of Mt. Schönberg
August 29, 1938
1/8 44-45
Church in Sibenik, Croatia
circa 1930s
1/8 46
Waterfall in Sibenik, Croatia
1/8 47
Men rowing boat and buildings in background, Sibenik, Croatia
July 30, 1939
1/8 48
Sailboats in the harbor of Sibenik, Croatia
circa 1940
1/8 49
Town square in Sibenik, Croatia
circa 1940
1/8 50
City and harbor of Sibenik, Croatia
November 27, 1940
1/8 51
Terazia Place in Belgrade, Serbia
February 17, 1939
1/8 52
Church of St. Blasius, Dubrovnik, Croatia
circa 1940
1/8 53
Buildings in Belgrade, Serbia
February 9, 1940
Rind and Stein Families in Tabor, Czech Republic
Relatives of the Rind family who lived in the Czech Republic. Albert Rind's sister was Eleanor Rind Stein.
Box/Folder item
1/9 54 circa 1904
1/9 55
Albert, Theresa, Eda and Heda Rind with Uncle Stein (Albert Rind's brother-in-law) and Eleanor Stein (Albert Rind's sister) standing in front of inn
circa 1904
1/9 56
Portrait of Eleanor Rind Stein
A. Wildta, Tabor, Czech Republic (Photographer)
circa 1904
Hroby, Czech Republic
The children of Theresa and Albert Rind were born in Hroby, Czech Republic before the family immigrated to the United States in the early twentieth century.
Box/Folder item
1/10 57 circa 1920
1/10 58
View of a castle
circa 1920s
1/10 59
Panský Hostinec Building
circa 1920s
1/10 60
Fields and buildings
Felix Stastny (Photographer)
Color photograph.
September 1965
1/10 61
Felix Stastny (Photographer)
Color photograph.
September 1965
1/10 62
School house
Felix Stastny (Photographer)
Color photograph
September 1965
1/10 63
Felix Stastny and Alois Simecek in front of birthplace of Rind children
On verso: Birthplace and home (remodeled) of all the Rind children. With Alois Simecek their "Shabes goy" Felix Stastny at rt.
September 1965

Children and Grandchildren of Albert and Theresa RindReturn to Top

Includes the six children of Albert and Theresa and their families. Series is arranged from firstborn to lastborn.

Container(s) Description Dates
Matilda Rind, her husband Hugo Jassny, and children Helen and Paul
Box/Folder item
1/11 64
Portrait of Tillie Rind Jassny (Matilda)
Schächtl-Vosecek, Tabor, Czech Republic (Photographer)
circa 1905
1/11 65
Helen Jassny standing next to her cousin Anna Rind in stroller
circa 1920
1/11 66
Helen Jassny as a small child
Written on verso: mud pies
circa 1920
1/11 67-70 circa 1920
1/11 71
Helen and Paul Jassny with grandmother, Theresa Rind
circa 1920s
1/11 72
Helen and Paul Jassny outdoors
circa 1925
1/11 73
Hugo and Paul Jassny
Written on verso: Proud dad and his chum Paul out the N.S. of our house.
September 26, 1926
1/11 74
Hugo and Paul Jassny
Written on verso: How about this (sheck?) and maybe "daddy" isn't proud of him.
circa 1926
1/11 75
Rind and Jassny family on beach
Eight people depicted, including Helen and Paul Jassny, their mother Matilda, Theresa Rind, and other members of the Rind family.
June 25, 1932
1/11 76
Paul Jassny in WWII uniform
March 1945
Elsa Rind with husband Charles Stastny and Stastny Descendants
Elsa and Charles Stastny
Box/Folder item
1/12 77
Portrait of Elsa Rind
William L. Koehne Bush Temple of Music, Chicago (Photographer)
1/12 78 circa 1910
1/12 79
Elsa Rind Stastny at Rind family home at 1912 2nd NW in Seattle
circa 1930
1/12 80
Elsa Rind Stastny
June 24, 1934
Felix Stastny and Selma Stastny (children of Elsa and Charles Stastny)
Felix was born in August, 1894, and Selma in April, 1896.
box-folder:oversize item
OS3 81 circa 1909
1/13 82 circa 1910
1/13 83
Selma Stastny swimming with classmates / Felix Stastny fishing
Two photos glued together
circa 1910
1/13 84
Group picture with Felix Stastny
circa 1910
1/13 85-86 circa 1912
1/13 87 circa 1917
1/13 88 circa 1920
1/13 89
Portrait of Felix Stastny
Grady, Seattle (Photographer)
circa 1930
Selma Stastny
Box/Folder item
1/14 90
Portrait of Selma Stastny
Christy Studio, Seattle (Photographer)
circa 1910
1/14 91-94 circa 1910
1/14 95 circa 1910
1/14 96-97
Selma Stastny swimming with young women
circa 1910
1/14 98
Young man and two young women seated outdoors holding rifles
Woman on right is probably Selma Stastny.
circa 1910
1/14 99
Selma Stastny with classmates holding tennis rackets at Queen Anne High School
circa 1910
Felix Stastny's wife Minnie Stastny and their children Bertha Rose Stastny and Charles Stastny Jr.
Box/Folder item
1/15 100 circa 1922
1/15 101
Minnie Stastny seated outdoors with Eda Rind and Elsa Rind Stastny
Written on verso: Waiting for our chauffer
May 11, 1924
1/15 102
Minnie Stastny outdoors with Eda Rind and another woman, possibly roasting marshmellows
May 1924
1/15 103
Felix Stastny holding baby (probably Bertha Rose)
circa 1927
1/15 104-105 circa 1930
1/15 106
Bertha Rose and Charles Jr. with the Stastny's maid Margaret
circa 1930
1/15 107
Bertha Rose Stastny
circa 1930
1/15 108 circa 1932
1/15 109
Bertha Rose Stastny
circa 1932
1/15 110
Bertha Rose Stastny in uniform after WWII
circa 1950
Hedwig (Heda) Rind
Box/Folder item
1/16 111
Portrait of Heda Rind
Antonin Wildt, Písek, Czechoslovakia (Photographer)
circa 1905
1/16 112
Heda Rind
April 30, 1922
1/16 113 circa 1940s
1/16 114-115
Hedwig Rind, possibly at Eda Rind's cabin
Color photographs.
circa 1960s
Max and Bertha Rind and Family
Bertha Levinson Rind's family
Levison family includes Hannah Kallen Levinson (mother of Bertha Rind), Esther Levinson (sister of Bertha), Paul Levison (brother of Bertha)
Box/Folder item
1/17 116
Portrait of Hannah Kallen Levinson
Bertha Rind's mother.
circa 1880
1/17 117 circa 1906
1/17 118 circa 1908
1/17 119 1915
1/17 120 circa 1915
1/17 121 circa 1915
Max Rind
Box/Folder item
1/18 122
Max Rind with Theresa Rind (mother) in front of house
circa 1930s
1/18 123
Max Rind in front of the Rind family home
circa 1930s
1/18 124 September 21, 1940
Bertha Rind
Box/Folder item
1/19 125 circa 1915
1/19 126 circa 1930s
1/19 127-128 circa 1950
Max and Bertha Rind
Box/Folder item
1/20 129
 Portraits of Max and Bertha Rind
James Bushnell, Seattle (Photographer)
circa 1915
1/20 130 October 1931
Max and Bertha Rind with children Martin and Anna
Box/Folder item
1/21 131 1919
1/21 132
Max and Bertha Rind with Martin and Anna Rind
1/21 133
Bertha Rind standing with Martin and Anna Rind
circa 1923
1/21 134
 Bertha Rind with Martin and Anna in front of an archway carved from a tree at Arlington, WA
Sign on tree reads: "Relic of a vanished forest, Western Red Cedar, Thuja Plicata Don, age 1250 years, Preserved at request of Snohomish County Pioneers, AD Arlington Washington 1922"
circa 1926
1/21 135 circa 1926
1/21 136 circa 1916-1920s
1/21 137
Max Rind with son Martin Rind in front of the Rind family home
circa 1930
Martin Rind
Box/Folder item
1/22 138 circa 1921
1/22 139
Martin Rind as a toddler
Written on verso: Marti in his 1st pants.
November 27, 1922
1/22 140
Martin Rind, about two years old
circa 1923
1/22 141 circa 1923
1/22 142 April, 1925
1/22 143
 Martin Rind seated in toy pedal car with aunt Eda Rind
Written on verso: Me and my 'Napoleon'.
April 1925
1/22 144
 Martin Rind, age 5, with grandparents Albert and Theresa
Written on verso: Once in a while, mother smiles.
circa 1926-1928
OS3 145
Portrait of Bernice Mossafer, age 12, standing with harp
Bernice Mossafer married Martin Rind. She was born in 1923 to David and Sarah Mossafer of Seattle. At age 11 she began playing the harp professionally. before retiring from touring at age 23 when her mother grew ill. Martin and Bernice married in 1949 and had four children.
circa 1935
1/22 146 1969
Anna Rind
Box/Folder item
1/23 147 1924
1/23 148
 Class picture with Anna Rind at John Hay School
Frank Jacobs, Inc (Photographer)
1/23 149 1943
Eda Rind
Box/Folder item
1/24 150
Eda Rind about 4 years old with dog
circa 1897
1/24 151
Four snapshots of Eda Rind
circa 1905
1/24 152 circa 1905
1/24 153
Eda Rind posing with two young women (classmates) and a dog outdoors
Written on verso: Eda Rind upper left classmates - Queen Anne High (?) Left Europe 1908 15yrs 1907 photo.
XH2 154
Group photo of Eda and Elsa Rind and others, on dock in Eagledale, WA
Note on photo reads "2nd Annual Picnic Puget Sound Notion Co."
August 17, 1924
XH2 155
 Group photo of Eda and Elsa Rind and others, on boat in harbor of Eagledale, WA
J.J. Kneisle (photographer)
Note on photo reads "3rd Annual Picnic of the Puget Sound Notion Co."
June 1, 1925
1/24 156-157 July 4, 1929
1/24 158 August 2, 1930
1/24 159
Eda Rind sitting on steps of Rind family home
May 16, 1931
1/24 160
 Eda Rind washing a car outside Rind family home
Written on verso: In My Lounging Pajamas - Washing my car
October 18, 1931
1/24 161
Photographic postcard depicting the Los Angeles City Hall to Eda Rind from Bertha and Max Rind
December 28, 1937
1/25 162
Eda Rind at her cabin on Cedar River in Maple Valley, Washington
June 13, 1952
1/25 163
Eda Rind, Blanche Kohn (cousin) and Heda Rind at Eda's cabin
1/25 164
Eda Rind sawing wood near her cabin
circa 1952
1/25 165
Eda Rind outside near her cabin
circa 1952
1/25 166
Eda Rind's cabin on Cedar River
circa 1952
1/25 167
Eda Rind opening file cabinet
circa 1950s-1960s
1/25 168-169
Eda Rind in her cabin
Color photographs.
circa October 1965
Rudla Rind
Box/Folder item
1/26 170 circa 1908
1/26 171
Portrait of Rudla
Christy Studio, Seattle (Photographer)
1/26 172 circa 1915
1/26 173
Rudla with other woman in school uniform
circa 1920s
1/26 174
Rudla in school uniform with her mother Theresa Rind and a classmate from Queen Anne High
circa 1920s
1/26 175-176
Bertha Rind, left, and Rudla, center, with other women outdoors
1/26 177
Graduation portrait of Rudla, Rush Medical College, Chicago
1/26 178
Rudla escorted by man at her outdoor wedding
Written on verso: here comes the bride.Rudla married Conrad/Cornelius Burns, a detective/investigator, circa 1925. They lived in Chicago for many years, and had at least one daughter (Elizabeth, born circa 1927).
circa 1925
1/26 179 circa 1940s
1/26 180 circa 1940s

Milwaukee Sausage Company/ Pacific Coast Casing Company, Seattle, WAReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/27 181 1923
1/27 182 circa 1920s
1/27 183 circa 1928
1/27 184
 Milwaukee Sausage Company car
Written on verso: Milwaukee Sausage Co's new Studebaker
June 25 1932
1/27 185
Karl (possibly Karl Dambacher), Eda, BJ and Anna standing on steps of Milwaukee Sausage Company building at 2900 Fourth Ave S. in Seattle
July 1937
1/27 186 circa 1940s
1/27 187
Eda Rind and others at the Milwaukee Sausage Company
circa 1960
1/27 188
Eda Rind and Milwaukee Sausage Company staff sitting at dinner table at the company office
Color photograph.
March 1962
1/27 189-191 circa 1967
1/27 192-193
Max Rind standing outdoors with staff of the Milwaukee Sausage Company
circa 1967
1/27 194
Eda Rind with two men at the Milwaukee Sausage Company
circa 1967

MiscellaneousReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
University of Washington and Seattle
Box/Folder item
1/28 195
 Statue of George Washington, University of Washington
This statue was originally erected for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE) in 1909.
circa 1918
1/28 196 circa 1918
1/28 197 circa 1918
1/28 198
 Forestry Building, University of Washington
This building was built for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE) in 1909.
circa 1918
1/28 199 circa 1918
1/28 200
 Music Pavilion, University of Washington
The pavilion was built for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE) in 1909.
circa 1918
1/28 201 circa 1918
1/28 202 circa 1918
1/28 203
 Aerial photo of Magnolia Bluffs and Garfield Bridge, Seattle, taken from an airplane
The Hart Studio, Seattle (Photographer)
The bridge was constructed in the late 1920s and is now known as the Magnolia Bridge.
January 1933
WWI Parade in Chicago
Box/Folder item
1/29 204-206
 World War I Parade in Chicago
Probably the victory parade featuring General Pershing, which ran up Pennsylvania Avenue from the Peace monument near the Capitol to Nineteenth Street. Several Rind family members served in the War and may have been in Chicago for the parade. Bertha Rind Livingson grew up in Chicago, as did Felix and Bertha Stastny, and it's possible that some of these relatives were there for the parade.
Late 1918 or 1919
Miscellaneous postcards and drawing
Box/Folder item
1/30 207
Postcard depicting dresser in salon of home, possibly in Tabor, Czech Republic
circa 1920s
1/30 208
Postcard depicting dining room and bedroom of home, possibly in Tabor, Czech Republic
circa 1920s
1/30 209
Postcard depicting dining room of home, possibly in Tabor, Czech Republic
circa 1920s
1/30 210
Postcard depicting kitchen of home, possibly in Tabor, Czech Republic
circa 1920s
1/30 211
Ink drawing of lady and rabbits
On front: Portrait of a certain person in the latest mode a la white phlannel

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